Wednesday, March 02, 2016

The Palin curse strikes again as Ted Cruz wins Alaska in last night's Super Tuesday caucus.

Courtesy of the Trump Tramp's Facebook page.
Courtesy of The Atlantic:  

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is projected to have won the Republican presidential caucuses in Alaska. 

With all the precincts reporting, Cruz narrowly defeated Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner, 7,973 votes (36.4 percent) to 7,346 (33.5 percent), according to the Associated Press. 

Alaska will send 28 delegates to the Republican convention in Cleveland on July 18. The win gives Cruz 12 delegates. Trump, who had secured the support of Sarah Palin, the state’s former governor, will take home 11. Marco Rubio, the U.S. senator from Florida, who finished third in the state, will get five. Alaska Dispatch News reported that, in all, 21,930 votes were cast.

So even though Sarah Palin virtually destroyed what little credibility she still had among conservatives by endorsing Trump, she still could not even help him to win her home state.


Not only that but apparently she could not even convince one of her family members to caucus with her either.

I mean where's Todd? Or Willow? Or Bristol? Or anybody really, besides one of the people in the state that she pays to be her friend?

Like I said, sad.

Or from my perspective, really really satisfying. 


  1. Anonymous6:02 AM

    "I love Homies with extra Chromies?" Is she calling her son gay now?

    1. Jana K.6:23 AM

      I noticed that last nite Jake Tapper explained what that stupid slogan said and how it referred to Trig. He can barely disguise his disdain for Palin and Trump when their names are mentioned. He also dryly reminded viewers that if Sarah is offered a Trump cabinet position that she wants the Dept of Energy and her goal is to eliminate the department.

    2. Sarah6:53 AM

      Watch for two new non-profits!

      First is Homies with Extra Chromies- see if you can figure the secret dill there!

      Second is with Rep Gattis and it's called GTFO OLDS- It's Not Your Lawn Anymore(tm)! Alaska has a budget crisis and just like some cities buy one way bus tickets to get rid of their problems now it's time for Alaska to do this with the olds who don't have yooge bank accounts.

      It's time for Alaska to ask "What's In It For US?" When it comes to many of Alaskan olds the answer is not nearly enough. So that's the dill with our new non-profit GTFO OLDS. One way plane tickets to alost anywhere are expensive, so GTFO OLDS plans to raise a lot of money and charter planes to get rid of the excess olds faster. It's just like what Trump will do to the libs.

      More info on GTFO OLD's founder (Lynn from Wasilla!) here.

      Website GTFO coming soon.

    3. They never fixed the state retirement fund screw up did they? We tried to bring it to palin's notice. See AK accountants.

    4. Anonymous7:12 AM

      But a lot of Trump support comes from seniors on fixed incomes. Isn't that right, Sarah?
      PS I don't understand the "Homies with extra chromes." What does that stand for?

    5. Anonymous7:31 AM

      Trig has an extra chromosomes.

    6. Anonymous7:33 AM

      She's celebrating the fact that Trig is an extra chromosome which causes Down Syndrome.

      Why should Sarah give her time to an organization to help raise money and awareness for Down Syndrome when she can just put on a sweatshirt with a pithy rhyme on it?

    7. Anonymous7:33 AM

      Get rid of the old folks. They slip on the ice. BFF of Sarah Palin, Lynn Gattis, knows all about it.

      The son of a state legislator, who admitted to dealing the drugs that killed his friend in 2012, was sentenced Thursday to 16 years in prison during an emotional hearing in U.S. District Court.

      Robin Gattis, the 20-year-old son of Wasilla Rep. Lynn Gattis, pleaded guilty in August to importing methylone from a Chinese supplier who called himself "Bruce Lee."

    8. Anonymous7:56 AM

      Was it Robin Gattis, son of Lynn Gattis, that was the friend of Track Palin when they covered for him during the school bus spree?

    9. The insufferable dingbat just admitted she is proud that her "son" is mentally/physically challenged. Can this family be more dense than they already are?

      I said it before that it is more plausible that this evil family named Tripp after her father's ho, named Trig after his condition and Sailor after a Marine.

      The little back and forth that Bustol and Meyers had is as fake as Bustol's witch chin.

    10. Anonymous8:16 AM

      I'm 47 and I wouldn't get caught dead wearing anything with slogans on it, let alone the "homies" word.I get that she's still milking Trig condition (what an evil witch she is) but still.

    11. Anonymous8:33 AM

      Sarah can't mention Track now, she deflects to what she sees is her parenting success, the birth of Trig or that SpongeBob pillow deal she pulled off. The best of times for Sarah she was so high when she was on a roll with that scam.

      She doesn't want to get into the old folks: Fixed-income seniors should consider leaving Alaska

      Rep. Lynn Gattis says seniors who can’t afford to live in Alaska, should consider moving out of state. AARP, a senior citizens advocacy group, warns reductions in the state budget proposed last week by the House Finance Committee, which includes Gattis, may force many to leave.


    12. Anonymous9:17 AM

      I'm surprised SHE hasn't taken "Credit" for his win? Didn't she endorse Cruz first?
      AIP Palin!

