Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Hey. look who's back to endorsing.

Courtesy of the Kiss of Death's Facebook page: 

I'm proud to endorse a proven warrior for US Senate in Colorado - Darryl Glenn is who this country needs! Over two decades of exemplary military service brought him honor and adulation for his intelligence, leadership skills, fiscal responsibility, and patriotism. His deserved recognition honed a servant's heart. He's one who proudly clings to God, guns and our constitution! 

Darryl Glenn is a conservative outsider needed to take Washington by storm. Colorado - please support Darryl Glenn for US Senate. 

Thank you! 

 - Sarah Palin 

Apparently this Glenn guy is the new rising star in Colorado conservative politics, so of course Palin smells opportunity. And I'm sure it does not hurt that he is black.

Helps to tamp down those rumors of racism.

Or as we call them here in Alaska, truths.

(Here is Glenn's nomination acceptance speech just chock full of conservative do whistles, attacks on Obama, and Right Wing red meat.)

It took a little while for Glenn to acknowledge Palin's endorsement but he finally gave the old girl some attention: 

“This is a true honor, and we look forward to working for brighter tomorrow together. It is time for Colorado to lead, and we are proud to have Sarah Palin on board,” Glenn said.

The Colorado Democratic party on the other hand was much quicker off the block:

Chris Meagher, Colorado Democratic Party spokesman had this to say about the endorsement: "It’s hardly a surprise that Darryl Glenn earned Sarah Palin’s endorsement today, considering he is one of the most extreme conservative candidates running for Senate. Just as Palin has shown for years that she is out-of-touch with mainstream America, Glenn – a climate change denier who has called Donald Trump a patriot – has shown he is out-of-touch with the people of Colorado."

So let's see if Palin's icy touch is still as potent as it once was at destroying political careers.


  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Hey look, it's sarah's "my african-american."

    1. Anonymous2:19 PM

      Once again, liberals talking about skin color instead of content of character. Liberal racist hypocrites.

    2. Anonymous2:24 PM

      The trolls here are so tone deaf and odd. I can't imagine who they think they are helping, but I love that they constantly drive up IM's traffic!

    3. 2:19pm, really? You have no idea what the OP was referring to? You can't be that stupid.

    4. Anonymous2:47 PM

      You want to talk about "content of character?" I say the game is afoot. Let's talk about the character of the former vp candidate or that of the current gop nominee. Poor poor trolls.
      Also, too, womb shifter.
      Got nothin'? Thought so.
      Now you're done.. bitch. Hehe

    5. Anonymous3:08 PM

    6. Anonymous3:36 PM

      @2:19 PM Walk up to any African American and call him "my African American" and enjoy the response.You undercover Bigots don't have a clue as to what is derogatory.

    7. Anonymous4:53 PM

      Why is 2:19 PM crying in his buttermilk? Isn't it the color of choice for him?

    8. 2:05 - OMG!! I almost choked on my coffee! That was too freaking funny!

    9. It's so cute how Gryphen allows the little trolls to join the adults here! It's entertaining - especially when they get mad, stomp their feet and say bad things about us. Heh-heh. I still think it could be the bipolar grifting hag from Wasilla.

      Remember how she spent hours and hours of the tax payers money to get even with anyone who upset her crazy ass self? Getting her ragtag posse to write fake letters to the newspaper and all the other lame shit she did? That is one skanky retard - haha - remember how she rampaged over THAT word being used by a Democrat but gave rush limp balls a pass know .....satire. ������
      Let's do a recap here- Where's her good buddy Beck hiding out these days? Oh! That's right - he's out of a job - and refers to her as a clown.

      Rush limp balls - addicted to oxycodone, calling a college student a slut because she believed insurance companies should cover birth control - But, brisdull payme produced several illegitimate babies - what does he call her? I have a name for her. ��
      Rush is as toxic as the water in Flint, Michigan - great job by another rethug!

      It's GREAT that Gryphen uses his blog to share the latest in all things payme as the Wasilla hag's free ride has finally come off the rails. A son with alcohol/domestic violence issues - marrying the victim and growing another baby grifter.

      Close family they are! They're so cool - they arrive in a stretch limousine to participate in a drunken family brawl - brisdull pee'd through her "thong dress" - whatever the hell that is - all the other people who attended the party demanded they get their sorry drunken asses out of there.

      Todd has gotten his ass kicked hard by unknown parties - he's earned money by running a prostitution business and other free market endeavors.

      Todd was born with a woman's voice. �� Todd is challenged when it comes to math. Ask Track. ��
      These nasty gypsies were the foundation of the GOP - think about that. That's how Dtrump got thru the door. The GOP deserves what they created - they'll never recover from their extraordinary assholery.

