Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ted Cruz gets booed off stage for not endorsing Donald Trump.

Did you see Trump enter the walk into the convention center there at the end, so that he could revel in Cruz's embarrassment?

In fact Trump tweeted that he knew what Cruz was up to right after the speech.
You know pundits always talk about Cruz's intelligence and political acumen but it is pretty clear he got played here.

Courtesy of The Daily Wire:  

According to the source, the entire Cruz speech was cleared by the Trump campaign. Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, expressly approved the speech at 4:30 PM ET. The source, who was standing on the convention floor at the time of the speech, said that Trump operatives were present, urging the crowd to boo. “This was orchestrated by the Trump campaign to make Senator Cruz a pariah within the party,” said the source.

Tex Cruz disgusts me like no other human has for quite some time, so I cannot feel sorry for him, however it is unfortunate that the crowd turned on his wife as well.
Yeah, Cruz's political future looks a little iffy at the moment.

Even if Trump loses (And he will!) he is going to make damn sure that Cruz swims with the fishes politically.


  1. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Watched this happen last night during TYT coverage and Cenk was amused to say the least. If you cant handle some cussing do NOT watch their coverage. I'm an adult and a cusser so no probs for me.
    BTW, the Turks have come around and realize it's HILLARY 2016.

    1. Anonymous10:24 AM

  2. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Cruz Refuses To Back Down... I’m Not ‘A Servile Puppy Dog’... Trump Broke Loyalty Pledge ‘The Day This Became Personal’... ‘I’m Not In The Habit Of Supporting People Who Attack My Wife And My Father’

    1. Anonymous6:33 AM

      He's not in the habit of supporting others to attack his wife and dad.......
      Yeah, that's HIS job and he'll decide when that needs to happen.
      Don't forget this guy is an avowed 'spanker' (child beater). Bet he won't let anyone else beat his kids, either. Why should someone else get to have all the fun?

    2. Anonymous7:03 AM

      I can't stand Cruz, BUT I agree with him in this case. I would not endorse someone who insulted by wife and father either.

      Trump acts like his manly looking wife, who is looking more and more like Caitelyn Jenner is all that.

      Trump insulted almost every opponent in that primary contest.

      He so much as compared Ben Carson to a pedophyle, but Carson like a true Uncle Tom is by his side and has endorsed him.

      He reduced Marco Rubio to Little Marco, but Rubio like a self loathing idiot endorsed him anyway.

    3. Anonymous7:12 AM


      If you think the worse thing about Cruz is that he spanks his kids, you are certifiably insane. There are far more compelling reasons to despise the guy.

    4. Anonymous8:25 AM

      You ever heard cruz's Father attack President Obama? (rolling my eyes)

    5. Anonymous11:50 AM

      7:03 AM-

  3. Anonymous6:21 AM

    I don't know, Trump and Cruz are quite a match for one another. Ted will have the last laugh if Trump loses and in 4 years could be positioned to be the GOP nominee. They're both very smart in a conniving, Machiavellian kind of way. I'm loving every bit of this latest dustup.

    1. Gryph, I started a comment and my computer went wonky, so am rewriting this. Just in case you somehow get the first partial comment.

      I think that if Cruz tries for the Presidency in 4 years, the whole issue of his citizenship might just come up. I despised the birthers who claimed Obama was born in Kenya, but that was obviously ridiculous. Cruz admits being born in Canada. He was shown a Consular Report of Birth Abroad and said he didn't need one, because his mother was American.

      His father was Cuban, and I believe he became Canadian. Either way there is no possibility of passing on American citizenship to offspring.

      Cruz's mother was American who, at the time of his birth, had renounced American citizenship and become Canadian. At the time, Canada did not allow dual citizenship. That meant she was no longer American. (No problem with that. Lots of fine people in Canada.)

      However, his mother being Canadian- and she was, she accessed Canadian healthcare and voted in Canadian elections- at the time of his birth DOES throw Cruz's citizenship into question.

      If Cruz's mother was American at the time of his birth, then it was her responsibility to take the infant with all relevant documents (her own ID, her own passport, a copy of her birth certificate, etc., along with the infant's birth certificate and anything else that might be relevant) to the nearest consular office, or the U.S. Embassy, and obtain a Consular Report of Birth Abroad. By Cruz's own admission, that did not happen.

      Cruz just might be a tad worried that he's not eligible for either the Presidency, or the Senate seat he currently holds. And wouldn't THAT be interesting?

    2. Anonymous11:05 AM

      @Anonymous 6:21 AM

      Cruz is so universally hated, the GOP would never nominate him for president.

  4. Cruz is another sociopath (psychopath?), but he doesn't casually lie. That's a great oddity for a sociopath. He tells the truth as he sees it.

    1. Anonymous11:14 AM

      Sociopaths gotta sociopath.

  5. Anonymous6:27 AM

    Republicans Flip Out After Cruz Refuses To Endorse Trump
    They’re calling him “awful” and “selfish.

    Ted Cruz Buries the Hatchet — In Donald Trump's Back -

    ...But if the Trump campaign really thought Cruz had forgotten about the way Trump had treated his father and his wife (when Trump tweeted out an unflattering picture of her next to his supermodel wife, Melania), they were wrong.

    And if the Trump campaign believed an endorsement was coming from Cruz, they haven't been paying attention.

    Since the day Cruz dropped out of the presidential campaign, it has been clear that his fight was only just beginning. Over the past several months, he has revamped his Washington operation to look a lot more like a White House-in-Waiting than a consolation prize.

    He has hired a David Polyansky, a top adviser in the campaign, as his Senate chief of staff. He's also launching two political non-profits "to promote conservative principles," widely seen as laying the ground work for policies and messages for his next presidential run.

    1. Anonymous8:31 AM

      I think Donald Trump knew Ted Cruz would never endorse him (they've been enemies for too long) and 'allowed' him to be a speaker strictly for the entertainment he could make out of it.

      Trump did that by making a grand entrance toward the end of Ted's speech and sitting with his family members, bringing that hateful group of Americans to their feet and screaming horrible things to and at Cruz!

      The crowd acted out Trump's bidding and it was ridiculous to watch and hear!

      Their Convention was a disaster in the minds of most Americans. I know they did not represent me!

      Vote for Hillary Clinton! She has my vote hands down!

  6. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Cruz will come out of this ahead of Trump. I can't stand to even look at Cruz but he is correct about not endorsing someone who maligns his family. Some things are more important than politics. I can't wait for Trump's downfall. He is an evil mentally ill person.

    1. Anonymous7:08 AM

      I wouldn't endorse or vote for someone who insulted by family, either.

      I would not even endorsed someone who insulted me. Which is why I think Carson, Rubio, and Christy are self-loathing fools.

    2. Anonymous8:22 AM

      The above politicians that came out in support of Trump looked like idiots and having zero ethics or love of themselves! Most especially the big guy, Christy!

      He is currently under indictment as to the Bridge Deal and is very much disliked in New Jersey - his home state!

      That is the kind of guy Trump wants on his team, or as Attorney General, for his Administration should he be elected.

      Don't know about you, but that scares the Hell out of me.

      Christy was also deplorable as to how he handled his speech at the Convention concerning Hillary Clinton.

    3. Marthe11:11 AM

      Wouldn't Chris Christie love to be named Attorney General so he could stop all inquiries into Bridgegate. And the conflict of interest wouldn't bother him one bit I'm sure since like Trump he thinks the laws should be changed to suit him.

  7. Anonymous6:31 AM

    This Cannot Be The Convention That Donald Trump Wanted

    Plagiarism, satanism, public trials and now, a radical show of dissent.