    13. Anonymous9:56 AM

      The Gattis had the air strip for the team.
      Todd was busy rounding up AIP voters at his caucus. hahaha

    14. Anonymous10:45 AM


      Gattis had some problems earlier with her son.

    15. Anonymous11:11 AM

      I just tried to google this Lynn Gattis wASSilla and my google tried to autocorrect it as Lynn GattASS? Also too Lyn GattA$$?

      Anyone else?

    16. Anonymous1:27 PM

      Wasilla had the worst drug problems in & around 2008 (before and after). Track and Bristol's friends were all a mess. Bastared babies and drug deaths. They've done their best to scrub the internet of the environment and friends of the Palins.

      Sarah Palin had no leadership and she was the worst thing ever for Wasilla. Her few friends did alright because they are all crooks. Think Dairy, Ivy Frye...

      Grattis, Coombs and many are part of the Valley agriculture snakes. They do lie and cover up for the Palins.

    17. Anonymous2:29 PM

      I remember that! Wasilla was the crystal meth capitol.

    18. Anonymous6:21 PM

      Gattis had some problems earlier with her son

      Robin was in the same business as Track Palin and he killed one of this best friends.

      What happened to that guy, I think his name was Gossett? He was one of them.

      What a disgusting bunch of low life. Their parents were pathetic. Sarah was not the only bad parent.

    19. Anonymous6:30 PM

      Family values ? That Gattis boy was not raise well.

      Parents wish son hadn't been left alone to die

    20. Anonymous8:27 PM

      Representative Lynn Gattis R-7, Greater Wasilla

      TOOK OFFICE: 2013

    21. Anonymous8:38 PM

      no she's stalking again and copycatting!
      so how is Greg doing Sarah?

    22. Anonymous11:18 PM

      708 no they killed off the Dept of Revenue Commissioner so that would not come to pass!
      Too busy funneling money...

  2. 21,000+ votes total in Alaska? WTF?

    1. Anonymous6:14 AM

      And the pee pond says it doesn't matter because Wasilla went for Drumpf. WTF indeed.

    2. Nobody votes in AK unless you tie a personal interest, like dipnetting or out of state fisheries. That's why palin was such a joke.

  3. Consider now "The Trump Curse": look at what the endorsement of him has done to "Governor" Palin, and now Governor Christie(R-NJ). Not to mention the entire GOP and its "movement."

    1. Anonymous6:13 AM

      He's got his white supremacists and thug SS agents to keep him happy.

    2. Anonymous10:23 AM

      "The last thing we need is a con man as president.” Republican Rubio

      Rubio Slams Trump, Reiterating ‘Con Artist’ Charge. Con man's Governor Chris Christie replaces Sara Palin.

      (Sarah Palin, Chris Christie, Scott Brown, etc.) Con, con, cons.

      Maine Gov. Paul LePage endorses Trump for president.

      Bristol Palin supports

  4. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Congratulations, Alaska, for that big FU to "Sara". The look on the face of the guy behind them, says it all. So funny.

    1. I noticed that guy, too. Priceless.

  5. Anonymous6:11 AM

    Bristol was busy breastfeeding.

    1. Anonymous6:19 AM

      Bristol's new reality show:

      Life is a Tit

    2. Anonymous6:23 AM


    3. Anonymous6:50 AM

      I'm still laughing!!

    4. Anonymous7:32 AM


    5. Anonymous9:29 AM


    6. Anonymous1:13 PM


  6. Caroll Thompson6:12 AM

    You would think that a former Governor would be able to rally the troops, if you will, to get out and vote for her preferred candidate. Had Sarah rustled up even 1,000 people for Trump, he would have won.

    Oh, but that would be actual work, which we know Sarah does not like doing.

    You know who is really good at organizing people to get out and vote? President Obama. The former community organizer organized the entire country and won twice; the first time in a landslide.

    Well, now we know that Sarah won't even get the Christie treatment from Trump after this debacle. Sarah may as well throw the phone out of the window; Trump is never calling her again.

    1. Anonymous6:21 AM

      I wouldn't be so sure, Caroll. I'll bet they talk regularly. This is the broad that gets off on brawls and is no doubt licking her lips in delight at the pandemonium of a Drumpf rally.

    2. Anonymous6:36 AM

      The second time with a majority of 5,000,000.

      The "people" have spoken and want the current President to fulfill his Constitutional duty to appoint a justice to the Supreme Court.

      And, if Mitch McConnell ever read the Constitution, he'd see that the Senate is OBLIGED to consider the President's nominee. It is not allowed to refuse to consider whoever is nominated by the President.

    3. Anonymous6:38 AM

      Todd was busy rounding up AIP voters at his caucus.

    4. Anonymous6:38 AM

      Todd was busy rounding up AIP voters at his caucus.

    5. Anonymous6:39 AM

      Plus, I'd bet good money that none of the adult Palin children have bothered to register to vote, or to take the long, arduous trip to a polling place to support their mother.

