Friday, October 14, 2016

Today's Trump Dump. Not quite as sleazy as yesterday's, but you know still pretty bad.

As predicted these disgusting Donald Trump stories continue to bubble to the surface. so one again I am going to share some of the newly revealed stuff from yesterday.

One of the things that we learned yesterday is that Donald Trump is not a racist. Just so long as you are the "right kind of black."

Here let former Teen Miss USA Kamie Crawford explain it to you:

Fortunately things worked out just fine for Miss Crawford.
I ma going to assume that what made Crawford the "right kind of black" is that she had a pu**y that he wanted to grab.

So now we have racism out of the way how about disgusting behavior towards handicapped people?

Such as Academy award winning actress Marlee Matlin: 

Just in case you thought Donald Trump was insufficiently awful: He repeatedly called a deaf actress “retarded,” three sources tell The Daily Beast.

In 2011, Matlin, who is still the only deaf actor or actress to win an Academy Award for best actress, appeared on Trump’s NBC reality-TV series. By the end of the season, she had come in second place and earned her fair share of compliments from Trump in the aired footage. But according to three longtime staffers who worked on Matlin’s season of Celebrity Apprentice, Trump would regularly disrespect the actress and would even treat her as if she were mentally disabled. 

Sometimes the insults would be behind her back; other times they would be right in front of her.

Apparently non-disclosure agreements keep Matlin from talking about this publicly, but it certainly does fall in line with what we already know about Trump.

I am sure that any minute Sarah Palin will go after Trump for using the "R" word. Ah who are we kidding, he could poop on her head and she would still support him.

(By the way for the record I loved Matlin in "Children of a Lesser God" and think she is a brilliant actress. I also think that Donald Trump is a douchebag, but I think we have already established that.)

What's that you say? This is not nearly as sleazy as what we heard yesterday?

Well then take a little gander at this:

Lisa Boyne, CEO of a health food company, claims that in the summer of 1996 she saw Trump make a series of women walk up and down a restaurant table so that he could announce whether they were wearing underwear. 

'It was the most offensive scene I've ever been a part of,' Boyne told The Huffington Post Thursday. 'I wanted to get the heck out of there.' 

The group were packed into a semicircular table with one man at each end. That meant the women could not get out of their seats without either (John) Casablancas or Trump vacating their own. And they didn't, said Boyne. 

Instead, any woman wanting to leave the table would have to get up and walk along it, at which point Trump 'stuck his head right underneath their skirts' to examine their underwear. 

He would then comment on whether they were wearing anything - and if not, what he thought of their genitals, Boyne said. 

Boy no matter how many times you brush it is almost impossible to get that "I just vomited in my mouth" taste go away isn't it?

But remember according to Mike Pence all of these women are lying and the evidence to disprove what they say is only "hours away."

Gee, I can hardly wait to see what they come up with.

So I guess the question that needs to be asked is does any of this have a negative effect on the Trump supporters?

I am going to go with a "NO" on that one.

And the candidate, how is he holding up?

Do you mean besides having lost his mind?

Courtesy of NBC News:

On Thursday, Trump named his various female accusers, the corporate-owned media who reported their allegations, Hillary Clinton, the Department of Justice for not jailing Hillary Clinton, and Wall Street banks. 

"The Clinton machine is at the center of this power structure," Trump said. "We have seen this in the WikiLeaks documents in which Hillary Clinton meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers, her special interest friends, and her donors."

Other co-conspirators named by Trump earlier in the week included "crooked" public pollsters who showed Trump losing, election officials and "other communities" in swing states threatening to rig ballots, and a "sinister deal" involving Speaker Paul Ryan that Trump did not elaborate upon.

So apparently Alex Jones is now one of Trump's personal advisers. 

Damn this rabbit hole is deep!


  1. Anonymous8:20 AM


  2. Anonymous8:23 AM

    So Pence claims PROOF is coming within hours that proves trump is not a groper - that was about 10 a.m. --
    what paid idiots do they have to try to provide a cover up for them *rolls eyes*

    1. Anonymous9:07 AM

      Pence has been assured that the proof is coming.

      Finding the proof is a cooperative effort between the Alex Jones trumpsters and the Conservative Treehouse trumpsters.

    2. Anonymous10:16 AM

      It wasn't him, it was his evil twin!

    3. Anonymous11:04 AM

      The Trump campaign staff won't be at Happy Hour this afternoon?

      They are going to be missing out on grabbing what they want!

    4. Anonymous11:14 AM

      Pence is going to be embarrassed by The Donald AGAIN!

      I think Pence really screwed up in going on the ticket w/Trump! His political career - as well as the possibility of running (and winning) the presidency - will not be in his future! He has screwed himself royally!

    5. Anonymous12:11 PM

      Good luck with that.

      You know that Apprentice footage is going to come out before the election. Whether it is leaked or Burnett finally sees the light, who knows. Doesn't really matter.

    6. Anonymous2:08 PM

      Pence was LAUGHABLE in Pensacola, today... sez "all men and women" get Trump's message about making America great again in today's economic shambles.

