Friday, November 11, 2016

Stephen Colbert on Donald Trump's likely cabinet picks, “It makes sense: They’re exactly what I’d expect to find at the bottom of a drained swamp.”

Courtesy of People:

“Donald Trump is really going to be the next president,” said Colbert, 52. “For a while I was poking myself with a straight pin to try to wake up from this, but now I just keep doing it to feel something. It’s so real that Trump is now receiving the classified daily intelligence briefing known as ‘the book,’ making it the only book he owns that doesn’t have his picture on it.” 

“Today the transfer of power began when President Obama hosted Trump at the White House for the most surprising remake of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” he quipped, before launching into a lengthy analysis of how uncomfortable the sit-down between the two men might have been. 

“Can you imagine? Just put yourself in room, in that private room when they were together. Can you imagine? Awkward!” said Colbert. “The first African-American president sitting down with a president-elect who was endorsed by the Klan. A guy who spent five years, created his political career, demanding Obama prove where he was born, then denying he did it.” 

“What did they talk about? What was the tour like?” continued Colbert. ” ‘Alright, Donald, this is the Blue Room. This is the Red Room. Down that hall is the office I said you were fundamentally unfit for.’ ”

I think my favorite part of this monologue was when Colbert got to Trump's possible cabinet choices.

Which include Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, Sid Miller (Who referred to Hillary Clinton on Twitter as a c*nt.), Ben Carson (For Education Secretary no less.), and of course....Sarah Palin.

That last inclusion sparked an incredibly humorous imitation of Snowdrift Snooki:

"How's that hopey changey stuff going? Drill baby drill. Forget about Yosemite Park, Yosemite Sam, Uncle Sam, Sam I Am, don't go bugging tree hugging bloggers, cause I'm calling the loggers. Fracking Old Faithful, you're going to be grateful, executions in sports stadiums, arrest your enemies, tie a typewriter around his neck, what the heck? Shoot'em he's gettin' away. Tag, Trig, Tripp, Knick Knack paddywhack, Tick Tock out of wedlock, give a dog a bone. ET phone home, snowmachine."

You know after eight years of transcribing Sarah Palin's speeches and interviews, I would say that Colbert nailed it. My only criticism is that it might have made a little TOO much sense.

I would suggest that something about this election has really brought out the best in Stephen Colbert, and currently he is running neck and neck with my current comedy crush Samantha Bee, as the very best commentators on these the end days.

Of course to be fair tonight Bill Maher gets to weigh in, and I would imagine that he has quite a bit to say about all of this as well.


  1. Anonymous4:39 PM

    That was great! Very funny!

  2. Anonymous4:42 PM

    I have one thing to say to Trump and GOP - be careful what you wish for. You may just get it.

    1. Anonymous5:21 PM

      I'm saying that to the Trump supporters. They have no clue as to how their lives, and the lives of their children, will crumble.

      To quote one of the greatest Twilight Zones ever - "It's a COOKBOOK!"

    2. Thou Shalt Not Criticize A Johnston11:15 PM

      I know that Hillary is profoundly disappointed that she won't be our next President. But I have an idea that may ameliorate her pain - perhaps in 2020 her daughter Chelsea will be the 46th President. Let's make that happen!

    3. Anonymous6:23 AM

      I saw something about Chelsea running for the senate.

    4. Chelsea will never be president.

      The U.S. has made it clear they will not accept dynasties. Not Jeb. Not Hillary.

  3. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Today I had one of the hardest phone calls I have ever had.
    had been avoiding calling my Dad( a WWII Vet who not only sacrificed his life for 5 yrs during the war, but stayed for just under 2 more yrs because he was involved in the nuremberg trials, first as a Nazi hunter and later as an interrogator)
    My 94 yr old white Dad cried, he fucking cried because for the first fucking time in his life he felt helpless.
    He cried for his country
    He cried for the world
    He fucking cried and it pissed me off to no end.
    He now equates the USA with 1933 Germany when they elected Hitler.
    He fought the war, he fought this ingrained fucking bigotry. He gave up 7 fucking years of his life to spend it in Europe fighting this crap and yet to have the USA vote another despot into power.
    My Dad has had "iffy" health the last two yrs and we( his family) have cheered each time he has beaten a health issue so he can still have quality of life and still be with us.
    But today was different, for the very first time in my life I have wished that my Dad wasn't here. I wished my Dad dead because this knowledge, this old pain of his tells me what is coming and what he should never have to see again.
    To those that didn't vote, to you Berniebots, to you 3rd party voters, fucking made my Dad cry today because his country is gone. F you and I hope Canada does not let you with your decisions...if you can.

