Thursday, January 28, 2016

Well it looks like Sarah Palin is still pimping for Trump even while back home in Alaska dealing with her woman beating son.

Fun Fact - there are more Iowa residents who follow this page than voted for the winner of the 2012 Iowa Caucus. So, let...
Posted by Sarah Palin on Wednesday, January 27, 2016
Okay well at this point I think it's safe to assume that Donald Trump offered Palin some kind of a deal.

Let's face it she does not show this kind of loyalty for free.

Especially since it seems to be costing her some of her last "bitter clingers."

Comments courtesy of Facebook:  

Dianne Flynn Trump doesn't do anything unless there's something in it for him. I didn't think Sarah was like that, but now I wonder what kind of "deal" he made with her. 

Brian Benton Sara, I have always respected you and pulled for you. Now I have lost some respect for you. I can not believe you truly think that Trump the Chump is the right person. He has backed the Clinton's and Obama. I could very well see him change parties after he is elected. This man can not be trusted one bit!! 

Kathy Corvo Wow I won't be voting for him. He's a childish man who wants to control the press? So childish and unworthy of the office. I don't care what he may or may not have promised you. There are far more qualified people running out there like Mike Huckabee. I'm an independent conservative and I've never been for Trump. He treats people like he's the king and they are his servants until his porridge gets served cold. No way. I'm voting for another candidate who has always held firm on his positions on life and constitution and has experience as a governor. You know why that is important. And he's not rude to his detractors. Geez. 

Aaron Levacy My Brother kept telling me "Sarah is a Pure Opportunist" I stood up for her. Now I know what he meant. Cruz 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm, it looks like many of them have reached the same conclusion we have, that Sarah Palin is a political prostitute who can be purchased for the right amount of money, or for the promise of future employment.

By the way does anybody really buy that there are more Iowa residents following Sarah Palin's Facebook page than participated in the 2012 caucuses?

If that is really true I think Iowans need to take a good hard look at themselves and ask just what in the hell they have been doing with their lives. 


  1. Anonymous4:09 AM

    Queen Esther, no.
    Jezebel, yes.

    1. Anonymous11:33 AM

      ah and what Queen in Waiting is in Alaska? hmm
      She can see it from her kitchen window ya know

    2. Anonymous5:34 PM

      oh snap and ginger snap! hahaha

  2. Anonymous4:14 AM

    I see she cosiders herself a "Politician" When was the last time she was elected to anything? More appropriate would be "Sarah Palin GRIFTER" Does she really think that she can elevate the very fertile Bristles to some type of political office? Why is she having Nancy French shill for her?

  3. Anonymous4:16 AM

    Sarah/Nancy/Bristol were stupid enough to put up a "Who Wore it Better?" poll on their blog... Sarah Palin vs. Tina Fey in the spangly silver and black sweater. Tina Fey is winning 80% to Sarah's 20%.

    Be careful what you ask for Bristol, Nancy, and Sarah.

    Want to vote?

    1. Anonymous4:47 AM

      82% to 18%.
      just voted for the 3rd time & I know this isn't a life altering poll but it just makes me feel like I'm giving brisdull and her grifter mom the big F U back!

    2. Anonymous5:23 AM

      Now at 83% for Tina Fey.

      Is the Palin camp so delusional that they actually thought Sarah would win this poll? And since Sarah controls the content of "Bristol's Blog", how desperate is Sarah in her hatred and need for revenge against a comedian that she requires a poll to prove it?

    3. Anonymous5:43 AM


    4. Anonymous5:45 AM

      Every time y'all vote on that stupid poll Palin gets paid for your clicks. You're giving them the last laugh, just fyi.

    5. Then why take it down, 5:45AM?

    6. Anonymous6:15 AM

      And yet, anonymous 5:45, they still took it down.
      Were it me, if I were getting paid, I would have left it up. But my skins not that thin and my egos not that delicate, so...

    7. Otto Katz6:55 AM

      Poll's still there, 11am est thursday. I just voted. It doesn't show in Firefox, so I voted using Safari. and Sarah Palin 14.2% (1,538 votes)

      Tina Fey 85.8% (9,295 votes)

      I voted again. ;-)

    8. Pete Petretich7:34 AM

      Of course we took it down.

    9. Anonymous7:59 AM

      They probably pulled the poll because Huffington Post, among others, are reporting Fey winning and Palin losing the poll on Bristol's blog.

    10. Anonymous9:16 AM

      5:45 - Yes, they get paid for the clicks but so what?

      You sound like a Palin - thinking money is the most important thing in the world. In this situation, more important than maturity, kindness, and self-esteem. Sad.

    11. Anonymous9:48 AM

      Poor old altered Bris.,h_200,w_320/c_fill,h_200,l_upload:bristol-palin-after-plastic-surgery,w_320,x_324/c_fill,h_200,l_upload:bristol-palin-pre-plastic-surgery,w_320,x_-162,y_204/c_fill,h_200,l_upload:bristol-palin-post-plastic-surgery,w_320,x_162,y_102/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_75/v1364526227/bristol-palin-before-plastic-surgery.jpg

    12. Anonymous9:52 AM

      How much does a site like Sarah's/Bristol's get per click?

