Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The third and final presidential debate open thread. Update!

So here we go with the final presidential debate of 2016.

As usual I have no idea what exactly to expect tonight, though I would bet money that it will not be boring.

The Hillary camp has invited Mark Cuban and Meg Whitman to be Clinton's guests tonight.

As for Trump he invited Pat Smith, that crazy Benghazi mom who seems to think that Hillary murdered her son with her own two hands, Leslie Millwee who claims that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her, and President Obama's estranged half brother.

(I literally have no idea how that last one is supposed to rattle Hillary.)

Well that a pretty eclectic group of folks that Trump has gathered, I cannot imagine how it can get any more bizarre.
And I stand corrected.

Once again I have no idea how this is supposed to take Hillary off her game unless Trump is counting on uncontrolled laughter at the ridiculousness of all this to make it harder for her to answer questions. 

Hillary Clinton has spent the last five days prepping for this final debate, while Donald Trump seems to have decided that he does not need any prepping, and will undoubtedly declare himself the victor afterwards anyhow.

In fact Trump has even refused to do the traditional walk through.
Of course all of this is likely a sign that Trump does not think this debate will do anything to help his campaign, which is a little odd since this is the first debate hosted by Fox News and they are more than a little sympathetic to the conservative candidates.

Though to be fair I am not at all convinced that Fox is necessarily in Trump's corner anymore.

After all he has viciously attacked Megyn Kelly one of Fox's biggest stars, and recently had a falling out with Fox News founder Roger Ailes, so though I am sure that Sean Hannity is still aggressively tonguing Trump's ass I am not sure that the rest of the network feels the same.

As usual I will be live tweeting the debates, and will come back here and update this post as events unfold.

Let the games begin!

Update: Some tweets.

Hillary is pounding Trump like a railroad spike right now

Update 2: Here is Sarah Palin saying that if the results are "legit" then "we" will accept them.
Still not sure why she is there.

Update 3: I think that this photo sums up this debate quite nicely.

She won decisively, and the only people who do not agree with that are currently working for the Trump campaign.


  1. Anonymous4:05 PM

    I already started drinking (east coast time!)

    Does Sarah know she doesn't have a speaking role?

    Will she grab a mic anyway?

    Grab something else?

    Did someone pick out her outfit to co-ordinate with Melania's? She does know that Melania is Drumph's wife (currently), right?

    1. Anonymous4:15 PM

      Do you think she will wear that white dress of bristols? I bet she has self tanned all day.

    2. Anonymous4:16 PM

      She will be hunting man tonight.

    3. Anonymous4:26 PM

      I expect gawdy attire as usual.
      She doesn't know any better.

    4. Anonymous4:47 PM

      Well, there's class. And there's not. And $ome people only have taste in their mouths.

      And, yeah, fuck all them. Oh, and Mitch McConnell.


    5. Anonymous4:59 PM

      The white dress must be covered with Jack MeOff overpriced tanning creme. Sarah was so hot, I hope she only remembers how stunning she thought she looked and she will wear it again. If not, please, something with porcupine quills.

    6. Anonymous5:21 PM

      "Disaster" is your word!

      But be careful of alcohol poisoning.

      Take a shot of water after each shot.

    7. Anonymous5:22 PM



    8. Anonymous5:26 PM

      Maybe she will wear a Pussy Bow blouse?

  2. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Inviting Obama's half-brother is a Yuuuuge middle finger to Obama because he called Donald a whiner. Which he is of course.

    1. Anonymous4:56 PM

      Too bad there are no more debates. Donald could get revenge on that kid that mocked him in middle school. Donald needs more debates so he can clean the slate and get even with everyone. Boy he sure gets what America and being a politician is all about.

    2. Anonymous5:02 PM

      I suspect it will make Pres. Obama laugh. First they plagiarize his wife's speech, now they whine and dine his step brother. What's next, mowing the WH lawn?

    3. Malik Obama, the President's half-brother is anti LGBTQ rights, he is anti Israel, and he’s a polygamist. He sounds like the Trump kind of voter, so I have no idea how that's supposed to psych Hillary out.

  3. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Must you always use male homosexual imagery to disparage Republicans? I don't get the point of it, especially since you have a lesbian daughter. I don't see you mocking any of the Palins by associating them with lesbianism. Is it okay for the ladies to be gay, but not men?

    1. Anonymous5:02 PM

      Okay, maybe I missed it. I read over Gryph's comments three times and can't find any reference to male gays like you did.

      If you're talking about "Sean Hannity is still aggressively tonguing Trump's ass", the first thing that came to MY mind definitely was not even remotely anything related to homosexuality but rather that Hannity is brown nosing. What is worse than sticking your nose in someone's asshole? Kissing it, licking it or putting your entire head in it in regards to politics and has NOTHING to do with homosexuality. Most people know that it's a metaphorical image meaning to curry favor with (someone) by acting in an obsequious way. Or to put it another way when kissing the buttocks of another person, one's nose is liable to be covered in brown feces.

      This definition fits Hannity to a tee because he's servile and fawning to Trump so he might as well be kissing & licking his ass.

      Sorry if I'm not sensitive enough or PC enough for you, but that's the way most people would take a phrase like that to mean

    2. Anonymous5:03 PM

      LOL you must be new here. Bull dykes are OK but not fairies.

  4. Anonymous4:12 PM

    She will help donald release some stress before the debate. Donald told her to bring kneepads

    1. Anonymous6:02 PM

      hee hee

    2. Anonymous7:00 PM

      4:12 Plus tweezers and a magnifying glass!!

