Friday, November 11, 2016

Just a few days after his election Donald Trump returns to Twitter, to complain about protesters.

So wait, thousands of protesters are "professionals" who are being paid to act outraged?

Oh yeah, that seems logical.

Apparently somebody on his staff decided to follow up that very un-presidential tweet with this one.
You know if these people are going to protect Trump from his impulsivity they may consider putting a shock collar on him that goes off when he opens his Twitter account.

And what's even more embarrassing is that Trump tweeted this back in 2012:

Of course those have now been deleted, but what Trump seems very slow to learn is that the internet is eternal.

And this is the guy who, thanks to the Russians and FBI, now runs our country.

This is going to be a long four years.


  1. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Yea, though WE walk through the valley of the shadow of death, WE will fear no evil: for thou art with US; thy rod and thy staff they comfort US.
    - Uncle Sam & Lady Liberty

    1. Anonymous5:36 PM

      Lol. But so true.

  2. Anonymous11:50 AM

    These are not small groups of protesters even if that is how they want to portray it. These are tens of thousands not just in this country. I just saw a huge list of cities here and in other countries who are planning more protests tonight.Sounds like the reprehensible Kellyann Conway might have written this. The "small" denigrating term sounds like her. Fuck that skank.

    1. Anonymous2:58 PM

      Someone photoshopped an ad on my FB page that shows 'liberals' are willing to pay $1,500 for anyone going to protest tRump.
      Yeah, RIGHT!

    2. So what?

      What is that going to accomplish?

      Guess what? The Deplorables are pointing at all of this and say it's the liberals who are thugs, rioting and destroying property and attacking people.

      They don't acknowledge the existence of any of the hate that has been unleashed by their own racists and bigots against women and anyone of color.

      The deny they did anything after Obama was elected. They swear the transition was peaceful and they all accepted it in 2008 and 2012.

      No, they say. It's the liberals that can't accept a legitimate election and a peaceful transition of power.

      Heads in the sand on Russia, Wikilieaks, the FBI. Nope. None of that exists.

      And I say again. Exactly what do these people want to accomplish? We already KNOW a lot of people are pissed.

      This won't void the election.
      Trump will still be president.
      Nothing is going to change.

      So, what's the point?

      Do you think all this energy might be better used to make sure DWS, Brazile and the current Democratic leadership is ousted and replaced with the likes of Howard Dean, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Keith Ellison and Charles Schumer? Wouldn't that be more constructive and productive?

  3. Anonymous11:53 AM

    "This is going to be a long four years."
    Yes it is.

    1. Anonymous1:26 PM

      It's not going to last four year w/a Trump presidency. Betcha!

    2. It will be an even longer four years when Trump is impeached and President Pence takes over.

      If we don't start now by cleaning house of the Democratic Party leadership and working to take back the Senate and House we have no chance of putting a Democrat in the White House in 2020. And it better not be a 'coastal liberal elite' so they better identify someone now and start to build them up.

  4. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Look at this frightening scenario. If you thought things were bad now.....

    1. Duh.

      It doesn't take a rocket scientist to predict that one.

      Michael Moore also laid out exactly how Trump would win back in July. It came down exactly as he predicted. He also said Trump will be impeached.

      *I* said the minute he won that he wouldn't last four years. I'd be surprised if he lasted one year.

  5. Anonymous12:01 PM

    He cannot stand being disliked or made fun of. How is he going to cope with all the hatred coming his way once he's in office? I hope oh so much that he suffers bigly.

    1. Anonymous12:30 PM

      I want the orange blob to keep clogging up until he explodes. If I wake up one morning to a headline saying that he's kicked the bucket, I will not feel bad about it at all. It'll be horrible having Pence take his place, but still.

    2. Anonymous12:45 PM

      Pence has already taken his place 12:30

    3. Anonymous1:49 PM

      @Anonymous 12:01 PM

      Trump is such sleazy filthy trash.
      We have to remember how he mocked and mistreated President Obama, for all these years.

    4. Anonymous2:30 PM

      Yep. Never forget.

    5. Anonymous3:29 PM

      I doubt he has any idea the scrutiny he and family will be under during his term.Better grow a thick skin 'cause it will be brutal.

    6. The election is over and he (and Melania) are still the butt of late night show jokes. Just wait for Bill Maher, John Oliver, Samantha Bee and SNL.

