Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Secret Service was forced to protect MSNBC reporter Katy Tur from Trump supporters after he singled her out during rally.

Courtesy of TPM: 

The candidate had previously blasted her as “dishonest” for her coverage of protests at an earlier rally and demanded an apology, which Tur refused to give. "What a lie. Katy Tur. 

What a lie it was," Trump said, pointing at Tur from the stage. "Third. Rate. Reporter. Remember that.” 

In an essay for Marie Claire, Tur wrote that the crowd turned on her "like a large animal, angry and unchained." Afterwards, the Secret Service took what she described as the "extraordinary" precaution of walking Tur to her car. 

It was unlikely, Tur said, that any future attack by the candidate could be "as scary."

We already discussed that this is the first campaign where the Secret Service had to talk to one candidate about threatening another candidate with violence, but I am equally sure that this is the first campaign where the Secret Service had to protect a reporter from a candidate's angry mob of supporters after the candidate essentially pointed them in their direction.

I have to say that I have really enjoyed Katy Tur's reporting this year. And she along with Kasie Hunt, Kristen Welker, and Hallie Jackson have made MSNBC my go to stop for campaign coverage.

If you want to read the entire Katy Tur article you can by clicking this link.


  1. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Thankfully, Secret Service are not S.S.!

    1. Anonymous2:27 PM

      Speaking of SecretService, Malia littmen was on FOX news talking about how she uncovered the SecretService scandal!
      Sarah & Todd wasn't mentioned yet...heh! Soon. Soon.
      But I bet someone had to change her depends!

    2. Anonymous2:41 PM

      Donald Trump surrogate was Secret Service until he quit. Now he is running for congress with his vast inside info about the Secret Service and knowing what Trump means when he talks his Donald talk. Trump shows his appreciation

      His brother is still working for the Secret Service.

    3. Anonymous2:47 PM

      Bwahahahaha, Sarah and Bristol are probably trying to think of a way to discount Malia's interview. Sarah Palin could not compete with Malia on the interview stage. Sarah has no common sense, and avoids questions by spewing talking points. Hopefully Malia will talk about Todd's pimping in her next Fox interview.

    4. Anonymous2:58 PM

      Sarah Palin endorsement.

    5. Anonymous4:10 PM

      'The reason that Palin should WANT to distance herself from Bongino was because of his connection to the Colombia scandal. Not only was Bongino a Secret Service agent during the Obama administration, but his brother was one of the agents in Colombia when other agents employed prostitutes in advance of the President’s arrival.' Litman

      'Bongino gave interviews following the Colombia scandal in which he said:
      “Yes. I have very personal relationships, with a number of them. Very personal. And it’s really deeply impacted me. It’s a very emotional story.”
      In spite of the multiple scandals involving the Secret Service that have come to light, Bongino has said:
      “The problems are being really overdramatized as some kind of a cultural epidemic issue in the Secret Service. It’s nonsense.”'

      Why would Sarah Palin draw further attention to Bongino?

    6. Anonymous4:23 PM

      Donald Trump surrogate was Secret Service until he quit.
      I think the Bongino who quit was in Cartagena, and the option was given quit or be fired. He is a Whiny ass titty baby like all of them. Hope he gets his ass handed to him! Especially now when everyone is turning against GOP b/c of Trump! They all want a free grifter ride in Congress.

    7. Anonymous4:27 PM

      Bwahahahaha, Sarah and Bristol are probably trying to think of a way to discount Malia's interview.
      They CAN"T b/c she is branding herself as a "Patriot" a "truthteller". So that way when she gets to WHY she decided to pursue this, well...TeeHee!
      I was wondering if any of the peezoo saw it.
      And HEY! Aren't we missing a few lately? I've noticed it is a (for the most part) troll free zone on here and Malia's lately?
      I guess Trolling just doesn't pay the rent now a days! Bwhahahhaaaa!

    8. Anonymous4:47 PM

      Is he another one that Todd helps out?

      Palin cited Bongino’s background of “rigorous training as a U.S. Secret Service agent.” She said he will “put to good use the positive characteristics that have been instilled in him with tenacity and dedication to principles.”

    9. Anonymous6:04 PM


      I don't know why any of the Palins would care about Malia Litman's latest findings from the FOAI requests, none of the information has anything to do with the Palins.

      In none of the interviews did she even mention the Palins but regardless she's done a wonderful job of researching the overall malfeasance in the Secret Service. Malia found things are so much bigger and more important to our nation than anything that wacky family ever did.

