Thursday, January 28, 2016

Four children left in a car with a loaded gun in Tennessee. Guess what happens next.

Courtesy of Local 8 News:  

Officers say four children had been left in the car while their mother and step-father were inside the building a short distance away, paying a bill. The mother also left her purse with a loaded semi-automatic pistol inside. 

Police say the boy's 8-year-old brother tried to unload the weapon by removing the magazine when the gun discharged, "accidentally" fired, hitting the 7-year-old boy in the head. 

The boy was flown to UT Medical Center's trauma center for treatment, where he died.

Believe it or not the authorities are calling this an "accident."

In my opinion both of these adults should be thrown in jail and their children put into a place where they will be safe from this kind of stupidity.


  1. Anonymous2:03 AM

    To start with, isn't it illegal to leave small children alone in a car?!? Even if there hadn't been a gun, the kids could have knocked the car out of park and rolled down a hill, or someone could have stolen them from the vehicle.

    As for leaving a purse with a loaded gun in the car with unattended children--that's not an "accident", that's knowing endangerment.

  2. Anonymous2:53 AM

    How does a gun "accidentally" fire?
    Seems to me they fire on purpose.
    What they're made to do!

  3. Anonymous3:41 AM

    Kids should not have to pay the price of their parents stupidity. So sad.

  4. I would like to see legislation regarding gun injuries and deaths caused by irresponsibility and negligence.

    Whoever left that gun where a child could access it needs to be charged with criminal negligence, manslaughter, etc.

    The parents haven't "suffered enough."

  5. Anonymous4:17 AM


  6. Anonymous4:53 AM

    Another gun-clingin', bye-bull thumpin', country-lovin' family proudly martyrs another child to the NRA. And the Second Amendment, also too.

  7. Anonymous5:19 AM

    I spoke with my 6 year old grandson about what to do if he ever sees a gun to not touch it and tell an adult. I had a close call when my toddler found a gun in a drawer my employer had not told me was there. The child was sitting on my lap at the time. The store owner never needed it for protection. This was a small children's consignment shop!

    I think that people obsessed with protecting self with a gun do not consider protecting others who bare no harm from their murderous weapons. Negligent adults deserve jail time for "accidental" gun injuries and deaths IMO.

    1. Anonymous6:31 AM

      Read the stats. Telling a child NOT TO TOUCH. Good luck with that.
      Guns are A Magnet..

  8. In Australia you can own as many guns as you want if you have a valid reason, ie vermin control, killing diseased livestock etc. Family protection is not a valid reason as that means you intend to shoot a person. When our gun laws changed I had to surrender my crappy .22 auto (only because it was auto)but I was just about finished with farming so no problem. Last week I read about a USA athlete who is going to play here in our national game (AFL) and he commented about how safe it feels here. Go figure!

    Cheers, Peter

  9. Anonymous5:39 AM

    Gun owners should face steep liability insurance and there should be laws everywhere that say that parents are responsible for their children's "accidents" with guns. I think that gun owner responsibility would increase greatly with those changes and how could the NRA justify opposing them.

  10. Anonymous7:14 AM

    330,000,000 guns in this country.....are you fucking kidding me....NRA, isnt that enough? I absolutely despise the NRA and what they have morphed into.....haters they are. Only interested in what profits from gun sales they can make....and our politians listen to them...sickening

  11. Anita Winecooler4:59 PM

    I agree. When they call things like this "accidents", it makes my blood boil. I can't imagine what the surviving kids witnessed and how they'll be able to wrap their little minds around it. They'll have a lifetime of hurt and therapy. The parents? Incarceration is just too good for them, perhaps give them the death sentence and call it "An accident", you know, just for effect and as a deterrent. Four kids in our area were left in a car in the parking lot of a casino with just their jammies, the youngest in a onesies and diaper. Some man happened to walk past, called the cops, and they rushed the kids to the hospital. They got frostbite and are being carefully taken care of while social workers look to place all four in one lving, sane home.
    Poor parents had "cabin fever" and according to them were in the casino a half hour at the most. The surveillance tapes showed five hours and fifteen minutes, and the cops had to go in to find the two sick fucks. Frostbite can be dangerous and as deadly as gunshot wounds.

  12. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Put the parents in prison. If you own a gun, and it kills somebody, go directly to prison. If you leave it in your car, and it's stolen and used in a crime, go directly to prison. If your kid uses it to kill someone/herself, go directly to prison. Let some of the people with marijuana convictions go home, and put the gun slackers in prison. This is so preventable. So freakin easily. I'm waiting for the incident at the Palin house. It's going to happen, ya know.


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