Wednesday, July 20, 2016

So apparently in the Trump family plagiarism is not a bug, it's a feature. Update!

Courtesy of NBC News: 

For the second night in a row, a speech given by a member of Donald Trump's family is raising eyebrows for lines previously used elsewhere. 

Donald Trump Jr. in his headline address at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland delivered a near-exact repetition of a small part of an American Conservative article written by F.H. Buckley, titled "Trump vs. the New Class." 

"Our schools used to be an elevator to the middle class. Now they're stalled on the ground floor. They're like Soviet-Era Department stores that are run for the benefit of the clerks and not the customers," Trump's son said in his speech Tuesday night. 

The line in Buckley's article reads, "Our schools and universities are like the old Soviet department stores whose mission was to serve the interests of the sales clerks and not the customers."

Two convention speeches, two charges of plagiarism.

I can hardly wait to see who Eric Trump plagiarizes tonight.

My money is on either Bill Clinton or Spongebob Squarepants. Or, perhaps both.

Speaking of plagiarized speeches, after revealing that the first draft of Melania's speech did not contain the portions "borrowed" from Michelle Obama, they have now decided that those were the fault of former ballet dancer and English Major Meredith McIver.

Personally I'm a little surprised, I always thought that former ballet dancers were the shit when it came to speech writing.

Update: Courtesy of Vox:  

"I was a principal speechwriter for the speech," Buckley told Vox. "So it's not an issue." 

So here's the difference, and it's big: Melania Trump's convention speech copied whole paragraphs from Michelle Obama's convention speech. That's not okay. Don Trump Jr.'s speech was written by a speechwriter who used some of his past material in the speech. You can argue whether that's the height of speechwriting, but there's nothing unethical about it — it would be a very weird standard to argue that writers couldn't take a line they were proud of writing in a small-circulation policy magazine and let a political figure they like use it in a major national speech.

Okay so here's the question that we have to ask ourselves.

DID F.H. Buckley help to write the speech, after all he was not given credit at the outset, or is this the Trump way of providing cover for yet another example of plagiarism.

I do not know the answer to that question for certain, but let's just say that I remain skeptical that things are ever the way that Donald Trump or his handlers say that they are.

Update 2: Donald Trump has now decided to see all of this controversy as a good thing.
Well, I guess if you are a serial liar what else can you do but obfuscate? 


  1. Anonymous6:28 AM

    He learned all about soviet department stores from commie step-mommy.

  2. Anonymous6:30 AM

    What They're Saying On Michelle's Twitter-Feed (Hilarious)-Updated-New Tweets

  3. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Math Isis the Truth>

  4. Olivia6:36 AM

    I never can tell the two apart, is that Uday or Qusay?

    1. Marthe8:05 AM

      Very good :-)

    2. Anonymous8:06 AM

      Want to "bet" they both have stayed in a HOSTEL? Three vacationing students backpack to a village in Slovakia looking for a hostel rumored to be brimming with wanton women, only to find themselves the objects of unimaginable torture in a house of twisted horrors. BEST HORROR MOVIES (ALL 3) Watch and wake up.
      Slovenia and Slovakia are two different countries -- always have been (well, as long as "always" means "since the early '90s").......calling Melania.....

  5. Anonymous6:36 AM

    I read yesterday that Barron Trump (4 years old) can fire housekeepers and nannies. And Melania thinks it's cute.

    1. Anonymous7:34 AM

      He's 10.

    2. Anonymous7:54 AM

      “I actually gave a teacher a black eye,” he wrote. “I punched my music teacher because I didn’t think he knew anything about music and I almost got expelled.” he has said that as a kid he liked to create mischief and “make a ruckus.”By the time he was in seventh grade, his parents had had enough of his rebellious behavior and sent him for the next five years to New York Military Academy, where he fought even more.“I always loved to fight,” Trump told biographer Michael D’Antonio, the author of “Never Enough.” “All types of fights, including physical.” Trump told D’Antonio that “when I look at myself in the FIRST grade and I look at myself now, I’m basically the same. The temperament is not all that different.”
      dRumpf's wants to ANNIHILATE HRC and have "others" be responsible for it.

    3. Anonymous10:23 AM

      Swear to god that Donald Trump is mentally off! Talking about his childhood and saying he is basically the same.

      Good God, Donald! Grow up and become a decent human being at the age of 70! You are a fucking mental disaster and not fit to be POTUS!