  5. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Trump skipped pre-debate activities so he could snort the coke later and not run out of steam toward the end like debate #2.

    Or his debate team hid the coke and Trump is having a meltdown.

    We'll know by whether he still has sniffles.

    1. Anonymous5:17 PM

      Lean in for that kiss

    2. Anonymous5:24 PM

      He's thirsty. I've got him drinking water on the split screen while Hillary is talking.

  6. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Sarah is there for the common sense she can give America.

    Is Hillary Clinton ‘doping’ at debate to cover ‘a problem with her health’?

    Don't forget, Trump wants drug tests. Sarah will be able to address that as she is the expert. How many times did she give a speech when she could have been sobering up? The woman knows alcoholics and drug addicts like the back of her hand.

    Smart move to have Sarah with him while he needs the experts and she is a woman. How many votes will that get him? Enough to win the election?

    1. Anonymous4:47 PM

      4:23 PM - she's not there to speak, "moran," and she's one to talk about drugging.

    2. Anonymous5:04 PM

      Sara will be giving "common sense" to donald before the debate.

    3. Anonymous5:17 PM

      You forgot the /s at the end of your comment 4:23?

  7. Anonymous4:49 PM

    I wonder if the fact that Brian William's show on MSNBC, The Eleventh Hour, is using Nicole Wallace and Steve Schmidt as analysts has anything to do with her being there? that she will somehow try to discredit their reporting? did you see that Trump is encouraging his followers to watch the debate at his Facebook, with Jan Brewer and Boris the Terrible as two of the faux journalists?

    1. Anonymous4:54 PM

      Trump should be so pleased with CNN right now. They really catered to Melania the other day.

    2. Anonymous5:11 PM

      No one interviewed a supposedly invited Sarah Palin on TV prior to the debate. Don't think she is there! Suspect she was invited!

  8. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Trump sniffs. He's an old guy that needs coke for confidence and hard ons. Probably gets it from his kids cause he has no one.

    1. Anonymous5:14 PM

      It will be fun just to watch and count the sniffs. If they inject his nose with Novocain or something to freeze it, do you think that cold stop the chronic sniffing?

  9. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Top photo.
    As always Hillary looks prepared and in good shape.
    Trump looks like he is telling her he will break her wrist to start and love every minute of trying to torture her. Even though he knows he will fail he will just love being an asshole bully. It's who he is. Let Trump be Trump.

  10. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Mr. Drumpf: Let's do this. (sniff!)

    1. Anonymous5:24 PM

      I think you meant " Snort.....sniff....sniff....sniff...."

    2. Anonymous5:41 PM


      Thank you, of course you're right. I stand corrected.

  11. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Well, let's see....we've got MLB Game 4 Dodgers/Cubs and NBA Golden State/Lakers. I'm good for the night!

  12. Well, Sarah Palin might have been invited, but it might have been nice if Trump had invited her early enough for her to make plans to actually be there, y'know, like so she could book a flight, rent a car, get a hotel room, all that stuff. Oh wait, Trump invited but didn't say he'd pay for her to attend. Oh, that's different. Never mind.

    1. Anonymous5:11 PM

      He's pulling out all the stops this time. Invited her to make sure he's got all her wing nuts. If he didn't pay her way...well there goes the rest of her VanityPAC money. Yep, she's there hoping to still get a spot on TrumpBart TV network lol.

  13. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Scraping the bottom of the barrel with Sarah, he is.

    1. Anonymous5:42 PM

      No one else will be seen in public with him.


  14. Anonymous4:56 PM

    very odd that james o'keefe is trump's guest. surely he will be doing secret recording and will make a pro-trump film that lies/distorts.

    1. Anonymous5:44 PM

      Mark Cuban must be right. This is all about Steve Bannon. "Breitbart", Alex Jones...

  15. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Yeah, cause as a woman I think Sara good trump good.

    Trump and Sara, a serious rat f__k.

  16. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Restart the candidate's (Hillary's) clock every time the opposing candidate (Trump) interrupts.

  17. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Trump's pissed at the mic and he hasn't spoken a word yet! :D

  18. Anonymous5:11 PM

    estranged half brother?

    He is anti-Israel and some kind of terrorist I've heard. Why would that matter? Is it Steve Bannons idea? I doubt Donald Trump knows what all he is being used for. Sarah? Bannon has issues about defeat. To see a quitter who is a most defeated fame ho could really throw Hillary off? We'll see how it goes for Bannon soon enough. Twitter will probably crash.

  19. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Sniffing already...

  20. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Sarah Palin should be able to make it all about her and her deplorable family.

  21. Anonymous5:19 PM

    He's calling her "Hillary" now.

    He seems very low energy. It's like he doesn't care any more.

    He's remaining pretty calm, especially when talking about the 2nd amendment. Now they're on to pro-life. (He was for choice before he was against.)

    He's being nailed on Roe v Wade. He's admitted he's putting pro-life justices on the court. That's going to nail him with women, on top of his "I respect all women." More like I "inspect" all women.

    She's hitting him on defunding Planned Parenthood. Ooo. She's bringing up the punishment of women for having abortions.

    I'm watching on PBS so I may have missed some of the 'guests' sideshow if there is one. PBS had some commentary but cut to the debate just as they came in. Have no idea if there was anything broadcast before that.

    Hmm. Donald looks more pale pink than orange now.

    Uh, Donald? "Ripping" the baby out of the month in the 9th month is called a Caesarian section. It's done all the time to save mothers and babies.