    6. Anonymous7:04 AM

      I can't find it right now, but I recently posted a link to a site on which you can check individual voters' histories for several states, Alaska being one. Turns out all the adult Palin kids are (or have been at some time) registered. Bristol votes most of the time, Willow votes sometimes, and Track has voted exactly once...and NOT in the election in which his own mother was running for vice president of the United States of America. (How much must you hate your mom to not bother to vote for her in that circumstance?!)

    7. Anonymous7:05 AM

      Didn't Bristol brag that she 'didn't vote' for her mother even, when she was 18 in 2008? You sure raised a swell family, Sarah.

    8. Donald bought a blow job not a relationship.

    9. Anonymous7:13 AM

      I think you have a point 6:21. As Trump gets more and more outrageous and vicious, he may call out the Rottweiler again (sorry to Rottweilers). He is entirely unpredictable and seems increasingly careless about public opinion.

      Of course, then he'll dispose her like Christie who has been dumped by Trump more than once already.

    10. Anonymous9:02 AM

      Caroll, You need to understand that there is NO WAY $creech could stump for Trump in Alaska - she is SO disliked that it is amazing she even showed up in public to vote! Since quitting, $he has never once been invited to speak at or participate in a single event anywhere in AK by any group. Even events that honor Alaska women in politics never include Palin. I'd wager 95% of Alaskan consider the Palins as the state's biggest embarrassments.

    11. Anonymous11:26 AM

      And rightly so, 9:02 AM!

    12. Anonymous12:05 PM

      I'd wager 95% of Alaskan consider the Palins as the state's biggest embarrassments.

      Just wait until the truth about July 3 2009 gets out.

      What she got caught doing, and then she already had her going away FU already planned.

  7. Anonymous6:16 AM

    Well, she really delivered the win for him! Cruz, that is.
    Did someone forget to tell The Donald about the Palin Curse? heh


  8. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Look at the guy behind her. If looks could kill. Lollllll.

  9. Anonymous6:27 AM

    Is there anyone in Alaska that could believe that Sarah Palin has a daughter that would breastfeed a baby?

    Isn't that the hair fluffing friend in above pic with Sarah? Was her son one of the paid suckers for another boyfriend for a Palin kid?

    Why can't Bristol get her own boyfriends?

    Are they all arrangements made by her parents?

    Levi was the only one Bristol picked out and she stole him from her best friend. Once she trapped Levi, Sarah went along with it for awhile since he was so easy to dress up for the RNC stage. Sarah thought it was a piece a cake. The teen lovers so cute and in love would marry and live happily ever after. Until Levi was the bad guy, and was he the worst when they got through with him.

    Now Bristol is a political activist and pundit and all about SUPER TUESDAY. She is also a good shot and the picture of a loving breastfeeding mother while she does her skin work.... gag

    1. Anonymous6:43 AM

      EFF Bristol.
      Any of 'em, all of 'em.

  10. Has anyone seen Christie's balls?

    1. Anonymous7:05 AM

      They're backstage where Trump cut 'em off and left 'em.

    2. Anonymous7:36 AM

      No. Palin might have a remark to make about this.

  11. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Is it physically impossible for Sara to stand up straight and have her head in line with her neck and shoulders? She's adopted some cheap modeling trick where she cants her head off-kilter, like a birthday balloon that's losing it's (hot) air.

    1. Anonymous8:00 AM

      Always. Does. That. I hate it too.

  12. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Actually it is Refreshing that she did Not take a human child shield with her.

    1. Anonymous8:20 AM

      Her sweatshirt is a substitute for Trig and serves the same purpose to shield her from being approached by any critics.

    2. Anonymous8:37 AM

      8:20, exactly.

    3. Anonymous8:55 AM

      I didn't read the shirt.
      What an unconscious idiot twat she us

  13. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Damn it Sarah
    Can't you do anything right?
    All you had to do is bring one state towards Trump and you couldn't even do that you retard.

  14. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Poor Sarah. David Duke is getting more media time for supporting Drumpf than she is. Chris Christie, Jefferson Coon Hating Sessions, David KKK Duke. Not one peep about our wittle SARA. LOSER. Drumpf said he only like winners, not winers.

  15. Hello everyone ! Just want to say I love the side-eye they are getting from the photo-bomber over her shoulder. That guy knows what's what.

  16. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Is that Tripp in back of Sarah? Bristol is nursing little Sailor by Tripp? How cute. That Bristol was serious about Super Tuesday and not just blowing hot air with her social media post! Go Bristol!! You can do it all!

  17. Hey LOOK everybody! Baldy has a "friend"!! Wonder how much BaldyPAC pays her to put up with that stench? Whoever the dummy is I hope she gets hit with the Baldy curse! That shit is REAL and hella powerful! Good luck "teeth gritter" friend!


    1. Anonymous8:11 AM

      Isn't that her ghostwriter, Nancy French?
      Wonder where they were and why...

    2. Anonymous8:15 AM

      Sarah's friend is Juanita. Some of you may remember her from when she showed Sarah how to make chocolate chip cookies on the Palin Channel. One of the funniest videos ever!

