Monday, April 11, 2016

Benghazi Committee bad ass Elijah Cummings endorses Hillary Clinton.

Courtesy of Politico:

Top Benghazi panel Democrat Elijah Cummings endorsed Hillary Clinton for president on Sunday, a move that could further sink the House Libya investigation into partisan mudslinging but helps Clinton in Cummings' home state. 

The Maryland Democrat, who also leads House Oversight Democrats, had declined to endorse the former secretary of state up to this point, telling reporters he was holding off until the Benghazi probe of the attack that left four Americans dead concluded. Clinton's work at the State Department is a key pillar of the investigation. 

But with the investigation approaching its two-year anniversary, and Maryland's late-April Democratic primary just days away, Cummings backed the front-runner in an op-ed submitted to The Washington Post, writing, according to the paper, writing that Clinton "not only understands the challenges facing Baltimore and other cities, she’s laid out a clear and detailed agenda that meets those challenges head-on." 

Cummings also took an implicit shot at Bernie Sanders: "Families in Baltimore who are hurting right now need more than the promise of a political revolution." 

I have no idea if this will actually help Hillary in Maryland, but going forward it certainly will not hurt to have Cummings in her corner.

Let's face it Elijah Cummings is a rock star to the Democrats and if you need someone to talk about the Clinton's relationship with black Americans you would be hard pressed to find a better surrogate.


  1. Anonymous11:34 AM


  2. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Thank you, Elijah Cummings. I cannot wait until President Obama is able to campaign for her and shares his personal perspective.

  3. Anonymous11:43 AM

    O-T - great post on Bernie's Vatican misstep -

    1. Anonymous1:14 PM

      [UPDATE: The agenda was changed this morning {April 11}, Sanders now has a ten minute slot before a coffee break Friday afternoon.]
      Archer, an English social scientist appointed the head the pontifical academy in 2014, said that while she “quite liked” Sanders’ program on paper, his failure to contact her first is a breach of protocol. She unloaded on Sanders for what she said was his “monumental discourtesy” in asking for an invitation and not going through her office. Sanders “made the first move two or three days ago,” Archer said. She did not know whom he or his representatives contacted.

      "Shank is also quite transparent about his antipathy toward Hillary Clinton and his lack of respect for Obama’s presidency.
      "What should be troubling about all this to the Vatican is the overlapping interests here between Shank, Sachs, Sanders, and PASS, and the appearance that Sachs and Shank parlayed their connection with PASS to use the Vatican and the Pope to help Bernie Sanders become President.

  4. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Good for Elijah Cummings! I was sure he was going to provide her the endorsement. I can hardly wait to cast my vote for her!

  5. 66gardeners12:00 PM

    All Marylanders are, rightfully, proud of Elijah Cummings. He is a straight shooter. You never even hear republicans bad mouthing him here in Maryland. He was thinking about running for the vacant seat of Barbara Mikulski. He probably would have won it. Chris Van Hollen is in a tight race with Donna Edwards who is black. Van Hollen is favored to win.

    1. Anonymous4:05 PM

      Agreed! Elijah Cummings has been a superstar in Maryland. He's a man cut from the same cloth as Barbara Mikulski.

  6. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Loving that look on Trey Gowdy's face.
    "I'm a white man, and both the woman here and the black man are so much smarter and better looking than I am. This is not what Jeff Davis taught."

  7. I have tremendous respect for Elijah Cummings. I wish there were more like him in DC.

  8. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Gowdy.... wasn't he the child actor playing the banjo on the porch in the movie "Deliverance"? I thought he looked familiar...

  9. Anonymous12:50 PM


    And enter the Bernie Bros and Hos that will make disparaging remarks against this man because of his race..........

  10. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Progressivism doesn’t die with Hillary Clinton: Debunking the myth that only Bernie can foster hardcore liberal ideas

    Progressive ideas need to be pushed through organizing the party and pushing legislation, not outsider rebellion

  11. Anonymous1:03 PM

    And is the MSM covering it?

