Thursday, April 07, 2016

Did Donald Trump's son direct a mafia like threat at Ted Cruz? Yeah kinda.

Courtesy of Raw Story: 

Donald Trump’s son, Eric, may be a bit confused about the phrase “New York values,” coined by Trump’s GOP rival Ted Cruz. 

The front-runner’s son, who according to his Twitter profile, is the executive vice president of Development and Acquisitions at The Trump Organization, posted a picture from the HBO series, The Sopranos, with the caption, “Hey Cruz…When you get to NY we need to have a word with you. Tell us how you feel about NY values… we’ll send a car.”

So apparently this kind of threatening behavior runs in the family.

And as it turns out this is not the only negative reception Ted Cruz received from New Yorkers.

Courtesy of the Daily Mail:

As Cruz toured the lunch spot, a man identified as one half of a Latin hip-hop duo called Rebel Diaz yelled that the Texas senator is a 'bigot' and said he wasn't welcome because of his positions on illegal immigration. 

'Ted Cruz has no business being in the Bronx!' the heckler shouted from the front of the Sabrosura2 restaurant where Cruz was making a campaign stop. 

'This is an immigrant community. We deal with climate change every single day, and he wants to say that it doesn't exist.' 

'We live in one of the poorest congressional districts in the country,' the man went on. 'And to receive this right-wing bigot is an insult to the whole community.' 

'You're running on an anti-immigrant platform, and you're speaking in the Bronx,' he said. 'You should not be here!'

Gee, I guess this is how New York feels about "Texan values." 


  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Last time I checked, the spawn of a pig will usually be a pig.

    1. Anonymous11:39 AM

      Or a pig with lipstick! Looking at you Sarah.

    2. Anonymous11:53 AM

      Both sons are awful human beings. They love to slaughter exotic animals. They are the ted nugent crazy for spilling animal blood.

    3. Anonymous12:16 PM

      The oh so entitled Trump sons scare me almost more than Trump himself. The Donald at least pretends to like us.


    4. Anonymous12:33 PM

      The oldest son looks like some night crawling drug addicted sleaze.

    5. Anonymous1:18 PM

      Donald Trump, Dirty Money, & the Filthy Rich in Palm Beach

    6. Anonymous6:47 PM

      1:18 THAT IS TELLING!!
      Always the money..$$$$$$

    7. Anonymous11:36 PM

      So is Donald giving birth to a Corona?

  2. Anonymous11:47 AM

    The GOP Needs Ted Cruz (to Lose the
    Cruz, not Trump, represents the cranky, ascendant faction that the party needs to marginalize.

  3. Anonymous11:52 AM

    The Donald could have done better. He has a yuuuuge family of hunters at his beck and call.

    With great glee!!

  4. Maybe Cruz will think that means a car ride to The Bada Bing.

    1. Anonymous1:05 PM

      Planes, Trains & Automobiles

      Rinse Peebots

      Bada Bing Nuevo

  5. Anonymous11:56 AM

    When Trump Doesn’t Win

    How Trump Happened

    It’s not just anger over jobs and immigration. White voters hope Trump will restore the racial hierarchy upended by Barack Obama.

    1. Anonymous5:02 PM

      That is a Good Read on Racism!.
      Thank you for posting.

    2. Anonymous5:06 PM

      White America Trump supporters> “In 1999,” writes Case for Quartz, “people in this group died from accidental drug and alcohol poisonings at four times the rate of Americans with a bachelor’s degree or more. By 2013, they were dying at seven times the rate of their better-educated peers. In 2013, they also committed suicide at more than twice the rate of people with more education, and died from alcoholic liver disease and cirrhosis at five times the rate of those with a college degree.”

    3. Anonymous5:19 PM

      "it’s so strong that researchers have found a direct and robust connection between a given county’s proportion of enslaved people before emancipation and its present-day Republican vote share. The more slaves held in a given area, the more Republican votes."

  6. Anonymous12:04 PM

    This NY Times article about an older lawsuit against Donald Trump reads like a script for a Soprano's episode. Complete with Russian mob ties.