    1. Anonymous6:02 PM

      If a women goes into her eight or ninth month that means she planned and mostly was excited about having her child.. Then something happens and a heartbreaking decision has to be made, FUCK him for not getting this and pandering with the... Ripped from the womb shy.

    2. Anonymous7:26 PM

      I was stunned when I heard his comment about ripping the baby out a few days before being born.

      Add medical procedures to the list of things Donnie knows nothing about.

  22. Anonymous5:20 PM

    That shit mouth Trump has to get the last word in again.

    Ah, on to immigration.

  23. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Sandy Hook Dad Mark Barden: ‘Disgusting’ That Trump Advised by Truther Alex Jones

  24. Anonymous5:21 PM

    LOL, so tRump knows he is losing so he refuses to meet the audience? Well that's a "winning" ( in the Charlie Sheen sense way to get votes).
    But don't worry Donald, you will always have Sara Palin and her Ho daughter's.

  25. Anonymous5:21 PM

    He's very impressive tonight.


    Nobody sniffs like Drumpf.

    He's the greatest sniffer. Ever.

  26. Anonymous5:22 PM

    LOL, so tRump knows he is losing so he refuses to meet the audience? Well that's a "winning" ( in the Charlie Sheen sense way to get votes).
    But don't worry Donald, you will always have Sara Palin and her Ho daughter's.

  27. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Id Sari hauling in her latest bastard granchild?

    1. Anonymous5:26 PM

      She would look grandmatron if she takes them all. So many I've lost count.

    2. Anonymous7:12 PM

      So has she. The only one she's ever seen with is Tripp. (and Trig of course)

  28. Anonymous5:23 PM

    He made it 19 minutes without sniffing!

  29. Anonymous5:25 PM

    ‘He damaged his brand’: Garrison Keillor says Trump will lose so hard he’ll have to go live in exile

  30. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Did Trump just complain about President Obama deporting millions?

  31. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Oh, GAWD. He interrupted Wallace to get the last word in AGAIN.

    He had a 'nice' meeting with the president of Mexico.

    He's going on and on about his wall, says she wanted a wall. Wallace trying to cut him off and he keeps going. He handed it back to her and she's wiping the floor with him again.

    She's coming off as humane and he's coming off as a douche.

    Oooo. She hit him with underpaid, undocumented workers on Trump tower and the exploitation of those workers.

    Is he now praising Obama for deporting undocumented workers?

    He didn't respond to her attacks at all. Is it because he wasn't prepared to counter her attacks?
    6:30 and Wallace has lost control.

  32. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Did he just say "bigly"?


    1. Anonymous7:08 PM

      Yes, he did. I wonder what he wants to be when (if) he ever grows up??

  33. Anonymous5:32 PM

    9:31 - the moment the donald said "I know you are but what am I".

  34. Anonymous5:34 PM

    HA! She got the jump on bringing up Wikileaks first and the Russian hackers as Wallace used a quote from Wikileaks about the open borders. She also got a chance to talk about energy. And now she's asking Trump to denounce Putin and the Russian Hackers.

    He's back on that "she wants open borders" bone and he can't stop chewing on it. He's attacking Obama now when before he seemed to praise him on deportations.

    He now says he doesn't know Putin. Oh, we're in serious trouble now. And he's bringing up the warheads. He's just all over the place.

    Ha ha. She called him a puppet and he's interrupting her. He encouraged espionage against us. NATO. She's still on cyberattacks. He's interrupting.

    He's losing it. 30 minutes and his calmness is GONE.

    Wallace just nailed Trump on the Russian hackers. Oh, gawd. He says if the U.S. got along with Russia, it wouldn't be so bad.

    "Wrong" DRINK!

  35. Trump is right now bragging about how smart Vladimir Putin is at outsmarting American leaders.

    No seriously!

    1. Anonymous5:39 PM

      He is owned by Putin because he owes the Russian mob banks so much money.

    2. Can't wait for the next SNL!

    3. Anonymous6:00 PM

      Didn't he pay all the Russian mob banks back?

    4. Anonymous6:22 PM

      Nope, I think the debt will be cleared if he hands over the USA if he is elected.
      He also owes China billions.

    5. Anonymous7:15 PM

      I agree, 6:22. This champaign is about him getting out of debt by selling us off. I wish Hillary had nailed him on how many people he employs in China, Mexico, and elsewhere. Or after he says, "we'll make those companies bring jobs back, " just arch a brow and say, "starting with you, Donald?"

  36. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Now we're getting into the fitness for President. Hillary brought up the 10 nuclear officers that wouldn't trust Trump as President and now Trump is bringing up his laundry list of all his generals that endorse him.

    And now he's calling her a liar.

    Now she's quoting him showing he wants to tear up the alliances. If I were her I would have brought up the quote about "we have nukes, why don't we use them?"

    On to the economy.

    1. Yes, but, Trump has "200 generals" who love him.

      Of his 200,I served with two during my 28 years of active duty. Both of them were just like Trump . . . got their stars because they were bullshit artists who never stayed in one place to let their lies and failures catch up with them.

  37. Anonymous5:37 PM

    So far he hasn't been defending himself from her attacks very much, and his attacks have been repeats of his already debunked outrageous lies.

  38. Anonymous5:39 PM

    AFN endorsed Trump. The butthurt is horrible to behold. The bigots are telling Alaska Natives what they really think of them now. It's all coming out in droves about Natives getting free this and free that. Horrible to behold, I tell ya.

    1. Anonymous6:10 PM

      NO they absolutely did not endorse Trump. First time ever to endorse a presidential candidate and it's Clinton.

