Saturday, January 23, 2016

Bill Maher has much to say about Sarah Palin's endorsement of Donald Trump. None of it flattering.

As much as I enjoyed that I found this even more sastisfying.

Courtesy of Salon: 

While Palin was endorsing Donald Trump in Iowa her son was being arraigned on four misdemeanor counts. In her speech she said that we send our sons to fight in wars and they come back “a bit different.” 

“And then just glossed over that,” Maher said. “Like, we accept that now. We send our sons off to stupid wars and they come back ‘a bit different’ because he beat up his girlfriend, was talking suicide and she blamed that on Obama. And I’m sure that’s why his girlfriend was cowering under the bed, because of Obama.” 

“Does it ever occur to anybody that the Obamas are just so much better parents?” Maher wondered aloud.

Well actually yes that has occurred to quite a lot of us.

I have to say that when you are being called out on your poor parenting skills by Bill Maher, that should be a wake up call.

You know I said earlier that perhaps nobody was as happy to have Sarah Palin back in the news than Stephen Colbert. I might have spoken too soon.


  1. Ah, come on.

    We're all happy.

    Until Bloomberg jumps in.

  2. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Does Donald, his staff or family ever read or hear this stuff?

    1. Anonymous9:30 PM

      no but SNL did...spoof is spot on! CRAZY!

  3. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Personally, I am on Palin overload. If she and her sad little dysfunctional family disappeared to the darkest recesses of AK, I would be ecstatic.

    1. Anonymous4:36 PM

      Me too, but you are saying it much, much nicer! I have very evil thoughts for her and hers.

    2. Anonymous4:43 PM

      Sarah ... if you are walking toward a bright white light keep walking. Nobody wants you to turn around and come back.

    3. Anonymous5:01 AM

      Won't be a white light, more like a bonfire.

    4. Anonymous5:33 AM

      Lol, 5:01!!

    5. As would we all.

      But it's not going to happen. She needs to go broke and be shunned by the 'baggers, Republicans and media first.

  4. Anonymous4:17 PM

    OT Trump said he could shoot someone on 5th ave and his supporters would still support him.
    holy shit batman!!!!!

    1. Anonymous4:40 PM

      And there you have it.

    2. Anonymous5:11 PM

      The real insanity is that his fans cheered when he said it! How stupid are these Trump fans? I call them fans, because, much like the Palin cult, the Trump cult is nothing more than ignorant, uninformed, fear mongering morons.

    3. Anonymous5:40 PM

      His ego is beyond huuuge!


      As much as I hate Cruz, I almost wish he would win Iowa and NH, just to take the Donald down a notch.

      Also too, I was thinkin, if The Donald becomes the emperor ruler of the US, he doesn't have to offer Sarah a position in his administration, he could offer her an Ambassadorship.

      Now what country do we hate enough to inflict Sarah upon?

      How about some ISIS controlled area, since she knows so much about the military, ISIS would leave immediately and it is a win win situation.

    4. Anonymous5:50 PM

      His poll #s would go up... How did Americans get so dumb?

    5. Anonymous6:07 PM

      How did Americans get so dumb?
      It began in 2008, when McCain lowered the standards for what qualifies as VP material.

    6. Anonymous6:10 PM

      He basically told them how stupid he thinks they are,and they ate it up.

    7. Anonymous6:19 PM

      Well, 5:50, the R govs and state legislatures have been attacking public education for a couple decades now.

    8. Anonymous7:32 PM

      Maybe he has a way to give them a tab of acid or whatever Track is using to come down..

    9. Anonymous8:49 PM

      It began long before McCain in 2008, unfortunately.

    10. Anonymous9:31 PM

      if he knew a gun was not his dick may be!

    11. Anonymous2:47 AM

      I think Trymp watched Idiocracy and decided to create an Idiocracy reality show by running for president.

    12. Anonymous3:23 AM

      Hey 7:32

      No one takes acid to 'come down'.

      Trust me on this one.

    13. The sad fact is, he's probably right. Those are the kind of people that support him.

  5. Anonymous5:04 PM

    It was her second speech when she actually talked about Track "coming back different". Bill got that wrong. She didn't address it in Iowa as she didn't even know then what he did as it hadn't happened yet in AK. Still when she did spin it she stepped in it. There is a reason that he's always been called "Cain't get right".