    4. Anonymous12:12 PM

      Maybe Barron's been firing staff 'since' he was 4 years old...

      (Scroll down and you'll see the transcript from a Larry King interview from April 10, 2010.)

  6. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Sorry G, the guy who wrote Trump's speech is the same guy. You can't steal from yourself.

    1. Anonymous7:11 AM

      So he says now. Who knows if he really wrote it or if he's been paid off to cover for Donnie Jr., who thinks HE'LL be running for POTUS in 12 years.

    2. Anonymous7:36 AM

      Phrases, paragraphs etc. taken from someone else, even with their permission, are acknowledged by, "So and so said and I quote" or if written the author's words are acknowledged by an acceptable means and credit is given to that author.

    3. Yes, you can steal from yourself. It depends on whether he retained the copyright to the words he wrote for the American Conservative article.

      If AC acquired the rights to the article on publication, then without their permission, Buckley did not have the right to re-use the material.

    4. Anonymous1:45 PM

      Exactly, try using a phrase on a paper you have previously turned in, and you will be dinged for plagiarism - so says the MLA.

    5. Anonymous2:55 PM

      Yes. You can.

      Even if you recycle previous material, Universities consider it recycling your own work to be plagiarism. You must first get the professor's permission and in some cases the university's permission if you are going to reuse previously written material.

      Melania plagiarized. Or her speechwriter did. (I still maintain it was Trump himself that inserted the material, then instructed Melania to tell everyone she wrote it all herself with no help.)

      Trump Jr. also plagiarized.

      Neither speech cited the previous material.

      This is why Trump loves the uneducated. They don't know and they don't care.

  7. Anonymous6:41 AM

    The Trumps have no ideas to talk about. All they know is how to con people.

    1. Anonymous7:59 AM

      Exactly! And apparently they are perfectly comfortable in stealing other peoples' ideas without giving them credit. Says a lot about Trump family values--just take what you like and to hell with anyone else.

  8. Anonymous6:42 AM

    This convention was a great opportunity for the Trump family to show themselves to the world and share their original thoughts and ideas.

    Epic Fail...

    1. Anonymous7:12 AM

      When you are insulated wealthy snobs, what is there to show? And original thoughts? Trump's thinking comes from his father and from Hitler and the Russians. Nothing original under that mop of hair.

    2. Anonymous10:20 AM

      At least Donnie Jr. doesn't appear to have the need to weave his hair like his Dad, as yet anyway!

  9. Anonymous6:44 AM

    so how ironic is it that the tRump kid plagiarizes a line about how great schools used to be....obviously, they must have stopped teaching the concept of attribution and plagiarism before his time

    1. Anonymous7:13 AM

      He never went to public school, so he may have never been expected to even write a paper, let alone document it.

    2. Anonymous7:55 AM


      I attended private schools grades 5-12 and I must say that our curriculum was much more rigorous that was that of the local public schools.

      Parents don't usually spend money on education if the free option is satisfactory.

    3. Anonymous1:46 PM

      They do when it's to insulate their kids from others.

    4. Anonymous2:57 PM

      What gets me is not just the laziness. It's the stupidity.

      After the Melania debacle you'd think they'd be really careful. But no. So they're caught again.

      You better believe that every journalist covering this is putting their speeches through plagiarism software and finding every time they've stolen material.

      And yes, even if a speech writer steals from himself, using previously written material and recycling it is still plagiarism. Ask any university professor.

  10. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Melania Trump's blatant use of Michelle Obama's 2008 speech was plagiarism. But I'm not sure why you're recycling misinformation about Trump Jr.'s speech last night. The writer of the article, F.H. Buckley, also helped to write the speech. Not the same thing.

    Seems a little too much like a C4P or Breitbart approach to reporting the truth. You can do better.

    1. Did you read and understand? The author was not given credit for the speech,but after it was noticed that sections were lifted from his article,he suddenly claims to be the author. Is it possible that this is an elaborate con job to cover up Dishonest Don Jrs plagiarism?Could the author have been roped into this after the fact to say he was a speech writer?

    2. Anonymous7:42 AM

      No, you are wrong, if the lines or more material are "lifted" from previously published material then the speaker, or writer, acknowledges that So and so said, and I quote. It is not ok even if the speech writer is the one inserting the lines that have appeared in print elsewhere prior.