  39. Anonymous5:41 PM

    She's bringing up equal pay, climate change, pre-school through college and tech schools debt free, jobs for clean energy, she mentioned she is working with Bernie Sanders and will be continuing to work with him, pay fair share, and now the analysis of the jobs it would raise. Now she's on attack against Trump on the jobs that will be lost and the money lost and bigger debt and possibly recession.

    "Disaster" DRINK!

    Oh, he's going back to the previous question and the nukes, not about his economic plan. He's off the rails. He's a......DISASTER.

    Oh, sure, *now* he's a big fan of NATO. He wants Japan and Germany to pay up. News for you, Donald. THEY DO PAY!

    1. Anonymous7:11 PM

      His followers do not know this. They believe anything he says.

  40. Anonymous5:41 PM

    We're talking taxes and college tuitions now..t rump wants to jump to nato?

  41. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Now he's on free trade and our horrible deals. The jobs sucked out of our economy. (pleaseohplease Hillary bring up how Trump crap is made in China)

    "Disaster" DRINK!

    1. Anonymous7:32 PM

      I think Hillary missed a chance again to bring up the fact that he has all his crap made overseas when he started in on his we’re going to have jobs, really good jobs and people are going to make a lot of money.

      She should have asked how straight up how are you going to create jobs when your own businesses are off shore.

  42. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Must be some kind of Freudian slip that he pronounces "China" as "'Gina".

    1. Anonymous5:57 PM

      Where is Malainea?

  43. Anonymous5:50 PM

    She's smiling.

    1% GDP?

    Now she's going to translate for us. Donald's tax cuts for the wealthy. No tax increases for the middle and lower classes. She mentioned Bill taking us from deficit to surplus. And Obama's cutting the debt. Investments in education, skill training and new jobs.

    Now Wallace is bring up Obama's stimulus but slow growth. She's bringing up the recession Obama inherited. He doesn't get the credit he deserves for the decisions he had to make. Invest from the middle out and the ground up, not the top own.

    Now Wallace is hitting Trump with his plan, the numbers don't work, the experts have analyzed it. Now Wallace already hit him with this at the primary debates. And Trump isn't answering the question. More stump speech about China, India. Now he's bringing up NAFTA. And he's bringing up TPP, calling her a liar for the "gold standard" and claims he's been fact checked.

    Now she's countering it again. Ah, now she's bringing up the jobs Donald has shifted to Mexico and China. Now we hear the Chinese steel and aluminum.

    Now he's talking about 30 years, why didn't she do anything the last 15 years. And he's talking about her "bad" experience.

    Oh, he just admitted to doing it! He blames her for not stopping him.

    Now he's accusing her of losing $6 BILLION dollars.

    State department lie debunked.

  44. Anonymous5:52 PM

    If they don't turn the lights off on her again Sarah will be out chasing the media to get her face on the news.

    1. Anonymous5:55 PM

      Did she make it to the show?

    2. abbafan6:03 PM

      We will see on the next quarterly PAC statement if the cheap tight-wad shelled out for a plane ticket to this debate.I highly doubt that The Donald sprung for her. Maybe she suck-holed her buddy Adelson for a free room as well!

  45. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Now he's comparing his business with her record as if they were equal. He's reduced his $14 million loan (documented) to a $1 million loan. And he's blaming her for all of the unrest in the middle east and ISIS.

    Oh, boy. Fitness to be president.

    1. Anonymous6:09 PM

      Giuliani, however, asserted that Trump “has had great success in business.”

      “Then why all the failures?” Cuban interrupted. “He’s been sued 3,500 times, I’ve been sued less than 10.”

    2. Anonymous7:29 PM

      I thought it was a $1M loan but then when daddy died or retired, the business he inherited was worth $14M?

    3. Anonymous7:31 PM

      Trump's inheritance.

  46. Anonymous5:53 PM

    ‘Most accurate’ poll: Trump leading Clinton by a point

  47. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Hillary and Obama told people to start fist fights at his rally in Chicago!!

    Hillary and Obama paid people $1500 to start a riot! OMG bwahahahaha!!!!

    1. Anonymous6:02 PM

      She is not calling him out as a liar that he has a tape they paid people to be violent.

    2. Anonymous6:15 PM

      She is not calling him out as a liar because she hasn't been keeping up on her internet memes to be prepared for the latest trumped up accusation. She's been busy preparing to be President.

    3. Anonymous7:32 PM

      O'Keefe was busy in the editing room again.

  48. Anonymous5:56 PM

    "...he goes after their dignity, their self-worth..." nicely done. The donald just lost what few women voters he has left.

  49. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Hopefully she will have time to get out that justification on her dress. Maybe she can bring trump some of Wasilla's finest.

  50. Anonymous5:58 PM

    JUST IN: Trump Announces Role For SARAH PALIN In Tonight’s Debate, It Is GROSS (DETAILS)

  51. Anonymous5:58 PM

    He looks like shit.

    1. Anonymous6:12 PM

      That's because he's consciously trying to control his sniffing and debate at the same time.

    2. Anonymous6:19 PM

      Of course he does, he IS shit.

  52. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Ah, Wallace is hitting Trump with groping and kissing. Why would they all make up these stories? And he's turning to Hillary and says Trump says Bill has done worse.

    Oh, Trump is now blaming Hillary's campaign for the sexual abuse. And he's accusing them of violence at his rallies. He's denying them all. He says they want fame or money. And he's back to the violence at the rallies. He says Hillary got these women to all come out and lie about his groping.

