Tuesday, June 21, 2016

President Obama, the Father-in-Chief.

Courtesy of the Washington Post:

For Obama, one of the most welcome byproducts of gaining the highest office in the land at the age of 47 was that he could finally differentiate himself from his own absentee father, Barack Obama Sr., and become the child-centric parent he had always longed to be. This hands-on dad, who helped coach Sasha’s grammar school basketball team, puts a high premium on both connecting with and providing direction to his girls. 

As Obama has often said, the president “lives above the store” and has no commute. No longer has his hectic travel schedule required constant separations from his two girls. Malia was a summer baby — born on the Fourth of July in 1998 — and for the first three months of her life, Obama was glad to help his wife, Michelle, by changing diapers and rocking Malia to sleep. But once fall came, the state senator and part-time law professor had to be away from the family’s Chicago home at least half the week. And by early 2007, when he was both a U.S. senator and a full-time presidential candidate, Obama was forced to hand off just about all of the parenting responsibilities to Michelle. 

He was eager to reconnect with his family. Soon after being inaugurated, Obama established what New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor has called “an unusual rule for a president.” As he informed all his aides, he vowed to have dinner with his family five nights a week. That left just two nights a week for out-of-town fundraisers or dinners with fellow politicians. 

At 6:30, Obama and his wife sit down with the girls for a family dinner without any outsiders — not even Michelle’s mother, Marian Robinson, who typically retreats to her own “home” on the third floor of the White House. 

The evening meal, observed Obama’s former body-man Reggie Love, was treated “like a meeting in the Situation Room. There’s a hard stop before that dinner.” While aides sometimes call him back to work at 8:30 or 9, they rarely dare to go upstairs to bother him during the sacred dinner hour. 

On most days, Obama also eats breakfast with his daughters. And as part of his commitment to his girls, Obama has been reluctant to visit Camp David, since various school activities typically require the youngsters to be in Washington. In sharp contrast to his own neglectful father, this president with the perfect attendance record at his daughters’ parent-teacher conferences has emerged as a model father. 

Out of his own feelings of loss and alienation, which he described in “Dreams from My Father,” has come a road map for personal and social transformation. “I am a black man who grew up without a father, and I know the cost that I paid for that,” the president told a panel on Overcoming Poverty at the Catholic-Evangelical Leadership Summit held at Georgetown University in 2015. “And I also know that I have the capacity to break that cycle, and as a consequence, I think my daughters are better off.”

There are very few traits that I find as admirable as a man who prioritizes being a good father. 

Much like our President I am also the product of a broken homes and an absentee father, and I can admit that when I became a dad it was all consuming for me, and quickly made almost everything else seem insignificant by comparison.

There is no job more important in my opinion, not even the job of President of the United States.

So recognizing that the President feels the same way, only makes me admire him that much more.


  1. Anonymous4:23 AM

    He and Michelle have done a wonderful job of parenting their daughters. They are wonderful role models for all of us. What a breath of fresh air it has been to have such a lovely, scandal-free couple in the White House.

  2. His devotion to daughters and wife is just one more reason for me to love and admire President Obama.

  3. Anonymous5:33 AM

    I love how President Obama and First Lady Michelle took her mother with them when they moved into the White House.
    I wish President Obama's parents and grandparents would have lived long enough to see him be president of the U.S. But at least his maternal grandmother lived long enough to vote for him. She casted her vote early, then she died the day before election day, 2008. And his paternal step-grandmother is still alive today, and was at his inaugurations, she is so proud of him.

  4. Anonymous5:39 AM

    Any and all Paymes: Take note. This is what family values look like. Not pimping your children to further your agenda.

    1. Anonymous11:14 AM

      @Anonymous 5:39 AM

      The Palins are just gutter folks. I guess Bristol finally found a man just like she and her gutter family.

      It is going to be interesting when Bristol goes off on Dakota, one of her temper rages, and he runs screaming for the hills.

  5. Anonymous6:42 AM

    How did POTUS and FLOTUS made fine ass kids!

    1. Anonymous9:18 AM

      What? Clearly, you are not related to them.