      Hee hee :)

  3. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Did you hear the one about Pence not inderstanding Mrs O's critique??!?

  4. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Trump supporters are becoming so rare they are being put on the list of Endangered Feces.

    1. Anonymous12:11 PM


      I think Deplorables was being kind and half a basket was an underestimate.

  5. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Also, check out HuffPo's article on how he talked about Khloe Kardashian when she was on Celebrity Apprentice (there's also a mention of Marlee Matlin there).

    So, this afternoon Trump is supposed to come forward with all his "evidence" that every woman has lied.

    I'm glad, too, to hear that Gloria Allred is involved and representing yet another accuser today.

  6. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Sonja Morgan denies what happened with Trump in the Boyne story, but anyone who has seen Morgan on the Real Housewives show knows how desperate she is to be thought of as A-list and worthy of attention. She was practically broke a year or so ago on the show and hiding it. To lose her connections would absolutely kill her. She loves to tell people she's pals with Donald and she's actually a friend of Ivana--naturally, she denied Boyne's story. Also, Morgan is often seen on RHONY drunk and doing fairly lewd things. She likes to party and make moves on guys and climb up on tables--including with no underwear on (they have often had to blur crotch shots on that show).

  7. Anonymous8:39 AM

    And it's the gift that keeps on giving.
    BTW I personally think calling Marlee retarded will hit the core of many of his supporters, she has been in many family type films and is much loved.
    Also, had a chance to talk to my older sister and we were talking politics. She had missed a few of the newer thinks because she is watching her grandchildren after school and stated "she doesn't even dare turn on the news anymore with the children in the house". because of tRump and his antics.

    1. Anonymous11:03 AM

      Didn't MM win an Academy Award?

    2. Anonymous12:14 PM

      He's lost all but the white male uneducated vote.

      And as more of this stuff comes out, he is fast losing the Mormons. He may just make history by handing Utah to a third party candidate; Evan McMullin. Hillary might not get Utah's electoral votes but Trump won't get them either.

      And there are enough Mormons in Arizona that coupled with all of the other anti-Trumpers Arizona might go blue.

      I'm wondering what might turn Texas. It would be wonderful for Hillary to win the West and the Southwest.

  8. Anonymous8:48 AM

    johnnie McShame:
    drumpf "retains a solid grip on white, lesser-educated voters angry that economic and cultural changes in the country are leaving them behind ― in other words, a large chunk of the GOP base."
    drumpf>“I gave him the endorsement because he needed it for the primary, and frankly, he ran against a very, very GOOD woman. I feel very badly, I gave him the endorsement.” So drumpf 'FEELS VERY BADLY"

    “McCain’s been there past his $ell date,”<KARMA BABY!

    1. Anonymous9:54 AM

      One of my pet peeves has to be the grammatical error of "feel badly", which should be "feel bad". I don't know why this particular error bothers me, except that it seems so extremely pretentious. The verb 'feel', like 'be', 'look', 'seem' and a few others, are followed by the adjectives, not the adverbs.

      You would think that trump, who loves to brag about his education would not use grammar that makes him look like an uneducated idjit.

    2. Anonymous11:02 AM

      +1,000 I thought everyone had given up this fight.

    3. Anonymous11:08 AM

      The things I learn here!

      So with respect to Trump it should be I "feel sick" rather than I "feel sickly"?

  9. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Pence is so stupid it burns.

    "“Look, I have a lot of respect for the first lady,” Pence told “CBS This Morning.” “But I don’t understand the basis of her claim.”

    Co-host Norah O’Donnell asked Pence whether he believed Trump’s language was “sexually predatory” when he bragged about getting away with grabbing women “by the p*ssy,” whether or not he had their consent, because he was rich and famous."

    1. Anonymous9:38 AM

      I thought Charlie Rose lost control of that interview, Pence was running at the mouth as fast as he could, with all the lies he could think of before they could try and get him back to the question.

    2. Anonymous11:08 AM

      Who knows? Charlie Rose might be pro Trump/Pence and let Pence carry on intentionally.

      I stopped watching Charlie Rose - think he is too old and boring in his presentations. He just doesn't hold my interest.

      Really think it is time he retired. He once did do a good job - just not anymore!

  10. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Just wish the MSM would cover the rape lawsuit filed against Trump by the underage teenager.

    MSM appears to be avoiding this story just like they did Sarah's fake birth story.

    Lock him up!

    1. Anonymous9:14 AM

      THE BBC's KATTY KAY is ALL over THIS:“I don’t think I’ve ever had anybody tell me to turn my microphone OFF before. That’s censorship,” she said. “A form of censorship in response to a very simple question…which he never answered.”

    2. Anonymous9:17 AM

      Yeah, it's being held off in court until December. So what. They need to talk about it to a certain degree, including letting everyone know that it is a real court case that is proceeding.