  12. Dinty1:10 PM

    OT: Guess who's going to have her and handed to her?

    My guess is she will bow out before it vows down, she's such a coward

    1. Anonymous1:47 PM

      Definitely. When was the last time she every appeared on a panel where she had to respond to questions from the host and other guests?

      I think it back when she was "pregnant" with Trig and bent completely forward as if she wasn't actually carrying a fetus in her uterus.

    2. Anonymous6:17 PM

      Having her on a panel discussing anything is beyond insuting to anyone with even one active brain cell.

  13. Anonymous1:11 PM

    It’s the most explosive question of the 2016 presidential campaign: Could Hillary Clinton get indicted for her handling of sensitive materials through her home email server?

    A POLITICO review of dozens of recent federal investigations for mishandling of classified records suggests that it’s highly unlikely — but not impossible.

    The examination, which included cases spanning the past two decades, found some with parallels to Clinton’s use of a private server for her emails, but — in nearly all instances that were prosecuted — aggravating circumstances that don’t appear to be present in Clinton’s case.

    The relatively few cases that drew prosecution almost always involved a deliberate intent to violate classification rules as well as some add-on element: An FBI agent who took home highly sensitive agency records while having an affair with a Chinese agent; a Boeing engineer who brought home 2000 classified documents and whose travel to Israel raised suspicions; a National Security Agency official who removed boxes of classified documents and also lied on a job application form.

    Clinton herself, gearing up for her FBI testimony, said last week that a prosecution is “not gonna happen.” And former prosecutors, investigators and defense attorneys generally agree that prosecution for classified information breaches is the exception rather than the rule, with criminal charges being reserved for cases the government views as the most egregious or flagrant.

    1. Anonymous4:54 PM

      It's highly unlikely but not impossible that the planet will be annihilated to smithereens by a meteor in the near future.

  14. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Inside Bernie Sanders' vast, virtual ground game

    His campaign has surpassed even Barack Obama's in turning online fans into an army of tens of thousands of volunteers.

    1. Anonymous1:49 PM

      It means nothing if you can't get more votes than your opponent.

    2. Anonymous2:43 PM

      It means nothing if you're not registered to vote.

    3. Anonymous4:52 PM

      It means nothing if you don't vote in "off-year" elections as well as Presidential election years. They've got two months to get out there and vote in about a dozen or more states.

  15. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Larry Flynt unveils Trump porn parody

    Larry Flynt, whose Hustler studio in 2008 brought the world the political pornographic satire "Who's Nailin' Paylin," announced Monday that Donald Trump will be the subject of his latest porn parody video, titled simply "The Donald."

    “The downward spiral of name-calling in the GOP Presidential primary campaign is a national embarrassment and an insult to the intelligence of the American people,” Flynt said in a press release circulated by his management group, “but it’s also the perfect catalyst for the debauchery that HUSTLER Video has concocted in ‘THE DONALD.’ This parody is my contribution to the most entertaining Republican Party contest in recent history.”

    All Republican members of Congress will receive a free copy, Flynt said in the press release, and it goes on sale to the public on Tuesday.

    1. Anonymous3:12 PM

      You go Larry! Now that man does LOVE women..

  16. Anonymous1:46 PM


    “I’m very passionate about this issue,” Palin told Variety. “We’ve been told by fearmongers that global warming is due to man’s activities and this presents strong arguments against that in a very relatable way.”

    With Brent Bozo Bozell!

  17. Anonymous1:48 PM

    What does Bristol think about all this science?

  18. Anita Winecooler4:08 PM

    Gppd for Mr Cummings. I've always respected his views and dignified demeanor.

  19. Anonymous4:14 PM

    WOW if THIS happens>

  20. Anonymous9:39 PM

    "Families in Baltimore who are hurting right now need more than the promise of a political revolution."

    And yet you have been their peoples representative for the last 2 decades Mr. Cummings. He is a real piece of work.


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