Monday, January 25, 2016

Hey look! Track Palin is now famous enough to have an editorial cartoon published about him.

Of course we know that Track spent far less than even a year in Iraq, but other than that this is a great editorial cartoon.


  1. Anonymous2:07 AM

    That says it all. Where was this published, Gryphen?

    1. Anonymous6:24 AM

      This Pat Bagley cartoon appears in The Salt Lake Tribune. SLT covers a lot of military stories.


      Jan 23 2016 Bagley Cartoon: A Track Palin Question

      Roger Barry
      We who are white should be ashamed if we fail to acknowledge that our white privilege is real. If we fail to speak out we are complicit in maintaining the two criminal justice systems that exist in this country: one for privileged whites, one for everyone else.

    2. Anonymous9:03 AM

  2. Anonymous2:16 AM

  3. Anonymous2:25 AM

    Was Track in Iraq AT ALL? How about all the trips there his mother claims he took?

    1. Anonymous6:25 AM

      Good question. Was Track in Iraq AT ALL?

    2. Anonymous6:52 AM

      If the DD-214 that is roaming around the internet is really his, then yes, he was in Iraq. If it is not his, then someone falsified a government document. Also, I found these pictures on line, and Does anyone know for sure if he deployed with his unit? Griffin has a picture of him coming back from somewhere with his daughter and a sign about how she learned to walk while he was gone. Where was he coming back from. Funny how the NG posted all those pictures of him playing football but none of him in Afghanistan.

    3. Anonymous7:24 AM

      The Pentagon doesn't want you to know the truth about Track Palin.

      ‘Kill Team’: The Documentary the Army Doesn’t Want You to See
      The U.S. military made them warriors, Afghanistan made them killers. In Dan Krauss’s new film, soldiers convicted of murder ask: Why were we trained for the wrong type of warfare?

      The Kill Team: How U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan Murdered Innocent Civilians. Plus: An exclusive look at the war crime images the Pentagon tried to censor

      Cpl. Jeremy Morlock with Staff Sgt. David Bram

  4. Anonymous2:50 AM

    The drawing looks more like Todd Palin with the dead eyes.

    1. Anita Winecooler4:01 PM

      It's the lamestream media for ya. They see Sarah and Todd and take for granted Track is Todd's bio son and they roll with it, right Granny porcupine sweater????

  5. Anonymous2:56 AM

    4 years?
    I thought it was like 18 months and he got a lot of leave.

    1. 66gardeners6:33 AM

      The internet is not a republicans' friend. We the people are today's journalists. I kind of like that.

    2. 66gardeners7:28 AM

      word salad = dyslexia?

    3. Anonymous8:07 AM

      I you punch your girlfriend in the face, you don't deserve privacy, especially if your mother uses a political platform to blame it on The President of the United States on national television.

  6. Track also never saw combat.

    So my question is, does he really have PTSD diagnosed by a licensed specialist? Or is Sarah just making that up? And if he does have it, how did he get it because it wasn't from his time in the service.

    1. Anonymous6:02 AM

      Is he medicated for a ptsd diagnoses or is he just "Medicated"?

    2. Anonymous6:33 AM

      Track was self medicating before he joined the military. Not likely he quit self medicating. What being in the military does is hand out more medication. Did you read about the close Palin friend, Jeremy Morlock? The military gave him medication and sent him back to a combat zone.

      Jeremy tried to reach his family friend, Gov Palin, Shadow Gov Todd Palin.

      They ignored him. I think Jeremy's mother doesn't blame her friends for over looking her sons plea for help.

    3. Anonymous6:51 AM

      I don't believe for a second he really has PTSD. It's horrible they are grouping him with other vets who are really suffering from this disorder.

      He has substance abuse and anger issues and had them long before he went into the army. Being in the army probably worsened these problems, but that's not the same as PTSD.

    4. Anonymous7:37 AM

      Jordan Loewe most likely has PTSD since being terrorized by Track Palin. If she goes back to the same old pattern, she will be happily high and doing what she always did.

      Sarah Palin has an investment in Loewe, as she did Track.

      Sarah Palin kept Track where he could merrily and madly continue to self medicate.

      That is what she would want to do with Jordan.

      We will see what the prosecutor and the DA's office does. The Palins are not going to be forthright.

      They have already shuttered Loewe, the Palins control her, she lost her voice on social media. She has no freedom. Probably dependent on them for her drug scene to keep her going.