    Hillary is talking about the tape and that women have come forward. He's now denying he insulted them. She quoted him "Look at her, I don't think so." And he's denying he said it. Doesn't he understand the concept of videotape? She's calmly bringing it back to fitness. How we want to bring our country together and what we expect from our president. America is great because America is good. We can make it even greater.

    Oh, the old "nobody has more respect for women than I do." Those stories have been debunked. (no.) and now he's bringing up another lie. Oh, the e-mails. 33,000 emails destroyed after the subpoena. Debunked. She's blaming him for the four star general?

    Now she's bringing up the reporter he mocked. (He said "wrong" DRINK!), he went after the Khans, he went after McCain, he went after a hispanic judge born in Indiana. It's not one thing. It's a pattern. A dark and dangerous vision of our country. Where he incites violence. That is not who America is. What kind of country are we going to have.

    He's accusing her again of causing violence at his rallies.

  53. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Ha ha I'm watching the live twitter feed "sarah palin". Everyone comparing Trump to Palin. And not in a good way.

  54. Anonymous6:04 PM

    OMG my foundation put up an American flag in Palm Beach? LMAO can't wait for SNL!

  55. Anonymous6:04 PM


  56. Trump attempting to smear Clinton Foundation...Hillary points out the comparison to Trump foundation where he paid for a huge self portrait..and paid off his lawsuits...and of course his infamous tax returns...has not paid one go girl..

  57. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Wallace is bringing up the Clinton Foundation. Did she keep her pledge to separate herself from the Clinton Foundation.

    Now she's listing what the Clinton Foundation does. Wallace is interrupting her. They're both talking now.

    Trump is listing his lies about the Foundation. She lost this one.

    Now she's hitting him. 90% of Clinton Foundation money is spent on programs. Now she's bringing up the Trump Foundation and the 6 foot painting. She's talking about Haiti. $30 million. (I'm wondering, what did Trump do for Haiti.)

    He just said he contributes to the Trump Foundation. Wasn't some of the money used to settle a lawsuit. He's saying he put up a flag. Now he's saying it went to Fisher House for Vets.

    Ah, SHE BROUGHT UP THE TAX RETURNS! We can't prove he did any of this. He hasn't paid a penny in Federal income tax. Half of all undocumented immigrants pay income tax. More than a billionaire.

    And now he's defending himself by saying Buffett and Soros do it.

    Wallace has lost it.

    Now he's saying she should have changed the law.

    He's out of control.

    Wallace has lost control. He tried to shut Donald up and has given up and allowed him to finish.

    1. Anonymous7:34 PM

      T.RUmp's never been to Haiti - Little Haiti is in Miaaaami.

  58. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Hillary knows her facts!

  59. What a pompous braggert!

  60. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Emmy's are rigged! LOL! Get him Hillary!!!

  61. Now it is the media's fault. The corrupt media..corrupt Hillary..Obama..he will not concede if he is all's the court system, the Emmy's , it is all rigged according to narcissistic.

  62. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Everything's rigged even the Emmys. Go Hillary! Get that whining spoiled little rich kid cry baby!

    1. Anonymous6:13 PM

      I was so hoping she would bait him with that. She is on point!!

  63. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Soros??? Oh good lord!!!

    And WHY didn't Hillary change all sorts of laws all by herself when she was a junior member of the Senate? And why didn't she pass legislation BEFORE she became Senator??? So incompetent!

  64. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Now Wallace is saying Trump is warning the election is rigged and is stealing it from you. Pence says we will accept the result. Ivanka said too.

    He says he will look at it at the time. What I've seen is so bad. The media is so corrupt and so dishonest. It's a rant. He still think he's going to win.

    Now he's bringing up the voter rolls with millions of people who should be registered. (Yes, Donald, They're out of date. But that doesn't mean they are going to vote.)

    Now he's saying she shouldn't have been allowed to run based on the e-mails and "so many other things."

    Wallace is bringing up the peaceful transition of power. The loser concede to the winner.

    He's saying he will tell you at the time.

    Hillary is jumping it with his "rigged against him." She's listing all the rigged against him. Even the Emmys (And he interrupts he should have gotten it.)

    She's hitting back. He's denigrating our Democracy.

    Now he's bringing up some shit I have no idea what.

    She won that one.

  65. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Hell this debate has been a real howler! She's got him by the balls and is the only adult on the stage.

  66. Anonymous6:16 PM

    When 'she' took troops out of Mosul?

    Am I wrong or is Obama the President, not Hillary?

    1. Anonymous6:27 PM

      Trump gives her all the power. He believes she controls Obama. Hillary does everything.

    2. Anonymous7:21 PM

      That one has been debunked so damn many times..BUSH signed the jsatuts of forces agreement. Obama TRIED to get permission for our troops to stay, but IRAQ wanted us out. Had we stayed our troops would have been subject to Iraqi law, not US law. Trump knows that, but he's counting on rubes like my sisters to buy his crap one more time. He's a disgusting man.

  67. Anonymous6:17 PM


  68. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Maybe Pailn is there so tRump could look at her and her dried up pussy before the debate so he could control himself during the debate and not accost any audience members?

  69. Anonymous6:18 PM

    The donald is going full on Regina George at 10:18!

  70. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Every time I hear him say "Wrong", I have to look to make sure it's not Alec Baldwin on SNL.

    He's become a walking, talking caricature.

  71. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Aleppo is a "disaster." DRINK!

  72. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Does Donald think Hillary is Supreme Dictator of the Universe for life? In what way does she have any of the power to do or not do any of the shit he's listing?

    1. Anonymous6:38 PM

      He is giving all the power to Hillary.

    2. Anonymous6:56 PM

      All-Power-To-Hillary-Trump. Yep, he sure did.

