Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Conspiracy theory of the day. The Hillary Clinton body double.

Courtesy of Yahoo:

The internet is lighting up with conspiracy theories that a body double was used to stand in for Hillary Clinton as she emerged from her daughter' apartment Sunday after collapsing at a 9/11 memorial ceremony.

“Nose looks very different,” one person wrote on Twitter. 

“Hillary's index finger is longer than her ring finger. This isn’t Hillary,” wrote another. 

An additional person wrote: “The person outside Chelsea’s apartment has skinny legs and torso! You decide!” 

Another conspiracy theorist noted the absence of any obvious Secret Service agents nearby when the Democratic presidential candidate walked out of Chelsea’s Manhattan apartment building.

You know the only part of this that I found at all convincing were the observations of weight loss, but then I remembered when I first noticed that Hillary seemed slimmer, and that was at the 9-11 memorial BEFORE her collapse.

So unless Hillary had a body double stage the whole "fainting from illness" thing this whole conspiracy seemed very unlikely.

Things got so out of control that the conspiracy folks thought they had even tracked down Hillary's body double, Theresa Barwell, who felt the need to weigh in:
Speaking of conspiracies, the DNC had to squash rumors that they were replacing Hillary at the top of the ticket due to her illness.

Hey since we are on the topic of conspiracy theories, here's one for you.

Now see, THAT'S believable. 


  1. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Scott Baio is spreading this double crap around also,too. This is the most mdia attention he has received in YEARS, so he is taking advantage of it. I would bet the RNC would find it impossible to find a body double for tRump!! Wierd shape, strange hair style, ugly little anus mouth. Have to feel sorry for them, trying so hard to find fault with Hillary.

    1. Anonymous8:50 AM

      Rather than "anus mouth", I prefer to describe it as "butthole-shaped". His rabble are more likely to understand.

  2. Anonymous8:45 AM

    More Alex Jones conspiracy crap--the same scurrilous douchebag and his supporters who led the charge in harassing the parents of the young children gunned down in Newtown--saying their children weren't really dead--they were 'gov't actors'--and demanding the distraught parents 'prove' their murdered children were actually dead!!!!

    So when did this kind of behavior towards fellow Americans become ok?


    1. Anonymous10:45 AM

      More Gryphen conspiracy crap--the same scurrilous douchebag and his supporters who led the charge in harassing anything Palin or anyone who does not agree with how they think.

      So when did this kind of behavior towards fellow Americans become ok?

      Damn,that is some serious projection, a word you all like to throw around on here. How deplorable.

    2. Anonymous11:19 AM

      10:45am,god, you're an idiot.

    3. Anonymous11:37 AM

      10:45 has a valid point, whether others here want to see it or not. The pond speculates about Hillary's health, a body double, her Clinton Foundation, her emails, her ties to Wall Street, etc. We speculate about Palin's pregnancy, her marriage, her PAC, her breasts, her hair, etc, Bristol's pregnancies, her marriage, Sailor's father, etc. The c4p crowd believes what they post. We believe what we post.
      I see it.

    4. Anonymous12:01 PM

      10:45 does have a valid point. 11:19 is the idiot. Bristol's pregnancies, baby daddiee, plastic surgeries do not affect the health of our nation. I'm a stalwart Clinton supporter from the early 90s but the crap that is written here can really embarass a progressive person.

  3. Anonymous8:52 AM

    On Putin, Trump struck a milder tone at the rally.

    “I don’t know the gentleman.

    He’s nice to me,” he said.

    “But if he’s nice to me it doesn’t mean anything unless we make some great deals for our country.”

    1. Putin is a gentleman?

    How many people did Putin slaughter?

    How many countries has he conquered?

    2. He's nice to me?

    Really Donald? You got to be shittin' me.

    Putin is a KGB officer trained and skilled in deceiving and outwitting smucks like Donald Trump.

    3. We make some great deals for our country.

    What Donald is really saying is he can make great deals for his company.

    "He's nice to me"

    DONALD PLEASE (give me a break)

  4. Balzafiar8:54 AM

    "Bennet Omalu is a physician, forensic pathologist, and neuropathologist who was the first to discover and publish findings of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in American football players while working at the Allegheny County Coroner's Office in Pittsburgh. He later became the chief medical examiner for San Joaquin County, California, and is a professor at the University of California, Davis, Department of Medical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine."