      I suspect you will see her around the little state of Alaska with the same old friends she and Track abuse drugs with.

      Now Jordan Loewe has PTSD. I am not so sure about Track Palin. At least the cause.

      I do not believe Track got PTSD in a safe zone in Iraq or Afghanistan.

      Since Sarah Palin is hell bent on doing so much harm to soldiers who are suffering PTSD and the domestic violence victims, I do believe it is vital to get to the facts in all this about Track Palin. His anger, drug history and what the heck the whole faked military stories are about. Why lie and cover up about Track Palin? Including Pentagon and Department of Defense.

      Why do the want to do so much harm to their authentic service men and women for one little punk and his mommie dearest?

  7. Anonymous3:12 AM

    I know it's been a week but good to see Jordan laughing with friends yesterday on the slopes. I do wish people would stop focusing on those who don't pursue spotlight. He had no huge issues before 2008. There are lots of people who've actually died from their issues. At least he's not a druggie. Stop indirectly disrespecting others' parents to attack sarah. And I have no idea if he served again after returning from Afghanistan. But because he isn't some useless bum and he had a good family and friends, he himself deserves privacy. We have no right to speculate on anything. Too much of that these days. Shouldn't we be glad he has a healthy family, supportive siblings with no problems, friends and isn't even close to being as bad off as some of the folks who've passed recently?

    1. Anonymous5:29 AM

      Spin, baby, spin!

    2. Anonymous5:34 AM

      Who are you talking about? Almost nothing jn this paragraph describes Track Palin; in fact, most of it reads like an Opposite Day game.

    3. Anonymous5:52 AM

      Afghanistan? Since when...

    4. Anonymous5:58 AM

      Oh give it up and go back to bed, Nancy.

    5. Anonymous6:00 AM

      What is that paragraph even about? Who is it about? Certainly not Track. I DO pity him because his mother has been continuously exploiting him since 2007 for her own gain. He didn't ask for this, and he clearly has mental issues which existed BEFORE 2008. What healthy family? Siblings with no problems? I have no idea what you are talking about. I sure hope Jordan doesn't listen to you or the next time she'll be second amendmented by Track.

    6. Anonymous6:05 AM

      Liar! He isn't a druggie? You have just proven you either don't know the Palins at all or you are paid to right BS.
      Either way it is SICK and you are not doing Track any favors at all.

    7. Anonymous6:05 AM

      5:52 it's a Sarah Palin (herself!) IM commenting strategy to make herself sound like just any old person commenting here who could easily make that mistake, a mistake which Track's own mother would never make if SHE were commenting here.

      Sarah herself is in the house. There are a couple "tells."

    8. Anonymous6:12 AM

      He's a timebomb to anyone around him. He sneaks and snoops for the clan. Intimidation is the name of the game. Unimployed like the rest of the slackers. He's a drunk and an abuser. A chip off Sarah's ol' blockhead!!

    9. Anonymous6:29 AM


    10. Anonymous6:37 AM


      So, if, not when, Track either commits suicide or he murders somebody, they he'll be a low life in your mind?

    11. Anonymous6:37 AM

      Jordan is not only and alcoholic, she is a speed freak like a lot of snow bunnies. She hangs out with the other drunks that have been partying with Track and Jordan.

      Jordan is a fun, good time girl. She will be having a great time like she always does.

      It is her way to avoid being a victim and and enjoy her moment of fame.

    12. Anonymous6:48 AM

      3:12 AM You are complicit with the criminals that are destroying so many families and lives of our soldiers. Stupid word salad gives you away. You will fail at attempting 'damage control' and to try and give Track or Jordan new images for a brand that is on it's way out. You fools built your house on quicksand.

      Stars and Stripes is a daily newspaper published for the U.S. military, DOD civilians, contractors and their families.

      Veterans accuse @SarahPalinUSA of dangerous stereotyping in comments about son's #PTSD

    13. Anonymous6:52 AM

      If you punch your girlfriend in the the face, you don't deserve privacy.

    14. Anonymous6:56 AM

      Anonymous3:12 AM
      STFU you goddamn troll. Liar! Sarah is pants on fire!
      Read the part how he put the gun to his face and cocked it...

