Thursday, September 08, 2016

You can almost feel her cringe.

If Donald Trump starts going after Hillary because of Bill's affairs, I would love to see a reporter ask him on camera about his clearly unhealthy relationship with his daughter.

Because any man who proclaims to everyone that he wants to have sex with his daughter really needs to be asked about that.


  1. Jodie2:05 AM

    His remarks and actions regarding Ivanka should disqualify him from office just on their own. The press needs to not think this is such an icky subject that they can't bring this stuff up directly to him.

  2. Father-daughter bonding … indeed.

  3. Where is his left hand in the first picture???

    1. Anonymous5:00 AM

      Up on her right shoulder -- you can just see it, and his watch. What a creep he is.

  4. Anonymous3:00 AM

    Obviously Matt Lauer won't be doing the asking.

    Personally, I'd like to see both candidates grilled by a panel of Jon Stewart, John Oliver and Bill Maher.

    That would be wicked awesome.

    Also teach some of these so-called journalists how it is supposed to be done.

    1. Anonymous10:23 AM

      You are so correct 3:00 AM! A great panel to do a 'real' interview of Donald Trump.

      Bet Trump wouldn't meet w/them though as he knows he couldn't control them and would be very afraid, very afraid!!!

    2. Anonymous10:48 AM

      I agree,3AM.

    3. Anon 3AM... dude you should be programming TV! That is one show I would NOT miss.

  5. Anonymous3:10 AM

    I don't know. His behavior is beyond creepy but, if Ivanka really wanted to separate herself from him, she easily could. She's part of the same evil family.

    1. Anonymous4:58 AM

      Very true.I think she is as screwed up as he is.

    2. All four of the adult (nominally) Trump children constantly express a disturbingly high level of "father hunger." Donald has been so absent so often throughout their lives that Donald Hr., Ivanka, Eric, and Tiffany will do and say anything--anything!--in public to attract his fleeting attention and approval.

      Anything. Even if it's wrong. Even if they're debasing themselves and others.

    3. Anonymous2:50 PM

      I think she knows he'd either disinherit her or have her killed.

  6. Anonymous3:16 AM

    It doesn't look like she is cringing. Looks like ecstasy. He sure likes putting those lil hands on her, don't he? And because this is the guy who sez he can shoot someone and get away with it, I think his base doesn't get this creep factor. They are just like him too. Too bad people like me had to live long enough to see such an evil man who has people in this country following him. Hell and its' inhabitants came before I could leave.

    1. Crystal Sage6:17 AM

      Ivanka's high beams were on in the first pic. The picture of Ivanka posing as a teen with her father is rather child pornish and very troubling.

  7. Anonymous3:52 AM

    Trump has had affairs himself, even got his mistress Marla Maples pregnant while he was with Ivanna.
    Democrats better use that if he brings up Bill's past.

    Besides Bill is not running for president.

  8. Anonymous6:09 AM

    I would love to see a reporter ask him on camera about his clearly unhealthy relationship with his daughter.
    Don't hold your breathe, they are afraid to ask his about his policies and lies.

  9. Anonymous6:56 AM

    The media has no balls when it comes to truth telling, or fact finding

    1. They are trying, lately, but Conservatives own the media so interviewers' are mostly gagged, know just what line they cannot cross -- don't want to get fired. Wouldn't be surprised to see Rachel Maddow let go by MSNBC.

      "West Wing" tried to address this problem.

    2. Anonymous11:01 AM

      Rachel Maddow's show is the ONLY one that is keeping MSNBC afloat.

      She is so knowledgeable and has a terrific sense of humor!

      Plus, she is extremely well educated and has her doctorate. She could be calling herself Dr. Maddow, but obviously hasn't chosen to publically use the title.

      I expect her to have an outstanding career. She can run circles around her male counterparts on MSNBC and is an excellent interviewer.

    3. Anonymous1:28 PM are right about Rachel Maddow. She is head and shoulders above her peers and co-workers. I trust everything she says and if she finds out she or her staff has made an error, it is corrected immediately.

    4. Anonymous2:32 PM

      Maddow will never land a husband with that barbershop haircut and those ugly glasses.

    5. Anonymous5:32 PM

      He he he @2:32!

  10. Anonymous6:56 AM

    And then we have this...

