Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hopeful future TV talking head Sarah Palin provides her audition tape for Trump TV.

On Facebook Sarah "Back to you Jim" Palin expanded on this brief response: 

It was great to witness UNLV's Presidential debate tonight. Great running in to many friends! ("Friends?")

Trump ran the table and clearly explained his vision for making America safe and strong again. What a gamble it would be to vote for status quo failed government... more of the same of what dug us into the mess we're in today. (That "mess" would be the result of Republican leadership, NOT the Obama administration. For all you history buffs.)

Thank you to superb law enforcement personnel for keeping everyone safe tonight. Incredible job; incredibly tough task they accomplish - with a smile, no less! 

Seems silly media sheep are all chomping down on one issue after this debate, at least according to all the reporters who hollered out this same question to me: "What about Trump not accepting the election results?” 

More power to Trump for explaining how vitally important the legitimacy of every election is to our democracy within our Republic. (Gee what a surprise that she sees no problem with questioning the legitimacy of a national election. After all she is still convinced that she and John McCain won back in 2008. Not kidding!)

What reasonable person would preemptively accept any and all hypothetical questions and conditions of any hypothetical election? Trump's answer was RIGHT. (Hang on I think you got a little batshit on your keyboard there Sarah.)

Every American's sacred vote MUST be respected and legitimized in today's elections - but they must be FAIR elections. We're in the midst of proof of voter fraud and questionable - even violent - participatory elements in campaigns. That's why state legislators are now cracking down on voter fraud via tighter laws ensuring the security of our elections. (Well we know where SHE'S been getting her "news.")

When Trump is pressed on this, it harkens back to all the GOP primary candidates who screamed at Trump to support the Republican nominee - no matter what - and Trump initially responded that he could, depending on fair treatment. That is WISE and INSIGHTFUL! (Or as sane people refer to it Irresponsible and Arrogant.)

Trump got screwed in that deal when he eventually pledged to support the nominee and then some of his fellow candidates turned tail and refused to reciprocate when Trump won. 

Trump learned - why give opponents permission and incentive to act unfairly and cheat? It's shortsighted to commit to accepting the outcome of a race REGARDLESS of unscrupulous cheaters. How totally unfair that would be to the American voter! (So far down the rabbit hole here.)

Trump gave potential cheaters fair warning that we'll not give them any quarter. We'll hold them accountable. They'd better be on their toes. Cheaters will not win. (WE'LL hold them accountable?)

Of course Trump will accept the legitimate outcome of a legitimate election! What the heck is so hard to understand about that?(Well I guess it would be easier to understand if THAT WERE ACTUALLY WHAT TRUMP SAID!)

- Sarah Palin

If you will allow me I will give you the benefit of my years of digesting Palin word salad and provide a complete translation.

"Oh god, please give me a job Donnie! Clearly I have no journalistic ethics and will echo whatever talking points are put in front of me, all of them and any of them. I have a bunch of poorly educated, substance addicted losers at home to house and feed, and my damn SarahPAC funds are not even enough to book passage on float plane for a trip across Lake Lucille. Please Donald I will do anything, even all of the things that Melania now refuses to do!"

I think that pretty much sums it up.

Oh wait, you think I am exaggerating the idea that Trump is preparing to launch his media empire and still think he is actually running for President?

Well take a look at this: 

In the minutes before the third and final presidential debate, Donald Trump went live on Facebook in what may have been the inaugural broadcast of a forthcoming Trump News Network. 

A little after 8:30 p.m., Trump’s official Facebook page posted the link to the live video, offering up an alternative to the mainstream broadcast. The message: “If you’re tired of biased, mainstream media reporting (otherwise known as Crooked Hillary’s super PAC), tune into my Facebook Live broadcast. Starts at 8:30 EST/5:30 PST — you won’t want to miss it. Enjoy!” 

The broadcast quickly ballooned to around 200,000 concurrent viewers but quickly fell off to around 120,000. As of the middle of the debate, the feed was holding steady at around 170,000, trailing only the ABC News debate feed on the platform. The livestream featured punditry from retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn and former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, and in place of commercials, the feed was interspersed with pro-Trump ads and a special message from Ivanka Trump. 

