Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Yes the problems the Republican party faces today can indeed be traced back to Sarah Palin and the 2008 election.

Courtesy of Crooks and Liars:

We need look no further than the 2008 nomination of Sarah Palin for vice president to understand when the Republican Party left the rails. 

Seven years on -- following two crushing defeats in presidential elections and the likelihood of a third in November -- the destruction that the former half-term governor of Alaska has wrought is immense. And continues to grow. In a much-quoted Washington Post op-ed piece, former Obama chief of staff Bill Daley wrote that Palin set "a new standard" for the Republican Party that has gifted us Carson and Trump, among other buffoons: 

"Once John McCain put Sarah Palin on the ticket, Republican 'grown-ups,' who presumably knew better, had to bite their tongues. But after the election, when they were free to speak their minds, they either remained quiet or abetted the dumbing-down of the party. They stood by as Donald Trump and others noisily pushed claims that Obama was born in Kenya. And they gladly rode the Tea Party tiger to sweeping victories in 2010 and 2014. . . . 

"It's hard to feel much sympathy. The Republican establishment's 2008 embrace of Palin set an irresponsibly low bar. Coincidence or not, a batch of nonsense-spewing, hard-right candidates quickly followed, often to disastrous effect." 

Daley may seem to be belaboring the obvious, but the deeply toxic effect that this narcissistic, power abusing kook and liar (who now threatens to take on Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski out of sheer spite) has had on the GOP still is not fully appreciated, and only barely so by historians as well as Republicans who mourn the destruction of the GOP Big Tent and the party's descent into pooch screwing. 

Nor is McCain's decision to invite Palin to join the ticket after spending less than two hours with her (his man in charge of vetting veep nominees never even met her face to face) properly understood to be the most irresponsible decision in the history of presidential campaigns.

Palin is not the only reason for the Republican Party's dysfunction, but her toxic lip lock is evident in the hapless 2016 presidential campaign.

As I am sure all of you know this is the song that I have been singing for years.

THIS is why I continue to cover Sarah Palin, And THIS is why what is happening to her today, helps to explain what will happen to the Republican party tomorrow.

I still maintain that without a Sarah Palin we would not now see a Ted Cruz, or Ben Carson, or Donald Trump, on the national stage.

She blazed the trail that they are navigating on today, and helped to identify the lunatic fringe that would support them if they tapped into the magical unhinged rhetoric which triggers their paranoia.

Way back in 2009 when Palin up and quit her job I attended a rather festive gathering of Alaska bloggers, where the high fives were many, and the jubilation was contagious.

However when most of them were talking about never having to write about the Wasilla Wendigo ever again, I was the lone voice saying that her story was not yet finished and that she would continue to have a destructive impact in the years to come. And that it was our duty to cover her until the bitter end.

I was right, and by staying on top of the story from the dizzying heights of her first book tour and almost constant media presence, to the inevitable crash that many of us predicted as far back as 2010, she has remained my barometer for determining where the Republican party itself was headed as well.

So today virtually EVERY GOP presidential candidate has a book they are hawking, and many of them seem far more concerned about building up their brand for speaking tours and consulting jobs, than they seem to care about winning the nomination.

In fact a few, like Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina, seem as if they were to actually get close to winning the damn thing that they would quickly sabotage their chances in order to take the pressure off.

Sarah Palin NEVER wanted to work in politics again, but she knew that there was big money in making people believe that she might.

Sarah Palin, as far as I can tell, was never REALLY part of the Republican party. But she knew that the party had piles of cash, and gullible supporters.  

So she shook her money maker in their faces, twirled the tassels on her pasties to the beat of the music, and leaned back as fistfuls of money were shoved into her g-string.

Donald Trump may not have Palin's once upon a time good looks to seduce the conservatives into supporting him, but he certainly knows how to put on a show and to hit the notes that reverberate within their gullible little hearts. And apparently in this election cycle that is enough.

But in the end Trump might end up accomplishing what Sarah Palin started back in 2008, and has nurtured and promoted ever since, the destruction of the Republican party as we know it.


  1. Anonymous4:38 PM

    I appreciate your continuing coverage of her and her family. By the way, her family is fair game - she's put them all over her social media sites, so far is far.
    Palin injects herself into current events from the safety of her Shouty Book page; and she's never challenged face to face in an open debate setting. Every question posed to her on her Fox News appearances were screened and sent to her in advance. She's fair game.

    1. Anonymous7:56 PM

      Not Bristol
      Rip Bowie

    2. 66gardeners4:17 AM

      From where I sit in Maryland, Palin is a domestic enemy of the US gov't.

      You may not be aware, but Sarah Palin refused to endorse former republican governor Robert Ehrlich when he ran to unseat Martin O'Malley in 2010 after O'Malley had unseated Ehrlich in 2006. Because of this and the fact that Maryland residents are, in general, highly educated, $arah Palin is not and never has been popular among republicans in Maryland.

      Palin makes her politics personal, therefore, if you have a personal experience with her (as many Alaskans do), your contempt for her is magnified.

      This downward spiral of the GOP has been going on for decades. Just ask Hillary and Bill Clinton.

      I'll give you this much, the GOP jumped the shark with Palin. She and they reap what they have sown. Youbetcha!

      Gryphen's focus on her obscene proclivities is justified and appreciated by real American patriots.

  2. These two disgusting people deserve each other.

  3. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Very well written. I hope to hell every mother's son and daughter reads this and can understand what a toxic vermin like Palin ruins in literally everything that she touches.