    3. Anonymous9:29 AM

  11. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Trump on Lindsay Lohan in 2004: 'Deeply troubled' women are 'always the best in bed'

    "Well I have a friend Howard who's actually like a great Playboy, I mean, I don't say this about men, this guy does very well," said Trump. "He runs silent, runs deep as they say, like a submarine. He will only look for a crazy women. He says, 'Donald, Donald, please, please, I only want the crazy women.'"

    "They're desperate," adds Stern.

    "What is this guy all about," said Trump. "But for some reason, what I said is true. It's just unbelievable. You don't want to be with them for long term, but for the short term there's nothing like it."

    1. Anonymous9:16 AM

      What is described here is targeting the vulnerable and taking advantage of their vulnerability for sexual gratification.

      This is the perfect illustration of A CONSCIOUS PATTERN of predatory behavior imo. For some reason Donald Trump felt comfortable discussing this on the air. Perhaps because he doesn't see anything wrong with it.

      Wait wait don't tell me! Is Trumps friend named Jeffrey?

  12. Anonymous9:04 AM

    NYC City Controller can’t find Donald Trump donation he swore he gave to 9/11 charities after the attack

    "In an exclusive interview with New York City Controller Scott Stringer, it was revealed that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump may not have actually given to any 9/11 charities after all.

    According to a New York Daily News interview, Stringer revealed that records show Trump pledged $10,000 to a major 9/11 charity but the donation never surfaced. Previously, Trump claimed he gave generously to help the city. This confirms claims that were made in November 2015 made by the Smoking Gun blog that Trump never actually donated anything. "

    1. Anonymous9:25 AM

      I'm shocked!

    2. Anonymous9:35 AM

      followed September 11, 2001, and they were unable to conclude Trump gave to either of the funds he claimed HE donated to."The Daily News obtained every 990 Forms from the Donald J. Trump Foundation from 2001 and 2014 and it proves there are NO donations from the foundation. There was a $1,000 donation in 2006 to the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Fund, but that group was using sketchy scientific methods approved by the “Church” of Scientology to hep rescue workers. In April 2016, Trump’s foundation did donate $100,000 to the 9/11 Museum, but that was after he stopped giving money to his foundation and was requesting donations from others to his foundation."

  13. Anonymous9:08 AM

    OT - Top 10 Hillary Clinton Myths Debunked - comprehensive, short and sweet - a good reference to have handy

  14. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Wow. Lindsay Lohan is someone everyone knew had dealt with issues by virtue of having been a child star. She was now only 18 in 2004. Trump was 58. His comments are absolutely disgusting.

    1. Mike Pense9:24 AM

      I guess this means Donald will have to apologize again.

      We need to just shut all this media thing down.

    2. Anonymous9:58 AM

      Lindsay Lohan's tale is so sad. She now is nothing but a plaything for rich men across the world, rich creepy men who pay her to travel on their yachts and provide them with sex in exchange for money and drugs. In recent tabloid photos she looks like a 50-year old alcoholic and often is sporting bruises all over her body; one can only imagine how these rich international "businessmen" use and abuse herons heir private yachts.

      These men are cut from the same cloth as Trump, they use and abuse women and then discard them.

    3. Anonymous11:37 AM

      Everything is about:
      $SEXxx, BULLYing and MONEY$$$

      you know the rest....

  15. Anonymous9:21 AM

    OT, but idiot Paul Ryan is talking to a group and just said that one party stands for "freedom and equality" and the other wants to "replace" these." He actually thinks that the GOP believes in people's freedom and equality? Then why doesn't he stand by women and denounce Trump so that the accusers and all women can know that they do have freedom and equality? But no, he is separating things and a women's basic sense of security in a male-dominated society is not the kind of freedom and equality we should be worried about.

    1. Anonymous9:55 AM

      PaU lyin rYan is a WereWolf.

    2. Anonymous10:36 AM

      Vote Republicans out of office every chance you get in November - in Congress, state Legislatures and in cities/towns - throughout the country.

      They have been a classic 'do nothing' group that have embarrassed themselves, us and our country.

      Plus, they tried to defeat and obstruct President Obama throughout his two terms. Thanks God he beat their asses and has done an outstanding job in spite of their constant deplorable actions!

      He's such a smart man - one man against those elder, fat assed, pot- bellied white guys - that creamed them! Yea President Obama who now has an approval rating 57%!

      The Republican party is full of idiots and racists - and their nasty deeds didn't work one damned bit!

      I wish President Obama could serve a third term! But, President Hillary Clinton will do an outstanding job too! Vote for her folks!

    3. Anonymous12:18 PM

      Freedom, unless it's the press and Equality, unless it's women.


    4. Anonymous1:35 PM

      It was his party during the Bush/Cheney years that stifled the press, individual rights, started the spy on the citizen program without our permission, and then lied to start a war in Iraq. Paul Ryan, you and yours will pay in hell. Mark my word. Even Jesus won't save you.

  16. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Am happy for Rosie O'Donnell, who must feel vindicated now. She was the canary in the foul-mouthed mine of Donald Trump, and media should have gone after him back then.