    ...A Cruz delegate said he felt “numb” watching the coronation of Trump. “I’m just stumbling through the motions.” Asked if booze was helping, he playfully replied: “maybe.”

    An alternate delegate from Texas said he was “here for the balloons, not for the nominee.”

    1. Anonymous7:23 AM

      "Heil Hitler!"< Laura Ingram.

  8. Lindsay6:32 AM

    I actually admire Ted slightly more than I had. He stuck to his convictions and refused to endorse a narcissistic sociopath (a bigger one than he is). Even, quite possibly, at the expense of his career.

    1. 66gardeners6:53 AM

      It is extremely entertaining to watch

    2. Anonymous7:22 AM

      Never have, never will "admire" that piss poor excuse for a human.

    3. Anonymous8:13 AM

      I think that Ted Cruz's non- endorsement action at the Republican Convention will enhance his political career as time moves along - especially when Trump loses his bid for POTUS!

  9. Anonymous6:34 AM

    As the speech entered its closing stages, Cruz had completely lost the crowd. Screams of “endorse” came from the rafters. John Antoniello, the Chairman of the Staten Island GOP, helped lead them.

    “It didn’t seem to me he was ever going to say it,” Antoniello told The Huffington Post. Antoniello said he “cheated” by looking back at the TelePrompTer visible behind him, under the camera riser, and “could see he wasn’t saying it.”

    And so he started chanting louder: “Endorse Trump.”

    If the situation wasn’t chaotic enough, it rose a level higher in that moment. In an act of pure showmanship, the room’s eyes turned back to that Trump booth. The candidate had perfectly timed his entrance to take away attention from his former primary foe.

    Cruz had been upstaged while standing on the stage.

    ...The Texas senator is naturally positioned to emerge from the wake of a Trump electoral defeat, should that loss transpire. He won the second most delegates during the 2016 primary, and as the most high-profile conservative in the party, he gives GOP voters a chance to move on from a Trump loss without moving ideologically to the middle.

    Cruz has carefully fed the chatter. Well before he took the stage, it was leaked that he would not formally back Trump, in a speech he reportedly wrote himself. Part of it, naturally, is that the Trump campaign treated him like hell during the primary, mocking his wife, suggesting he had engaged in multiple affairs, and saying his father hobnobbed with Lee Harvey Oswald. But part of it is also because he wants to emerge as the candidate regretful Republicans turn to after the fall.

    1. Anonymous8:11 AM

      I so agree with Ted Cruz! Why in the Hell would he endorse Donald Trump after the lies The Donald has spewed about him and his family members that were blatantly untrue?

      Why would any American vote for the likes of a Donald Trump that has been caught in so many lies and facts for the past year?

      Donald Trump would be a dictator, would have a hand salute (he's already used it!) and mimic Hitler.

      Those hateful Americans at the Republican Convention did not represent me!

  10. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Wtf? this is FUCKING INSANE!>

    1. Anonymous6:44 AM

      "Both John Miller and John Barron are wonderful people. Why do you enjoy trying to tear apart people's lives?"
      This is a CON on AMERICA!

    2. Anonymous6:59 AM

      "The FACT that any employee of the Trump Organization was “volunteering” for the Trump campaign, but when the plagiarism scandal broke offered to resign from her corporate job is PROOF that Trump is violating campaign finance laws."

    3. Anonymous7:05 AM

      That is hilarious! Epic fail. I hope Gryphen takes the time to look at the two photos and read the tweets. Typical Trump camp spin.

    4. Anonymous8:03 AM

      Agree. "McIver" is photo shopped into these pics. I believe "she" is an imaginary alter ego of Trump...just like John Barron who many years ago called into radio programs, etc. to praise his employer Donald Trump.

      I saw some of these pics last evening and I thank you for your second link. Odd how McIver's face is EXACTLY the same in every pic and she is wearing the same jacket/necklace/belt. I was wondering whose bottom half (with the slit skirt) they used for McIver in the Macy's photo and it was Ivanka. LOL. Way to go Donald, keep involving all the family in your lies.

    5. Anonymous8:15 AM

      OMG, photo shop is so obvious,

      Is this another one of Trump's games?

    6. Anonymous10:33 AM

      Yes, Meredith McIver’s A Real Person And We Can All Calm Down Now

  11. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Michael Moore has come to believe that America is going to pull a Brexit and vote Drumpf to the WH.

    1. He wanted to get the warning out: Don't be complacent!

    2. And the whole world face-plants.

    3. Anonymous6:59 AM

      Let's hope Micheal Moore is wrong about this crazy minority.

    4. Anonymous8:54 AM

      I agree. It would be easy to get complacent. We need to ensure that Hillary wins.

      This time in 2008, everyone loved Palin.

  12. Anonymous6:45 AM

    “I am not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife and attacks my father,” Cruz told the Texas delegation at a breakfast in Cleveland.

    He added: “That pledge [to endorse the eventual nominee] was not a blanket commitment that if you go and slander and attack Heidi, that I'm going to nonetheless come like a puppy dog and say thank you very much for maligning my wife and maligning my father."

    ..."He didn't ask me to endorse and, indeed, three days ago I talked on the phone with him and told him, ‘I'm not going to endorse you,’" Cruz said, defending his non-endorsement speech.

  13. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Plenty of popcorn folks! Plenty of popcorn!

    1. Anonymous10:37 AM

  14. Anonymous6:46 AM

    In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined a more satisfying convention. Between Melania's speech and the debacle of the campaign's handing of it, Steve King going full-on racist on camera, a half empty convention hall for all to see, delegations walking off the floor, Scott Baio as the celebrity headliner, Trump's ridiculous entrance to Queen's "We Are the Champions" (has he actually read the official platform? Awkward!)," disappointed shop keepers and restaurant owners who expected crowds and got crickets, and now not one, but two speakers in one night who couldn't stomach saying they endorsed Trump- it really is Christmas in July!

    1. Anonymous7:17 AM

      Forfuxsakes, were there no Friends of Abe who would speak? Robert Duvall, Gary SInise, Patricia heaton, that asshole from Frasier, Eastwood, Angelina Jolie's Dad, none of these would speak? Granted Hollywood is mostly liberals, but did Drumpf's campaign not even try to get someone with SOME cache? Fucking CHACHI?
      The guy's a NOBODY.
      Par for the course.
      Or were they and they declined. Drumpf would NEVER admit that!

    2. Anonymous7:58 AM

      In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined a more satisfying convention.
      I am glad you are able to enjoy it, personally I am horrified and stopped watching to safeguard my blood pressure!!

    3. Anonymous8:03 AM

      It was apparent that either The Trump Organization or the Trump Campaign had a very difficult time getting reputable folks as speakers at their Republican Convention.

      All it came off as was a hate and anger function. It was deplorable and did NOT represent the majority of Americans.

    4. Anonymous8:23 AM

      I feel sickened by the mockery and travesty.

    5. Anonymous8:57 AM

      I don't watch either conventions but I do remember them as being a great time for the delegates.

  15. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Trump Accused Of A Federal Crime On Same Day He Accepts The Republican Nomination

    Donald Trump is facing a new complaint that his use of the Trump Organization to do his campaign work is a violation of federal law.....
    ...It is revealing that every nickname about a political opponent that Donald Trump creates describes a behavior that he is engaging in....

  16. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Ted Cruz just launched his 2020 campaign by stabbing Donald Trump in the back.

    1. Anonymous8:00 AM

      I don't see Cruz that way at all! I see him standing his ground as to the endorsement and not providing it. I can't help but wonder how many of the speakers at the convention said they supported Trump, when in fact they didn't, and will not vote for him in the long run?

      He had more balls than most and I think his having done this will go over 'in support of Ted Cruz' as time moves along!

