Monday, January 11, 2016

Producer suggests that rash of new TV shows featuring the devil, Antichrist or demonic possession is because people think we are entering the End Times.

Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter:

So why is the devil suddenly so sexy again for the small screen? 

"The devil has always been very sexy," Mazzara told THR following his time in front of the press Wednesday at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour. "There's something in the air that people feel like these are the end times, in some way. There's an anxiety about what's happening all around the world and some of these shows — like Lucifer may take a comic approach — we're taking a hopefully more thoughtful, thematic approach to that material. There has been a lot of post-apocalyptic shows out there now and we're the show that's about the question: "Can you stop it?"

Glen Mazzara is a producer on an A&E show called "Damien" that explores the life of the Antichrist.

Similarly themed programs are also coming from Fox and Cinemax.

Of course stories featuring the devil or Antichrist are nothing new. From Schwarzenegger's "End of Days," Keanu Reeves in "Constatine,"  to Al Pacino's scenery shredding performance in "The Devils' Advocate," these movies have been around essentially since movies have been around.

However these days there really MIGHT be more Americans who believe that the biblical prophesies are about to come true, especially for those one in four Americans who think that President Obama IS the Antichrist.

Yeah, I wonder who we have to blame for that?

All I can say is that I hope I live long enough to see the country move away from these crippling superstitious beliefs into an enlightened age where ghost stories, movies about demonic possession, and music inspired by Satanism are seen as purely entertainment and not some harbinger of terrifying things to come.


  1. Anonymous6:22 AM

    I don't get Bristol's latest Insta post.

    1. Anonymous7:32 AM

      You don't? Maybe you shouldn't post things to Insta that you 'don't get'.

    2. Anonymous8:56 AM

      Bristol is going to morph into a mystery writer. It's the latest gig. She has so much to hide now she can only play her game shrouded in dark fog and poop.

      The real Bristol sucks...

      Bristol, the political, is Sarah's link to millennial votes. Votes? Oh yeah, the fail at everything campaigns have shrunk to a little old rumor about a Senate fantasy.

    3. Anonymous9:47 AM

      Quit posting OT about the ho from wasilly!
      Getting back to the POST....
      Gryphen these producers and bla,bla to me it takes one to know know one....They are the devil themselves. I love how they learn to twist everything, and I mean everything.
      Being I don't believe in the devil or hell, go to hell is my fave curse for these freaks.
      And I hate when POTUS has to say "And God bless America"
      What god?
      Allah? ?Thor?Isis? Buddha? What god exactly?
      religion or no religion needs to be taken out of "the public square". We are secular nation. Religion is private and personal to each individual under her or himself.
      Instead of blabbing about god do more praying. Muslims pray 5 times a day! How many times a day does some like Sarah pray? When she curse Tawd, God damn you Tawd! or "Bless your heart" a christian curse.
      Lol that is her way of praying
      Horror stories have always been around, reminder Edgar Alan Poe?
      Remember Fables? You can not access the light until you've explored your dark side and integrated it. There can be no light without dark. Its universal law. Yin & Yang. Somehow this eludes the xtians except when the are having their prostitute put a diaper on their asses. They go to church for forgiveness. Bless their little black hearts.
      This is nothing new. But more brainwash for the idiots.

    4. Anonymous4:11 PM

      The heading IS about the devil so it's not O.T.

      You can fang me later.

  2. Jim in Texas6:37 AM

    I was trolling the cesspool known as Right Wing media during the Iran Nuclear Agreement "discussions" and was stunned by the apocalyptic fever. Those folk really, really believed that this was their "chance" to get Armaggedoned and Raptured.

    I asked one, "Isn't it a little arrogant to believe that the End Times are coming in your lifetime when you're told that no man shall know the day or hour?" He didn't think so. "All the signs are there," he insisted.

    John of Patmos, destroying rational thought with his ergot (LSD) dreams for the past 1900 years.

    1. Maple7:19 AM

      The only reason the book of Revelation was included at the end of the New Testament was to strike FEAR into the hearts of all the non-believers. Absolutely it's nothing more than a very bad, chemically-induced nightmare. I blame the evangelicals, including the heinous guy who wrote the Late Great Planet Earth and all the drivel that has followed. Of course, it's made a $hitload of money for them.

  3. ChasingLilFuckups6:50 AM


  4. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Can't stop people from believing in what ever fairy tales appeal to them most.

    1. True, but when they start infecting MY fairy tales, it's time to call them out!

  5. Anonymous7:12 AM

    and not EVERYTHING is solved on screen with a GUN or a bite..

  6. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Given the rise in pseudo-Christianity in this country, the population's general ignorance of history or fact, and the entertainment industry's overuse of special effects, I'm not surprised at all. Then add in Fox News and the GOP to the mix, and you've got a recipe for the end of times.

    1. Anonymous7:38 AM

      How do you distinguish pseudo-Christianity from actual Christianity and why would you characterize what's happening now as a "rise" in it?

    2. Maple8:03 AM

      It's very simple, 7:38. Pseudo-Christianity is folks purporting to be Christian and then not acting Christian. Got it? And if you don't see that happening in the U.S., then you're being willfully ignorant.

