Thursday, August 11, 2016

After Donald Trump essentially targets her for assassination the NRA launches an ad calling Hillary Clinton a hypocrite for having security. Update!

Courtesy of Politico: 

Just hours after Donald Trump sparked yet another controversy with remarks that seemed, to some, to encourage violence against Hillary Clinton, the NRA went public with its biggest gift yet to the Republican nominee - a $3 million ad buy attacking Clinton as a hypocrite. 

The spot – which calls Clinton “out of touch” for living under Secret Service protection while promoting gun restrictions – is the biggest single ad buy for Trump this cycle and it brings the NRA’s total spending this cycle to around $6 million. 

Yeah gee why would a woman who has been in the Right Wing crosshairs for almost her entire adult life feel the need to surround herself with armed security?

I mean it's not as if a candidate representing one of the two largest political organizations was suggesting that she be shot or anything.

Oh wait......

You know not only do I think that Hillary Clinton probably needs MORE security protecting her, I think they ought to bill Doanld Trump directly for the added expenses of increasing it.

Update: Politifact weighs in.

Spoiler alert: It's bullshit. 


  1. The SS is going to be bankrupt by the end of the year, from providing unnecessary protection for Bernie at the price of $38k per day Cuz he wouldnt concede to extra security for Hillary Cuz of Donald's calling for her assassination.

    1. Anonymous4:33 PM

      You really are a complete idiot, sphash.

    2. Anonymous4:34 PM

    3. Anonymous4:50 PM

      Donald Trump’s threat against Clinton has parallels to Sarah Palin’s 2010 PAC ad blunder that ended with Gabby Giffords’ shooting

    4. Ooh did I hit a nerve there 4:33?

    5. I'm surprised, SPLASH. It was in the news when Bernie's SS detail ended.

    6. Deni I know Bernie's protection ended a long time ago. I'm referring to the time between the end of primaries when Hillary had it sewn up and Bernie finally conceding.

    7. Anonymous6:16 PM


      Well you must admit it was a rather ignorant comment considering the annual budget for all US Secret Service activities is $2.2 Billion for Fiscal Year 2016.

      Bernie's additional month of protection is so infinitesimal of a fraction of the total SS budget that it is preceded by 4 zeros.

      Any mention of his protection bankrupting the organization is but an exercise in hyperbole, which really we have plenty of in the comment section of this blog.

      I realize that you feel the need to endlessly bash Bernie even if you have to fabricate lies in order to do it, so by all means, keep bashing, but next time perhaps try to do some research and provide us with facts rather than lies.

    8. Anonymous6:47 PM

      @4:33 Why so sensitive, are you pissed that you helped buy Bernie and Jane a summer vacation house? What happened to Bernie releasing his tax returns?

    9. Anonymous8:32 PM

      The money was from an inheritance. Jane sold another house from family.

      Where I live you can't find a decent house for $600,000. It may just be a small cottage.

    10. Anonymous10:01 PM

      The money was from an inheritance.... and that information is right there in the Sanders tax returns.... oh, wait-

    11. Anonymous10:02 PM

      Give it a rest already.

    12. Anonymous11:47 PM

      SPHASH is an idiot. That much is most definitely true. "ooooh did you hit a nerve sphash" derp. You here stealing your next weeks posts from Gryphen?

    13. Anonymous11:49 PM

      SPHASH says: "Deni I know Bernie's protection ended a long time ago. I'm referring to the time between the end of primaries when Hillary had it sewn up and Bernie finally conceding."

      Yeah well your first post, still visible to the public dummy, certainly doesn't seem like you knew that until someone told you.

      You really are a moron.

  2. Anonymous4:33 PM

    lilly lily Says:

    August 12, 2016 at 2:50 am

    His following is as insane and cunningly dim witted as he is.

    He says what I have seen written in far right wing blogs. He is only parroting the far right wing nuts. They hate Hillary and anything she does. They see Obama and Hillary Clinton’s flaws, but love his crude brash and insulting taunts. Because that is who THEY are if they had the platform.. The worse he is the more they love him. And from what I see, they seem to love him and his slime ball tactics. The more outrageous he is the louder they roar. Bring out the Lions and gladiators. It’s a bizarre mentality.