  4. I so, so agree with you! Some of the sh*t we saw at her rallies was scary. She made it OK for the haters to come out of their closet and wear their racism et al on their sleeves (and, hats!). And now we have Trump and millions who are ready to trash the Constitution because Muslims, Gay marriage, whatever. Good luck GOP. You built this. You get to clean it up. Tick tock... November will be here before you know it.

    1. Anonymous1:35 AM

      Steve Schmidt and Nichole Wallace saw this happening, and tried to get little lumpy Johnny McCain to get her to stop riling up the racism. He replied, like the true "war hero" he is "But then she will come after ME" So, he said NOTHING. I hope the little sob loses his cushy job after the next election. He is as destructive as PayMe.

    2. Anonymous9:22 AM

      Sarah made some Republicans think that hate, racism and outright lying were acceptable behavior from candidates. That has led to the present-day clown car.

  5. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Great post!

    1. 66gardeners4:20 AM

      Indeed. And we stand by in anticipation of witnessing the spectacle of the implosion of team Palin in all its glory.

      I love coming here because there is no doubt in my mind that Palins and their cohorts read and post here.

    2. Yes and even Andrew Sullivan could not be convinced how dangerous she was, or that her legacy would continue. Believe me, I tried.

  6. Anonymous4:57 PM

    You are so right. "Energizing the base" was what they called it in 2008. Remember that phrase, that said so much to those of us who grasped what it was about and where it would lead. And then we watched like a rabbit hypnotized by a snake as it happened.

    And the Palin Preg Hoax is to me the symbol of it all, as well as a sad reality. So I too still stand vigil over that still-unacknowledged hoax and wonder when it will come to light in the public perception. And make it clear that LYING was/is deemed okay in pursuit of "energizing the base." Deemed okay by McCain, by Schmitt, by all the GOP VIPs who have their plausible deniability stories ready. As they try to trip up our good President.

    When will the MSM wake up and sweep clean? Or are those days over? The days of honesty and integrity?

    So sad. I'm with you, G and fellow bloggers on this subject, until we get the hoax of the Wasilla Wendigo exposed.

    1. Anonymous6:05 PM

      Yes, yes, yes. She should be exposed. It won't be over until the truth about Trig is told. I hope that happens. I thought it would have been over by now, honestly.

      If the truth comes out, Sarah Palin will be fine after it's all over. A leopard doesnt lose its spots. There'll be a few days or weeks of shame and then she'll "repent" and be "redeemed" and she'll start selling vitamins and motivational seminars - or maybe open a church. Sarah is very show business.

    2. Anonymous6:10 PM

      I have said from the beginning that her final and most profitable gig will be the e-version of the tele-evangelist, blubbering "AAAH HAVE SINNNNED, Ah have sinnnnnnnnned." And collecting all the big money that poor folks send in for that.

    3. comeonpeople3:42 AM

      Beautifully stated - and why I am still in this game as well.

    4. 66gardeners5:00 AM

      As someone who doesn't see Palin's political maneuvers and scandals as personal, I can tell you why I believe the mainstream never cared about the Trig birth deception. Whether or not Sarah birthed Trig, she agreed to step and be his mom. Now we can rightly criticize that so-called "mothering", but her initial acceptance as Trig as her son was not seen as something to hold against her. Even if she adopted him, that was not the issue. The issue was how she has used all of her children as political props, including Trig and especially Britol.

      Can you image Piper explaining to her friends why her mother as posted to social media a photo of her being pawed by Rush Limbaugh so that her mother can insert herself into the political arena without threat of attack because Piper was in the photo?

      Now if you were caught up in her web of lies, your perspective could be and probably is very different.

      In any case, you're doin a heckuva job IMers.

    5. Anonymous9:26 AM

      Maybe it was the outright deception and naked lies of a sitting governor that should have been exposed. Trig was a symptom of what is wrong with Sarah.

    6. Once she got away with that, her contempt of the media knew no bounds. And she also figured she could get away with anything.

      I hope the Sailor/Dakota current flim flam explodes to bite her in the ass, exposing all of the previous fairy tales and closet dirt.

      Couldn't happen to a more deserving mentally challenged bigot.

  7. And after they leave office, what else do the Reps do? Nothing. Dumbya sits at home and paints pictures, Dickhead Cheney sits at home and makes sure his black heart is still beating, Bush41 goes skydiving.

    1. Anonymous5:05 PM

      . . . and Jimmy Carter (in contrast) builds houses and does lots and lots of good. Bless him.

    2. Anonymous5:53 PM

      Jimmy Carter builds houses with his hands and eradicates diseases with his heart.

      Clinton does good work, too.

    3. Anonymous6:13 PM

      Yes, it's possible to do real good with all that celebrity.

    4. Anonymous1:44 AM

      Republican former presidents NEVER seem to do anything, except collect their pensions and make money by giving speeches. Who would PAY to listen to W talk? They all take the money, con the people who supported them, and line their pockets even more. PayMe deserves an ending to match the destruction and hatred she brought to the national stage. Vile, putrid, bile filled piss poor excuse for a "woman" who used an innocent child to make $$$ and never cared enough about him to get him the very best help. Bitch on wheels is what she is. I can not wait to see her exposed and destroyed. Take her mini-me nymphomaniac slut of a daughter along for the ride also, too. Still destroying lives. Dakota is on their radar. Joey Junker would be smart to get a DNA test, so she can not insinuate that HE is the father. He will be a prime targe, now that he is happy with a decent woman.

    5. 66gardeners5:02 AM

      Bristol, if you are reading this, turn your life around now.