    13. Anonymous9:57 AM

      I think it's great that they are getting paid to run a pro-Tina Fey poll! I love Tina & think it's great that Sarah, Bristol and Nancy French have joined Fey's PR team! Maybe tomorrow they will have a poll asking which is better: "30 Rock"or "31 Rock"? ;-)

    14. Anonymous12:02 PM

      Even E! Entertainment had a story about it yesterday. That was great to see.

    15. Anonymous1:30 PM

      Here Are Just Some Of The Celebrities Who Have Endorsed Donald Trump
      A flat-Earth truther, a sheriff found guilty of racial profiling and Hulk Hogan.

      Famous Charity for Veterans Accused of Inappropriate and Lavish Expenditures
      New report exposes how Wounded Warrior Project exploits sympathies for war veterans.

  4. Anonymous4:18 AM

    Rick Santorum won the 2012 Iowa caucus with just under 30,000 votes, so that's the level she's claiming. Not sure if there's a way to verify that...never mind, forgot that facts don't matter.

  5. Oh my---is Sarah buying fakebook people again?

    What gets me is that suddenly some of Palin's zombies are just getting that this woman is a grifting opportunist because she is stumping for an opportunist carnival barker.

    They are dumber than dirt.

  6. Anonymous4:25 AM

    Fun fact - there is no way Sarah Palin could have constructed the first sentence in that facebook comment. I'd love to know who's writing for her currently.

    1. A Superfan In Atlanta4:58 AM

      I agree Anon 4:25AM!

      The whole thing reads like a novice who has just been exposed to Palin-speak. Guess they drew the short straw and was charged with converting an imitation of Palin's ignorance into a coherent message. Thus, the run-on sentence structure and transition from proper English to attempted Palin word salad. Epic fail!

      You can only be born with that kind of disconnection between subjects, predicates, nouns, verbs and punctuation. It's evident that the ghostwriter's logic and the fact they paid attention during English class and grammar instruction turned this into a very sad attempt in written cray-cray.

      Maybe next time.

    2. Anonymous11:34 AM

      page 16 of her first book!

  7. Anonymous4:43 AM

    Are all Alaskans mental retards? YOUR State gave us this bitch. Who would vote for this bimbo for their Governor except stupid retards?

    1. Anonymous4:59 AM

      I've asked myself the same question countless times. Gryphen loves to trash other states' voters, but frankly I believe Alaska has really taken the cake.

    2. Well I think these are questions posed by controlls, but here let me wade in.

      When Palin ran for governor there was VERY little known about her, and our media was asleep at the wheel.

      She was elected because we had a lot of corruption up here and Alaskans were looking for something new. The first female governor in the state's history certainly qualifies as new.

      By the time that Palin was tapped by McCain we were already having buyer's remorse, but the investigations into her unethical behaviors were just beginning.

      In the end we forced her out, after local bloggers worked diligently to expose her scandals to the rest of the country.

      Now if only Texas had taken similar responsibility for George W. just think of all of the lives that would have been saved.

    3. Anonymous5:59 AM

      Palin and her family of grifter's are illegals from Idaho.

    4. Anonymous6:45 AM

      Wasn't she born in Canada? Cant imagine them not hanging a birth on the knooks since they ran over the border for everything else.

    5. Anonymous7:22 AM

      Always the fault of Texas, right Gryfter? Jeb is the one responsible for the 2000 election, in case you were drunk and hungover back then.

    6. Anonymous7:38 AM

      Look how many voted for Bush. Look how many would vote for ol jub.

    7. 7:22AM, oh! Poor baby! Did someone hit a nerve?

    8. Anonymous7:58 AM

      There's no denying that Texas has voted a lot of douchebags into various offices over the years.

    9. Anonymous8:00 AM

      The problem with Texas is that they never tried to expose Bush the way Alaskans are doin $cratch. In fact, they've since elected Rick Perry and Abbott. They are not repenting.

    10. Anonymous8:11 AM

      It IS always the fault of Texas.
      That's why that wall needs to be on the north border...

    11. Anonymous8:38 AM

      @ Gryphen: The reason that GWB's past was covered up so well is because his father used to run the CIA. He, and others, knew all kinds of way to seal some of GWB's records. For example, GWB's lawyer, Alberto Gonzales, told GWB to let his driver's license expire. Then, GWB went to the DMV and applied for a new license. That way,when people ran a background check on GWB, he would provide the most recent license number, forgetting about the old one which would have shown his ticket for driving while under the influence. When they searched GWB's car, they also discovered drugs. GWB got off with 6 months of community service, which he never served. The new license number would never link to his past tickets and punishments.

    12. Anonymous8:56 AM

      His past was covered up very well, but he was an idiot and a smirky bastard. There's no covering that up.