    2. Anonymous9:02 AM

      Cruz and Trump are 2 of a kind....both want to be king, and their vision for Americas future hold little value to the majority of Americans.

    3. Anonymous11:32 AM

      I personally think Trump to be the most horrible of the two, 9:02 AM.

      He's not smart - operates on emotions - has a nasty disposition, a huge ego, is a self-declared racist and loves spewing fear and hate! Plus, he is very pro wars!

      He'd RULE, not govern and be a dictator!

  17. 66gardeners6:53 AM

    What did Trump expect from the guy who conspired to JFK?

    1. Anonymous7:51 AM


    2. Anonymous7:57 AM

      Trump is the one that started that rumor which was complete baloney and another one of Trump's theories! Total bullshit w/zero proof - which is the usual procedure for The Donald!

    3. 66gardeners9:46 AM

      meant to say "conspired to kill JFK" it was snark

  18. Anonymous6:56 AM

    As much as I detest Ted Cruz (and I really, really do), I admire him in this situation.
    Imagine being the man who stood up to Hitler.

  19. Does Trump actually think he is to be believed that Cruz's speech got vetted by him and his campaign hours before? They didn't even vet his wife's speech. The campaign is moronic. Everything Trump sees is about him. If he saw his name on Cruz's speech---he skipped over everything else and thought--"Yeah this is about me", then threw it away.

    I'm of the mind Cruz won more than he lost. He now becomes the hero of the wing-nuts who wanted to be unbound from Trump.

    A complete shit show. So there is joy in that.

    1. Anonymous7:55 AM

      I so agree with you, 6:57 AM! I appreciated the fact Cruz stood his ground and did NOT endorse Trump.

      I'll bet there were others that spoke, that DID provide their verbal support, but will NOT actually cast their vote for him on election day!

    2. Anonymous9:01 AM

      Trump knew what Cruz was going to do. He wanted Cruz spanked on national tv and himself shown as a victim. He needs constant affirmation.

      News agencies would be wise to not print his picture and watch what he does to achieve their notice.

  20. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Seriously after, lock her up, prison time for Hillary, vulgar t shirts/buttons etc, the best they could come up with was to boo Ted Cruz?

    I am truly disappointed, I expected something more creative like "deport him" back to Cuba/Canada.

    I hope the Democrats are keeping a look out for any Trump plants to stir up trouble in Philly.

    1. Anonymous7:23 AM

      When they started yelling "Hang her!", it stabbed me in the heart.

    2. Anonymous7:40 AM

      @7:29 WHO was the speaker when THAT happened? Calling for assassination by LYNCHING.

    3. Anonymous7:50 AM

      I hope Hillary Clinton has a LOT of security.

      That Republican Convention group of so-called Americans pushed their desperate hate of her to the max and it was horrible to view and hear!

      I'm sure there are some Republicans that will try to ruin the Democratic Convention. The Democratic one will be nothing like what we just viewed w/the Republicans. They thankfully didn't represent the majority of Americans!

      Support Hillary Clinton and bring sanity back to this race.

      The Republican Convention was all about celebrity and the Democratic one will include top notch politicians.

      I want the experienced one to run our country, not a blow-hard, ego driven celebrity!

    4. 66gardeners9:47 AM

      I believe Christy was the speaker at the time

  21. Anonymous7:02 AM

    What a spectacle! Never liked Cruz, but he stood his ground last night. He got shtrumped big time, as at the end, Trump looking on, knowing he was allowing Cruz to be complete humiliated by that crowd. Trump was pleased as punch.

    What this tells the world and the nation is that Trump is truly an immature grudge-holding vengeance seeking dangerous man. He can't stop his nature. And the Hitler hand gesture he did to the crowd and quickly relaxes his hand after, to wave to the crowd, same salute that Laura Ingraham made to the crowd last night. Sickening. America, please don't allow that family into the White House.

    1. Anonymous7:37 AM

      Trump, IF elected, will be a dictator. He favors the rulings of Hitler. He's racist (FACTUAL), will use nuclear weapons and is very pro war and demolishing others! (FACTUAL)

      I've viewed him using the Nazi salute before and now he's on record for using it again.

      That group of Americans at the Republican Convention did NOT represent me. I am anti Trump and will do everything I can to assure he is NOT elected POTUS.

      He's not fit to guide our country. He'd RULE it! A big, big difference. Thank God we've had President Obama as POTUS for the near past eight years. We know what a POTUS is suppose to be like! Trump does NOT fit the bill at all!

  22. Anonymous7:04 AM

    We haven't elected the next president, and the campaigning has started for the 2020 Presidential election. Please, for the love of god, please make it stop. Please make it stop. Please, Please, PLEASE make it stop.

    1. Anonymous7:43 AM

      For the Love of GOD? Oh PLEASE! For the love on country and the world maybe. That Isis the PROBLEM.

    2. Anonymous8:05 AM

      The 24/7 never ending campaigning is driving everyone nuts. It really does need to stop. What a giant waste of money! When do the so called politicians ever do their job?

      I have ranted for decades that the campaigning should not start until after Labor Day. All money into one pot divided equally. NO more buying politicians. No more lobbying.

      Their little system is so rigged. Read some history. It ALWAYS has been. Politicians have ALWAYS been bought and paid for by the crooks, by the cronies, by the corporations and that's just who they cater to. It never has been about the peasants.

      Have there been some good ones? Yea, I like to believe that. But even the 'good' ones KNOW what's going on and refuse to expose the bad. That's called being an accomplice. They sit there year in year out and don't say a word about the "in your face bullshit" that goes on daily.

      Do you know what it is going to take to make a change? I sure don't.

      Maybe everybody should just continue the daily hate fest. Pushing, shoving, screaming, yelling, shit slinging, insulting and of course shooting because all of that has worked so well so far, eh?

      I call it the, I'm right, no, I'm right, No, your're wrong, no,you're wrong, Well you're mom's ugly, fight. Hasn't really accomplished much in the last couple hundred years, has it? Think maybe it's time to try something new?

  23. Anonymous7:11 AM

    I don't think Ted Cruz was concerned with the reaction of the crowd in the convention center. His audience was the larger national audience. Plus he was able to steal some of Trump's thunder in the 24 hour news cycle.

    1. Anonymous9:53 AM

      I think you are right.

  24. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Trump is a despicable cruel man. He can never get close to the WH. I read he didn't even stay for his youngest daughter Tiffany's debut speech on stage at the convention, maybe Wednesday? That is heartless.

    1. Anonymous7:20 AM

      I'm sure he wrote her a nice note that she can tuck in with all her report cards :-)

    2. Anonymous7:41 AM

      Tiffany Trump is the lesser Trump. I honestly think Donald despises Marla for humiliating him with her affair with her bodyguard. If Trump has any regrets, I suspect that Marla and Tiffany are them.

  25. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Oh look, Sarah stole Hillary's tweet.

    Exclusive — Sarah Palin to Ted Cruz: Delete Your Career

    In an exclusive statement to Breitbart News, former Alaska Governor and 2008 Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin weighed in on Senator Ted Cruz’s refusal to honor his pledge and endorse the GOP nominee Donald Trump.

    Trump campaign THREATENED CRUZ if he didn’t endorse…

    You HAVE TO see this pic of the TRUMPS as Ted Cruz SNUBBED the Donald!! LOL!!

    1. Anonymous7:46 AM

      "You HAVE TO see this pic of the TRUMPS as Ted Cruz SNUBBED the Donald!! LOL!!"
      LOSER PIC!

