Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hillary's big stumble.

Courtesy of US News: 

With the polls tightening in Iowa and voting both there and in New Hampshire just a few weeks away, the Kumbaya feeling in the Democratic primary is gone. In particular, the Hillary Clinton camp has evidently decided it's time to go on offense against independent Sen. Bernie Sanders, lest 2016 start feeling like 2008 all over again. 

Predictably, one line of attack is on Sanders' record on gun control, which certainly has its blemishes. Another, though, makes far less sense, particularly in a Democratic primary: Clinton is lambasting Sanders' proposal for a universal, single-payer health care system. And she's doing it in a pretty dishonest way. 

"His plan would take Medicare and Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program and the Affordable Care Act health care insurance and private employer health insurance and he would take that all together and send health insurance to the states, turning over your and my health insurance to governors," Clinton said. "We had enough of a fight to get to the Affordable Care Act. So I don’t want to rip it up and start over."

The problem of course is that Hillary herself has been  for universal healthcare since....well since forever it seems.

That problem became even more obvious when the Sanders campaign posted this:

And when news agencies managed to dig this up from the 2008 campaign.

Of course Hillary's attack only emboldened support for Bernie and afterwards his campaign managed to raise 1.4 million in one day.

I have NO idea what Hillary was thinking here, but this is not helping her.

I guess she thought that supporting Obamacare, and not pushing for universal health care, would be a good political strategy. It kind of makes sense if you don't realize just how many Democrats REALLY want universal health care.

But this I do know, if she wants to lose this nomination, this is exactly how to do it.


  1. Anonymous6:22 AM

    None of this matters.

    Trump will be President and Sarah Palin will be on his White House staff.

    You know it's true.

    1. Anonymous6:35 AM

      Maybe on your planet! Uranus, wasn't it?

    2. BS
      The only way that scarah will be in the White House is as a cleaning lady.

    3. You are an idiot and repeating this same stupid little comment endlessly won't make it any truer.

      At least try to be clever.

    4. Anonymous7:59 AM

      6:35 -- more likely Pluto, which isn't even a planet any longer.

    5. Anonymous8:14 AM

      Isn't this the same idiot that posted Sarah will be president in 2016 over and over.

      Guess you had to lower the bar to WH staff. yes janitorial staff

    6. Anonymous9:20 AM

      haha If Trump wins the Republican nomination, oh please oh please oh please let $arah be selected as his running mate.

    7. Anonymous9:46 AM

      Are you kidding? Trump will never share a stage or a spotlight with a woman. Will not happen. My guess is Lyin' Ryan will run again, and this time, wash real dirty dishes in the soup kitchen. Or something.

    8. Anonymous10:55 AM

      Oh goody, we'll get to see her quit something again! It's been kind of boring seeing Sarah get fired over and over again recently, Fox News twice, The SarahPalinChannel, Amazing America, firings are boring...we'd like our quitter to be quittin' things, not getting fired!

      We so enjoyed seeing her quit as Governor here in AK. Kind of amazing that a bunch of "liberal weenies" as she referred to us, were able to hound little miss "Still Spine" right out of office! Ah, those were good times...

      It was so much fun forcing her out of her Governor's job that we are looking forward to her actually getting another job so we can break her spirt again and make her quit!

      Bring it on Sarah! We "libtards" can't wait to get you "wee wee'd up" and see you run screaming and crying and quittin' your job again!

    9. Anonymous1:11 PM

      6:22 AM:

  2. Maple6:28 AM

    Letting the individual states control healthcare is absolutely the WRONG thing to do. We have universal healthcare here in the GWN, but it's only called universal because the federal gov't doles out the money to the individual provinces and territories. So the country as a whole can't negotiate with the pharma companies to lower costs; a procedure covered in one province might not be covered in another province; some provinces have instituted user fees, and so on.
    I believe Hillary is not arguing against universal healthcare, she's arguing against the way Bernie wants to implement it. Vermont was gung-ho for single-payer until it decided it couldn't go it alone. Giving individual states powers over healthcare is a recipe for disaster, IMO.
    p.s. An Alberta woman was visiting family in northern Ontario when she gave birth 2 months prematurely. She was flown to a hospital some 250 miles away and baby had to stay in ICU for 6 weeks, and Mom had to stay in a hotel room close by before both of them could return to Alberta. Subsequently, there was a fight over which province should pay the costs for flight and her expenses. I think Alberta finally agreed. But this is just one example of the problems possibly occurring.