Looking more like public access than a glitzy cable news offering, the broadcast moved slowly between guests with at least one or two hot-mic off moments where the hosts discussed where the next segment was headed. There were also hints of some surprise programming after the debate ends.

As you might imagine during this beta version of Trump TV all of the pro-Trump coverage was glowing and according to EVERYBODY who appeared on the feed Trump wiped the floor with Hillary in the debate.

In other words the only prerequisite for participation was to be a complete Trump sycophant  unencumbered with concern for facts or ethical reporting.

In other words Sarah Palin's dream job.

So yes, there is very likely going to be a new alt-right media outlet, and yes clearly Sarah Palin wants to get in on the ground floor.


  1. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Yeah, that crosseyed skank likes her some cocaine ..

    1. Anonymous9:29 AM

      Look at her fb site - $he got herself some chipmunk cheek implants!

    2. Anonymous8:33 PM

      Says Simple Sarah. The only vice presidential candidate who had the lights turned off on her when she wouldn't leave the stage after losing.

  2. Who is this "Sarah Palin" person?

    1. Anonymous9:29 AM

      She's an unemployed middle aged woman from Alaska with a passel of kids and a bunch of bastard grandkids.

    2. Oh I know! I know the answer to this one! "A legend in her own mind"?

    3. Anonymous11:22 AM


    4. Sarah Palin is a middle-aged granny from Wasilly AK who always manages to look like the last 10 minutes of prom night.
      (As was said about her sister-brother from another mother-Kellyanne Conley.)
      Kellyanne may be a tad brighter with an actual degree and very questionable resume.
      Both of these fuglies always look like they should be mud wrestling or shooting wolves from a helicopter.
      Nothing like shooting the animals that raised you....

    5. Anonymous1:07 PM

      A middle-aged skank from Wasilly AK whose glory days were summer of 2008, and whose every endeavor since then, including a variety of tee-vee gigs for both her and her offspring, has been a spectacular flop.
      In short, the perfect talking head for tRumpTV.

    6. Anonymous8:45 PM

      11:28 They look like Jerry Springer rejects.

  3. Anonymous8:42 AM

    I bet this is how North Korea's "news" outlet looks, too. And now a word from Beloved Leader...

  4. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Let's call it as it is - the Defeated,
    Loser tv network. Wanna bet it is Cheeto Jebus's way to incite all those racists, bigots and sexists who crawled out from under their rocks, to violence? So he can bloviate about how he 'told us so'?

    The bastard belongs in jail for the multitude of crimes he has committed and will continue to commit 'until the courts tell him he can't'.

    1. Anonymous9:12 AM


    2. Anonymous1:24 PM

      Sadly, no one asked The $pew her reaction to Trump's bigly groping problem. Of course, $he would buy into the 'boys will be boy' talk. That's the Family Values Party -- or as Bill Maher dubs it, the Grab Our Pussies party. LOL

    3. Anonymous10:26 PM

      Deplorable TV! Come for the bigotry, stay for Trump steaks!

  5. Anonymous8:45 AM

    the trump kkklan=troglodyte=deplorables (bigly nicely said)
    plural noun: troglodytes
    (especially in prehistoric times) a person who lived in a cave. a hermit.
    a person who is regarded as being deliberately ignorant or old-fashioned.

  6. Anonymous8:51 AM

    I'm sure the trumps were hoping for millions of viewers on his alternative broadcast so he could brag about that today.

  7. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Spot on, with your translation!

    Sara would eat her young for a "rill" job.
    She has zero options .Therefore she will keep sucking Donalds teats until he throws her a boner.
    If she sinks any lower she will hopefully disappear forever. Drop dead skank Sarah Palin!!

    1. Anonymous6:02 PM

      Palin can't do a real job. One that means showing up on time, doing something productive for the compensation. She wants another grift aka con.

  8. ibwilliamsi8:56 AM

    Trump TV & Sarah Palin - the rill dill.