  7. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Weren't the Sopranos from New Jersey?

    1. Anonymous12:50 PM

      Don't sweat the details.


    2. Anonymous1:51 PM

      small stuff.... Todd's consistent advice: 'Don't sweat the small stuff.'

      Like safety, speed and riding/driving while impaired.

      Woot! Woot!

      "A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything." - Irish Proverb

    3. A J Billings2:06 PM

      Sopranos were the "pygmy thing" attached to the 5 families through Carmine and Johnny Sac, so yes, the were Jersey, but had NYC ties.

      I have the 6 Sopranos series in 1080p, and it is one of the best ever

    4. Anonymous2:22 PM

      Don't pick on the wittle pricks.

  8. Anonymous12:12 PM

    The Donald is who should be taken on a car ride - never to return again! Both men are horrible people to have running for POTUS and neither will EVER win!

    The media gives both of these two men way too much coverage. It's sickening!

    1. Anonymous1:30 PM

      Shocked I tells ya!

      Eric Deumpf coulda, woulda, shoulda gone with the real threat. Gangsta music.


    2. Anonymous11:37 PM

      Word on the street is designer shoes are being made for ol Donald! Concrete style!

  9. WalterNeff12:14 PM

    Ted Cruz's "New York Values" was dog whistle for "Jew"

    1. Anonymous1:13 PM

      Yep, Walter! Nailed it.

    2. Anonymous1:32 PM

      Cruz's definition of New York values:

      “socially liberal, pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion, focused on money and the media.”

  10. Anonymous12:15 PM

    For Americans of nearly every race, gender, political persuasion and location, disdain for Donald Trump runs deep, saddling the Republican front-runner with unprecedented unpopularity as he tries to overcome recent campaign setbacks.

    Seven in 10 people, including close to half of Republican voters, have an unfavorable view of Trump, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll. It's an opinion shared by majorities of men and women; young and old; conservatives, moderates and liberals; and whites, Hispanics and blacks — a devastatingly broad indictment of the billionaire businessman.

    Even in the South, a region where Trump has won GOP primaries decisively, close to 70 percent view him unfavorably. And among whites without a college education, one of Trump's most loyal voting blocs, 55 percent have a negative opinion.

  11. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Watch live as President Obama puts the full court press on Republicans in an attempt to break the obstruction of his Supreme Court nominee.


    1. Anonymous1:47 PM

      Obama Shows The Nation Why Donald Trump Is An Idiot With Brilliant Chicago Speech

      President Obama didn’t limit himself to discussing his Supreme Court nominee. Obama discussed American government with a detail and scope that sounded as the Commander In Chief should.

  12. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Being a Texan, I despise Cruz with a passion and he deserves all the shit New Yorkers can throw at the slimy bastard.

    1. Anonymous2:01 PM

      12:27 PM
      Me too! I can't stand slick and slimy Cruz.

    2. Anonymous2:27 PM

      Liver lips needs to crawl back into his hole from whence he came.

    3. Anonymous2:32 PM

      Me three

    4. Anonymous2:45 PM

      I can't enjoy disliking Trump, because avote against Trump is a vote for Slimy Lyin Cruz.

  13. Anonymous12:29 PM

    I do despise Trump's sons. They must have tiny weiners the way they slaughter beautiful lions, elephants, etc. Low ife scum, but I don't care if they threaten the wussy Cruz. He will go running to his whack job daddy to chase away the bad guys with curses from God in their prayers because that is how Rafael Sr. and Jr. roll.

    1. Anonymous1:36 PM

      I smile when I think about what the sons will look like when older. They, especial Don Jr., resemble their younger father a lot. Trump was never handsome. People say he was, but he was nothing memorable and he always had a weak chin and penis nose and horrible voice with that underbite. His sons are not as bad looking because of the mother, but they will surely age similarly if they don't work out (especially to keep their weak chins from melting into fat necks like their dad's) and stay away from the heat lamp that fries Trump's face a couple times a week. Their hair, that they style like their father's (without the fancy twists to cover bald spots) probably will turn thin and dry and flyaway and they'll get those doughnut-sized bags under their eyes and maybe pores like craters in their noses. They should be working already to prevent happening to them what happened to their father.