    3. Anonymous8:40 AM

      8:15, ah yes, another fail for Sara's record book. As I recall she was dressed appropriately for kitchen work...not.

    4. Anonymous9:08 AM

      Didn't Juanita have a prop they used in one of the failed show business attempt on TV?

    5. Anonymous9:52 AM

      I think Juanita was also the Hair Fluffer in Chief.

      R in NC

    6. Anonymous11:56 AM

      Obviously no Palins would go there to pose with Sara.

      And it's probably the very first time these old ladies voted in a primary youbetcha.

    7. Anonymous5:11 PM

      Hey GinaM

      Here's some 411 on Juanita.

  18. Anonymous7:13 AM

    A poem for Sara

    Sara loves homies with extra chromies,
    And that's why Trump said just shut up and blow me

    Said Trump to Sara, if you do it right,
    I might let you stump for me tonight

    So she put on her knee pads and went to work,
    Her expert manipulations caused Trump to jerk

    He twitched and sputtered and blew a huge wad,
    The load was so huge that some goo flew on Todd

    When she was done, Trump said "hey, gotta run",
    "Since you just did me, I owe you one"

    Sara waived good bye, having completed her mission,
    And that's how you get a Cabinet position

    1. Anonymous7:37 AM

      Very good!

    2. Anonymous7:54 AM

      Add-Back in 08, thanks to McCain the intire GOP has gone batshit Insane.

    3. abbafan8:42 AM

      Anon @ 7:13 A.M. - Fuckin' A Bubba!! That suckcinctly (ha-ha!!) sums up how she got a-head (ha-ha!!) in life!! $arah is a real warsiller suckcess (ha-ha!!) story!

    4. Anonymous8:51 AM

      Nice addition, 7:54 AM! Anyone brave enough to post it in the pee pond? bwahahaha

    5. Anonymous11:42 AM

      it won't last long so get ready for a quick screen grab

    6. Anonymous12:03 PM

      Bawdy good, well done!


    7. Anonymous1:18 PM

      Very clever and funny! Well done!

    8. Anonymous11:14 PM

      Nickleback - Shaking Hands

  19. Anonymous7:16 AM

    The interesting part is that Lisa mulkowski can win an election as an independent for less money.

    1. Anonymous10:14 AM

      Lisa Murkowski will have a difficult time being reelected by Alaskans.

      She came very close to losing last time! She is a Republican the State of Alaska does not need representing them in the U.S. Congress. A Congress that does nothing and is very much disliked by the majority of Americans throughout our country.

      The woman says one thing and does something entirely different in Congress. She is nothing more than a puppet for Mitch McConnell (Kentucky).

      Pay attention, Alaskans. Check her record - how she votes - etc. It's all out there.

      She received the native population majority last time. It is apparent they need to be better educated about her history in Congress.

      I can hardly wait to work against her reelection bid! She's as bad as her Dad, Frank Murkowski! (Remember, he picked her to fill his seat years ago! She's way past being termed out (if we had such a thing - which is also sorely needed)!

    2. Anonymous10:40 AM

      I understand. I do think at one time sarah was going to appoint herself as senator when the senator died. She had to be reminded. I just think that it was interesting that she pulled off an independent against crazy joe but sarah cannot mobilize alaska for trump esp with her access to the military and church.

    3. Anonymous1:23 PM

      It is senator Lisa Murkowski and Congressman Don Young And Don is THE BIGGEST ASSHOLE rep we have. check his record. he is so nauseating.

  20. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Sarah Palin traveled all the way to the lower 48 to stump for Trump and even brought relatives with her to Trump's golden palace in New York to show off that she knows Trump and she can go to his apartment.

    Why couldn't Sarah Palin get her beloved Alaska to vote for her BFF?

    1. Anonymous7:24 AM

      Because we hate the bitch

  21. Anonymous7:23 AM

    I looked at Sarah Palin's tweets and want to know where are Sarah's multiple tweets to vote for Donald Trump?

    There should have been a flood of her tweets to the residents of Alaska.

    Tweets are free so that means no money out of her pocket.

  22. Anonymous7:27 AM

    That is embarrassing for Sarah Palin that she didn't get Alaska for Donald Trump.

    WTF good is Sarah Palin to Trump's campaign?

    1. Anonymous2:31 PM

      I am sure trump is thinking the same thing.

  23. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Super Tuesday came and went and Sarah has still not endorsed Any candidates other than Trump. Who the Hell continues to donate to her PAC. I know that donations are down, but 300000? I dont get it. I watched part of Trumps press conference last night. I bet it drove Sarah crazy to see Chris Christie sharing the limelight. Now I wonder if he is thinking about Christie as a running mate.

    1. Anonymous7:48 AM

      This amount might be due to idiots who sign up to donate monthly and forget about it.

    2. I seriously doubt he'll ask Christie. He polls lower than anyone ever has in the history of polling!

  24. Anonymous7:35 AM


    Isn't this guy below Sarah Palin's bff and her mouthpiece? What happened? Why is this guy jumping on Sarah's face like the rest of the lamestream media is doing?