    1. Anonymous9:09 AM

      Don't you mean rill dRill?

    2. Anonymous9:18 AM

      Just like all his other projects, this will be a big failure. People will be screwed out of money, and he will get his off the top.Hopefully $carah will get a paycheck that keeps bouncing until the NEXT election.

  9. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Your noble try (again) at digesting her words, got me thinking about a romcom ;-)

    SCENE (Oval Office):

    Trump sits on his Golden Throne, the first thing he did … (He don’t need no desk)

    Waves to an aide, says:

    ‘What’s next? Hurry, ‘cause I need to tweet.’


    ‘The former governor of Alaska is here to see you’


    ‘What, that low-rated not-even-fit-to-be ‘beauty queen’ from some place up North?’ I wouldn’t grap her Billy Bush even if it got me one of my casino’s back.’


    ‘Well, mr. President, she talked a lot about you …’


    ‘It’s all she can, like crooked Hillary did about Bill. Look where it got me, listening to talking.’


    ‘She’s very willing to help you …. anyway she can …. Especially now the First Lady is on an extended vacation to Slovenia ….’


    ‘Well, then sent her in.’

    1. Anonymous9:19 AM

      Trump "Where is Ivanka when I need her?"

  10. Anonymous8:59 AM

    She's higher than a kite-that cites little girl sing songs crap. How old is this woman? She and toddler Trump are made for each other. Bet she'd even grope him back for a quarter and a slice of NY pizza.

    1. Anonymous9:28 AM

      Still with the junior high school prom hairdo. Trying to claw her way back into the spotlight. How PATHETIC is she? I wonder if she paid her own way just to be seen? Where was her pride and joy, her Medal of Honor DUH? Did he escape back to Kinfucky and sanity?

    2. Anonymous12:27 PM

      Of course she paid her own way! Even Trump won't give her a dime.

  11. abbafan9:05 AM

    Simple $arah showed up with her "entourage" to suck-hole The Donald for that TV "job" when he starts up "Trump TV". She needs the lazy Pimp Toad and her bratty kid to keep her coherent. That kid sure likes school, right $arah? Must be in "occ" class, still learning from flash cards!

    P.S. - piss off trolls, you don't know them!

  12. Anonymous9:07 AM

    In the Las Vegas Review Journal newspaper,
    always on page 3 is an entertainment
    column called Kats! / John Katsilometes
    Thursday Oct. 20, 2016. It is a who's who
    type column. He includes politicians ,stars
    local trending, sports people and events.
    Palin was not mentioned, plus not mentioned
    on any local morning news stations.
    I don't watch Fox, so do not know if she
    was shown. It is like she dropped off the
    face of the earth. Was she even shown
    standing with the Trump family during
    the before and after debate. I understand
    Trump invited her to the debate.
    I notice he now holds hands with his wife
    while walking plus his arm somewhat around
    her and Ivanka walking behind.
    Also, reported, one of Trump's sons,
    while being interviewed after the debate,
    said " the Presidency is a step down
    for my father." Hope Hillary grabs on to that moment for a new ad!

  13. Anonymous9:09 AM

    “Ladies and gentleman, I wanna make a major announcement today,” Trump said during a rally in Delaware, Ohio.

    “I would like to promise and pledge, to all of my voters and supporters and to all of the people of the United States, that I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election — if I win,” he declared, pointing directly to his supporters as they cheered him on.

  14. Anonymous9:09 AM


    Donald Trump accused of groping woman's breast at 1998 U.S. Open

    (Not Sarah Palin, she wouldn't even noticed it through her fake breasts)

    Donald Trump’s latest accuser, with tears streaming down her face, charged the White House hopeful with a U.S. Open groping nearly two decades ago.

    Wellness expert Karena Virginia alleged Thursday that the billionaire tennis fan touched her breast after making a lecherous comment about her looks — to the entertainment of his male entourage.

    “I was in shock,” she recounted at a Manhattan news conference about their 1998 encounter at the tennis championships. “He said, ‘Don’t you know who I am?’ I felt intimidated and powerless. I said, ‘Yes.’”