      In this case Buckley was paid as a columnist for the previously published article so it may well be that the owner of that news, not Buckley, can demand money for use of what they previously paid Buckley for the submission.

    3. Anonymous1:47 PM

      Yes, the same thing, Buckley had published it elsewhere - it was no longer his to use.

    4. Anonymous4:06 PM

      Yep, years to get that MLA set right. And then the don and his useless family ruin it. It is plsgerism. Other, I like how melania likes Mrs. OBAMA.

    5. Anonymous2:59 PM

      Um, yes it is.

      If a speech writer uses previous material he wrote and recycles it, he would need to cite himself as the source of the previous material.

      So, yes, it's plagiarism. And after the Melania gaffe you'd think they'd be more careful.

      The bottom line is they are lazy, liars and thieves and they just don't give a damn.

  11. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Journalism majors uphold that it is unethical to plagiarize and the same ethic stands for speech writers.

    1. And everyone else. It is just as unethical for a seventh-grader to plagiarize others' work for their term paper, especially since they have undoubtedly be instructed on how to use and cite others' work.

    2. Anonymous10:18 AM

      Didn't we learn as part of 'the basics' in grade school...that we were not to copy another's work? By 'at least' 3rd grade I knew that was a no no! (Catholic school)

      Obviously, the Trump adult children never attended an 'outstanding' grade school!

  12. Anonymous6:52 AM

    Christ Christie even held a “mock trial”, leading the crowd in fevered chants of “lock her up!” " Hrafnkell Haraldsson referred to as “Hillary Derangement Syndrome We have seen a major party political convention turn into a lynch mob.” It was not entirely a surprise to see Bridgegate Chris Christie hold a mock trial of Hillary Clinton to cries of “lock her up,” but we even had Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, one of Trump’s policy adviser and a guy who was on the reality star’s VP shortlist, chanted along with the crowd, “Lock her up! Lock her up!”LYNCH HER UP!
    dRumpf" has used lawyers the way the mob uses hit men, taking out anyone who got in his way with intimidation and threats. NOW IT WILL BE PIGS.
    " Republican Michael Folks and his “Hillary Clinton, you should be tried for treason, murder, and crimes against the US Constitution… then hung on the Mall in Washington, DC.”
    Trump doesn’t just love Putin. He wants to be Putin.
    It is dangerous. And it is un-American. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words, and the Republican mob just spoke very loudly indeed. INSANE!

    1. Anonymous7:15 AM

      So how creepy is it that Christie is the "White House Transition Team Head" for Trump? They already have a list of Obama appointees in federal jobs that they will fire posthaste. Instead, they will bring in business people 'part-time' who will also keep their jobs outside. Talk about crony capitalism! My God. This reminds me of companies firing/retiring people and then expecting the few left to do everything for less money. Vote BLUE people! Our lives depend on it.

    2. Anonymous8:12 AM

      7:15 Exactly!

    3. Anonymous10:14 AM

      Julianne Moore (movie star) was just on "The View" and was asked what she thought of the Republican Convention.

      She gave a perfect and short response: "Hateful and Negative"!

      Summed it up perfectly!

      Vote Hillary Clinton! This Trump Bunch is deplorable!

  13. Anonymous7:05 AM

    How much lower can the Republicans sink?

    Apparently all they are missing is the pitch forks:

    GOP Convention Endorses Vision of America as a Banana Republic

    Law and Order Dictator Donnie style:

    Dictator Trump Wants A Special Law To Purge All Obama Appointees If He Wins White House

    1. Anonymous7:55 AM

      It's to the point where you don't want to ask the question how much lower they can sink. Every time it's asked, they keep going lower and lower.

    2. Anonymous8:15 AM

    3. Anonymous3:11 PM

      At least the media are finally calling a Fuhrer and Fuhrer.

  14. Anonymous7:14 AM

    At the end of Donny's speech they will roll out a guillotine and a mannequin dressed in pant suit.

    Donny will pull the lever and lop off her head.

    The crowd will chant and scream .."kill her, kill her"

    1. Anonymous8:20 AM

      You got THAT RIGHT...All of this is WRONG.
      "Kru$h, Kill, De$troy!"

    2. Anonymous9:25 AM

      for sure. the people at the convention are so vile and uncivilized. they speak of a former flotus and senator and cabinet member w/ absolutely no respect. if the dems acted this way, they'd be called animals and all the gop would be infuriated. christie was simply a pig.