    15. Anonymous7:53 AM

      3:12 I know it's been a week but good to see people are still laughing at skank. I do wish people will continue to expose the fraud for who she is. Especially how she and her family are all lying and grifting druggies. Make her stop disrespecting all the honorable men and women who have served in the military. Track has done nothing but drink and drug and brawl since he got back from his jeep driving tour. Being a useless bum and skank using him as her combat vet son for a political prop has eliminated his right to privacy. Speculation by everyone here has finally turned into investigation by multiple news outlets. There hadn't been enough of that these days.shouldn't we be glad that skank and her family are finally getting what they deserve and will continue until they are finally as bad off as they deserve.

      There fixed your word salad with #truth word salad you feckin idiot!

    16. Anonymous7:58 AM

      Of course he's a druggie, alcohol is a drug. And we know he has been in at least 2 violent episodes where the police have had to be called in just over a yr.
      He beat up people in HS and now he has become such a scumbag that he just beats up women.
      A drunk, unemployed loser, a woman beater, that lives with Mommy.

      BTW too late for all your spin, it's already all over facebook that he never got a CIB meaning his affluenza drunk ass was sat in a safe corner while his buddies fulfilled their military obligations.

    17. Anonymous8:13 AM

      Who posts comments at 3:12 AM? A sick Palin ass kissing troll, that's who. Did Track acquire the nickname 'CAINT GET RIGHT' in the National Guard? No, his anger and drug/alcohol problems earned him that name in High School. You can ask any Wasillian who knows Track, and they will tell you some crazy Track Palin stories, FACT!

    18. Anonymous8:44 AM

      Thank you for your sarcasm!!

      By the way, alcohol is a drug.

    19. Anonymous8:46 AM

      7:53, that is hilarious. Great editing job!

    20. Anonymous8:48 AM

      That paragraph has the note-like (as in I'm so busy and important) voice of Sarah/Nancy and the writer worked hard to hide her identity by laying off a kazillion adjectives and adverbs, but there's enough syntactical freakiness there to reveal who wrote it.

    21. Anonymous9:06 AM

      Hey, tell his mother Sarah that he wants privacy. She's the one that brought up the elephant in the room. Yeah sure....sure you saw Jordon on the slopes. We know by your mere presence Carol/Marilyn that you believe Gryphen has power. Now dance some more.

    22. Anonymous9:42 AM

      He's a timebomb....

      The tragic part is it is the collateral damage.

      Celebrities at your funeral.

      Poor Piper, she must live in fear 24/7. This could be her.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/amd-christina-taylor-green-jpg.jpg

      Piper Palin, all grown up and exposed to losers on a daily basis.

    23. Anonymous11:10 AM

      I think Collateral Damage would be a very good book title next time someone writes an incisive book about Palin.

    24. Anita Winecooler4:07 PM

      She's Donald Trump's Squeaky Fromme, Sarah doesn't write books, the woman's an illiterate pooh slinger.

    25. Anonymous5:43 AM

      He's the definition of "useless bum."

  8. Anonymous3:29 AM

    Yes, the "4 years" is very misleading! Remember that the driver said the conversation on the way to the airport was hostile. Track only went to Iraq to avoid prosecution and, even serving less than a year, I am convinced his anger issues are not from PTSD but a byproduct of his living on the dead lake with bad role models for parents.

    1. Anonymous5:35 AM

      And alcoholism. Anger issues are a large piece of addiction.

    2. 66gardeners6:38 AM

      Tracks anger issues may partially stem from having severe self-esteem and anger issues related to undiagnosed dyslexia.

    3. Irishgirl7:06 AM

      That was Gary Wheeler, her security detail. Can you remember which book that was in? Dunn or McGinniss? I have been trying to find the exact quote.

    4. Balzafiar8:19 AM

      @66gardeners -- You omitted one item which I think may have some bearing on Track's problem: I believe he may have been molested for an extended period of time when he was a child.

      I had a similar individual marry into my extended family and he was very much like Track -- angry, hair trigger and violent. He took the easy way out though, vehicular suicide*, after being found guilty of molesting his own daughter and stepson.

      *High rate of speed into an overpass column.

    5. Anonymous8:21 AM

      66gardeners, I think they all have undiagnosed dyslexia. Explains the aversion to education, inability to form coherent thoughts, and yeah, insecurity and low self-esteem.

    6. Anonymous8:26 AM

      66, more on dyslexia in adults. I think you are dead-on.