  15. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Trump is digging his hole deeper - Speaking for the first time since the presidential debate last night, Donald Trump said he would "promise and pledge" to accept the results of the election -- if he wins.
    Donald Trump Will 'Totally' Accept Election Results 'If I Win'

  16. Anonymous9:17 AM

    The last remaining question about last night’s debate was whether former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin would post a factually challenged defense of Donald Trump refusing to say whether he would accept the results of the November election.

    The answer, as if there was ever any doubt: You betcha!

  17. Anonymous9:17 AM

    I think tRump invited her because the other 5,000 people he invited refused to be seen publicly supporting him. He is down to the dregs of society getting anyone that is willing to be seen with him, and Sara certainly is the dregs.

    1. Anonymous11:32 AM

      She was photographed with STEVEN BALDWIN!!The religious nut.

    2. Anonymous6:07 PM

      Malik Obama, the criminal O'Keefe, getting a little jowly there Jimmy, and the barely ever was Palin.

  18. Anonymous9:18 AM

    As expected, attorney Gloria Allred on Thursday revealed that yet another woman is accusing Donald Trump of sexual misconduct.

    In a press conference at the London Hotel in Manhattan, Allred presented Karena Virginia, who alleges that Trump groped her in 1998.

    “No one has asked me to come forward,” she said. “Many people advised me not to speak publicly about what Donald Trump has done to me… Perhaps he will label me another ‘nasty woman.'”

    She said the incident took place while she was at the U.S. Open tennis tournament in New York and waiting for a car to bring her home. She said that Trump then approached her and said to men whom he was with, “Hey look at this one, we haven’t seen her before. Look at those legs.”

    He then allegedly grabbed her right arm and then touched the inside of one of her breasts.

    “Don’t you know who I am?” he asked her after she flinched at his advances.

  19. Anonymous9:18 AM

    I see she plumped her think lips for the big event.

    1. Anonymous12:01 PM

      She has Dr. Jack MEoff to thank for the fillin' and plumpin'. And "employin" payback for her part of the Bristol dill.

    2. Anonymous12:03 PM

      Even Dr. Jack Meoff can't do any more to soften that giant square lantern jaw. And Sarah, that face you make doesn't help the look either.

  20. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Shouting at the camera, Olbermann declared: “Donald Trump is not invested in Democracy! Donald Trump is not invested in our Constitution! Donald Trump is not invested in America! Donald Trump is not invested in preventing people from being killed on the streets after an election like this were a Third World police state!”

    “Burn. In. Hell!” the broadcaster yelled.

    Olbermann concluded by calling on the Republican Party to force its nominee to withdraw.

    1. Anonymous9:40 AM

      Called ALL those FUCKERS OUT!!!!

  21. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Check out the photo of Sarah and purse-holder in the back of a limo on the way to the slaughter of the orange pig.

    Looks like Sarah opted for the jumbo-size cheek implants.


    1. Anonymous9:47 AM

      And she's wearing an outdated bumpit. Good thing I wasn't sitting behind her.

    2. Anonymous9:59 AM

      Maybe she is storing nuts for the winter....

    3. Anonymous10:07 AM

      "The slaughter of the orange pig"! Lmao!!! That's exactly what it was.

    4. Anonymous10:45 AM

      Wow. I clicked and saw the photo and immediately thought the same thing. Cheek implants? really?

    5. Anonymous1:31 PM

      $arah getting "work" is likely the reason she has been out of the public eye for quite awhile - so she can heal. Otherwise we KNOW $he would be splattin' and splainin' as much as possible to get any attention from anywhere. I doubt Trump paid for her travel to Vegas. $he timed her implant surgery in time to make a flop at the big event.

    6. Anonymous11:53 AM

      Every day Sarah's looking more and more like the ventriloquist puppet, Madame.

  22. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Where did Palin get those new teeth? Holy cow, is she trying to hide her "meth-mouth" with her new choppers?

    1. Anonymous5:10 PM

      Seriously, one of the worst veneer jobs I've ever seen. Why do people fuck with themselves so much and make themselves so much worse looking? And the cheeks, I can't even...