    Alaska: Ted Cruz Takes Sarah Palin's Home State

    Breitbart - 11 hours ago

  25. Anonymous7:39 AM

    It's the media's fault. Sarah does not own her fuckups.

  26. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Where's Sarah Palin? How about where is Bristol Palin? Why didn't Bristol send out tweets to her Alaska followers to vote for Trump?

    1. Anonymous8:05 AM

      Bristol has replaced Sarah.

      Why do you think Sarah always links to the Bristol Blog?

    2. Anonymous8:50 AM

      Remember a few years ago when she said that she might get into politics some day? I'll just bet she would! Easy $$, just like mommie dearest. Too bad she'd get her @ss kicked at the ballot box. LOL

  27. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Trump, we Immoral Minority's Alaska readers have been telling you this is

    Not "Sarah Palin's Alaska"

    1. Anonymous8:43 AM

      Sarah Palin, the idiot, is the kiss of death for any candidate!

      But, I'm getting a kick out of the tea party candidate, Ted Cruz, taking the majority in Alaska. Someone she endorsed before Donald Trump! She's such a fucked up mess when it comes to politics!

      I really don't think Trump will use her IF he gets the nomination for the Republican party. She embarrassed him once already with her horrid endorsement speech. He's not THAT stupid!

    2. Anonymous9:56 AM

      Alaska picks this guy ...
      Similarities of Cruz compared to Grandpa Munster!
      I thought Cruz looked familiar!

  28. Anonymous7:47 AM

    O/T - some disappointing Democratic Primary Fallout: 9,000 Bernie supporters target Warren on FB and more:

    1. Anonymous8:02 AM

      Why attack Warren? She said that she was staying out of it and meant it!

    2. Anonymous8:17 AM

      @8:02 Because they are misogynistic jerks!!!

    3. Anonymous8:32 AM

    4. Anonymous8:34 AM

      Of course they turned on Warren. Their candidate didn't sway enough people. It must be someone else's fault.

      How many times have we read Sanders supporters people claim they would vote for Warren if she were running? I guess they've changed their mind. The only way she's worth anything to them is if they publicly endorses their candidate.

    5. Anonymous9:55 AM

      Hillary Sexism Watch -

    6. Anonymous11:24 AM - Democrats Don't Feel the Bern because we like our President

  29. Anonymous7:57 AM

    I voted republican yesterday against trump.
    Hillary or Bernie I have no fear of losing. I'd would be happy with either. This is how Hitler got elected. Trump spouts this hatred and stupidity but the people on my left and right love it. I do not understand what happened to critical thinking and morality. The only good part is watching the lead republicans go into shock. Everyone is worried about second amend but not the changes that trump is asking for.

    1. Anonymous8:37 AM

      Trump threatens Paul Ryan,speaker of the house and he wants to bring back sedition laws, per george will. Even republicans are upset about this.

    2. Anonymous8:42 AM

      Thank you.

  30. Anonymous7:57 AM

    This was not poor Sara (oops I mean Sarah) fault.

    The lamestream media with their gotcha questions stuffed the ballot box for Cruz

  31. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Now this is music to my ears!

    ...Remember when liberal was a dirty word? Not any more.

    We’ve been saying this throughout President Obama’s presidency, but here’s the proof. Under Obama, there has been a subtle but big paradigm shift toward proud liberalism. Here are some fascinating stats from southern states to prove it, via Super Tuesday exit polls from MSNBC:

    Sixty-eight percent of Democratic primary voters in Virginia consider themselves liberals in 2016.

    In Georgia, 56% voters in the Democratic primary consider themselves liberal.

    In Tennessee, 62% of Democratic primary voters call themselves liberals.

    In Alabama, 57% of Democratic primary voters consider themselves liberals.

    Welcome to the new age of proud liberalism, brought to you by President Barack Obama, who stamped liberalism with a moral authority untouched by Republicans.

    If Democrats find a way to get Southern Christians, it’s game over for Republicans.

  32. Anonymous8:00 AM

    If Bristol Palin didn't leave her house to go to the polling station to vote for Donald Trump, well that is because she has an excellent reason. It was too cold for Bristol to take her newborn baby out to the car in this Alaska weather to go vote for Donald Trump.

    1. Anonymous8:16 AM

      Nah. $he was BREASTFEEDING her newborn, and could not unlatch her from her breast for a couple of minutes.

    2. Anonymous9:12 AM

      It is spring for Bristol.

    3. Anonymous10:01 AM

      Sorriest excuse I've ever heard! Breastfeeding doesn't stop MOST Alaskan women! But, it's a Palin - go figure!

    4. Anonymous11:18 AM

      Who was 'breastfeeding' Sailor when Bristol was at the shooting range all day?

  33. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Is Sarah Palin distancing herself from the Donald Trump campaign? Sure does look like it.

    1. Anonymous8:41 AM

      Distancing herself? Yeah, that's the ticket.

    2. Anonymous9:24 AM

      Trump dumped Sara.

    3. Anonymous9:47 AM

      Sara Drumpf

  34. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Harry Reid Savages Republicans For Making Trump

    Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) had a message for Republicans just hours after Donald Trump won big on Super Tuesday: Don't act surprised. You made Trump.

