Monday, November 28, 2016

Wisconsin rejects request for hand count, Jill Stein to sue.

Courtesy of the Journal Sentinel:  

The Wisconsin Elections Commission set a timetable Monday for a recount of the presidential election but rejected a request to require a count by hand made by Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who quickly responded that she would sue. 

Also Monday, Stein filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania to force a recount there and her supporters began filing recount requests at the precinct level there. Stein — who received just a tiny piece of the vote —also plans to ask for a recount in Michigan on Wednesday. 

Unless Stein wins her lawsuit in Dane County Circuit Court, officials in each of Wisconsin’s 72 counties would decide on their own whether to do their recounts by hand. That could mean some counties perform recounts by machine and some by hand.

The Elections Committee Chairman, who happens to be a Democrat, stated that he did not think the recount would change the outcome of the election.

Of course the problem with rejecting a hand count, and allowing some counties to use machines, is that a large portion of Americans will remain unconvinced in the outcome of the Wisconsin election.

Besides considering the fact that Donald Trump himself recently claimed that he only lost the popular vote due to millions and millions of illegal ballots, and claims there may be voter fraud in California, New Hampshire, and Virginia, I don't see how we can trust the results coming out of ANY state until she conduct a hand count of each and every vote cast in this election.

I mean if even the guy who won the election is convinced that there was cheating going on, I do not see how we can move forward with this process until we can get to the truth.

And I am sure that if any reporter can get close enough to Donald Trump to ask him about this, that he would agree.



  1. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Trump Has Shown Receptiveness To Obama’s Agenda. Does He Actually Mean It?

    ...o a certain extent, that eye-opening has begun. The president-elect has talked several times with President Barack Obama, including a 45-minute discussion this weekend that Trump initiated. And while the White House and the transition team have been studiously quiet about the contents of those talks, it’s clear that Obama has rubbed off on his successor. Trump has publicly praised the president, whose legitimacy for office he infamously questioned. He’s also softened his calls for repealing Obama’s signature health care law. And when Trump put out a video listing the executive actions he would take on day one, the most notable elements were the omissions: a directive to end Obama’s immigration protection for young undocumented immigrants or a pledge to pull out of the Iran nuclear accord. Likewise, in his meeting with the Times, Trump appeared open to not scrapping the Paris Climate Accord agreements, one of Obama’s signature achievements in combating global warming.

    1. Anonymous3:09 PM

      Does He Actually Mean It?
      Know one knows what his nut is doing, and that is more of the more disturbing things about the next 4 years.

      Every time he "chooses" someone for his cabinet, it seems like someone else is in the running, does it depend on which side of the bed he gets up on?

    2. Anonymous3:50 PM

      " does it depend on which side of the bed he gets up on?"NO
      It matter$ who he goes to bed WITH>just to FUCK!

    3. He means it until he doesn't.

      He's a sociopath. He reflects the people he is with.

      He'll agree with Obama when he's with him. And when he's with his Nazi cabinet and advisors, he'll agree with them.

      That is why he is constantly flip-flopping. He probably has very few beliefs himself. He just goes with the flow, no matter which way the river is running.

  2. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Horrid bitch is just like her horrid bastard husband. I say the kid is on the spectrum, it's so very clear no matter how much they want to cover it up or deny it. There is clearly SOMETHING not right about him. Too bad they don't just tell the truth and then use it to bring attention to the autistic community in a positive way. But no, they have to be deceitful and threatening. Somebody better save that video and fast!

    Melania Trump attorney threatens lawsuit over Barron autism video made popular by Rosie O’Donnell

    1. Anonymous2:31 PM

      They can sue whom ever they want, in fact they seem to sue everyone, which diminishes their credibility.

      Just as long as WE the taxpayer are not paying for it, I don't care, they will settle or lose.

    2. Anonymous2:38 PM

      Threatens, intimidates, bullies, are the cornerstones of the Trump KKKlanasty.

      Rosie can't be sued because she made a video popular, she did not make it, and they claim they have the brightest and the best.

      So in twisted Melania's mind it is now illegal to discuss the First-family-elect? Yeah, right, I'm so glad no one ever said anything bad about Chelsea Clinton of Obama's daughters. Go fuck yourself, Slovenian pole dancer..

      Once a video has gone viral in the the interweb space, it can't be retrieved.

    3. Anonymous2:38 PM

      Does she really want to do this? Because she'd have to prove it was false, and it appears highly likely that it isn't. I do not believe that the video was appropriate, but the person who made it is on the autism spectrum, so if she publicly goes after this person, she still loses. Suing people who have autism who do not have bad motives isn't going to help the public perception that the kid has autism. It isn't scandalous to have autism. It isn't an insult to have autism. It isn't shameful to have autism. She should think carefully because she proceeds.

