Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Two more idiots from that Oregon standoff are pleading guilty. One of them was a Trump campaign official.

Courtesy of TPM:

Jerry DeLemus, a co-chair of Veterans for Trump in New Hampshire, is expected to plead guilty for his role in the 2014 militia standoff at the Bundy family's Nevada ranch, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported on Tuesday. 

In a court filing, Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro said DeLemus has indicated he would change his plea on August 23 after signing a plea agreement. 

DeLemus, who had been listed as an alternate delegate for Donald Trump to the RNC weeks after his indictment, faces nine federal charges, including conspiracy to commit a crime against the country and threatening a federal law enforcement officer.

I have to say that I am constantly impressed with the character of the people who support Donald Trump. (I totally typed that with a straight face. You'll just have to take my word for it.)

DeLemus is not alone in striking a plea deal.

Courtesy of KGW:

A former Marine whose appearances in widely shared videos made him one of the most recognizable figures during the armed takeover of an Oregon wildlife refuge pleaded guilty Monday for his role in the weekslong standoff with authorities. 

Jon Ritzheimer, 32, admitted that he conspired with Ammon Bundy and others to prevent U.S. Interior Department employees from doing their jobs at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, and they did so by threats of force or intimidation. 

Prosecutors dropped two charges as part of a plea agreement - theft of government property and possessing a firearm on federal property. Assistant U.S. Attorney Craig Gabriel said prosecutors will recommend 2½ years in prison when the Arizona man is sentenced in May. Ritzheimer's attorney, Terri Wood, can argue for less.

You may remember Ritzheimer as the guy who made this cringe worthy/hysterical video before going to the Oregon wildlife refuge.

That video only gets funnier now that we know he caved like a little bitch in order to avoid a long prison sentence.

Which leaves Ryan Bundy, who recently got into a scuffle with the guards, and his brother Ammon Bundy, who is still fighting his incarceration, behind.

Seriously what did these idiots think was going to happen to them?


  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    I'm sure the Bundys and their merry band of men (and a couple women) fully expected millions of like-minded freedom loving patriots to show up to reinforce their position. I'm sure glad that stupid Michelle Fiore (or whatever her name is) lost in her primary in Nevada. She was an entertaining goon and a half during the whole fiasco in Oregon.

    1. Anonymous8:50 PM

      I'm sure they did.

      Wonder if that would be grounds for a psychiatric eval?

    2. Anonymous1:01 PM

      That couch pic with the patriotic tit tattoo looks like an ad for Tea Party Date personals.

  2. Anonymous11:38 AM
    THIS TOO!!

    1. Anonymous11:57 AM

      Donald Trump’s Strange New Attack On Hillary Clinton Echoes White Supremacists- FASCISM.
      "Heidi Beirich, who investigates and tracks white nationalist groups for Southern Poverty Law Center, told ThinkProgress that Trump “seems to be parroting the hate sites”

  3. Anonymous11:57 AM

    off topic:

  4. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Stolen valor, Brian Cavalier, 44. Bundy bunch knows how to pick 'em. They must get tips from Sarah, the queen of stolen valor losers.

    1. Anonymous12:35 PM

      There is an abundance of stolen valor and fraud. Look at the role models some infamous louts gave us. It is one of the problems of a military complex. A serious matter that needs to be addressed and discussed. May there be more respect for those of honor and that means don't hide the fakes and the liars. Expose them all, including the ones the military sets up and uses for propaganda.

      Ryan Payne the fake Ranger at Bundy Ranch

    2. Anonymous12:48 PM

      I’m convinced the whole group is suffering serious mental disorders.

    3. I always thought Ryan Payne was an FBI plant. Nobody takes a twelve year plea deal over something like this unless they are trying to set an example for the Bundys. All you have to do is go back to 1967 to the other example of an armed takeover of a government building. Members of the Black Panther Party entered the California capitol with loaded weapons and went to a room where legislators were working on a bill to prohibit sales of guns to inner city black people. After a tense confrontation, the demonstrators were persuaded to leave the building, whereupon, they were arrested and charged with a felony. They were eventually convicted of a misdemeanor, and that conviction was eventually overturned on appeal. None of them spent any significant amount of time incarcerated.
      So the prosecution is going to have to show why this occupation of an empty building out in the middle of nowhere was a so much more serious crime than taking over a government building in the middle of a major city while the building is occupied.

  5. Anonymous12:13 PM

    But, but, but... GRYPHEN! They're white, conservatard Rill Murkkkuns! Nothing bad can ever happen to them (in their minds). And how dare you hold them responsible for their actions? They're WHITE, don't you get it? /s

    1. Anonymous12:45 PM

      LOL! I agree that is their best defense in their minds. The other day I actually spoke with a women who assured me white males are now the most maligned and persecuted. Their playbook is fraught with a perverted sense of superiority.

  6. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Pretty sure that comical oversized flag ink is a temporary tat sold by a small Ayness, Alabama outfit called "Very Tiny Balls, LLC" which, according to their website, markets a range of similarly awful products aggressively to "sad sacks, nascent psychotics, losers, angry delusionals and whiny little bitches". So, yeah, it kinda makes sense.

  7. The ignorance of this mind set is breathtaking. Seriously.

    It's like a bunch of teenagers decide they're going to form a gang, a group of upper middle class know nothings wanting to be all bad ass and go live out their favorite "Savin' Murica" fantasy. Only they don't get they're the bad guys. It's so stupid it hurts the brain.

    And wow...there's consequences?? You mean we can't act like idiots and get a fine and go home at the end of the day??

    SMH O.o

    1. Well, people who do not realize this country has become a police state tend to believe they are the good guys if they have not killed any children, one of the popular pastimes of the Supreme Court and their Democratic Party followers. Anyone who thinks about it a little will see that the Muslims also do not believe in abortion, and Muslim radicals definitely do some bad things, such as beheading people, sex slavery, etc. However, this particular group never killed anyone, and their worst offense seems to have been occupation of an empty government building.

  8. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Which prison do we send snacks to?

  9. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Why are they not getting at LEAST 20 years without parole for domestic terrorism?

    That sentence only sends a message to other ammosexuals that they will get a slap on the wrist for armed confrontations with the federal gubmint.

  10. Anonymous2:58 PM

    The party of mental illness, paranoia, derangement, stupidity, narcissism, hate, racist, rapture loons, war goons, and the good old heritage constitution. What a bunch of prescription dopes and their stupid "plan" to rule the world. F ing lame idiots.

  11. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Is there anyone that is surprised that Ritzheimer was the first to roll over, cry like a baby and take a plea deal?

    I think I predicted that the minute those bars slammed shut he was the one that was going to spill everything he could to cut a deal. That coward didn't have the guts to do the time for the crime. All bluster, teeny zizi.

  12. Anonymous4:51 PM

    It's been covered very well by all comments.
    I will just add this: I have no doubt that Ritzheimer would sell out his Mother if it kept him from doing time. He is not tough enough,a punk ass? Right Sarah Palin?

  13. ibwilliamsi5:28 PM

    Let the Tribes deal with them next.


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