Sunday, January 24, 2016

Heckuva job. Jeb Bush praises Michigan governor Rick Snyder, for apparently poisoning children?

"I'd like to strangle me some terrorists. Yup, I sure would."
Courtesy of HuffPo: 

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush on Sunday applauded Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's response to the water contamination crisis in Flint -- even though the situation was caused by Snyder's own administration. 

 "I admire Rick Snyder for stepping up right now," Bush said on CNN's "State of the Union." "He's going to the challenge. He's fired people and accepted responsibility to fix this."

This comes amid calls for Snyder's resignation for hiring the city manger who created the water disaster in the first place, ignoring the initial reports that there was a problem, and responding only when the media attention left him no choice.

Here is what Jeb! finds so admirable:

"Instead of saying, 'The dog ate my homework, it's someone else's fault,' once it became clear, he's taking the lead now," Bush said. "That's exactly what I think leaders have to do."

Once again HE HAD NO CHOICE but to respond.

Just how many lead paint chips did the Bush boys eat while growing up?

Of course if this whole running for president thing doesn't work out Jeb! has a fall back career choice.

He'd like to strangle some terrorists on the Showtime series "Homeland."

Okay for one thing, there is no strangling in G rated films.

Secondly have you ever seen Jeb Bush's skinny ass arms?

I would be surprised if he could choke out a hamster much less strangle a full grown terrorist.


  1. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Rachel Maddow is credited with breaking this story - months ago. She stayed on it and supported the citizenry being bilked when no one else was interested.

    1. Anonymous5:18 PM

      Rachel Maddow tried to help the children being poisoned by the lead in the water.

    2. Rachel has been on Snyder subverting democracy with his "emergency managers" since the beginning. The Flint water is the ultimate fail in the tea party's agenda.

    3. 66gardeners5:26 AM

      Rachel Maddow deserves a special shout-out for her tiresome work on the Flint story. Rachel first interviewed Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha on national TV.

      Here is a youtube video of her story. There are others out there. It is time wells pent to watch a few.

      Dr. Mona is a physician in Flint whose clientele are low-income children on public assistance. They are routinely tested 1 and 2 year-olds for lead. Without Dr. Mona's work, this probably would still be a nonissue for Snyder. After Dr. Mona alerted state officials, Snyder's administration embarked upon a character assassination on Dr. Mona.

      Hopefully, Snyder joins Bob McDonnell in the pookie. Flint was in receivership, and state officials were responsible for the decisions that caused this disaster.

    4. Anita Winecooler3:55 PM

      She deserves a lot of credit for her journalistic standards, relentless research and her dogged reporting. She, Hayes and LOD were discussing this about a month ago and the lady really knows her stuff. If it wasn't for her, I'd have stopped watching msnbc months ago.

  2. You have to love how so many Republicans demand to be considered "christian" when they constantly speak about the delight they'd have, killing people.

    1. Anonymous4:53 PM

      Collateral damage as was 9/11.

  3. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Hasn't this country already been embarrassed enough by the Bush family?

  4. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Trump says he could shoot someone. At least, Jeb!?! is specific about killing a terrorist not just some random person.

    (Do these idiots even listen to insanity dribbling from their mouths?)

    1. Trump said he could stand in the middle of Times Square and shoot someone and not lose any supporters.

      The sad fact is, he's probably right.

  5. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Jeb! has bad timing. Or wants to cover for Governor Snyder and all his crimes.

    Anyway, this is a case of really bad timing. Nothing like dead people and brain damaged poor children to bring out the "problem solvers not blamers" Bushit profiteers.

  6. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Snyder is brilliant. Instead of having cops shoot Negros individually, he poisoned the whole town. Also eliminates the need for voter restrictions.

    1. Anonymous6:11 AM

      Watch Joe Scarborough if you want to see how republicans are spinning the lies on this one.

  7. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Obviously, the dog's been eating Jeb!'s homework since he decided to run fo POTUS. Jesus, don't these people search for info before they allow words to just fall out of their mouths? If he weren't a Bush, he'd be a ward of the state.

    1. Anonymous5:18 AM

      Snyder has put horrible voter restrictions in place. Not quite as obvious as those done in southern states but really appalling: no straight ticket voting, no referenda in communities on strictly community issues, no information provided about millages (for example for schools or fire departments, etc.) by proponents for 60 days before elections. These restrictions are horrible. More subtle than what Virginia or South Caroline put in place but horrible none the less. A Democratic legislature anywhere in the country would never enact voter restrictions; only the GOP is afraid of the US voter. Says something doesn't it?

  8. Anonymous5:45 PM

    I like keeping our country safe. Said the brother of the man who did not keep our country safe. The brother of the man who ignored warnings about Osama bin Laden.