      I'm sure the political cartoonists are continuing their death by a thousand paper cuts.

      It isn't going to get better. It will only get worse.

  6. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Election Results 2016: Did Voter ID & Voter Suppression Help Elect Trump?

    ....There were voter suppression controversies in some of the states that determined the presidency, including Wisconsin, Ohio, and North Carolina....

    1. No.

      Democratic Party leadership deafness, blindness and stagnation along with hubris did it.

      Same thing happened in 2004 with Kerry and they didn't learn a damned thing. After Howard Dean was replaced as chair they just slipped back into their old ways and lost the Senate in 2010, then the House. 2012 was way too close a call for an incumbant's re-election. We lost more in 2014 and now here it is 2016 and we are totally screwed.

      They are insane, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

      Time for a compete overhaul. Dean and Sanders have a plan for bringing in the millennials and taking advantage of new technology. Warren and Ellison can fire up the base and bring the millenials back. It's up to the party to figure out a way to rebrand the party to bring back the working people, the every day people that were attracted to Trump's message.

      Clinton's group can't do that.

  7. Anonymous12:25 PM

    "And this is the guy who, thanks to the Russians and FBI, now runs our country."

    lol. Still refusing to get it of course.

    1. Anonymous2:31 PM

      Your comment doesn't make sense. Who isn't getting what?

  8. Anonymous12:29 PM

    He needs to ignore them and keep being positive. I do hate how hypocritical they are though. They're acting worse them HIM.

    1. Anonymous2:01 PM

      @Anonymous 12:29 PM

      That sleazy filthy piece of shit, Trump, does not have a positive bone in his sloppy body.
      All he does is insult people, and lie on people.

    2. Anonymous2:32 PM

      Hey 12:29-Brissy just posted new photos of her Instagram! Run! Run as fast as you can!

  9. Anonymous12:30 PM

    We have seen all along that anything Trump said about Hillary actually described him and not her. So, it would seem that he may have just confessed to paying for the protestors at his rallies, the ones he then told his supporters to turn on. What do you think? Possible? Sure!!!!!!

    Why else would he assume those protesting against him are being paid --- which "professional" means.

    1. Anonymous1:25 PM

      I so agree with you, 12:30 PM.

      During the campaign, everything Trump put out there that were anti Hillary Clinton were things he had been caught having done himself. Noticed it and thought it so weird!!

      He is so temperamental and not suited to hold ANY political office in the land - much less that of POTUS!

      I predict he will maintain the position for a short period of time. He'll either die in office or be forced out/impeached due to having been caught doing illegal activities (possibly w/Russia and Putin, etc.). I don't put anything past him!

  10. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Ok Im going to get shit for this but here goes.

    Rick Scott as health Services Sec and Rudy as Atty Gen annoy and terrify me more than Sarah as Interior Sec.

    At least she has no problems ensuring oil comps pay big time for the act of pillaging land. And she cares about environment. she was raised outside as a hunter and camper in Alaska. She respects nature.

    Though I hope none of the above happens.

    1. Anonymous2:33 PM

      Sarah caring about the environment? Isn't she the one who said our natural resources were give to us by God to use? Isn't she the one who has been wanting drilling in Alaska anywhere some oil company wants to drill?

    2. Anonymous3:35 PM

      She could careless about the environment, she is going to sell off the national parks one way or the other.

      Only thing that will save the national parks from becoming giant oil fields is the price of oil dropping.

      However she will make sure they are devoid of animals, open season on all the wildlife.

      She doesn't respect anything, herself included.

  11. Anonymous12:32 PM

    My first question about Trump's post-election America has been amswered. He still cannot in anyway accept dissent. When was the last time a POTUS complained about being treated unfairly??

    1. Anonymous1:07 PM

      Trump is not going to have a demeanor like any recent previous potus. Start getting used to that.

    2. We are now is a post-truth, post-reason, post-progress, post-Obama's grace era. How will we get used to it?
      Today was Remembrance Day: I felt as if I was remembering & grieving for a time when there was American democracy, or at lest a nod toward it...

      Mr. Bully-Victim is now the "Leader" of the "free" world. What a nightmare.

  12. Anonymous12:43 PM

    "The loser one!"

    Written by the next leader of the free world. What a dolt.

