Sunday, April 03, 2016

Last night's SNL cold open addresses Donald Trump's crazed supporters.

Courtesy of the Daily Beast: 

Once again this week, Saturday Night Live opened with the wonderful world of CNN’s political coverage. And this time, they were tackling Donald Trump’s growing problem with women. 

As perpetually-frustrated anchor Kate Bolduan—who has “the brains for MSNBC and the hair for Fox News”—Kate McKinnon interviewed a “full-blown nutjob” Trumpkin named Scottie Nell Hughes (played by Cecily Strong) who you would be forgiven for thinking is a fictional character but does in fact exist in real life.

Yes she actually does exist.

Her name is Scottie Nell Hughes, and she is described in a previous Daily Beast article as:  

The self-described “gun-fearing, gun-toting, baby-loving, traditional marriage believing, SUV I don’t care about my carbon imprint driving, border securing, Benghazi truth seeking...lame stream media smacking, sip my sweet tea from a Big Gulp drinking, RINO hunting, target of IRS auditing, ‘one nation under God’ pledging mom”

So yes this video is entertaining and fun to watch, but let's not forget that these lunatics are out there walking among us, and if the idea of those people gaining some semblance of power in this country is not enough to drive us to the polls in November, than nothing will.


  1. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Scottie was the gal sarah replaced (then quit or was fired) on that news channel OANN I believe it was. I remember the comments from her regulars complaining about "wanting their Scottie back!!"

    1. Anonymous6:45 PM

      No, that was Tomi Lahren

    2. Anonymous6:48 PM

      "gun-fearing, gun-toting..."


      maybe it's supposed to be "god-fearing". Hard to tell with the nutjobs. "bible-clinging" is also possible.

    3. Anonymous7:19 PM

      Thanks 6:45, must have been the male name that threw me off.

  2. Anonymous5:06 PM

    ...and they're having children...

  3. Anita Winecooler5:25 PM

    The blonde on the right has Trump Supporters down to a tee! Especially his female surrogates.

  4. Anonymous5:51 PM

    CNN is an absolute disgrace. Fox at least, doesn't even pretend -no, not really- to be a serious news channel.

    1. Anonymous6:02 PM

      Charles Osgood interviewed M Kelly this Sunday. He actually got her to admit, eventually, a right biased to Fox

  5. Anonymous6:51 PM

    May be the 1sT Star ever REMOVED>

  6. Anonymous7:12 PM

    All of Trumps's female surrogates on TV are freaks who have excuses for everything, and I think Trump could walk around town cutting the heads off newborn kittens (it is kitten season, after all) and they'd not only excuse him but praise him, and his adoring fans would even scramble to get possession of the kitten heads and keep them on their nightstands next to framed pictures of Trump that they said I love you and goodnight to every evening. The most laughable of Trump's surrogates is Tana Goertz, who was on CNN Friday and she hogged the segment saying the most idiotic things in defense of Trump, and Don Lemon and the male guests just let her go on and on for some reason. This woman was on the Apprentice and everyone in her group rolled their eyes at her because she was obsessed with bedazzling and was such a twit. Why she's being given TV time is beyond me.

    1. Anonymous6:04 AM

      On Morning Joe today the question was asked by Joe if Sarah's speech the other night at the fish fry was the worst speech ever. Out of 4 guests the best he could get was it definitely was disjointed and close to the worst. Also, he asked why does Trump have Palin stumping for him (he apparently isn't a fan at all) and a guest put it best. With the low number of women supporting Trump...he needs a woman in his
      corner...and who else does he have? No one!

    2. Anonymous8:19 AM

      6:04 am, I couldn't get any further than "Halllooooh, WisCAHNs'n" before my ears started bleeding.

  7. A J Billings7:49 PM

    O/T, but not that far off the Trump idiocy:

    Even for Mississippi, the new law they are about to pass is a travesty, a tragedy for LGBT folks, and will allow an employer to FORCE WOMEN TO WEAR MAKEUP of whatever sort they want.

    QUotes from the article:

    To be clear, being able to discriminate against gay people, transgender people and fornicators is already legal, to one extent or another, in Mississippi. What this law does is deny the state the right to “discriminate” against anyone who would do so.

    The bill also grants broad rights to businesses and organizations to play the gender police: “The state government shall not take any discriminatory action against a person wholly or partially on the basis that the person establishes sex-specific standards or policies concerning employee or student dress or grooming.”

    So if a school decided to punish a girl or a trans boy for getting a short haircut or for refusing to wear skirts or make-up, then the state couldn’t do anything about it.

    This bill is troubling because it’s about building up legal precedent for two repugnant ideas: That discriminating against people on the basis of sexuality and gender is acceptable and that the state should be flagging certain religious beliefs as better than others. In a sane world, both notions would be seen as flagrant violations of the constitution, which forbids establishment of religion and upholds equal protection under the law.

    This is EXACTLY what the Christian Taliban are pushing for all over the South, in addition to closing abortion clinics, and making contraception harder to get.