    1. Anonymous8:32 AM

      She's not wrong if Bernie is indeed going to follow what she says he is. Letting someone like Bevin handle the KY health programs or some dipshit like Pence is NOT universal health care.
      Universal health care is NATIONAL not regional or state run health care. Enlarging Medicare to cover everyone within the frame work of the ACA makes a fuck ton more sense than sending it to the states.

    2. Yes, I am also against control of healthcare being handed over to the states. Bad idea. And we know this because of the ways governors are obstructing the ACA.

      Yes, on Universal Healthcare but no on state control over it. Implement and oversee, fine. But other than that, they should take their orders from the Feds since it will be a Federal program paid for by Federal income taxes.

  3. Anonymous6:37 AM

    I really wish Bernie Sanders would be the Democratic nominee for President; however, I doubt very much if American voters are progressive enough to elect such a forward looking individual to represent them at this time. The thought of any one of the Republican clowns becoming President of the United States and leader of the free world is just too scary to even contemplate. Why the Clinton camp would go down this route is baffling to say the least.

    1. We didn't think America was progressive enough to vote in a black man either...

    2. Yeah. Reading what Hillary's camp did, I am more inclined now for Bernie to be at the top of the ticket and Hillary to be on the bottom.

      They both need to be on it. But Bernie now needs to be on the top.

  4. Anonymous6:42 AM

    And yet another example of how Hillary Clinton is her own worst enemy. And if having herself for her own worst enemy isn't bad enough, she's saddled with a lying, sabotaging husband, and a daughter willing (in an epic public fail) to lie and distort her opponent's record for her. Furthermore, Chelsea Clinton has not just tarnished her own and her mother's reputations, she's drawn more attention to herself as just another obscenely wealthy and privileged ivory tower individual.

    All falls under the category for me of "WTF were they thinking?!"

    1. Anonymous8:17 AM

      blah blah blah

    2. Anonymous8:26 AM

      Right on, 6:42.

    3. Boscoe10:47 AM

      @6:42 - Ugh. There are not enough eyerolls in the known universe to cover how retarded your comment is.

    4. Anonymous10:58 AM

      Billary are behaving exactly as they did back in 2008, when America said HELL NO to their backstabbing political ways and nominated a fresh face for the Democratic ticket. History is repeating itself.

  5. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Up until now I haven't been 100% decided between Bernie and Hill, but this is a deal breaker for me. I am now officially a Bernie Girl and will be contributing to his campaign. I think this explains the surge in recent contributions. The undecided have decided. Now it's going to get real.

    1. Anonymous8:28 AM

      Yeah, go with the guy who has no plan -- or at least, is afraid to reveal its details.

      ACA should be tossed and let's start over!! NOT

    2. Anonymous9:08 AM

      He does have a plan, and would not end ACA while his plan is implemented. Do some reading.

      Hillary worked her hardest, in secret, in 1993, to get a healthcare bill enacted, and she failed miserably.
      Any change or addition to the ACA will not come without great pain and a lot of opposition. What Bernie would like to see eventually, and what could really happen, are two very different things.

    3. Anonymous9:15 AM

      ACA can be amended to reflect a single-payer system.

      That's the way Barack Obama intended to be in the first place.

    4. Anonymous10:24 AM

      No, it isn't, 9:15. Obama had no intention, ever, for a single payer system.

    5. Anonymous10:35 AM

      Remember folks - the Republicans have been saying they'd get rid of the Affordable Care Act for years now.

      Truth be known they can't. It's law!!! Things can be revised as to it, but changes have to be agreed upon and passed by the U.S. Congress. They cannot repeal and get rid of it in it's totality!

      Typical Republicans spreading nothing but lies and baloney!

    6. President Obama said that the obvious best system would be for universal single-payer but that he didn't have the luxury of starting from zero: he had to work with people who opposed everything he did. He certainly meant the ACA to evolve with use.