    1. Anonymous7:51 PM

      I don't understand this "Cain't get right" thing. What does this allude to? Why has he been called this? I don't get it...

    2. Anonymous8:45 PM

      I do believe it refers to the story of Cain and Abel in the Bible.

    3. Anonymous11:05 PM

      @7:51 PM His classmates in High School named him 'CAIN'T GET RIGHT' because he was always angry, in fights, and using drugs. Do you get it now?

    4. Anonymous3:25 AM


      Ever hear of the expression 'on the right track' ?

    5. Anonymous5:46 AM

      5:04, it happened the night before the Iowa speech when her and toad were flying out. Oh she knew about it in Iowa she just didn't address it until OK. Probably under the advise of rump and his staff as by then the world knew.

  6. Anonymous5:17 PM

    For atheists/agnostics here, pardon what I am about to say. When you set out in selfish desires in the name of God, of whom you do not emulate, it's like a retractable dog leash. You're only given so much rope, and in you come. In any circles, even non-religious, it's called called karma.

    She took the thirty pieces long ago, and I never thought in my life I would see such an unholy alliance as Trump and her. "I can stand on 5th Avenue, shoot someone, and people would still love me?" Good Lord, and AIP she supports it.

    I truly wish you could see how stupid you look, $arah, to the un-low-info crowd. Align yourself with Trump all you want, just quit with the bible passages, and linking to Brissy's ghostwritten blog. None of you live anything of what you preach. In bible talk, I think it's called an abomination?

    Good luck, toots, you're going to need it. Keep shakin' those wares! Have maracas or those tiny finger cymbals for that dance?

    1. Anonymous7:07 PM

      If she's on the road again, that's how much she cares about her family. It's ALWAYS been about $arah and always will be.

    2. Anonymous8:24 AM

      Here is an explanation of tRump's popularity:

  7. Anonymous5:17 PM

    If $arah and introspection ever met, it would be a hit and run. What's the definition for more pathetic than pathetic? $arah Palin.

  8. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Good for Bill Maher! Love his show and watching him come out against Palin. His comments (last night) were both satisfying and funny to his many viewers.

    Everyone is going after Palin now, which is well her due. She brought it on, by her little old self, through constantly telling Americans she was someone OTHER than who she truly is and isn't!

    Everyone now knows she is a liar and fraud! So many of us have known it for years and it's grand having the majority of Americans now on the same page.

    Down she goes - flush, flush! Goodbye, Sarah and family members!

    1. Anonymous6:11 PM

      Yeah, let's see what yuuuuge Trump event she shows at next. South Carolina, if I'm not mistaken?

      Yes, $arah, please show up and preach your family values. I, for one, can't wait.

    2. Anonymous6:40 PM

      Those poor people in South Carolina! Dealing with both Trump and Palin? God forbid!

      I agree - flush, flush - but, to both of them!

  9. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Anyone heard anything recently about the parentage of Sailor? What's going on with the custody battle?

    1. Patience, little one.

      It will take some time to do DNA matches with the entire Seventh Fleet.

  10. Anita Winecooler5:41 PM

    I was rolling when I saw it on tv. We're under two feet of snow and it's not even half over, running low on popcorn. Help!!!!!

    1. Anonymous7:34 PM

      I feel for you. I hope you at least have plenty of booze...

  11. Anonymous6:05 PM

    The Republican Party Is SCARED WITLESS Of The Donald Trump-enstein They Created
    They aren’t the only ones !!!

    Dueling Endorsements Of Death: Glenn Beck vs. Sarah Palin

    One way of recognizing that the Republican Party has devolved into irrelevance is to consider the field of potential endorsers valued by the leading candidates. On that score, the most talked about people coming forward so far have been Sarah Palin (for Donald Trump) and Glenn Beck (for Ted Cruz). If that doesn’t certify the demise of the GOP, what does?.....

  12. Anonymous6:21 PM

    My apologies to my fellow IMers for going 'rouge' here, but Caroll Thompson1 if you see this, since I read your post on the earlier thread, I have been craving caramel popcorn! I need a good caramel popcorn recipe. I don't mean to turn IM into a recipe exchange, but if anyone has a problem with this, blame Caroll Thompson1!

    1. Anonymous6:36 PM

      I'd like it too! Please provide to all of us. We are constant readers of this blog, and I for one, have been a participant since it started!

    2. Anonymous8:01 PM

      Oooooh, with all the popcorn we've been eating I would love the recipe also too.