    2. Anonymous11:27 AM

      @9:18 AM Are you related to any of the families that you stalk?

    3. Anonymous1:14 PM

      11:27 - You are so weird running around accusing everyone of stalking. Please translate 6:42 for us. I don't like folks referring to the First Family that way. Thanks.

  6. I will always be grateful for living in the era of President Obama. His infinite love and wisdom as a guiding light in very troubled times will go down in history.

    I know he's not perfect. But, perfect doesn't exist. The reason this amazing family changed the path of our great country is because they set an exemplary example of family first, with loving respect and kindness.

    Like you Gryphen - I'm beyond sad to see him go. Love his sense of humor and the way he delivered the zingers to McShame and Dtrunp.

    I'm also very grateful that you provided a place to discuss this awesome president without the ugliness and attacks by uninformed republican sheeple.

    1. Anonymous11:32 AM

      Totally agree with you, Sharon.

      Many Americans have no clue how outstanding President Obama has been in his role as POTUS! But, they will realize after he has departed and moved on in his life.

      Plus, he is a wonderful family man and husband which has been on display his entire married life!

      I'm going to miss him, VP Biden, Michelle and their wonderful daughters.

    2. Anonymous11:54 AM

      @Sharon 6:51 AM

      I'm also very grateful that you provided a place to discuss this awesome president without the ugliness and attacks by uninformed republican sheeple.
      This blog use to be so serene when the Dems came here to discuss things.
      NOW the Repubs has invaded this blog, and it is not the same Repubs bring commotion, and disruption to blogs. I really hate they invaded here.

      I honestly think Sarah, Bristol, and Willow post here. The nastiness of some of these people sound like them.

    3. Anonymous4:43 PM

      11:54 AM Street whores talk like street whores. They were taught by a pro, Todd Palin the weak pimp.

  7. Anonymous7:00 AM

    While I hope they pursue private careers like republicans kids often do, I am happy to see that the media affords them respect when it failed to with republicans. When Malia wished to be normal and attend a party and have a couple drinks, the media said "let her be normal and take a shot people."

    NO republican would be granted that civility.

    1. Anonymous7:39 AM

      @ 7:00 - "...affords them respect when it failed to with republicans."?? Newsflash, buttercup - DC residents and workers were constantly being endangered by the Bush twins' antics (underage drinking, speeding, running red lights while trying to ditch their SS detail), but it almost never made any press. The Obama daughters, on the other hand, dared roll their eyes at their dad's joke during the turkey pardoning ceremony, and the RW declared the end of the world as we know it - is this the "respect" you're speaking of?
      And as far as Malia "having a couple drinks" when and where was that ever verified? Maybe she did, but don't state "facts" that you don't have. Then again, the girls are in the White House for another six months; that gives them plenty of time to rent a stretch Hummer, crash a party, punch the host, and cry about their f$@&ing $300 sunglasses.

    2. Anonymous8:47 AM

      Private careers? You mean like republican Meghan McCain?

    3. Anonymous9:18 AM

      Alicia Felicia

    4. Anonymous11:26 AM

      @7:00 AM None of the Palin adult kids have stable jobs, and they never pursued an education. Drinking alcohol and using drugs are the mainstay in the Palin family of delinquents. When will you find a job and leave the Mangelsdorf condo in St. Augustine, Florida? Your parents are Liberals, do you hate them for supporting your lazy dysfunctional ass for all of your adult life? You spend your days and nights surfing the internet for Palin related threads, but the Palins despise you and your lies.

    5. Anonymous11:48 AM

      @Anonymous 7:00 AM

      I just hate when people make up lies about someone.
      Malia WAS NOT playing pong. She was touring Brown University to see if she wanted to attend there, and she was walking through a pong party in action. She was NOT a part of the pong party. She was just touring through.
      The student who took the photo confirmed.

    6. Anonymous4:43 PM

      Right on 7:39 ! But add .......and pee on the asphalt !

  8. Anonymous7:47 AM

    The President is often accused of being 'aloof'.