    2. Anonymous11:39 PM

      All bets on what ol Donald is about to give birth to? Is it a Corona or is it a Coors?

  14. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Donald Trump may have made a lot of money from his Apprentice show on NBC, but his son never watched the Sopranos on HBO. The Sopranos, TV's fictional mob family, lived and operated in New Jersey. Maybe Trump's son should have picked a crime boss from NYC like Gotti, or some of the mob who supplied the concrete for Trump Tower.

    1. Anonymous1:11 PM

      He didn't make as much (salary) on The Apprentice as he has suggested. It was noted in his income tax returns that his salary was substantially lower than the high salary he originally suggested! The man is a friggin' liar!

  15. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Tennessee House passes bill allowing therapists to refuse mental health services to LGBT people

  16. Anonymous12:33 PM

    It is a good thing that Trump's son used the picture of the intimidating mob family to tell Cruz about NY values.

    If you would like to read about Trump's connections to the NYC mob and the mob in New Jersey, here is an article.

    And people wonder why Trump has heavy duty body guards and a security staff. Look at the people he has been doing business with.

  17. Anonymous1:22 PM

    I do not understand why such threats are tolerated. Cruz may be horrible but not this horrible. Contrary to what anyone says, trump has no agenda except for himself. Any promises he has made to republicans will disappear bada boom bada bang.

    1. Anonymous2:43 PM

      Don't kid yourself. Make no mistake, Ted Cruz is that horrible.

    2. Anonymous4:11 PM

      Cruz is the one to watch out for. Trump is just the entertainment. Evangelical Cruz....God help us all if he becomes president.

  18. Anonymous1:32 PM

    drumpf's kid should heed daddy's story about the snake, foolish boy, the trump's are just another mark, fucking dummy's

  19. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Trump kids and Palin kids hang together?

    1. Anonymous3:11 PM

      Sarah Palin was so proud of her satanic spawn after that drunken brawl.

  20. Anonymous3:44 PM

    My values mean killing or hurting per the trumps?
    Another thing palin shares with the trumps is makeup. My god that man uses a lot of makeup.

  21. Anonymous3:46 PM

    IDK, I think the tweet is pretty funny. The Drumpfs and the Cruzes deserve each other.

  22. Anonymous4:03 PM

    I doubt seriously the Trump and Palin kids would connect at all.

    From the wealthy, east coast, educated and privileged to the white trash, uneducated and poorly raised from small town Alaska!

    There is zero comparison or connection! Just check the records of each child/adult from one family to the other!

  23. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Stock up on popcorn:

    Cruz, Palin to Speak in Casper
    CASPER, Wyo. - The 2016 Wyoming Republican State Convention will have some familiar faces speaking. The Wyoming Republican party has confirmed that Presidential Candidate and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, former Alaska Governor and Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin will speak on the final day of the Convention. Palin will speak on behalf of Presidential Candidate and businessman Donald Trump

  24. Anita Winecooler4:59 PM

    The Eric seems a bit confused, can't blame him with stepmom waltzing around in crystals and not much else, but Eric, the series was filmed in the New Jersey, not in the New York. Ax daddies latest squeezbox, even the Menania knows this! (OK, She cheated by looking it up on IMDB, but you gotta give her credit being an immigrant and all. Ask Daddie's "pals" in the casino mafia business, they'll educate you. Yeah, Suprano named his yacht after your daddy, but that's where the similarity ends.

  25. Anonymous11:33 PM

    O/T TransCanada reports the oil pipeline leak is 16,800 gallons of oil - so far!
    So remind me WHY Sarah Palin gave TransCanada 500 million dollars? Where did that money really go?
    Can Alaska get that money back - since - you know - they are having so many MONEY problems! Yeah ok!

  26. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Eric Trump reminds me of some rich, asshole, frat boy who finds joy in giving swirlies.



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