    13. Anonymous9:13 AM

      Your excuses don't hold water Gryphen. Was she ever interviewed during the election? When did Alaskans find out she was a dumb bitch? When she opens her mouth any idiot should know she was nothing but a bimbo. Sorry, there is no excuse and having elected her tells a story of the stupidity of Alaskan voters.

    14. Well to be more accurate 9:13 it was the Alaska Republicans.

      The same ones who constantly re-elected Frank Murkowski and Ted Stevens. And the ones who are still keeping Don Young in office.

      And yes I agree the Republicans up here are indeed incredibly stupid.

    15. Anonymous10:25 AM

      It was the "God, Guns and Babies" contingent that got Palin elected. Also support was much higher than it should've been in the primary because the Republicans, and even some moderates, wanted anyone but Frank Murkowski for a second term.

      Tony Knowles, our Democratic candidate, while very strong, had already served two terms as Governor and those who weren't happy with his previous two terms would not vote for him again, although he did receive a respectable number of votes.

      Throw into the mix Independent candidate Andrew Halcro, who received nearly 10% of the vote, and it was enough for Palin to squeak into office.

      She had less votes than the Dem and the Independent combined but any time a third party is present in an election there is a danger of this happening.

      All of the moderates and liberals that I knew had a dim view of Palin, she was not known for her intelligence and was nothing more than a crazy right wing evangelical who supported the equally crazy anti-abortionists.

      Still, a Dem running for his third term and an Independent taking 10% of the votes was enough to get this imbecile elected, against the better judgement of a fair amount of the voting population.

      Her detractors and quite a few of her supporters, knew right away that she was in over her head but she played nice in Juneau and even worked with the Dems who crafted her very liberal oil tax signature legislation for her. They helped her stick it to the oil companies, a move which her Lt. Sean Parnell and his Republican majority, overturned in the next session after Palin quit.

      If the McCain campaign had properly vetted this woman they'd have seen on the first day that she was not qualified to hold the office of Governor, much less run with him for VP. I guess they didn't talk to the right Alaskans, or they just needed a female on the ticket. Either way their choice was severely lacking in due diligence.

    16. Anonymous11:36 AM

      Hey Hey Hey you like being stoned?

      most Alaskans work their asses off fuckhead!

      stay down there and keep your words to self

      ka peich?

    17. Anonymous5:35 PM

      hahaha you tell em!

  8. Anonymous5:03 AM

    Sarah Palin's Sweet Freedom is ranked #45,889 in Books on Amazon.

    C.mon SarahPACKERS!!! Momma's got to buy Bristol a new Louis Vuitton hand bag and some more gaudy furniture for her Barbie Dream House - not to mention how expensive it is to keep those two kids in guns and diapers. Give til it hurts!

  9. Anonymous5:11 AM

    "Her ideology is a threadbare sack of refried memes" is a great and truthful line from a commenter. I wish I would have thought of it! That was all that 37 minute endorsement speech was! Sarah's FB ghostwriter sure has been busy since Lena's funeral. Yikes! 3 new posts? The negative comments outnumber the positive. It's amazing how her fans have turned. Speaking of fans, Sarah sure has thrown the sh!t into one this time. How does the blowback smell, Sarah?

    1. Anonymous6:47 AM

      How does the blowback smell? Like Sarah's breath. Shit.

    2. 66gardeners7:39 AM

      Dyslexia may keep $arh$aysPayme from writing, but it does not keep her from speaking.

    3. Anonymous8:49 AM

      Whatever happened to her 'staying away from the blue light of Internet and enjoying life and music'?

  10. Anonymous5:19 AM

    What would The day be like without liberals taking no responsibility for their lies and bullying. I think one swift punch at a liberal POS who lies about his family is all track needs. Had no real issues before creepy people made it their lives to lie about his family.

    1. Anonymous5:42 AM

      What lies?

    2. Anonymous5:43 AM

      Oh! So now it's the liberals' fault that Track Palin has drug/alcohol and anger issues? Interesting...

      Btw, where did you go to school? Your command of the English language is awesome!

    3. Anonymous5:57 AM

      You really don'tvhelp Track with your ignorant comments. Ne has had problems for years. You do not know the Palins. Your denial and blaming others for his do estic abuse and drug/alcohol addiction is appalling. Shame on you.

    4. Anonymous6:13 AM

      One swift punch, eh?
      I rest my case.

    5. Anonymous6:14 AM

      The solution to Track's violent behavior is to punch a liberal?

    6. Anonymous6:15 AM

      He had no real issues except for vandalizing school buses. And explosive anger. And alcoholism.

      But yeah, we'll take the blame for whatever else???

    7. Anonymous6:46 AM

      He punched Jordan in the face because he couldn't find a liberal to punch in the face.

    8. Anonymous6:50 AM

      We brought them out of the shadows. We yanked their crusty shorts down and exposed their crime family for what they are. :)

    9. Anonymous7:20 AM

      Hi, Alicia. No one missed you here.