  13. Do you have a link for scheduled protests? Having trouble finding one. Need to make plans for this weekend and the next few weeks/months.

  14. Anonymous1:15 PM

    I so hope he is impeached and his fat, white ass kicked out of the White House. He is so not qualified to be POTUS!

    He is not kind, is racist, lies, steals from others, cheats, temperamental, non Christian in his actions, not bright, has no common sense and is pure evil. He appalls me!

    God protect us all from this evil human being and his pending actions and deeds!

  15. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Judge Sarah Palin for Attorney General. Giuliani may have been a prosecutor but he was never a judge.

  16. Anonymous1:25 PM

    This helped me feel a bit better:

  17. Anonymous1:30 PM

    It is a sad day for America. What our forefathers and military fought for is gone in the blink of an eye. Americans may be teary eyed but search the Internet for a picture of Uncle Sam and then Lady Liberty crying. Now do you believe we are in trouble?

  18. This is SO troubling. Trump has made bullying in schools ok by his example. Since the 1st lady to be gave a speech on the topic she better think how she's going to make kids safer. The best place for her to start will be at home! I seriously doubt she will have any luck there.

    Make Our Schools Safe Again: 140 Scary Incidents (and Counting) of Election-Inspired Bullying at School

    There is a link on that page you can tweet:

    We are gathering reports of post-Trump school bullying. Email us incidents,

    Already I have a tenant with tears in her eyes who stopped by my office today to say hello. She works with disabled & mentally challenged children in the school system and told me of 2 incidents where a 5 yr. old and another 8 yr. old girl were crying because they think Donald Trump is going to force them to leave the country. It's heartbreaking.

  19. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Now ome are saying he won't last. I was thinking that he give up to Mike Pence (not a good idea). Probably be a quitter like Sarah Palin. Let's hope not too much damage.

    10 cats.

  20. Anonymous1:51 PM

    the constraints placed on trump having to live in the bubble will drive him out of his mind, he will never stand for other people having to tell him where and when he needs to be somewhere, or to make a phone call, etc.
    he will quit

    1. Anonymous2:54 PM

      I suspect that you're right. The presidency is a thankless job. Presidents on both sides get blamed for situations they did not directly cause and could do little to ameliorate. He will have a brief honeymoon where he tries to appear presidential and show leadership qualities but like all Presidents, he will be tested. I suspect in a few short months Trump will be wishing he'd never even considered running.

    2. Anonymous5:44 PM

      The protestor it appears they are saying, "build that wall", meaning build your wall around your stupid tower. Funny. Idk if that is what they are meaning.

    3. Anonymous8:36 PM

      lol...254 he already has the look of 'I actually have to do this now' pause...

  21. Anonymous2:04 PM

    My jaw is still dropped from the shock of the election. However, news leaks here and there are revealing that Trump is backing off a lot of his promises. He's sounding more and more like a liberal. Even his campaign team is shifting and many of his advisers are big lobbyists from the Heritage Foundation, one having been an advisor to Dick Cheney.

    So, it's beginning to sound like the Donald was always a Democrat in Rep. clothing. We'll soon see what's up. And, he's hiring his 3 kids and son-in-law for his transition team.

    1. Anonymous2:47 PM

      Having people from the Heritage Foundation is not good -- it is a right wing think take. Anyone who had anything to do with Dick Cheney is not good.

      Having these people as advisors is NOT an indication of him being a Dem in Rep clothing.

      And, one campaign promise he seemed to back off of (ban on all Muslims entering the country) which had been removed from his website --- well, it is now back on the website, so is still alive and kicking for him.

    2. Anonymous3:40 PM

      Wow lobbyist telling the president what to do, what could possible go wrong especially for the right wing Heritage foundation.

      He still wants to get rid of Obamacare, hardly a liberal idea.

    3. Nope.

      They're going to repeal Dodd-Frank.

      They're going to eliminate the Volcker rule.

      The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will be all but gone.

      They'll make sure there are no future bailouts to banks.

      Net Neutrality will be GONE!

      There will be censorship. Whether it is imposed by the government or self-imposed by the media because they are AFRAID, it will still be censorship.

      No, Trump is not a Democrat in Republican clothing. He isn't a Republican either.

      He's a Fascist at heart.

      "Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." - Benito Mussolini.

      Who better than Mussolini would know?