    However, his deep devotion to his family, the compassion he has shown towards people who are suffering, and his obvious skill and joy when interacting with babies and children, are all much more important signs of a truly caring, thoughtful and loving man.

    1. Anonymous11:26 AM

      American don't see President Obama as 'aloof'! It's the U.S. Congress members that started saying that and it was spread by the press/media.

      It's his opposition, the majority Republicans, that labeled him w/that term as well as causing him major obstruction! It's too bad they didn't allow themselves to get to know the 'real' President Obama! I wager they would have liked and respected him!

      I cannot think of one Republican in the U.S.Congress that is anything but a fucking jerk!

      Vote every Republican out of office in November that you can Americans!

    2. Anonymous3:13 AM

      "Aloofness" is also a favorite meme of the NY Times. Several times a year the paper condescends to do a article on President Obama and in the first paragraph there's always a mention of his "aloofness." It is a trait that virtually none of us, who follow what he actually does and who he talks to, would agree with. Early on in his presidency President Obama met repeatedly with the GOP leadership - always to no avail. Their obstruction has been stunning in its incivility, its meanness and its harm to the American people. The president is not aloof; the GOP in Congress is recalcitrant and seditious.

  9. Anonymous7:50 AM


    1. Anonymous11:21 AM

      Why? It wouldn't be her vault.

      Can hardly wait to cast my vote for Hillary Clinton! She'll make an outstanding POTUS!

  10. Anonymous7:58 AM

    My son grew up without a father present (a drunk who died in a car accident). Now he makes dinner every single night for his family (after his wife plans the meal and shops) after he gets home from a full days of work. He reads to the kids every night, walks his daughter to school, and never misses a sports event or school event. So I agree, those fatherless boys do want to break the cycle very very much.

  11. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Attractive family (physically and internally).

  12. Anonymous8:04 AM

    New-funny>"At the end of it all, Hughley had bravely assembled an explosive dossier that would make Edward Snowden (and even the NSA) blush."

    1. Anonymous8:25 AM

      Quote>D.L."President Obama is who we aspire to be. Donald Trump is who we are."
      That man is FUNNY and TRUE!^

  13. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Yea, to wonderful Papa's!

    President Obama is such a wonderful example for Americans and world. Love the man! Voted for him both times!

  14. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Sasha has an interesting profile.

  15. Anonymous2:27 PM

    The little one is actually kind of pretty, especially since they are either ironing her hair or have gotten her some decent extensions.

    1. Anonymous4:03 PM

      Back-handed compliment much?

    2. Anonymous4:40 PM

      2:27 PM Does your Mom iron her hair like you do?

    3. Anonymous7:38 AM

      Somehow I find this comment to be extremely distasteful. The Obama daughters seem to be bright and well brought-up teenagers of whom their parents must be very proud.

  16. Anita Winecooler4:40 PM

    "There are very few traits that I find as admirable as a man who prioritizes being a good father." I wholeheartedly agree. That was the environment I grew up in, no tv in the kitchen, we had no cell phones, but no toys or distractions, and we shared our day, what we learned, the parents would show us what we were doing wrong and gave us a different approach to our problems.
    Reading his book taught me a lot of lessons. We all want a better life for our kids than we had, Barack missed all that with his absentee father, but gave the gift of his love and presence to his own family.
    My husband was adopted, searched for and found his birth parents, then wanted nothing to do with them. I didn't understand at the time, and some things are best left alone. Years later, he told me they "gave him up" but kept three others, which he could never understand nor get over. He was in and out of foster care for years and finally got adopted. His adoptive parents are mom and dad and did a wonderful job raising him. There's no harder job than parenting, but it's worth whatever it takes.

  17. AKRNHSNC1:25 AM

    Thank you for posting these positive, uplifting stories about President Obama. There are so few of them to read, especially for those of us who love and admire the entire First Family. Sasha and Malia are wonderful examples of what great parents they have, no scandal associated with either of them. In fact, the entire two terms have been scandal free. I doubt that would have been the case if we had a McCain-Palin administration. Just the thought of it makes me nauseous.


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