    3. Anonymous8:05 PM

      not Carroll - but i just heat butter and brown sugar in a small fry pan till it bubbles, then pour over popped corn.

    4. Anonymous8:09 PM

      And, we seem to have consumed so darn much pop corn lately, that we need to mix it up!

    5. Anonymous10:28 PM

      The google is your friend. Ask it.

    6. Caroll Thompson1:35 AM

      Best caramel popcorn recipe I have found. Made with molasses and not corn syrup.

      I have a commercial popcorn machine, so I use one cup of un-popped corn for this recede. I also use mushroom popcorn, but I found that the yellow popcorn bought in the store works just fine too.

    7. Anonymous6:48 AM

      Totally totally o/t but for some levity- when my nephew was about 8 he was making popcorn for some friends- hot spices and lots of garlic. What's that for? asked one friend. It keeps the girls away, he replied.

    8. Anonymous6:51 AM


  13. Otto Katz6:26 PM

    Slightly off topic, but only slightly. You all need to watch this. Those of us of a "certain age" will really get this.

    1. Anonymous6:45 PM

      My favorite comment on the video:
      It sure was creative of Sarah to make a top out of Bristol's used pregnancy tests.

    2. Otto Katz7:08 PM

      I loved that part!

    3. Anonymous9:30 PM

      This is too much. I couldn't stop laughing. It is amazing how many things there are online about Palin and Trump right now that are just having a field day mocking those two.

  14. Anonymous6:28 PM

    I didn't watch the video, because I wanted to smash my fist thru the TV into that hideous woman's face last night. I couldn't stand to watch/listen to her again. But just in case it's not contained in said video, the discussion at the end was about what substance she was abusing when she gave her spangly speech. Bill actually called her a meth head. It was awesome. Have we heard any outraged rebuttal from the Wasillabillies over the abuse jokes? And if we haven't, what does that tell us? Because they never let anything go.

    1. Anonymous6:54 PM

      You're not the only one. I had never heard of her. Hey, she wore the obligatory red. I give her one star.

    2. Anonymous5:30 AM

      Liz Mair was an dreadful guest. Bill finally had to tell her to zip it. She felt she had to weigh in on every statement made by the other three. You can't do that in on a panel; the whole show isn't about what you think.

      I'm on the fence about Sarah being a meth head. Mair's comment about her being chronically over-caffeinated rang true. Supplement that with the diet pills we've heard about and the combination could get you mighty wired. I can see Sarah "reasoning" that she needs to be artificially pumped up to give a screech.

    3. Anonymous7:08 AM

      Oh please, caffeine doesn't do that to you. Borderline personality disorder does. Bipolar disorder does. Some illegal substances do. But legal substances do not make you sound like Sarah Palin does. To blame her screeching, preening manicness on Red Bull is just ludicrous. Caffeine can keep you up at night. It can't turn you into a sufferer of mental illness, of which Sarah Palin is turning herself back into a public example.

  15. Anonymous6:46 PM

    bringing forward this comment by MALOE near the end of last long post on Track Palin so more people will see it.

    MyAuntLivesOnEnsure1:28 PM
    Track went home and packed some stuff, Piper said....and then a guy in a white truck drove him away. He could be back now for all I know. My aunt isn't really talking to my mom since I decided I was not going to stop posting here. But I still talk to some other people in the family.

    I was told Jordan's parents tried to get her to go home with them (mom and step dad) and she would not stay after the first night but then when the media blew up she said she might go back. (Don't know if she did or not)

    Trig and Piper were both at Bristol's when all this went down. Trig basucally lives with her now and Piper helps with all the kids. Piper said track and Jordan and Bristol were all "piss moaning drunk" and she put on the minnion movie for the kids to distract them. Tripp was not there.

    She said track and Jordan were the only ones at my aunt's house when the actual incident happened. She also said lots of guns are still there so obviously nobody took them away. That is insane.

    I don't know anything about my aunt and trump, except that she has spoken in very crude terms about him before and seemed to hate him. She has said he turned orange by getting blow jobs from chimps and that the silver spoon up his ass is so big it's touching the underside of his hair plugs, ect. I'm pretty sure he is paying her for all her "support".

    Nancy French asked for a raise and was denied.....just FYI.

    1. Anonymous7:11 PM

      I'd ask for a raise, also too, trying to weave that mess into a positive that people don't laugh at.