    10. You guys just ignore her. This is a chick named Alicia Mangledorf aka "rambojessie" on insta where she has stolen someone's baby pic for her user pic. This chick is legit insane. She's obsessed with Bristol and the whole family. My aunt's lawyer has a huge file on her and keeps track of all her fake aliases and comments bc they think she could like buy a one way tix here and show up at Bristol's door.
      Seriously, the cops have even had to get involved bc this psycho path was like making threats against Levi and his wife and even the kids. She's fuckin nuts.

    11. Anonymous7:35 AM

      MALOE, that's very interesting -- and scary, too! I've had my share of stalkers and it's really frightening sometimes. I just don't get the mental disconnect that Bristol has; knowingly exposing her kids with half naked or fully naked pics of them posted all the time online; clear views of their faces so they could easily be kidnapped and held for ransom; and all manner of other life-endangering behavior. I think she honestly believes she is walking through junior high again and the world is a small club of "haters" and "lovers" -- and she just wants to be Ms. Popular, without realizing she is an adult facing adult consequences for her behavior. I just hope all her kids will be okay! And I can't imagine how much crap Levi and Sunny have had to deal with; from the Paylins themselves; and then from all the psycho Paylin fans and hangers-on. Yikes!

      You stay safe, MALOE!

      Jennifer aka Media Insidcer

    12. Wow. You're not even trying anymore.

    13. Linda Mangelsdorf7:48 AM

      Is is a photo of the real Alicia Mangelsdorf. Third page.

    14. Anonymous8:02 AM

      Is it is or is it ain't?

    15. Anonymous8:55 AM

      Woohoo! What took you so long, Alicia? You were off the 'Internets' for almost a week (or was it longer? Yes, I think it was actually longer - ever since one of hour idols from that fandamnily punched his girlfriend in the face and kicked her while she was curled up on the floor, and then had to hide under a bed, fearing for her life, because your idol was so f_cking drunk!

    16. Anonymous9:05 AM

      MyAuntLivesOnEnsure7:21 AM
      Thank you. We would all like to see that one locked up.

      Is Jordan helping Sarah as a troll? It would be a good job for her.

      Where were Track Palin and Jordan Loewe? PTSD Hospital in Anchorage? The 36-bed hospital will primarily focus on mental health services like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and short-term care in a non-traditional environment.

      Jordan is very proud of her grandfather and the family's link to history. She and Tanner would take PTSD and SEAL Team ONE serious.

      Donald Trump spent years trying to kick veterans off Fifth Avenue

    17. Anonymous11:04 AM

      Alicia Mangelsdorf is the spitting image of Linda Mangelsdorf.

    18. Anonymous11:10 AM

      The Palin family birthday brawl with Track drunk and out of control was not an issue? You need to join a gym and take your frustrations out on the treadmill. You computer is piling the weight on you, Alicia.

    19. Anonymous11:45 AM

      Aunt who lives on like they got a taste of their own medicine eh?

      May be you should find out 'why auntie quit' and then you might understand why some find it funny...what goes around comes around...

      God is Good!

      oh and thanks for the intel on the attorneys keeping 'tabs' on folks!

      will see how long they have been stalking some other folks...

      tick tock tick tock...

      The new black is Orange!

    20. Anonymous12:23 PM

      1145 yes and when you take that to a court you need to make sure to get all the 'surveillance' on whomever they are stalking and then enter REASON for that and when it comes back as a violation of numerous rights then proceed to the higher courts until you achieve convictions! ok?
      it's really not that hard to get done! my guess is that is something they don't want anyone to know! know the law folks!

    21. Anonymous5:37 PM

      1223 you sound like a pit bull attorney!

    22. Anonymous11:57 PM

      You do mean creepy inbred palins invaded Our lives.

    23. Anonymous12:02 AM

      Watching world news now. They're playing the sarah- dump speach. TRUMP-I HOPE NOBODIES ALLERGIC TO NUTS BECAUSE WE GOT A BIG ONE HERE. Sarah,the Don sure has your #. ;)

  11. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Liberal logic is knowing a good person hates attention and suffers solely from it yet they continue stalking and lying knowing it does no one good. God bless the fact that track has a great family and friends. And that his gf is happy and laughing again.

    1. Anonymous5:43 AM

      If gf is back with him, she's a damned fool.

    2. Anonymous5:45 AM

      That just tells you that she is stupid. I predict death at his hand within 5 years.

    3. Anonymous5:54 AM

      You are ao incredibly stupid that is frightening.

    4. Anonymous5:56 AM

      Yeah, because a pic of gf with a bff, both with extended middle fingers, is just the kind of girl you want to bring home to dear old mom.


    5. Anonymous6:07 AM

      FACT .. Track punched Jordan

      FACT .. He then kicked her while she was on the ground.

      Nobody is lying. Track is a sick fucking asshole that will soon be in prison.