    Gryphen, I am very sorry that my last few posts have been so emotional and "over the top", I can also understand if you don't publish my posts if they make the majority of your readers uncomfortable.
    mino wiijiindiwin an negee

    1. Anonymous6:14 PM

      My mom is 86, and she said she wishes she were dead too. This is what we've come too. A pathetic stupid bunch of followers who did no research on their own, and were sure that because Donny said so, Clinton was Evil Incarnate and he and his stupid entitled family will save us and make it better. Lord, half the country is insane.

    2. Anonymous6:17 PM

      No, tell it. Tell it.

    3. Hedgewytch6:42 PM

      My mother is 81. Our ancestors fled Russian pogroms and Nazis. She cried and raged Tuesday night. She told me about when Stalin was hung in the courtyard and flayed. And she said Trump will deserve the same fate for what he will do to this country. Our nation has forgotten what it is to truly suffer. We will be reminded. And we both cried for my 12 year old son and the world that he will inherit. If he doesn't die in some fucking war first.

    4. Anonymous8:51 PM

      6:42 that didn't happen. He died pretty much of a stroke. He wasn't hung and wasn't flayed.

    5. Hedgewytch10:15 PM

      You're right it was Mussolini. My bad.

    6. Anonymous10:59 PM

      My Mom called me on the 9/11 day (she was 90) when the Bushes were setting on top of the world. She said: "we are not going to be able to believe any thing they say from now on". There not one light bulb sold by veterans that she could say no to.

    7. Anonymous8:24 AM

      4:48 That was exactly what i have been feeling. Don't peoplee remem how African Americans were beaten
      killed persecuted for simply wanting the right to vote. To have decent schools . To not have to sit in the back of the bus.

      When women had limited access to birth control. even after The Pill came out you needed to be married and sometimes have your husbands consent. If you were engaged you had to bring along a copyof your wedding invitation. When safe and legal abortion was not an option.

      When women who Graduated in the top of their class in Law and medical school could't find jobs because of their gender.I know a women who Graduated at the top of her class passed all the entrance exams with flying colors and was denied entrance to Vet Med school because of her gender.

      Women couldnt get their own credit cards till the mid 70's. Harvard didn't allow women until i believe 1977.

      LBJ was nuts and a warmonger but he also got us Medicare and Medicade and the civil rights act. Before him there wasnt low income housing and AA could't vote.

      I like your Father having been crying at what this means for this country.I've been numb and disoriented and walking around dazed.I feel like Styephen Colbert i need to pinch myself to see if I feel. But today I woke up ENRAGED . Iam getting my fighting spirit back.

      Fuck them that want us to go back 50 years. Fuck them that want to disenfrancise Blacks And Hispanics and LBGT, Asians Muslims Jews .Anyone who is not white and racist.Let us Remember that HRC won this election by 1,500,000 votes. That out of a country of 320,000,000 people approx 1/7th of the country voted for a madman.We will fight back against oppression and bigotry. We are the United States of America and we re better than this!

  4. Thou Shalt Not Criticize A Johnston4:50 PM

    Trump will crumble to the ground dealing with a small fraction of what President Obama has dealt with.

    1. Anonymous6:11 PM

      Oh my yes. He looked positively green under that orange tan yesterday. "I have to do what? Every day? All day? No vacations? No privacy? No separate floor for Barron and no Versailles like dining room? We'll fix that. What? No budget for changes? But I can get the work done really cheaply. So cheap. It's gonna be amazing. You won't believe it if I ever invite you back here."

    2. Anonymous6:55 PM

      I can't wait to see what tacky china Melanomia chooses for state dinners, like that ugly red stuff Nancy Reagan chose.

