Monday, December 19, 2016

Garry Trudeau nails the typical Donald Trump press conference.

Trudeau has been shining a light on this fascist megalomaniac since the 80's and still nobody does it better.


  1. Anonymous2:14 AM

    Trump sheep did cause violence. They hacked America, They lied and cheated, the media did not cover the hundreds of crimes committed by team pussia. So reach down and grab um by the pussballs, look into that fat ugly face, wave the federalist paper and called them what they are. LIARS AND CON ARTIST.

  2. Anonymous2:23 AM

    This has nothing to do with democrats or the Clintons. The OUTRAGE is about liars and cheaters that are RUSSIAN sympathizers. It is about oil around the world. It is about control and profits. It is about disgusting anti American cults. It is about global out of touch greedy chicken chits. "citizen united" and RIGGING our election. Losers are losers.

    1. Anonymous5:13 AM

    2. Anonymous5:33 AM

      "That deal — to exploit difficult-to-drill Arctic oil reserves — is crucial to the future of both Russia and Exxon."Another coincidence is the fact that Condoleezza Rice and Bob Gates led the way in bringing Tillerson to Trump’s attention as a potential secretary of state nominee " EXXON>
      “I’m not a U.S. company and I don’t make decisions based on what’s good for the U.S.”

  3. Anonymous2:35 AM

    This certainly captures his thin-skinned nature. His team is determined to delegitimize the press so none of his supporters belive anything they see or read in the news. Thank God for SNL, Cbris Hayes and Rachel Maddow. It's going to take vigilance and courage to be a reporter and Liberal media personality.

    1. Anonymous9:32 AM

      Hopefully the press (MSNBC aside) can get with it and stay tough and be intrepid. They finally showed some spunk back when Trump scammed them re his birther announcement and it was just a ploy to advertise his MOH sucking up and opening of the DC hotel, but I've not seen that kind of energy from the press since.

      God, and a new survey shows that 52% of GOP voters think Trump won the popular vote. it gets more pathetic every day.

    2. Except none of his supporters watch SNL, Colbert, Meyers, Maher, Oliver, Maddow or cable news. They only pay attention to right wing drivel. If they watch late night it's Jimmy Fallon since he is the least political of them all.

  4. Anonymous4:48 AM

    “I’m a Leninist,” Bannon proudly told Radosh in 2013. “Lenin,” he continued, “wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal, too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.” - Steve Bannon
    Hang on, kids, we ain't seen nothing yet.

    1. Anonymous5:20 AM

      Gannon and Grover Norquist, two crazies who have wowed the GOP.

    2. Anonymous5:55 AM

      I wouldn't use the word "wowed," Beaglemom, because I've always thought a positive connotation of the word. More like how nasty they can be and get away with it.

      So many sheep, not enough pens, but they're coming!

  5. Anonymous5:09 AM

    "Explaining why Trump won in his opening prayer, Franklin Graham said, “I believe it was God.”

    1. Anonymous5:29 AM

      In his opening prayer???!!!???
      No words for how offensive this is to me.

    2. Anonymous5:51 AM

      Nobody cares how offended you are 5:29. Because this isn't about YOU, and the world is not obligated to give a crap about what offends little old YOU lol.

    3. Anonymous6:19 AM

      Nor you, 5:51 AM.
      Just so we're clear on that.

    4. Anonymous7:18 AM

      With apologies to Gryph and likewise atheists/agnostics here, 5:29 AM has a very good point. Politics from a pulpit is like mixing oil and water. Totally separate entities, and to preach Trump came from God is downright stupid.

    5. Anonymous7:44 AM

      It's "lol" again! Hey, we've missed your vastly articulate arguments...the capitalization is a nice touch, too.

    6. Anonymous9:35 AM

      This other Graham needs to keel, like his father. Glad his poisonous father is gone, but he's so poisonous too. It's disgusting how this tradition of kissing Graham ass started with the presidents.