    6. Anonymous6:13 AM

      Happy and laughing again?

      You are one sick puppy.

    7. Anonymous7:21 AM

      Alicia, we all hope you're being paid. Otherwise, your boundless devotion to this thuggish family is just too sad.

    8. Anonymous7:23 AM

      I guess all Jordan needed was a hard punch in the face and a swift kick when she was down and now she happy and smiling again.

    9. Anonymous7:33 AM

      As long as that liberal is a woman, right?

    10. Anonymous8:13 AM

      gf is happy and laughing

      It is not hard to predict how speed freaks tweak.

      That is Jordan.

      Without her drugs she is a roly-poly little girl. She was still a lot of fun but not so over the top.

    11. Anonymous8:34 AM

      A great family does not enable self and other destructive behaviors. A great family is not in denial, does not lie for a person nor blame others for aggressive, violent and out of control behaviors. A great family does not seek to convince a domestic violence victim being abused is her fault or dismissed if seen smiling as if nothing happened. Nice try to spin this around.

    12. Anonymous8:37 AM

      Great family and friends would have an intervention for Track. However, given reports of physical fights and foul language of the family the public is accepting the trashy family values always blame shifted.

    13. Anonymous10:58 AM

      Why, did Sarah Palin arrange payments to her? Oh, that's right, you can't answer that, because you don't even know any of the Palins nor Jordan. Are your Liberal parents aware of you stalking the Palins, Gryphen, and Malia? Track Menard Palin is a drug addicted bully with no life.

    14. Anonymous11:48 AM

      Man! Gryph! I want what this one is smoking! ok if it's not weed forget it!

      lol...smiling and laughing my ass!

      Oh boy that tells me that Sarah is NERVOUS
      about what again?

      Sarah? Sarah?

      Sarah has left the building...

    15. Anonymous2:26 PM

      Jordan is the life of the party. She can't help it, she is fun and peeps like her. She is enjoying herself with her pals and taking care of business as she is told. You'll see. Jordan was once the kind of girl that could speak for herself. Now it is better if she stays dark and let others tell her story for her. It is not everyday the White House notices and cares about your news. It is better to laugh the whole thing away. That is why peeps like her. She can make Sourpuss smile.

      LOL Thanks Obama!

    16. Anonymous5:10 PM

      Why do you continue to project your own behavior on to others?

  12. Anonymous5:29 AM

    A Grifter got to grift. The real problem is there isn't any one on GOP clown car that is halfway prepared to serve as President.

  13. "By the way does anybody really buy that there are more Iowa residents following Sarah Palin's Facebook page than participated in the 2012 caucuses?"
    I believe there are more paid facebook likers, followers, and clickers in some overseas click farm than there are in Iowa. Is that the same thing?

    1. Maple6:36 AM

      I believe the overseas clickfarm is in New Zealand -- which is strange because I know a few NZers and they think Palin is an idiot. Of course my friends aren't Assembly of God types......'nuff said.

  14. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Sarah Palin is a leech that keeps milking the same cow that McCain gave here in 2007.
    She continues to play the ignorant, while laughing all the way to the bank!
    Wake up (marks)suckers !Your choice?

    1. Anonymous6:55 AM

      Don't you mean running to the post office for more money orders? Honest people don't have to play "hide the $".

  15. Oh dear Gryphen! The conTROLLS(Baldy)are EXTREMELY agitated this morning!

    Could it be because bad news about Beefy is being released today or did she get wind of some shit about Track that's being published?

    I know what you can do Baldy!

    Go ahead and hid behind your latest bastard grand baby and post that pic of you and Sailor that Baby cousin told us about!



    1. Anonymous7:04 AM

      I missed that Baby Cousin comment! Has she been around lately?

    2. Anonymous7:22 AM

      Yes, she has!

    3. Anonymous7:53 AM

      Baby Cousin, Pete Petretich, myfairlady, and polarbearpapa also and too

    4. Anonymous8:01 AM

      7:04 here. I see her comment upthread. Anyone care to point me to other posts she's commented on recently? My home computer broke, so I am limited to online access from work and don't have time to keep refreshing each Palin-related post to check for her comments, but I really enjoy reading them.

    5. Anonymous10:02 AM

      :8:01 - just use the "Search this site" feature at the top of the right column.

  16. Anonymous7:24 AM

    "If that is really true I think Iowans need to take a good hard look at themselves and ask just what in the hell they have been doing with their lives."

    Well, they're refraining from double voting or sending infants and dead people to the polls. Iowa only has a population of just over 3 million people.

    Her "shocking statistic" is correct, but meaningless in a small state.

    1. Anonymous7:53 AM

      Republicans everywhere are crazy, not just Iowa.