    Coming from this source, potential poisoning should be thoroughly checked out by Hillary's physician. I doubt that he is a conspiracy theorist.

    With people like Trump and Putin involved, anything is possible.

  5. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Who is Bennet Omalu?

    He is the famous pathologist who discovered chronic traumatic encephalopathy in the brains of deceased American football players, made his name going up against the NFL and Roger Goodell.

    The doctor played by Will Smith in the movie Concussion.

  6. Anonymous9:01 AM


  7. Anonymous9:03 AM

    It's photoshop, right folks? We'll have to first see what date is on her hospital wristband, before we can be sure ;-)

    1. Anonymous9:28 AM

      Yeah. It's not like she gave birth last monthand was lying or somethin'.

    2. Anonymous9:28 AM

      "last month"

    3. Anonymous10:09 AM

      Ha ha 9:03! That was good. The "birther" conspirators here are just as fanatic as Obama birthers and Alex Jones types.

    4. Anonymous10:39 AM

      Oh you've gone and done it now! Meghan and all the other vile posters will be calling you a Palin, telling you suck something and praising their leader Gryphen. You've opened the Pandora's box of IM lunacy.it will be fun to sit back and watch them go nuts.

    5. Anonymous11:16 AM

      lol 10:39! You're having fun today! Seems like you're the one going nuts over this post!

    6. Anonymous11:20 AM

      It's funny how all the trolls sound exactly the same...

  8. Anonymous9:08 AM

    New York Daily News
    Here's what happens if Clinton or Trump get too sick to campaign

    ... The closest answer, then, lies with the respective political parties — both of which have their own rules for picking a replacement.

    If Clinton cannot campaign and drops out, the Democratic National Committee has to fill her spot, according to its charter. The party would hold a special meeting, with officials getting one vote each. Whoever wins the majority wins the nomination.

    ... But the party has no rules about who, exactly, would be up for a vote.

    ... That means Tim Kaine, Clinton’s running mate, would receive no special consideration in the post-mortem vote. Nor would Bernie Sanders, or Vice President Biden. As far as the rules indicate, the winning spot is up for grabs for anyone in the party....


  9. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Half his supporters are deplorable. The other half are lunatics.

    1. linda9:47 AM

      The minuscule percentage of his supporters at the Sea of Pee are both!

  10. Anonymous9:13 AM


  11. Anonymous9:16 AM

    The video recorded by Zdenek Gazda is getting more analysis than the Zapruder film. 'Back and to the left.'



  12. Anonymous9:19 AM



    HMMMM... Could just be a coincidence

    Washington Examiner-

    Shake-up shows Trump ready to 'win at all costs'

    By AL WEAVER (@ALWEAVER22) • 8/17/16 8:15 AM

    Former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski argued Wednesday that the overnight news about the campaign's leadership shake-up is a "clear indication" that Trump "wants to win" in November and will do so at "all costs" with less than three months until election day.


  13. Anonymous9:19 AM


  14. Anonymous9:21 AM

    1/2 of Trump's supporters can kiss my ass

    The other 1/2 can suck my dic_

    1. Anonymous10:33 AM

      Let me guess you're about12 years old and using mommies computer. Gryphen, you don't have a lot of credibility to start with but this kind of post takes away from your credibility even more. You have more than your share of deplorable followers and this is one of the them.

    2. Anonymous11:22 AM

      1033am, why should gryphen censor people? Are you a 12 year old who can't handle any difference of opinion, even if it is expressed in a crass manner?

    3. Anonymous11:44 AM

      11:22, he does censor (more often than you think). The attacks on Piper that he stated that he was censoring is proof from the horse's mouth. So, he certainly could censor stupid, low effort/intellect comments, if he chose to.

  15. Anonymous9:41 AM

    I would feel much better about these medical records, if they both had physicals by the same doctor. One who could remain impartial, non political. We have seen tRump's doctor, he is as nuts as tRump, and not very professional in his reports. Any doctor who would declare that tRump would be the most physically fit of ANY president to ever occupy the WH has to be a bought and paid for flak.

    1. Anonymous10:44 AM

      I'm convince that the Trump "fake" doctor letter was dictated by none other than Trump himself. The tone and phraseology are all pure-Donald. Besides, no genuine doctor would ever write such a letter. Maybe Trump has promised his gastroenterologist (lol) the position of surgeon general.