  26. Anonymous7:19 AM

    You sure that isn't Trump spin talking, G? An attempt to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat? "Genius that I am, I planned it all along?" As opposed to the alternative possibility, that Donald attention-span-of-a-gnat Trump maybe had a copy of the speech early, but didn't bother to actually read it? Or had read it but didn't have a way to stop it? Conventions are supposed to be about bringing the party together; Cruz might (or might not) have hurt himself, but that doesn't mean he didn't hurt Trump as well. I personally know conservatives who have major misgivings about DT. You don't think it matters, when one of their icons stands up and says, vote your conscience?

  27. Anonymous7:20 AM

    What if the only way to get rid of Trump and the Trumpettes is to give him a turn and hope for impeachment?

    What if we need to entertain the thought of Pence running the country?

    1. Anonymous9:05 AM

      What if Hillary keeps campaigning and we let the election happen?

  28. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Defiant Ted Cruz defends Trump snub: I won’t ‘come like a servile puppy dog’ if you attack my family

    Furious Mike Huckabee rips into ‘self-absorbed’ Ted Cruz for betraying Trump at convention

    Right-wingers have online meltdown after ‘backstabbing rat’ Cruz won’t endorse Trump

    1. Anonymous8:34 AM

      Huckabee and Palin, anyone's bitches at the right price.

  29. Anonymous7:21 AM

    “I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father,"
    -Senator Ted Cruz, Texas


    Say what you want about Ted Cruz, party or no party, I wouldn't endorse Trump if he attacked my wife and father.

    Cruz Defends Speech, Spars With Trump Supporters in Explosive Meeting With Texas Delegation Cruz defended his speech to the Texas delegates by insisting he never said one bad word about Donald Trump, and he doesn’t intend to in the future...


  30. Anonymous7:21 AM


    What was the deal with the Alaska GOP delegates? I read where they got their votes stolen, and turned over to that fat ass Drumpf.
    I'd love to read your future post regarding this!
    You'd have more local insight(and snark).

    1. Anonymous11:24 AM

      I watched the whole Alaska thing yesterday - at the Republican Convention - the legal folks handling the convention did take all the votes of Alaska and cast them all for Trump!

      This was done even though Ted Cruz got majority vote, by one vote with the others going to different candidates.

      The legal group from Alaska said that Ted Cruz should be noted as Alaska's choice, but they didn't agree 'legally' at the Convention and moved ALL the votes to Trump.

      Pissed me off!

  31. Anonymous7:21 AM

    So Trump outsmarted him. Cruz did not look bothered by the booing seeming to enjoy the reaction. Trump was vile, a disgusting pig when he posted Heidi Cruz's photo with Melania's. Using the convention for pay back humiliation by both of them speaks volumes about them. In fact since it is Trump's convention it is another instance of division orchestrated, playing dirty and destructive tactics. They effectively engaged in a rumble intentionally about them. Cruz came out looking worse.

  32. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Why Ted Cruz decked Donald Trump at the RNC

  33. Anonymous7:22 AM


  34. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Kenny Pick just called into the Stephanie Miller Show & is reporting the meme "Ted Wedding" is already making the internet rounds. If you don't know what he's talking about, ask any Game of Thrones fan to explain it to you.

    1. Anonymous9:57 AM

      how about you explain it here. I don't know any Game of thrones fans.

  35. Anonymous7:24 AM

    I was impressed with the fact that Ted Cruz didn't support Trump. He showed more balls than a lot of folks/politicians!

    Trump isn't fit to be POTUS! Vote Hillary Clinton!

    1. Anonymous10:06 AM

      Never! neither is fit liars, cheaters corrupt to the bone both of them. They are friends, their daughters best friends, Bill and Trump golfing buddies.

    2. Anonymous11:19 AM

      I would never vote for Trump. Will also cast my vote for Hillary Clinton!

  36. Anonymous7:25 AM

    This is how Ted Cruz responded to Trump in March after Trump posted an unflattering picture of Mrs. Cruz next to Mrs. Plastic Trump

    Donald, real men don't attack women. Your wife is lovely, and Heidi is the love of my life.

    — Ted Cruz (@tedcruz)
    March 24, 2016

    1. Anonymous8:29 AM

      When I see Melania's Trump I am reminded of the despicable disgusting things Trump has said of other women.

    2. Anonymous9:03 AM

      Me too.

  37. Anonymous7:27 AM

    After a Week As Trump’s Running Mate, Mike Pence Has Already Descended Into Madness

    1. Anonymous8:01 AM

      Mike Pence learned to speak with a forked tongue really fast.

  38. That was a real dirty trick. In fact one of the nastiest ones I've seen in politics. But the head clown, Donald, did say something like, "I could shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose any voters!" (insert clown car honking here).

    Donald's Biggest Reality TV Show on Earth has not disappointed. A three ring circus tent would have been more appropriate than an arena to watch the GOP teabagger clowns. They are funny and scary at the same time. Could I get some more popcorn please?

  39. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Sarah Palin: You were for Ted Cruz before you tried to get on Trump's bandwagon. Thank God, Trump dumped your sorry ass!

    Alaska supported Ted Cruz over Trump too, but the Republican Convention legal team didn't take Alaska's count as it was done...they gave ALL Alaska votes to Trump! That actually came out at the Republican Convention yesterday.

  40. Anonymous7:33 AM

    mike fitzgerald notebene
    an hour ago

    Melania has been laying low, hasn't she? Wonder why

    1. Anonymous9:50 AM

      Laying Low? like this "According to her deposition, Trump flew into a rage, attacked her, held her down and began pulling hair out of her head to mimic his pain and then forcibly penetrated her."" while she said he had "raped" her she did not "want my words to be interpreted in a literal or criminal sense."
      Ivana Trump
      Ivanka's Mom.
      Guess who dRumpf LIKES to fuck now?

    2. Anonymous9:58 AM

      They put her back on ice

  41. Anonymous7:34 AM


  42. Anonymous7:37 AM

    The Democratic Party is headed for a steep cliff at full speed, in the dark, without headlights and no brakes. It’s headed toward political suicide and it seems as though nothing can stop the speeding freight train from going off the edge. Here and there you’ll see Democrats trying to call attention to the impending danger, like Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, and even Nina Turner, but no one in any leadership position seems to be paying attention. That’s because they’re all on the Hillary train, and they believe the other trains are those heading toward the cliff. They couldn’t be more wrong.

    Bernie Sanders supporters do not want to vote for Hillary Clinton. They just don’t. And it doesn’t really matter who she chooses as her running mate, either. No matter who Clinton ultimately chooses, too many Sanders supporters will still refuse to vote for her. To clarify, any Democrat who chooses to join her ticket will effectively brand themselves “toxic” due to their association with Clinton.

    1. Anonymous8:23 AM

      This is total BS. Bernie himself endorses Clinton. Those Bernie supporters who won't vote for the Democratic nominee weren't likely to have voted Democratic in the first place. I sincerely doubt that there's enough of them to derail the vote.

    2. Anonymous8:32 AM

      I think you had better pay attention to your own party, my dear. Instead of this rhetoric, support your state candidates.

      The Republican party was cremated two days ago. Per Manefort, this is the party of Trump. See

      Personally I was surprised that he said this as Trump hasn't been elected for any office yet. What about the other elected officials?

    3. Anonymous8:38 AM

      LOL! I think someone has been huffing something, or watching the RNC fear-fest.

    4. Anonymous9:20 AM

      If Sanders supporters refuse to vote then it's a vote for tRump.

    5. Anonymous10:00 AM

      Is that you huffing again $arah?

  43. Anonymous7:37 AM

    an hour ago

    I heard Melania was moved into the witness protection program after her speech Monday night

  44. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Did you notice who is missing in the Trump family RNC picture? The current wife...Melania! Bet the Trumpbots chased her out of that convention even faster than they did Heidi Cruz after Melania's fiasco speech!