    The Real Story Of The Obama’s First Date: We Were There

    ...They have set an exceptional example for the nation of high standards, a loving marriage, devoted parenting and strong family life.

  11. Anonymous7:10 AM

    She is always trying to calm him down


    1. No two ways about it, Trump lusts after his daughter and is quite obvious about it.

  12. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Trump is 'sexy' because he knows how to raise a 'sexy' daughter and they have good photographers. Hiring photographers is great job creating. It means his hands are yuuuuge!

    WOW! What 'Commander-in-Chief' material!

    Almost as hot as the hottest governor from the coldest state.

    Former AK National Guard 'Commander-in-Chief', Sarah Palin's military adviser is listening to Alex Jones right now.

    She will have a ghost writer fill is in on a Trump 'Commander-in-Chief' and the military as soon as she is told what to say. Not much anyone can do until we have orders from the brain trust.

    Trump: Our Generals 'Don't Know Much Because They're Not Winning'

    When asked about the threat of cyberterrorism he had this to say:
    You know cyber is becoming so big today. It’s becoming something that a number of years ago, a short number of years ago wasn’t even a word, Now the cyber is so big. You know you look at what they’re doing with the internet, how they’re taking recruiting people through the internet. And part of it is the psychology because so many people think they’re winning. And you know there’s a whole big thing. Even today’s psychology, where CNN came out with a big poll, their big poll came out today that Trump is winning. It’s good psychology.

    The fact that 88 generals actually believe the country is safer in this man’s hands than the experienced, qualified woman is almost more disturbing than the man himself. Almost.

    Retired general calls Trump's 30-day ISIS order 'sophomoric'

    “Under the leadership of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, I think the generals have been reduced to rubble”

  13. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Did you notice in the picture of Donald inappropriately cupping his teenage daughter's hip with his one hand while her other hip appears to be grinding into her daddy's groin area and daddy's other hand is on her thigh close to where daddy's hand should not be, well it appears they are sitting on two parrots who are in the doggie sexual position doing nasty things.

    Hope the big parrot on top of the little parrot doesn't symbolize a father's love for his daughter.

  14. Anonymous8:24 AM

    It must have broken Donald's heart when the love of his life got married and Donald picturing her new husband doing her. Ya know the saying, if she wasn't his daughter.

  15. Anonymous8:42 AM

    I never noticed what Ivanka's left hand is doing in that picture of her legs crossed as if she's saying "No daddy". I've seen a wife touching her husband's face in that manner but never seen a daughter doing that.

  16. Anonymous8:48 AM

    His 1994 comments speculating about if baby Tiffany would get Marla's breasts are creepy too.

    I don't know for sure, but it kind of looks like Ivanka had a nose job and breast implants when she was in her late teens or early twenties. I have to wonder if her Dad harped on her looks.

    Trump is a malignant narcissist who has a comorbid weirdness about women, their sexuality, and them adoring him.

    He set up Marla and Ivana on that Aspen trip, hoping they'd run into each other and have a cat fight over him. He even gave them matching ski suits.

    Later, he's tiring of Marla, so "John Miller" and "John Barron" call NY media and make up a story that Carla Bruni is so crazy over Donald, and it's making Marla jealous.

    Not only did Carla not know Donald (she met him at a party once) but she got so upset with his continued assertions they were an item, she was forced to lash out and call him a lunatic and explain she didn't even know the guy. That was in 1991.

    But the malignant narcissist was so peeved at not being able to get Bruni, as well as her insult, he held a grudge and had to insult her in 2008 on Howard Stern's show by saying she "had small breasts." Stern kept pressing Trump to confirm or deny an affair even took place, yet Trump is such a narcissist, he couldn't do either and just did his typical word salad bullsh@t dance.

    Trump's sexual weirdness is just one aspect of his twisted malignant narcissism.

  17. Anonymous9:10 AM

    - Three Then and Now Ivanka pictures -

    Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos
    March 3, 2016

    Did Ivanka Trump Undergo Plastic Surgery?

    Ivanka Trump, born into one of the most prominent families in United States, have always had gossip circling around her. Her father, Donald Trump, one of the forerunners in the United States Presidency, is well known in the business and entertainment industry. After recent appearances, Ivanka Trump had lots of people speculating about her going for plastic surgery to enhance her looks.

    1. Anonymous9:42 AM

      Gotta admit Ivanka's surgically implanted breasts are way better than Sarah Palin's removable breasts.