    3. Anonymous3:22 AM

      Watchng Maleria walking with tRump and the politicians, they were smirking. I would bet they had passed around all the naked photos of the soon to be First "Lady" This country has sunk so low, it is unbelievable. A MORON in the WH, with a lesbian nude model will bring the place down to level never imagined before.. I grew up in England during WW11 and hated Hitler for what my country was going through. Now we have an orange pumpkin ready to destroy everything decent people worked for. Gingrich and Guiliani NEVER should be appointed to offices that will be paid for by taxpayers. Both are crooks. Gingrich was just ordered by a judge to pay the small vendors who worked for his campaign during 2012. He did what tRump does, stiffed the little guy trying to build their companies. Nine wives between the three of them!!

  5. Anonymous4:56 PM

    He is a brave man and when so many are sucking up to the cheeto he is speaking out against him.Since tRump 's supporters are violent and crazy i fear for safety.

  6. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Sad days for the world. Most likely Trump will get impeached. I fear that the VP spot will open up in the near future.

    1. Anonymous6:09 PM

      I fear that the VP, who ruined Indiana, will be happy to do the same to the rest of us.

    2. Anonymous7:03 PM

      Considering most of what he wants to do is unconstitutional, it will be verry interesting how long the republicans in congress let him get away with stuff.

    3. Anonymous10:04 PM

      @Anonymous 5:27 PM

      Sad days for the world. Most likely Trump will get impeached. I fear that the VP spot will open up in the near future.
      Repubs like Lindsay Graham, the Bushes, Romney hate Trump and did not vote for him, and many other Repub establishment did not vote for Trump, and they will impeach him.
      There is a lot to impeach Trump for, and the Repub House and Repub Senate will impeach and convict him and throw him out of office.

    4. Anonymous3:25 AM

      Never happen to anyone with (R) behind their names. Too many see tRump as a puppet who will do what he is asked, since he knows no better. Rolling in the slime already. Ryan is already working to destroy Medicare. SS will be next. Privatize it to lose what is left in the accounts.

    5. Anonymous4:31 AM

      Trump will whine and cry "so Unfair" and the Republicans will easily do whatever they like. They will not impeach him. In fact we will be told he is the best. Just like with W. We will be called unAmerican for any and all criticism.

  7. Anonymous6:18 PM

    I have not laughed that hard for days. Steven was super funny. This may be our only relief(: Seems to me it was the same thing in 2000, bush jr elected by shads and chaney, rove and rummy ran the show. Hmmm? and then Trump wins by rig and pence and gang run the show. The people did not select or elect him, trump and family did! Interesting? And now trump and family and pence decides America's future and selecting thousands of unknowns unvetted, no security Clarence for positions to run our government and work in the peoples house. All I can say? If you are not outraged? You are not paying attention.

  8. Anonymous6:19 PM

    At the Transfer Of Power day at the White
    House, there was p. PERV allowing Melania
    to walk beside him shoulder to shoulder
    and holding her hand. WOW! Usually it is
    Ivanka walking attached to his hip with
    his arm around her upper torso very close
    to her side boob with his hand right there
    just a bit too close. Melania is usually
    regulated at least three paces behind.
    I wonder what happened all of a sudden.

    1. Anonymous10:12 PM

      Yes, I saw Drumpf reach for Melania's hand. My guess is he's pretending to respect Melania when in fact he wishes it was Ivanka by his side.

      IMO The Donald is trying bigly to keep us from recalling the "ew" factor that we felt whenever he greeted or talked about his daughter Ivanka.

      I have no sympathy for gold digger, porn model Melania, but she should do herself a favor and get an English as a second language tutor ASAP.

      Come January 20, Donald will place Ivanka in the spotlight and forget about his wife. Melania needs to be able to easily converse in English with all the various people she will personally interact with. She needs to clearly understand what is being said to her and fight for her rightful place as First Lady.

    2. Anonymous3:29 AM

      Maybe $carah will teach Maleria English? First Whore would fit Maleria better. wonder if she will have to replace her wardrobe, since she usually wears gowns with her fake boobs hanging over the top. The only thing she should do is keep her mouth shut. I wonder where her Communist parents will be living? Will they stay at tRump Tower, or move into the WH?

  9. Anonymous6:21 PM

    For those with active imaginations, Bristol and Dakota were in DC earlier in th month for a marines gala honoring people.

    1. Anonymous7:01 PM

      Why not give them a posting; he seems to be hiring only the ignorant or criminals.