    6. Anonymous9:30 AM

      Well, that makes sense if you realize the Republican philosophy is, "I got mine, screw the rest of you."

  8. Anonymous5:00 PM

    I so hope McCain loses his next election. Throw the bum out. He unleashed Palin; he should either aplogize or STFU. He's a big blowhard. PS: I vote in AZ.

    1. Anonymous10:51 AM

      Ironically, Sarah's fans feel the same way about McCain.

    2. Anonymous10:52 AM

      Honest to goodness, I saw a comment on the pee pond yesterday that actually blames Sarah's downfall to McCain for picking Sarah to be on a losing ticket. You could not make this stuff up and I did not.

  9. Anita Winecooler5:03 PM

    Hey, got opens one door and Sarah's already on the fire escape. Someone this dumb had to go first, or it wouldn't seem normal now.

  10. Despite what some may say; that McCain never had a chance, I disagree. It is because of the dumbtwat Palin that cost McCain the Presidency. I; for one, was not sure who I would vote for. McCain seemed like an honorable man, and I didn't know much about Obama. When Palin started opening her mouth, her ignorance poured out. For crying out loud Palinasshole, even my granddaughter who was in ELEMENTARY school, knew the job of the VP. Palin didn't even know what the Bush Doctrine was, for fuck's sake.
    There was NO way that I would vote for McCain with a dumbfuck; even dumber than Quayle, so close to the Presidency.
    So, thank you Sarahskank. If it weren't for you, I may have never known what a great man Obama is, and his legacy of being a President FOR the people, will live on.

    1. Anonymous5:38 PM

      @Patti5:04 PM

      McCain was never going to win anyway. Choosing Sarah Palin as a running mate just made him lose by a wider margin.

    2. Anonymous5:40 PM

      McCain was not never going to win anyway. Choosing Sarah Palin as a running mate just made made lose at a wider margin.
      Then-senator Obama had that election in the bag.

    3. Anonymous6:08 PM

      I remember it the same way Patti described it in choosing between McCain and Obama. I'm an Alaskan and the choice of Palin sealed the deal for me as I very enthusiastically voted for Obama/Biden.

    4. Anonymous7:21 PM

      Palin was a Hail Mary pass for a failing campaign. His poll numbers sucked when he picked Sarah. He thought he could get women to vote for him, because republicans are so dumb they think that women are dopes who wouldn't notice how dumb she is and would vote for her just because she had a vagina.

      And she wasn't his first choice and he got bullied into picking her.

      She's not the reason for the loss, she's a symptom of a bad campaign.

      Anyway, once the economy crashed, he was toast, even if he had picked a really good running mate. No one had any faith that he could fix the economy.

      How do people forget this? It wasn't that long ago.

    5. Anonymous1:47 AM

      McCain is a vile little piece of shit, just like his running mate. Two of a kind.

    6. 66gardeners5:03 AM

      Patti, after what George Bush did with the help of the republicans in government, the choice was easy. Obama. McCain was singing "Bomb Iran"

  11. Baldy Louise Heath Palin is a piece of shit on the bottom of America's shoes!

    She's embedded in the soles and the shoes need to be thrown away! Fuck her!

    The Republican Party will continue to protect her only to protect their own asses. They will NEVER admit that they fucked up putting that lunatic on the ticket...NEVER!

    She is pure entertainment for us now. Beefy getting pregnant has finished her!

    She really is retarded and too stupid to know the party's over...the lights have been turned off (again) and she really HAS to go back to Alaska!

    Stupid bitch! LOL!!

    1. Anonymous5:37 PM

      LOL! And Stool has her own shoe motto.. Just Do Me!

    2. Anonymous6:25 PM

      GinaM ! Don't hold back!dont know where you disappeared to for awhile, but sooooo (extra o's for extra emphasis!) glad you are regularly posting again. You make me laugh - even if you resemble RAM!

    3. Anonymous9:42 PM

      where O where is our buddy BJ Conehead?
      this shit writes itself..


    4. Balzafiar5:25 AM

      @6:25pm -- She doesn't resemble RAM at all; that really is RAM's pic. Gina uses it as an "in-your-face" gesture.

    5. Anonymous7:42 AM

      Balzafiar: I know that. I was kidding.

  12. Anonymous5:11 PM

    They made their bed.

    1. Yes, but if the election ballot boxes are not rigged, voter suppression lifts and gerrymandering is exposed and Democrats don't get out the vote...we could be lying in it. Know fear, as Sully used to say.

    2. 66gardeners8:21 AM

      You've got to hand it to tRump, he is publicly priding himself of exciting people who don't usually vote (or so he says).

      Yesterday I saw Rand Paul say he would support the GOP nominee even if it were tRump. He gave the reason as being that the so called "establishment" supported him when he was the outsider candidate and won the primary. He says the GOP will consolidate around the nominee no matter who it may be when the time comes.

      I guess Rand Paul be a constitutional conservative is really all hogwash over partisan politics when all is said and done.

  13. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Take one good hard look at those two and ask yourself if you want that after 8 years of President Obama and Vice President Biden. Plenty do and, if that doesn't scare the crap out of you, I don't know what will.

    1. Anonymous5:30 PM

      Agree totally. I hope it's Trump and Palin for vp -- and that Bernie wins by the biggest landslide ever, because in the course of the campaign a lot of things come out to open the eyes of even the most blind, in spite of the efforts of the Koch money to retain their advantage. I know, dream on.

    2. Anonymous5:54 PM

      Trump wouldn't pick Pain in a million years. Despite what comes out of his cake hole, he thinks she's a loser.