      And in Trump, that is exactly what we got. He is Fascism personified. The merger of state and corporate power.

      He will destroy this country. It won't take long and it won't take much. The Republicans will go along because they think it's what they want. They have been leaning farther and farther that direction for the last few decades.

      Don't blame Sarah Palin, she is a result of the shift too. She was an indicator with her charismatic appeal despite being totally stupid and uneducated. She was the canary in the coal mine.

      If you must blame someone, blame KARL ROVE.

    4. Anonymous5:49 AM

      He is going to eliminate the media, the path to his fascism depends on it.

      Paid protestors-Trump's jobs plan.

  22. That walk-back has Kellyanne Conway's fingerprints all over it.

    She better be given a low key post somewhere in the Trump administration as she seems to be the only one that can handle him. Without her, they won't be able to control him. He could even go so far off as to convince enough electors to vote against him in December. Yeah, he could totally fuck himself within a month.

  23. Switch to Chrome if you haven't already done so and you can add this to your John Oliver Drumpf extensions. You'll never have to see Drumpf's face again.

  24. Here's your next woman President.

    Probably 2024.

    Start working now.

    Join Howard Dean and Michael Moore in taking back the Democratic Party and building a network that will get her elected, as well as take back the House and Senate.

    1. Anonymous2:44 PM

      I wish you were right about Kamala but white America says you are not right.

    2. Anonymous2:44 PM

      Trump better not sexually harass her.

    3. Anonymous3:35 PM

      I think Kamala will turn out to be an good senator, but to me she really needs to put in her time and pay her dues if she is ever going to run for a higher office. I live in SF and she's long been a part of politics here, but I didn't vote for her. Kamala is ex-mayor Willie Brown's lover (she was still under 30 and he was 60 when they hooked up) and protege, and in my opinion much of her quick getting far wasn't due to her abilities but due to him and all his many connections and big money here in the Bay Area. It was always so in-our-faces that she was being pushed ahead by Willie and his friends. She totally fucked up as DA when she hid the fact that the crime lab that tested DNA and other forensic evidence was corrupted--that threw the SFPD and courts into disarray. I am liberal but could never bring myself to vote for Brown when he was mayor. He is a smart guy who achieved some good things, but he is also mister money around here and did so much shady exchanging of favors with construction and the tech companies. I cannot stand when Dems are as bad as Republicans. Anyway, Kamala has grown up some and was a better AG than she was DA. I think she'll do okay as a senator, but I personally don't want her pushed onto the national stage as the next female candidate for pres. Her mess-ups as SF DA will come back to bite her. To me, after she serves eight years as a senator, so is in a second term, she'd be ready and could stave off criticism of her work in SF/CA.

    4. Anonymous3:45 PM

      Thing is, a network to get Kamala elected will include all the big names from so-liberal San Francisco and CA that the rest of the country despises. Good and honest people like Barbara Boxer will support her, of course, but there will also be the big money pols, some with questionable pasts, behind her. The rest of the country may not see a grassroots working person kind of campaign. They could see it as elitist, rich, tech giant California wielding its power. Maybe if she were a VEEP candidate okay, but as pres, well, I live in CA and know how the rest of the country sees us. Then again, maybe once it becomes clear that billionaire Trump is Satan, maybe after all the talk about getting rid of big money, the rest of the country won't be opposed to fighting money with money.

    5. 2:44 and 3:35.

      Just wait 8 years. She can be just as ready as everyone thought Elizabeth Warren was.

      Our 2024 candidate should come from Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota or Illinois. Kamala Harris should be the VP. That puts her in line to the White House after one to two terms, plus gives her leadership cred. In 8 years, she'll be more than ready if they start grooming her now.

      In 8 years if we don't reduce the impact of the white male voter no Democrat will get elected.

      We have 8 years.

  25. OT:

    The FDA has suspended testing our food for Glyphosate (Round up), a suspected carcinogen.

    When Trump repeals so many of our regulations, we won't know what's in our food, water or air.

    He might even try eliminating the FDA. Who knows?

    1. Anonymous3:58 PM

      Safety aside, how many job loses are the anticipating with all these department closures?


    2. Anonymous5:54 PM

      So much for "big league jobs". What a joke!

  26. Trump kids running his business and serving in his administration:

    "The Trump Organization said in a statement it was planning to transfer control of the portfolio of businesses to Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump and other executives.