    2. Anonymous7:39 PM

      Is it true that Track was living in Bristol's basement?

    3. Anonymous8:40 PM

      Nancy French is the perfect ghost writer for Bristol because Nancy's level of writing actually does sound like Bristol. When Nancy wants to make a serious point on her own blog, she quotes her husband, David French.

    4. Anonymous8:47 PM

      Nancy and her husband are phonies, sell-outs and truly not Christian.

    5. Anonymous8:53 PM

      How sad if Piper is helping out with the kids. She's only in 9th grade and shouldn't be saddled with her sister's kids.

    6. Anonymous9:00 PM

      The part about Nancy French is hilarious. She is stuck at low pay and not getting what she thinks she is worth. In Sarah's mind she is over paid (I agree, Nancy is about the worst and will always be).

    7. Anonymous9:08 PM

      Thanks 646.

    8. Anonymous9:24 PM

      6:46 PM
      bringing forward this comment by MALOE near the end of last long post on Track Palin so more people will see it.

      MyAuntLivesOnEnsure1:28 PM
      'Trig and Piper were both at Bristol's when all this went down. Trig basucally lives with her now and Piper helps with all the kids. Piper said track and Jordan and Bristol were all "piss moaning drunk" and she put on the minnion movie for the kids to distract them. Tripp was not there.'

      Sailor would also be in the house. Everyplace is different and some people are handled with special favors.

      Piper may be holding back about how bad it is because she doesn't want to be removed from the house either.

      The police observed Track and they knew Jordan was drunk driving. In many places they would check on the kids, send child protection to Bristol, which basically doesn't exist in Ak unless you're poor and they might take your kids out of a place with drunk adults, or a drunk mother. Even with a 14 year old caring for the Down syndrome boy and a month old baby.

      The police purposely saved Bristol's ass.

      How would it be if the kids had to be removed and she was involved in a paternity case?

    9. Caroll Thompson1:41 AM

      I am starting to believe this is a niece of Sarah's. You got some guts cousin. Keep it up.

    10. Anonymous8:01 AM

      Sounds like Piper is stuck raising Bristol's children-great a kid raising kids.

    11. Anonymous9:37 AM

      But, I do believe that she truly loves Trig and for Trig, that has to be a good thing. Without therapy and training, his life will be extremely limited and to have someone to love him may be all that there is for him. So incredibly sad.

  16. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Thank you, MyAuntLivesOnEnsure1:28 PM:

    It is really nice to have someone on IM who is very close to the Palins and is letting us know what is what. Bless you!

  17. Anonymous7:01 PM

    See Maureen Dowd's column in tomorrow's NY Times for more pile-on.

    1. Anonymous7:38 PM

      Right on!!!!

    2. Anonymous9:59 PM

      Here's link.

  18. Anonymous7:16 PM

    BRITTA there's a message in here for you


    I think the Alaskan State Troopers needs to do a Wellness Check on Trig.

    Screw the rest of those @$×+#%&#

    While the Troopers are there, might as well remove Trig from that explosive situation. They are going to get violent because there's no one left to love, support and finance them.

    Britta we always give good advice, keep Kayla Grace far away from them. They still have an arsenal in Sarah's house.

    You've Been Warned!

  19. Anonymous7:33 PM

    Tina Fey on SNL!

    1. Anonymous7:43 PM

      She's updated her Palin portrayal too. It was viciously and funnily accurate.
      M from MD

    2. Anonymous7:54 PM

      SNL, Tina Fey, skewered Palin. Better yet Trump called her crazy and worse. It was hilarious!

    3. Anonymous8:42 PM

      Two hours to wait here.
      Thanks for the heads up!

    4. Anonymous9:10 PM

      Here is a vine of Tina Fey. Tina has on the same jacket sarah did! Can't wait to watch.

    5. Anonymous9:29 PM

      Tina!!!! Knocked it out of the park!!!!!!!!

    6. Anonymous6:50 AM

  20. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Bristol has added some info to her IG account. I guess we can look forward to her custody fight being fought in the media. Bitch.

    inquiries contact

    1. Anonymous8:35 PM

      Smart move, linking to all of Nancy French's ghost written posts on Bristol's blog. If Bristol is lucky, maybe one of the Christian Broadcasting Networks will pick up the new series, Super Christian Unwed Bristol raises two children, or maybe three if we count Trig, and hilarity ensures. Wait. Super Christians Bristol, Willow and Piper live together in a beautiful white-and-beige decorated set, I mean house, and they all help Bristol raise her children according to good Christian principles.