    3. Anonymous6:10 PM

      Imagine the pee pond howl when she is nowhere in his cabinet.

    4. Anonymous7:14 PM

      Back on the RAM Got A New Job post here is a quote from MyAuntLivesOnEnsure @12:07. (This is the Palin cousin) MALOE said this is what Sarah Palin thinks and said of Trump privately: "I wonder if all the blow jobs from chimps made him look that way."

    5. Balzafiar5:27 AM

      Don't ever think Trump wouldn't pick Palin if he got the nomination but it became obvious he wasn't going to win. She's a natural "throw-her-under-the-bus" target as an excuse for losing. Trump would do it in a heartbeat.

  14. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Let us hope that the GOP is all they destroy in the end. We can't let them run this country again.
    That said, and I am sure I will not be alone in repeating this favorite salute, so here goes, yet again, "FUCK YOU, JOHN MC CAIN!"
    Seriously, McCain. Seriously.
    Now, if more discontented people with info would start coming together with the truth, we might be able to put a stake in the Wasilla Wampyr.

    M. from Md

  15. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Excellent observations, especially so since we are reading this on a 'defunct' blog; a blog that is read by legions of loyal followers, national and international reporters and of course, the 2 remaining fans of Sarah Palin. That's counting Sarah as one of her own fans, of course.

    There is only one point that I would dispute. Sarah really DID think she could've made a run for the presidency. She thought this was gads destiny for her.

    It was her absolute ignorance and epic laziness that did her in. And it was the people around her who reluctantly decided that there was NO way they could EVER run a viable campaign with this stupid, vile person who cannot even communicate using the simplest of sentences.

    So, we are forced to endure the tease that keeps the money coming in to feed the greed machine.

  16. Anonymous5:40 PM

    I'm Voting for Donald Trump. Here's Why.

    ...I disagree with Donald Trump ideologically in virtually every respect. I believe that his policies and proposals would ruin the strength and integrity of our great nation, undermine the fundamental tenets of our democracy, and make us the laughing stock of the international community (except, perhaps, for Vladimir Putin). But no matter what you think of him, one thing's for certain: Donald Trump is a polarizing figure who is not just divisive across liberal and conservative lines, but within the Republican Party itself.

    Which is exactly why, on March 1, I'm voting for Donald Trump.

    1. Anonymous6:48 PM

      Why does that guy hate America? Great! So he votes for that dipshit who ruins the country and then we have to elect a Democrat for clean up for the next 8 years after Trump has pillaged the US for 4 frickin' years. That's just great! That is just so irresponsible for that guy to throw his precious vote away.

    2. Anonymous8:23 PM

      It's Super Tuesday, major rethug primary day. Think he'd like to help make sure DT is the (R) candidate come November. Would make electing another Democratic president much more likely.

    3. Anonymous2:05 AM

      I happen to think that tRump is not much more intelligent than PayMe, just has the protection of his own $$$. People kiss his ass because he is so vile when anyone speaks the truth about him. The man has no political savvy whatsoever. He will insult EVERY other leader in the world, and make the US citizens ook stupid. First W, then PayMe getting the VP nod, now this orange haired ball of blubber with a mouth like an anus. Surely the citizens of this country can do better? They elected President Obama, why vote for the polar opposite in tRump? I seriously think tRump is borderline DS, look at his face and those bulges under his eyes. He is a demented asshole. I hope the press exposes his wife, the plastic filled Melaria. What a couple to have representing the "best the country has to offer" An orange Macy's balloon and a foreign gold digger. Even his first wife said Malaria "can not speak" Too bad our great President Obama can not run for a third term. The gop scrapes the very bottom of the barrel for their candidates.

    4. Anonymous3:31 AM

      I don't think that anyone should ever waste a vote on a candidate that they don't really want to see in office. It's inviting disaster.

    5. Maple6:53 AM

      Absolutely right, Beaglemom. Too often it backfires. In this case, I fear there are just enough willfully ignorant voters (not to mention rigged voting machines) who could make tRumpelstiltskin the President. And we would ALL suffer for it.

  17. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Folks are always talking about Sarah Palin in national terms but let's not forget who made her= and whose state politics she stank up for two years before McCain.

  18. I find this quite disturbing:

    The comments section of "pro Trump" posts on Facebook, are filled with such phrases as "He'll restoreth my soul!" "Mine eyes have been opened!" "Trump is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble!"

    These are almost direct quotes from a famous book. I suspect many "family Bibles" pages have recently seen their very first light of day, by letting it fall open to the middle, and memorizing verses David wrote, as praises to the Lord.

    They have been construed as a prediction of a man with really strange hair, who will one day appear, and lead the masses into a frenzy of hate, misogyny, racism, and xenophobia.

    I cannot imagine a better example of blasphemy.

    There ARE some verses describing such a man in the future, but those are found near the END of the Bible, in the Book of Revelations.

    1. Anonymous7:17 PM

      And Revelation also says that there will be "saviors" that will lead the stupid right off a cliff so to speak.

    2. Anonymous8:08 PM

      Seriously, who would look at either of these two and say, "God sent them just for us?"

      For pete's sake, it is to LAUGH.

    3. Anonymous9:42 AM

      Seriously, who looks for commentary on the present day in a old book of Hebrew mythology?

    4. Anonymous12:13 PM

      Trump has shown no religious background to his life - he hasn't lived it - been married multiple times - had affairs - talks about his beautiful daughter (in incestuous ways!) - is racists - a liar - a bully - thin skinned - reactive - nasty - anti women - and on and on. Doesn't take long to figure the guy out! He's an asshole!!!