    2. Anonymous3:28 PM

      No reason it couldn't be a top military Dr. at Walter Reed.

      Except Trump would never agree.

      He's already making noises about the impending debates, mumbling about no need for moderators. I wouldn't be surprised if he eventually backs out saying he won't do them unless there are no moderators.

      Probably also why he and his campaign shill aren't attacking Hillary on her health. They're afraid Donald might be forced to release a thorough and professional medical history.

  16. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Republicans Rocked By Data Showing Trump Driving The GOP Towards Extinction

    It is even worse for Republicans than they could have imagined, as new data shows that the GOP is aging rapidly and could be facing national extinction.

    The Pew Research Center released the results of the shifting affiliations between the two major parties on Tuesday, which showed that the “Democratic Party is becoming less white, less religious and better-educated at a faster rate than the country as a whole, while aging at a slower rate. Within the GOP the pattern is the reverse: Republican voters are becoming more diverse, better-educated and less religious at a slower rate than the country generally, while the age profile of the GOP is growing older more quickly than that of the country.”


  17. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Trump Took Clinton’s Deplorable Bait And Is Now Destroying His Own Campaign

    Hillary Clinton set Trump up with her deplorables comment. The Republican nominee took the bait and is now destroying himself by defending racists.

    ...What the Republican nominee’s campaign never saw coming was that Clinton’s remark was an attempt to shift attention onto the white nationalist and racist elements that are supporting Donald Trump.

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign did something that no Republican was able to do to Trump during the primaries.

    She has put Trump on the defensive. Donald Trump was able to waltz through the GOP primary because he was able to stay on offense. His constantly unpredictable attacks left his Republican rivals a step behind. Clinton has flipped the script in a way that many initially misunderstood A Donald Trump who is demanding an apology is a weakened opponent.

    Everyone who isn’t Trump and Pence saw the next step coming a mile away.


    1. Good point. He will do the same -- unpredictable (below the belt) attacks -- at the debates, if they happen. Hillary has to be ready to be the parent/adult and not get rattled, stay firm.

      Or, hit HIM with unpredictable attacks on the many, many points of his scumbagness. Example: Ask him how he feels about raping a 13-year-old and threatening her and her family if she took him to court. Or, Trump U or his Foundation or his outright lies about his donations.

      I like the second tack, for he would not notice her being calm and adult: he'd think he'd won.

      With the second tack, he would react impulsively for he has no self-control whatsoever. He would get red-faced, bluster and maybe even hit her.

    2. Hillary should watch nuanced cop shows (British ones like Vera, Scott and Bailey, Walender...) and see how putting pressure on murderers, first sympathizing, then needling them, acting like the victim...to get the murdered to react, last out and bam, convict themselves.

    3. Anonymous9:22 AM

      Oh,yes, Barbara. Let's have them throw a bunch of speculative accusations back and forth and watch this campaign fall further into grade school taunting.

      Clinton: How do you feel about raping a 13 yr old?

      Trump: How do you feel about laughing when a girl is raped?

      Clinton: Neener neener. I asked you first.

    4. Anonymous9:23 AM

      I think you watch too much TV, Barb.

  18. ibwilliamsi9:45 AM

    Oh, FFS...

  19. Anonymous9:47 AM

    So basically Hillary critics are as batshit as IMers with their dumbass comments about Sarah et al.

    ie different babies (lol)
    ie paternity lies (double lol)
    ie body doubles (were you dropped as a baby?)

    There is no difference between this Hillary body double story and anything written in this blog.

    1. Anonymous10:11 AM

      True. Gryphen can be such a joke.

    2. Anonymous10:19 AM

      Dude, there are totally like 4 Trig's, take off your blinders.

    3. Anonymous10:45 AM

      Ruffles, Raffles, Riffles, Roffles, Reffles, Ryffles...

    4. Anonymous10:47 AM

      Take your lols and fuck yourself in the ass with them

    5. Anonymous10:55 AM

      You forgot to mention the church fire, Menard,s plane crash, and Todd's snow
      mobile accident (there are least three conspiracies on that alone). Gryphen's followers are the definition of hypocrisy.

    6. Anonymous10:59 AM

      There's the 12 year old again (10:47). One of Gryphen's brightest.