    3. Anonymous8:19 AM

      That's how they keep the sheep in line. No man knows the hour...UNLESS THERES AN ELECTION COMING UP!

    4. Anonymous8:31 AM

      No true Scottsman...

      (There no "rise" in this phenomenon. People have used Christianity as a justification for doing bad shit for as long as there has been Christianity).

  7. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Thank you for letting me post anonymously. I work for the Federal Gov't and the internet is forever. I post here occasionally and one other site, that's it.

    As for end times, climate change will make this planet uninhabitable. When? I don't know, but sooner than you think. It's too late to reverse the process.

    1. Anonymous8:22 AM

      I as well work for feds. Climate change is here. Out wildfires are burning hotter,deeper,and way longer into seasons we don't usually even have fires. On the Soda fire,even the dirt was burning.

  8. Anonymous7:47 AM

    I grew up in the 60's. We watched "Dark Shadows" after school. No current vampire comes close to Barnabas Collins. Then there was "Touched By An Angel."Mandy Patinkin was a very sexy Lucifer. And heck, we watched the original Superman and Batman, and the bad guys were devilish. Even Michael Landon got in on the act with "Highway to Heaven." We have always have devils on TV and in the movies. I really don't see the current group as signaling the apocalypse, except for those who think "Left Behind" was anything more than a moneymaker for the authors.

    1. Anita Winecooler4:18 PM

      Thanks for the memories. I was a fan of Dark Shadows, a soap opera about vampires, seances, and rising from the dead. The acting sucked, but we used to race home to watch it.

  9. Anonymous7:51 AM

    7:22 You got that right! Any person with eyes open in Alaska is living it now....FOOLS ALL..EVERYONE was told 40+ years ago..READ HIS BOOK written in 1971>

  10. Don't know about all the doom and gloom.....I just think they're fun, popcorn crunching good times:) I especially love it when I can tell that the actors are having a good time chewing the scenery (Pacino!)

  11. Anonymous8:05 AM


  12. Anonymous8:15 AM


    Follow or you will not catch the spacecraft to Nevaeh, Sailor.

  13. Anonymous8:17 AM

    It's coming a time when we have to discern for ourselves. There is weird phenomenon increasing and we have to admit it, not sink our heads in the sand.

    Yes, the bible describes the 'last days' but many events have to be happening simultaneously, as explained in Matthew 24. If the weather patterns freaked out for a hundred year-period, we could say that for thousands of years records weren't kept and this is a natural occurrence every so many centuries.

    If the weather anomaly, meteor showers and trident missile tests over CA and Russia, and the armies flexing their muscles around the world are a sign, then we can say that yes, this happens every few centuries and phttt.

    If the 'anti-christ' system or a man takes charge after some horrible world event and demands, for security, currency and convenience purposes, that a chip be implanted in a man's forehead or right hand, and can neither buy or sell without it, we could say there's no devil, no anti-christ, and any man who wants to be that powerful is just a kind old guy who want to make things easier. Or would we feel 'controlled'?

    If an economic collapse happens, if a huge asteroid hits our planet, if Nibiru (Planet X) is real, and is creating weather chaos on the planet, and armies amass against Jerusalem, with earthquakes, signs in the sky, waves and sea roaring and fish and wildlife dying, gasses emanating from the earth causing massive fish kill-off, and hail as big as bowling balls, we've got a problem.

    If there was a devil, who destroys him? I'm reminded of Lois Lane in Superman who says, 'you're holding me, who's holding you?"

    If there is evil, and it's uncontainable or ignored, who can stop it? If the earth is groaning right now, who can stop it? If the universe decides to explode in a million pieces, who can stop it? If Hollywood, Fox News, fakes, pretenders decide to hoodwink the public, who can stop them? It's up to us to discern what is fake and what is real. We can't rely on media or the world. The enlightened years, do we mean the ones that were prevalent during Thomas Paine and the Founding Fathers' time. What did that get them? They took what was theirs and made slaves out of men, now that doesn't seem too enlightened. Hitler's demons came forth too. Enlightenment? The Fuhrer and his men were seeking alternative occultic spirituality and enlightenment.

    1. The Swedes have it figured out re End Times. In their mythology, at the end of the world, two forces fight each other: Good and Evil. Evil wins.

      Carpe diem, everybody.

    2. Anonymous10:55 AM

      Oh my gosh, folks! The human race has predicted End Times for over 15,000 years. Look into folklore, mythology, and world religion. It doesn't mean it's really going to happen. Aspects of Zoroasterism predate Christianity & were folded into it, eventually.
      Anyway, the entertainment industry has always capitalized on human fear. Why do you think horror films are profitable?

      Yes, climate change is real & we have lots of crazy fearful people in power. But I have hope that a brilliant Millenial will solve things in ways we haven't considered yet. Even scientist Lovelock (Gaia theorist) thinks it's too late but he still has hope.

  14. In my opinion, stories about vampires, witches, zombies, and the devil are redundant and staggeringly boring.

    As for end times, what is the appeal of heaven? Anyone care to describe what the current concept of heaven is?