      And in 1993 EVERYBODY knew that Hilary was working on a plan for universal single-payer health care. It's just in 1993, the repugs had not yet revealed that they were willing to destroy the country rather than vote for Hilary's plan. A lot more people now have realized that the repugs don't have the slightest interest in bettering conditions for citizens, they just want to make money for their corporate overlords.

    7. Anonymous11:00 AM

      I don't care who ends up POTUS, Hillary or Bernie, the Congress is still very prohibitively Republican and without their support Healthcare is going nowhere. We can all talk about it til we're blue in the face but until we elect a Democratic Congress Healthcare will remain as is, or be repealed.

    8. The ACA started out, very briefly, as universal healthcare and that was quickly dropped when the Republicans started throwing their hissy fits. ACA was essentially gutted as a compromise to them and they still opposed it. It only squeaked by. And the Republicans have been trying to rescind it every since. Probably because they know the ACA is the camel's nose and that eventually it *will* lead to single payer universal health care just like the rest of the industrialized nations of the world.

  6. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Funny, she was all gung-ho for it in '93 when she unveiled the Health Security Act. Another "for it before I was against it?"

    As this year drags on, I find it less and less likely that she will win the White House come November.

    1. Anonymous11:01 AM

      She has to win the Democratic nomination first, before we even talk about her chances for the Whitehouse.

  7. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Read this> tRump is a national nightmare, like Palin..

  8. I'm with you, 7:49! I had started to volunteer for the Hillary campaign here in Iowa and then I had the privilege of hearing Bernie speak last Friday night. I quickly switched to Team Bernie. Then, when this ridiculous attack came from Chelsea the other day, I knew I'd done the right thing. Go, Bernie!!!

    1. Anonymous8:29 AM

      Yeah, shame on Chelsea for describing his plan to a tee. I loved a Bernie supporter's advice to her: GO back to playing house! So progressive, those Bernie fans. Enjoy the ride!

    2. Anonymous9:07 AM

      8:29 -- Chelsea completely lied about what Bernie Sanders would like to see.
      Chelsea's been playing up her baby, home, husband, pregnancy to the hilt (helping Hillary act like a grandmother). "Go back to playing house" is right on point. The word "playing" is the key.

    3. Anonymous10:24 AM

      Ah, another progressive for Bernie -- diminishing the accomplishments of a highly intelligent woman like Chelsea. Chelsea described his 2013 plan to a tee -- the one he's talking about. It sends control to the states.

      Go back to playing house ... the perfect example of the nasty, small, sexist Sanders campaign. Thanks for clarifying that for everyone.

    4. Anonymous12:20 PM

      "highly intelligent woman like Chelsea".


      I needed that thanks.

    5. Anonymous12:30 PM

      "Go back to playing house ... the perfect example of the nasty, small, sexist Sanders campaign. Thanks for clarifying that for everyone"

      I just love Hillary supporters. Anyone who isn't for her is sexist right? Go ahead and vote for her, vote for more war, and more of the same old shit. The rest of us will move this country forward without you.

  9. This is what I had feared most, that when push came to shove, Hillary will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. She seems to have an uncanny ability to do or say the worst possible thing at the worst possible time and do it because the polls are skewing against her.
    I won't lie, I thought this would happen, she is one of the lousiest campaigners ever, and her tone deaf presentation makes Ted Cruz look good. I'm afraid this has shot the bolt and I am going to fully support Bernie and finally start sending money...

    1. Anonymous8:44 AM

      I'm afraid that nominating Bernie will be the Democratic Party snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Forget the early Sanders-GOP match-up poll; imagine what the GOP will do to a democratic socialist, atheist Jew in the general election.

    2. Anonymous9:42 AM

      Oh please. Hillary is fine. And Bernie can't win the general, which makes me think you are actually GOP.

    3. Feel the bern9:49 AM

      Welcome to the fold, brother. Let's do this thing!

  10. Anonymous7:26 AM

    I will hold my nose and vote for this phony bitch if I have to, simply because all of the R's are insane. However, the simple fact is she is, was and always will be a total fraud. Just listen to her stupid stump speeches in her different terrible attempts at local accents across the country. That will tell you just how "real"(not) Miss Hillary is

    1. Anonymous7:56 AM

      Sometimes I believe that she thinks the Oval is "owed" her, just like that old crank McCain did.

