Saturday, June 25, 2016

Associate of Bundy militia member caught trying to blow up Bureau of Land Management office in Arizona.

Courtesy of The Salt Lake Tribune:  

Federal prosecutors say a Tooele County man placed a pipe bomb against the door of a BLM cabin and pushed the button on a remote detonator multiple times, with no result. 

His mistake? He'd unwittingly assigned an undercover FBI agent to build the bomb. 

William Keebler, 57, of Stockton, was arrested early Wednesday morning in Nephi and appeared Thursday in U.S. District Court, charged by federal prosecutors with attempting to blow up federal property at an Arizona Strip BLM facility that he had allegedly scouted with Robert LaVoy Finicum.

If you think the name Robert LaVoy Finicum sounds familiar that's because he was the guy from the Bundy standoff that got his ass shot to pieces by the FBI because he pulled out a gun after a traffic stop.

And clearly his buddy's critical thinking skills are just as sharp.

If convicted this Keebler guy faces between five to twenty years in federal prison.

Hey maybe he and Randy Bundy can share a bunk?

Seems cozy in a Brokeback Mountain sort of way.

Here's what gets me.

These guys are not trying to blow up the CIA, the FBI, the IRS, or even the NSA.

No they have their tits in a wringer over the freaking BLM, which for most people is one of the most innocuous federal agencies that you can imagine.

It's kind of like being angry at the Church of Latter Day Saints, and deciding that to get even you're going to push one of those folks from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir out in front of a moving car.

It just seems pathetic.


  1. Anonymous2:46 AM

    And Trump tries to get you all scared about foreign terrorists. Some of the worst mass murders have happened with your "domestics".

    1. Anonymous3:35 AM

      WHITE, CHRISTIAN 'domestics.' Somewhere in their Bible, they read that they get have control over whatever land, resources, and guns they want. Just them. No one else. It's awfully nice that the feds are now rounding up these yahoos and giving them nice cells to live in.

  2. Say it. "Radicalized Christian Terrorist". We have to stop tip toeing around it.

    1. Anonymous7:00 AM


    2. Thank you for that!

  3. he looks nice.


    I hear Florence Supermax Federal Prison is lovely this time of never.

  4. Anonymous4:33 AM

    Let's keep track of how many times this guy is called a domestic terrorist by the main stream media. Like that is ever going to happen. He's white and Christian. He can't be a terrorist.

  5. Anonymous5:15 AM

    I don't think we'll even hear about this on the local or national news. White Christian male--"lone wolf, must be mentally ill, bombs and guns don't kill people, argle bargle"

  6. Anonymous5:20 AM

    Is it true that the Palins supported these characters?

    I think one of Sarah's Wasilla pals joined them with their guns at some stand off. It is a shame that Track wasn't able to work off some of his anger and angst by joining these pals and doing something. All I heard was that Track was a disgusting drunk and he would tell bar room stories about how he was Black Ops, like he was working on secret missions in the ME.

    Do you think those at C4P will testify for Track's character in court? They believed the stories about him in the Army. Including the more recent ones when they say Track went back to Iraq and was again fighting ISIS. People who believe all that would make good witnesses on his behalf in court.

  7. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Bet his face is not plastered real big over AZ newspapers like Latinos and First Natives.

  8. Randall5:55 AM

    It's like that big, dumb, mean, sanctimonious kid that decides to show everybody how tough he is beating-up the littlest, weakest kid on the playground.

  9. Maybe President Obama should tell republican morons that he'll start using the term "Islamic terrorists" when they start using the term "domestic terrorists" or "white Christian(ist) terrorists" to describe people like the Bundys.

    1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^THIS!

  10. Anonymous7:12 AM

    19 yrs old @ a Gaybar>

  11. Anonymous9:52 AM

    A creepy guy I went to high school with missed our 10 year reunion because he was in prison. He had been caught trying to send a letter bomb to his former girlfriend's new boyfriend. Like this lunatic, he made the [fortunate for the rest of us] mistake of hiring an undercover cop to make the bomb for him. They arrested him when he placed the fake bomb in the mailbox.

    I always wondered, just HOW do you go about hiring someone to make you a bomb? Do you place an ad in the paper? Craig's List? Twitter?

    He sent me a friend request on Facebook a few years back. I decided that my wisest course of action was not to respond either way!

  12. WA Skeptic12:32 PM

    These F***ers attack the BLM because they want "our land" back. They seem to forget that the bad old days without the BLM meant the Range Wars, with Billie the Kid and others being paid assassins for the greedy bastards that wanted all the land for themselves. Believe me, those land-grabbing assholes would have shot this character dead.
    We don't need more Range Wars.

  13. Anita Winecooler4:45 PM

    We need to reform the prison system. Give the cell mates a lot more privacy inside their cells, then have them "manage the land" by raking trash, cleaning up road kill, bring back the chain gangs, make them graze on public land and call it three square meals a day.


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