    10. Anonymous11:06 PM


  2. Anonymous2:06 PM

    O/T - Breaking News! Reid publicly backs Warren for VP!!!!

    1. Anonymous3:42 PM

      Gryph, it's happening! Warren to endorse Clinton!

  3. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Remember too, that when Sarah Palin provides a candidate her endorsement, it is more the norm to be the 'kiss of death' with the candidate losing the race. She'd be the last person I'd ask to support me!

    I'm curious - how does she get tied into a candidate. Do they pick her with a request or does she pick them?

    Most interesting that she provided a black guy her endorsement! Shock-a-roo! And, from the proven Alaska racist? The one who has constantly ranted and raved against our wonderful President Obama, who is half black - since before he was elected the first time! Didn't she call for riots against him when on the campaign trail w/John McCain? Oh, she is such a sweetheart! NOT!

    The woman is a fraud and liar - but, the majority of folks know it in Alaska!

    1. Anonymous2:51 PM

      calm down now…they only “think” they are getting away with it…ask a hunter who lets the animal think it’s not being followed anymore…it’s the quiet ones you have to worry about…then boom..kill shot…bye bye Palins!
      in a legal court of course before a judge – just to clarify the last sentence!

    2. Anonymous3:17 PM

      I wonder if she calls him Little Black Sambo when she's not trying to get her name in the news. Who in heck would ever want her endorsement? Kiss of death!

    3. Anonymous3:45 PM

      It's always baffled me why people harp on my President being 'half black'. He's also 'half white'. Considering that we're all mongrels, it just seems disingenuous to me. As far as I'm concerned, he's a perfect, marvelous mix.

    4. Anonymous4:00 PM

      Amen, GeorgiaPeach!

    5. Balzafiar5:24 PM

      Well, I had high hopes "The Kid" was gone, to be forgotten, but apparently he's out on parole again, visiting IM with his rambling ellipses-punctuated nonsense. Head-tilt, y'all?

    6. Anonymous7:25 PM

      The Kid is female… what you know not as much as you think… so run along now… the adults have work to do… Lol…

  4. WA Skeptic2:33 PM

    More popcorn, please! This poor schmuck doesn't realize he might as well hang up his political career and go into insurance.

    1. Anonymous2:58 PM

      Yes and he will have to undergo an interrogation just like sociopaths do…
      May be we can practice McCain’s thumbs up on waterboarding…it’s legal…
      They pose a national security with their associations with militias in Alaska and the lower 48…they had many people injured and peoples dying???
      But, we will just trot into a courtroom, in Washington DC instead…soon…

  5. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Also too:

    Another FB attack on "The Perky One"!

    "The Perky One Strikes Again... and again... and again..."

    Refresh my memory Half Term Sarah...what was it you got caught doing just a few days before July 3 2009?

    Maybe "The Perky One" can ask you some questions about it some time?

    Something else when you get done with courting and court dates and whatnot. Let me know how you think Captain Zero's SB21 is working out lately for Alaskans. It seems to me that Captain Zero got to be governor because of what you got caught doing. That means you the Half Term Quitter own part of Parnell's disasters. Including most of the SB21 oily disaster.

    Better yet don't bother responding here. Start practicing answering that as a surprise interview question. Because you never know.


  6. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Colorado is a technically really still a purple state, but they won't go for this guy. They are already kicking themselves for Cory Gardner, and they will be blue for HRC, so that will help a lot down-ballot.

  7. Anonymous2:53 PM

    This poor guy doesn't have a snowball's chance to win, whether Palin endorses him or not.

  8. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Did Darryl Glenn's convention speech shift the US Senate race?

  9. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Fundies Are Livid Obama's Faith-Based Council All Gay Now

    ...It's probably unnecessary for me to tell C&L readers just how hair-on-fire the religious right is that Obama put a transgender person on the Faith Based Advisory council. This Google Search provides links to the outbursts from Breitbart, World Net Daily, the Blaze, and of course, Allen West (don't ever miss that one, it's a special kind of crazy).

    But that's the loud outrage. Trust me, there's just as much disgust that an Iranian woman and Sikh man are installed as White House advisors on faith. This was supposed to be THEIR little office to get federal money to promote one religion only, right wing evangelical Christianity. (Not to mention to their efforts to defund women's healthcare and deny rights to LGBT citizens in the name of "religious freedom.") That Kenyan Usurper Muslim Barack Obama took their White House (twice!) and messed up their "evangelical outreach" with the non-Christians and the homosexuals.

    1. Perfect! Love his strategies and damn! He made the Wasilla hag lose her shit over and over again!!

  10. Anonymous3:18 PM

    GOP’s Attempt At Voter Suppression In Ohio Is Struck Down In Court

    Fearing that the 2016 presidential election will be a disaster — with Hillary Clinton and Senate Democrats looking pretty favorable — Republicans have, of course, have been working overtime to suppress the vote in a key battleground state: Ohio.

