Wednesday, April 06, 2016

North Carolina just lost 400 jobs due to new anti-LGBT laws. And that is only the beginning.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory
Courtesy of Think Progress:  

PayPal announced Tuesday morning that it has abandoned its plans for a massive global operations center, which would have brought 400 new jobs to Charlotte, North Carolina. The company was unequivocal that the decision was made because of the state’s passage of HB2, a sweeping law that blocks cities from enacting LGBT nondiscrimination protections and mandates that transgender people use the wrong bathrooms for their gender identities. 

CEO Dan Schulman explained in a statement that “the new law perpetuates discrimination and it violates the values and principles that are at the core of PayPal’s mission and culture.” 

Schulman asserted that the decision to not proceed with the Charlotte center “is a clear and unambigous one” that reflects the company’s “deepest values and our strong belief that every person has the right to be treated equally, and with dignity and respect.” Because PayPal’s employees would not have equal rights under North Carolina law, employing them there is “simply untenable.”

Pay Pal is not alone in rethinking plans to do business in the hostile environment of North Carolina.

Courtesy of USA News 

New Jersey-based Braeburn Pharmaceuticals said it is "reevaluating our options based on the recent, unjust legislation" whether to build a $20 million manufacturing and research facility in Durham County. The 50 new jobs paying an average of nearly $76,000 a year were announced two weeks ago. 

Lionsgate, the California-based entertainment company, had been lining up hotel and equipment rentals and hiring more than 100 workers in North Carolina, but decided to shoot its pilot episode for a comedy series in Canada instead, said Jennifer Irvine, a Charlotte production coordinator. 

Charlotte convention officials and the organizers of one of the world's largest furniture markets say some customers have pulled out, also citing the new law.

One would think that this kind of potential economic impact would have other states thinking twice about passing their own laws discriminating against the LGBT community.

But thinking twice, or even once for that matter, has no place when your religion urges you to hate.

Courtesy of the LA Times:

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed a controversial bill into law on Tuesday that could allow businesses and government workers to deny services to lesbian and gay couples. 

Bryant said in a statement that he was signing HB 1523 “to protect sincerely held religious beliefs and moral convictions of individuals, organizations and private associations from discriminatory action by state government or its political subdivisions.”

Somehow I think that this will inspire a whole lot of anti-discrimination cases which will eventually find their way to the Supreme Court.

Which means that we really need to get Antonin Scalia's replacement seated just as soon as possible.


  1. "Which means that we really need to get Antonin Scalia's replacement seated just as soon as possible."

    I suspect the Republican-held Congress will stonewall until they adjourn for the summer month(s). (Thank you once again Democratic voters in 2012!)

    Congress won't be here for much of the summer of 2016, according to new legislative calendars released Tuesday by House and Senate leaders.

    The House is set to adjourn on July 15 and not return until Sept. 6, according to the calendar. The House will then be in session until Sept. 30, and adjourn until Nov. 14, after the elections.

    The Senate is running on a similar summer schedule, with its recess formally running from July 18 through Sept. 5. Senators are scheduled to be in session during the fall a bit longer than the House, with the Senate's target pre-election adjournment date set for Oct. 7. The chamber will also return Nov. 14 after the elections.
    For the entire year, the House is scheduled to be in session for 111 days.

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    1. Anonymous7:23 AM

      Funny, Barbara, I didn't even know they were in session now for all the "work" they do.

    2. Anonymous8:23 AM

      What "Grassley is doing is unprecedented and it is in service of the Koch brothers and special interests. Republicans are defying their Constitutional duty in order to delegitimize President Obama’s powers as president."

    3. Anonymous3:58 PM

      Well, they need at least a few days in session to try and defund Planned Parenthood and repeal Obamacare.

    4. It's a two edged sword.

      They lost their battle for redistricting.

      I'd like to see how fast they do a 180 and confirm the current nominee when there's a Democrat heading to the White House in January and they'd rather have the moderate devil they know than whoever the new occupant will put forth.

  2. My last comment re non-voting Dems might be unfair due to the gerrymandering in red states after 2008 to voter suppress Democrats.

  3. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Several States Ban Official Travel To Mississippi Over Anti-Gay Law

    New York’s governor denounced the legislation as a “hateful injustice against the LGBT community.”

  4. Maple7:19 AM

    "the protection of sincerely held religious beliefs" is a phrase that actually means "the protection to discriminate against others who don't believe as I do". I recently read that just over 40% of my countrymen/women do not profess any religious belief or adherence, and that number appears to be growing. Wouldn't it be nice if that trend seeped southward across the border.....then there would be no need of such stupid, discriminatory state laws.

  5. Anonymous7:22 AM

    A follow up on your post about Bernie's interview:

    Did Bernie Sanders Botch An Interview With The Daily News?

    A notion is rapidly crystallizing among the national media that Bernie Sanders majorly bungled an interview with the editorial board of the New York Daily News. His rival, Hillary Clinton, has even sent a transcript of the interview to supporters as part of a fundraising push. A close look at that transcript, though, suggests the media may be getting worked up over nothing.