    10. Anonymous3:28 AM

      Kinda like 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon, but with a closer connection. Palin to Cheyney to SS to Bongino...Etc. The paymeees aren't The Subject, but connected.
      Malia Litman performed an important service to the taxpayers in this country, and I'll go further and say her FOIA request wound up being a blessing potentially to anyone the SS should be protecting in the future. If you were assigned protection, wouldn't you now be on the lookout for an agent who was more interested in booze and hookers than what he was paid/sworn to do(take a bullet for you)?
      Unfortunately, "that wacky family" has left a trail of broken people in their wake. Ms. Shailey Tripp's life has been irrevocably harmed by them, and her 2 special needs sons' lives. Supposedly the paymeees care about special needs kids, but not Ms Tripp's.
      Malia discovered things that affect more people. That doesn't mean it means more to the unfortunate people that the p's have harmed directly over the years. Calling the paymees "wacky" is minimizing their destructiveness at best, and insulting to the victims of this horrible dysfunctional family.

  2. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Yes, MSNBC has been doing such great campaign work. This post on Katy Tur took me right back to the day several months ago when Tur was questioning Trump about Lewandowski and he did his usual of asking the reporter questions and trying to stick things on that person, like he even did to Chris Matthews when Matthews was interviewing him on Hardball and Trump started questoning Matthews' religious beliefs. In the clip below, if you watch it, Trump asks if Tur will apologize to Lewandowski if it turns out that there's no evidence of him grabbing Michelle Fields. Tur says no, that all she's doing is reporting, and of course Trump rolls his eyes treats her dismissively. Chris Matthews has said at least twice to Katy that she ought to write a book when this election's over, and I sure hope she does!

    1. Anonymous2:55 PM

      Katy Tur ✔ @KatyTurNBC
      Disgraced former FL congressman Mark Foley is sitting behind Trump tonight in Sunshine.

    2. Anonymous3:45 PM

      " Imagine a cross between a circus performance, a religious revival, and a rock concert. Thousands of people attend, gathering before dawn with lawn chairs and tents, waiting for the sunrise and then the candidate."

    3. Anonymous7:46 PM

      Yeah, I saw that. Mark Foley was sitting right behind Trump and giving him a thumbs up as Trump was laying in to Hillary for have the father of the Florida shooter behind her.

      The difference being that Mark Foley is guilty of being a pedophile and the father is guilty of nothing but having a son who turned out to be mentally unbalanced.

      A criminal versus gult by association.

      I'm sure to Trump there is no difference. In fact, he would defend any attacks on Foley.

  3. Anonymous2:06 PM

    I don't watch TV news and don't know who she is but damn, that's pretty sad.

  4. Randall2:15 PM

    Does Trump really not know just how fucking dangerous his words are?
    Or - is it possible? - does he know and is just a rotten enough son-of-a-bitch that he doesn't care? That he is willing to incite violence if it furthers his agenda?
    Should either of these scenarios disqualify Trump from office?
    Or have we sunk that low as a nation?
    That we're now willing to accept politicking this slimy, this perilous as our new normal?
    What have we become?

    1. Anonymous3:14 PM

      Of course Trump knows. He has Secret Service advisers/surrogates that would let him know how much he can get by with.

      Bongino said he sought the support of the former Alaska governor "because she has a well-documented history of fighting against political insiders and establishment figures from both political parties driven by personal political aggrandizement rather than a desire to create a better tomorrow for our children."

      Bongino is now speaking up for Trump and the 'ass nation' joke.

      He wants us to believe he quit the Secret Service. Since what really happened will never be told, he can make that claim.

    2. Anonymous3:15 PM

      By George, I think you've nailed it!

    3. Anonymous3:28 PM

      He has little idea of what comes out of his mouth.... but he's in love with the sound of it.

    4. Anonymous3:50 PM

      This will never happen again.

      Palin’s PAC Gives To Candidates

    5. Anonymous3:51 PM

      That's great 3:14! Bongino's grammar is so bad it sounds like Our Sarah is "driven by personal political aggrandizement rather than a desire to create a better tomorrow for our children." AmIrite?

    6. Anonymous4:02 PM

      I think Trump has spent his entire life in a bubble where he could do or say anything he wanted without recourse. He's always been an ass but, like a drug addict, he's become addicted to the high of the spotlight. And like an addict, it takes ever increasing quantities of the drug (in his case, attention from the media and his supporters) to get that high. To get enough attention to feed the addiction, his speeches and comments must get increasingly more outrageous.

      His entire life has been an exercise in MORE...more attention, more money, more women, more gold paint in his home...more, more, MORE. It's all one big game to him and his ego won't let him accept anything less than the top. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, he doesn't care who or what he destroys in the process because nothing and no one is as important as he is.

      The further down the rabbit hole he goes, the more horrified I am that we've gotten to this place. I fear for what will happen in the next several months, both before the election and after, when he loses the most public contest of his life.