    1. Anonymous10:00 AM

      Trump is tired of her. There is an article on Daily Beast that describes Trump's foray into the modeling business and screwing around because he was"tired" of his current wife.

    2. Anonymous11:17 AM

      Melania doesn't appear to have a 'fun' personality. Plus, she has nasty eyes with an evil stare!

      I truly wonder how close she is to the Trump kids/adults. Do his kids embrace her or not?

  45. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Is it true if Donald Trump becomes president he will dump his 3rd wife and leave her for a younger woman with a great body?

    President Donald Trump
    First Lady Ivanka Trump

    1. Anonymous9:58 AM

      Fucking the last bet of brains in the Lincoln bedroom to-get-her. Dreams do come true. Been doing it for years..the boys too..Like another family we know.

  46. Anonymous7:44 AM

    OT Anybody seen Track? Is he still drying out at his mommy's house?

  47. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Meanwhile, Senator Jeff Flake (R, AZ) tells the convention to dial it back, stop shouting for Hillary to go to jail, knock off the bullshit and get serious.

    I'll bet Trump didn't clear those comments.

    Kruz told a news conference this morning the GOP should knock off the "email server" crap and get serious.

  48. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Ted Cruz looked extremely pleased with himself last night, and Trump's attempt to vent the air out of Cruz's balloon was a huge fail. Trump is a joke and got played by Cruz, who I despise. So, the monkeys are flinging poo at eachother. What a surprise.

  49. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Ronny Ray Gun you Fuck:

  50. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Donald people are starting to talk about you and Ivanka. Instead of you sitting and being seen with your wife, you are seen with Ivanna's daughter.

  51. Anonymous8:03 AM

    BWA, ha, ha, ha. I can't stand Ted. Go TED!

  52. Anonymous8:07 AM

    What Republicans Really Think About Trump

    1. Anonymous8:16 AM

  53. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Turd Crudz makes my skin crawl(as does dRUMPf).

    HOWEVER last night was the first time I believe he showed strength of character. He stood up to der fuhrer.

    dRUMPf saying he orchestrated the whole thing is just more "BULLSHIT"

    1. linda9:04 AM

      I agree. Cannot stand Cruz, but think it would be a sign of weakness for him to endorse a man who treated him and his family the way Trump did during the primaries. And while I imagine that that Trump or his people orchestrated the booing, Trump didn't win this one. News cycle filled with Cruz and not Trump's VP Pence.

  54. Anonymous8:09 AM

    The Donald sets the world on edge:

    ...During a 45-minute conversation, Mr. Trump re-emphasized the hard-line nationalist approach that has marked his improbable candidacy, describing how he would force allies to shoulder defense costs that the United States has borne for decades, cancel longstanding treaties he views as unfavorable, and redefine what it means to be a partner of the United States.

    He said the rest of the world would learn to adjust to his approach. “I would prefer to be able to continue” existing agreements, he said, but only if allies stopped taking advantage of what he called an era of American largess that was no longer affordable.

  55. Anonymous8:15 AM

    I don't think Cruz got played. Although I do think Trump's team knew that Cruz wouldn't endorse him, I don't think they knew he would say "Vote your conscience." I loathe Cruz. But he refused to back down to Trump, and for that he deserves a little credit. It did not play well for Trump, because it is the only news of the day. It highlights the rift in the party (contrary to Trump's speakers' claims of "unity"), and highlights Trump's campaign's lack of organization. Trump thought he could bully Cruz into endorsing, and so he allowed him to speak.

  56. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Didn't little Donnie go back on the pledge months ago?

    I have run out of adjectives/nouns for Donnie, can't keep up with his shenanigans.

    Maybe after all this is over, Hillary can get Congress to enact a law requiring all presidential candidates pass a psych test.

    I doubt this will hurt Cruz, he has already sent out emails asking for donations for the next elections.

    Also Republicans have very, very short memories.

  57. Anonymous8:23 AM

    I disagree. I am not for Cruz but he proved that he would not sacrifice his ideals for this schmuck. Trump wanted him to be his bitch just like he (Trump) described Romney on his knees begging for his endorsement. And, like Sarah Palin.
    Cruz didn't dump his Christian beliefs like Sarah did. Cruz was probably offered the vice presidency to make Trump more palatable. We know Kasich was asked and refused. Look how his party is going after him.

    Bottom line,I cannot tolerate hypocrisy for $$s.

    1. Anonymous8:57 AM

      I think Cruz did it out of anger at losing, not principle. He's as good at the game of playing to the audience as Trump.


    2. Anonymous10:02 AM

      Hey Mildred, good to read you.

  58. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Totally disagree with you! I think Cruz was the hero of the night.

    Trump was naive to think this would look good!

    1. Wait, I have Cruz trolls?

      If anybody thinks that Ted Cruz did anything heroic for anybody but Ted Cruz you might need to get yourself a psych eval.

    2. Anonymous8:59 AM

      In fact, this little move probably cost Ted Cruz the "base" support in his new bid for Senate 2018, unless Republicans memories really are that short.

    3. Anonymous9:02 AM

      I don't give a flying fuck WHY he did it. He stood up to der fuhrer, as few of the other panty-waisted wannabes did. Kaisich did as well.

    4. Anonymous9:15 AM

      No Gryphen.

      Cruz didn't suck up to this idiot under very very extreme pressure that probably included threats to his family.

      As a person who lives with asskissing and compromising my ideals on a day-to-day basis in order to keep food on the table, what Cruz did was brave because he didn't compromise and he had a lot to lose.

      Yes, Cruz is vile.

  59. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Why should Cruz endorse Trump when Trump wants his vp to be in charge of domestic and foreign policies while Trump is in charge of Make America Great?

    Trump sounds like Sarah Palin. When Sarah Palin was mayor of Wasilla, Mayor Sarah Palin hired a town manager to do Sarah's job.

    When Sarah was governor of Alaska, Sarah had a shadow governor (Todd Palin) and the Alaska State Legislature wore buttons that said,

    Where's Sarah Palin

    Sarah was at home collecting per diem, eating Taco Bell Crunch Wraps, drinking Dr Pepper and watching her soap operas while Levi took care of Sarah's children.

    Wednesday, July 20, 2016

    New information proves that Donald Trump wants to win the presidency, but has no desire to be the President...

    Donald Jr. explained that his father’s vice president would be in charge of domestic and foreign policy.

    Then what, the adviser asked, would Trump be in charge of?

    “Making America great again” was the casual reply...

  60. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Donald Trump asked his daughter (girlfriend?) Ivanka to introduce him tonight at the RNC.

    WHERE'S MELANIA? Why can't she introduce Donald? Melania can speak 5 languages, just pick one.

    1. Anonymous9:18 AM

      they say their son has the "sniffles" so Melania can't make it

    2. Anonymous9:25 AM

      Maybe he will tell us that Ivana was pregnant with Ivanka by another man and he is not really her father. Seems a good narrative for family grabass.

    3. Anonymous11:12 AM

      They need to stop using Barron for 'missing in action, Melania'!

  61. Anonymous8:34 AM

    I think Trump orchestrated the whole thing including which people should initiate the booing and at what point they should initiate it. Asshole on asshole.

    1. Anonymous8:42 AM

      A$$hole fucking asshOle. ? who was doing who ..

    2. Anonymous8:43 AM

      The crowd-minders wore bright yellow caps.

    3. Anonymous10:14 AM


      I think yellow is a most excellent color for them.