    "Donald Trump is the standard-bearer for the Republican Party," Reid said from the Senate floor Wednesday. "Republicans created him by spending seven years appealing to some of the darkest forces in America. Now it's up to the Republicans to try and undo what they have done by denouncing Donald Trump. It's time for the Republicans to stop the Frankenstein they created."

    Reid said that by blocking President Barack Obama's agenda at every turn, by using hurtful language against minorities, Republican had paved the way for Trump to arise as the party's nominee, a nightmare scenario for party leaders who worry Trump will be a liability for them and down ballot candidates in a general election.

    "The Republican Party has spent years railing against Latinos and immigrants, trying to incite fear. Congressman Steve King called undocumented immigrants drug dealers. He described their bodies in a very negative, ugly way," Reid said on the floor. "Now Donald Trump is saying the same thing. Donald Trump is the ultimate fulfillment of the Republican Party's legacy of obstruction and resentment."

    But Reid went a bit further even calling out the GOP's other options in the race as too extreme.

    "It's not only Trump...

    1. Anonymous8:46 AM

      Good for Harry! Talking the last seven years, he should have also mentioned crybaby Boehner and turtle face McConnell. Heck, there's a laundry list of 'em.

  35. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Sera,do your self a favor, and maybe others! Wash your hair, behind your ears and neck!
    Change your undergarments once in a while!
    And while your at it,bend over and blow your head out of your ass!

  36. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Did anybody see Bristol's Russian softporn exotix calendar model friend Marina Lupas's Facebook? Did Marina post anything telling her Alaskan and lower 48 followers to go vote for Trump?

  37. Anonymous8:25 AM

    I love the look on that guy behind skank, that's how most of America feels about her haha.

    1. Anonymous9:13 AM

      He is giving them the stink eye.

  38. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Only problem is, 8 AM, the temps in the central part of Alaska (Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer, Wasilla) have been running in the 40's and setting records (due to the warmth!). No excuses there for The Bristol Broad!

    1. Anonymous9:32 AM

      But she has to breastfeed her baby.

    2. Anonymous9:37 AM

      Most times, Bristol is just going from one warm building with a couch to another. She's definitely not an outdoors girl, no matter what she posts to make it seem that way. We saw her with baby in tow when the whole family gathered for that Iron Dog pic, and that meat she had to stand outside in the cold for more than two minutes. She could have voted.

    3. Anonymous9:55 AM

      That is the 'joke' of all times, Beaglemom!! I remember breastfeeding eons ago (in Alaska!) and recall doing it outdoors, etc. Always felt the fresh air good for the little one!!!

  39. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Bristol may not have voted because she was breastfeeding her new trial husband or lumbersexual?

    1. Anonymous10:06 AM

      Breastfed. 2-3 day old. Bottle with formula.

      Baby Birth Secret. Always wear proper breastfeeding attire.

  40. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Oh my, Sarah has been my longtime neighbor and she didn't even knock on my door to tell me to vote for Donald. Maybe it was too cold in Wasilla for her to bother?

    1. Anonymous10:43 AM

      Maybe you do not have something she wants.

  41. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Texas Supermarket Overwhelmed By Democratic Voters

    ‘I’d Rather Vote For Hillary:’ Ted Cruz Voters Explain Why They’ll Never Vote Trump

    2 Minutes That Show How The People Desperate To Take Down Trump Are The Same Ones Who Built Him Up

  42. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Republicans Are Threatening To Sabotage Trump If He Wins The White House

    ...There is not a much louder message that Republicans can send to their voters than suggesting that if they put Donald Trump in the White House, they will ignore him. This is not an empty threat. Republicans in Congress disobeyed George W. Bush on immigration reform, and they liked him. Imagine what congressional Republicans who already can’t stand Donald Trump will do if the billionaire wins the White House.

    1. Anonymous9:52 AM

      I seriously believe that we are going to see killings at the Trump rallies! He is inciting anger, fear, racism and it's going to backfire horribly!

      Just wish they'd get him vs a minority person!

      A Secret Service government employee took down a press member at Trump's rally and actually chocked him!

      I thought the Secret Service were paid for by taxpayers and are government workers - not to be done at the behest of the rules of Donald Trump?

      Why would the Secret Service follow the anti press rules of Donald Trump and do physical harm to a press agent? I have so many questions and concerns about the Secret Service. Does anyone else?

    2. Anonymous11:34 AM

      9:52 AM - My opinion of the Secret Service soured long ago, especially with the scandals and cover ups. It's a wonder that President Obama hasn't been picked off.

  43. Anonymous8:50 AM

    HaHaHa -- there's old $creech standin' in line with zero attention from anyone. No cameras, no autographs, no one gives a crap about her in Alaska.

    I'm sure Trump expected her to 'deliver Alaska' with all her 'clout.' The thing is, $arah only 'delivers' from behind the safety of her Facebook bunker. Can you imagine her trying to hold a Trump rally or make speeches anywhere in the Great Land?? $he is so reviled here that it's amazing she had the guts to even go out and vote. Yep, Karma is comin' back to bite the bitch. And where were the other PayMe's of voting age??