      I also find him NOT to be presidential material in ANY sense of the word!

  19. Anonymous6:00 PM

    There is little difference between Palin and Trump. Their messages are the same, hate Obama,stir up fear and exploit mob mentality. The only difference is that Sarah winked you betcha and wore sexy outfits, lots and lots of extra fake hair, she was a created image.

    So is Trump. I don't get what is attractive of combing that thatch of spun gold over his forehead unless it is supposed to look like a crown on his regal head. Trump is a media creation like Palin, a loud voice saying nothing but spewing hatred.

    Palin was not qualified to be VP,and Trump is not qualified to be President of the United States. He had no idea what the Nuclear Triad was (atomic weapons on land, sea, and air, all three can't be attacked at the same moment or so they hope). Later, Trump's spokesperson said that we should use nuclear weapons more often. That's a good way to insure total destruction of civilization as we know it.

    Trump is probably more dangerous than Palin because he has the means to generate bigger crowds. She had to rely on Murdoch, Ailes, the Republicans, and even then she managed to blow it. The problem for Sarah is that once she opened her mouth and people heard what an idiot she was, she was not electable. Trump also sounds dumb, but he says it over and over and over, repeating everything three times in a simple way, conning the crowd, playing on their emotions. He has more resources and probably more media smarts than Sarah ever had. They are both dangerous.

    1. Anonymous6:18 PM

      Yes, very dangerous. The smart, well-read, well-educated people laughed at what a fool Hitler was -- until they didn't.

    2. Anonymous7:14 PM

      Believe you me, that calculating bitch is behind this. Else why would they be in Trump's golden palace signing each others' books?

      She said she didn't need a title to do what she needed to do. AIP, baby, the domestic terrorists in Oregon are small potatoes for what she has in mind.

    3. 66gardeners5:09 AM

      Will soon find out if $arah can rebound from her upcoming bankruptcy like Donald did four times.

    4. Anonymous8:26 AM

      Maybe that is why $arah was visiting Trump, to get advice about filing for bankruptcy.

    5. Anonymous9:44 AM

      7:14--Sarah just isn't that smart. Not even the MIA Todd is that smart. These are petty thugs and very uninformed and stupid. Others used Sarah for political purposes, but she isn't in on the plan.

  20. I am so sick and tired of this buffoon. As I type, he has just finished speaking at a rally 25 miles from my home. I cancelled a Dr appt today in that town as bridge traffic was backed up and I knew I couldn't make it in time. I live in a heavily RED area. MOST of my clients are hard core conservatives and half are voting for this imbecile. So my own facebook page is silent of my own opinions. I have come to know that many of my "friends" are idiots. Many say "I loved him on Apprentice!" WTF? Mr Trump? Please select Palin as your running mate. That will be the icing on the cake and will insure a Dem win come the election. (typed as his private jet flies over my house and hopefully far far away) PS: He bragged to media about the "20,000+ FANS" at the Pensacola Bay Center tonight. It holds 10,000. Get over yourself hairdo.

    1. Anonymous7:20 PM

      They loved him on Apprentice? Tell them if reality TV success were a legitimate criterion, President Kim Kardashian would be running for her second term. Would they vote for her?

    2. How about that! 10,000 Trump fans in the Pensacola Bay Center, and every single one of them pregnant! Some with twins!

    3. Anonymous2:10 AM

      No, but her husband Kanye would get votes, no doubt. He is as "intelligent" as tRump. Also, too they both have plastic filled wives with few brains.

    4. Anon @ 7:20~they probably WOULD! ;) On one client's FB page, she speaks of how Trump's wife would at least lend some "style" to the White House. I am simply mortified. Right now, I am just waking up to the local news and they are saying Trump had a hissy fit at the Bay Center last night over some technical glitches. Seems as though his mic kept "popping". He called for "George" to not be paid. Made a big deal of it. I know most of the local crew guys there, I am certain they are pissed beyond belief. Unless of course...hmm......maybe on purpose, accidentally? If not, so sound dude screwed up? Get over it Trump, he riled up the crowd bitching about it so much, the fans (I refuse to call them supporters) were looking around to see who they could beat up for him. I wouldn't have wanted to be the sound tech walking up there to switch out mics.

    5. There is a good article on his temper tantrum on The Washington Post online. I apologize for not adding the link, the device I'm using to post this won't allow it, on the fritz. Trump has vowed to have him fired. What a putz.

    6. Hairdo. Someone on this blog called him Hair Hitler. :D

    7. 66gardeners5:10 AM

      Stand your ground and voice your opinions (when appropriate).

      I, too, live in a republican area, but when politics enter the conversation, I do not hesitate to be the voice of reason.

    8. Anonymous12:06 PM

      Trump is the very worst representative of what a POTUS should be! All we have to do is compare him to our outstanding President Obama! There is NO comparison!

      Is it any wonder the Republican party is falling apart in front of the eyes of all of us?

      A man that constantly complains, comes across as a bully and cries publically about the weirdest and most minute things!?

      The microphone is ONLY his latest issue! He actually told his people not to pay the folks that set it up! Trump is nothing more than a joke and baby!

      Can you imagine him in negotiations with another country and have his microphone not work properly?

      I could actually see other countries in negotiation with a President Trump (God forbid!) try to do away with the guy!

      They would hate him - making Trump a horrible representation of the USA!

  21. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Yes, basically why I'm still checking in here after 7+ years. You are the only one who has stuck to the story.

    1. Anonymous7:02 PM

      Hey, I'm not an atheist nor agnostic but I'm still here after finding Gryph.