    4. Anonymous2:39 PM

      Stupid move, Melania. Now TMZ or some other celebrity rag will get someone from your son's school or one of your "friends" to say that Barron IS autistic.

    5. Anonymous2:40 PM

      You see, if Barron actually DOES suffer from Autism, the Trumps will NEVER admit it. After all, Trump would probably see that as damaging to his ego because his genes are involved and they are PERFECT

    6. Anonymous2:40 PM

      I suppose it's going to be a long time before Trump and the family learn as public figures they can't sue their way into making people shut up anymore.

    7. Anonymous3:54 PM

      Rosie? It was out way before Rosie got involved with dissecting that video. The TRUTH HURT$!

    8. Anonymous4:05 PM

      Horrid bitch is just like her horrid bastard husband. I say the kid is on the spectrum, it's so very clear no matter how much they want to cover it up or deny it.

      It's none of our business. Can we get back to bringing the Orange Thing down, please?

    9. Anonymous4:25 PM

      @2:40 drumpFsperm filled with Viagra>’-sperm

    10. Anonymous4:35 PM


  3. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Regarding the autism spectrum, remember there ARE personality types that mirror the same symptoms. Parents and the kids' teachers and other professionals are the only ones who have credibility to speak on these things.

  4. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Only a mentally ill person would claim that there are millions of illegal votes after they won.

    Someone should ask him, how does he know those millions of votes weren’t cast for him since he had help from the russians.

    His hell bent on bullying his way into the White House, I sure hope they are giving him a fake nuclear button code.

    1. Anonymous4:02 PM

      At this point, I think it would be better and faster to goad the old goat into a tweeting frenzy, one that will convince even the rightest of electors to vote against him.

      We should bring out his true self, insane and ugly. Proving to the entire populace that voted for him that he can't be in the position of Leader.

  5. Anonymous2:30 PM

    O/T but very interesting 'dilemma' for a right wing Christianist.

    “Mommy, why doesn’t daddy wear makeup?” - Black Friday Events Lead Conservative Mother To Fear The Worst

    Homeschool mom crushed by ‘moral dilemma’ after son sees male CoverGirl wearing makeup

    When 17-year-old James Charles was named the first male ambassador for CoverGirl this month, the company’s message was simple: “All of our CoverGirls are role models and boundary-breakers, fearlessly expressing themselves, standing up for what they believe and redefining what it means to be beautiful,” the makeup brand said in a press release. “James Charles is no exception.”

    1. What is a kid that young doing reading Cover Girl.


      Why has a kid that old been so protected from the world?

      Does she keep the kid locked in the basement?

  6. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Something is not right about that kid.

  7. Anonymous2:36 PM

    This Tweetstorm PERFECTLY Explains Why Recounts Terrify Trump

    Clinton Team Takes Aim At Trump For His Full-Blown Hysterics Over Recount (TWEETS)

  8. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Bernie Sanders Calls For A National Movement To Stop Trump’s Threat To Democracy

    ...Sanders has perfectly diagnosed what Trump intends to do as president. Under Donald Trump, the Voting Rights Act will cease to be enforced at all. Democracy will be looked at as an entitlement for the wealthy, and everyone who isn’t rich will be disenfranchised.

    The Senator from Vermont was also correct that with Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell leading the Republican-controlled Congress, Citizens United may look like child’s play compared to what comes next. Republicans and their billionaire backers have been dreaming about getting rid of all campaign finance laws and they are going to get their chance once Trump takes office.

    1. "Democracy will be looked at as an entitlement for the wealthy, and everyone who isn’t rich will be disenfranchised."

      You know what that is called?


  9. Anonymous2:51 PM

    O/T The New Rules for Covering Trump

    ....... As I theorized a week ago, Trump tends to toss off these provocations to divert attention and discussion from a newly published damaging story the way a squid fills the sea with ink to escape his predators. In yesterday’s example, the story was the exhaustive New York Times piece about his many business projects around the world that pose potential conflicts of interest for his presidency. But you needn’t subscribe to the idea that his affronts are purpose-driven—New York Times political reporter Maggie Haberman, for one, doesn’t—to advocate the jettisoning of the usual rules for covering a president during the Trump years. There has never been a president like Trump before, and the usual press reflexes won’t produce copy that allows readers to see through his lies and deceptions. The Trump challenge demands that the house of journalism gives itself a makeover. Here’s how.