    1. Anonymous9:37 AM

      She started the war by insulting pageant girls and personally attacking him. He upped her.

    2. Anonymous9:52 AM

      9:37am, she told a joke about his hair. She didnt start a war. Like a million comedians before her and since. The only difference? She was a woman he wouldn't fuck.

    3. Anonymous9:59 AM

      I find nothing redeeming about Rosie O'Donnell but there are a million things Trump could have gone after her for besides being fat.

    4. Anonymous10:26 AM

      I love Rosie O'Donnell and Trump has gone after her forever with commentary sane men do not utter.

      Trump has proven himself anti women time and time again. He is pure scum and has no path in gaining the presidency!

      He's going to go down and have the title 'big loser' that he'll rightfully have won!

    5. Anonymous12:05 PM

      Unlike Donald Trump, Rosie O'Donnell is an extrodinarily generous woman who champions children's rights. She has given millions of dollars to charities for children, NYC and the arts. Millions. Out of her own pocket. I don't have to agree with everything a person says to see that they have a good heart. Rosie has a good, generous heart.

  17. Anonymous9:29 AM

    From Redstate?

    I’ve Decided Barack Obama Should Get a Third Term

    1. Anonymous10:23 AM

      Me too! But, I'm sure he and First Lady Michelle are eager to get on to other things. We'll be hearing a lot more of them and from them after they take their long-deserved vacation in Hawaii!

      Thank you President Obama and VP Biden for caring for America throughout your nearly completed two terms. You've done a fantastic job and are loved and respected throughout our country and world!

  18. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Ben Carson said today that it doesn't matter of the accusations against Trump are true or not. He, like all the other unevolved fools who will be voting, is dismissing anything Trump does because a so-called "train wreck" is going to take place if Trump doesn't win.

    Nothing Trump has done or could do would change his fans' minds. They have a need to keep believing that they are standing up for a greater cause. I think that if the court case involving the rape of the then-13-year-old was happening now, Trump's supporters would not care one bit what that person had to say about being a young teen and raped by Trump and his pal. There could be audio and video of it. Trump could have written a note to his pedophile friend to say thanks for a good time. Trump could have confessed in the confessional (not that he goes to church). It wouldn't matter. The rape victim could have become pregnant and had a child and the DNA tested and hospital records show that she gave birth at 13-14 and the baby had Trump's DNA--it would not matter. So many people are depraved.

    1. Anonymous9:59 AM

      Note to Ben Carson and other GOP idiots: there will be no train wreck if Trump loses. Hillary Clinton is the best prepared potential president this country has eve seen. She's also very well educated and very articulate - features frequently lacking in GOP presidential hopefuls in recent decades.

    2. Anonymous10:20 AM

      I've never understood how Ben Carson could be a doctor?! He just doesn't come across as having the brain powered needed!

      Especially after reading his take on the Donald Trump of recent days!

      BOTH of them are idiots and not good for our country!

  19. Anonymous9:35 AM

    I have a feeling we are going to need a spreadsheet to keep all these women straight.

    Maybe it would be easier to list the women he hasn’t degraded, groped or humiliated.

    The latest A Swedish model said she sat next to him at a WH dinner in the 90’s. He was so vulgar (rating women’s bodies) that she asked to have her seat change.

    He has proof all these women are lying, of course he is going to produce the evidence just like he proved Obama was not born in the USA.

    His proof is that it is a billionaire Mexican. Well who is going to believe that after he told us all Mexicans are rapist, drug dealers and criminals, when could he possible have time to coordinate all these women and convince them to lie against donnie when he is so busy doing criminal activities?

    This takes the sleaze award of the day:

    Trump fantasized about sex with Lindsay Lohan: ‘Deeply troubled’ teens are ‘always the best in bed’

    Are the Howard Stern Show tapes the ones that sink Trump?

  20. Anonymous9:36 AM

    O.T. Palin, You do not say "Hillary"
    on your Moose Chile recipe snark or any other time. You address her from now on
    as Madame President!!!!!

  21. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Woman says Trump reached under her skirt and groped her in early 1990s

    Kristin Anderson was deep in conversation with acquaintances at a crowded Manhattan nightspot and did not notice the figure to her right on a red velvet couch — until, she recalls, his fingers slid under her miniskirt, moved up her inner thigh, and touched her vagina through her underwear.

    Anderson shoved the hand away, fled the couch and turned to take her first good look at the man who had touched her, she said.

    She recognized him as Donald Trump: “He was so distinctive looking — with the hair and the eyebrows. I mean, nobody else has those eyebrows.”

    At the time of the incident, which Anderson said took place in the early 1990s, she was in her early twenties, trying to make it as a model. She was paying the bills by working as a makeup artist and restaurant hostess. Trump was a big celebrity whose face was all over the tabloids and a regular presence on the New York club scene.

    The episode, as Anderson described it, lasted no more than 30 seconds. Anderson said she and her companions were “very grossed out and weirded out” and thought, “Okay, Donald is gross. We all know he’s gross. Let’s just move on.”