    Hopefully in a few years we will have a Supreme court that can kill these terrible laws, and bring sanity back to the USA.

    Meanwhile, a big helping of Jim Crow against the LGBT's is on the way

  8. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Sunny posted something quite timely. I do apologize for the O/T but I can't figure out quickly enough how to do a screenshot on this Mac so somebody please do.

    STOP IT troll shut up.

  9. emrysa8:35 PM

    it really is amazing how people will jump on a bandwagon to get themselves famous. does anyone believe this skinny woman drinks big gulps? please... she's full of shit.

  10. Anonymous8:39 PM

    O/T Does drumpf have anything on faux noos,?

  11. Anonymous10:06 PM

    1. Anonymous1:04 AM

      Politico piece that references Chelsea nanny


  12. Anonymous10:08 PM

    I bet everyone here $2000 Hillary has never changed a diaper in her life.

    1. Anonymous10:37 PM

      @10:08 pm
      Delusional nonsense, and totally irrelevant.

    2. That's a strange little brain you've got there.

    3. Anonymous4:17 AM

      Since when are diaper changing skills a qualification for the office of POTUS?

    4. Anonymous5:48 AM

      Is that you Bristol? being a breeder is not a special talent, and wiping up baby shit is not a requirement for POTUS.

    5. Anonymous6:13 AM

      Dakota's message to his daughter...

  13. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Axelrod writes of Trump supporters,

    --They have rallied to the Strong Man, who scoffs at constitutional niceties and international norms and promises to Make America Great Again. For these voters, tired of nuance and complexity, Trump is the anti-Obama ideal — a guy for whom every problem, from terrorism to stagnant wages, is a nail just waiting to be walloped by a leader who has the strength and guts to pick up the hammer.

    ...Yet “Trump zealots,” as Axelrod calls his fanboys and fangirls, “that 35% of the Republican primary base who seem unshakably committed,” aren’t going to see it that way at all. They don’t see a guy “who simply can’t hack it” but a messiah who is being nailed to a cross. They see a guy who is not the perpetrator of racism, but it’s victim.

  14. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Donald Trump is using blackmail against FOX.

  15. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Although Hughes attempted to diffuse the situation on CNN Sunday morning with a laugh — saying, “You know, I have a great sense of humor” — the truth came out about how she felt being brutally mocked by the most-watched political comedy powerhouse in an election year.

  16. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Morning Joe Mocks Incomprehensible Palin Speech: She Must Have Taken ‘Bad Acid’

    After Donald Trump surrogate Sarah Palin completely bombed during a campaign speech Friday, the hosts and panel of MSNBC’s Morning Joe had some fun at her expense Monday, mocking the speech as incomprehensible.

    Host Mika Brzezinski called the speech “word salad,” while Bloomberg’s John Heilemann called it “crazy.” “Halfway through her speech, did you ask if you stumbled into some bad acid?” asked co-host Joe Scarborough.

    “The question was who had taken the bad acid,” Heilemann responded. “If the opposite of dissociative is associative, she was not fully associative. Let’s say it was not a fully coherent speech.”

    ...They then played a clip of Palin’s speech, which was as bizarre as promised. At one point, Palin declared that illegal immigrants were being “seduced” into going to America with “gift baskets of teddy bears and soccer balls.”

    “Was that more White Rabbit or Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?” Scarborough asked, continuing the riff.

    “It would be fair to say the audience was not fully enthralled…” said Heilemann (who attended the event). “There was a lot of eating of potato chips and people shaking their heads and yawning and laughing throughout. I would say the audience received that speech in the way you would have imagined a smart group of Wisconsinites would have received the speech.”

    Watch above, via MSNBC.

  17. Anonymous8:27 AM

    ...For those who doubt the SNL effect, let me leave you with this amazing number: Reuters reported following the 2008 election that roughly 10 percent of all voters polled on election day stated their vote had been influenced by an SNL sketch in one way or another. With 131 million Americans voting in that election, that’s 13 million people… or greater than the entire population in 46 of 50 states.

    Donald Trump had his worst week of the campaign. Easily. And if SNL is any indication, he’s very much of danger of moving from candidate to caricature.

    As Sarah Palin can attest, it’s very difficult to unring that bell.

  18. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Beck Responds to Palin Deriding Him and Cruz for Border Trip: You Live in ‘Fantasy World’

  19. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Scottie Nell Hughes Responds to ‘SNL’ Skit Depicting Her as ‘Nutjob’ Trump Supporter

  20. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Can you believe how DELUSIONAL this person is!!!

    The Case for Sarah Palin as Trump's Running Mate

    As I watched Sarah Palin deliver a speech on behalf of Donald Trump the other day before an GOP establishment fundraiser in Wisconsin, I was struck by the enthusiastic response of the crowd. She received a standing ovation at the end. Ted Cruz, who followed her on the dais, received only light and intermittent applause. The contrast in their political skills was stark. Palin was the star who knew how to connect with, and hold, her audience. Cruz, not so much...

  21. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Donald Trump Has Been Wearing A Bulletproof Vest At Rallies


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