Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New Clinton campaign ad goes after Trump campaign ad going after her for her "basket of deplorables" remark. Okay that made me dizzy.

Courtesy of TPM:

Hillary Clinton's campaign released a new TV ad Tuesday responding to Donald Trump's spot capitalizing on Clinton's "basket of deplorables" comment. 

The 60-second spot, titled "Low Opinion," opens with Trump's Monday charge that Clinton "can't lead this nation if you have such a low opinion for its citizens." 

"What's Donald's opinion of our citizens?" the ad asks before running through a laundry list of inflammatory remarks the GOP nominee has made over the course of his campaign. 

It highlights his comments mocking a disabled reporter, his attacks on the Khan family and his comments about women.

Oh man, Hillary baited the hook and Trump snapped his anus shaped opening right down on it.

So he has one comment to launch an attack over and her campaign gets to sift through hundreds and hundred in order to choose the ones they want to use in retaliation.

And the great thing is that Trump rally thought he has something here.
Well I'm sure that Alex Jones will soon dig up SOMETHING new for him to go after her with.


  1. Trump just couldn't keep himself from picking up that IED.

    1. Anonymous7:28 PM

      I don't know what an "IED" is but I have to assume it's bad?

    2. Anonymous8:06 PM

      Improvised Explosive Device.
      Think suicide bombers.

    3. Anonymous 8:06 PM wrote: Think suicide bombers.

      No. The kind you leave on the road for someone else to encounter. In this case, the "deplorable" meme. Trump thought he could make something out of it, but it has blown up in his face. Many of the national news media are now addressing the question, what fraction of the Trump supporters consists of deplorable people?

  2. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Change You Can See, Feel, and Believe


    1. Anonymous6:19 PM

      Obama Knocks Down the False Equivalence Nonsense


  3. Anonymous5:10 PM

    That's how you take out the trash while fighting pneumonia. Go Hillary!!!

  4. Anonymous5:25 PM

    To little to late>
    “Yup, the whole birther movement was racist,”
    Powell called it a “Celebrification of society,” adding that “Trump has no sense of shame.”

    1. Anonymous4:38 AM

      Please! Too little, too late. Get a dictionary.

      As for the rest, YES!

  5. Anonymous5:27 PM

    With a Stroke of His Pen President Obama Permanently Protects Planned Parenthood

    ...As has been the case throughout his tenure in the Oval Office, Barack Obama took unilateral action to protect women’s constitutional rights from a rabid and toxic religious Republican attack on Planned Parenthood. It is curious why there has been little to no reporting in the main stream media, because the President’s announcement of a brilliantly simple new rule was actually, as Vice President Joe Biden would say, “a big f*cking deal.”


    1. Anonymous5:44 PM

      I will always love President Barack Obama. Smartest choice America ever made.

      Meghan in PA

    2. Thou Shalt Not Criticize A Johnston6:16 PM

      I love all that this administration has done to advance women's rights and I am confident the second Clinton administration will build on the successes of this one. Bravo, Mr President!

  6. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Trump Blatantly Lies In Pennsylvania Speech: Clinton “Has No Child Care Plan”


    1. Anonymous6:16 PM

      AP FACT CHECK: Trump says Clinton lacks policies. Seriously?


    2. Anonymous6:36 PM

      If Ronald Dump says it must be true!

      Check at Focked News for verification.

  7. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Christiane Amanpour Rips The Media A New One Over Coverage Of Hillary Clinton’s Pneumonia (VIDEO)


    Cher Reacts To Dr. Oz Reading Trump’s Health Report, And It’s The Best Thing Ever (TWEET)


    1. Anonymous7:29 PM


    2. Anonymous12:45 AM

      It's Dr. OZ. It's not like he's a credible health care professional. He's pimped himself out to every quack fly by night pie in the sky remedy since he's been on the air.

  8. Anonymous5:53 PM

    ‘Super Trump’ to Invade Times Square


  9. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Republicans Say Hillary Clinton Is Running for Obama’s Third Term. Yes, Please.


  10. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Is this a dog and pony show? Is the NY Attorney General in Trump's pocket and pretending he's investigating Trump?

    NY attorney general is investigating Trump Foundation practices

    Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office is investigating Donald Trump's charitable foundation "to make sure it's complying with the laws governing charities in New York," he said Tuesday.

    "We've inquired into it," Schneiderman told CNN's Jake Tapper on "The Lead." "We've had correspondence with them. I didn't make a big deal out of it or hold a press conference. But we have been looking into the Trump Foundation to make sure it's complying with the laws governing charities in New York."....


  11. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Yooge news! Could be another Big Fucking DEAL?!?


    AG Eric Schneiderman to investigate Donald J. Trump Foundation as House Dems call for federal probe

    How long before Snowdrift Snookie has to put on her tinfoil hat and start blogging about it?!