    7. Anonymous11:23 AM

      Oh, c'mon, Gristol--it's NOT always about you or your mom. Go hunt a moose or something.

  20. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Lie after Lie: Donald Trump’s Vague, Empty Claims of Generosity Tell the Story of Who He Is

    ...This is who Donald Trump really is, and we see this over and over again. It’s the story of his life, as told from the other people in it: Vague claims of ownership, success, wealth and generosity that fall apart under scrutiny. When called on his lies, Trump often retaliates, biting and sniping with the help of expensive lawyers like a scared little dog, hoping his intimidation tactics will shut down the questions.

    ...Journalist Selina Scott found this out the hard way after she exposed Trump as a fraud. “My 60-minute documentary exposed how through bluff, bombast and braggadocio, he had convinced the American business community he was far richer than he was, and that while the rest of his rivals were ‘losers’, he knew how to make the US great,” Scott wrote.

    As payback for this revelation of fact, Trump harassed Scott for years with “intimidating” letters, calling her “sleazy, unattractive, obnoxious and boring.”

    It’s hard to mark deplorable behavior since Trump has set the bar so low, but this is the mark of a petty, little man.

    This pattern of Trump’s behavior is reliable, and as such, any claim he makes should require verification before being accepted as truth. In fact, it’s harder to find claims he’s made about himself that actually stand up under scrutiny than it is to find claims that fail the test of accuracy.


    1. Anonymous12:37 PM

      @ 9:48 Journalists could easily expose Trump are possible (note Scott's above), so why aren't they doing it? They don't want to get sued, or fired, or threatened. It takes courage and risking everything -- except one's integrity.

  21. Anonymous9:49 AM

    It hard not to believe that those Russians will try anything to swing our election process. Anyway, that's Googles job.


  22. Anonymous9:49 AM


    Sarah Palin did you hear the conspiracy news Hillary Clinton may be too sick to run for president?

    No need to wait to run in 2020, -24, -28 or -32

    Sarah if you change parties now, you can be the Democratic Party presidential nominee in 2016, then after elected president, switch back to the Republican Party.

    Bernie Sanders did it. He switched parties from the Socialist Independent Party to the Democratic Party.

    He pledged his allegiance to his new Democratic Party, ran for president, loses and then runs back to his old Socialist Independent Party

    That's called the Bait and Switch Scam

  23. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Average Americans Just Got a Huge Income Boost

    According to the report, median household income rose by 5.2 percent, from $53,700 to $56,500. This is the largest increase the Census Bureau has ever recorded.



    1. Anonymous10:09 AM

      Thank you VP Biden

      Thank you Secretary of State HILLARY CLINTON

    2. Anonymous12:39 PM

      Every speech by every Democrat should start with this. And all the other progress made. Go on the offensive, not defensive.

    3. Anonymous3:35 PM

      I didn't.

  24. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Clinton Hits Back At Trump Camp's 'Deplorables' Spot With New TV Ad


  25. Anonymous9:57 AM

    On 911>

  26. Anonymous9:57 AM

    I was listening to Coast to Coast AM last night ( sorry I like aliens & ghost stories). Two different people the host had call in, not the random public, offered theories. One was that HRC was an insulin dependant diabetic & the other "guest" claimed that he knows that she is a functional alcoholic. So the body double thing didn't surprise me one bit!!! Yikes!!!

  27. WA Skeptic10:26 AM

    Of course this is a Thing; the same people who believe Alex and Limpbough in the first place are sure to believe this crap.

    Rest up, Hillary--you're got to whip that cheeto-faced twat waffle like a rug.

    HRC in 2016

  28. Anonymous10:28 AM

    This site is full of conspiracy theories that fill the anti Palin agenda. You are no better than Alex Jones followers. Some of you jumped right on the poisoning conspiracy right on cue.

    1. Posting over and over again as different people.

      Yeah that's new.

    2. Anonymous10:48 AM

      Leave if you don't like it.

    3. Anonymous10:56 AM

      News flash Gryphen! It is not the same person who is commenting on the irony of you and IM fanatics who jump on the most bizarre Palin conspiracies at the drop of a hat.

      Gosh, it's as though you're "phoning it in" today. Could that be true?!

    4. Anonymous11:14 AM

      Jesse has the ip addresses and can see if it is from the same computer.

    5. Anonymous11:23 AM

      1056, clearly it is. They aren't even trying to conceal their tells.