  62. Anonymous8:39 AM

    CNN:BROOKE BALDWIN: Uh....Here we go. I spot a chopper. So this is, listen, We're DOING EXACTLY what the Trump camp wants us to do, all eyes on Trump. We went from an airplane, now to this chopper, which is landing, so, so just get to, if you're just joining us...

    1. Anonymous11:11 AM

      Don't know about you guys, but I have zero plans to watch the 'acceptance' speech put on by Trump today.

      No need to tune in because it will be covered in depth for the next few days which will drive us all fucking nuts unless we turn off our TVs.

      Use the internet! It's much more relaxing!

      Plus, all the TV announcers on the various channels sound the same - repeat the same things - and, are boring as hell.

      Chris Matthews is a joke! The only one I like is Rachel Maddow WHEN she speaks from her specific show. I'm not enjoying her that much on the coverage of the convention though. She appears to me to be very guarded in what she says. Who is controlling her?

      I want to see some real journalist truly go after Trump -but, he has a lot of influence w/the media/press is my take!

      They have built him up to this status for ratings and money! Now, how do we get rid of Trump never to be heard from again as to government?

      Vote, vote, vote and cast your ballot for Hillary Clinton! That is the way!

      Take control Americans!!!

      Trump would be a horrid POTUS! None of us would want to live in America under his rule and dictatorship!

  63. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Media Stunned As Cruz's Non-Endorsement Tears Apart RNC Convention: “What A Disaster”

    Media Note Cruz “Body Slammed” Trump’s Convention And “Ruined” The Night

  64. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Nuclear war coming in the Ukraine under dRumpf>"

  65. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Palin slams 'career-ending' Cruz speech

    1. Anonymous9:20 AM

    2. Anonymous9:22 AM

      Yes, Palin, the career counselor and common sense candidate.

      I bet Palin can't say Ailes harrassed her because she initiated it.

    3. Anonymous11:00 AM

      Don't forget folks that
      Sarah Palin, the quitter and switcher, fully supported Ted Cruz initially (as did the State of Alaska!) and then switched to Trump and flunked at impressing him.

      She goes where she thinks she can be included and get positive or negative media coverage. It doesn't matter which either - because now-a-days - the responses are damn near ALL negative about, and to, her!

      She's a used up, once was, nasty, racist - as well as a lying piece of white trash from small-town Wasilla, Alaska!

    4. Anonymous11:37 AM

      You got to admit that when she is turned away by her own party and by Trump, all is not well in Palin land. Donnie prefers C level actors who haven't campaigned for him over Sarah.

      Evangelists would weep for her but they love Trump now. Those that dont never cared for palin.

  66. Anonymous9:14 AM

    “a treacherous prick”

  67. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Ted Cruz could have done more than anyone on Wednesday night to unite the divided Republican Party by uttering a few simple words: Vote for Donald Trump.

    Instead, he chose payback.

    1. Anonymous11:40 AM

      He didn't threaten Trump's family's welfare nor hit him back 10 times as hard per the Trump axiom. He just did not kiss the ring because trump threatened the welfare of his family.

  68. Anonymous9:17 AM

    The party of Trump does not include Melania or Tiffany.

  69. Anonymous9:19 AM

    “There was so much good feeling and unity at this convention for three days, and Ted Cruz just came in and cravenly threw it against a brick wall just so he could set himself up for 2020,” 33-year-old Texas delegate Shaun Ireland fumed afterward. The recriminations were immediate: Billionaire GOP donor Sheldon Adelson turned Cruz away from his suite in the arena, two sources said.

    1. Anonymous10:55 AM

      Funny, but I saw major division at the Convention spurred on by The Donald.

      The entire thing was a hate-filled mess of humans that did not represent me in any way, shape or form!

  70. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Donald Trump Is Bad at Scripted Television and Also Bad at Nationalism

    If you began to pay attention to politics starting any time later than the early 1970s, you know political conventions consist of nothing more than a four-day-long infomercial, where each party is afforded a rare chance to transmit its message to the public unfiltered. For a variety of reasons, the Donald Trump campaign has made poor use of this opportunity.

    Some of the causes of its failure were routine — on night one, angry, rambling general Michael Flynn blathered too long and pushed the smooth, compelling Joni Ernst out of the prime-time slot. Then this small disaster was eclipsed by the much larger disaster of Melania Trump’s speech having turned out to include plagiarized passages. Then the campaign compounded the problem by insisting on lying and changing its account, so that the news media — given an actual news story to uncover — blotted out the intended message with wall-to-wall plagiarism coverage.

    By the last day of the convention, Trump loyalists now look back with fondness at the innocent, early days of the convention, when the only thing that had gone wrong was a plagiarism scandal that blotted out their message.

    And then Wednesday night, Ted Cruz spoke. Normally, the speech by the runner-up is an important moment in securing party unity. Cruz was open about his refusal to fully endorse the nominee, because the nominee is a sociopath who called Cruz’s wife ugly and insinuated that his father helped assassinate John F. Kennedy. The Trump campaign could have denied Cruz a speaking slot, or offered only a videotaped address it could vet in advance. Alternatively, it could have let Cruz speak and then spun the positive elements of his coy not-quite-endorsement — don’t stay home, Hillary is bad, and so on.

    Instead, incredibly, the Trump campaign settled on a third option. It would allow Cruz to speak, but it orchestrated booing from the delegates.

    1. Anonymous10:08 AM

      Endorsements like Chachi's reference to Trump as the messiah? Evangelists should be cringing.

  71. Anonymous9:24 AM

    I heard that Sarah told Cruz to "delete your career." Leave it to Sarah to create word salad when even a 12 year old could have used an intelligible phrase like "end your career" or "give up your career." By saying "delete" she seems to be indicating that everything takes place on the internet. Maybe she spends too much time on Facebook.

    As a conservative I'd like to tell Sarah to "delete your brain," but then how can you delete what you don't have?

    1. Anonymous9:31 AM

      Watch the video Sara posted at the bottom.

  72. Anonymous9:34 AM

    What we have here is Sarah Palin, who quit her job to avoid ethics scandals and cash in on a huge government subsidy she signed into law as Governor for the government to fund part of the cost for reality TV shows shot in Alaska, calling out Ted Cruz for also being selfish. Sarah Palin’s Alaska took $1.2 million in subsidies from the state. Government handouts for Tea Party leaders are nothing new (see Michelle Bachmann).

    Remember when Sarah Palin tried to ruin Senator John McCain’s concession speech by hogging the spotlight? Sarah Palin knows all about stealing the show. She did it at the 2008 RNC, with a shockingly charismatic and mean performance. Republicans fell in love. But Palin couldn’t handle the heat, and began to turn inward during the campaign, stabbing McCain in the back numerous times.

    Sarah Palin is no stranger to self first.

    So it’s Sarah Palin calling out Ted “Green Eggs and Ham filibuster” Cruz over his refusal to endorse the reality TV show star who now owns the Republican Party and sadly as their nominee, knows absolutely nothing about government. Of these three narcissists, it’s fair to say that Ted Cruz is the most knowledgeable about government.

    Ted Cruz is no fool. He knows that anyone who wants a chance at the White House past 2016 should not be seen endorsing Donald Trump. It’s not a surprise that Sarah Palin is trying to egg Cruz on to ruining his career like she did hers. But Ted Cruz has always been far more savvy about long term paths to the money machine than Palin. He’s made a lot of establishment enemies, but Cruz doesn’t care.

  73. Anonymous9:36 AM

    We are not calling Ted Cruz a hero or we like him now. We are just calling it as we see it. We would not endorse Trump if he attacked our wives or parents. He told everybody he was not going to do it and he stuck to his words.