    Earlier on Friday, the three Trump children - the oldest of Trump’s five children - were also named as members of Trump’s Presidential Transition Team Executive Committee."

    Until Trump has Congress repeal the nepotism laws his kids can't be in his cabinet. But they can be "Tsars" on special projects and committees.

    We are so totally fucked.

    1. Anonymous3:27 PM

      Rules and traditions are for everyone else. He didn't release his tax returns and nepotism laws are for the commons. He does what he wants, screw you.

    2. Anonymous3:44 PM

      Colbert made a joke, something like if you want to sound like a dictator have junior in your cabinet.

      I want to know how they are going to keep track of how much money and contracts are given to his businesses.

      Traitor trump is going to make Dick Cheney and Haliburton look like amateurs.

    3. Anonymous3:47 PM

      It's so unethical. I can hear Trump saying this morning, "Fuck it, kids, we're gonna do what we want, so come on over and transition away." I hate this family.

    4. 3:47

      And *that* is going to get him impeached just as Michael Moore predicted. Others are predicting it too. He'll either be impeached on national security or avarice. I'm putting my money on the money. He is going to hide his financials in that disclosure form he has to fill out that amounts to perjury. Or something else. But I think it's greed that will be his downfall. And the Republicans will be so eager to get rid of him they'll grab any excuse and vote to impeach him. There will be such overwhelming proof no lie of denial by Trump will be believed

      I give him a year.

  27. How much do you want to bet that Trump plans to "replace" Obamacare with "Trumpcare" by just revising and tweaking it?

    1. Anonymous3:45 PM

      I think in the long run he is going to have a hard time repealing Obamacare. They already tried 50 times and failed.

      I don't think the insurance lobbies will let him.

    2. 3:45. They won't repeal it. It would cost billions if they did. I'm not sure the insurance lobby wants it gone either. But it will be tweaked and then repackaged as "Trumpcare" because you know Trump will want to take everything away from Obama. He certainly can't leave his name on that. It will be "rebranded."

    3. Based on Trump's comments on 60 minutes about the conversation he and President Obama had about ACA/Obamacare, I could see the President suggesting just that to Trump.

      "Tweak it a bit and call it Trumpcare. You will get all the credit for the good things in it and people will still have insurance. The only thing I care about is that ordinary people don't lose the benefits of the ACA. I don't care whose name is attached to it."

      Because the President is a real President and worked to pass the ACA for all the right reasons.

      If he could persuade Trump (i.e., get it through his thick, stupid, ignorant skull) that he would look like a great guy by "tweaking" the ACA and presenting the people with Trumpcare, I really think the President would be fine with that.

    4. Nefer, that is EXACTLY how to work Trump. It's how Kellyanne controlled him throughout the election. He has a YUUUGE ego. Obama doesn't. I can totally see him telling Trump to do this and put your name on it and Trump will do it. Well, he'll hopefully do it. He'll put his name on it no matter what. But the hope is that he won't gut it. Of course, if he turns it into shit with his name on it, that's just ammunition for the 2018 election of house and senate.

      I hope they had a long talk about Merrick Garland. I would love Trump to put out a statement saying confirm the guy already or I'll renominate him. But I doubt that happened.

  28. Anonymous2:56 PM

    It isn't over till the fat lady sings, i.e. the electorates have voted.
    Maryland today is the first state that has given its few electorates the freedom to vote however their conscience dictates...
    IOW: There is a slight hope still!

    1. Anonymous4:38 PM

      I thought so too.But if the electoral college rejects tRump they throw it back to the House and they will vote there.As it is controlled by the repukes they will choose another repuke. Christ it could be Paul Ryan or Louis gommert. Just kidding about the last one(mostly).

    2. Anonymous4:56 PM

      I think the hand of God came down!!!!!! Told us to use this way out. The hand of God.

    3. Maryland was already blue. What good does that do? Release them to vote for Trump?

  29. Anonymous3:01 PM

    I appreciate you trying to find word of comfort. But The Heritage Foundation is a very conservative right wing org.Working with Darth Cheney is not the best news.

  30. Anonymous3:04 PM

    So he was fact-challenged even then. The one with the most popular votes did win the electoral college that year.