    1. Curb Your Twitter Enthusiasm
    2. Starve the Troll
    3. Don’t Fact-Check Everything He Says (Starve the Troll, Part II)
    4. Crack the Code Behind His Psyops
    5. Report Aggressively, But Not Necessarily From the White House
    6. Stop Blaming Yourself for Trump
    Remember, Trump won the election thanks to razor-thin margins in the swing states, as the Washington Post reported, and not due to some terrain-shifting cataclysm. Like George W. Bush in 2000, he lost the popular vote. He’s a minority president
    7. Remember: There Is No Magic Bullet for Covering Trump
    This isn’t a new rule, but an old, enduring one. Trump’s design from the beginning has been to delegitimize the press. There is no magic amulet that can protect journalists from his insults and his misinformation.

    1. If only the first press conference held at the White House had Trump's press secretary entering an empty room.

  10. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Michigan certifies Trump as winner

    1. Anonymous3:06 PM

      I believe they have until Wednesday to ask for a recount.

    2. They shouldn't wait. They should file NOW for the Michigan recount.

  11. Anonymous2:59 PM

    It should not go unrecognized that @realDonaldTrump's effort to inflate his election performance without cause is typical of autocrats.

    They do it increase the perception of their political legitimacy, while undermining popular opposition to them.

    And, in the process, they do enormous damage to democratic institutions, which is a larger objective they share.

    Because it is those institutions and supporting norms that present the most significant check on an authoritarian's power.

    When confidence in those institutions and norms has been sufficiently eroded, the authoritarian has a freer hand with which to wield power.

  12. Anonymous3:12 PM

    When I was part of a citizens group that hand-counted the Walker recall election in 2012, the overriding takeaway from this experience was the fact that we had so many touchscreen votes with no paper trail (only a machine tape of the vote totals). There was no way these votes could be recounted. Not surprisingly, there were way more touchscreen votes in Republican counties. Now in Wisconsin we do have paper trails for all touchscreen votes which ARE countable by hand. Ironically, though, since the county clerk gets to choose whether to hand-count them or send them through the same non-verifiable optical scanners used on election day, we will probably still not know if those optical scanners are counting correctly or if they might have been programmed (by the company programming them or an on-site hacker) to flip votes, if we don't count them all by hand. We need to go back to paper ballots only, with hand-counting in public where citizens can observe the process. It is entirely possible to do this and people would have no doubts about the result. What we have instead is a system so complicated and unverifiable that average citizens have no confidence in the result. This is a travesty, and if the only thing to come from these recounts is this realization which causes our voting procedures to become low-tech enough as to be entirely verifiable and understandable, then we will have accomplished much. If you reside in Wisconsin, please notify your county clerk that you expect a hand recount. Here is a list of county clerks:

    1. This is a great comment. May I share it on Facebook?

    2. Another problem is consistency.

      Means of voting vary not only from state to state but county to county. This inconsistency also undermines confidence.

      If every precinct in the U.S. was required to vote and count the same way it would inspire more confidence and there would be a LOT more accountability.

      Needless to say, the "states rule" Republicans will not allow any sort of national elections standards to be enacted. The reason being it is harder for them to control ballot counting irregularities that are in their favor.

      If elections were overseen by the Federal Government, it would be harder for states to disenfranchise voters with I.D. laws (which happened in Wisconsin despite a judge's order) and striking them off the rolls (which happened in N.C. and Florida.)

      Our system becomes more corrupt with each election as the Republicans figure out ways to game the system and then perfect them until we get.....Donald Trump.

    3. Anonymous5:50 PM

      Jo, please do! I'm trying to get the word out!

  13. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Better check all states...dig dig dig...drain the swamp...smells like something is there.

  14. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Gee, what does Wisconsin have to hide?

  15. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Follow the FUCKING MONEY! Damn iT! wtf?

  16. Anonymous3:52 PM

    All 17 Democrats on the House Oversight Committee called on committee chair Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) to review President-elect Donald Trump’s business ties Monday, two weeks after ranking member Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) made his original request for such a review.

    “Although you have stated publicly that you will hold Mr. Trump to the same standards as President Obama and Secretary Clinton, you have not responded to Ranking Member Cummings’ letter, and you have not taken steps to conduct basic oversight of these unprecedented challenges," a letter from the Democrats reads.

    1. The stink in the swamp will increase as the Republicans in the majority in both houses continue to protect their tyrannical man-baby Führer.

      By 2020 Trump will have us embroiled in the nastiest of wars and will probably declare a state of emergency and suspend all elections. That's how it starts, you know. He'll be "President for Life", and then pass the title on to one of his spawn.

      Robert Mugabe anyone?

  17. Anonymous3:54 PM

    WATCH: Rand Paul shoots down all of Trump’s rumored Secretary of State choices

    “[Republicans] spent a year and a half beating up Hillary Clinton over revealing classified information and then they would appoint somebody who the FBI says not only revealed it but then lied about it in an interview?” Paul asked, later adding, “I think that’s a potential problem.”