    They love it and how he gets away with it.” Its a joke folks. don’t you have a sense of humor?” is how he puts it.

    On the other side I read he has a 60,000 hair weave and hair implants from a business that is based in his own offices area in the Trump Tower.

    The crazy color changes in his hair and skin from day to day baffle me.

    I’ve read some pretty gross allegations about Trump, which are possibly true, but won’t repeat them as they are very raunchy.

    There are rumors that when he inflicts as much damage as he can, he will step aside because his tax returns can show things, even he can’t get away with.

    He is a con man, a grifter, a sleeze, a skunk, a fraud, a cunning and slimey opportunist and nothing sticks for his following.

    Little by little the decent Republicans have reached their Rubicon and slowly, oh, so slowly. they are backing away, though some braver than other are speaking out that he is unacceptable.

    Some will vote Libertarian rather than for Hillary, but some are backing HRC because they know she is basically a decent human being, unlike Trump.

    Everyone realizes he has Russian business interests, and is in Putins pocket. Putin after all can get away with murdering someone in London with poison.

    He is a fools gold plated would be dictator.

    Scary, isn’t it?

    Thank you for caring about our country and the world which would be a worse place if Trump gets in.

    I won’t expose myself to hate posts in the U.S… Trumps People attack viciously if you don’t agree with their views

    Instead of disagreeing with your views, they attack the poster.

    It is insanity. They hate Hillary.

    I despise Trump.

    1. Anonymous7:28 PM

      Not sure I'd believe any raunchy stories about Trump. He has germophobia, which probably accounts for his serial marriages.

      About the raunchiest thing I'd believe is that he paid people a lot of money to stand around watching him with some prostitute and applauding.

  3. Anonymous4:37 PM

    The Republicans tried to sink Obama. Instead, the party imploded

    It may seem too early to call, but we already have a winner in the 2016 election.

    He’s someone the pundits wrote off long ago. An improbable outsider who rode an insurgent wave to snatch the nomination from the establishment. An unconventional politician whose raucous rallies underscored his appeal to voters far outside his party base.

    His name is Barack Obama. And he can thank the freak show that is Donald Trump’s Republican party for restoring his stature as a unifying, national leader with a moderated and mature approach to a complex and unstable world.

  4. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Wow! the NRA pulled THAT old Argument out of their ass!
    This is the same old spin they tried on DiFi!
    Nothing new move along kids.
    I love how these poor NRA bastards are "defenseless" without their fucking penis extenders!
    My fucking god! Helpless little whiny ass tittie babies all of 'em, any of 'em!
    Fuck off TRUMP and NRA pissants!
    I believe Hillary said in her acceptance speech, she didn't want to take away people's guns she wanted to keep them out of the hands of people that should have their in the FIRST place!
    FUCK off NRA! PissHeads! Whiners. Babies! (with small hands and no dicks)

    1. Anonymous6:02 PM

      OK,so where's the hypocrisy in being guarded by good guys with guns while working to keep guns out of the hands of bad guys? If the Dem machine can't spin this right back at them, they need to give up.

    2. Anonymous6:03 PM

      I think all Trump supporters should lose their right to own guns, you know, until Hillary figures out what's going on.

    3. Anonymous1:05 AM

      Good one, 6:03

  5. Im glad the nra is wasting their money, great!

  6. Anonymous4:58 PM

    O/T - Gryph, take a look at this Twitter essay that starts here:

    Very heartening account of an HRC volunteer and the responses she got! Go HRC!!!

  7. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Now THIS is an effective ad -

    And might I add on behalf of the target - OUCH! LOL

  8. Anonymous5:05 PM


    Obama's administration, after a long review, has decided to keep marijuana a schedule 1 drug because they find no medicinal use for it.

    Now I'm not a pot smoker, but even I understand that there is a medicinal use for it for cancer patients, glaucoma patients, etc. I really don't have a view for recreational use except that marijuana is certainly not as bad as heroine or cocaine.

    At least they are now opening marijuana up for research, which is the camel's nose. They also won't interfere with state laws about it so there is that.

    I imagine Bill Maher is very disappointed. He's off for a month so we won't hear anything about it. But he did say that he wouldn't push marijuana legalization if that would lose Hillary any votes.