  22. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Let's talk about the WH female intern who was shot in 1997.

    1. Anonymous9:54 AM

      Let's talk about things that exist in reality, troll.

    2. Anonymous10:05 AM


    3. Anonymous10:06 AM

      Sure, let's talk about it. It is item number one on this link which, by the way, debunks all of the Clinton "murder mysteries".

      I think your tin foil beanie is a little too tight buddy, or maybe it's HAARP, that's it HAARP waves are controlling your mind and making you see things that aren't there. Don't look now but that black helicopter circling your house is coming to take you away, as they say it's not paranoia if they really are out to get you ;-)

    4. Anonymous10:08 AM

      Cat got your tongue?

    5. Go talk to Alex Jones about it. Sane people know that it was a robbery gone wrong at her workplace and there is no evidence whatsoever that this was an assassination. The murderer is behind bars for life with no parole.


    6. Okay, troll at 9:37, how about we talk about the serial killer who was targeting young brunettes, usually Asian women in D.C. In roughly the same period. I don't think they ever solved that one.
      There are real murders that happened here that could use the attention.

    7. Anonymous11:20 AM

      Joe Scarborough intern. It is a dangerous job.

      Remember Joe Scarborough’s Intern Lori Klausutis, found dead in his office while he was a Representative – Now a Cold Case

    8. Anonymous11:37 AM

      Tick Tock
      But remember according to Mike Pence all of these women are lying and the evidence to disprove what they say is only "hours away."


      Scarborough earns $99K A WEEK from his morning show... but wife Susan will only see 'fraction' of it after divorce

      Part of the reason the separation and divorce went unnoticed was that Scarborough continued to wear his wedding ring on television through the summer, even after everything was finalized in January.

    9. Anonymous11:44 AM

      @10:06 Me :-)

    10. Anonymous12:36 PM

      Why anyone watches Scarborough is beyond me! 'Good Morning America' is much, much better! Change channels folks!

  23. Anonymous9:39 AM

    In response to allegations from multiple women coming forward with stories of sexual harassment and assault at the hands of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, the campaign is doubling down on attempts to smear and silence his accusers."
    drumpf 'they are too ugly to merit sexual assault.'

    1. Anonymous12:23 PM

      Oh, yeah. There's a defense. That's sure going to earn him points.

  24. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Another woman came forward against Trump... TV said Washington Post

    1. Anonymous9:51 AM

  25. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Top stories
    Trump on Lindsay Lohan in 2004: 'Deeply troubled' women are 'always the best in bed'
    CNN Money - 16 mins ago

  26. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Donald Trump Laughs in Agreement When Called a Sexual Predator on ‘The Howard Stern Show’ and Daughter Ivanka Finds It Funny Too

    Yahoo - 4 hours ago

  27. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Obama Wipes The Floor With Fake Populist Trump At Ohio Rally For Hillary Clinton

    1. Anonymous12:46 PM

      Look at what he's been doing his entire life?

      We are right now. Abusing and assaulting women.

      He has been a sexual predator his entire life.

      Also a liar, a cheat, a bully, a racist, a bigot.

      More than enough to make him unfit to be dog catcher, let alone president.

      BTW even the dogs feel he is a threat to their future.

      I think my favorite. Keith has been born again. And states the number one reason no one should vote for Trump. He wants to poison your dog.

      Donald Trump has never owned a dog. In fact, has never had any pet of any kind that anyone can document. Kinda brings into focus the fact that we shouldn't elect anyone that has never cared for or about another living creature. No, don't bring up his kids. The wives cared for them.

      Trump has never cared about anyone but himself. That is the one characteristic that should bar him from the White House. It is his most damning character flaw.

  28. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Another one today
    Kristin Anderson

    Her account: Anderson says she was out at a Manhattan nightclub with friends, sitting on a red velvet couch, when she felt Trump reach into her skirt and touch her vagina through her underwear, The Washington Post reports. She told the paper that the incident was brief, but that she and her friends were “very grossed out.” Anderson was in her early 20s at the time, and an aspiring model.

    Trump’s response: A spokeswoman for Trump told The Washington Post that he “denies this phony allegation by someone looking to get some free publicity. It is totally ridiculous.” It’s worth noting, though, that Anderson did not, in fact, approach the Post with her story. She was contacted by a reporter who’d heard about her experience from other people, and she reportedly deliberated for several days about whether or not to go public.
    When we found out: October 14, 2016
    When she says it happened: The early 1990s

    A Running List Of The Women Who’ve Accused Donald Trump Of Sexual Assault

  29. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Couple more Trump videos at

  30. Let's examine parallels here.

    Palin uses the "R" word when she feels like it and calls out others for the same. Donald just uses it because he can.

    Palin quit college in Hawaii because there were too many "brown" people making her uncomfortable and then shacked up with Glenn Rice.

    Sarah has Todd, the pimp, and the Donald had Jeffrey Epstein, the molester, in their tangled existences for aid and comfort.