    In fact, in several instances, it’s the Daily News editors who are bungling the facts in an interview designed to show that Sanders doesn’t understand the fine points of policy. In questions about breaking up big banks, the powers of the Treasury Department and drone strikes, the editors were simply wrong on details.

    ...This is simply a factual dispute between the Daily News and Sanders, not a matter of opinion. The Daily News was wrong.

    1. Anonymous7:55 AM

      He didn't say what he said in response to questions they asked?

    2. Anonymous8:02 AM

      So, Sanders doesn't have to give good answers or any specifics about what he considers to be the most important issue by far because his supporters have good feelings about him.

    3. Anonymous8:02 AM

      Sarah Palin agrees it's the fault of the lame street media.

    4. "In fact, in several instances, it’s the Daily News editors who are bungling the facts ... In questions about breaking up big banks, the powers of the Treasury Department and drone strikes, the editors were simply wrong on details."
      Okay, but Sanders did not point out that the editors were wrong on these issues. So the question is still unanswered as to how much knowledge he has regarding any of these issues.

    5. 7:55 --

      "Do you still beat your wife?"

      There are plenty of ways to make a candidate look bad.

      There's the James O'Keefe style of "journalism".

      All sorts of ways to edit and twist to make things go the way you want.

      You can do it by just cropping a photo.

  6. Anonymous7:22 AM

    First the NCAA basketball championship, now this. Sucks to be you, NC! LOL

  7. Virginia7:40 AM

    That photo of McCrory makes him look like Rick Perry, constipated. Which is quite a feat since Perry always looks a bit plugged up.

  8. I live in Charlotte and I am still pleased with Paypall stance. I sent. Them a message of appreciation

    1. It just s*cks that Charlotte, which is a very LGBT friendly city, seems to be suffering the most from Raleigh's mistakes. They even want to bill us for their "emergency" special session!

  9. Boscoe8:07 AM

    I'll say it again: show me a scientifically verifiable test for proving "sincerely held religious belief" on a specified topic. Hell, show me scriptural proof that treating homosexuals like human beings is a sin.

  10. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Well, well. Whole mess not very well thought out. So when business owner of a different religion refuses to serve a Christian bible thumper, will that still be a "sincerely held religious belief"? Hoping it happens and soon. Since they are really into the persecution complex stuff, that will really get their goat.

    1. Leland11:30 AM

      8:48, I understand where you are coming from, but I can tell you what will happen before it actually does. The person refused will scream Christian persecution and sue! And knowing thatstate, they will probably win, too.

  11. Anonymous9:05 AM

    When does the NCAA map out which cities get to hold the games for next year's March Madness? I can see them completely avoiding North Carolina. Which religion will win (Money, Basketball, or Xtianity)?

    1. Anonymous9:44 AM

      Money always trumps xtianity or sports. Always.

  12. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Does anyone else see a serious physical resemblance to Texas's ex gov? Seems he has about the same brain power as well.

  13. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Christian hate disguised as love. I’m sick of it.

  14. And, right on cue, Republican leaders in NC are blaming the Democratic mayor of Charlotte for passing a "radical bathroom policy." Story here:

  15. Anita Winecooler5:05 PM

    Pfeizer and a few other companies didn't wait, One of my husband's clients makes batteries for electric cars, they had the site picked, graded, basement poured and had material in place to build walls, permits etc.... and they pulled out almost 300 engineering jobs alone.

  16. They are all more than welcome to come to California and set up shop here. I think they'll find it a lot friendlier environment.

    As for North Carolina, I think this should be a lesson to all that we have entered a new age. It if fueled by social media and growing social responsibility. We communicate, we network and we now have the power to support our political and social values.

    This is akin to businesses not doing business with Africa during Aparteid, etc.

    Consumers can now use the power of the pocket book to put pressure on companies to treat animals humanely and reformulate (I.E. rescind HFCS) and label even if not required (No GMOs).

    Now companies are using the same tactics on a larger scale as we are seeing here.

    Companies that are socially responsible are refusing to do business with states that embrace a hostile social position.

    And what can the states do? They can not force these businesses to come and do business in their states. There are plenty of alternative areas for these businesses to set up shop.

    What are the voters going to do when they find they are losing jobs and their economies are suffering due to the decisions of a few Talibangelicals and right wing fundies? If they're smart they'll vote them out. (But hey, it's North Carolina.)

    Hobby Lobby and Chick-Fil-A are not going to be able to make up for all of the losses these states are bringing on themselves.

    And kudos to the woman who publicly shamed Rick Scott about his opposition to Obamacare and cutting Medicare. That hit social media too. She's a hero and he's a dog. (Sorry, that *is* an insult to dogs.) He needs to hear that repeatedly wherever he goes.

    And we need more people doing exactly that to our "public servants". Hold their feet to the fire.

    PayPal is holding North Carolina's feet to the fire. Good for them.

  17. Randall6:55 AM

    WHERE in the seven deadly sins is homosexuality?
    (it's not there - but GREED [avarice] is and so is rage [wrath])
    WHERE in the Ten Commandments is the one about homosexuality?
    (it's not there - but ADULTERY is...)
    Evangelicals, please -- you need to read your source material and stop listening to wrathful, greedy, adulterous preachers and politicians because they are LYING to you.


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