      There's one darn good reason why the Palins hate him so, else why would they care, and I personally enjoy that he keeps his cards close to his chest.

    2. Anonymous2:13 AM


    3. 66gardeners5:11 AM

      As someone who just found this site last year, I come here for the quality of the read overall.

    4. Anonymous11:39 AM

      Anonymous6:36 PM

      Yes, basically why I'm still checking in here after 7+ years. You are the only one who has stuck to the story.
      And doesn't "censor" shit either. I hate that on blogs "We won't talk about this..." or that or whatnot. Why have a blog then? Thanks G, hope soon you will get to do the BIG Reveal on the Payme family so they can do the Perp walk in Pink handcuffs, and I hope Sherry holds the key!

  22. Anonymous7:14 PM

    There is great value in having opposing values, opinions and dialogue. The problem with the GOP is it has become the Faux News show. And, nobody who watches feels any need to actually use their critical thinking skills to consider the material fed to them. If they have to actually take the time to imagine different responses to issues, they give up and the fall back on that imaginary friend “common sense”. Taken a step further one would ask “whose common sense?”

    1. Common sense is not that common.

    2. 66gardeners5:12 AM

      Gryphen allowing the Palin's comments to go through is a special treat.

    3. 66gardeners5:13 AM

      It seems to me anyone who has to say we need "common sense" conservatives tells you that in the past conservatives have lacked common sense.

  23. Anonymous7:15 PM

    For a long time I sent monthly emails to McCains office asking him to apologize for inflicting Scarah on us,and thanking him for opening my eyes and making me switch to Democrat immediately after he announced she was his running mate. Never did get an answer.

    1. Anonymous3:48 AM

      You honestly thought you would?

    2. Nice try! I hope Palin haunts McCain's sleep each and every night.

    3. Anonymous7:46 AM

      Why would Palin haunt him? She was a mistake, but Palin and 2008 are 6000 miles in the rear view mirror. He doesn't care and no doubt sleeps well in his big bed in his (wife's) big mansion(s). It is great. He probably never saw your dumb efforts for attention 7:15, certainly never cared.

    4. Anonymous9:18 AM

      I expect that the word Palin in any incoming email sends it straight to the spam folder. A staffer deletes the bin once a week.

    5. Anonymous9:18 AM

      And keep spreading that sunshine, 7:46...

    6. Anonymous11:53 AM

      McCain is a typical Republican in our United States Congress. He is a reason why we should have term limits for those that supposedly serve our country.

      He's too old and needs to lose his next reelection cycle.

      He'll always have a minor connection to Palin, but could care less, is my humble opinion. Nothing has changed for him - he's still in office and living the wealthy life style (due to his current wife!).

      I seriously doubt he even thinks of Palin all these years later. Unless, of course, a reporter asks him a question of her - which he dismisses.

  24. Anonymous7:19 PM


    Thanks. Agree with you totally.

    Keep up good work.

  25. abbafan7:24 PM

    Hi Gryphen! When I first saw the dim-witted dunce moron on TV at the RNC in Minneapolis in '08, and heard the gibberish uttering from her noise-hole, my first thoughts were "who the fuck is this idiot"?? I decided to do some research on her, and I discovered your blog. Thank you for all of your hard work and due diligence all of these years. Because of your tenacity, and the relentless pursuit of the truth, you have the utmost respect of most of us loyal IM posters - Thank You!!!
    If anyone is interested, there is an interesting story on CBC , written by CBC News Washington Bureau Chief Keith Boag. It is titled - They Are Terrific People - The Complicated Relationship Between Trump And The Clintons.

    1. Anonymous3:28 AM

      That was my introduction to this blog and to other Alaskan sites and I've been a fan ever since.

    2. Anonymous11:43 AM

      Me, too, Beaglemom!

  26. Anonymous7:33 PM

    "Kook and liar"........ha....haha.....hahahahahahahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA(snort)HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    And she's done it to herself. ha...haha...hahahahahahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHA.......

  27. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Media is starting to have some fun with her. They are really coming out of the closet on their thoughts of Ms. Palin. The 'tell it like it is' that Sarah loves is coming right back at her.

    She is so wanting Donald Trump to win, so she can get glamor gigs from him, maybe be a newly-appointed federal Glamour Czar, or Head of High Energy and Emissions........or nominated Trump's personal Pollster and Ego-Bolsterer. But with Trump's and Cruz' egos, Sarah won't come close to them if they get nominated. They'll hire Joe Lieberman to be front guard-man if she tries to crash their parties.

    1. Anonymous8:51 PM

      She could have been out there campaigning for either of her loves, Trump or Cruz. But she has not. It's not hard to see that neither of them want her anywhere near the campaigns. Why is that? She knows it's because people don't like her, even wingnuts have had it with her. Her tiny following won't help any candidate.

      The evil men do lives on long after they are a joke.

    2. 66gardeners5:14 AM

      as another poster here said, Sarah would be highly qualified to oversee the Liquor Cabinet in a tRump administration.

    3. Anonymous7:02 AM

      After the famous family drunken brawl overseeing the Liquor Cabinet may not be a good idea for old Sarah either.

    4. Anonymous8:32 AM

      Remember $arah showed up at that one debate which I believe was in LV where she took photos of herself with various candidates. Graham, Bush, Paul, and Cruz are the ones I remember.

      Anyway, days later on c4P, some of the comments at the pee pond were critical of Cruz for not giving her special attention.

      It would not surprise me if she has been begging for donations from the candidates to the PAC. Trump is probably the only one who has done so. May ol jub did as well because she's been shockingly nice to him. Rand Paul probably donated too.