  73. Anonymous6:22 PM

    All he can do is point his finger at Clinton and cry, "But's all her fault!"

    Hillary is a master detabator...she get's all her facts in while throwing in some zingers and it totally gets under his skin. I love her!

    1. Anonymous6:48 PM

      He is a leader for Sarah Palin and her losers. Todd, Bristol and Cassandra Meyer's husband.

    2. Anonymous7:31 PM

      And Donald is a masterbater.
      That he is "legit" right Sara?

  74. Anonymous6:24 PM

    But, but, He has to have the LAST WORD!

  75. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Trump is full breitbart, BANNON

    1. Anonymous6:27 PM

      You got that nailed!

  76. Anonymous6:25 PM

    When they add it up, he will have interrupted her more times (big surprise), interrupted Wallace or failed to stop talking (big surprise) and will have talked LONGER than Hillary.

    Because he is a loud mouthed BULLY.

  77. Anonymous6:25 PM

    I think I prefer his orange makeup with white eyes.

    He looks so bland in beige makeup.

    1. Anonymous7:23 PM

      He looked sick, especially when he made his eyes into those snake slits. Very very creepy. I kept waiting for the "Jaws" music-Saturday night right?

  78. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Tremendous. DRINK! Tremendous again. DRINK!

  79. Anonymous6:27 PM

    He's on great deals again. We use political hacks instead of our "great people".

    He has no plan. We'll have people go back to work and make a lot of money and we'll be great again. WHAT THE FUCK?

  80. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Hillary says Donald said the exact same thing, criticizing our country, in a full page ad in a paper while REAGAN was president! Please, Fact Check!

    She lost a few but she won a lot more. Trump's answers were shallow or lies.

    Oh, he's interrupting her again. He wants the last word. "Can I just respond?" "Well, NO." And Trump starts talking.

    Just shut the fuck up!

    1. Anonymous7:17 PM

      I told my husband I wish she'd turn to him and say "just shut the fuck up."

  81. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Now. Entitlements. Medicare. Social Security. Would President Trump make a deal to save Medicare and Social Security if it meant tax hikes and entitlement cuts.

    Did he answer? NO. He's off on an Obamacare attack.

    Will she consider a grand bargain of tax increases and benefit cuts. She's on record of putting more money in Social Security. (Oh, Donald. Interrupting her with "Such a nasty woman" isn't helping you.) Now she's on Donald's tax cuts. (He interrupted her again.)

    Final time.

  82. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Standing ovation - Hillary beat the whining groping sourpuss!

  83. Anonymous6:36 PM

    He's such a cunt. Stoking anger in his closing statement.

  84. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Looking forward to Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin on SNL with a cameo by Tina fey who charges on to the debate stage

  85. Anonymous6:36 PM

    TrumpBart TV is going to be so negative just like Donald!

    1. Anonymous6:53 PM

      Leave off Trump. Brat TV is enough.

  86. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Voters want the candidates to support the election results. No excuses.

    Hillary did. Trump did not. #Debate

  87. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Anyone keep a count of how many times he said 'disaster'?

    1. Anonymous7:00 PM

      Almost as many times as he sniffed.

  88. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Hillary "The Janitor" Clinton mopped the floor with the Donald's hair for the 3rd debate in a row!

  89. omg what a trainwreck

  90. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Donald was like a talking doll; he was pre-programmed with phrases. Pull the string Vladimir.

  91. I just saw Palin on the screen so I guess she did show up.

    But I have no idea for what purpose.

    1. Saw the back of her wiggy head too.

    2. Anonymous6:54 PM

      To spend what is left of the SarahPAC slush fund.

    3. Anonymous6:55 PM

      Midnight Express?

    4. Anonymous7:00 PM

      Maybe she brought Piper along to sell her to Trump for the night?

    5. Anonymous7:03 PM

      To get another reality tv show.

  92. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Did I just see Sara? Talking with Pence?

    Clean hair!!!!

    OK, that was snarky, but so what?

    1. Anonymous6:57 PM

      Vegas, baby, think she wouldn't? She knows he's toast, but the after party is time to talk up MOH and D'OH. Everything that bitch does is calculated.

  93. This was the calmest debate so far, but Trump still did his sniffing thing and started to lose it at the end.

    Hillary looked cool, confident, and presidential.

    Hillary won, but it makes little difference since Trump's campaign is already in free fall.

    1. Anonymous6:54 PM

      Thanks, Gryph, my intestinal fortitude prevented me from going there.

  94. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Did you just hear Nicole Wallace's comment about Trump deciding at the time whether he'll accept results of election and concede.

    Always reminds me of the end of the movie where what's his name says it is vital to this country that there is no question about the results of the election and McCain's concession speech was very important (one of my favorite parts of the movie).

    And Nicole Wallace said it was Trump's "lights out moment."

    Lights off Sara. Ha. Ha. Wonder if it was a dig?

    Or maybe I'm just a Palin-hater who sees the past in everything happening.

    Of course, Sara LIVES in the past so I'm not that bad.

  95. Anonymous6:49 PM

    It's SO obvious the ass clown has zero self control. The world is correct - Trump is temperamentally unfit.

  96. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Wallace wants to end it on a positive note. They didn't agree on closing statements but he's giving them 1 minute to say something positive, unprepared.

    She's doing well.

    "I hope you will give me a chance to serve a your president."

    Trump starts with an attack an then starts to bad mouth the country (our inner cities are a "Disaster" DRINK!). We are going to make America strong again and we are going to make America great again. If you vote for her it's four more years of Obama.