    2. Anonymous9:35 AM

      Some are crazier than others. Here's a tale of two next-door Midwestern states:

      Despite having a sizable red population (pretty much everything outside of Chicago and the St. Louis area), and despite regularly electing selected Republicans to statewide office (Fitzgerald, Topinka, Kirk, etc.), Illinois has so far refrained from electing a bona fide teabagger or Jesus freak to a statewide office. (Even Bruce Rauner only got elected by strenuously avoiding a fringe platform...although of course he is hugely pro-biz, anti-union and trying to be Scott Walker II.) Illinois has no Steve Deaces or Bob Vander Plaatses wielding undue influence over the state's voters. Illinois has no former establishment GOP senators who became frothing lunatics when a black guy got elected president--Chuck Grassley, I'm looking at you. Joni Ernst could *never in a million years* have gotten elected in Illinois.

      Iowa Republicans are horrific. But it's not strange that with only 3 million people in their little state, they couldn't magically produce more than 4 million caucus goers to match Sarah Palin's brigade of FB fans.

  17. Anonymous7:48 AM

    OT: Does anyone remember an online blog that put out a chapter a week novel called "White Trash in the Snow?"

    Wish she/he would come back with one called Vegas, Baby, Vegas. Dakota said that Bristol asked him to marry her....and then came the Palin set up with the ring, concert, that was flat out rascal. The booze, bbq, and donut truck reception for the weddin' that didn't happen. Why was Dakota's first marriage kept a secret? Did he lie on his Kentucky marriage application? Does history repeat itself in the Meyer family? Will Dakota marry Bristol to keep up a family tradition. Dakota, where's your mama? Enough material here to fill a LV bag and buy some Louboutins.

    Anyone else cuckoo for cocoa puffs?

    1. That was Allison from The Palin Place. I loved her writing! Laughed so hard!
      Here's a link...(I added a space after the first letter so it wouldn't be a live link, not sure what the rules are here so better safe than sorry..
      h ttp://

    2. Anonymous1:15 PM

      Thanks JillyG. I have wondered if Allison was really Nicolle Wallace but probably not. Any who, it was a really fun read and probably more like true crime than young adult fictional "romance."

      Allison, more please!!!

  18. Anonymous7:54 AM

    The brief rise and lengthy fall of Sarah Palin

    reporters went out of their way to point out that it was a sign she was running for President.

    snowmobile party

  19. Anonymous8:03 AM

    I missed the anniversary celebration of this. Now I see why Trump can use Sarah and Track.

    Keep your donations


    Donald Trump Wanted Vets Kicked Off Fifth Avenue

  20. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Trump and His "Hero" Comments

    I gave never seen this photo of Donald Trumps new poster boy.

  21. Anonymous9:01 AM

    This is off topic, but Gryphen, I just saw this article about Sarah officiating at Kristin Sapp Tanner Cole Grimes' wedding, along with a pic - and help me if I'm wrong, but does it look like a bad photoshop job in the picture of Kristin and her husband, with her hand on her back? Like someone tried to make her back look slimmer but with her hand on her hip it looks way off...

    1. Anonymous10:34 AM

      Kristan is spanxed to within an inch of her life, in order to create a waistline, that and her black dress against his black pants creates an optical illusion making her waist look thinner than it is.

    2. Anonymous10:51 AM

      photoshop job in the picture of Kristin and her husband

      Remember Britta Hanson? She worked for the governor and shadow governor of Alaska. She was as loyal as Marina Lupas and groomed to perform as someone trained while young to be an insider. Minions like that do not come easy. Britta got knocked up and the arranged marriage did not last long. Domestic violence, guns?

      Sarah had to find a Britta replacement.

      Sarah Palin's employee or indentured servant?

      Guess can do Photoshop?

    3. Anonymous10:54 AM

      So Sarah got one of those online preacher certificates?

    4. Anonymous11:24 AM

      She looks like hell. Are they all self medicating, abusing prescription drugs. Where do they find those 'men'?

    5. Anonymous12:12 PM

      Kristan has had more cosmetic surgery than Sarah Palin. Interesting the married a guy whose job is in Florida, last I heard of Kristan she was settled in Arizona. I don't give a damn about her but I'll give her a break, she lost a son a couple of years ago, every mother's nightmare.

    6. Anonymous1:34 PM

      Naples, Florida no less. One of those places that Palin loved to haunt back when she was endorsin' candidates and getting paid for her speechifyin'. How many vacations to see Kristan did SarahPAC pay for?

      In fact, one of the few signings she did for her war on xmas book was in Naples.

  22. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Hey Gryphen:

    Sarah said: "Fun Fact - there are more Iowa residents who follow this page than voted for the winner of the 2012 Iowa Caucus."

    You said: "By the way does anybody really buy that there are more Iowa residents following Sarah Palin's Facebook page than participated in the 2012 caucuses?"

    That's not the same thing.

    P.S. The number that Sarah refers to?

    2012 Iowa Republican Caucuses

    Rick Santorum 29,839 votes 24.6% of the vote

    Does Sarah have 29,839 Facebook Followers in Iowa?