      So much for “ I only hire the best”, his idea of the best seems to be pretty low, but then again Bristol would have to give up that high paying job selling selfies to the tabloids and tea.

  10. Anonymous6:34 PM

    When they met, Melania asked Michelle Obama if they could do a girl-on-girl naked photo shoot together.

    She said Donald would love having more sexy photos.

    1. Anonymous6:51 PM

      grow up

    2. Anonymous7:13 PM

      Please do not insult Michelle Obama.

      She has dealt with it for 8 years now.

    3. abbafan10:25 PM

      Anon @ 7:13 P.M. - Absolutely! The shit that President and Mrs. Obama endured from the RW is sickening! Yet, they persevered, and will always exemplify dignity, grace, and class!!

      The White House will be forever disgraced with that know-nothing buffoon, and his gold-digging, undocumented, porn-star communist whore!

    4. Anonymous3:31 AM

      Maleria gave up trying to please tRump right after the ink dried on their marriage certificate. They live separate lives. Has anyone seen their kid, Barren smile? He looks like he will be just like daddy, a perv.

  11. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Seth Meyers is also crushing it on the late night political commentary.

    1. I'm really enjoying him too. Favorited him on HULU.

      It's really a shame he has to come on after that milquetoast Fallon. I watched a few of his and it was so boring and not very funny I didn't bother to watch any more. It's like he wants to be funny without offending anyone. Doesn't work that way, dude. Not late night.

  12. Anonymous6:51 PM

    For Trump, who ran on a pledge to "drain the swamp" of Washington insiders, the team is strikingly heavy on those with long political resumes.

    Yep, it sounds like the old boys club of Washington. What a bunch of hypocrites, like Colbert said, just like I expected to find at the bottom of a swamp, Trump’s cabinet.

    How long will it take the deporables to figure out the only jobs Trump is going to create are in boots on the ground in Syria?

    He isn’t going to bring any jobs back, the CEOs do not take orders from the president and they want their profits. Besides Trump could set an example with his own brand, very unlikely.

    I thought Seth Meyers did and excellent job of skewering Traitor Trump on a nightly basis.

    1. His Deplorables have already given him an ultimatum which puts him between a rock and a hard place since he's walked back pretty much every promise he made.

      Pence has already replaced Christie as Head of the Transition Team because of his political contacts. Probably also at Kushner's urging since he hates Christie.

      That swamp isn't going to get drained with the alligators in charge.

  13. Anonymous6:52 PM

    THIS. is NSFW but it's PERFECT

  14. Anonymous7:06 PM

    What do you suppose causes trump supporters to fall into line? Fox nation coolaid or just plain dumb! as the stats show? Looks as if we are being prepared for a Pence presidency. Trump does not want the job. Too much work and he may have to sign over his empire to kids prematurely.

    1. Anger, bitterness, stupidity, laziness.

      Trump said it. He loves the uneducated. He also exploited their anger and fear of change.

      Pence is everything these people don't want and that is exactly who they are going to get when Trump is impeached.

  15. Anonymous7:09 PM

    TRump has already crossed the line in his "blind trust" in the hands of the Holy Trio, who "say" they will do the right thing. Riiiight.

    1. Anonymous3:33 AM

      Uday, Qusay and Olive Oyl.

  16. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Can you believe the audacity of this guy, he is going to call Bill Clinton for his advice !! I would hang up on him.

    He also is going to find changing Obamacare a little harder that he thinks, it is a law, you can’t just repeal it because Trump says so.

    I don’t even think he understands how Obamacare works!!! The insurance companies are setting the prices not the government.

    1. Anonymous8:31 PM

      Bill and Trump go way back, of course he'll help him out.

      In fact, it makes me feel a bit relieved that he is seeking advice from men such as Clinton instead of just winging it.

    2. Anonymous9:21 PM

      @Anonymous 8:31 PM
      Bill and Trump go way back, of course he'll help him out.
      They might go way back BUT THAT IS OVER, considering the way Trump trashed Bill's wife.

    3. He said he was going to call Bill Clinton? For advice? Seriously?

      Because Obama is black and Hillary is a woman?

      Bill should tell him to fuck off.

      Why won't he call George Bush? Because George Bush is an idiot!