    2. Anonymous10:15 PM

      Sarah is a half-breed KKK Idahoian!

      Nothing more nothing less...

  23. Anonymous9:26 AM

    OT?WTF was drumpf spewing? 9th month>FACTS:

  24. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Trump & Palin - proof that even if you have money you can still be White Trash.

  25. Anonymous9:32 AM

    "at that moment toad's a phone-holder"
    what is that Ghosty creepy scary face in the right side window at 2o'clock? YIKES!

    1. Anonymous11:08 AM

      This comment was meant for @9:23am

  26. Anonymous9:38 AM

    I see now she's trying to look like trig. She tries to mimic one of her kin with each photo.

  27. Anonymous9:41 AM

    I thought Sarah would have been giving a bunch of interviews last night to get some face time. I bet Donald told her she could come but only if she promised to keep her mouth shut and not suck any oxygen out of the room.

    Sarah really believes her own pile of crap. She and Donald are both narcissistic pathological liars. Additionally Trump also suffers from PF: pseudologia fantastica. A severe psychological condition, similar to pathological lying, but different in the sense that the person afflicted genuinely believes their own lies. A person suffering from PF will often respond with anger, confusion and even violence when confronted about the truth of their statements.

    Hillary did a masterful job last night of bringing out the worst in undisciplined Trump. His conceited ego will never allow him to ignore the bait.

    PS - My house was full of howling laughter watching the debate. It was practically a celebration!

  28. Anonymous10:00 AM

    After Trump loses and starts his media network, I hope he does a thorough check of Sarah Palin's work history! If he does, he won't hire her! She is not a team player, doesn't like to work and is all about Sarah!

    They are too much alike and will end up fighting like cats and dogs and Trump will fire her saggy ass!

    Disaster awaits - as is the norm w/Sarah Palin - which ALL Alaskans know better than anyone!

  29. Anonymous10:16 AM

    I bet she hated how he went to kiss her when she shook his hand after.

  30. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Putin is an authoritarian leader in a fake democracy. After the communists fell in the former Soviet Union, the commie officials in Russian seized many state assets for themselves and used that money to maintain control in society. These were the infamous Russian oligarchs. So Putin and his cronies allow some freedoms that were not allowed under the communist system, but they have maintained fear among the people and they kill journalists and political rivals if it seems that those people may possibly be getting too many people to listen to them and as such threaten the control of Putin and his gang. So Russian is not in a good place in my opinion.

    However, the Chinese communist regime makes Russia look like Disneyland. Even the former barbaric communism in Russia was not nearly as bad as the Chinese communist regime. Communism devastates every country where it has seized control, but the Chinese regime is the worst of the worst. The Chinese communist regime has caused the death of 60-80 million Chinese people and there is even state sanctioned organ harvesting that has killed at least hundreds of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners in the ongoing genocide against Falun Gong. They are literally testing and making files of Falun Gong practitioners so they have blood and tissue information, so that when communist officials or rich Chinese or rich foreigners need an organ, they can choose the best match from the Falun Gong practitioners. When a practitioner is chosen then are sedated, but kept alive while their organs are cut out of their bodies, which of course kills them, but keeping them alive during the removal allows for a higher chance of success for the organ transplant. They have studied and experimented and created this systematic barbarism. I could write for hours about the various kinds of torture, both both physical and mental that the Chinese regime uses against the Chinese people.

    1. Anonymous11:35 AM

      too bad Putin will be knocked off his perch!
      that is what Sarah is so pissy about! smile!

    2. Anonymous8:57 PM

      Sarah couldn't get Obama's big stick so now she wants Putin's big stick just like Donald but for different reasons.

    3. Anonymous10:16 PM

      Oh good then we can toss them both down a mineshaft!'s God's Will and all!

  31. So -- Sarah is advocating that non-Trumpsters be killed???

    She said: "Trump gave potential cheaters fair warning that we'll not give them any quarter. "

    Look up the definition of "no quarter given."

