Tuesday, February 09, 2016

On a parade float in Dusseldorf Germany.

Germans, as you might guess, have a low tolerance for racists and megalomaniacs.

I imagine they, like a lot of nations around the world, are watching our election process with a combination of shock and a sense of foreboding.


  1. Anonymous2:46 AM

    Now if had just put a caricature of the Trump Tramp Stamp standing behind him, 'trould been perfect!

  2. Leland3:35 AM

    If anyone is going to know fascism, it's Germany and Italy!
    I love the idea they are slapping him for his hair and his loud mouth and his temper and....

    It took me a while to recognize the Iowa eyepatch as a "black eye", but it really works with the statue essentially giving him a bird.

    Somebody put some serious thought into this. I hope Trump really gets ticked off because this should tell him that even if he is elected other countries won't want to work with him.

  3. Anonymous3:49 AM

    Trump is the perfect presidential candidate - if you like a guy who thinks it's okay to refer to a fellow candidate as a pussy.

    1. Anonymous4:51 AM

      Unfortunately, there are plenty of assholes who really do like that.

    2. Anonymous5:47 AM

      Anonymous 3:49 AM
      Trump is the perfect presidential candidate - if you like a guy who thinks it's okay to refer to a fellow candidate as a pussy.
      I don't care what Trump calls the other Repub candidates. It's no skin off my ass. Let the Repubs devour each other. Perhaps Trump called it like he sees it.

      I only interested in the Democrats.

    3. Maple6:40 AM

      What you guys really need to be worried about is not what Trump calls other candidates. It's what he would call the leaders of other countries (allies, especially) if they didn't go along with his plans. He will alienate everyone, and unfortunately will represent to the world every negative thing that other nations believe about the US. While you might have the most weaponry, you will lose what is the most valuable -- respect.

    4. Anonymous7:05 AM

      You better believe we are worried about it, 6:40.

    5. Anonymous7:34 AM

      Sadly, there are plenty of 'people' that think referring to another candidate in a vulgar way is very appropriate. Sigh.

    6. Anita Winecooler3:45 PM

      Not only not worthy of presidential material, but misogynistic and crude to all women regardless of party. And he drew attention to the "Pussy" word shouted at one of his rallies. Gee, Ivanka must be so proud of daddy, poor Melania just doesn't get it- and never will. Where's Sarah, Nancy, or Bristol slamming him down for being a dick? Where's Carly's poutrage? The RWNJ's should have walked out en masse. Silence is consent.

  4. Popcorn sales worldwide are burgeoning.

  5. Anonymous4:01 AM

    It astounds me that this buffoon leads in polls. Is this what we've become as a society that someone so garish would be celebrated and encouraged to lead us? There are just no words.

    1. Anonymous7:09 AM

      It started with Sarah Palin. I remember wondering how someone supposedly representing a mainstream party (as opposed to a crazy 3rd party) could be so crass and outright nasty. Donald Trump is worse, but only because Sarah Palin was put under tight controls. Think about all the crass stuff she's said since about the President and other people. No wonder she loves Trump. He's saying all the stuff she wanted to say.

      Notice in the recent interview she said the GOP doesn't like that she can say and do whatever she likes. She's still pissed off about not being able to go full Sarah Palin.

      Fuck John McCain and all the republicans who released Sarah Palin on the country in such a high profile way.

    2. Anonymous8:23 AM

      It started with Sarah Palin.
      I think it started with Karl Rove.

      It became worse with Sarah because she brought it out into the light of day and made it "acceptable".

      The GOP is guilty by keeping silent.

  6. Anonymous4:40 AM

    Are those gills behind the Donald's ear? Damn, I always thought there was something reptilian about the man... proof at last!

  7. "We shall overcomb," is the caption on one of the DUMP TRUMP campaign posters. Here are more. Hilarious!

    key in dump trump and go to images. You can buy bags, mugs, T-shirts and underwear.

    1. Anita Winecooler3:46 PM

      ROTFL!!!!! Perfect!

  8. Anonymous5:08 AM

    Lady of Liberty thumbing her nose?
    How apropos!

  9. Anonymous5:52 AM

    This is great, i love that the world is mocking us, we deserve it. I have many friends in europe , we communicate often. They are dumb founded by not only our politics, but by our religion, by the guns here, by our medical situation allowed by our government just to name a few.....i am 63 and am starting to feel the bern....fuck the republicans

  10. Anonymous6:03 AM

    Look how crude Trump is now. This is a man who is running for president??? Yeah, Sarah, really classy, I gotta tell ya...

    Donald Trump on Tuesday equated parroting a phrase calling Ted Cruz a p---- to a Twitter retweet.

    “We were having a lot of fun…it wasn’t overly bad, and I have to tell you, the woman shouted, shouted, I said OK, I’m gonna — it’s like a retweet,” he told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday. “So I would never say a word like that.”

    Trump on Monday repeated a woman at a rally in New Hampshire who called Cruz a p---- for his response on waterboarding in Saturday’s debate. “She said he’s a p----,” Trump announced to the Manchester crowd.

    “By the way, can I tell you what?” Trump began Tuesday. “The audience went crazy. Standing ovation. Five thousand people went nuts. They loved it. You know, we’re having fun. And that’s what I mean about being politically correct. Every once in a while you can have a little fun, don’t you think?”