    Sarah says boys will be boys and Trump says locker room talk.

    I would love to be the nanny who reads bedtime stories to their grandchildren. Heh. Heh.

  31. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Hillary Clinton Details What It’s Like To Be Stalked By An Unhinged Trump

    In her first interview since the second presidential debate, Hillary Clinton spoke for so many women who were enraged by Donald Trump's menacing skulking behind her when she said that Trump "stalked" her while on stage.

    ...On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Democratic nominee for president said that Trump was really angry because of the Access Hollywood video that captured him bragging about sexual assault, “…he was really all wrought up, and you could just sense how much anger he had.”

    1. Anonymous11:11 AM

      Is Bristol still stalking Hil? The Palins must be so happy. I heard the President mentioning the Family Values deal. Sarah gets so much credit for all she does for Family Values.

  32. Anonymous10:04 AM

    ‘Deeply troubled’ teens are ‘always the best in bed’

    ...Stern asked, “Can you imagine the sex with this troubled teen?”

    “Yeah, you’re probably right,” Trump said. “She’s probably deeply troubled and therefore great in bed. How come the deeply troubled women, you know, deeply, deeply troubled, they’re always the best in bed?”

    Stern said damaged women are “looking for love, they’re looking for positive affirmation, they’re looking for a father figure who will love them and tell them they’re wonderful and they’ll never be enough. No matter many times you tell them they’re beautiful, no matter how many times you tell them you love them they want to suck it up more. They would drain you like a vampire until your head caved in if they could get more love.”

    “Well I have a friend Howard who’s actually like a great playboy, I mean, I don’t say this about men, this guy does very well,” Trump said. “He runs silent, runs deep as they say, like a submarine. He will only look for a crazy women. He says, ‘Donald, Donald, please, please, I only want the crazy women.'”

    “They’re desperate,” Stern said.

    “What is this guy all about,” said Trump. “But for some reason, what I said is true. It’s just unbelievable. You don’t want to be with them for long term, but for the short term there’s nothing like it.”

  33. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Supermodel: ‘Vulgar, sexist’ Trump spent White House party ogling women and talking about breasts

    A former supermodel says that she was so disgusted and offended by Donald Trump at a White House dinner in 1993 that she asked to be moved to another table rather than continue to listen to him ranting about women’s breast sizes and how “fat women aren’t real women.”

    Swedish-born Vendela Kirsebom, now 49, told the Daily Mail that the portion of her evening at the White House spent next to Trump was “excruciating.”

    “Everything he said was so vulgar. I couldn’t listen to his nonsense for an entire night so I asked if I could be moved,” Kirsebom told the Mail.

    “He talked about big breasts, small breasts, how one was better than the other and the differences between them,” she recounted. “His main focus was breasts and the sizes of women’s bodies. Fat women were not real women in his opinion.”

    “He basically said if you are not attractive and beautiful, then you don’t have any purpose as a woman,” Kirsebom said.

    1. Anonymous10:50 AM

      I just read the WH party story. Ick. I'm so glad there's a witness (editor who the young model asked to change her seat) who remembers. Same for the prof who another victim went to when she was assaulted. Today, Trump can't get away with his crap b/c everyone has a camera on their phone. He's 70 and orange, fat and ugly and decades out of style, but that wouldn't stop him from going after women if he could.

    2. Anonymous10:53 AM

      He talks about what Bill Clinton did in the WH and says Clinton degraded the premises, but Trump was not at all moved by the fact that he was in the historical presidential residence when he was a dinner guest--he couldn't even get through a dinner without being the sexist creep that we now all know he is. I'd love it if someone would say that next time Trump talks about how honor must be restored to the White House.

    3. Anonymous11:01 AM

      tRUMP has been all over the country doing whatever he does.

      Somewhere there probably is at least one victim for which the statute of limitation on criminal prosecution hasn't run out.

    4. Anonymous12:57 PM

      There you have it.

      President Sleeze, Lecher in Chief.

      We don't need a stubby-fingered vulgarian in the White House.

  34. Anonymous10:09 AM

    ...“We need a humanitarian in the White House, not a barbarian.”

    The English musician made references to his own humanitarian work to illustrate the scope of Clinton’s contribution in this field.

    "I’ve dedicated the past quarter century of my life to the fight against AIDS — to advocating for the human rights of all people ... no matter who they are, who they love, or where they live,” John said. “And Hillary has been doing this important work — fighting for equality, for the rights of all people — long before I was. She’s amassed an astonishing record of achievement — unmatched by any American politician today."

    Once again referencing Trump, who most recently was at the center of a controversy for allegedly assaulting women for years, John said, “America is already great – and Hillary is a part of the reason why,” he said. “So tonight, I’m proud to say: I’m with her!”

  35. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Confirmation about Trump's sexual assault of Natasha Stoynoff - she called her journalism prof about it right after it happened -

  36. Anonymous10:13 AM

    I like the comment that with Trump, it's not so much an October Surprise as an Advent Calendar.