  9. Anonymous5:51 PM

    What a pathetic loser!

  10. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Jeb's brother. Once he cleans up that little Shock and Awe bombing he had to lie about and his sorry National Guard mess, once he takes care of all that. It may be time to look at another Bush and wonder how horrible he could possibly be.

    Controversy over George W. Bush's military service in the National Guard... how different is it from the falacies about Track Palin military service?

    Report: Track Palin saw no combat. Questions arise about PTSD #p2

    @jaykirell Was he in combat? This says he wasnt

    The Anthony Hill Shooting Case
    Since Sarah has claimed that Track Palin’s PTSD was a major factor, some on social media have compared the situation to the death of Anthony Hill, a U.S. Air Force veteran who was shot and killed by a Georgia police officer while Hill was suffering from a terrible medical episode.

  11. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Jeb! Couldn't choke a hamster but a gerbil would be a different story.

  12. Anonymous6:16 PM

    10 years later.

    On May 1, President Bush had landed on the USS Abraham Lincoln.

  13. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Synder should go to jail:

    Detroit water was 20% cheaper than the new source.

    1. Anonymous8:32 PM

    2. Anonymous9:18 AM

      It gets worse. People are being threatened with foreclosure or having their children taken away if they don't pay the water bill for the poisoned water.

  14. Anonymous6:29 PM

    There's plenty more to be learned about this crisis. I have no doubt that Snyder is desperately covering things up while trying to appear transparent.

    1. Anonymous7:22 PM

      Thanks to the Internet, there is no transparency. When are these idiots going to figure that out? It's like they live in some weird parallel 1950's universe.

    2. Anonymous5:14 AM

      Snyder is very sneaky. He ran as a moderate saying that he had nothing to do with the Tea Party but then he's been a perfect teabagger. His GOP legislature has gutted voting in Michigan: no more referenda in communities, no information to be provided in support of millages or bond votes in communities for 60 days before elections, no "straight ticket" voting. He's signed it all into law. And the situations in Flint and in the Detroit schools is simply an abomination. Snyder is an extremely rich conservative "businessman" who came here as a carpetbagger to mess things up.

    3. Anonymous8:12 AM

      Snyder is very sneaky.
      He sure is!!! Have you seen some the the emails he released because his administration is so "transparent", the whole email was redacted.

      Also too, I watched a program last night about the crisis. GM had stopped using the water,just after they switched to Flint water, because it was corroding all the auto parts!!! They notified officials and still nothing was done.

      Image they thought it was ok for people to drink water that corrodes auto parts.

      Yes, Mr. "Business Man" Synder has gutted democracy in MI. We still don't know what it is costing us for him to live in his own house instead of the governor's mansion.

    4. Anita Winecooler3:43 PM

      Anonymous 8:12
      I watched the same program, and another today about lead poisoning. Mr Snyder proposed "Chelation clinics" as a form of getting the lead out of the people's bloodstream. A specialist from Boston General said "it's pointless, once lead enters the human body, the damage is immediate and not reversible totally. Chelation is like putting a band aid on a finger that isn't injured, it's basically quackery. So much so that Jenny McCarthy SWEARS chelation and diet cured her son of Autism. Snyder needs to cool his heels and resign or be put in jail.

  15. Anonymous6:51 PM

    His congress visit should be a sham. Blame it on Obama. Fuck all these assholes. Snyder is the epitome of a "honkey". He makes my skin crawl. I would pay to watch him drink a glass of his "safe" water. Lov_e Michael Moore.

  16. Anonymous6:57 PM

    There must some reason why those who are to blame for the injured and dead of Flint keep telling us not to look for who is to blame.

    Time for some anal truth suppositories to be administered.

    1. Anonymous7:55 PM

      6:51 and 6:57 1st. Make Snyder drink ALL that he can possibly guzzle and then give him a enema with that FUCKED UP water. He needs a complete flushing..

  17. >Just how many lead paint chips did the Bush boys eat while growing up?

    All of them, I think.

  18. Anonymous7:18 PM

    A truly accurate rendition of Paylin

    1. Anonymous7:59 AM

      OMG, that is so evil and creepy, but so accurate.

  19. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Let's recap. tRump says he could shoot someone and get away with it and Jeb! wants to strangle a terrorist. Maybe Jeb! could strangle tRump at the same time that tRump shoots Jeb!? It could be the premier of a new reality show - Dueling Idiots.

    1. Anonymous9:05 PM

      If they were really founding fathers patriots, they would challenge each to a real duel.

  20. Sorry OT, but I figured some of us might enjoy this !

  21. High praise indeed.

    The Michigan governor displays all of the Republican values.