      "As most realize, all adult endeavors are significantly impacted by their many and diverse underlying cognitive and non-cognitive dyslexic symptoms. And as most all adult challenges are infinitely more complex than that encountered by children, failing adults are immeasurably more stressed. Thus their prior levels of functioning often regress, sometimes drastically. Anxiety and depression are frequently triggered. New and multiple diagnostic disorders often arise, ie.,PTSD, substance abuse, occupational and social/interpersonal impairments, criminal and other psychopathic activities, etc."

    7. Anonymous8:52 AM

      The four years is indeed misleading. And I am so frustrated by all these media reports that keep not telling the specifics of exactly how he was enlisted (reserves) and that he didn't actually fight when in Iraq. But I'm mainly ticked that these articles simply go along with Sarah's PTSD implication as if it's a fact.

    8. Anonymous9:59 AM

      I think they all have undiagnosed dyslexia. Explains the aversion to education, inability to form coherent thoughts, and yeah, insecurity and low self-esteem.
      Seriously, there is a whole spectrum of learning disabilities that would fit the "symptoms" of the palins, as well as different types of mental illness.

    9. Anita Winecooler4:11 PM

      Don't forget the guns strewn willy nilly all over the house. I know in Sarah's home there called "teething rings", but they're still guns, and they still kill. He's unstable, She's crazy and the kids are busy making the box xprings squeak while scaring the moose.

    10. Anonymous5:46 AM

      You can't diagnose dyslexia based on those symptoms.

  9. "My son is a combat warrior!!"
    "And I am a superior bullshit spinner! You can ask anybody!!"

    1. Anonymous6:54 AM

      It's going to come out that Track didn't see any combat and given the current attitude toward Sarah Palin, she's going to be raked over the coals for it. I hope she doubles down on her faked outrage.

  10. Anonymous5:27 AM

    There's just no Pygmalion'in Sarah Heath Palin

  11. Anonymous5:31 AM

    Four years in the Guard, only one year in Iraq. Not that any of us would stand for a year there also too, but he drove an officer. IED's are threats to any vehicle, but it's unfortunate that in Game Change, they did this 'scene' where Track is talkin to Mama Grizzly with helicopters in the background and making it seem he was about to be a warrior body perhaps defending you and I out there from Allah Akbar folks. It made him out to be a combat soldier.

    That woman and Todd aren't parents, they are buddies, they care more about being considered cool and awesome and whatnot in their kids estimation than being deciders. Their household is a mess, an undisciplined, foul mouthed, violent, arrogant and illiterate mess.

    1. Anonymous6:53 AM

      How can you say he was in Iraq for a year? People remember he kept coming back to Wasilla. No one else in his position could do that. Track Palin obviously had special favors from the git go.

      People were questioning if he ever even went to Iraq in the first place. There are those that know about his drug and alcohol problems.

      He may have been hospitalized or given a cushy situation in the states since he was never well enough to go out of country.

    2. Anonymous8:33 AM

      According to his discharge papers he only served 2 yrs.

  12. Anonymous5:35 AM


    At the beginning of Donald Trump's campaign he said his wife Melania will be campaigning with him.



    Methinks Melania is hiding some where getting a crash course in politics, the world, foreign policy so she can be able to answer questions when she is in front of the media. When Melania was last seen, to me she looked like she is just arm candy getting thrown into something she's not familiar with, in other words lost.

    1. Anonymous5:58 AM

      I think that Melania is playing it smart, staying in the background because she knows her husband will never win the presidency, and perhaps he doesn't even WANT the presidency. Why should she put herself out there if she already knows it's for nothing?

    2. Anonymous6:06 AM

      Melania's face looked lost when she was with Donald when he was discussing his presidential campaign and politics.

    3. Anonymous6:18 AM

      I don't believe everything I read on the internet, but is it true Melania used to be in soft porn?

    4. Anonymous6:55 AM

      The good stuff is harder to find.

    5. Anonymous7:25 AM

      Melania also speaks with a distinctive foreign accent. I would think that would be a constant reminder to potential voters that The Donald doesn't always "buy American."

    6. Anonymous7:40 AM

      Melania is trying to learn how to Speak "Proper English" so she won't sound like the stupid Immigrant that she is. Also they have to figure out how to deflect from all the "Nude, Soft Porn" pictures floating around the Internet

    7. Anonymous9:04 AM

      "Stupid immigrant"? Way to sound like Trump.