  31. Anonymous3:20 PM

    How can Ivanka, Eric and Jr be on their father's transition team? How long have they been involved in politics? What do they know about politics? Do they know what is required for each position and who is qualified to do the work? Who do they know in politics? What they're good for is to tell their father who is his enemy. Donald doesn't trust anybody so he needs to surround himself with family and yes men even if they are politically incompetent with the likes of Sarah Palin. Ohhhh Donald you are so smart you are you are. Sarah Palin wanted to be Secretary of Energy and then said she would close it. But Sarah who would be responsible for nuclear energy? Barron or Melania? Melania does have a degree in nuclear energy from Slovenia and will be qualified.

    1. Anonymous3:55 PM

      How long have they been involved in politics? What do they know about politics?

      Fly-over country bumpkins wanted someone who wasn't a politician. Make sense? Only if you think hiring someone to roof your house who never did it before is a good idea.

    2. Anonymous4:54 PM

      Because it is tyranny. Family only. He has no froends.

    3. Anonymous8:29 PM

      No, that is how many babysitters Donny needs and family is the only ones to control his behavior it sounds like to me!

  32. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Election Results 2016: Did Voter ID & Voter Suppression Help Elect Trump?

  33. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Donald and his transition team (his kids) are good for the economy. The Chinese economy. They have to eat too.

  34. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Trump can go to hell, he and his supporters were calling for armed insurrection if he didn’t win, he will have to “get over” a few protestors.

    Also I heard on CBS tonight there is a web site called Kill Trump and the journalist reminded everyone threatening the life of a president is a felony.

    Oh really where were their reminders the last 8 years? Or is it ok to threaten a president if he is black. Oh right they were just joking

    How about threatening a former first lady, senator and secretary of state, where were the reminders during the campaign? Again, they were just joking.

    I can’t believe the audacity of these republicans, they vowed and did block everything Obama wanted to do, demeaned and insulted him and his family for 8 years, but now Traitor Trump is elected and they want everyone to be nice to each other.

    Again Traitor Trump can go to hell.

    1. Anonymous4:52 PM


  35. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Mexicans are sneaking into America to work. How will Mexico pay for the Trump Wall 55 feet high and thousands miles long?

    Donald Trump’s Mexico border wall will be as high as 55 feet, according to Donald Trump

    1. And it will have a 75 mile gap that would take an act of Congress to fill as that is tribal land and they refuse to allow the wall to cross their land.

    2. Anonymous5:54 AM

      They are sneaking in by tunnels, all they have to do is tunnel under the wall.

      Trump is a traitor, he hires a lot of Mexicans to work at his "resorts".

    3. Anonymous8:14 AM

      Anyone here have thoughts about Seth Moulton?

  36. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Delusions Of Adequacy
    Donald Trump Sycophants Plan Cabinet Positions For Coming Government-In-Exile

    Any good Secretary of Defense should be able to go ‘Woo-woo-woo-woop!’ (see picture)

    Oh, guys, this is just adorable: Donald Trump’s advisers are deciding what cabinet positions to give his best pals when the Great Man is “elected president of the United States.” In the middle of a crisis, a rich fantasy life can be a useful coping skill, but there is such a thing as fucking your chickens before they’re hatched, don’t you think?

    Sources close to the Trump campaign advise Yr Wonkette that Giuliani was initially eager to take the Attorney General job, but cooled on the idea when told he couldn’t actually make up any laws he wanted. The prospect of Newt Gingrich as secretary of State has reportedly been met by American allies with a mixture of trepidation and disbelieving laughter. It’s also entirely possible President Trump may appoint himself National Security Adviser, since he knows more about ISIS than the generals...


    1. They're all fighting over them. Tremendous infighting. Just as dysfunctional as during the campaign.

    2. Anonymous5:56 AM

      He is afraid of a few protestors, but he can single handedly crush ISIS?

  37. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Ivanka, Jr and Erik I need you to find me someone who will be in charge of Foreign and Domestic affairs.

    Dad, Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house, she used to sneak her children into Canada for free health care and they said she got along with African-Americans in her sister's dorm room.

    Great the job is hers.

  38. Anonymous3:48 PM


    Hadn't heard about the FISA warrant.

  39. Anonymous3:53 PM

    No Sarah we don't need a ballroom dancing gorilla with good work ethics to be in charge of the economy even though she is an entrepreneur of her own company that manufactures and sells trinkets, sweatshirts and energy drinks.