    Gee, that was "positive."

    Does Trump realize that Obama's approval numbers have never been higher?

    Hillary is going down into the audience and greeting people.

    Trump stays on stage and waits for his family to join him.

    The PBS news people feel she won and had several "Michelle Obama" moments. They feel Trump has improved but he was negative to the end. He didn't get the lift he needed and there were moments of incoherence. (Gee, just moments?)

    Can he stop the freefall and help the down ticket? They think no. They are attacking him on the I don't know if I can abide by the decision of the voters. It's temperament. It's a gaping chasm. And he said this on a day when Pence, Ivanka and Kellyanne all said they would accept the results. And he says tonight "I'll look at it at the time. The media is so corrupt. So dishonest."

    They are really attacking him on conceding the election. Not adhering to the customs, history and law is a real problem for them. They criticize him for enflaming the cynicism. He's gone from the Strong Man to the Poor Little Me whiner.

    Even Stephen Douglas told Lincoln "You are my president. God bless you."

    Spin room says the audience had a huge problem with Trump refusing to accept the results of the elections and not accepting the experts' analysis of the Russians being behind the cyberattacks on the election.

    The closing arguments being that Hillary was positive and Trump was negative.

  97. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Tonight we witnessed Donald Trump being clubbed like a pinata.

  98. Anonymous6:53 PM

    If for no other reason, Trump must be defeated because SUPREME COURT!

    We cannot have this Fascist put Pro-choice Puritans on the Supreme Court. They may be there for 30 years.

    But honestly. I think Trump's debate performance tonight was a "Disaster." DRINK!

  99. Anonymous6:54 PM

    trump's 3 am tweets should be interesting. Hillary was very prepared and handled herself perfectly.

  100. Rebecca Flores6:57 PM

    I can't believe he is still indicating he may or may not accept the results of the election. He is done.

  101. Anonymous6:59 PM

    What You Missed

  102. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Your a mean one mr Grinch. Gee? Espionage? that is like major criminal and he complains about emails?

  103. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Trump should have sat on a landmine and detonated it. It would have been faster and less painful then watching him hemorrhage for 90 minutes!

  104. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Sarah Palin was shown after the debate trying to cozy up to The Donald and although she looked like she was wearing a clean wig she probably smelled like rotting fish. The fumes wafting up into the air of her personal space were unmistakable.

    P.S. to The Donald: Good luck with your concession speech. Shove that duty off on your architect wife.

  105. Anonymous7:10 PM

    No longer a matter of "if" she'll win; it's a matter of "by how much".

  106. Anonymous7:11 PM

    ABC News:
    Presidential Debate Fact-Check:
    What Trump and Clinton are Claiming

    Fact-check No. 1:
    Clinton said 17 intelligence agencies "confirmed" Russia is trying to influence our election.

    Our grade: True

    Fact-check No. 2:
    Trump said thousands of Syrians are coming in to the United States and there is no way to determine where they came from.

    Our grade: False

    Fact-check No. 3:
    Clinton claims Trump is willing to break up NATO.

    Our grade: True

    Fact-check No. 4:
    Trump claims he is endorsed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the agencies support building a border wall.

    Our grade: Mostly False

    Fact-check No. 5:
    Trump claims Clinton is responsible for a nuclear weapons agreement that favors Russia.

    Our grade: Mostly True

    Fact-check No. 6:
    Clinton claims that Trump wants Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia to have nuclear weapons.

    Our grade: Yes and No

    1. Anonymous7:15 PM

      See link for details of assessment

  107. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Trump could not maintain his control. He called Hillary a liar more than once and interupted her.

    He just proved he is a bully.I am sixty years old and am scared that a ego maniac like Trump could actually be in the position of President.

    Who do we blame for this shit show? The pen is mightier than the sword. We have candidates who use their beautiful families as a plus. Can you imagine Melania as a First Lady? an uneducated botox nude model at State dinners? Maybe Trump can pass around her nude photos to Putin and they can bond.

    Palin can relate to a woman who used her looks [ when she was younger] to get ahead or give head.

    Who would you rather have as President a draft dodger or a Mother who knows the cost.

  108. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Trumps biggest fear now is the wife going Lorena Bobbett on him with a pair of tweezers and a box cutter.

  109. Anonymous7:12 PM

    JUST IN: Top 3 moments on @Twitter during the final presidential #debate

  110. Anonymous7:12 PM

    I'm glad Hillary did not have to use mace on that jerk.

  111. Anonymous7:15 PM

    There's a debate going on CNN whether "Bad Hombres" was offensive or not. My jaw dropped. To the blonde Breitbart fan, Dr. Phil and the rest of the white folks, it was slightly politically incorrect. I knew immediately it was a dog whistle. And I'm Irish.

  112. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Trump is such a petty, little man.

    I can’t even stand looking at his ugly mug any longer. Such maturity making all those faces and I swear he even yawed at one point, must be past his bedtime. He must also have a very small attention span, can’t even form a complete sentence let alone answer a question.

    Also think they gave him a sedative, still snorting so he was given a bad mic yet again:)

    He is going down big time and I can’t wait until Nov 8th !!

    Hopefully he will take those 100 generals and leave the country, I’ve heard Siberia is really nice in November.

    Watch CBS after debate with undecided and Trump lost a few voters with his not accepting the election results except for one idiot woman that is voting for Trump because she thinks Hillary should have been able to turn the economy around single handedly, see why government class is important.