    1. Anonymous9:45 AM

      She rarely shows her face in Alaska - Anchorage or Juneau!!! Don't think she's been back to Juneau (southeast Alaska) since she 'quit' as guv!

      She stays on her compound, on the dead lake in Wasilla which is located north of Anchorage about an hour drive.

      She's nothing more than a joke to Alaskans and the majority of Americans!

    2. Anonymous10:16 AM

      She could have been riding that Cruz train to victory here in AK but she gave up all her political alliances to give two crazy speeches for Trump, and boom, she's history.

    3. Anonymous10:45 AM

      Hey ketamine don't come cheap.

  44. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Either of them, all of them in the clown car is a horrible thought for the future of this country. too bad the curse doesn't extend to the entire R party.

  45. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Trump lost in Alaska? Can we have a do over? I promise to get more votes from Wasilla for you Donald.

  46. 66gardeners9:39 AM

    Trump may have Klinefelter's syndrome. Klinefelter's is a genetic disorder that affects males. Klinefelter syndrome occurs when a boy is born with one or more extra X chromosomes. Most males have one Y and one X chromosome. Having extra X chromosomes can cause a male to have some physical traits unusual for males.

    Here is the extract of Trump’s Selective Classification record provided to The Smoking Gun following their TSG records request.

    What caught my attention was the line labeled “Entries from Remarks Column” that says, simply, “YXX”.

    Huh? Would that be YXX as in one extra X chromosome? The condition, called Klinefelter syndrome, is not uncommon–it occurs in somewhere from 0.1% to 0.2% of males. Aside from having an extra X chromosome, these are symptoms of Klinefelter syndrome:
    •Abnormal body proportions (long legs, short trunk, shoulder equal to hip size)
    •Abnormally large breasts (gynecomastia)
    •Sexual problems
    •Less than normal amount of pubic, armpit, and facial hair
    •Small, firm testicles
    •Tall height


    Among other things, the syndrome increases ones risk of attention deficient hyperactivity disorder, autoimmune disorders, depression, and learning disabilities (including dyslexia).

    1. Anonymous10:15 AM

      He's fathered 5 children, so infertility doesn't seem to be an issue.

    2. Anonymous11:08 AM

      not every symptom is present in every case

  47. Anonymous9:43 AM

    She was so silent, and you know the "Sara" error pissed her off and made her stay even quieter on Trump. But, alas, at the last minute she threw out some tweets in support.

    One link she sent out--thinking it actually makes Trump look good--was to a video compilation of pics shows as he reads a cheesy "poem" (I can't call it a poem--as a poet, it just offends me when people call rhyming crap poetry) about snakes aka Muslims et al. She said it's gone viral in Europe. She implied that it should get rave reviews here and be seen. But it is one of those scary white supremacist appealing types of videos.

  48. Anonymous10:11 AM

    I see the woman is starting to see the light (very dim light) so and she's going to start pushing "other non-profits" or way to live for free. SMH
    Ugly-ass-woman looks like an ugly man.

    1. Anonymous10:46 AM

      I see religion for sister sarah.

    2. Anonymous1:00 PM

      She fucked up the religion angle when she trashed the Tea Party/Evangelicals Cruz voters in order to support Trump.

      She's ALL Trump or nothing now, burned ALL her other bridges.

      Remember those evangelicals that absolutely skewered her on her Facebook after her Trump endorsement? Their not coming back, her grift is done, unless she can somehow grift off of Trig's DS...

  49. Anonymous10:19 AM

    She's standing next to he o' friend juanita....her remaining (payroll) friend.

  50. Anonymous10:24 AM

    I LOve the crossseyed look in this photo:

    1. Anonymous10:26 AM

      Cross-eyed and inch-deep makeup, just to go a-voting.

    2. Anonymous11:22 AM

      Eww, what's going on with her
      "different colored" neck? She's got crow's feet from hell. She needs to be hosed down.

  51. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Why does scarah, AND NOW barstool, look so filthy ALL the time. They look like they slept in their clothes, and put their hair in a rubber band without even brushing their teeth. YUK!

  52. Anonymous10:34 AM

    It's now March 2 and our flying monkey friends appear to still be MIA...

    1. Anonymous1:11 PM

      Oh, lookie here, a team of one. Will wonders never cease.

    2. Anonymous3:35 PM

      And one flying monkey not posting nearly as much as she used to. But in fact there's more than one of me (so to speak).

  53. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Why Democrats Didn't Feel the Bern by Dana Milbank

  54. Anonymous2:24 PM

    SARA must be too busy breast feeding Track to go to CPAC this weekend. The organizers appear to have dug to the bottom of the Republican compost pile for speakers. No invite extended to Drumpfs little rah rah with the inflatable ta ta's? LOSER

  55. Anita Winecooler4:36 PM

    My how the mighty have fallen. Now she's proud of her "homies with an extra chromosome?" Where are they in the photo, I only see one on the left (no disrespect to people with DS intended) When was the last time she gave/volunteered at the special olympics? Her daughter, Bristol, does more posts about DS and DS causes than her "brother's mom" does.
    And Cruz winning shows how much Alaska just adores the Palins, in a way that Sarah understands, polls and votes. Sarah's a small turd circling around a huge toilet desperate for something to hold onto.