  15. Anonymous7:15 AM

    I wonder why NBC hasn't forwarded their info to MSNBC? There is no mention on MSNBC about David Jr's plagiarism.

  16. Anonymous7:23 AM

    O/T, but the New York Times currently has an article about how Trump decided on his VP and one sentence stuck out to me: "The Trump list [of potential VPs] did not include any wild cards like Palin."

  17. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Trump's entire campaign is FUBAR just like the GOP teabagging base. America won't buy it.

  18. Anonymous7:40 AM

    I watched the entire spectacle last night and found it amusing that, although they touted the evening's focus to be 'Make America Work Again', not one speech touched on the theme. The closest they got was Junior where I believe he uttered the word 'jobs' once. Instead, what we got was a non-stop Hillary bashing extravaganza. Cable news pundits have remarked on how poorly this whole thing has been staged. The RNC has not capitalized on utilizing prime time for their nightly keynotes. The first night, the last two speakers had nearly an empty auditorium when they spoke and yet it was prime time on the west coast.


  19. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Unless you credit the source it is ALWAYS considered plagiarizing. Look it up if you think differently.

    1. Anonymous9:21 AM

      yep. they surely spoke w/ buckley to get him to make a statement that it was ok. he'll pry get a free golf trip.

  20. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Mrs. Trump has 30+ years of harassment by the Democratic party before she catches up to Hillary. She'll be the 3rd ex-wife long before then.

  21. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Every time I see DJ junior, I see that picture with him holding the cut off elephant trunk and I picture myself standing with one foot on his lifeless carcass, holding something of his in my hand. I hate those 2 obnoxious, spoiled entitled pricks.

    1. Anonymous8:24 AM

      I see the same thing 7:52. Eric always reminds me of Ritchie Rich minus the bowtie.


    2. Anonymous8:33 AM


    3. Anonymous9:16 AM

      Want to "bet" the BAD BOYS both have HUNTED in a HOSTEL? "Three vacationing students backpack to a village in Slovakia looking for a hostel rumored to be brimming with wanton women, only to find themselves the objects of unimaginable torture in a house of twisted horrors. BEST HORROR MOVIES (ALL 3) Watch and wake up. This Isis REAL PEOPLE LIVES.
      Slovenia and Slovakia are two different countries -- always have been (well, as long as "always" means "since the early '90s").......calling Melania.....Toad & Sara.....Marina Lupas....

    4. Anonymous9:20 AM

      they think they're god's gift, but they are nothing to look at twice, and i love that they have such weak chins.

    5. Anonymous4:10 PM

      Why is he so dark. Does he have kidney issues?

  22. Anonymous8:22 AM

    tRump and his henchmen are just thieves.
    From stealing Queens' music twice to stolen speeches. Their campaign slogan should be "What can we steal from you!"

  23. Anonymous8:25 AM

    All Trump's son had to do when making his speech was reference the words he had just said were those of ----!

    These Trumps folks are nuts or stupid as Hell!

    Vote Hillary Clinton! Donald Trump is not fit to hold the office of POTUS!

  24. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Tuesday Night at the Republican Convention...

  25. Anonymous8:36 AM

    OK, so they claim Buckley was a "ghost" speechwriter. You would think that after Melons epic misstep the previous night, Buckley, knowing he was using his own published words, would be savvy enough to make fucking sure that Donnie Jr. credited the source!
    Ain't buying it guys.

    1. Anonymous9:47 AM

      Set up, set up folks! Think they did this on purpose. The family is a fucking joke on America - liars and frauds!

    2. Anonymous3:21 PM

      He may well have done and Jr may have dropped the citation. The hubris in this family doesn't allow them to credit anyone. That's why Melania was instructed to tell anyone that asked that she wrote the speech herself with very little help. And why they doubled down on denying the plagiarism.

      The entire family are lazy, cheaters, liars and thieves. The Republicans voted them to represent the "values" of the party.

      And there you have it.

  26. Even if Bucklery wrote the article and as speechwriter for L'il Donny chose to recycle part of his article, he could possibly be guilty of copyright violation.

    This could happen if American Conservative owns the copyright on articles that it publishes.

    If Buckley did retain the copyright, then he did nothing wrong by choosing to recycle his own work.

    But it was colossally stupid to do so under the circumstances.

    1. Anonymous9:46 AM

      I wouldn't put it past the Trumps that this Buckley thing is a set up.