    2. Anonymous8:08 AM

      Look how well that attitude has worked for Jeb!

    3. Anonymous9:10 AM

      I personally think Hillary Clinton has 'earned' the presidency! She has worked for Americans since she was a very young woman.

      She's held important positions in our government and gained knowledge and experience in those spots.

      She is married to a wonderful man who is also a past POTUS and have maintained their marriage through difficulties vs getting divorced!

      They 'worked' on their marriage as many of us have and it's apparent they love and respect each other.

    4. Anonymous9:48 AM

      7:26 I so agree with you. I hate Hillary as a candidate for all the reasons you listed plus MANY more, but you almost can't say that out loud. I also hate her as a person, and my gawwwd, people will kill you for saying that, but yeah, I do hate that bitch.

    5. Anonymous9:50 AM

      Lol. Maintained their 'marriage'?

      They haven't lived together in over 8 years. It is well known that Bill has girlfriends.

      Net worth well over 100 million.... 'working for Americans' sure pays well.

      How much good did she do FOR working Americans when she was on the Walmart board?

      Clinton supporters are easily led fools thru and thru.

    6. Anonymous9:56 AM

      9:10, married to a wonderful man, you say? He's still wonderful as he cheated on her their ENTIRE marriage? She stayed with him only because of this, the possibility of riding his coat tails and getting to the White House. Wonderful President, yes, he was, but a wonderful man, a wonderful husband? OH, HELL NO!!!!

    7. Anonymous10:31 AM

      I agree that the Clintons have worked on their marriage. They do live together! There is so much baloney spread about them - it's truly sickening.

      I agree, also, that they are wonderful people. They (Bill leading it!) have helped folks throughout our country and world. The poor, the minorities and whites.

      They both are good people and I look forward to casting my vote for Hillary Clinton.

      The last thing we need in the White House is Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. Either one of them would be a disaster!

    8. This was Hillary Clinton'so election to lose and she has shown the same tone deafness to the electorate that lost her chance to Obama. She is cagey, which I understand, but Bernie has a finger on the pulse of the people. She needs to go full on progressive and be sincere about it, but the problem is that she is so guarded that it makes her seem overly calculating.

    9. Anonymous12:34 PM

      I really don't think she's a progressive, in fact I know she's not.

  11. Anonymous7:48 AM

    That gives me hope. Bernie has his issues since socialist programs create problems. But Hillary is not an acceptable candidate or ethical person. She's known and is shrouded in mystery. Obama wasn't known and ks shrouded in more mystery. Cmon democrats. We need ethical and qualified people. Not fake democrats who use the job to enrich themselves and avoid real work all their lives.

    1. Anonymous8:08 AM

      What's the mystery that shrouds Obama? What are you talking about?

    2. Anonymous9:04 AM

      I have always felt the media has fed the anti Obama and Hillary Clinton nastiness that has been going on for years! (FOX, CNN, MSNBC, etc.)

      I was sure it would continue and get louder as President Obama's final term neared - and, it has!

      It's all total baloney! Look at who the owners are of TV channels and the cable stations.

      The company owners are full of Republicans (and their Boards) - check them out! Pull up each name on Google and follow their history. It takes time, but it's truly educational.

      Vote for Hillary Clinton and keep our country under Democratic leadership!

      President Obama has done an outstanding job in spite of the Republicans in our 'do nothing' and 'disliked' Congress, their constant obstruction and the constant negative media.

      A Republican POTUS will take us into more wars, more debt, continual racism, continual anti abortion, continual trying to stop minorities from voting & their support of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz!

      Fear, hate and anger is all they are about in our world of today!

      They truly are a terribly fouled-up party!

    3. Anonymous9:57 AM

      This would've been John Edwards' problem. Too bad he fouled it all up.

    4. Anonymous10:28 AM

      Boy are you being played. The Kochs/Roves/GOP have successfully planted the meme that she will work for Wall Street/Big Oil/Big Pharma and the kids eat it up. Then they can swoop in and eat Bernie the socialist up in one bite. They are masters.