    *US Senator Joanie Ernst

    *US Representative Steve King

    *In November 2008 682,379 Iowans voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin

    Sarah's Facebook claim is probably true.

    Sarah's Trump endorsement does have the local rebiblicans all wee wee'd up though. It's not a popular thing, and she won't be back screeching in Iowa anytime soon.


  23. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Shouldn't Palin's facebook post have at least 23,000 'likes' representing all those Iowa fans who were waiting for her to tell them how to vote?

    Instead, Sarah Palin 'liked' her own facebook post. And it only got about 2000 'likes' and 400 (mostly negative) comments after being up since yesterday.

    Yoouge failure!

  24. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Yea she is trying to hack computers to find out what folks are doing? Control freaks cannot control themselves! So out of curiosity? What is the bet?
    how many emails or how many comments? NYSE? burp!
    There's a tear in their beers cuz they'll be crying in their tears...uh oh Sarah better get naked now!
    Ya know ya gotta keep the 'good ol boy's sexed up!

    1. Anonymous12:01 PM

      well I am betting the State of Alaska and the attorney's are trying to do that! The FBI/Gov doesn't like competition so send an email! ;)

  25. Anonymous10:26 AM

    There are 721 comments showing in that image of Palins fb post. Now there are around 400 and they're mostly negative. I can't imagine how bad the comments were that were deleted.

    If Trump wins the Iowa GOP caucus it will be despite Palin's endorsement.

    1. Anonymous1:01 PM

      Which post/pic do you mean?


  26. Anonymous10:31 AM

    “Domestic violence is not a joke”: White House responds to Sarah Palin’s rambling speech blaming Track’s arrest

    So why is the infamous couple not in treatment? If they are to marry on Independence Day of 2016, both families need to be in treatment ASAP. None of this should be minimized.

    Track Palin was not suicidal or the Wasilla police would have placed him on a 72 hour hold. What other parts of this incident has been misconstrued?

    Where are the hospital reports? Mugshot? Has the prosecutor done a professional and adequate follow up and investigation? They can still press charges for more crimes they reveal. Does Wasilla area need a special prosecutor?

    Drunks are allowed to drive. AK-15 and concealed weapons are acceptable for the mentally impaired and to be around children. How much more is being hidden about the incident at 1140 W Parks Hwy Wasilla, Alaska on January 18, 2016?

    Why are they waiting for someone to be murdured or children to be collateral damage? It does not take a brain surgeon to figure out these things escalate. Enabling by police, family, friends, prosecutors DOES NOT HELP.

    Veterans slam Sarah Palin for saying son Track's domestic abuse arrest is result of PTSD

    The argument got out of control and Track allegedly reached for his AR-15 rifle

    1. Anonymous11:13 AM

      You have no way of knowing if Track was suicidal. Police are notoriously poorly trained to evaluate that and were also probably intimidated by Track's last name, knowing there would be hell to pay if he were put on a 72 hour hold.

    2. Anonymous11:44 AM

      I don't need to know what Track was or was not. The police actions or lack of speaks louder then words. It is obvious the prosecutor needs to step up and do something where the police failed.

      The incident report is a major red flag about many issues in Wasilla. If the citizens of the area are so brain dead, it is imperative to bring attention to these life and death matters.

      Look at the situation for the children up there. It is totally different from the children who will die from the toxic water in Flint, Mi. But like Flint it will take federal intervention.

      Not saying anyone will wake up this time. When more people are injured and killed possibly there will be a wake up.

      So much is covered up, it is hard to know all of it.

      What we do know is no one in the Palin gang takes the suicide part serious.

      Palin would be acting like a responsible mother and a responsible politician if she was one. She would make a no nonsense statement and the incident would not be just something more for her to cover up while she goes off to spin word salad with Trump. Another one that mistreats vets.

      If a person has close family or friends that are suicidal you try to reach out with the problem and bring more awareness. This incident is so much more then local police hiding behind some yap about they are 'intimidated' or incompetent.

    3. Anonymous12:03 PM

      is unlawful imprisonment of a minor illegal?

    4. Anonymous12:43 PM

      “Domestic violence is not a joke” So why is the infamous couple not in treatment?

      Some fools forget things that matter about the domestic violence incident at 1140 W Parks Hwy.

      No one saw the signs?


      AR-15 assault rifle grief. The parents of seven-year-old grieve, daughter killed by a AR-15 assault rifle.

      Ohio family poses with dead dad to warn about drug addiction!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_635/heroin15n-6-web.jpg

      affluenza vs PTSD


      Cenk Uygur Lays The Smackdown On White Right-Wing Privilege

      Alaskan affluenza epidemic

      Alaskan affluenza epidemic

    5. Anonymous2:04 PM

      12:03 PM

      If you are a Palin-Heath you can do anything you want until..... dance Sarah dance, as fast as you can. Reality will catch up with you and your band of malefactors.