    7. Anonymous6:32 PM

      4:02. Well said. You were able to express my fears more succinctly. He's a dangerous man without fear of the consequences. And his kids, who seem to be running his campaign, are a bunch of self-serving miniature versions of himself. Oh, and his boys LOVE to hunt and kill wild game for trophy. Why doesn't that surprise me; fucking little prima donna's.

  5. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Don't mess with Keith Olbermans GF!

    1. Anonymous4:51 PM

      They broke up in 2009.

    2. Anonymous3:30 AM

      He dated Laura Ingrahm before that.

    3. Anonymous6:13 AM

      I miss Keith Olberman so MUCH! Hope he is doing well.

  6. Anonymous2:25 PM

    TRUMP= Totally Repugnant Ugly Mean P(OS)

  7. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Is this the incident of which you speak. The one where secret service had to talk to one candidate about threatening another?

    1. Anonymous3:33 PM

      I want to know what his is costing us a day for increased security !!!

      The government should send him a bill.

  8. Anonymous2:36 PM

    trump really truly needs to get his ass physically kicked ..

    1. Anonymous3:06 PM

      I agree, where is the Mob when you need them? they missed the chance to pull a Jimmy Hoffa when he was in Detroit. So I have heard people saying.

      But,unfortunately that will only make him a martyr in the eyes of his cult members. Who knows what they would do?

    2. Anonymous3:48 PM

      His followers are a fringe minority and most are probably not long for this world .. they start a violent confrontation and their demise will be swift . I'm really pulling for them to start one so we can be done with it ..

    3. Anonymous3:48 PM

      I was thinking more his nuts...need to get, you know. Very hard. Blindingly hard. By a woman.

    4. Anonymous4:05 PM

      "Who knows what they would do?"

      It would be a difficult choice for them. Do they blame Obama because that's what they've been doing for the past 8 years, or do they blame Hillary because she's the New Evil.

      Decisions, decisions...

    5. Anonymous5:57 PM


      Donald works WITH the Mafia so I doubt they'd be the ones to take him out, they're his buddies.

    6. Anonymous3:34 AM

      5:57PM You live by the sword, you die by the sword. Who else has such access to professional hit men than the mob?

    7. Anonymous6:12 AM

      As w/Palin, I seriously doubt many would miss Trump or Palin should they bite the bullet! They have been nothing more than evil upon our country.

  9. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Just the beginning folks. Hitler's reincarnation really wants to go all the way. He's testing the water, he and his. Just watch. The so called party is hedging and humming, and before you know it we have history repeating itself all over again.

    1. Anonymous3:01 PM

      I believe he will go all the way, however I have more faith in the citizens of the USA and he will not be elected.

      The "real" campaigning begins after labor day, that is when the psychosis will really kick in, what fantasy he will come up with I can't image.

      Right now he is playing to his base, but not increasing the number of voters. The most important part is Democrats do not get apathetic and stay home on election day.

    2. Anonymous3:22 PM

      No doubt, these trump supporter's are ignorant , hateful weakling,Neanderthals. They are instigators!
      That want to be like the Hitler followers.
      However, they are also sniveling cowards.
      They don't want to die for their country. They want everyone else to die for their country.
      Just like trump they are only brave as a gang.If confronted when alone, they would soil themselves,or disavow any animosity against anyone.

    3. Anonymous4:22 PM

      Hey stop maligning Neanderthals. They were pretty intelligent, especially compared to Trump fans.

    4. Anonymous4:33 PM

      You are correct! My bad . instead of Neanderthals, how about sewer rat fuckers!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous3:04 PM

    NBC’s Katy Tur reported the Joint Terrorism Task Force is investigating a white powder letter sent to Eric Trump postmarked in Massachusetts demanding his father drop out of the race. Preliminary testing of the powder was negative but the letter reportedly said the next letter would ‘not be fake’.

    Tur added the Secret Service and FBI are investigating Anonymous declaring ‘total war’ on Trump and publishing Trump’s Social Security number and other personal information.

    The NBC report featured former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino commenting on the assets deployed to protect Trump, saying it tells him Trump faces a “grave threat.”

    “You have counter-assault assets, you have counter-sniper assets, this says to me that this is a grave threat.”

  11. She had her story in Marie Claire. That job is already hard enough, but add a surly asshole who wants revenge into the mix and boom--The Secret Service has to protect her from him.

    He's a bully with a sadistic streak. No other way to look at this mess. He has to dominate and subjugated everyone who dares to question him or disagrees with him. I sincerely believe he would have been pleased to see her get hurt, just like you know he's hoping there will be a whole lot of uproar after the election.

    Link to Katy Tur's article. She includes an update about her experience with the having the SS escort her as to prevent the troglodytes from attacking her.

  12. Anonymous3:31 PM

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I could use a break from the Donald's insane remarks and a nice article on the other crazy one, Sarah, just to lighten the mood a bit :)

    1. Anonymous3:44 PM

      But her life has been reduced to tweeting every day about how much the Olympics are inspiring her!