    1. Anonymous10:43 AM

      Show no mercy or concession; in its original usage, show no mercy for a vanquished opponent.
      'no quarter given' was effectively a death sentence."

    2. Anonymous11:01 AM

      Give no quarter - the meaning and origin of this saying. ... welcome to the ears of anyone captured as, 'no quarter given' was effectively a death sentence.

    3. Anonymous11:03 AM

      And is she ever looking "long in the tooth!" YIKES.

    4. Anonymous11:40 AM

      Led Zepplin - No Quarter

      Sarah is about to go into M E L T D O W N

  32. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Here too:

  33. Anonymous10:27 AM

    OT?drumpf has NEVER had a drink in his life.

    1. Anonymous4:53 PM

      I'm voting yes on ballot 4. As far as driving goes--there won't be any more people driving while stoned than there are already. If you had to get in a car with a person who was drunk or stoned which one would you choose?

  34. Anonymous10:36 AM

    After dumping Sarah so publicly (RNC), I can't believe Sarah Palin has so little self- respect to accept this token of inviting her to the debate. Oh wait, yes I can, chick has no integrity or self-respect.

    1. Anonymous1:20 PM

      I think it reflects more on Donnie, he has to scrap the bottom of the barrel to even find people to invite to the debate.

      By the way can you image a conversation between Trump and Palin ! Talk about splodie heads.

    2. Anonymous3:14 PM


      "I can't believe she has no self- respect..."

      There, I fixed it for you

  35. Anonymous10:42 AM

    "Trump ran the table and clearly explained his vision for making America safe and strong again."
    -Sarah Palin

    Sounds like Caribou Dipshit still wants a job in Trump's administration. Don't think so boo.

    How did he explain his vision in five letters? "WRONG"

  36. Anonymous10:49 AM


    Sarah is the election rigged if a groping sex predator kissing bandit wins?

  37. Anonymous10:55 AM

  38. Anonymous10:56 AM

  39. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Isn't this the woman that Sarah Palin wanted to be like? Don't worry Sarah, you are almost there.

  40. Anonymous10:58 AM

    drumpf looked like he wanted to "Tear her (hrc) or his notes a new one."

    1. Anonymous12:10 PM

  41. Anonymous11:00 AM

    johnnie boy>

  42. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Cameras Catch Donald Trump Looking Very Angry After Final Debate

  43. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Did Trump invite Sarah Palin to go to Ohio to campaign with him???

    1. Anonymous1:42 PM

      $arah was not invited to the Trump campaign after party, according to media reports. LOL

      Looking at her new cheeks - now we have The Chin and The Chipmunk! BrisDULL's excuse for her implant was to 'fix a (non-existent) overbite'. The only excuse for Granny Grifter is a falling face. Yet both think they look so attractive. Totally delusional, just like Trump

  44. Anonymous11:04 AM

    " in June, “there’s just no hiding the welcome mat that Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski laid out for Trump over the course of 2015,” offering interviews that were “sweet and helpful for a novice politician.”"“I think we had fun,” Brzezinski said, extended her hand to Kristol’s."
    This is Rigged^^^

  45. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Margaret Thatcher?

    Sarah Palin thinks she’s Margaret Thatcher
    For the former Alaska governor, describing the former prime minister is like looking in a mirror
    Alex Halperin

    "Here’s how a former half-term governor described Margaret Thatcher in National Review today. Sound familiar?

    She was at heart a populist taking on the Conservative party’s old guard, who disdainfully referred to her as “That Woman.” The disdain was mutual. She referred to them as “the not so grand grandees.” As Thatcher later said, “It didn’t matter what they called me as long as I got the job done. I mean, to me they were ‘Those Grandees.’ They just don’t know what life is like. They haven’t been through it. And eventually if they didn’t help our cause, they had to go. But it didn’t bother me too much that they were patronizing like that. Frankly, the people, who are the true gentlemen, deal with others for what they are, not who their father was. Let’s face it: Maybe it took ‘That Woman’ to get things done, and the real reason why they said it was because they knew they just hadn’t got it within them to see things through.”