    4. Anonymous3:35 AM

      Also, too Newticles is no friend of Bill's. Ghouliani is threatening to prosecute Hillary, too. Scum of the earth, all getting into power AGAIN. Calista must be recovering from her latest plastic surgery, or else shopping with her Tiffany card.

  17. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Part of the drive is the religious rapture loons. Trumps words and actions are part of the doom and gloom outlook of the world in their eyes. This is why his behavior does not matter. Satan approves.

    1. So they know he's the Anti-Christ and voted for him anyway?

      Yeah, be very afraid of the coming nuclear winter. I guess that is how Trump is going to deal with climate change.

  18. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Let us not think of this as defeat. Instead let of think of this as a cause.

    We pick ourselves up and we fight for everything good America used to stand for.

    A country who has the Statue Of Liberty as a beacon of hope. Our leaders have forgotton the basics of what made this country great.

    And under Trump who has an immigrant wife who married his ass for a green card we see he wants to kick all other non whites out! I suggest he goes to Arlington and looks at the tomb stones.

    What has that ass given up? Diversity has made this country the toughest and most loyal fighters out there.

    And here we are on Veterans Day having a draft dodger as President elect.There is something we can do your voices were not heard but you are not silent.

    WE do not give up. Do not give up! Take it to the streets. Be non violent but march. Trump won but we need to take a stand that so many died for and he has no idea of the cost. A man like that can play lives like a chess bord for his own ego.

    1. Anonymous8:03 PM

      Maybe the ghosts in the graves will rise up. They did not give their life to giveup America to tyrants.

    2. Anonymous3:38 AM

      When mid term elections come around, we must get rid of the gop politicians in office. We should "drain the swamp" ourselves. Get the parasites out of DC.

    3. Anonymous9:14 AM

      Im sick of , next time, mid elections, yadayada. We are all pupoets. Face it.

  19. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Now that Trump is president and all is said and done. Let's think. First he brought out all the ugly in our country. I mean they crawled and slithered. We see them. They see us. They have spoken. Now we know that it's the angry white man and his women. They don't want a melting pot. They want this country all to themselves. Now we see Trump who has the job. The Koch bros. paid well for him. Now Pence will go in and try to undo Obama care, get ride of Roe vs. Wade, ban abortion, take foodstamps away from poor families, give entitlements to the rich. The land will be raped and plundered. No one has to be accountable for destroying what's left of earth's precious air, and water. In four years, our country can't take the onslaught, and a Trump presidency will take a harsh toll. The Trump supporters will have a rude wake up call. We who voted for Hillary will have sad hearts because of the electoral college which is a mainstay for the corrupt Republicans who will never, never change. They are the same Republicans from forty years ago. They haven't morphed into anything different. They've just gotten more money from superpacs and they still have the same old agenda. If we don't turn into Nazi Germany in January when Trump is sworn in, and if we survive all this, we have our children to hope for. They will have grown up in a very diverse country. They will be the new leaders. The Christian right are plotting as we speak to make sure that never happens because they believe God frowns upon gays and transgender. Only the Christian right are hateful about it. There is no love like they profess God has. My Christian sister said to me, that God has love for me that's why I was created. She believes that with all her heart. I won't say nay or yay to her because I don't fight with family over religion and politics if I can help it. In the end tho, if we resort to war, we will not know what we fought over. We all need to think now because if we don't we hit a ceiling of not being able to think our way out of this one. Especially if Trump goes all Hitler on us.

    1. Anonymous8:35 PM


      Trump also made the good in this country stand up. America was built on rebels and misfits and we all know mutts are tough. America will survive. Don't give up. Do you believe in you, do you believe in a dream that is still acheivable? I do and it will take a fight but after we get over the shock now we need a game plan. And now we work together for a common cause and it can be the simpliest thing a small kindness to a minority. Standing up for someone who is being harassed for being a Mexican or Gay.

      We still have power. Remember that there are still millions of us out there and we never , ever, give up.

  20. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Well I don't know why they keep saying "they aren't changing anything so I will be voting different. Haha dumbest thing ever, the gop kept things from moving forward "they" were in office. Haha then on the other hand "the dems aren't fighting enough". How silly their reasoning. Ok dems have to become Goliath now. Mobilize because it is going to happen it is happening raping of America. Stop it dems, get on strategizing now, don't stay in the goo getup clear your heads and begin working with constitution and all and any tools. My goodness trump has his children in transition team. Wtf. This is a government responsibity not family. Get on with stratigizing his weird not normal activities.