    2. Anonymous10:54 AM

      That is so funny, 9:42 AM!

      Sarah Palin's = up and down, up and down!

      She is such a farce - in every way!

    3. Anonymous3:29 PM

      She has a better chin implant than barstool with her hockey puck chin. Ivanka had a bowling ball head with no chin like Tiffany before having all her work done. Tiffany inherited her dad's anus mouth.

  18. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Hillary is on TV and said everything is a game to Donald Trump when he refuses contractors their money for their work as if he's on a reality show.

  19. Anonymous9:44 AM

    I got goosebumps listening to Hillary Clinton's Charlottesville North Carolina speech.

    Hillary brought up how Trump talked about killing terrorist families.

    Then Hillary talked about the Bin Laden mission and brought up when one of our helicopters was damaged in Bin Laden's compound and had to be blown up, our soldiers gathered the women and children (terrorist families) in the compound and moved them a safe distance away from the helicopter they were about to blow up so they wouldn't be killed or hurt.

    Hillary showed how our soldiers did the opposite of what Trump would have done which was to kill terrorist families.

    Proud to be an American

    1. Anonymous10:53 AM

      I'm very proud of Hillary Clinton and eager to cast my vote for her in November!

      She is so much more able, experienced and qualified - when compared to Trump - to become our next POTUS!

  20. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Trump smacks of incest when it comes to his oldest daughter. Makes me sick to my stomach as I'm knowledgeable as hell about the subject!

    Those above photos are appalling!

  21. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Any other candidate in history would have beenlong gone with these kind of shenanigans. Why is it that Dump gets away with outrageous behavior and so many lies they cannot be counted? Because he is a man and how dare a woman run for president? This country is sexist as hell.

  22. Anonymous10:40 AM


    "You can’t unsee this photo of Donald Trump and his 15-year-old daughter"

    You’ll need some bleach to pour in your eyes after seeing this picture of a 15-year-old Ivanka Trump sitting on her father’s lap, cradling his face and looking at him, um, a certain way.

    This picture, pulled from a Vanity Fair shoot at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, was taken a full seven years before Trump told Howard Stern

    “You know who’s one of the great beauties of the world, according to everybody. And I helped create her. Ivanka. My daughter, Ivanka. She’s six feet tall, she’s got the best body.”

  23. Anonymous10:44 AM

    My question is where was Ivanka's mother Ivana when all these shenanigans were going on? Did Ivana see the picture of Ivanka straddling her father? If he touched his daughter inappropriately then the mother needs to take blame as well.

  24. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Donald has another daughter Tiffany Trump. Was Donald attracted to Tiffany the same Donald is attracted to Ivanka? I've never heard or read Donald saying if Tiffany wasn't his daughter.

  25. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Sexist and racist to the maximum! It's embarrassing to watch!

    Fuck Donald Trump and all that support the egomaniac!

  26. She looks in ecstasy, if you ask me. I would not be at all surprised if it were to be discovered that that scumbag has been tapping that thing!!

  27. Anonymous1:45 PM

    What a pig!

  28. Anonymous2:29 PM

    ANd it isn't a one off phto - that is their normal and perverted relationship:

  29. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Ivanka lapdanced Donald for what looks like 7-8 years. With all T.Rumps purported cash, you think they could have afforded an extra chair:

  30. Anonymous2:40 PM

    And in the limo:

    1. Anonymous9:34 AM

      Date night.

  31. Anonymous2:42 PM

    I want to cop a feel just looking at this. Donald, you're a sick fuck! But don't worry: I hear Bristol's up for it!

  32. Anonymous4:06 PM

  33. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Well, she thinks she's "hawt", and big daddy pays all her bills, why not let him cop a feel in public? Imagine when no one's paying attention, then cringe. There are lines you don't cross with your kids, no matter how much "allowance" they get. Imagine Tiffany, poor thing just can't compete. I better stop or I'll puke.

  34. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Tiffany wasn't touch thanks to her mother Marla. American mothers don't believe in sharing their daughters with their fathers.

  35. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Donald has Ivanka

    Melania has Barron?

    Somebody call Children's Protective Services

  36. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Didn't Ivanka just have a baby not too long ago? Who's the pappy?

    1. Anonymous4:42 PM

      Is her baby an orange fat looking baby with a long strand of hair piled high on his melon?


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