    1. Anonymous1:04 PM

      can we order some Blue Cheese with that salad?

  46. Anonymous11:09 AM

    It’s a good thing Hugh Laurie is a fake doctor, because Donald Trump just got burned.

  47. Anonymous11:11 AM

    OMG, the diagnosis is PERFECT! LOL!

    It’s a good thing Hugh Laurie is a fake doctor, because Donald Trump just got burned.

  48. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Found a comparison that is spot on.

    Hillary IS Kevin Spacey from House of Cards.

    1. Anonymous11:49 AM

      Trump has another problem:

      Bristol Palin would do that if there were any suckers willing to pay.

    2. Anonymous1:16 PM

      OMG! I found another comparison online, too! Sarah Palin IS Granny Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies.

      Trump is like a Hannibal Lechter meets Jethro Bodine.

    3. Anonymous1:46 PM

      Oh, no no no no no no no... to me (a HoC fanatic), Hillary is 'Claire' ~ the smartest person in the room.

      Bill is 'Frank'; the second smartest person in the room.

      Come on Season 5!

  49. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Someone who knows first hand how great her mom is

    Willow Bianca- How can trump not be trusted? There are multiple, actual real life facts out there that Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted. She is a compulsive liar. She says what her voters want to hear.

    1. Anonymous1:05 PM

      actual real life facts
      what in the hell are real life facts?

      Also republicans are strangers to facts.

    2. Anonymous10:18 PM

      now now no deflecting about mommy while texting kiddo

    3. Anonymous5:56 AM

      So you make a true statement about your Mother, but you insert Hillary's name?

  50. Anonymous11:37 AM

    What Donald Trump Really Meant When He Said ‘Nasty Woman’

    The real reason Donald called Hillary a #NastyWoman was that he couldn't call her a nasty bitch on national TV.

    1. Anonymous1:04 PM

      the "c" word is more his style, I was hoping he would lose it and actually say it.

  51. Anonymous11:45 AM

    11:18 AM 1st, Willow Bianca can't construct a sentence on her own(aspergers). 2nd, Trump was described in that paragraph.

    1. Anonymous12:20 PM

      What does aspergers have to do with anything? It's not a slur, btw.

  52. Anonymous11:47 AM

    $uckas "The bulk of that money, said Right Wing News, gets “siphoned off to vendors, wasted, and just plain old pocketed by people in THESE PACs.”

  53. Anonymous11:53 AM


  54. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Obama Signs Executive Order Requiring Loser of Presidential Election to Leave Country

  55. Anonymous12:03 PM

    trump's seething anger caught on tape after the debate (scrowl and ripping out a page of his notepad at the end of the debate)

  56. Anonymous12:05 PM

    It's his last defiant stance and he's gonna take it all down if he's going down. She has exactly the same retributive behavior. This is the last gasps of a failed candidate who knows he's done.

    The Real Message of Trump’s Election Comments: I’m Going to Lose

    ...Finally, Trump’s decision to try to delegitimize the election result three weeks before voting day, before an audience of tens of millions of Americans, may have, as many are saying, broken longstanding political norms—but it was also tantamount to a concession of defeat in itself. Yes, he’d already said this stuff at recent rallies (and on Twitter), but a Presidential debate, especially the final one of a cycle, is something else. It’s the last chance the candidates get to speak directly to the country at large.

    If Trump believed that he still had a realistic hope of winning, this was his opportunity to act Presidential, to attempt to convince undecided voters, if there are any left, that he has the chops to enter the Oval Office and take charge of the nuclear codes. (Clinton, as usual, reminded people about those.) Early on in the debate, when Trump was restraining himself, this appeared to be his strategy. But, by reverting to conspiracy theories and openly threatening to call the result of the election into question, he made plain that, at this stage, his primary goal is to find someone other than himself to blame for what he, along with virtually everyone else in the political world, evidently sees as an impending defeat.

  57. Anonymous12:20 PM

    That damn thing was so long I gave up after a couple of sentences. When and where did Sarah have the time to write. I should ask who wrote it because there's no backwoods hillbilly crap in that letter to Know Where.