    5. Anonymous11:41 AM

      8:32 AM Her PAC donation verifications can be proven. The federally required filings will be done again soon - so, we'll see if Trump and Paul donated to her PAC. I suspect they didn't!

    6. Anonymous3:35 PM

      she has been begging for donations from the candidates to the PAC.
      She can beg all she wants but why would they donate? Except for Trump, they are begging for money for themselves.

  28. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Well, I wouldn't say you were the "lone" voice, but you are the first place I hit when I'm looking for skank reports.

    1. Anonymous7:49 AM

      I started out at Mudflats, and still check it out every 6 months or so, but appreciate G's raw, reputation be dammed truth seeking. Not a day goes by that I don't at least peruse the headlines here. He's a great aggregator and I enjoy his thoughts on things.

      I too look forward to Palin's unmasking. It's tragic how much she's robbed from her children, natural and adopted. Bristol and Trig especially. They're both frozen in Palin's crazy drama.

    2. I commented on the ridiculousness of The Wild Ride story, giving cogent arguments for why it was a hoax... with a group of other intelligent people... and both Mudflats and Kos deleted our comments and said not to post anything about the subject, at risk of banning should we try to call attention to the hoax ever again.

      I've dropped by both sites perhaps a half dozen times in the last 7 years, following links. They don't get my membership, clicks, support. I don't buy their books.

      They are no better than Bill O'Reilly, believing his own lies, so I avoid them.

      There are people here with whom I disagree, and they sometimes are not shy of letting me know their opinion in return. Only the most obnoxious and deliberate trolls get banned, while we are free to discuss events and people, taking contrary sides, until eventually truth rises to the surface.

  29. Anonymous8:43 PM

    "So she shook her money maker in their faces, twirled the tassels on her pasties to the beat of the music, and leaned back as fistfuls of money were shoved into her g-string."

    THANKS A LOT GRYPH!! I was headed to get some desperately needed sleep, but if I go now, not only will I have nightmares but I'll probably choke to death on my own barf!!

    Please! in the name of Sweet Baby Jebus, never do that again. -_-

  30. Anonymous8:48 PM

    If Sain't Sarah runs against Murki, I'll be god's agent and vote for her. That's how much I dislike the majority of people here in Alaska. They deserve the Wasilla Garbage mouth as their rep because she is them.

    1. Anonymous9:31 PM

      Wow. In general, I don't dislike people. Except for you. I don't like you at all.

    2. Anonymous3:27 AM

      Anon at 8:48 pm. You don't seem to like the American people very much either, do you?

    3. Anonymous3:27 AM

      Better yet, since you don't like the people or the politicians of Alaska, why not just sit out this election, instead of muddying it? Would you feel a sense of pride in democracy if Palin won on the backs of votes such as yours?

    4. Anonymous8:40 AM

      Sarah Palin's views are the same as the majority of Alaskans. She is an accurate representative of them. And yes, I would feel good about people getting what they deserve.

    5. Anonymous9:15 AM

      I don't know anyone in Alaska who would vote for Sarah for anything. She is a quitter and a liar. She has no influence in the politics of this state anymore and rightly hides from the general populace to avoid questions and cat calls. The suggestion she would run for office is just something to say to stir up the waters.

  31. Anonymous8:50 PM

    All can can say is FFS.

    If people are that dumb to elect it, don't start whining when you get EXACTLY what you checked that box for, and don't say no one tried to warn you, even President Obama himself.

  32. Anonymous9:27 PM

    The campaign would be simple. Sarah Palin ran to be your governor and she swore an oath to serve the state for four years. After running for VP and tasting national "fame," Palin couldn't be bothered to finish her term of office, so she quit. And, she quit to accept a job that paid more money, appearing on TV to comment about the political scene where she had just lost.

    What makes people in Alaska think that Sarah will perform in a job that lasts for 6 years when she couldn't last for 4 years.

    1. Anonymous11:28 PM

      What makes people in Alaska think that Sarah will perform in a job that lasts for 6 years when she couldn't last for 4 years?

      Nothing. Which is why they will laugh her off the stage if she really does run. Which nobody thinks she will.

      Sarah Palin does not like to work. She wants to be Miss America, not senator, or president, or vice president, and certainly not governor. She wants attention, parades, ribbon cutting ceremonies, adoring crowds, but work? OMG, hell no!!!

      And Alaskans are totally on to her. They loathe her. She will NEVER run for office here again because even dim witted Sarah knows she is truly hated.

    2. 66gardeners5:18 AM

      Agreed. Sarah's ship is sinking. I'm here to watch it happen in living color.

    3. Anonymous11:37 AM

      Sarah Palin will never run for office in Alaska. Shit, she quit as their governor. Why in the Hell would they elect her again to represent them? You must think they (Alaskan voters) are idiots!

      Sarah Palin also now has too much proven crud about her. She would not want to have to answer all the questions that would be thrown at her, researched and finally put in print!

      She'll never run, trust me!

  33. Anonymous11:26 PM

    Sarah Palin goes with the flow.

    If the flavor of the week is Tea Party then Sarah Palin is your retard.

    Before Donald Trump there was Ted Cruz and Sarah was selling the Ted Cruz kool-aid until Donald Trump came along and then it was so long Ted Cruz.

  34. Anonymous12:20 AM


    New York Times

    US Will Track Secret Buyers of Luxury Real Estate

    "We're going after the facilitators of the money laundering" the FBI said. "They are the bankers, the accountants, lawyers, folks who are setting up LLC's, they are setting up foundations, folks who are setting up non-profits, real estate investments trusts, ect.