    1. It's the job of the Democrats to clean up the mess the Republicans make.

      Look at the state of the country that Bush left. Obama managed to fix it and even improve it a bit. Now, it's handed back to the Republicans to destroy it even further. When they're done with it, even if it's only one term, it will take decades to undo the damage. (Which will still be blamed on the Democrats)

      Then the Democrats will fight to reverse and fix the mess they inherited and the process starts again.

      We have our Neo-Hitler. Now maybe we need a Neo-FDR that will have 16 years (well, 13) to fix the mess.

      The problem is the Democrats can never keep the office long enough to really make any progress. They spend most of the time just fixing the mess.

      Trump and Company are going to gut Dodd-Frank, the Volcker rule and eliminate net neutrality. Just for starters.

      What really makes me cry is Jr. getting his claws into Dept. of the Interior. Until the nepotism law is changed (which it might be, who knows?) Jr. can't be Secretary of the Interior. But he has said he will be close, keeping tabs on it and be "influential".

      Fuck that.

    2. Anonymous5:46 AM

      Yes. Irsnge arse are telling us what he will do, just believe it, other pcie grabbers are saying what they are going to do. Dems get clear and begin mobilizing strategy on each item. Pucie grabbers are working on it, dems get ready now. No waiting. Like now, family in transition? That is govt job. They are going for chaos, dems get on guard now.

  21. Anonymous9:26 PM

    I hope they make Palin press secretary.

    1. Anonymous5:39 AM

      "Yes, trump is drill baby drilling." And using all her word salad hahaha

    2. Anonymous7:56 AM

      That would be funny but i'm thinking the odious Kellanne Conway. She and her husband ,who was a lawyer for Paula jones and are ultra alt, have been after the Clintons for 25 years.She should be deeply ashamed but i'm sure she is delighted.

  22. Anonymous11:37 PM

    I've been trying to get through this week - but afraid if I start crying I won't be able to stop -- been reading headlines (can't handle reading full articles yet) because I feel I must stand with my fellow sane Americans and bare witness to this disaster - and doing my best sending donations to ACLU and other organizations, going to wear a huge safety pin (link below)!!!! (and I will be passing them out too), daily checking in here and Michael Moore's facebook page - just can't watch Colbert and Samantha Bee and not even Bill Maher - I am in no way prepared to smile yet so certainly not ready to laugh - it is to real, raw and painful - I will take action and looking for a local organization to volunteer with, in desperate need of a support group and a safe place to mourn for a bit - thank goodness there is this blog - my little island of sanity.

    They complain because folks are protesting yet their folks have stocked pile arsenals for 8 years and never once gave President Obama "a chance" - the word hypocrisy doesn't even begin to describe the twisted vile that thrives in their brains.

    The Incredible Reason You Might Start Seeing Safety Pins Everywhere
    It’s a tiny gesture, but it speaks volumes.

  23. People are already having photoshop fun at Trump's expense. He is going to have an excruciating four years. That thin skin is going to bleed, not toughen up.

  24. Here's an easier list to follow the horrors of the possible cabinet.

    I don't think Jared Kushner is allowed under the nepotism laws but who knows?

    It's scary enough even eliminating the illegal and unlikely.

    Even if Kushner isn't officially in any position, he and Ivanka will still wield a LOT of power and influence over Trump.

    Joe Arpaio Homeland Security? Can he do that from prison? Or will they just hold the opening until he gets out. Maybe Trump will pardon him.

  25. Anonymous5:36 AM

    Cnn news on Wang. Political science in college, we laughed about projections and how much is studied and still we can't predetermine outcomes exactly. That was the thing bzck in the day.

  26. Now that Stephen is doing political commentary he has gotten much better. He is more confident. I'll bet his numbers are going up too.

    He's bringing in some of the Colbert Report without the right-wing character. I hope he continues. It's not like Trump isn't going to give him plenty of material every day.

    As long as his numbers are good, I don't see CBS reining in his political schtick.

    Unless President Drumpf and the Fascist Congress changes the FCC and they put the pressure on all of the networks and media to censor any criticism of Der Fuhrer. With Net Neutrality gone, there will be no outlet short of running off fliers at Kinko's.


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