  56. Anonymous5:01 PM

    So that's Juanita from Wasilla standing next to Sarah?

    Her son Alex took to Willow to prom in 2012?

    Maybe I'm wrong.

    Maybe it was a different Fuller family from Wasilla who had a daughter Elle who needed a letter of recommendation from Sarah? Is that the Elle Fuller who apparently is also Janice Mason's niece?

    Then there was some guy named Norman Fuller was on on the Wasilla city council when Sarah was mayor? That couldn't be the father of Alex and Elle and the husband of Juanita? The Norman Fuller on the Wasilla city council was one of the council persons along with Sarah trying to appoint John Bircher Steve "Black Helicopter Steve” Stoll to one of two open seats on the Wasilla Council.

    to be continued

  57. Anonymous5:01 PM

    part 2-

    Also too, Crooks and Liars had this back in 2008:

    “ It's also worth noting that, according to Carney, Palin also was hoping to appoint one of Stoll's right-wing cohorts, a man named Mike Chryst, to the second council seat. But the city clerk ruled him ineligible because he lived outside the city limits.”

    That would be the late Michael Chryst who apparently had some sort of involvement with law enforcement and the courts concerning a grow operation just a few years earlier:

    “Stickler obtained a search warrant to search Chryst's house in Big Lake. The police discovered evidence of a large marijuana-growing operation at that location. The police then obtained a second warrant to search Chryst's residence in Wasilla. In the second search, the troopers discovered packaged marijuana.

    Chryst was indicted in February 1989 on several counts of misconduct involving a controlled substance.”

    That Mark Chryst should not be confused with fellow Alaskan and AIP chairman Mark Chryson.

    Salon had some of the details back in 2008:
    “Meet Sarah Palin’s radical right-wing pals
    Extremists Mark Chryson and Steve Stoll helped launch Palin's political career in Alaska, and in return had influence over policy. "Her door was open," says Chryson -- and still is.
    David Neiwert and Max Blumenthal”

    Here are some interesting details:

    “Palin backed Chryson as he successfully advanced a host of anti-tax, pro-gun initiatives, including one that altered the state Constitution’s language to better facilitate the formation of anti-government militias. She joined in their vendetta against several local officials they disliked, and listened to their advice about hiring. She attempted to name Stoll, a John Birch Society activist known in the Mat-Su Valley as “Black Helicopter Steve,” to an empty Wasilla City Council seat. “Every time I showed up her door was open,” said Chryson. “And that policy continued when she became governor.”

    When Chryson first met Sarah Palin, however, he didn’t really trust her politically. It was the early 1990s, when he was a member of a local libertarian pressure group called SAGE, or Standing Against Government Excess. (SAGE’s founder, Tammy McGraw, was Palin’s birth coach.) Palin was a leader in a pro-sales-tax citizens group called WOW, or Watch Over Wasilla, earning a political credential before her 1992 campaign for City Council. Though he was impressed by her interpersonal skills, Chryson greeted Palin’s election warily, thinking she was too close to the Democrats on the council and too pro-tax.

    But soon, Palin and Chryson discovered they could be useful to each other. Palin would be running for mayor, while Chryson was about to take over the chairmanship of the Alaska Independence Party, which at its peak in 1990 had managed to elect a governor.”


    It's a small world in Alaska, just about everyone knows someone.

    Who is Trig's father?

    Who is Trig's mother?

    What is Trig's birthdate?

    Who is Sailor's father?

    What is Sailor's birthdate?

  58. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Who is this TV star?

  59. Anonymous6:28 PM

    No no not again.
    Second incident
    Will there be a third?

    Sarah is this the type of people you associate with?

    Donald Trump Jr. Grants Interview to White Supremacist Radio Host

    Donald Trump has already beenaccused of not doing enough to distance himself from white supremacist supporters. On Wednesday, Donald Trump Jr., eldest son of the Donald, didn’t help change that impression when, according toBloomberg Politics, Trump Jr. did an interview with a white supremacist radio talk show. The show, The Political Cesspool, is hosted by James Edwards, and lists under its “statement of principles:” “We wish to revive the White birthrate above replacement level fertility and beyond to grow the percentage of Whites in the world relative to other races.”

    Edwards was given media credentials to a Trump event in Memphis and reportedly granted an interview with Trump Jr. that is slated to air over the weekend. The Trump campaign, after initially denying that the interview took place, appears to have conceded that it did and is distancing itself from Edwards, blaming the interview on a lack of vetting. “Had I known? I would have obviously never done an interview with him,” Trump Jr. told Bloomberg

  60. Anonymous8:50 PM

    So Sarry someone is yapping about kidnapping and all! so if you decide to 'again for the umpteeth time' order criminal actions it will not end good! and there will be noting I can do to save you this time!


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