    Good for him.

    May all of Hillary's supporters be as generous, putting aside their little pet peeves, in favor of uniting to defeat Donald Trump.

    1. Anonymous4:31 AM

      Maher is a recreational user.
      I'm a Lyme disease patient. I have developed MS symptoms, along with a laundry list of others, and I for one want cannabis research to hurry up! This disease has shortened my life & greatly reduced the quality of it. Prior, I was a healthy, vegetarian, yoga-lover, obsessed hiker, gonzo gardener, lite social drinker who didn't do drugs and was never more than 20 pounds over weight in my whole life(I come from a family of large ladies and decided I wasn't going to be an unhealthy fat person from an early age). I wasn't exactly a dream patient prior to my tick-bite, as I was very healthy and didn't need more than the annual check-up for DECADES. Patients like me who can't tolerate the typical prescription meds for quality of life depleting symptoms want and need this plant to be studied NOW!
      We need the pain reducing, muscle-spasm reducing, depression reducing, and inflammation reducing qualities that are found in this plant. Develop that out, while reducing the intoxicating effects, and you've got a med I can take and be a productive person again. The intoxicating form I have (illegal) access to Does indeed help with nausea, lack of appetite(I"m 15 pounds underweight now), and sleeping issues(can't sleep more than 4 hours at a time). It helps with the depression on most days. Unfortunately, it increases my mental fog. But I'm homebound anyway and unable to drive. We called that 'shut-in' when i was a kid.
      It's a little pet peeve for maher, but for the large and growing population of patients like me with chronic, serious illnesses, it's potentially life-altering and improving. Some people may dream of the day they retire, but I dream of the day I could potentially return to the land of the living and be useful again. This plant could help with that goal, in the right combination. I have already tried the legal forms of cannabis available for prescription in my stae, and got no positive benefits at all. I was so disappointed. And that liquid med costed us over $800/ month. The illegal plant form costed us less than $150/mo supply. I do not like feeling uneasy because of the illegality of this plant that hasn't killed anyone. I just want to get well, or at least better. I hate to see my husband hide his face from me because he doesn't want me to knw he's been crying. He's at a loss too.

    2. Anonymous1:14 PM

      @4:31, I'm so sorry to hear about your medical problems. I think your voice is an important one to be heard. I wish the best for you on the difficult road you are on.

      I had an illness some 10 years ago that left me crippled with nausea/flu like symptoms with joint pain throughout my body. If it had not been for marijuana I really don't know how I would have made it through the 5+ years it went on. I was fortunate that I lived in WA state that had medical MJ.

      I will be writing to President Obama, Hillary and my reps in congress about this issue as I have in the past. This is a disappointing decision.

  9. Anonymous5:09 PM

    So, yes. I am a Troll. I peruse all the newspapers in American. Trying to get a feel for where the bigots live, and then I look at the candidate's fb. Sarah, these days, is posting Olympic stuff. Hmmmm. Wonder when she has her next Donald moment? Hillary has under six million likes on her page. Then Donald has under eleven million bigots on his page all egging him on. Hahaha. Well, it's not that funny because the fans are all rabid. Scary. We are not safe until Donald loses this thing. Then we have four years to think how to keep these mean spirited people at bay. We can all imagine how heartless Putin is, and we hear how heartless Trump is, imagine the people supporting that. Imagine how dumb these people are and they just want to club you into submission, and they are waiting for Trump to give the word. And he has. The NRA is like a retarded money making machine gone from bad to worst. We know money is their agenda. The Constitution their tool, the bible thumpin', gun totin' people with low IQs their champions. It won't change anytime soon. The more people talk about how crazy people are killing innocent people, the tighter these people cling. They said Obama was gonna take their guns, he didn't, now they are say that about Hillary. No one wants your fucking guns, you idiots!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous5:41 PM

      May I be a troll, too? Agree with everything you, AND, by the way, where's the $arah Facebook post decrying Gabby Douglas because she didn't place her hand over her heart yesterday? She's positively un-American, isn't she $arah, or do you only pay attention to the Black men? Mmmmmmm......

      Diss her. I DARE YOU, while your lazy @ss kids lay around doing nothing. Please proceed, queenie, you ARE the expert.