    1. Anonymous9:00 AM

      My concept of Heaven is being reunited with all of my pets. As Will Rogers famously said, "If dogs don't go to Heaven, I want to go wherever they are when I die".

  15. Anonymous8:33 AM

    There is a difference between this new 'agitated militant christianity' that's taken hold and it does NOT include most Christians. This is an off-shoot that, imo, was always simmering in unresolved racism and bigotry. These people wanted something other than Christ. This off-shoot christian group who talk about god, guns and freedoms are not truly Christ-centered believers, they are Patriots of the U.S. first, and believers second. They twist the gospel to make it appear they're living on a divinely inherited land given to them by God because of their good deeds and feel entitled that they are better than other nations, just because they've been taught that the country was established as a christian nation, when historic records prove that it isn't. No man can boast about good deeds, because the bible says that all men have sinned and it's by Christ's grace that all men can be saved.

    The gospel is clear. No man can add to his salvation, but these cannot be reasoned with. They are paranoid, spread lies for their kingdom's sake and think God approves. Their love of guns and freedoms is so pervasive in their thinking that they've missed the part where believers are to live as though they are pilgrims and sojourners in this life, and prefer to lose their lives for Christ, than to spare their lives. Their goal is not gospel living, but building a utopia on earth or their little heaven on earth, and being little kings and queens of their little kingdoms. They idolize, which scripture commands against, everything America, and become blind to how she is their asherah pole and golden calf. It is so obvious to true believers who are watching this and grieving.

  16. Anonymous8:39 AM

    It's all about holding the general public in FEAR. It is much easier to control fearful people. The christo-fascist Dominionists are loving the level of fear in the US.

  17. Stupid fundies take every damn word in the bible as literal fact until they get to the obviously allegorical revelations. They have been waiting for and predicting Christ's return for the last two thousand years. Epic fail!

  18. Anonymous8:45 AM

    I just finished watching a movie called the Devil's Mistress, they had end times watchers too... hundreds of years ago.

    1. Anonymous10:59 AM

      The End Times were big business in America in the 19th century, too! They will always be big because they represent part of the human psyche: fear of death.

  19. Anonymous8:52 AM


  20. Again, I tell the fundies that the anti Christ is NOT one person. It refers to anyone who pretends to be Christians but, do not imitate Christ. So, that would be the likes of the Palins, Huckabee, Cruz, Nancy French, and the rest of the batshit crazy, cherry picking Bible nuts.

    1. What I like to call - terrorists, i.e., extremists and fanatics of any religious or political stripe who use fear & their bible to control, intimidate and kill those who are not Like Them.

  21. Anonymous9:00 AM

    It has been said that every generation believes itself to be experiencing the Apocalypse.

    WWI, WWII, etc. Part of that is because we simply cannot imagine the world going on after we are gone. Some of it is our inability to grasp the heinous things that periodically surface in our world.

    This revival of Satan, I believe is different, however. People seem to actually DESIRE the end times, and seem prepared to facilitate its arrival in any way they can!

    Silly humans.

  22. Leland9:24 AM

    I wonder if any of these so-called believers in the end times or the Apocalypse ever stop to think that maybe - just MAYBE - the figment of their imagination may consider HOPING for the End Times and HELPING it along to be a sin?

  23. Hey, you forgot Reaper, which had one of the best, funniest Satans ever.

  24. Oh, and on the other hand, there was a show that didn't even get a chance to find its audience because of all the irate fundies out there: the premise was that Christ was actually accompanying this one hapless dude everywhere. Harmless show but you know those (heretical) Christian zealots.

  25. Anonymous11:05 AM

    What everyone forgets about the Christian Notion of Apocalypse is that it technically means "revelation" & provides "hope." It is similar to the Phoenix rising from the ashes. There is always for for "the new way" connected to the concept Apocalypse.

  26. Anita Winecooler4:25 PM

    This genre, as far as I'm concerned, is just fantasy and has nothing to do with end times or the bible. They're using these films to scare the bejesus and the bucks from the believers. They're trying to make a direct correlation where none exists. I've read almost every John Sanford novel, and have yet to see any of the crimes he writes about come to fruition.
    Just like anything else, change the channel or don't go to that movie. Al Pacino can read the yellow pages and I'd pay to see it.

  27. Anonymous4:49 PM

    8:52 Not good to diss Queen Esther Quitty Pants. Queeny E. has plans for the end times.
    Grandma Queeny takes over, and when she says
    jump, we all say, how high, or it's "Off With
    Their Heads You Betcha."

  28. Anonymous4:58 PM

    This shit happens all the time, people have been proclaiming the Apocalypse since, well, since people started preaching to them about the christian bible. No surprise there, huh?

  29. Joel hOlsteen5:00 AM

    and they are right, we are at the end of times, Not quite like you think, But as far as Christianity, Yes The term the end of times is derived from the Bibles " end of the era " end of the eos " That set of time 1150 years give or take a few years to be exact that the reign of Jesus as the savior will come to an end, It has gone on this way since the beginning of time, The new age will be Aquarius just like in the constellations , Its the reason behind those religious fish symbols you see everywhere these days, Know your history to live it


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