      The Trumps will do ANYTHING for media attention. They are just like the Palins - be it positive or negative - it just doesn't seem to matter to them.

      All of them are frauds!!! Donald Trump has taught his kids well!

      Vote Hillary Clinton!!!

    2. Anonymous3:23 PM

      Even if he retains the copyright, he wrote the article and would have to CITE HIMSELF as the author in the speech.

      By university standards, it is still plagiarism.

  27. Anonymous9:17 AM

    i said later yesterday, after the trump denying had gone on and on, that i bet melania herself had taken the obama content. and now they're reporting that she did. wow. and the speech guy who looked at her speech is blaming himself for not checking things out. falling on his sword, it seems, but at the same time letting us know that melania is the one who plagiarized. and she's supposed to be smart?

    1. Anonymous10:18 AM

      It appears Melania is a big fat liar like her pathological liar husband. She said before the plagerized speech she wrote it with as little help as possible.Also Trump tried to say Melania has a college degree in architecture and design. It has come to light that NO she doesn't have a college degree. she took classes as a freshman and failed two of the exams. That was the end of higher education. JFC can ANYBODY tell the truth in their fucked up dysfunctional family!! ???????

    2. Anonymous3:30 PM

      I maintain Melania didn't do it, Trump did.

      Melania lied. She had almost nothing to do with writing the speech, only practicing and performing it. (Which she did badly.)

      The speechwriter didn't do it either as even a high school student would know better than to steal from such a famous and recent speech as one the First Lady gave in 2008.

      No, I think this was all Trump. Does anyone really think he would allow Melania to give a speech he didn't read and sign off on? Given his own lack of morals, ethics and values, does anyone believe he wouldn't think twice about changing a word or two (still plagiarism) and putting entire chunks of Michelle's speech in Melania's speech?

      The guy still doesn't understand what plagiarism is or why it is wrong. He certainly will continue to deny it. Because to him, the speech was a success because everyone is talking about it. That's his attitude. Good or bad, it is the publicity that counts. He doesn't think it was wrong, didn't think he stole anything, and would never apologize because he doesn't think there was anything wrong about it all.

      That's Trump. The liar, cheat, con man, thief. It's the Art of the Deal all over again. Read the article. The ghostwriter has Don the Con nailed to a tee, and this current plagiarism situation is consistent with that Trump.

  28. Anonymous9:44 AM


    Since when do ANY of the Trumps admire ANY of the Obamas? Total bullshit - Donald Trump has been badmouthing the Obamas prior to President Obama ever being elected! He taught his wife and kids to hate them too!
    There is no way Melani admires First Lady Obama! No fucking way. They are a racist family and that's been proven time and time again too1

    Could they be on a new path to try to get the Obama voters! That will never happen! Nice try, Trumpets, we gotcha!

    Vote Hillary Clinton - I know I am!

    1. Anonymous3:32 PM

      That has nothing to do with it.

      I'm sure Don the Con thought Michelle gave a great speech. That's all it is. I'm also sure he didn't believe she wrote any of it. I am also convinced that it is Donald himself that stole portions of Michelle's speech and inserted them into Melania's speech and told her to tell anyone that asked that she wrote it.

  29. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Jim Lehrer most respected journalist in News Quote>"Donald Trump is going to rise and fall on who he is and what he has said and done"
    50 years and 12 presidential debates....

  30. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Its nice to know that she likes and admires the First Lady of the USA. Maybe next time she will mention that!!! And to the angry hateful clowns in the crowd of losers, take note. She admires the First Lady of the USA today for good reason's. Poor thing is standing with the wrong people. She is a compassionate person with hateful clowns controlling her.

    1. Anonymous3:35 PM

      No, she doesn't. That's just spin.

      I believe Donald plagiarized portions of Michelle Obama's speech because it was a great speech. I doubt he believed she wrote it. He stole it simply because it was effective. And he's lazy. Why write something when you can steal it? His entire life is lying, cheating and stealing. And he sees nothing wrong with that. He's profited from it.

  31. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Julianne Moore was just on "The View" and asked what she thought of the Republican Convention.

    Her response: "Hateful and Negative"!

    Simply said and perfect!

    Remember she was the one that played Sarah Palin in that outstanding TV movie and won the Emmy for the role!

    Plus, she has many other awards to her credit! Outstanding lady!