      And we're not even bothering to comment on Bristol's more frequent posted "family" pics!

      The only stories that would be interesting would be stuff from the past. Yeah, I'd be up for more of those!!!!

    2. Anonymous4:34 PM

      July 3, 2009!

      What they did!

    3. Anonymous4:39 PM

      Sad about how Sarah is taking her fall into the abyss.

    4. Anonymous5:56 PM

      I do believe that in the last 8 years all that needs to be said about Sarah Palin has been said, and multiple times!

      Please, don't try to resurrect her as it's very pleasant having her finally gone, although taking 8 years to run through your "15 minutes of fame" must be some kind of record!

      RIP Sarah.

    5. Anonymous6:17 PM

      Memorial to the departed.

      Sarah Palin and the Alaska Independence Party. Palin addresses AIP convention

      Imagine if the Obamas had hooked up with a violently anti-American group in league with the government of Iran.

      Alaskan Independence Party

    6. Anonymous6:25 PM

      Put yourself in her mukluks!

      Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

    7. Anonymous6:41 PM

      Rut Roh!

      "bsmp2cheesin cause Dakota just did his first solo flight!!"

    8. Anonymous7:06 PM

      4:39 As she was falling into the abyss she was able to screech out one more little gasp for attention.

    9. Anonymous8:00 PM

      Oh $arah, most violent? Let's look into your family's personal life, shall we? You really don't want to go there, do you?

    10. Anonymous8:36 PM

      Yep. I come here to read about and be entertained by the idiot Pallins. Trump doesn't deserve the coverage, but the press should be out in droves talking about his brown shirt supporters, and how truly frightening it is that any Americans would vote for him.
      And then, as long as I'm fussing, I'd like to see a little party unity talk from Gryph, enough with the Bernie bitching.

  13. Anonymous3:32 PM

    I hope Trump's fat ass is handed to him on a gold platter!

    Fuck him to Hell. He'll never win this election and I can hardly wait to see the loss he is going to take.

    Then, we can ALL call him a LOOSER!

    Vote for Hillary Clinton, the outstanding, experienced and knowledgeable candidate in spite of the what the media (and Trump and his backers) constantly peddles about her!

  14. Compare and contrast Katy Tur to Nicole Wallace. There are no words.

    Well, I guess there are. "Third. Rate. Journalist."

    1. Anonymous8:01 PM

      Nicole Wallace was a politcal consultant and now a political commentator. She is not a journalist. Thankfully, she was not miracle worker prepping grizzie.

    2. Anonymous8:19 PM

      Wallace has a bachelor's in mass communications and a master's in journalism from a good school of journalism, so it's close enough for me.

    3. Anonymous6:07 AM

      I prefer Katy Tur by a long shot!

  15. Anonymous3:36 PM

    This story reminds me of the time when Joe McGinniss moved next door to the Palins while he was writing a book about Sarah. Joe said that Sarah unleashed the Hounds of Hell. She instigated such hate against Joe, accusing him of spying on Piper in her bedroom when the sight lines between his house and hers proved that he couldn't see in at all. That didn't stop Todd from putting up a massive fence, more of a symbol of hatred than anything else. Sarah had the ability to rally people in the spirit of hating Joe so that he probably was in fear for his life.

  16. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Trump campaign staff exercising their Second Amendment rights on each other!

    No one shot yet...

    Lawsuit: Trump's NC campaign director pointed gun at aide

  17. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Trump is a kidnapper!!! It is true, I read it on the Internet and heard people talking about it, and many people are saying it.

    Actually I can believe he would have someone kidnapped for revenge.
    Trump Drives The Crazy As Far Away As Argentina

  18. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Every media person who is in Trump's cross hairs need some type of protection. I wouldn't be surprised if the news stations hires bodyguards to protect their newscasters.

  19. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Melania doesn't need protection. Nobody knows where she is hiding at until she can figure out how and when she got to America and how or when she got her Green Cards and how many times she's been married. Then Melania will surface and read the teleprompter prepared and written for her regarding her immigration status.

    1. Anonymous5:28 PM

      Melania just don't quote and plagiarize First Lady Michelle Obama's speeches

    2. Anonymous8:15 PM

      Yeah, wonder what's up. Two weeks to speak? Maybe that's how long they need for collecting any paperwork, but with Trump involved and his shady dealings,it makes any paperwork highly suspect.

  20. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Trump: "[I'll] just keep doing the same thing I'm doing right now."

  21. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Donald Trump: Hit those who speak, torture those who protest, kill those who oppose

  22. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Go ahead effing idiot trump, all it takes is one and you will be prosecuted. Oh maybe go nowhere but ....


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