    1. Anonymous11:00 AM


    2. Anonymous11:01 AM

      Your comment brought a smile to my face, 10:13 AM! Your correlation to the Advent Calendar was spot on!

  37. Anonymous10:19 AM

    I think it's very clear that Donald Trump has "behaved badly" most of his life. Frankly, I don't care to know all of the details.

    What matters now is that Trump is not fit, in any way, to be president of the United States. Again and again, he has shown himself to be racist, nativist, and misogynistic. He has never demonstrated interest in anything but his own pleasure. He is incapable of showing empathy towards anyone. He cheats those he employs. HIs ignorance (of the people who make this country a dynamic and diverse society, of the values we share as citizens and as caring people, of the country's history, and of our Constitution) is astounding. His inability to control his mouth should have kept him from winning a single vote in the primaries. HIs willingness to allow Putin and his Russian thugs meddle in this election should be a major turnoff to all voters. There are so many things wrong with Donald Trump that we don't need any more salacious details about his predatory nature.

    1. Anonymous1:05 PM

      We don't. We thinking, reasoning, empathetic, sensitive and contemplative voters don't.

      But there are still the undecideds. How anyone can be undecided at this point baffles me. But there you go.

      His base, the basest of humanity, the Deplorables that border are animals, don't care. For some of them these revelations just motivates them to embrace him all the more.

      But for those that have not chosen, they are in need of this in your face, repetition of how crass, vulgar, stupid and UNFIT this awful human being is to even be considered for the office of president.

      And while this is unfolding, it is also an opportunity to attack and weaken the hold of those that elevated Trump to this position. The Republican Party and all those that have and continue to endorse him. With every revelation more leave the GOP. That is a good thing and worth tolerating the revelations that will be forthcoming daily up to and even after the election.

      I have no doubt those late to the party will continue to hammer Trump after he loses. After all, we still have a rape case and Trump University in the courts.

  38. Anonymous10:23 AM

    'I felt, whoa, this is really weird': Hillary Clinton tells Ellen DeGeneres how she felt 'stalked' by Donald Trump during THAT televised debate

    ...She said kept feeling a 'presence' behind her, and said :'I felt, whoa, this is really weird. He would literally stalk me around stage and it was so odd'.

    Clinton confirmed what body language experts and viewers were quick to notice - with thousands taking to Twitter Sunday evening to suggest his behavior was 'predatory'.

    Body language author Janine Driver referred to his movements as a 'pre-assault indicator' and said: 'He's like a dog who's starting to get anxious and being backed into a corner'.

  39. Anonymous10:35 AM

    This is more about the People magazine journalist who says Trump cornered her in a room and stuck his tongue down her throat while a pregnant Melania was changing clothes during an interview at Mar-a-Lago. She is the one that Trump claims couldn't be a victim, because, well look at her! *sigh* Great to see her former journalism professor is standing by her side. I think they pegged it exactly when they decided it was more dangerous to confront Trump by reporting the incident. "McLaughlin said he told Stoynoff the incident "basically was going to be a he-said-she-said," and he believed that, if she did come forward, Trump would "come at her with guns a-blazing."

    Regarding the same story, Melania has now gone after People because she says some other minor element of Stoynoff's letter published by People isn't true - she does NOT deny the assault allegation. See the story here:

  40. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Please read this artcicle about Don Jr. He is a total POS like his father.

  41. Anonymous10:55 AM

    More stuff keeps popping up - And the day isn't over yet - who knows how low it can go!

    1. Anonymous11:07 AM

      Yeah, thanks Trump for releasing all your proof that it is all fabrications from women you never met.

  42. Donald Dump10:57 AM

    Make Murrica Great Again!

    We need to get back to the good old days. Remember

    $ Lead paint? That stuff really stuck and you could sand it!

    $ Cars with no seatbelts?

    $ Anti desegregation busing riots when the whites said "Hell No We Won't Go"?

    $ Gas still had the lead in it?

    $ Only rich people could have phones in their car?

    $ They gave $20.00 BJs in Times Square?

    $ How it was before all this sexual harassment crap was invented?

    $ Remember when you could still slap your wife or girlfriend around when they needed it and the cops were all men so they understood why you needed to straighten the bitch out?

    $ Stewardesses dressed for success and sex appeal and you could check their underwear when you needed to?

    $ Doctors and psychiatrists could still have sex with their patients if they needed it?

    1. Anonymous12:07 PM

      Ah the good old days!!!

    2. Donald Dump1:28 PM

      Make Murrica Great Again!

      My personal favorite-

      Introducing the Braniff Air Strip!

  43. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Trump WAS creepy to watch as he hovered over Hillary Clinton during that debate. It grossed me out! The guy is truly an ass and not qualified to be POTUS.

  44. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Mike Pence says any minute, sometime today Friday October 14, 2016, they will be releasing the PROOF that all these women are liars. It is a vast left wing conspiracy, Pence claims Trump is innocent!