  32. Anonymous10:14 AM

    After three days they are now saying somebody else contributed to the speech (the ballerina) but Melania said in an interview on an airplane to Matt Laurie (sp?) that she knows her speech because she wrote it herself?

    So what's going on? Being that Donald is a multi billionaire, did he influence the ballerina to take blame?

    Give me enough money I will confess to beating and kicking that pregnant woman on Sarah Palin's driveway.

  33. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Oh my! Looks like Donnie's attempt to explain Melania's plagiarism has just created a new set of issues for the campaign. WAPO is on it now. I;m running out of popcorn!


    1. Anonymous11:03 AM

      Let's hope this is just the beginning and the issue is not going away - for a long, long time - say after November.

    2. Anonymous11:12 AM

      Washington Post
      "Those passages were then accidentally included in the draft Trump used, for which McIver, later in the note, apologizes. Done and done; the truth has come out."

      Accidently my ass! Melania Trump said she wrote the speech. The problem is they thought nobody would recognize the passage and would not challenge Melania

      Remember Melania, Donald and children, don't defend a liar.

      The truth shall set you free.

  34. Anonymous10:56 AM

    If Melania admires First Lady Michelle Obama, then why didn't on day one when the controversy appeared why didn't Melania confess that I admire First Lady Obama and I may have wrote something from her speech?

    Why did Donald defend that his wife wrote it.

    Why did Melania let Donald defend her knowing she claims to admire First Lady Obama and may have wrote something from Michelle Obama???

    3 days before they confessed!

    Bitches all of them

  35. Anonymous11:16 AM

    In 2003, when Melania was younger and presumably even hotter, Trump admitted to radio host Howard Stern that although he had known Paris Hilton since she was 12, it didn’t stop him and then-girlfriend Melania from ogling her sex tape. Trump told Stern, “Now, somebody who a lot of people don’t give credit to but is in actuality very beautiful is Paris Hilton. I’ve known Paris Hilton from the time she’s 12, her parents are friends of mine, and the first time I saw her she walked into the room and I said, ‘Who the hell is that?’ At 12, I wasn’t interested… but she was beautiful.” The Daily Beast reported that Trump “also admitted to watching Paris Hilton’s sex tape with Knauss, despite knowing her since the age of 12 and being very close friends with the Hilton Family.”

    In the same interview, Trump boasted of his 21-year-old daughter Ivanka, “You know who’s one of the great beauties of the world—according to everybody—and I helped create her? Ivanka. My daughter, Ivanka. She’s 6 feet tall, she’s got the best body."

    1. Anonymous1:09 AM

      In light of this, does it now seem plausible that a woman is currently claiming rape by Donald Trump when she was 13? Jeffery Epstein provided his plane and sexual 'perks' to his big-time big-shot connected honchos.

      Lisa Bloom may be working for the woman to charge Donald Trump and/or make the story known. That story has not made much news. Statue of limitation has run out.


  36. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Regarding Trump's tweets above he overlooks the good publicity went to Michelle Obama and the plagirism spoiled his wife's first major public event. Then his campaign acted like buffoons raising more talk about how crappy this convention is and the Trump campaign bungles things.

    Trump is an idiot. What would they do when an urgent important situation arises?

    Can't wait for SNL skit!

    1. Anonymous3:43 PM

      He doesn't recognize any of that.

      All he sees is that everyone is talking about Melania. That's where it ends for him.

      He thinks she did a great job and her speech was a success.

      Publicity. That's how he thinks.

  37. Anonymous11:51 AM

    John Kasich: Ohio Governor Offered Chance to Be 'Most Powerful Vice President in History,' Report Says
    Donald Trump Jr. told an unnamed Kasich adviser that if his father was elected, his vice president would be in charge of domestic and foreign policy, The New York Times Magazine reported.

    1. Anonymous12:03 PM

      "Donald Jr. wanted to make him an offer nonetheless: Did he have any interest in being the most powerful vice president in history?

      When Kasich’s adviser asked how this would be the case, Donald Jr. explained that his father’s vice president would be in charge of domestic and foreign policy.

      Then what, the adviser asked, would Trump be in charge of?

      “Making America great again” was the casual reply."

  38. Anonymous12:11 PM

    BIG FUCKING LIE "Born on April 26, 1970 in Slovenia, Melania Knauss began her modeling career at the age of sixteen. At the age of eighteen, she signed with a modeling agency in Milan. After obtaining a degree in design and architecture at University in Slovenia, Melania was jetting between photo shoots in Paris and Milan, finally settling in New York in 1996."