    6. Anonymous5:45 PM

      204 yeah but that 'unlawful imprisonment of a minor' got Governor Frank Murkowski to reverse the Statutes of Limitations on Rape! That exposed the Catholic Church! Now poor Sarah can't take that away!
      What is worse is the person that happened to is a Russian Royal survivor! Uh oh!
      Man don't you hate it when that happens!
      Parade Magazine - Turning Anger into Activism - some live by example Sarah!
      And that example is African American!
      Oh she just passed out folks...break time

  27. Anonymous10:55 AM

    The tundra twat put up another one a few hours ago, Gryph etal. Where to begin.....

  28. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Don't forget folks, Palin is continuing on
    with her "POLITICAL CAREER". Over the
    years she has always informed the public about her "CAREER" past and future.
    of what's in it for me, and anybody who gets in my way can go to hell, including my
    rotten family! "LOOK AT MEEEEEE, LOOK AT
    ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME"

  29. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Throwback Thursday, Bristol Palin going to DWTS rehearsal Nov., 2010. The spanx must have gotten too tight for her. If Bristol was not pregnant in this photo, then we are all blind.

    1. Anonymous12:30 PM

      I didn't see Bristol at this link (lots of pics of others there but not her), but you've reminded me of how Bristol's dance partner had to use all his strength to keep her big thigh pulled up high in position during a pose. She was bulky and bulgy everywhere and you could always just feel that she weighed like a ton of bricks.

    2. Anonymous1:31 PM

      She truly looks like a different person now. Money can buy lipo and money can buy a new face but money can't buy the responsibility required to NOT keep birthing "Huge Disappointments".

    3. Anonymous3:27 PM

      Wait til she starts looking like donatella Versace.

    4. Anonymous3:29 PM

      She's quite pregnant in practice pics. What a hog.

  30. Anonymous11:45 AM

    The Palins have been striking out lately. Bristol's angry post about Tina Fey backfired. More people liked the Tina Fey parody rather than the original wacko bird. Sarah has a long, rambling facebook post about Trump and the media. She is getting a lot of negative comments. How can Trump support veterans after what he said about McCain? Trump is pompous and a blowhard.

  31. Anonymous12:04 PM

    I haven't wasted my download capacity on her stupid video because I'm still trying to fathom what is so complex about "show up at the hall on Tuesday night" that Palin and Trump think THEY need to educate Iowans about. I predict Trump won't win anyway, and he definitely won't win if the widely disliked Sarah Palin keeps sticking her big head into the frame.

    Please proceed, governor.

    1. Anonymous12:27 PM

      No need to watch it. It's a video made my Trump's Iowa co-chair on how to caucus. Just another one of Palin's linkups to make her feel like she's so involved and so important and necessary.

    2. Anonymous1:10 PM

      Good thing Sarah has all that important work to keep her relevant and busy. If not, she might have to deal with her tragic home life and those kids she neglects. What a shame that would be. The country needs her to be humping for Trump.

  32. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Oh man, the spiel today. Sarah just gets worse and worse. That new venting is so densely packed with the same old crap. I wouldn't have read through it all--it really is the perfect example of what type of writing makes people skim or just stop reading--but I always like to see how many cliches and words from her list of favorite vocabulary words make it into a post. Like "bulwark." I mean, who says that! She can't put a sentence together in a way that makes sense, as we know, but what always kills me is her use of archaic words that nobody ever uses.

    This morning I started laughing for seemingly no reason and my husband asked me what was so funny. For some reason I had started thinking about how Sarah likes to begin sentences--usually about our president, but sometimes when complaining about an anonymous "they"--with the words "He who." She often uses a "He who would..." and "They who..." too. She has it in her head that her formal sounding phrasings make her sound like Lincoln at Gettysburg or something.

    Oh, in that new post of hers, I love the part about airbrushing. Way before she gets to where it's obvious she's trashing Megyn Kelly, she makes a comment about looks and you know she's talking about women anchors and specifically Kelly. Palin has had professionals putting makeup on her and doing her hair for years now. We all know what she looks like without it. We've all cringed at the sight of her coming out of her yoga class as well as after seeing other pics when a pro hadn't yet had the chance to fix her.

  33. Anonymous1:33 PM

    July 4, 2016 WEDDING.

    1. Anonymous4:27 PM

      The webpage I saw (which was removed, but is still available as cache) gave the date as July 4, 2017.

      BTW, anyone know what color Track's eyes are? I have no doubt that Curt Menard is Track's bio-dad, but wondered if Track has light eyes. See: I do believe Track is Scarah's only blonde offspring.

    2. Track has kinda hazel eyes, they look brown sometimes but in the light are kind of gray green looking. He is the only one with eyes like that. Willow has her dad's light eyes and Bristol and Piper have their mom's dark eyes.

  34. Anonymous2:56 PM

    It should be "woman-beating son"

  35. Anita Winecooler5:03 PM

    Sarah's cah cah location is anywhere her bowels empty, she cah cahs enough to cover the entire map of the USA. Hey Sarah, can you spell "T R U M P " ?


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