    1. Anonymous6:14 AM

      "It's ok, as long as 5,000 idiots laugh then I'm allowed to say what I want"

    2. Anonymous6:15 AM

      Hilburn Christin ·

      Trump latches onto every 'pop culture' hate word or phrase to rally the ire of the angry, desperate and disenfranchised. Hitler did the same thing.

      These Trump supporters are looking more and more like the blind Germans who put Hitler into power.

      They need to rely on these large brain-washing rallies to garner up support. I don’t blame them though, what else is there to talk about? Obama has thrived in office.

      Dow over 17,000, record corporate profits, 5% growth, best year for jobs since 1999, consumer confidence up, deficit down 60% in 2014, gas prices low, health insurance cheaper than ever ($85/month), car insurance cheaper than ever ($25/month from Insurance Panda), the 1% starting to be taxed more… all while republicans bleated about Benghazi took pointless votes to repeal the ACA, and did nothing for anybody except the top one percent.

      It turns out that Obama is indeed “the adult in the room,” and yes, the Chess Master. Hillary will keep the good times rolling, any republican will screw it up. Simple as that.

    3. Anonymous6:17 AM

      Donald Trump calls Ted Cruz the P word


    4. Anonymous6:49 AM

      Trump spokesperson tells CNN: Donald Trump is like a ‘Founding Father’ when he says ‘p*ssy’


    5. Anonymous7:50 AM

      Before I even clicked on that rawstory link I knew it would be that lunatic (Katrina Pierson).

    6. Anonymous8:24 AM


    7. Anonymous8:48 AM

      a woman at a rally in New Hampshire who called Cruz a p---- for his response
      I thought Sarah was not campaigning for Trump in NH.

  11. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Gary Bernier · Principal at Ronin Partners, Inc.

    The one really good thing about Trump is that, more than anyone since Barry Goldwater, he has torn the mask off the Republican Party. We can now see what they have tried desparately to hide from any rational voters with a soul. It is a Party based on bigotry and fear mongering. It's primary purpose is to ensure the wealthy and large corporations never have to make any financial concessions to our society or the country. It supports a doctrine of belligerance and hubris in foriegn policy. The ends justify the means, including committing war crimes and torture.

    When this party is supported by people who think anyone that would not whole heartedly endose torture is a p...y, then it is a party of the ignorant, by the ignorant, for the ignorant. Thank you Mr. Trump for showing America the real GOP.

    1. Anonymous6:35 AM

      Great post 6:05. This crop of Republican candidates is destroying the GOP. IMO it can't happen soon enough.

    2. Anonymous10:32 AM

      Thank You for your statement, so well said. I shudder at what we are leaving our children and grandchildren with this insanity the GOP has cultivated. The world may well be shuddering at what the GOP has wrought in this campaign. It all started with Palin and grew to this disaster.

  12. Anonymous6:29 AM

    I suspect the atmosphere at a Trump rally might make one think they've stumbled into a pro-wrestling match. Trump appeals to the the willfully uninformed and angry portion of the voting block. He's a carnival barker pumping up the crowd.

    Self-serving narcissist.

  13. Anonymous6:33 AM

    Prediction markets show Trump in decline


  14. Anonymous6:34 AM

    'The Trumpening' Is Scarier Than Any Horror Film You'll Ever See


  15. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Trump’s Son Says Waterboarding ‘No Different’ Than ‘What Happens in Frat Houses Every Day’


    1. Anita Winecooler4:01 PM

      I can see where Eric inherited his brains. Yo, Eric, waterboarding is NOTHING close to getting your ass slapped with a wet towel in the locker room or getting your head put in a toilet and flushing it, leaving you to clean up your mess and change your undies.
      Greta looks fabulous, haven't seen her in ages, did she get a half face lift? injections? Or is she on Brissy's diet sippy cups?

  16. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Wonder what kind of float this nutcase would inspire???

    Michele Bachmann goes on insane anti-Muslim rant: Migrants are nuking Western Civilization with rape!

    Bachmann, who suggested the previous week that President Barack Obama may be the antichrist, said migrants and refugees from Syria’s civil war were actually a “planned invasion” orchestrated by Islamic religious leaders.

    “This clearly is an invasion,” Bachmann said. “This is a planned invasion, not only in Europe but also in the United States, I believe for the specific purpose of destroying Western Christendom.”


  17. Anonymous6:58 AM


    Watch Full Frontal’s take on Bush and the voters, as posted online, below.


  18. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Perfect representation. The Germans saw what happened when they allowed a fuhrer to destroy their country. They know what they are looking at in Mr. Drumph.

    1. I agree. The Trump rallies look and sound a lot like the Hitler rallies in 1938 Germany -- wave a lot of flags, stir up the anger at foreigners and immigrants, wave some more flags, make white people feel that they are the victims.

  19. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Germans, as you might guess, have a low tolerance for racists and megalomaniacs.
    I am going to have to disagree with this statement.

    Neo-Nazi groups are alive and well in Germany, some hidden, others not. In Italy, the Christian Democrat party is the remains of fascism.

    The United States does not have exclusive rights to hatred.

  20. Anonymous8:24 AM

    This didn't take too long.

    Ted Nugent Goes Full-On Jew Hater in Facebook Rant


  21. Anita Winecooler4:08 PM

    The european's are very good at political lampooning and especially parade events that show them off. Whomever did this one deserves first place. I'm glad to see the world have a sense of humor and can smell bullshit when they're near it. Angela Merkel and POTUS must be laughing their asses off.


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