  12. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Bernie, the guy with no plan is now attacking Hillary and Chelsea for their accurate description of his 2013 plan? The same one he referenced on Chris Hayes show last night?

    And an old worn out quote from before ACA was implemented? I know Bernie is old and tired these days, but surely he must know that the USA has a plan called The Affordable Care Act that was passed when no one would vote for single payer.

    Maybe he needs to dig into some more Hillary files to see what's up in America.


    1. Anonymous7:58 AM

      Nice try. Everyone, including Hillary, has been all over the map, taking what was acceptable while continuing to hope and work for something better.
      Hillary's and Chelsea's attacks are false and extremely misleading. I hope they backfire.

    2. Anonymous8:32 AM

      Is Bernie cogent enough to understand that ACA is the law of the land -- and that his plan can't even garner a co-sponsor?

      Maybe Bernie needs to take a few days off and catch up with the news.

      ACA is here to stay!

  13. Anonymous7:51 AM

    I sent Bernie $5 as an attaboy at one point very early on, even though I was sure he couldn't win and I'd inevitably be voting for Hillary. But I was embarrassed and appalled at hearing Chelsea's misleading (and whiny) comments. Is this really how they're going to take on Sanders? Being disingenuous? Hillary never seems to address problems quickly, thoughtfully, and effectively. She's either afraid to say anything, or she blatts out the wrong thing. I think the reason Bernie resonates with so many people is because he's genuine; he goes for the truth first. I've tried to teach my daughter that when she's in a pickle and doesn't know quite how to get out of it and is struggling to come up with white lies and half-truths, she should ask herself what's wrong with the truth and start again from there. I don't think Hillary does that. I think it's natural to Bernie.

    I think Bernie's actually the real deal. Can he win? Can we risk it? Can we risk Hillary??

    1. Anonymous9:39 AM

      I don't see what you see. Hillary answers questions. She knows what she believes. Bernie is not for gun control; to me, that is a deal breaker.

    2. Anon 9:39 you're painting Bernie with a pretty broad brush and it is not true that he is against gun control. He wants semi-automatic weapons off the streets universal background checks. He wants improved mental health services. Very early on Hillary lost my vote due to her inability to stick to the truth. While she has many admirable qualities being truthful is not one of them

  14. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Bernie is a better man than Hillary.

  15. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Hillary made an important point that turning healthcare over to the states is a terrible idea. Think about whether you prefer the way Medicare or Medicaid is currently administered.

    1. Maple8:07 AM

      Absolutely correct, 7:55.

    2. Anonymous8:21 AM

      Hillary made an important point that turning healthcare over to the states is a terrible idea.
      Exactly,what if you live in a state with a republican governor ? No health insurance at all.

      I don't think Bernie can win, he has some good ideas but like college for everyone- he hasn't explained how he plans to pay for it.

    3. Anonymous8:35 AM

      8:21 AM - You can bet that every Republican run state government would, too!

  16. Anonymous7:55 AM

    But can Bernie dodge sniper fire in Bosnia as well as Hillary?

    1. Anonymous8:15 AM


    2. Anonymous8:16 AM

      And how soon can we expect her to cry like last time around. "Campaigning is so hard!" Suck it up, pantsuit!

    3. Anonymous8:36 AM

      I like Bernie, but think Hillary Clinton will be the winner! (Even though the media is non stop anti her!)

      She has my vote!

    4. Anonymous9:38 AM

      Bernie won't have to dodge sniper fire, but he will have to dodge, every second, his political leanings. I am sure the Kochs have already produced the first ads: Bernie Sanders: Do you want a real socialist in the WH? From there he will be labeled communist and it will be all over. The GOP does not fight fair, because they have no policy people can get behind. They rely, as always, on ginning up fear and hatred. We cannot let them win, or the country is gone. Hillary can win..let's help her.

    5. Anonymous9:52 AM

      Never ever ever would I ever vote for Hillary. I could care less if Trump wins over Hillary if those are the options.