    2. Anonymous6:28 PM

      Sarah Palin
      1 hr ·
      King gives her the finger... er, the right finger. Yeah, don't mess with America... 🇺🇸
      Look at the "Christian" who gets to stay home from the trail. Hi, toots, smooches.

    3. Anonymous6:34 PM

      I dare not stay a second or two on Sarah's fb. It's so toxic. I see that she's somehow tying herself into the Olympics. How's that? She is like Donald, melting! They are trying to stay relevant and it's just tiring.

  10. kraftysue5:15 PM

    This is stupid as Secret Service is provided to ALL former presidents and their wives. And of course she had protection while SOS. It's not like she requested it.

    I am glad she has it with all the nuts Trump has goaded into action.

    1. Anonymous5:45 PM

      Only Bristol Palin was abandoned and left alone as a pregnant teen by the Secret Service while she was being threatened. She was very scared. You know it is true because Bristol swore under oath in a federal court.

    2. Anonymous6:00 PM

      She's not called mini-me for nothing, 5:45 PM, they were outside the front door as we all know.

    3. Anonymous6:29 PM

      Poor Sarah. She was a victim of that agent that had the hots. She probably taught Bristol to hate them all. No wonder she would risk prejury and tell all those lies to the judge. She hates the Secret Service. You can imagine what happened to her when her parents left her alone with those agents. I doubt Bristol will ever be the same again.

      Palin has message for ousted Secret Service agent who ogled her

    4. Anonymous8:12 PM

      This makes me wonder how many other rogue players in the Secret Service.
      Hollywood Gossip.
      He posted a photo of Palin with him looking on from the background. Under the photo, he wrote: "I was really checking her out, if you know what i (sic) mean?"

      Palin, on Fox News, shot back: "Well, check this out, buddy - you're fired!"

      She added that the scandal is "a symptom of government run amok" and that she hopes Chaney is in the doghouse, getting in a dig at President Obama's dog-eating "scandal":

    5. Anonymous5:37 AM

      That's funny in April 2012 Sarah is telling the agent (detail Alaska and with Palin) "you're fired!". Sarah and Todd had their buddies do the manly thing as friends of the Palins. Sarah would never flirt, I suppose. a serial John would have no clue about Todd's business?

      "The last public event at which Gov. Sarah Palin was accompanied by Secret Service agents during the 2008 campaign was on the day after the election, when she arrived home in Alaska on the McCain-Palin campaign plane. As the governor greeted supporters on the tarmac outside a charter jet hangar, agents formed the usual protective wall around the former vice-presidential candidate.

      But that was not, apparently, the last the Palins saw of at least some of the agents.

      “They were dying to know, ‘Well, what is that all about up there in Alaska?’” Ms. Palin said at the end of a brief interview in her office on Friday. “Well, they escorted us up to Alaska, so Todd took them out on machines. That was a blast.”"

      Iron Dog, what's all about? We know what it is about when they are having fun.

      Iron Dog celebrates along with Sailor Grace to 'Papa' Todd's Alaskan cabin for the first time -

      Todd Palin and his very mysterious 'tragic near death' beating, alledged accident. It has Iron Dog written all over it. Everyone was as secret as any Secret Service.

      Doing his job.

  11. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Mr. Trump who is the founder of Trump University and the Trump Institute? How much money did you make from these scams?

    As with Trump University, the Trump Institute promised falsely that its teachers would be handpicked by Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump did little, interviews show, besides appear in an infomercial – one that promised customers access to his vast accumulated knowledge. “I put all of my concepts that have worked so well for me, new and old, into our seminar,” he said in the 2005 video, adding, “I’m teaching what I’ve learned.”

    Reality fell far short. In fact, the institute was run by a couple who had run afoul of regulators in dozens of states and been dogged by accusations of deceptive business practices and fraud for decades. Similar complaints soon emerged about the Trump Institute.

    Yet there was an even more fundamental deceit to the business, unreported until now: Extensive portions of the materials that students received after forking over their seminar fees, supposedly containing Mr. Trump’s special wisdom, had been plagiarized from an obscure real estate manual published a decade earlier.