    6. Anon @ 11:14. You're right, that helps Gryphen manipulate what is put on here.

  29. Anonymous10:33 AM

    The national media is talking about Trump’s racist campaign. That’s good for Hillary Clinton.



  30. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Body double? Is that anything like using another DS baby as Sarah Palin's election prop in 2008 because baby Trig was too sick to be subjected to that travel schedule?

  31. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Putin has been known to kill with nuclear material dropped into a drink. I believe it was a physicist who defected from Russia, and the material was plutonium...

    Obviously he didn't do it himself, but sent someone to do the deed. HRC needs to be VERY careful what she eats and drinks.

  32. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Notice the ears. Absolutely identical.

    Man, I wish I had bought stock in tin foil.

    In other news. Obama's Secretary of the Interior is about to slaughter 45,000 wild horses and burros so that factory farmed cattle can graze government land for pennies on the dollar. And all at taxpayer expense.

    Tell me again how the Bundy's lost.


  33. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Running with walking pneumonia. A teachable moment.


    "An awful lot has been written about walking pneumonia, and the entire nation is having a teach-in about the condition. But it’s actually an opportunity to have a teachable moment about a much larger condition — the fact that our culture incentivizes our politicians to go around like walking zombies.

    This has been an insane political season, and this is yet another example. Specifically, how insane is the culture we’re living in that a) the Democratic nominee and her campaign decided it was a good idea to keep a full schedule even after the diagnosis of walking pneumonia, and b) that there is so much posturing about toughness that it’s seen as a weakness for a candidate to actually acknowledge that she’s human and needs to recharge — preferably before getting walking pneumonia?"

    "Clinton’s physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack, said that Clinton was “advised to rest and modify her schedule.” But it shouldn’t take walking pneumonia for that to be acceptable protocol for a presidential candidate — that’s good advice for every political leader at every level and at all times.

    A lot of effort and money are — rightly — expended keeping the president physically safe. But it’s up to the president to maintain a schedule that allows for refueling, so as to be physically and cognitively at his or her best at all times. That’s what it means to be strong, tough, and truly fit for the highest office."

  34. Anonymous12:13 PM

    A double? Come on you guys, give the lady credit for master minding a major criminal organization if full daylight for the last 40 years. No doubt they are using at least half a dozen or more of them. .....yeah, that's the ticket, a whole swarm of hillary-bots loose on the land seeking our destruction!!! oh my.

  35. Anonymous12:54 PM

    LMAO over the "body double" conspiracy!
    No one will ever convince me that there are two Hillarys. LOL

  36. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Putin poisons people. Why couldn't Trump?

  37. Anonymous2:47 PM

    "I must advice the Clinton campaign?" Any 4th grader knows the difference between advice and advise.
    I agree with what he said, but I do wish people could learn the English language.

    1. Anonymous8:59 PM

      Hello, you all do know fb/twitter accounts aren't necessarily who they say they are?

  38. Anonymous4:41 PM

    And I say to myself, Self! This is one fucked up world we're in.

  39. Anonymous5:04 PM

    You know our country is a bunch of imbeciles. I can say that because I am not running for president and can have a bad opinion of our citizens. I mean, how did we end up believing in conspiracy theories? It's in our blood now. We love that shit. No doubt. Even Donald will through things out there. Grown ass adults are on the net talking crazy about this and that. Making up stuff as they go along. What is that? Can't we just be happy that we aren't being run by reptilians? We have enough crazy crap to contend with as it is. Children being bombed in Aleppo by that crazy assed president and Putin. They will get theirs one day. They will be old and useless on day. Like Castro, and like Reagan. But now, we need to all grow up. There's only one Hillary. We need to make sure she wins or we will have a shit storm that crazy and bored ass people are wanting, and I can tell you will not be fun.

  40. Anonymous8:52 PM

    All that's showing in this comment:
    "nother conspiracy theorist noted the absence of any obvious Secret Service agents nearby when the Democratic presidential candidate walked out of Chelsea’s Manhattan apartment building." is the sexism of the commenter or twit who tweeted it. Notice the blond woman with her hair in a pony tail or bun, black suit, back to Hillary? Guess what, she's also there in the pics of Hillary leaving the 9/11 site, ill. What doofuses, a woman can also be a Secret Service agent - and likely required for a female protectee.


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