  12. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Well, let's see: I believe it was just today, but might have been the last couple of days: one of his 'great supporters suckerpunched a 68 y/o woman ON OXYGEN so hard in the face, she fell back onto her oxygen tank. WHO THE F_CK hits a woman - and a senior citizen for that, and on oxygen?!
    Another one of his supporters, a 76 y/o, suckerpunched a black guy who was already on the ground (held down by police, just because he was black). At least this SOB will have to go to court... next April.
    THESE are the examples of supporter Don the Con sports. These are the ones he wants and is proud of! He does NOT denounce them AT ALL - just like he does not denounce the White Supremacists, or the KKK!

    1. Anonymous12:48 AM

      Don't forget the Deplorable Albanian woman who attacked two muslim women and then pushed over their baby strollers with the babies in them.

  13. Anonymous6:18 PM

    He's got a lot of room to talk for SO INSULTING.

  14. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Poor Drumpf. Still trying to learn to play checkers, and playing against a grand-master chess player.

    1. I Have A Stripper Name But At Least Ut's Not Breeze Beretta!7:02 PM

      So very true.

    2. Anonymous8:06 PM

      The sluttiness of every female in that whole Valley tribe of trashy squaws is rather unique. It goes back to Sally Heath and continues on today.

  15. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Check this out;

  16. Anonymous8:26 PM

    They left out "Women; you have to treat them like shit".

  17. Anonymous9:27 PM

    I think the ad is very effective.
    Trump's supporters must approve of blaming entire groups of people to use as scapegoats for all the problems as Hitler did.
    Then to accurately identify the misogyny, racists, etc. as deplorable has him irate because he believes such hatred is awe inspiring.
    It will be tragic for non white privileged wealthy males if he is
    elected and hell for everyone else.

  18. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Donald Trump has brought a Miami attorney on board as a communications surrogate. Yes, she's a woman, of Cuban descent and speaks Spanish. But I can't help but wonder why a lawyer and why from Florida. Could it have anything to do with those donations to Bondi and Crist?

    And for our amusement, Colin Powell calls Trump a national disgrace and other less politically correct names.


    "Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, a retired four-star general who served under three Republican presidents, slammed GOP nominee Donald Trump as a “a national disgrace” and an “international pariah,” according to his personal emails seen by BuzzFeed News.
    The remarks came in a June 17, 2016, email to Emily Miller, a journalist who was once Powell’s aide. In that same email Powell also said Trump “is in the process of destroying himself, no need for Dems to attack him. [Speaker of the House] Paul Ryan is calibrating his position again.”"

    "In another email, Powell wrote to a recipient about his aversion to giving Trump any more media attention: “To go on and call him an idiot just emboldens him.”
    In a July 21, 2015, email, in response to a news article about Trump’s giving out US Sen. Lindsey Graham’s phone number, Powell called it a “Celebrification of society,” adding that “Trump has no sense of shame.”"

    Lastly, Trump is being challenged with his own challenge.


    "Turning a 2012 political stunt by Donald Trump on its head, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman said Monday that he’s prepared to donate as much as $5 million to veterans charities if the GOP presidential nominee releases his tax returns.

    In a post published Monday on Medium, Hoffman compared his announcement to Trump’s own 2012 offer to donate $5 million to charity if President Barack Obama released his college transcripts and passport records.

    The LinkedIn co-founder is essentially turning the tables on Trump, who’s refused to release his personal tax returns, citing an ongoing IRS audit that wouldn’t actually prevent him from releasing the returns if he wanted."

    Now if he had offered to pay TRUMP if he released his returns, that might do it. I think Trump is hurting for personal cash and $5 million isn't chump change.

  19. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Colin Powell said it. The Democrats don't need to do anything. Trump will do it to himself.

    Forgive me if I'm wrong but seems that every ad that the Clinton Campaign has put out has basically been Trump burying himself deeper and deeper. Just like this ad.

    Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm just saying. You tell me.

    1. They are great Clinton ads, but Trump is now up 6 points in Ohio. Can this be true? Who did the polling?
      WTF is going on?

      BTW, how was Godzilla destroyed? Doesn't he just reincarnate? even bigger and more horrid? Then there are all the Godzillas he has spawned...

      ...we're fucked. VOTE!

  20. Anonymous12:50 AM

    So the sealed trump divorce #1 says cruel and inhuman cause of divorce. Wow Gee Missy....the 6 foot little man with little hands and fingers uses them to beat up on his wife?

  21. Anonymous12:52 AM

    Get that deplorable pos off the stage. He aint no president of usa. He is rump roast of the looney toon towers.

  22. Anonymous1:05 AM

    Deplorable abusive people like trump and his deplorable enablers must be seen on the front pages around the world. Who are they? Notice a few ceo's coming forward recently in favor of electing an abusive pos as our president. I will be watching and shopping else where and will let them know how I vote. Macys, Home Depo,


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