    1. Anonymous4:00 PM

      She also can pop pimples. She graduated from skin school.

    2. Anonymous8:28 PM

      you forgot meth - you know the kind that made some in Russia get holes in em?

  40. Robert Redford needs to grow his hair out and play Drumpf before he retires. Alec Baldwin can give him some pointers.

  41. Anonymous4:47 PM

    We'll see how long the deplorables and the angry white voters are pleased with Archie Bunker as their leader.

    drumpf is already close to violating federal law by by putting his kid and his son-in law on the short list for cabinet positions - can we say 'blind trust? LMFAO.


    1. They've already given him notice he better follow through on every promise.

      Yeah, I think if he's assassinated, it will be one of his own Deplorables pissed that he didn't bring back the jobs or deport the illegals or some such shit.

    2. Anonymous8:13 AM

      Hey Archie wasn't as bad as Drumpf

  42. Anonymous4:48 PM

    In the comment section on Political Wire:

    Banana Republic--we're not just a store anymore.

  43. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Ivk, another day with the garbage in trump tower. Ick. Disgusting people.

    1. Anonymous5:33 PM

      Hi five!

  44. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Wasnt tjis a movie. His wayer is cut. His power is cut...

    1. Anonymous5:32 PM

      Wayer=water. Sorry.

  45. Anonymous4:57 PM

    We r coming together!! We say trump is NOT our prez.

  46. Anonymous5:17 PM

    The mob had the Kennedy brothers killed
    for encroaching upon their drug territory ,
    and the Cartel will take out Trump and
    Pence for the same reason! They are ruthless! Keep "WALL" blabbing Trump!

  47. Anonymous5:20 PM

    This was my favorite comment responding to his twitter comment..."Fair? You've been rich your whole life and now you're POTUS. STFU, learn how to not run the US into the ground. You have two months, loser."

    1. Anonymous6:19 PM


    2. It's only going to get worse. He is going to go ballistic over the twitters he gets now. All critical. Many hitting the target through his thin, thin skin.

      "You have two months, loser." He isn't going to like that. Salt in the wound.

  48. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Omg, cnn stop talking about what went wrong with Hillary. Get on your arse and see trump turning yhis into tyranny!!! Get some thinkers on!!!

  49. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Cnn read history!

  50. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Cnn dumb man, she was not a good candidate, she won the vote! Our votes!

  51. Anonymous5:35 PM

    He lost!

  52. "A number of black freshmen at the University of Pennsylvania on Friday received multiple messages via a mobile group messaging application containing graphic racist imagery and racial slurs."

    "Screenshots of the group chat posted to social media show a series of vile messages, including a photo depicting lynchings with “I love America” written below it. Another message came in the form of a calendar invitation to a “Daily lynching” event set to Friday’s date, with a statement reading “Never be a n****r in SAE,” a college fraternity. The profile picture for the group, which appeared to have been altered, showed an African-American man wearing an orange prison jumpsuit.

    Adrienne Hopkins, a 28-year-old MBA student at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School who had seen the messages, told The Huffington Post that the name of the group changed throughout the day, and that at one point it was called “Trump lovers.” Hopkins also said she believed the individuals sending the racist messages had political motivations, because they had usernames that were variations on “Barack Obama” or “Trump disciples.” Some messages contained other racist slurs and Trump-related images, she said."

    “There’s no way he can say he stands for unity and then not, at the same time, condemn the actions of those who are saying that they are doing these hateful things in his name,” Hopkins said. “I’m terrified that these types of things are happening three days after this man has been elected ― what in the world do we have in store over the next four years.”

    So, where is our president-elect. Three days of racial hatred and not one peep out of him except to complain on twitter about his imaginary professional protesters and that nasty first amendment.

    I think we need to bombard every single electoral college elector and beg them to do their duty to protect this nation and at the very least take enough electoral votes away from Trump to send the decision to the House and Senate. Let them take the fallout for the monster they nominated to represent their party.

    1. Anonymous6:22 PM

      Send them to trump.

  53. kathy73, the Netherlands2:57 PM

    in 2012 Trump claimed that Obama won the electoral vote but lost the popular vote to Romney. This is a lie as Obama won the electoral AND the popular vote (by around 5 million votes. See:,_2012


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