  18. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Barron can't have autism or Trump will be admitting that he's this self-proclaimed great builder but can't produce a healthy son.

    Does this matter to anybody other than Trump, NO. We all know someone or have a relative with some type of birth defects whether it be physical or mental.

    If Barron has anything it is only being highlighted with Donald's and Melania's behavior and Melania's lawsuit.

    If Barron has something, embrace it don't hide from it and most of all don't be thin skinned, kids can sense their parents behavior.

  19. Anonymous3:55 PM

    ‘The View’ DESTROYS Trump For Blaming His Unpopularity On ‘Illegal’ Voters (VIDEO)

    Once again President-elect Donald Trump has dominated the media by doing something incredibly dumb. After whining about the recount effort by Green Party candidate Jill Stein on Twitter, Trump kept the pity party going by whining about how he lost the popular vote.

    But of course, Trump is so delirious that he had to come up with an excuse for why he’d lost by over 2 million votes. To save himself from having to face the fact that most of America hates him, Trump promoted a ridiculous right-wing conspiracy theory about voter fraud, alleging that Hillary Clinton had won only because of “illegal” voters.

    As soon as Trump’s little orange fingers could finish his tweet, everyone was all over it. Election experts, historians, reporters and even other Republicans have rushed to debunk Trump’s lies – and on Monday, the hosts on ABC’s The View couldn’t wait to tear Trump a new one.

  20. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Fox Tries To Legitimize Trump’s Unhinged Twitter Meltdown Over Recount

    Donald Trump has become so unhinged over Jill Stein’s recount of some states’ presidential votes that you have to wonder what he is afraid of being unearthed. It’s a terrifying prospect to watch a future president become so unglued and vindictive over an attempt to protect democracy. But for “fair and balanced” Fox News, Job One seems to be pretending that there’s nothing wrong with the president-elect.

  21. Anonymous4:15 PM

    That and cheating.

    The 'Politics Of Resentment' Propelled Trump Into Office

  22. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Yessiree! I've been saying this for months now.

    If Dems Ever Want To Win Again, They Need To Find A Spine

    'Right now, Democratic politicians are being just about the most worthless, useless, spineless, rolling-over-est failures imaginable.'

    'Let's go over all of the things they could be doing right now to take on Trump, and aren't.'

  23. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Donald Trump unhinged because Americans want a recount in questionable states?

    I say if people want to raise their own money and spend their own money to demand a recount, then as the lyrics to the O'Jays song "GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT" says:

    O' Jays- Lyrics:

    You got to give the people, now
    Give the people what they want

    This is America.

  24. Anonymous4:19 PM

    OT, but fascinating. If you didn't catch it, be sure to watch Charlie Rose interviewing Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

    Khodorkovsky was said to be the wealthiest man in Russia in 2003. He was arrested and held in prison under the Putin regime for 10 years and is currently in exile.

    He has some very interesting insights into Putin and this was one of the best interviews I've seen in a good while.

  25. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Why run for president if the Trump family will be constantly suing people? If you don't want to be in the public's eyes in the upcoming four years then come out and say our family privacy is more important than Donald's quest to be the most powerful man in the world and for the good of our family, Donald will be stepping aside.

  26. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Charlie Sykes: It’s ‘Fundamentally Disturbing’ That Trump Is Questioning Popular Vote

  27. Anonymous4:32 PM

    What's more scarier than Donald Trump becoming unhinged over a recount and the Trump family becoming unhinged over the public's curiosity about the first family is the Trump family becoming unhinged and using President Trump's influence and powers to seek revenge.

    America doesn't want an unhinged president with his finger on the nuclear button.

  28. This is why she needed $6-8 million. For lawyers and court costs.

    I'm sure Michigan and Pennsylvania will follow Snotty Walker's lead.

    I hope she files in North Carolina and Florida too.

  29. Anonymous5:42 PM

    "@sdcritic: @HighonHillcrest @jeffzeleny @CNN There is NO QUESTION THAT #voterfraud did take place, and in favor of #CorruptHillary !"
    20 mins ago - Twitter

    1. Anonymous7:01 PM

      Insane tweets:

  30. Anonymous7:23 PM

    “We know the Democrats engage in fraud on a regular basis,” Klayman said."

    1. Projection. If the Republicans are accusing they're doing.

  31. Anonymous3:45 AM

    There was wide scaled voter fraud and organized media sway. The giddy Con Artist. The Liars. The face of good old citizen united. The 1% need more and more and more. They need to feel reality pretty and rich while stomping on little america. Sadly they are ugly shallow and empty inside. Rich in pockets and poor in soul. They will never know the joys of ordinary americans nor the simple love of life. NOPE..they cant buy it or feel it. Stand up Americans this was your country that got sold by eminent domain.


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