      I don't know anything about her except that she married Donald Trump, which is enough to cast doubts on her intelligence. But "stupid immigrant" -- yeah, that's a pretty GOP thing to say.

    8. Anita Winecooler4:15 PM

      She's watching Green Acres reruns, learning how Zsa Zxa dressed and acted when she was first lady. Either that, or she's getting siliconed and botoxed in time to heal for the inaugural balls while Donald shoots a gun on fifth avenue.

  13. Anonymous6:03 AM


    Friday, January 25, 2013

    Sarah Palin discusses the tattoos on her son's "warrior body." Because you know, nothing creepy about that.

    "I wonder what they'll make of my son and all the other soldiers with their numerous Christian symbols tattooed on their warrior bodies?"
    -Sarah Palin



    How come Sarah Palin is concerned with Track's TATTOOS in 2013 and not Track's PTSD in 2010?

    1. Anonymous7:02 AM

      Track was discharged from being called to active duty in 2010, he was not discharged from the National Guard. Every time a NG or Reserve soldier is called to federal active duty, upon completion of that term of service they receive a DD-214. So if somone has been called up five times, they will have 5 DD-214's. If you look in the upper right hand corner, of his DD-214 you will see a box for Reserve Obligation Termination Date with a date of 20150910, because when you enlist it is an 8 year obligation. An active duty soldier might only serve 4 years, but he is then in the IRR for four more, during which time he can be called back up. I have seen pictures posted online of Track from 2012 at a camp in Indiana prior to supposedly deploying to Afghanistan. But I haven't seen any pictures of him over there.

    2. Anonymous7:28 AM

      Too bad one of Track's "Christian" tattoos didn't include anything White Power or the Confederate flag. Would get you disqualified for enlistment now.

    3. Anonymous7:56 AM

      The only 'work' I can find of Track Palin in the military is from when he was in Indiana. He did PR work. I don't think that would cause PTSD unless Sean Parnell clobbered him on the head or something.

    4. Anonymous8:23 AM

      7:28 AM

      How do you know they don't now?

    5. Anita Winecooler4:19 PM

      Didn't crazy lady allude to licking her son's warrior body and tattoos? It's not PTSD from war, it's from self medicating and hiding from mommy. Poor can't do right Track.

    6. Anonymous7:58 PM

      sounds like she is worried someone named him in a crime? identifying factors due hold water in court as to 'who did it'???

  14. Anonymous6:07 AM

    O/T CNN's Carol Costello opened her Rand Paul interview this morning with Tina Fey's newest Palin clip. I believe I saw a sparkle in her eye and a knowing smile. Karma.

    1. Anonymous6:41 AM

      Carol Costellos has a special place in her heart for Scratch

    2. Irishgirl7:10 AM

      Was she the woman who laughed at Bristol's foul mouth during the Palin family brawl?

  15. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Anonymous6:18 AM said:

    I don't believe everything I read on the internet, but is it true Melania used to be in soft porn?

    Are you saying Melania Trump made Exotix Slovenia soft porn calendars like Bristol Palin's Exotix Russian soft porn calendar friend Marina Lupas? Or are you asking if Melania went all the way with different men and women back in the day to earn a buck?

    1. Anonymous9:09 AM

      I just googled "Melania Trump porn" and a lot showed up. I didn't see the lesbian porn pics mentioned by Glenn Beck but saw plenty of other shots, a few with her fingering herself. I also hadn't ever before compared before-and after-pics of her without and with plastic surgery done. It kills me that Trump thinks nothing about his being un-presidential matters. He trashes groups of people left and right, mocks the handicapped, uses vocabulary that is so nonspecific and also of a 5th-grade level, brags about what would happen if he killed someone, etc., plus has a wife who, unlike any other potential first lady, has done soft porn that includes her acting as if she's masturbating. It just boggles the mind what TRump is given a pass on. If he gets the GOP nomination I hope the Dems go wilds just making ads with all the horrible stuff he's said and done and I hope they include that his third wife has done porn--when it comes to some things, she's not off limits.

    2. Anonymous9:55 AM

      Wonder why his campaign did not scrub the Internet of those photos?

  16. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Please, let's never forget Sarah Palin's gross comment about her son's "warrior body."

    1. Anonymous7:54 AM

      Now he has a drunk, domestic violence/suicide attempt body.

    2. Anonymous8:13 AM

      The police did not believe he attempted suicide.

      Had they believed that part they would have put Track on a hold.