  45. Anonymous11:06 AM

    and another one steps forward
    Ex-Apprentice Contestant: Trump Was ‘Thrusting His Genitals’ at Me

    1. Anonymous11:56 AM

      Trump/Pence have proof.

  46. Anonymous11:16 AM

    A British Magazine Just Summed Up The U.S. Election Perfectly

  47. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Trump went back stage to ogle at teen girls as young as 15 dressing and undressing at the Miss Teen USA pageant. He is not a pervert he is a pedophile

  48. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Misogynists can now flex their muscles at the “Trump Gym.”

  49. Anonymous11:41 AM

    He decided to put the entire “stalking” thing to music

  50. Anonymous11:49 AM

    The trump victim count is now at 11 with more coming out just about every hour today.

  51. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Trump Wonders Why No One’s Accusing Obama of Sexual Assault

    ‘When I Arrived He Kissed Me on the Lips’: New Trump Accuser Gives Press Conference

    Ok, I’m Done Defending Trump and His Creepy Behavior

  52. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Lisa Boyne: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

  53. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Obama Just Warned Trump: Don’t Attack My Wife Or There Will Be Hell To Pay

  54. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Two new women say Trump groped them as campaign reels

    Two more women came forward on Friday with allegations that Donald Trump had groped them, including a contestant on his reality show, "The Apprentice," as the Republican presidential candidate said accusations of sexual misconduct against him were part of a plot to discredit him a month ahead of the election.

    The new accusations come as Trump slips further behind Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in national opinion polls ahead of the Nov. 8 election. A Reuters/Ipsos survey this week showed him lagging Clinton by 8 percentage points among likely voters.

    ..."He did touch my vagina through my underwear, absolutely," Kristin Anderson said in a video interview on the newspaper's website. “It wasn’t a sexual come-on. I don’t know why he did it. It was like just to prove that he could do it," she told the paper.

    1. Anonymous1:23 PM

      When your candidate Trump makes a fat motherfucker like Chris Christie look clean by need a new party!

  55. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Trump sex misconduct allegations: 2 more women, one an 'Apprentice' star, allege touching without consent

    Michael Walsh
    October 14, 2016


  56. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Lisa Boyne, Jessica Leeds, Rachel Crooks, Mindy McGillivray, Natasha Stoynoff....

  57. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Cases of Everclear was brought into the tower of green baloney for last minute prep. See ya at the dump debate of deplorable drunk coke heads 4 rumpastein.

  58. Anonymous1:21 PM

    I don't know why anyone is surprised at Trump's behavior. Just look at him. He's awkwardly built, uncomfortable in his own skin, been butt ugly since he was born, yet somehow is a narcissist.

    He's a classic case of overcompensation, both in his own self-reflection and in his relationships with women. Basically stated he's "herp derp" with a lot of money and that's the only way he ever got laid, his money is his power because he is so deficient in so many other areas, mainly physically.

    If he wasn't such an asshole I'd actually feel a little sorry for him but he's made his bed and now he has to roll around in the stinky covers and own all this bullshit that he's perpetrated.

    What's really going to kill him, personally, is when we all find out his true net worth, because his power is in his money, I mean look at those hands and feet and that really tiny head...his power is in his money and we're all going to find out soon that he doesn't have as much as he says he does and that will deflate him like a punctured balloon.

    First he will go on a tirade and then he will cower and then we own him.

  59. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Yesterday and today, there are so many comments by Trump about the women's looks and how he'd not be attracted to them and make a move. He's making so many juvenile comments. And he sees the fact that they aren't hot young 10's as embarrassing to him--his comments are in large part about defending how he sees himself as having the best taste and able to get the best when it comes to arm candy and sex. He of course doesn't accept that while he can age and get fat and ugly (well, uglier--he was never handsome), any woman who he groped years ago should look as she did then. Heck, if they did, he might actually admit to what he did! But seriously, he doesn't get that this is about crimes and an abuse of power. He acts as though it's simply a matter of who he's physically attracted to. He's so dense.

  60. Anonymous1:39 PM

    I say we test Trump and put him in a room with a bunch of pretty young women. I'd put money on it, that in seconds his lil' hands will be groping, even with the cameras on.

  61. Anonymous4:17 PM

    He has no impulse control whatsoever, the women are coming out of the woodwork, and he's got twenty some days to try to right his ship. It ain't gonna happen, no way no how.

  62. Anonymous9:35 PM

    If that speech he gave in Florida is any indication he is so far off the rails no one can control him.

    The debate on Wednesday should be very entertaining. There is no way for him to win. Even he must realize it. The debate will be an exercise in futility. All he can do is fling more feces and try to take everyone down with him. It won't be pretty and it won't fool anyone or gain him any votes. Not in states where it matters. And he risks losing more votes in Utah and Arizona. The Mormons are *not* happy with him.

    I only hope that he not only turns Arizona blue and hands Utah to Evan McGinnis but he also flips Texas and maybe even Georgia.

    While there is nothing Trump can do to gain votes, there is plenty he can do (or has done that will be exposed) to lose them.


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