    And now the “Trump Institute” is facing allegations of being yet another fraudulent operation, complete with bogus claims, shady characters, and “the theft of intellectual property at the venture’s heart.”

    The Times’ report added:
    The institute was another example of the Trump brand’s being accused of luring vulnerable customers with false promises of profit and success. Others, besides Trump University, include multilevel marketing ventures that sold vitamins and telecommunications services, and a vanity publisher that faced hundreds of consumer complaints.

    Mr. Trump’s infomercial performance suggested he was closely overseeing the Trump Institute. “People are loving it,” he said in the program, titled “The Donald Trump Way to Wealth” and staged like a talk show in front of a wildly enthusiastic audience. “People are really doing well with it, and they’re loving it.” His name, picture and aphorisms like “I am the American Dream, supersized version” were all over the course materials.

    Yet while he owned 93 percent of Trump University, the Trump Institute was owned and operated by Irene and Mike Milin, a couple who had been marketing get-rich-quick courses since the 1980s.

  12. Er-don't all former presidents and their families have SS for life? Just saying

  13. Anonymous5:49 PM

    This whole thing is total madness.

    Hillary Clinton preemptively accepts debate schedule. So Donald Trump suggests that perhaps she should be assassinated.

    Hillary may be safe from the Bongino types in the Secret Service. He blames President Obama for the “toxic” administration and “using government as a weapon exclusively to intimidate enemies.”

    That is a nasty thing to say, where are his facts and back up for what he claims? The President is a bully, but Bongino is not that specific. He was selling his 'tell all' book. He had nothing to tell. So he writes about his inferiority complex and how he was not professional when a Secret Service agent.

    "Dan Bongino, the Secret Service agent who turned on President Obama and is running for Congress, says he believes the “toxic” administration is “using government as a weapon exclusively to intimidate enemies.”

    “That wasn’t necessarily the case with the Clintons, and I was pretty much enmeshed in Hillary’s Senate campaign. Although I disagreed with a lot of their political positions . . . I can’t tell you that they thought government was a weapon exclusively to intimidate their enemies. But this administration constantly seems to use government [as a weapon] because they are inexperienced with it — it’s like giving a kid a Bowie knife and saying, ‘Have fun.’

    They gave this administration which has no experience the reins of government and they have just gone wild.”

    Bongino said he grew tired of listening to Obama talk. “Protecting President Clinton, I never found his speeches to be toxic, like if you disagreed you were his mortal enemy. With Obama, you are not just his political enemy, you are his real enemy if you disagreed. I couldn’t listen to it any more.”

    Bongino seems to take it personal that Obama made him to be his mortal enemy. Strange way to talk and what a stupid thing to write or say. No wonder he is a disgrace to many in the Secret Service.

    1. Anonymous7:18 PM

      Sarah Palin is dry humping Bongino.

      The good thing about that is that at least her cult is aware of it- with Trump they don't know from one to the next if Palin is still blowing him.

    2. Anonymous8:15 PM

      She paid him $5K.

    3. Anonymous9:01 PM

      "She" didn't pay him $5K.
      Her loser followers did.
      You think she' d part with a dime?

  14. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Can Kelly Ayotte really keep running away from Trump(s)?

    This is a really good idea! Hilarious.

  15. Anonymous6:27 PM

    It is time to call out dumpsterfire for hiding behind his SS protection and double dog dare him to give up the SS detail. A REAL man doesn't NEED SS does he? Double Dare. Just come out and say he WON'T do it. Coward.

  16. Anonymous7:01 PM

    I just gotta say I'm just so fucking sick of all the stupid, paranoid people who buy into this shit. I see sheep, and I just want everybody to start eating lambchops. WTF happened to critical thinking? How the hell did Trump become a Presidential contender? GD, I'm glad I'm 60.

    1. Anonymous7:27 PM

      Fifty-nine end of next month.
      I'm done, and I used to be in the front row at church every Sunday without fail.

    2. Anonymous7:44 PM

      WTF happened to critical thinking indeed. Crapping on education, making stoopidity a virtue, and focusing on "teach to the test" instead of things like critical thinking have gone a LONG way. I was just talking to a psych professional friend (about NPD and other things in this political season) and I said about Clinton that "I am an intelligent person and I like intelligent people." I absolutely detest people trying to make stoopid a virtue.