    6. Anonymous10:22 AM

      9:52 AM Gadfree! Are you paying attention to what Donald Trump has been saying? He'd be nothing but hateful and awful running our country! Bullying and ranting and raving is not how you act as POTUS. He would be a dictator!!!

      Vote for Hillary Clinton!!! Keep our country Democratic.

    7. Anonymous10:30 AM

      Is that you Karl Rove?

    8. Anonymous12:30 PM

      Keep our country great!!

      Never vote for Hillary Clinton ever!!!

      She is a snake!!

  17. Anonymous8:09 AM

    It is a little early to say 'I told you so', like I promised I would when it comes to Hillary. So for now I'll just mumble it....

    This isn't just one stumble like you are hoping. This is really more like a rolling stone of dislike and disinterest in an awful candidate slowly gathering speed. The strategy of the Clinton campaign all along has always been to get Hillary to the finish line before too many people remember why they dislike her so much. Hence the limited debates, debates on Saturday nights, carefully scripted appearances, waiting to make any statements before checking the wind, et al. She is a bore and a bitch and it shows thru her fake routine so obviously.

  18. Anonymous8:25 AM

    The last two days have convinced me to increase my (small) monthly contribution to Bernie. I wish I could give more. Instead, my magnetic "Feel the Bern" bumper sticker will help send the message.
    I'd love to have a woman president, but Hillary is too little, too late. Sadly. I wish she could have used her brain power and connections to better effect, but, she hasn't, and now it's time for a real progressive to take the nomination.

    1. Anonymous10:20 AM

      I hate to say this, but you are wasting your money. Bernie will never win - and, we don't need a Republican such as Trump or Cruz becoming POTUS.

      We need to stay a Democratic nation or we will truly be in a world of hurt!

      Vote for Hillary Clinton! I know I will.

  19. Crystal Sage8:29 AM

    Nate Silver has indicated that Bernie could win Iowa and New Hampshire but he will lose all the others. As much as I like Bernie, he will not capture the majority of voters as the "Democratic Socialist" label is poison. (And I consider myself a Democratic Socialist.) I do, however, believe that this election is too important to trust that Bernie will win. (I also remember working hard on the McGovern campaign when I was young and full of idealism.)

    I agree that Hillary makes serious mistakes. I saw that in 2008 when I was involved in the Democratic primaries. Her campaign then was a complete mess while Obama's was run like a well-oiled machine.

    I will vote for whomever I think will beat either Cruz or Trump (or any Republican for that matter.) Please, Bernie supporters, do not give up if Bernie does not win the nomination. We must elect a Democrat; our future and your children's future depends on it.

    1. Anonymous8:47 AM

      I agree. Electing Bernie would be utopia; electing Hillary would be avoiding Armageddon. I could gladly settle for that.

    2. That is probably correct.

      But a Hillary/Castro ticket is inviting disaster. We cannot afford to lose to anyone on the Republican side.

      A Hillary/Bernie ticket has a chance.

  20. Anonymous8:29 AM

    I'm glad Hillary supports the Affordable Care Act. There are millions insured via it and I'm one of them due to having a preexisting condition! I say 'thank you' every day!

    Hillary Clinton has my vote! She has always been pro insurance and President Clinton tried to get it through during his terms w/the help of Hillary.

    Vote Democratic and not Republican - across the board!!!

  21. Anonymous8:33 AM

    IF Bernie means to turn all healthcare over to the governors, it is a disaster waiting to happen. Look at what those governors have done with the ACA. Refusing to implement portions of it, suing the feds over it, etc.

    Universal, single payer healthcare must be run by the FEDERAL government. I'd like to see both Bern and Hill debate this issue fully.

    The clonws in the R car , of course, are clueless.

    1. Anonymous10:17 AM

      Bernie's turning all insurances over to the states is a WRONG idea!

      All you have to do is be on Medicare and see how beautifully it works. It's perfectly run by our government! I've been receiving it (after having earned it) for five years and I've never experienced an error.

      Plus, all states throughout our country do not do things well and screw around too much with keeping things away from those in need.

      Plus, many states have racism issues that would in no way benefit many occupants of their states! (Just look at what is going on in Flint, Michigan currently - it's totally an example of their current governor being anti blacks in his state who are also horribly poor.)