  113. Anonymous7:17 PM

    "Even McCain’s slapstick bid of 2008 correctly managed the concession, refusing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin a platform to deliver her own speech, albeit against the protests of the vice presidential pick, who by this time had gone full “Black Swan.” "

    "A state cannot function if a third of its citizenry believes the elected leader is illegitimate. As such, the concession speech is a vital release valve after the build up of a lengthy election campaign that cuts deep into the national consciousness.

    Yet Trump is now threatening to make the scar tissue permanent with repeated claims of “rigged polls,” “biased” debate moderators and “corrupt media” pushing “false allegations” ― all strings of a marionette controlled by a “global power structure” bent on stealing the election from America’s white working class."

    For Trump and his angry mob, partisan feeling won't yield to patriotism.

    "The second debate proved a turning point, a pantomime of Clinton-bashing that suggested Trump had given up the White House. Instead he would concentrate on maintaining a sizable, hardcore following that he could exploit for cash after the vote.

    According to reports, this change was encouraged by campaign CEO Stephen Bannon, a bedraggled anti-establishment agitator who runs a white ethno-nationalism website.

    In Trump’s ear like Grima Wormtongue, Bannon coaxed the willing tycoon to turn on the whole political class ― the Clintons, the Republicans, the media… even the election itself."

    "It appears that after 16 squalid months of race-baiting, lying, debasing women and threatening to upend American democracy, the campaign of Donald J. Trump has yet to reach its nadir. This could end in violence."

    That one response was Trump's waterloo tonight. There were many others, calling her nasty, denying the hackers we KNOW are Russian. No. It was when he refused to say if he lost he would accept the vote of the people. That's when he lost any hope of any sort of a win. Not even a dignified loss. He is going to lose big time. It will be one of the worst, humiliating losses ever.

    Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.

  114. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Mother Jones:
    Trump Claims Clinton Invented a Statement He Made to the Debate Moderator

    Trump Claims Clinton Invented a Statement He Made to the Debate Moderator
    Trump denied saying that Japan should get nuclear weapons. But he made that claim to Chris Wallace in April.

    When Hillary Clinton noted during Wednesday night's presidential debate that Donald Trump had said countries like Japan should get nuclear weapons to defend themselves, Trump called her a "liar" and said she was misquoting him.

    "There's no quote," Trump said. "You're not going to find a quote from me."

    It turns out Trump was the one lying, and he'd said exactly what Clinton claimed. Not only that, Trump's comments endorsing nuclear weapons for other countries came during an interview with the debate moderator, Fox News' Chris Wallace.

    During an interview back in April, Trump told Wallace, "So, North Korea has nukes. Japan has a problem with that. I mean, they have a big problem with that. Maybe they would in fact be better off if they defend themselves from North Korea."

    Wallace clarified. "With nukes?" he asked.

    "Including with nukes, yes, including with nukes," Trump said.

  115. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Sorry to say, I couldn't watch. I just couldn't stomach Trump and his trumpiness. It's affecting my mental and physical health. I was watch Brad Pitt in World War Z. It was like watching Trump and his supporters. Glad for this blog to let us know that Hillary more than held her own. I felt like Trump had taken it so far to the right, he would wake up in Russia next to Putin in the morning.

  116. Anonymous7:27 PM

    The final Trump-Clinton debate transcript, annotated

  117. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Sarah Palin's face does not move when she speaks thanks to many face lifts. I saw a video of her from 2009 saying Obama has her support she talks about the legitimacy of the elections? Sad to see her fall so low....

    1. a. j. billings7:42 PM

      No it's not sad to see Palin as a failed, defeated, washed up, nothing with no future.

      SHE DESERVES ALL THE SHAME and HUMILIATION for fomenting lies, hatred, and racism.

      Remember what Paylin said?

      "I guess Sambo beat the Bitch"

  118. Anonymous7:29 PM

    "But there was only one candidate on the stage who showed the readiness and qualifications to be president, and there was little question about who it was. Clinton’s grasp of policy and ability to turn sentences into paragraphs that express coherent thoughts set her apart in a stark way from her opponent."

  119. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Huffington Post:
    Bill Maher Took Trump’s Abortion Nonsense And Threw It Back In His Face

    Bill burned him bad.


    Bill Maher ✔@billmaher
    Trump on fetuses: In 20 years, they'll be dating me!
    6:19 PM - 19 Oct 2016
    5,631 5,631 Retweets 12,203 12,203 likes

    You get it? Trump has a documented record of distasteful comments implying he was interested in underage girls.

    A 1992 “Entertainment Tonight” clip resurfaced last week, showing Trump telling a 10-year-old girl he would be dating her in 10 years. A Chicago Tribune news brief from the same year quoted Trump as making similar comments to two 14-year-old girls.

  120. Anonymous7:33 PM

    LOL. Bill Maher Tweets:

    Trump on fetuses: In 20 years they'll be dating me!

    Man, I can't wait until Friday. And Saturday And Sunday. And tonight on Colbert! What is Alec Baldwin going to do? Oh, and Seth Meyers.

    In some ways I'm really going to miss Trump. He's such fertile ground for the late night comedians it's going to seem a bit boring once he's gone.

  121. Anonymous7:39 PM

    I understand Ringling Brothers is upset with the direction of the elections and is trying to take back it's Circus status.

    The Circus wants it's Circus back!


    You know, with the kind of focus and discipline it takes to perform any of the acts in the circus, I would trust any of them to be president before I would trust Trump.

  122. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Omg Jimmy Kimmel: Sarah Palin is the HPV of America

  123. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Trump seemed stoned. Had trouble keeping his eyes open and when he talked he changed direction mid-sentence. When the kush wore off he got bitchy fast.


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