    1. Anonymous10:28 AM

      He didn't do it for his wife or parents. He did it for Ted. 2020 is only four years away. He never quit campaigning. He never will. It never ends. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....

    2. Anonymous10:53 AM

      I absolutely support Cruz in what he did at the Republican Convention. He was the only one that stood by his convictions.

      Trump is an ass - being one to Cruz just like he has been to Hillary Clinton.

      His nastiness and evilness has to be stopped. Trump would be a dictator as POTUS and I'm sure informed Americans recognize that!

      Vote Hillary Clinton!

  74. Anonymous9:38 AM

    OMG, and he's supports TRUMP???

    Sen. Dan Coats (R-IN) did not mince words when responding to Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-TX) refusal to endorse Donald Trump during his speech Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention.

    "I think what people saw last night is what we have seen in the Senate. No matter how conservative you are, you never can meet Ted’s standard," Coats told the IndyStar on Thursday. "He only thinks of himself, he doesn’t think about party. He’s a wrecking ball."

    "He’s the most self-centered, narcissistic, pathological liar I’ve ever seen – and you can quote me on that," Coats added.

  75. Anonymous9:41 AM

    7:18 PM
    Reply: Hey Sarah. If you want to be included in the VIP section seated next
    to the blonde Trump women, bleach your
    hair blonde, get a blond wig that is parted
    in the middle and styled to hang straight
    down the sides of your face. Dress very
    expensive, but down. Do not show emotion,
    look straight ahead and your eyes slightly
    focused above the common folk.
    A slight smile/smirk is to put forth
    any sign of approval. No gaudy jewelry,
    so shop at Tiffany's. Keep it all low
    key, you know, the old money persona!
    Sarah, you can keep dreaming. Nothing will
    help. Go home and show your kids you care!

    1. Anonymous10:49 AM

      OMG! Sarah Palin would be a riot as a blond trying to 'act' and look like one!

      (Reminds me of how they want to change Trump to 'act' presidential!)

      First off, she is not naturally sexy in anything she does!

      She has boobs and then she doesn't - she is dirty in appearance most the time and supposedly isn't a clean woman about herself, so is suppose to carry a nasty odor.

      Doubt any man would find that sexy OR appealing! And, that only talks about the 'top layer' of her!

    2. Anonymous11:42 AM

      It doesn't matter if the clothing is that expensive. Sarah dresses provocatively, or like a kid but never as a professional. I could dress out of Kmart and look professional.

  76. Anonymous9:47 AM

    There are some who said Cruz picked payback. What payback? If I told you that I'm not endorsing you, you read my speech and there's no endorsement but yet you let me speak. Can you or your campaign complain?

  77. Anonymous9:51 AM

    I haven't read any of the comments yet but here is what Thom Hartmann's had to say about it. Donald Trump was staging the whole thing with Cruz to be like a wrestling reality show. You have the bad guy with the Hispanic surname getting booed like a tv reality character. You have the poor little lady (Heidi Cruz) being escorted out by security stirring the audience to yell and curse her. The audience is booing and the "good guy wrestler" Donald Trump comes out from the shadows and calms the audience (rubes).
    Trump is playing the media and he is playing his supporters and the millions watching this tv reality show in real time. Wake up to Trump's tricks, people!!

  78. Anonymous10:02 AM

    THIS. This is Trump’s playbook. He has literally taken pages from the rise of dictators to the rise of Hitler. This is not a cheap comparison. This is actually what he is doing.

    He preys on fear and mixes it with religion, which is why he insists on calling it “radical islam” because it ties it to the religion and not the individual terrorists.

    He has successfully convinced people they are under attack from all sides, that President Obama is weak and only he can keep them safe using power and force.

    Trump is a man who wants power. He does not care about the citizens in this country. He wants power. He wants control. He wants to be America’s first Dictator.

    This cannot not be denied. It cannot be shoved aside any longer and it’s time we stop being polite about it.

    1. Anonymous10:44 AM

      Also, watch the fact he uses a hand salute much like Hitler. Trump is a Fascist - read your history on Mussolini in the 1940's - WWII.

      Trump is the least qualified to be POTUS. He's an asshole and I doubt seriously he is fooling the majority of voters in America.

      He is going down and I can hardly wait to watch his dream of ruling the country and world squashed!

      Vote for Hillary Clinton who will govern with sanity and experience!

  79. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Hillary brutally trolled "prosecutor" hypocrite Chris Christie with "The Hug II" snapchat.

  80. Anonymous10:03 AM

    If you look at Cruz's career, you will see this as typical Ted Cruz behavior. A narcissist only out for himself. If he really cared about his wife and did it in part for her, then why ask her to be on the floor of the convention when he knew his speech would incite anger? He made the speech for himself because he seems to think he is some kind of badass and that he will be America's savior. Was he a badass when he shut down the government at the expense of millions to further his conservative creed? After his speech, he was dumb enough to think that he could enter the RNC's donor's floor and that they would welcome him because he thinks he will be the man in 2020. Is this guy that daft? He's no hero. He's an asshole. He is as dangerous as Trump. They should both be condemned and weeded out of government.

  81. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Anon 9:41, Don't waste your time. Sarah Palin won't understand what you are saying about over dressing. The Trump family (except for the foreigner) comes from money and doesn't have to over impress anybody. On the other hand, Sarah comes from the Heath family and is married to Todd. Sarah just came into money and it is important to Sarah to show everybody she's not white trash and the mother of drunks,married to a pimp, just bailed out a woman beater, has a promiscuous daughter and is grandmother to an absentee granddaughter.

    1. Anonymous10:38 AM

      Sarah is considered white trash in Alaska! She will never fit in w/the elite w/money like the Trumps. Never! Ever!

      Plus, she not intelligent. She's nothing more than an angry, anti men, racist, raised delinquent kids/young adults (now) and a lying bitch!

      She will never hold a political office anywhere - to include and especially in Alaska!

    2. Anonymous11:45 AM

      Please don't associate having money with professional and decent behavior. Otherwise my Dad would never had been a veterinarian.

  82. Anonymous10:06 AM

    George Will frets about Republicans losing Texas, because that's where things are headed

    ...Democrats have long talked about Texas’ changing demographics, and the possibility of turning it Blue sometime in the future. That future is always farther away than we’d like, but the numbers are the numbers. And while Republicans have always scoffed and laughed at the notion, George Will becomes the first prominent Republican to raise the alarm, citing numbers pulled up by the state GOP’s former chairman, saying Texas might “turn Democratic sooner than most people thought.”

  83. Anonymous10:10 AM

    This one sentence from Trump perfectly captures the GOP convention house of horrors

    HABERMAN: What do you think people will take away from this convention? What are you hoping?

    TRUMP: From the convention? **The fact that I’m very well liked**. Look, I got more votes than anybody in the history of the Republican Party. Almost 14 million votes. I got 37 states. Kasich has one. As an example, Ted had, you know, not many. Thirty-seven states. Now, with the roll call, I had 44 states. It was 44 to seven and the seven was everybody else: 44 to seven. It was 44 to six because we are including the different islands. And when you are in that hall and you see those people, like yesterday, my daughter called up, she said, “Dad, I’ve never seen it — it’s total love.”

    This is revealing on several levels. Trump wants the key takeaway from the whole convention — including his speech tonight — to be that people come to appreciate that he is very well liked, specifically, that he is already very well liked. Not that he hopes to spell out his and his party’s vision for America (if you can call it that) with new sweep and clarity. Not that he hopes to demonstrate that this vision is preferable to the opposition’s. Not that he hopes people who are undecided in this election, concerned about the country’s future, and choosing between those two competing visions will come away reassured and persuaded by his own.