  58. I see she has used her dwindling SarahPAC money for yet, another facelift. She's starting to look like the Joker! Too funny!

  59. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Ohh, that makes me REALLY mad!!!



    Believe me, Nasty Hillary will be VERY lucky if she isn't hauled off on Coronation Day to spend the rest of her life in the Dungeon Suite of the fabulous new Drumpf International Hotel Washington D.C.!!!

    Repeat after me, libtards:

  60. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Of coarse it's legal Sarah. You and Donald have gotten away with things that aren't legal and you were able to get through the system so quit calling foul before the fact. You two are twins when it come's to hate and fear mongering. I am sure you both, in you head, mean well but when it passes from your brain to your tongue it comes out all wrong. Maybe silence may be the better alternative for you two. Just saying.

    1. Anonymous2:32 PM

      They don't mean well AT ALL. They won't be happy until this country is in full blown civil war. They LOVE fear. They LOVE hatred. They LOVE division. They LOVE low intellect. It is the only way they can feel superior when they are truly not.

  61. Anonymous12:46 PM

    But, but, but Sarah tried her own network and did such a poor job if failed, so why would Trump hire her? Or right they have a lot in common, both failed at business ventures, enjoy shafting people out of their money and failed political careers.

    Problem for Sarah is little Donnie needs the entire spotlight, can’t have two narcissistic sociopaths on the same network.

    As for her copy and pasted message about rigged elections, what about our constitution and founding fathers, seems like she forget real fast our founding fathers wanted a smooth transition of government. Maybe they are only important when it comes to guns.

    Seriously I am really, really tired of Traitor Trump and Traitor Sarah. I wish someone would print the truth about why she resigned and Trig, so we aren’t exposed to her for the next 4 years.

    1. Me too. People are braving a lot to come out against Trump. I wish the same dam would break on the Palins.

  62. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Trump didn't prepare for his debates because he cannot focus, take advice and learn anything-- exactly like Sarah Palin. That tape of her shows that she still has that rapid fire shrill
    Voice. Since she has nothing to say, she just keeps repeating herself. She plays to the lowest level in the room, using a word like "legit," twice. Sarah lost because Obama won big. Hillary will also have to win big in order to show that one close state wouldn't matter. The bottom line is that was Sarah's audition for Terrible Trump TV. They deserve each other.

  63. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Of course Sarah is going full out for this dream job. what could go wrong? She's got Bannon, Ailes, and Trump on her side, or does she? She has a "reputation." Besides she's no longer "hot" and her ratings are at the bottom.

    And no, she did not write that screed. So, who's the ghost writer now?

  64. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Top stories
    Sarah Palin Posts Nonsensical Rant in Support of Trump's 'Rigged Election' Claims
    AlterNet - 8 hours ago

    Sarah Palin threatens 'no quarter' for election 'cheaters' in logic-free rant defending Trump
    Raw Story - 8 hours ago

    1. Anonymous4:43 PM

      Sarah against all 31 cases of fraud detected in more than 1 billion votes considered. You go girl!!! And then curl up and die with your "no quarter" bullshit, which is just another pathetic codeword from you from the warfare dictionary.

  65. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Once a dumb fucking fact-free hag, always a dumb fucking fact-free hag.

    1. Anonymous4:29 PM

      Legit? Wtf Sarah? You fucking moron!
      You are like a parrot! After all of these years. You still have no original thought or your own mind.
      Besides you are one ugly retard!! Look in the mirror. Imbecile! Ask your boy he'll tell you.

  66. Anonymous4:02 PM


  67. Anyone have any factual info about the Jordan - Track Blessed Event? Surely the little guy has arrived by now.

  68. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Sarah Palin is the picture you will see if you look in your dictionary for the phrase SHITHOUSE RAT!

  69. Anonymous12:30 AM

    Alanis Morisette - Thank You Sarah Palin

  70. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Holey Moley WHAT DID SHE DO TO HER FACE? Cheek implants, Really???

  71. Anonymous5:44 AM

    but, but, but what about her judge show?


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