      Here's the thing. Bristol's posts are written by Nancy French. That's giving false witness, something that the Bible says we shouldn't do.

    2. Anonymous8:46 PM

      It is truly disgusting. A low IQ, illiterate, uneducated, talentless moron has the need for a manager? Vould there be anything more ridiculous?

    3. Anonymous9:09 PM

      Back up the truck. What self-respecting loving mother takes her baby's custody battle public? Didn't she ask for privacy?

      This is Levi

      You truly are stupid, Bristol, and you just proved it.

    4. Anonymous10:00 PM

      8:46 PM - No you aren't. You know that look when you stare at the ceiling and try to wrap your head around a WTF moment? That would be me.

      Mommy's back in the news so I WILL be a star, also too. Insert number time's a charm!

      I just giggle.

  21. Anonymous7:46 PM

    I suspect Bristol is shopping another reality show. She certainly can't get a real job, there's not much call for two-bit princesses.

    1. Anonymous9:30 PM

      It's called "Brawlin' with Bristol: Life's A Pistol"

    2. Anonymous1:04 AM

      Sounds perfect, 9.30!

    3. Anonymous12:48 PM

      Co-Starring Piper the Diaper (Changer)

  22. Maureen Dowd just unloaded on Sarah!! Ripped the Momma Grizzly several new assholes!!!

  23. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Anyone know if Jordan filed charges? Or was Track "merely" arrested.? If she doesn't file charges, is it all over?

    1. Anonymous8:25 PM

      In a DV case, the victim doesn't file charges. It's automatic, as long as the evidence supports it.

    2. Anonymous8:57 PM

      I doubt Jordan will file anything. The DA will give Track something more like a parking ticket fine. Her brother, Tanner Loewe, should step up to the plate and not let the Palins manipulate his sister.
      He is young and everyone probably wants him to mellow out and not make waves.

      Jordan Loewe's name is already public, there is no point in that game about privacy and protecting the victim. Protecting means getting her situation into the light so she can and will get out of there.

      All the people in this scenario have a disease.

      She is a 22 year old alcoholic (meth head). Intelligent or not her brain is not right, she is not as mature as a regular 22 year old.

      I don't know if her father is alive or what. Her mother's doctor husband may not be one to do anything. I doubt the parents want to make anymore of a domestic violence matter that the President has already noted for a political component. The mother is a socialite. She probably wants Jordan out of the situation but not if it makes noise.

    3. Anonymous10:13 PM

      In Alaska DV charges are out of the victim's hands.

      Cops called, see results of crime, charges can be filed and victim cannot say yes or no to charges or drop them, whatever.

      Helps protect victims from their attackers. And they can't be "talked out of filing charges."

      No amount of bribes to Jordan from the Palins will have an effect.

      Cops say her hurt. They found her crying under the bed. (Geezzz, my heart hurts for the woman just thinking about that!)

      I hope she stays away from them. It's so hard under normal situations to break from an abuser. Add the Palin Family into the mix and Jordan is in trouble one way or the other.

    4. Anonymous11:39 PM

      as long as the evidence supports it.

      If Jordan stays with what she said and doesn't do something like say she over reacted and now has another story. I hope the DA is doing further investigation. I can't believe they just leave guns around, especially since children do live in the house and Tripp visits. Todd and Sarah were gone and left the last person who can handle anything in charge. Or Jordan has to do everything? I guess they are paying her because she can live in the new house?

      Track needs some attention if he was suicidal. The police acted like they did not believe that part. So maybe they thought that was something contrived.

      They need to release the 9-11 calls. Track's mug. Jordan should have had a medical evaluation that night, if only psychological. She could have a concussions that was not noticeable.

      Sorry the police messed up so bad. If there was a house with kids where the angry drunk had been going off and that is where the kids were, it is not good the police do nothing.

      The Piper version at MyAuntLivesOnEnsure1:28 PM may be what she did or said. Piper may not be telling it as it really was. If she goes through this often enough kids learn how to act and downplay.
      Piper may have turned off all her fear and emotions toward angry violent uncle since it is their life and she is used to it. Sailor won't know anything else. Does Piper go to school the next day? If Track and Bristol worked they may not be getting drunk on a Monday evening.