      I think that was contrived so they could take him in due to the guns. But plea for sympathy and a way out of charging him. Not the J Loewe conspired with the police, she may have made up what she said after she called the police.

      Her grand father is a Vietnam Navy Seal. Famous in his own way in his part of history. He knows the ropes. Jordan is not stupid and unlike Track, she can think on her feet and under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

      She is just an addict and a 22 year old with a crush on what Wasilla has to offer as a big name from the famous family.

      Track may be a dummy and not want to speak in public but he is a TV reality star and he did publicity for the military propaganda and lies.

      Track Palin Plays Football Before Deployment

      Kristy Patullo • 4 years ago
      I'm so sad about this. I know Track is doing the right thing in serving his country, but he's got a beautiful new baby. This is absolutely heartbreaking. I wonder if Todd will be able to see him off. The Iron Dog doesn't end until Saturday.

  17. Anonymous7:03 AM

    If Melania Trump became First Lady of the United States of America, will she be like FLOTUS Michelle Obama? First Lady Michelle Obama is teaching children how to eat better, how to plant vegetable gardens and how to exercise. What will FLOTUS Melania Trump teach children? How to eat caviar and fine cheese and how to select champagne?

    1. Anonymous7:56 AM

      How to fuck a vile, disgusting man and treat him like an ATM?

    2. Anonymous11:35 AM

      How to ... LMFAO so true!!!

    3. Anonymous2:13 PM

      When did Melania both Baron? When did she become a citizen?

    4. Anita Winecooler4:26 PM

      Hey, only in America can a naked crystal licking czechoslovakian goat milker can marry a guy who buys four fifths of his wives from "Czech Mail Order Brides" or "Czech Mingle".

  18. Anonymous7:07 AM

    More people have questions. More people are sick of the lies.

  19. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Oh snap!

    1. Anonymous7:58 AM

      Thank you, Chris Mark!

    2. Anita Winecooler4:29 PM

      Thanks for your service and your eloquence, Mr Marks, you speak for so very many vets and regular citizens. Well Done!

  20. Anonymous7:50 AM


    An Open Letter to Sarah Palin

    Dear Mrs. Palin,

    I am a former US Marine and US Navy Officer with a Combat Action Ribbon as well as service connected disabilities. I am also a Republican.  I have also served with, and am friends with, dozens of combat veterans who suffer daily from various injuries and wounds to include PTSD.  I recently read your comments related to PTSD in which you attempted to excuse your son’s arrest on domestic abuse charges and firearm charges byreferencing his supposed PTSD.   Based upon your previous comments I am not surprised that you would choose to use this very serious condition as a political football and, once again, attempt to divert blame from your own family’s abhorrent, violent behavior.

    In 2014 your entire family was involved in a late night ‘drunken brawl’ at a party in which Track Palin (the accused domestic abuser) was involved in a bloody fight.  While you publicly stated how proud you were at your children’s violent actions, maybe this should have been a sign that Track has a problem.  It is certainly curious that you did not feel the need to reference his supposed PTSD in this situation and instead stated: “…my kids’ 

    Track, Bristol and Sarah,

    1. Anonymous8:44 AM

      Track Palin with Kyle, poor Britta Hanson.

      Track can be heard dropping swears and anti-gay statements.
      Track, who once served the U.S. Army in Iraq, stood alongside his father, Todd Palin as he went off on a shocking belligerent tirade to police after the melée that left the 24-year-old bloodied and bruised – and seriously pissed off.

      f-word and homophobic epithets.

    2. Anonymous9:19 AM

      Driving Track Palin to a fair with cousin Miranda's boyfriend Ty. best drinking buddies. PARTY ON!!

      This photo was deleted from wbf_ . When it is not the image Palin family values brand want people to see or know, their employees must 'delete'. It happened to jloewe_

      Bad, bad Jordan Loewe had to be controlled and shuttered. She lost her voice and is now only good for a Palin as a puppet.

      Now Jordan Loewe is beaten and had to cry and hide under a bed until the police could rescue her. Still they did nothing about an alleged suicide attempt and worst of all the many guns spread about the property were not tagged and checked out.

      What is with the police in Wasilla? Does Britta still allow the Palins to have Kyla over? Can Track and Jordan still sleep with Kyla and that is how Britta has her daughter supervised?

  21. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Melania Trump olly olly oxen free. Since Sarah was sent back to the Minors, this is your chance to step up into the bigs and campaign for The Donald.