    They cut costs by switching to contaminated water, ignored regulations and EPA warnings, they're still billing residents for water, and they've managed to get the Federal Government to use tax payer's dollars to clean up their mess.

    Helluva job.

    I'm sure Americans for Prosperity and the Koch Brothers will see too it all of the present Republican arsehats will be re-elected. Spend enough money and you can buy the votes of the stupid. After all, November is still 10 months away.

    Oh, and it's all Obama's fault. Right?

  22. Anonymous3:52 AM

    I'm in Florida and remember Jebuh as governor. Then and now he is OUT.OF.TOUCH.

  23. Anonymous4:39 AM

    Well, I mean, a Republican actually taking responsibility for an action THEY know, being accountable? That's a rare, rare thing in today's GOP.

    1. Anonymous8:17 AM

      Synder is not taking responsibility, he said he will be responsible to fix the problem. That is not taking responsibility in my book.

      He also moved the Emergency Manager, that caused the problem, to Detroit, to fix the school buildings-black mold, ceiling falling in, water leaking, actual mushrooms growing on the walls. So no Synder is not taking responsibility.

  24. Anonymous5:08 AM

    God, Jeb Bush is just as dumb as his brother, "Heck-of-a-job" George. I'm itching to get to sign a petition to impeach Gov. Snyder for what he's done and is continuing to do to the people of Flint. The "emergency manager" who caused the water crisis in Flint did not get fired; he got moved to head the schools in Detroit. The jerk should be in prison, along with the governor and probably several other stalwart Republican employees in the state.

    1. Anonymous8:27 AM

      Well if you find that petition, please post it here, since I haven't been able to find one either.

      Also, Synder campaigned, last election, on the premise that he balanced the budget and there was a billion dollar surplus-now he is saying we don't have money to fix the roads or pipes blah blah.

      What happened to the money and why aren't the journalists asking him about it.

  25. Randall5:09 AM

    Should governor Snyder's family have to drink Flint water until the problem is resolved?

  26. 66gardeners5:52 AM

    As a mother and wife with a husband and two children who have dyslexia, I consider myself qualified to recognize some of the signs in people who have this neurological disorder of the brain.

    The dyslexic person is using his right hemisphere instead of his left to read and spell.

    Using the wrong side of your brain to read and spell makes it very difficult but not impossible to learn these critical educational skills.

    My 24-year-old son who graduated high school with a 5th grade reading level is now getting an A in PhysicsIII. His IQ in 118 which dyslexia does not effect, high or low. Unfortunately, it is only the high IQ people who are usually identified as having dyslexia because the disability becomes obvious pretty quickly in school. My son works as an electrician and will be an electrical engineer when he graduates. He attends college at night. He could never have gone straight from high school to college so I am flabbergasted to say the least about where he is today.

    Anyway, I am writing this because I believe George Bush and perhaps Jeb as well have dyslexia as it has a hereditary component.

    This may be why Jeb (and George) seem so out-of-touch with current events. People with dyslexia do not read for pleasure as it is anything but for them. Jeb and George only know what others tell them about what is going on in the world.

    I also and too believe $arah and some of her children have dyslexia ("what do you read $arah?" it home with her way more than it appeared). Because only people with high IQ's are usually identified, we can see why the Palins may have no clue. I'd bet money that the reason none of her children graduated high school can be found somewhere in this line of thinking.

    By the way, most dyslexics (including my family) are extremely ashamed because of their experiences and do not want to talk about it. I have been on a crusade for years now to change that.

    1. Anonymous6:21 AM

      You should prefer a good scientist without literary abilities than a literate one without scientific skills.
      ~Leonardo da Vinci

    2. 66gardeners6:29 AM

      Just did a little research. Found this link.

      Jennifer Slaight, a certified dyslexic specialist in NJ, who is supported by the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy asserts that: (scroll almost to the bottom of the page)

      Several American Presidents had dyslexia including John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert. George Bush and George W. Bush have dyslexia. It is also believed that George Washington also had dyslexia.

      (I Didn't know about the father Bush having dyslexia. This must be why Barbarh Bush famously said, "NO more Bush's as president!")

      Another example of how dyslexia run in families. It's actually a dominant trait.

      None of this excuses Jeb for what he said. He is smart enough to know his rhetoric as a presidential candidate will face tough scrutiny.

      In my opinion, anybody with dyslexia is NOT qualified to be POTUS. There is just way too much reading involved to be effective. Both Bush presidencies proved that much. As for the Kennedy legacy, all I can say is they obviously surrounded themselves with people of high moral character, unlike the Bush's.