    3. Anonymous8:09 PM


      exact same sentiment here, age too ..

  17. Anonymous7:12 PM

    So Trump isn't some chickenshit old fat man cowering under SS protection and metal detectors while screaming free guns for every fucking loony ever born?

    Seems to me that bodyguards go just fine with a desire for some sort of measure against dangerous lunatics- it makes perfect sense to me.

    1. Anonymous8:19 PM

      Trump will need more security and protection than when he was running for office. After November he will be on his own? Does he have a transition time?

  18. Anonymous7:16 PM

    I don't think it is right that Jesse has gone dark on certain subjects and people. Is there something you should be telling your readers, Mr Blog Owner?

    1. Anonymous7:49 PM

      And I would ask what business is it of yours?
      Do you control what he chooses to post?
      Must be Palin related, and many of us here could not give a lesser fuck.
      Blatant enough for you? Alrighty then.

    2. Anonymous7:51 PM

      What? Why don't you fill us in, enquiring minds and all that.


    3. Anonymous8:41 PM

      It's good not to hear of Palin for awhile but if she's anything like Donald be a matter of time before she'll want attention again. Right now baby man is in the spotlight with his outrageous diarrhea of the mouth.

    4. Anonymous4:39 AM

      7:49PM, Uncle G gets way more comments and clicks concerning palin posts. That translates to more revenue from that and I don't begrudge that one bit as he's performing a public service for continuing to exspose those vampires.. I for one like those posts. many others of us here are interested.

  19. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Donald is using the media to get all this attention that is why he doesn't pay for ads like Hillary who has spent over 50 million. Every little thing that guy sez is analyzed to the bone. Right now, over in CNN, MSNBC, and FOX they have panel after panel of people who are for and against Trump. They are trying to dissect just what he meant when he sent his subliminal message to his minions. We don't have to sit around for an hour trying to see what he meant. We know. He knows that everything that he sez that's a shocker will give his ugly mug time on the tv. The media has played right into his little hands. It's sickening. I hope Hillary stays on message and just plugs along like she's been doing for thirty years. She doesn't need the drama that they are trying to send her way. We don't need it either. More and more, the Republicans remind me of the high school cliques who go out of their way to be ahead of everyone no matter what the cost. It's tiring.

    1. Anonymous3:41 AM

      Hells to the yeah!

    2. Anonymous5:48 AM

      I find it so irritating when those moronic "experts" sit around and try and expound on "how donald trump happened" and "all those angry people out there".

      Don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out they helped create Trump and the only angry people are the racist trump followers.

      I am also sick of them perpetuating at least once a day: "everyone thinks Hillary is untrustworthy"

    3. Anonymous6:01 AM

      There's a genuine sickness in the media. They're caught in Trump's trap and drowning in his poison. We no longer watch cnn or msnbc and never watched fox. I don't know what we'll do when the Olympics are over. Hillary will do this...she will win this for us.

  20. Anonymous10:03 PM

    So Hillary Clinton having security and wanting security for other people is hypocritical how?

    Those NRA people need to zip up their pants, they clearly did it until they went insane.

  21. Anonymous10:08 PM


    A little something positive.

    Michael Phelps got four gold medals in a row. He now has 22 gold medals. 26 total.

    So far.

  22. Anonymous1:10 AM

    I hope the Trumps saw this. If so, I'd have loved to see how pissed it made them (no way will they ever admit to themselves that their father is in need of help):

  23. Anonymous1:11 AM

    Man, Trump is crazy and butt-freakin ugly when he talks, but Giuliani these past couple days has been as bad.

  24. Anonymous3:23 AM

    I think that the FBI or Secret Service should pay a visit to the NRA main office for a chat about their participation into Trump's encouragement of violence against Hillary Clinton.

  25. Anonymous4:16 AM

    How about the fact the Republicans/Donald love guns soooo much, but didn't allow them in their convention.

  26. Anonymous5:39 AM

    How come those big boys at the NRA don't allow guns in their conventions?

    Scaredy cats.

  27. Anonymous1:14 PM

    This is why Trump's words matter.
    This happened 3 days before JFK was assassinated


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