  22. Anonymous8:02 AM

    I agree this is the time for Melania to reclaim her husband from the Wasilla stalker.

    1. Anonymous8:32 AM

      Melania is following in the Track Palin support system.

      Melania doesn't want her accent all over the news cycles and internet.

      Track did not want anyone to hear how stupid and loaded he talks. So they made up the meme about he doesn't want the limelight.

      Stage stuck

      Melania is at least getting a speech coach.

      Sarah will never get it.

  23. Anonymous8:17 AM

    If Track had PTSD during the Palin Family Drunken Brawl, doe Bristol and Willow have PTSD as well? Track's siblings showed the symptoms and behavior as Track showed
    that night. Sarah instead of hollering "Do you know I am?", you should have rounded up all your PTSD children (if they all have PTSD) and got help for them that night. Shame on you Sarah for campaigning for Trump when you didn't get help for your children.

  24. Anonymous8:29 AM

    I expect that Trackmarks is much like the pimp who played father to him - a sissy boy who was constantly harangued to 'stand up for yourself and be a man'. A bully emerged.

    PTSD? Probably, but not from war overseas. More likely from the battles in the palin compound during his formative years.

    One has to wonder if PIMP Toady has enough of the police and government in his pocket to get these charges expunged too.

  25. Anonymous8:42 AM

    The only PTSD he experienced was the disappointment of not being stateside during the Palin Griftathon

  26. We know Track freely uses the "c" word in reference to women - he even called Willow that. I'm wondering if he called Sarah that for bringing him to national attention that he didn't want.

    1. Anonymous10:02 AM

      Track Palin was not forced to be national attention. He said yes.

      He also said yes to being in one of Sarah's Alaskan television shows. That is not a person that wants privacy.

      Some of the time he wants privacy to cover up his flaws. But that is not how things work. Once he said yes to attention to the stage at the RNC, he can't go back and forth. He is just covering up flaws and crimes when they now say "private' meme.

      This is when Track Palin said no. Here he no longer wanted national attention. It was too late, so he just looked anti-social and as if he had a problem. People already knew about his life long trouble with anger. And the addiction issues.

      Here he is, it must have been 2012? He had been to Afghanistan? He was never in combat, so he was in a secure and safe zone
      wherever he was coming from.

  27. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Off topic, but I just read this article about Sarah's PAC, and it sure looks like she has notes penned on her hand yet again in the pic of her as she endorsed Trump.

    1. Anonymous11:06 AM

  28. Anonymous9:50 AM

    I do not believe Track has PTSD for several reasons. First, Sarah lies, the day she tells the truth about anything hell will freeze over. Second, Sarah loves to play the victim. Third, Sarah loves money.

    I think the PTSD is a story Sarah concocted because Track was arrested and arrested when the spotlight was back on Sarah. Sarah has written several books and had a ghost writer pen Bristol’s memoir. Did Sarah ever mention her trials and tribulations as a combat vet mom dealing with Track’s PTSD? I can’t be sure because I haven’t read her crappy books, but it seems like it would have come up before now if she had. Why didn’t she have a ghostwriter pen a book for Track about his experiences in a combat zone and how his life has changed because of PTSD? Seems like her fans would buy that type of book and Sarah just loves helping military veterans.

    Track was a participant in the brawl, the police were called, but he wasn’t arrested. They spent a lot of time spinning the story that Bristol was a victim, but never once mentioned that Track’s behavior was due to PTSD.

    Sarah claims she is concerned for the well being of our veterans, what better platform to complain the VA has done nothing for vets than using her son as an example. Again nothing, until Track gets arrested.

    Sarah had to come up with an excuse for her poor parenting and Track’s disgusting behavior. So she spins the story about poor Track, poor Sarah and it is all Obama’s fault. She got a two-for out of that one: she is the victim and she got to insult Obama again. A win-win situation in her book.

  29. Anita Winecooler4:36 PM

    It's not the lies Sarah tells about herself, her religion, her family and her life, it's that she has the unmitigated gall to blame Everything, even her own negligence, on President Obama.

    Drop the mic, get dressed, and go the fuck home to get your son the care he needs, and when you're done, get Track professional help, IF your diagnosis of PTSD isn't an excuse for your failures as a parent. It's not PTSD, folks, It's being raised a free range cage free Palin. The idiot fought for his guns and set his kid aside.


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