      I hope the governor is impeached due to not providing good WATER to his residents in Flint!

  22. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Clinton only alienates people by doing an attack campaign and failing to tell the truth while she does it. I love Bernie myself and wish he could be president. Hillary comes off looking very bad by doing things like this.

  23. Anonymous8:34 AM

    I'm glad the Sanders campaign is attacking Chelsea. Makes them look nasty and out of touch.

    It also makes his own step-daughter's "special funding" fair game in the press.

    1. Anonymous9:03 AM


    2. Anonymous9:18 AM

      Haha whatever 8:34.

      Your effort is better known as 'grasping at straws'.

  24. Now don't get me wrong I think that Hillary's support of the Affordable Care Act is admirable, and will ultimately be the right choice.

    However my point is that this attack on Bernie was poorly thought out, and will backfire on her.

    In fact it already has.

    1. Anonymous10:35 AM

      Wait for the debate before you say that Gryphen.

      I think it will be exposed that they did describe his plan -- which he has not bothered to update.

      He called her "Rovian." I think that's pretty much the nastiest thing you can say about a democrat ... someone who has worked her whole life to help women and children reduced to "just like the worst GOPer." I shocked you think this will work in Sanders favor.

    2. Anonymous1:13 PM

      I wish for a dream ticket of Hillary handling foreign policy and Bernie in charge of moving policy on the domestic side.

      Clinton/Sanders 2016!

    3. A Superfan In Atlanta7:47 AM

      I agree completely. On one hand, having Clinton become president would be another great stride in breaking up the good ole boys' club in DC. However, decisions like this confirm that Hillary may not be the right one to do it.

      I am rooting for Bernie to win, however, I am by no means anti-Hillary. There is just no reason, whatsoever, for either candidate to go negative. Like most, I am ALWAYS disappointed at her shape-shifting every time something changes re: the public's opinion regarding her. It's like she's still operating off the high-school mentality of a teen with low self-esteem that's desperate to be voted prom queen (looking at you Debbie W-Shultz).

      After all this time, how is it possible that she still can't speak with firm footing on who she is and what she, as a member of the Democratic party, has accomplished from decades as a civil servant? So much good has been done over these past seven years that all she has to do is toot her own horn. Is she so upset that Obama won that she's not willing to give credit to him? If so, that is egotistical, stupid and again, a reflection of how entitled and shallow her pool of people can be.
      All of the polls are a complete reflection of where President Obama was in 2008 against SOS Clinton and look at how the tides turned in his favor. Consistency and a firm, positive message towards continual progress is ALL she should be talking about.

      The question we should all be asking ourselves is, "Why is she still listening to the losers that advised her in 2008?" Because of their attempts to implement a Republican strategy on the Democratic hearts and minds of their own party, she lost. And from the looks of things, history stands a fair chance of repeating itself.

      The best thing out of this is, at the end of the day, the Democratic Party has two excellent candidates to choose from and I will support whoever wins the party's nomination.

  25. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Anon 6:35

    Get your head out of Uranus

  26. Anonymous8:47 AM

    This is just a reminder that at her core Hillary is just another politician. It's the same with her vote to go to war in Iraq--both the attack on Bernie and her vote for war were done with a foremost sense of political expediency. This attack is asinine and disingenuous--she thinks people who would vote for her are idiots who would be swayed by such a transparent, groundless, political attack.

    It is like those "scary" attack ads where one candidate would attack the other over a 500-page bill on wetlands protection that contained one reference to eliminating an education credit for legacy scholars and spinning it as "Candidate B doesn't support schools!"

  27. I am a Bernie supporter, but I'm definitely NOT anti-Hillary. So you gotta wonder, who is advising her? Debbie Wasserman-Schultz?

  28. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Florida endangered pediatric cardiac patients by removing standards of care in an apparent quid pro quo after the state GOP received a large donation. Hey, let's give federal money to the states and let them decide how they want to allocate it for healthcare.

  29. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Now that Gryphen has opened the door, how about we discuss Hillary's current connection to the mega insurance companies. Not familiar with that or the money they are paying her? Do your homework! The question simple: universal single payer health care or for profit health care for those that can afford it.


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