    As everyone knows, no person elected president has ever won without winning Ohio. Even though Clinton wouldn’t need Ohio (as long as she nabs Virginia, North Carolina and Florida) to win, that hasn’t stopped Republicans from already attempting to rig the election.

    However, their hopes of doing just that were destroyed in court, when a federal judge issued a ruling that the state’s new laws restricting the collection and counting of absentee ballots and poll workers aiding voters were unconstitutional on racial grounds. Judge Algenon Marble wrote in his decision:

    Voter suppression tactics have not disappeared but are now merely cloaked in ostensibly race-neutral language.

    Judge Marble also noted that the state’s decision to bar poll workers from helping minorities fill out ballots unless the voter affirmed that he or she was disabled or illiterate was in violation of the Constitution, for it established a “literacy test” on those seeking to vote:

  11. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Nancy Pelosi Just Trolled The Hell Out Of Paul Ryan’s Trump Support, And It’s AMAZING (TWEET)

    With Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) canceling his Wednesday press conference, it left many wondering why he would do such a thing.

    One reason could certainly be because he doesn’t quite know how to answer questions regarding Trump and his racist comments about a federal judge. Ryan, of course, also endorsed Trump, so there’s the question of why would he back a clear racist as well.

    Spotting this clear dodge of the press was none other that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and she decided to have a little fun with it.

  12. Anonymous3:21 PM

    John McCain’s ‘Complete The Danged Fence’ Ad Is Used Against Him

  13. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Just before I clicked on this, I had just
    asked my husband "whose coattails will
    Plain grab onto next, is there anyone left." I guess so!

    1. Anonymous4:06 PM

      Misspelling intentional right?
      I think I am going to have to borrow that.
      Sarah Plain.
      Good on ya.

  14. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Damn those pesky "do whistles".

  15. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Even if it might appear that not everything Palin touches is cures, it eventually happens. She endorsed Renee Ellmers for senator in 2010 but last night Ellmers came in third place and is out.

    1. Anonymous4:12 PM

      Oops, didn't catch my typo--I meant "cursed."

  16. Anonymous3:45 PM

    African-American Darryl Glenn
    African-American Glenn Rice


    If President Obama's name was
    Glenn Obama or Barack Glenn
    would Sarah Palin have endorsed the president?

  17. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Absolutely no one is paying attention to Sarah so she has to pry her way into the media she claims to hate so much, but STILL they don't pay any attention except to laugh at her. Clearly Trump has all but thrown her to the curb. I think she 'crashed' his rally in San Diego, and he had to make the best of it.

  18. Anonymous4:00 PM

    $arah Palin: "Look at my African American!"

  19. Anonymous4:01 PM

    It's kind of interesting that she chimes in on these topics, het has not even hinted at Bar$Tool's wedding.
    Are $he and Bar$Tool on the out with each other?

    1. Anonymous4:13 PM

      Sarah's got to be dying to post something she's concocted to show off how she is now a MOH mother-in-law!

  20. Anonymous4:18 PM

    How does this guy feel about cannabis being legal?

  21. Grouchodawg4:35 PM

    I think that the cougar wants some fresh meat.

  22. Anonymous4:37 PM

    She'll endorse him, and slap her logo on his picture to try and grift more funds, but I guarantee she'll never send him a dime for his campaign.

  23. Anita Winecooler4:43 PM

    Twerk it, Sarah. Your PAC needs the money and your grandkids need food, shelter and a wedding. What happened to your best selling book??

  24. Anonymous5:22 PM

    The guy can't be to smart if he allows her any part of being in his campaign.

  25. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Seems strange that a veteran would call a draft dodger a patriot, and being in the Air force doesn't qualify him as a warrior unless he was a combat pilot.

  26. Anonymous7:40 PM

    I thought it was Seal!

    1. Anonymous2:30 AM

      Me Too!!!!
      After plastic surgery!!!!

  27. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Where's her new teef? Gotta soend that pac money.

  28. Hello From Colorful Colorado!

    How utterly hilarious and quite pathetic that Lt. Col. Darryl Glenn is shamelessly kissing up to Sarah Palin. While I would never vote for him, here in Colorado Springs he has a decent record as an El Paso County Commissioner, despite his sad need to continually point out that he is a "black conservative", as if someone would mistaken him for being Chinese or Swedish.

    And while Glenn does have support from tea party types, he made the decision while running for commissioner to not do any outreach with the local black or Hispanic communities, and that is eventually going to hurt him going up against Democratic incumbent Senator Michael Bennet.

  29. Omg it is so obvious she is endorsing this guy so she can say "see the Republican Party is not racist"


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