    " She completed her first year at a Slovenian university before moving to Milan.[7] Knauss studied design at the High School of Design in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, and architecture at the University of Ljubljana. Although her web site and the Republican Party convention program say that she obtained a degree, other sources say that she did not."

    1. Anita Winecooler5:44 PM

      She also worked for Kyrocera and Xerox. Graduated with honors and a degree in "copy and paste".

    2. Anonymous3:45 PM

      Wouldn't that be Xerox and Elmer's?

  39. Anonymous12:15 PM

    What people said in these comments has me overthinking. Like Trump commenting on how beautiful Ivanka and Paris Hilton are. And How he is like the Palins, any brash thing come out of his mouth and it gets him more attention, and how Melania and Jr. are not apologizing or ashamed that they just reread other's speeches. If Trump gets elected we know we have more of that to come. And he sounds like one of those pure race type. Most of his followers are old fat people but the rest are nice looking enough healthy looking enough white people. I am wondering how long into a Trump presidency until this mind shift of calling every out of shape person, every disabled person, every not too good looking person, and every not white person out. Not long I suspect. In order for any of that to happen everyone knows their history by now, that would take a huge undertaking of cattle trains, ovens, and graves. Oh, and let's not forget that one excuse that is used to blame people for the downfall of the whites. The economic downfall. Donald is always one step from bankruptcy. Hitler was pretty poor and downtrodden back then too. Then he used his hate to elevate him. Hate is a powerful motivator. The Republican's know that fact and that's why they are hating on Hilary. She's the reason for everything on this earth in their minds. They know if they incite and incite, that the voter will remember when it comes time. That trust issue is already planted in voter's brains. Is she trustworthy? I am voting Hilary. I will exercise my freedom to think on my own, and make my own decision. No news agency, no Donald, Chris Christie, or military mom will sway my mind. Thank you. It's good to be able to say that and hope that we are able to keep this right as humans. If Donald gets in his followers say very condescendingly, that America will be ok. I doubt that with all my gut intuition.

  40. Anonymous12:47 PM

    If Ivanka wasn't my daughter I'd be dating her.
    -Daddy Trump

    1. Anonymous1:01 PM

      Did he really say that? Yup it's there in his own words.

  41. Anonymous12:48 PM

    What is so sadly ironic is that Donald Trump Jr's nonsensical plagiarized words attempt to skewer public school teachers and higher education.

    Yet the RNC pamplet and Melania's internet bio lie and state she has a university degree in architecture and design, when in fact she flunked out her freshman year.

    Why the heck would they lie to showcase a university education and then trivialize teachers and higher education at the same time?

    Oh wait I know why - it's all just a clown circus sh@t show with conflicting messages in order to dupe the idiots who will vote against themselves.

    Goebells is cheering from Hell.

  42. Anonymous12:54 PM

    President Trump?

    Donald Trump obsessed with daughter's body, would have sex with her.

  43. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Picture shows Donald Trump creep on his own daughter

    There is a fuller picture of daddy and his young daughter within the video. Where's her mother during this?

  44. Anonymous1:04 PM

    The beginning of the daddy daughter video so that Trump's voters can't argue it is not the complete video

    1. Anita Winecooler5:40 PM

      Love it! Joy Behar's a gem.

  45. Anonymous1:42 PM

    And you would be WRONG, Gryphen. At university, if you have ever turned in an assignment, with the same seven words or the idea, you cannot use it again - unless you cite it.

    Buckley, if he had written for that magazine, gave/sold them the rights to it - therefore, he stole form them aka plagiarized.

    1. Anonymous3:49 PM

      Actually, Buckley would still own the copyright on his own words.

      However, he would have to CITE HIMSELF and the article if he reused/recycled himself.

      So, yes, Jr. committed plagiarism and Buckley should have known better.

      I have an MLIS. I know copyright.

  46. Anita Winecooler5:37 PM

    Rub it in dim bulb Don. You hung your wife up wet for seventy two hours before coming up with an excuse. Something tells me she's the laughing stock of the ladies who lunch, and the world sees what a weak little man you are. If Melania figures it out, you'll be sleeping with rosey palm for a long time. Yeah, any attention is good attention, but the buck stops at family. You're a coward.


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