    Uh is it just me or did they just call out
    'the Donald and Sarah'???

  35. >the most irresponsible decision in the history of presidential campaigns.<

    That one is destined to hang in my memory like Joe McGinniss's suggestion that the Trig lie is the single greatest deliberate deception in the history of American politics. But in "The Rogue," McGinniss also rightly points blame at the media that he notes was 'in the tank' for Obama in 2008, and didn't want to make waves and court a backlash, never mind that uncovering truth in order to keep the public informed is supposed to be their job.

    1. Anonymous7:48 AM

      So true!

  36. Anonymous3:24 AM

    Yup, the GOP decided to pander to the most ignorant part of its base in 2008 and, since then, they've fallen into the abyss of crassness, ignorance and prejudice. And much of it is financed by the tiny percentage of extremely wealthy people who could care less about the country, the people or their future. The GOP really "sold their soul to the devil" in 2008. Thanks a lot, John McCain.

  37. Anonymous3:31 AM

    Both Trump and Palin exude pure ugliness, and I'm not talking about their physical appearance.

    They are ignorant racists, xenophobic fools, and have no grace, no humility, and no regard for anyone not a white Christian "conservative"

  38. Paul in Minnesota3:44 AM

    One thing "SHE" can take credit for is really frigging up the GOP and messing up the USA. Thanks for nothing, Mrs. Moose Poop Orwell 1984.

    All she's been good for is being a poster gal for white men on the right. Her stripper gal look used to bring in the money. These days I don't think it brings in more than on occasional TV appearance for her word salad encore.

    To think she was a rising star starting here in my Minnesota on the national stage in 2008. Gosh, her tin star didn't even take a decade to fade away. Which is good. Very good. Good riddance to "HER".

    I don't think she'll get to be Mooseolini VP or cabinet minister for Hair Hitler later in 2016. Good riddance again to "HER".

  39. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Now that Palin's writer RAM has jumped ship, we will probably not be hearing much from her Facebook page. Nancy French will be the next if she is not already gone. She's running out of money fast. Somebody must have put a gypsy curse on her. Her year is not starting out well. But think of all the hate she has spewed over the years. Her criticism of president Obama was not constructive criticism, but of hate and jealousy. She still cannot believe that this intelligent black man won the presidency twice and will go down in history as one of the greatest United States presidents. Karma has a strange way of finding you. It sometimes takes crooked paths and seemingly unconnected routes, but it finds you and normally when you least expect it.

    1. Anonymous9:07 AM

      This article sums it up. Three quarters of the contributers to SarahPac are retired and give less than two hundred dollars a year. The article lists where the money is really going and of course it's going to $arah.

      At this rate if things don't turn around her Pac will be broke by mid 2016, and that's a good thing.

    2. Anonymous9:08 AM

      Sorry, here is the link.

    3. Anonymous3:41 PM

      Somebody must have put a gypsy curse on her.
      No she did it all to herself !!

  40. Anonymous8:10 AM

    This is a great analysis of where we, as Americans, stand right now. Thank God the Republican party is doomed and they did it to themselves.

    But what happens next? The world seems to be falling apart everywhere you look.

    We live on the precipice of something huge. Change probably akin to nothing we have ever witnessed in our lifetimes.

  41. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Palin's finally posted something new on Facebook. Her word vomit about the American soldiers being held after having gone into Iranian waters is too much. Her addiction to adverbs and adjectives is hilarious, and as usual she uses phrasings that make her sound 300 years old.

    1. Anonymous11:12 AM

      She (mis)uses words she thinks intelligent people use. It's hilarious, really.

    2. Anonymous11:47 AM

      Does she not understand anything about being in territorial waters? The stupidity of this woman just ASTOUNDS me!

    3. Anonymous11:56 AM

      The majority of the comments are pathetic. What a brain trust they are! I would bet very few, if any have kids serving. I do and I am very thankful that this was resolved quickly and without harm. Fuck them!

      Sharron Bynum
      We should not deal with this act with diplomacy. Our president and John Kerry have no guts! BOMB THEM

    4. Anonymous12:23 PM

      Those same ignorant idiots like sharron bynum have never served in our Military, nor have any of their adult children. If we were somehow attacked, she would cower in her cave.

  42. Anonymous11:19 AM

    New Cruz news.

    A huge Goldman Sucks loan financed his Senate campaign. Which just happens to be the same Goldman Sucks that Ted's wife works for. And Ted didn't report the loan on campaign finance filings?


  43. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Sarah Palin’s political legacy is that because of her ignorance is now acceptable and personal attacks instead of discussing policy are mainstream. She didn’t inspire Americans to greatest but hatred. She never had any qualities that make for a good V.P. let alone president of the USA.

    However the media is also to blame. They translated her gibberish into English saying she was going rogue when in fact she was clueless. They never held her accountable for her vicious personal attacks or her insane remarks.

    Finally after 8 years they have come to realize the damage she did to this country. Where have they been all these years? Yet, they still have her on programs making political commentaries or asking her opinion. Isn’t it time to give her the heave ho?

  44. Anita Winecooler3:31 PM

    Did you ever read something all the way through, then come to the conclusion the GOP deserves what they have, and then some? When her name was mentioned, I had no clue who she was nor the depth of her ignorance and duplicity. Then I read here and I learned McCain was thinking with the wrong head, and his party and politics will never be the same. And I have you, Audrey, Regina, Joe McGuinness, and others to thank for doing the heavy hauling.


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