      Sailor is an infant, I don't see how anyone in this picture cares about her at all. She doesn't exist. Maybe Bristol drugs her so she won't wake up and bother her when Bristol is on a bender.

      Piper has to take care of Trig and get up at night if baby wakes up? What hell they live in.

    5. Anonymous1:51 AM

      Obviously this Jordan has options, it is not as though she is bound to him with kids. Before that happens, she had better get herself out of there. Her family has the means to pay for her to get away from him, before it is too late. Drunken assholes do NOT iprove, mostly they get even worse. I feel so badly for the kids who live with Bristles, she is a drunken mess also, too.

  24. Anonymous7:58 PM

    I find it humorous that the c4p weekend open thread pic is the "fight like a girl" pic.

    Hmmmm....if we go by Christian principles, a woman would have been home fighting to get her kids educated, staying out of trouble, no illegitimate grandchildren. Proverbs 31.

    Just what IS fighting like a girl, $arah? There is a childish connotation that goes along with that, you know, and I'd say you have that down pat. I don't think you ever left junior high mentally.

    1. Anonymous8:41 PM

      "fight like a girl" wasn't that the same damage control spiel Sarah went with after the brawl in Anchorage?

    2. Anonymous8:46 PM

      Speaking of c4p, I found this exchange interesting:

      Joey Sicily
      23 minutes ago
      Does anyone know how to find out more about Sarah PAC's Rapid Response group? I donated to Sarah PAC a while back to help fight against sanctuary cities. I never heard anything about how this campaign went and I couldn't find anything on the Sarah PAC site.

      Glad to see so many Sarah fans here and glad to see her endorse Donald. Trump's going all the way and Sarah's coming along for the ride. Go Sarah!
      1 Reply

      18 minutes ago
      More than just coming along for the ride--we hope.
      2 Reply

      myfairlady Joey Sicily
      19 minutes ago
      Probably the best thing to do is send an email to them through the contact us. That's what I've done in h past.
      0 Reply

      Joey Sicily myfairlady
      15 minutes ago
      I tried that and didn't get any reply. I tried the standard address, info@... and the Rapid Response one, rapidsresponse

    3. Anonymous9:03 PM

      And they were MAH-vel-lous at it, weren't they?

    4. Caroll Thompson1:47 AM

      The rubes actually think Sarah did something about sanctuary cities? Anyone donating to SarahPac is contributing to Sarah living large without lifting a finger.

  25. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Tina fey just did the best ever palin spoof. Must see on SNL.

  26. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Wait until you see Tina Fey return as Sarah Palin, speaking with Donald Trump. Sarah wears her porcupine sweater and says exactly what she said in Iowa, but when Tina says it, it sounds funnier. She's baack!

  27. The FABULOUS Ms Tina Fey

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Our PBS TV station shows The McLaughlin Group, two "liberals" and two "conservatives," plus McLaughlin, the moderator. All five of them shook their heads at the mention of Palin's speeches, wondering if the two speeches made any difference for Trump. They all ended up voting thumbs.

    Note to Sarah Palin: This is a serious news program, not your so-called lames media. These are serious reporters who know their business and they all laughed at you. Sorry, honey, the act is tired and they figured that it was limited to the folks in Iowa.

    1. Anonymous10:17 PM

      What is "voting thumbs?" Are you missing a word and it should read "voting thumbs down?"

      Sorry to sound dense, but I don't have a TV and miss a lot of people's references not having seen the programs they are talking about.

      I'll assume Thumbs Down All The Way unless I hear otherwise. Thanks.

  30. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Praise the lawd, she's back!! All bow to Tina Fey!

    1. Anonymous9:17 PM

      Have yet to see it, but hey, $arah. Last time you wanted Tina to pay for braces. Shooting for a college education this time? Any of' em, all of 'em, rehab costs....

    2. Anonymous10:27 PM

      9:17 No offense intended toward you.

      I'm only writing this because you mentioned one of my big gripes with Sarah's many stupid comments that go unchallenged.

      Her "let Tina pay for my kids' braces" comment still bothers me all these years later.

      Sarah's kids all qualify for FREE braces from Native Health. Also, too, she and Todd always had good health insurance from B.P. and the State of AK.

      And, as we saw from the tax returns released during the campaign, they were millionaires even back then.

      Dental care and braces were not an issue for them.