    3. Anonymous8:49 AM

      Besides, 66gardenars at 6:29 am, both John and Robert Kennedy were avid readers and extremely good speakers, whether giving formal speeches or speaking off the cuff Cannot say the same for the Bushes, including Papa Bush. I doubt very much if either Kennedy brother had dyslexia. It might just be "equal time" for Jennifer Slaight; you know how one cannot criticize a Republican without equalizing it with a Democrat, without any need for accuracy.

    4. 66gardeners11:50 AM

      Beaglemom, I have been voraciously digesting as much as I can about dyslexia for over 2 decades.

      Never heard about dyslexia in the Kennedy family, so I think you may be right in that Jennifer Slaight felt she must give out this diagnosis in a bipartisan way. She may have wished to mitigate the idea that dyslexia caused the damage W did. Unequivocally, I say someone with dyslexia to the degree of W or Jeb is NOT qualified to be POTUS.

      Dyslexia in 1940's during Kennedy's time was barely recognized. I do know there are degrees of dyslexia. It is impossible for me to believe a vociferous reader would have dyslexia.

      Since Barbara Bush's literacy foundation supports Jennifer Slaight, I would say she must be 100% correct about the Bushs having dyslexia.

      Shame on the Bush's for not publicly promoting literacy in general and dealing with dyslexia specifically.

      I know from experience dyslexics almost exclusively do not like to talk about it. That needs to change as others suffer needlessly because of the lack of education about this neurological disorder which experts say effect 10% of the population. I was told my son was fine and progressing fine (I knew he was not), but that he needed to try harder. Believe you me, that takes a huge toll over a period of time if one cares about education.

    5. They may well have dyslexia (as well as afluenza and a touch of narcisism) but neither one has an I.Q. of 118. I'd say 100 give or take 5 points is probably a lot more reasonable. They are average. Perhaps even a bit below average.

      Not only that, they also do not possess the skills the office requires. Neither of them are diplomatic. Remember that cringeworthy shoulder massage Bush gave Merkel uninvited? Not his only faux pas either.

      Nowadays dyslexia is diagnosed regardless of I.Q. level. Teachers are trained to recognize all sorts of learning disabilities at a young age and children are given resources and support to help them overcome or adjust to whatever their particular challenge is.

      This may not have been universally true when Sarah went to school but it certainly was when her children did. Of course, like poor Tri-G she may have simply denied any imperfections and refused to allow any remediation for any of her children. BTW I think the I.Q.s of the Palin Family are in the 90s. Just slightly below average.

  27. Anonymous7:43 AM


  28. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Could the rumor be true that Snyder would likely take directorship of EPA in a JEB! administration?

    (Is it even worth the bother of posting minimally humorous comments at JEB!'s expense? It's not like he'll ever be the nominee let alone the president)

    JEB! CAN! DO! IT!
    (but it won't be pretty)

    In other Campaign 2016 news, Google "Santorum" now

  29. Chenagrrl7:53 AM

    This is right up there with "heckuva job, Brownie." Guv Snyder, who twitters himself as @onetoughnerd, caused the whole thing. As of his "Morning Joe" vamp this past Friday, he blamed everyone else and said he would fix it. He needs to resign. He has poisoned an entire generation, and most probably killed about 9 people.

    1. Anonymous8:22 AM

      and "Mission Accomplished"

      and "Stuff Happens"

    2. Anonymous8:31 AM

      He will not resign, I doubt a republican legislature will impeach him and since he ignores the voters (we voted against emergency managers and he instated them anyway)I don't know if we can even vote him out.

    3. Chenagrrl8:56 AM

      Fear you are right. Had hoped to have a retirement home in Michigan, close enough to Chicago w/out being in Illinois. Loved the dunes. Then I found out that @onetoughnerd Snyder had done an emergency manager thing in Benton Harbor/Heights. Fuck it. Will stay where I am. Hospital flights to Seattle are less of an inconvenience.

    4. Chenagrrl8:58 AM

      About the impeaching. If the petitions are voluminous enough and the outcry loud enough, a miracle could happen.

  30. Anonymous8:57 AM


  31. Anita Winecooler3:25 PM

    Is it me or has the entire GOP clowncar gone totally insane? First, Toupee man wants to shoot a gun down fifth avenue, and now Jeb wants to strangle a terrorist with his bare hands. I got an idea, Is President GWBUSh done playing paint by numbers? Cause that's one guy whose killed countless innocent civilians both here in the US AND Abroad by both his actions and failure to act.

    This guy's got more problems than I originally though. By "G rated", I'm guessing no nudity or sex, but it's perfectly fine to show someone strangled to death. Waiting for a tweet from Babs and her white pearls. Millie had more brains than all her progeny put together.


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