  84. Anonymous10:14 AM

    I've listened to opinions last night and today on TV, and it seems pretty split as to whether Cruz made the smart move or Trump did, but one pretty overall judgement is that yet again the talk is about something other than a positive and other than on what it should be.

    I know there are reasons why Cruz should have said something different and I know all the personal attacks by Trump might be considered minor by others, but I'm glad Cruz did what he did. To me, it's so what if he wasn't doing it for anyone other than himself. He still made it clear to those who don't want to vote for Trump that there's no reason why they have to go against their convictions. Trump is a horrible candidate and why should people simply turn around and support him.

    And while this too may seem like not enough reason for Cruz to have made the speech he did (there are all sorts of stories about whether he did change the ending--he wasn't going to endorse Trump but he may have tweaked the speech), if I were Cruz I'd have no longer cared about behaving myself yesterday once Trump's plane and helicopter did their flyover during Cruz's outdoor thank-you party. Everyone knew that Cruz had planned a thank-you BBQ with a band. There were 1200 people there. Trump just had to have his plane fly over and circle around a few times. Granted, that nearby small airport (Burke Lakefront is a tiny airport and not to be confused with Cleveland Hopkins a few suburbs over) and close to where all the events are taking place, but Trump clearly was playing a head game using his giant flying phallus. He made it a point to fly very low and around and around. There are differing stories about how he then flew in on his helicopter ten minutes or so later. It too circled around and around. Stephen Colbert joked last night about the helicopter and I'm going to go with what he said. I wasn't sure if the Trump family and Donald flew in on the plane and the copter had already been sitting at Burke Lakefront or if Donald had flown in separately from NY on the copter, but it appears that they all were on the plane. Which means that he was on that plane and made sure the pilot harassed the Cruz BBQ and then he got on his helicopter after he gave his family a head start by car to the area where his copter would land. He could have gone with the family by car. The distance from the airport to where the crowd was at was less than a mile. I mean, that airport is just to the east of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame/Science Museum that is just to the west of E. 11th St and then just to the west of that right there, is the Browns' stadium. All this stuff is so, so close together. I've been down there many times and have walked it. Marginal road is right there to easily take cars from Burke to the area Trump and his family went to. He just had to get off his plane and onto the copter and land it less than a mile away. How cheesy is that. And he made sure to once again bug the hell out of Cruz. Even if Trump did fly separately from the family from NY, he could have been on the plane with them and taken a car from Burke over to the gathering--it was a four-minute drive. If I were Cruz, the whole production would have made me have to use my speech last night to say a f-you to Trump.

    I believe he changed his speech somewhat to do that. Trump's camp is claiming to know exactly what Cruz was going to say and that nothing changed. I think something did. And like Chris Matthews said, I also believe he made his speech take longer by talking even more slowly than usual. The only issue I have with what Cruz did is that he took up so much time. That was not in good form. But I have no problem with anything else he did. And I was glad he did what he did. All the delegates (and voters outside of the convention) who were steamrolled by the rules committee on day one, when they couldn't get that roll call vote, at least got something last night from Cruz.

    1. Anonymous10:33 AM

      I was delighted Cruz did not endorse The Donald! He stood up - showed he had bigger balls than some of those other male idiots that spoke (New Jersey's representative especially!) at the hate-filled Republican Convention.

      As time moves along, the future will be good for Cruz is my guess.

    2. Anonymous10:54 AM

      Me too. I was glad he didn't. I really think that initially Cruz was going tp avoid endorsement but say things in a way that didn't come across as a big diss. And I think he then got sick of Trump's antics. Lst night, immediately following the speech, people were calling "political suicide," but I think that will change. Unless, that is, Trump decides to hound Cruz (he won't be in the White House and will have plenty of time on his hands) and pour his time and money into making sure Cruz has no future.

  85. Anonymous10:16 AM

    I'm a little worried about tonight. With everything reaching its climactic moment tonight with Trump's speech, when Ivanka introduces him he might not be able to stop himself from finally having his way with her, right there on the stage.

  86. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Incest is what I've always thought of w/Trump and Ivanka. I cannot imagine being in her shoes and following him along like a puppy dog!

    1. Anonymous10:56 AM

      She seems to love it and have no problem with all the lover-like comments. She only seemed a bit uncomfortable years back when he made the comment about dating her. Since then, I'd say she's enjoyed using that stuff and was happy to let him touch her pregnant belly over and over again during the primary.

  87. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Could Donald Trump Pass a Sanity Test?

    What do you think?
    by Keith Olbermann

    July 21, 2016 5:00 am

  88. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Daughter Ivanka is the family boss.
    She says jump and they all say, including
    the spouses, how high!
    Ivanka and her father are attached at the hip. Trump acts like he is ashamed of
    Malania, his trophy wife. That is all she
    is to him, just another trophy wife.The way the Trump children have treated their mother, Ivanna , is just plain rotten.
    She was with them 24/7 all of their lives
    as she said" I was there when they came home from school, cooked for them, helped with homework and stressed education,
    when they were ready to go out into the world, their father took over and gave
    them jobs." Ivanka said, "he was not
    present much, but he was always available." Sure, he was busy into the big girl and little girl sex parties with
    his BFF, the convicted pedophile Epstine
    {I think is his name) They didn't even give their mother a mention off the
    Convention floor. Trump was cheating on her
    with Marla, and I am sure their young kids
    were devastated at the time. You would never know it now .
    The slanderous story Ivanna could tell !
    Wonder what Ivanka's husband REALLY thinks. And Malania, she will be sitting
    there tonight, after having made a fool of,
    and watching Ivanka basking in the most
    important moment of the introduction,
    which should be Malania, the wife of
    Donald Trump, both the Trump's moment.
    Not on Ivanka's watch!

  89. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Donald Trump you are a great father and husband. I see you invited everybody from your family to speak on your behalf to show America how great you are.

    Except Donald you did not invite Wife #1 who you divorced after cheating on her with Wife #2. You also did not invite Wife #2 who you divorced after cheating on her with Wife #3.

    1. Anonymous11:49 AM

      He was not a good father. He raped the mother of his children, he sued the mother of his children. The mothers took care of the kids and he wanted little input. The kids gravitate toward the money ball.

  90. Anonymous11:27 AM

    I thought Wife #3 would introduce her husband tonight. Is there some hanky panky going on? We see Donald walking pass his other daughter and sons to sit next to the daughter he says has a great body and he would be dating her. What's wrong with the other daughter?

  91. Anonymous11:33 AM

    On MSNBC there are Republicans, Trump's son and Trump spokesmen that said Ted Cruz should not have accepted the prime time speaking spot if he's not going to endorse Trump.

    1. Ted Cruz said three days ago he told the Trump people that he would not be endorsing Donald Trump.

    But yet they let Ted Cruz speak during prime time at the RNC.

    2. The Trump campaign said they read Ted Cruz's speech in advance and knew he was not endorsing Donald Trump.

    But yet they let Ted Cruz speak during prime time at the RNC.

    So tell me, what is the big surprise? Ted Cruz did not say anything negative and the Trump campaign pre-approved his speech.

  92. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Palin: Cruz’s Trump snub ‘career-ending’

    Be very careful Sarah Palin. Every time you poke your nose into grown folks business something bad happens like prostitute/girlfriend Shailey Tripp surfaced, Bristol gets a new trial husband, drunk suicidal son picked up for Domestic Violence, something happened to Todd that put him in ICU (no pictures of snowmachine if there was one that caused the injuries), leader of the Colony Girls avoided jail time for B&E, children's pregnancies before marriage, son divorced, three adult children not attending college and so on.

    Sarah you are needed at home. Stay off of Instagram, Facebook and any other way you are trying to stay relevant.


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