      Don't know what Sarah does for insurance now, as she's never been qualified for Native Health care. But the kids always had, and will for the rest of their lives have, good coverage.

      Her comment was an attempt to mislead the public into thinking she was one of them or just like the struggling middle class.

      When in reality Sarah has never had a clue what reality was like or is like for most "real Americans."

      ps It's not related as I don't have kids so never did the braces thing. But, being a poor kid I didn't get braces until in my late 20s and could pay for dental correction myself.

      I feel for little poor kids with crooked teeth as it has such an effect on self esteem and their willingness to smile.

      And Sarah just tries to ride their backs for attention to herself with no regard for others.

      Rant over.

    3. Anonymous11:55 PM

      I just have to add that I was in my 40's when I got my braces. Your point about her braces quip hits home with me. Man, that woman...grrrr, but it sure feels good to have people like Tina Fey out there sticking it to her!

  31. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Thank you all for the heads-up. I'm on Pacific time and cannot wait. I did take a peek at a clip online. Too good.

    And what makes me most pleased is thinking back on Palin's decision to try spoofing Fey's Liz Lemon with that 31 Rock skit. What's Sarah going to do now? She will need to just let things go or look even worse that she's made herself look this week.

    1. Anonymous9:32 PM

      Yeah. Maybe her super-talented (cough) nephew can write a rebuttal for Sarah. Hahaha.

    2. Anonymous9:44 PM

      I know right!!! KARMA $ARAH BWAHAHAHHAA YOU DESERVE IT.. HOOHAH by the way any word on the DNA of your abstinence daughters latest?,???,,?,, Hows trigger doing.. time to trot him out.. wtf your slipping $arah

    3. Anonymous10:12 PM

      As I posted in 2008, 20 minutes to air time here, gee, $arah, did you not think you'd have your @ss handed to you on a platter?

      And eight years later, nothing has changed. Your narcisstic ignorance and those who laugh at you.

    4. Anonymous12:38 AM

      She can't ever just "let things go".

  32. Anonymous9:15 PM

    I don't know if anyone's mentioned this:

  33. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but Tina Fey outdid herself on SNL cold opening tonight. complete with shiny good-n-plenty bolero,

    1. Anonymous9:55 PM

      TFey Nailed it!

      : )

    2. Anonymous11:50 PM

      I loved that in the skit there was a mention of run-ins with the police. She stayed away from the PTSD and simply made a comment about the family history of cops getting involved.

    3. Anonymous2:27 AM

  34. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Palin May Have Hurt Veterans In A Way She Can't Possibly Understand

    Now that Palin has shot off her mouth in such a public way, Friedman thinks veterans may think twice about seeking help for post-traumatic stress, fearing that a diagnosis may become known to a potential employer

    That will be a big hit with Dakota Meyer (NOT). His purpose is to help vets to get jobs.

    1. Anonymous10:14 PM

      I hardly think veterans give a tinker's damn about one $arah Palin.

    2. Anonymous10:47 PM

      10:14 They may not give a damn about her but her comments are a lot like the "death panel" ones and ObamaCare.

      A false story that has big ramifications for those most affected by the "challenge" that she's belittling or co-opting to her benefit.

      Shame on her. She is soooo destructive. And she's proud of it. That's what's even sicker.

  35. Anonymous11:47 PM

    Hahaha SNL TheDonald said "is it just me or does everything she say sound dirty?"

    It sure does she's always been a political whore!!

    So many good lines! Sucks to be Sarah right now. She's probably heavily medicated and won't see it until later.

    1. PalinsHoax4:41 AM

      Tina was superb also, except Palin is alot, alot, ALOT more puffier, matronly and dowdier than the svelte, stylish, youthful Tina Fey.

  36. Anonymous12:11 AM

    Great addition to the "mocking the return of Sarah" articles-Maureen Dowd lets her have it in the NYT. She even mentions that Track's anger management problems started long before he went to Iraq-or wherever he spent his time in the military. I'm loving this.

    1. Anonymous2:29 AM

  37. Caroll Thompson1:55 AM

    I am making cheese popcorn today IMer's. I have a popcorn machine and a popcorn tumbler and 15 pounds of Gold Medal Cheese paste. All delivered to my door from Amazon. I also have perfected a ranch flavored popcorn that can't be beat.

    2016 is going to be a popcorn kind of year.

  38. Anonymous2:12 AM

    The Daily Beast
    Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin Returned To SNL To Endorse Trump, And It Was Glorious

    As the whole world predicted this past week, the return of Sarah Palin to the national stage in order to endorse Donald Trump for president meant the return of Tina Fey toSaturday Night Live.

    It couldn’t have taken long for Lorne Michaels to reach out to his Palin-impersonating all-star, and she delivered the goods. Of course, the real Palin did much of the work when she showed up in Iowa to incoherently explain why Trump will “Make America Great Again.” All Fey had to do was put on her glasses and start talking.


  39. Anonymous2:26 AM

    [OH MY!]
    She needs to be back with her family. And needs to stop being a distraction to Donald Trump and stop trying to raise money and exploit Donald Trump for money.”


    Joe Scarborough tells Sarah Palin she should go back to Alaska [video]

    MSNBC host Joe Scarborough had some advice for Sarah Palin this morning, telling her to go back to Alaska to be with her son who she said yesterday was suffering from PTSD. He also accused the former governor of exploiting Trump for money.

    Scarborough said, “Well, I think actually the Trump campaign needs to send her home and let her take care of her family problems and not make it part of his campaign. I think there might be a reason why she wasn’t in Iowa yesterday. She doesn’t need to be on the campaign trail. She needs to be back with her family. And needs to stop being a distraction to Donald Trump and stop trying to raise money and exploit Donald Trump for money.”

    See video

    1. Anonymous9:22 AM

      LOL...what is Scarborough afraid of? Is he afraid that Trump will stop the love. Morning Joe is now Called Morning Trump.... Trump is on the show, almost, daily. Sooooo, Scarborough you have to share the lunatic with the Alaskan lunatic.

  40. London Bridges3:03 AM

    Add Mo Dowd to the list who hits one out of the park:
    Despite leaving out false and hidden pregnancies and "arranged" marriages.

  41. Anonymous5:22 AM

    Maureen Dowd has a pretty great piece in the NYTimes today re Palin and Feminism.

  42. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Sarah darlin' bless your heart. I hope this soothes your achin' heart. There are currently 416 people out there just like you. I'm not kiddin' you, this is an actual Five Star Amazon review of your book written exactly two months ago today.

    ☆☆☆☆☆ Review of
    Sweet Freedom: A Devotional

    She's JUST like me!!!!!
    By Book Junkie - November 24, 2015

    So the other day I was going to bail my oldest son, Trek, out of the county lockup (Vandalism. Kids, right?). I had my eldest daughter in the car with me and she looks over and yells, "Mama, my water broke!" I started to yell back that I wouldn't have to haul her to the hospital if she'd roped that guy into marrying her before he found out the kid wasn't his like I told her to. But then I took a deep breath and remembered what I'd read in Sarah Palin's book "Sweet Freedom" about being patient on those days when your facade as a Christian family just goes right down the crapper.
    Sometimes it can be hard to live vibrantly.

    So instead of cussing out my daughter, I drove her to the hospital. There, as I waited for the birth of my second - or is it my third? - illegitimate grandchild, I went on Facebook and shared a few anti-Obama memes before flipping over to Sarah Palin's page to thank her for this book, and for being somebody I could relate to. I even dipped into my Marlboro money to send her a few bucks since I got three emails from her this week begging me to donate so she can save America.

    I hope she continues to write books. They are perfect. Maybe it's because I never got past the seventh grade and read slow. Or maybe it's because she makes me proud to be a bigot. Either way, when I'm reading her books it feels like she understands, and I think it's because she's just like me. Sarah knows thinking is hard, and her books requires no thinking at all. For a conservative reader, that's Sweet Freedom.

    416 of 511 people found this review helpful

  43. Anonymous7:16 AM


    Olly olly oxen free

    Where are you guys?

    Are you guys still alive?

    The Heath family should have the State Troopers do a Wellness Check on Sarah's family because the Palin side won't call them, they don't give a rat's ass about them!

    1. Anonymous7:25 AM

      Is it true Piper refuses to go back to Sarah's two houses?

  44. Anonymous7:23 AM


    Sarah was found by the Anchorage Airport Fire and Rescue at the end of Runway 25 L.

    Sarah refused to leave the runway, she kept repeating over and over:

    "I'm waiting for Donnie and his private jet. I know he will come back for me any time now and I have to be ready"

    1. Anonymous11:51 AM

      Must be the Rapture!

      Wild Tortoise


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