    7. Anonymous10:42 AM

      Franklin is NOTHING like his father.

  6. Anonymous5:20 AM

  7. Anonymous5:39 AM

    1. Anonymous5:53 AM

      THAT is GREAT, BIGly Iremendous < drumpf's best words..

    2. That is epic. Needs to be shared all over and on National TV too. It's exactly that stuff that will drive Trump crazy.

  8. Anonymous6:10 AM

    a former chairman of the New York Mercantile Exchange, where he began his financial services career, and is a leader in electronic trading

    $wamp Fever

    1. Anonymous6:27 AM

      "a Fortune 10-sized company, the U.S. Army,"

      Because to dRUMPF the army is just another division of dRUMPF INC?

      >>“Viola’s business experience makes him well positioned to help guide a Fortune 10-sized company, the U.S. Army,” a statement from Trump’s transition team announcing Viola’s nomination reads. <<<

      What's the best thing to look forward to? A few liquidation sales? Or maybe a hostile takeover or two...

  9. Anonymous6:42 AM

    This is what happens when a political party is allowed to redistrict, gerrymander, and flip the bird at the idea of Democracy. Citizens United should have been a wake-up call.

    Fasten your seat belts - this Oligarchy is only going to get worse for We The People.

    1. Anonymous8:56 AM

      Unfortunately agreed.

  10. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Tom Arnold says he’s got recordings of Trump using racial slurs and calling son a ‘retard’

    ...The recordings are a compilation of various statements Trump made on camera that weren’t aired, and Arnold said those recordings have circulated within the entertainment industry.

    “When the people sent it to me, it was funny,” Arnold said. “Hundreds of people have seen these. It was sort of a Christmas video they put together. He wasn’t going to be president of the United States. It was him sitting in that chair saying the N-word, saying the C-word, calling his son a retard, just being so mean to his own children. ‘Oh, this is so funny, this is this guy.'”

    1. Anonymous9:33 AM


    2. Anonymous9:38 AM

      I hope this isn't a gag news bit and is real and everyone can hear it. But where was it back when his sexual assaults weren't enough to make people not vote for him. I want to believe this tape exists. I had heard that there was something, but nothing as detailed as this one.

    3. Anonymous11:03 AM

      Sure wish we could hear it. I'm so sick of people yammering on about being so in-the-know but then refusing to show the so-called evidence. As much as I'm glad to hear someone else say that such a recording exists, if TA wasn't going to let people hear his recording, he shouldn't have bothered saying anything. These types make me so sick.

    4. A bit late NOW, isn't it?

  11. Anonymous7:18 AM

    ‘How does rich orange ass taste?’: The internet shreds reporters who attended Trump’s Mar-a-Lago party

    1. Anonymous9:42 AM

      Thanks for the link. I was about to post this one. He is disgusting with all his game playing. I get that the press wants any access they can get, especially when he does so much to deny access, but they have to know how this makes him look, that it's all just good PR for him. And of course he's messing with them to screw up whatever real journalist is in them so that they won't do their jobs well. They should feel like shit today, like they just got sober and realize that they had sex with their wife's sister or husband's brother.

    2. Nice to see some with some balls and backbone calling out the enablers. Keep the heat up on these traitors. The Media *made* Trump. They're responsible for him being president. They chose to make him legitimate for ratings, clicks and MONEY. They wanted to make it an entertaining horserace by building him up and knocking Hillary down and it got away from them and in the end they couldn't fix it. They *had* fixed it, but for Trump.

      Fuck them all. Let them be crucified for what they did. They destroyed America.

  12. Anonymous7:20 AM

    ‘Big Lies’: Robert Reich explains why Donald Trump will continue holding rallies

    ...Trump vows to continue these rallies after he becomes president. As he told the crowd in Mobile, “They’re saying, ‘As president, he shouldn’t be doing rallies.’ But I think we should, right? We’ve done everything else the opposite. This is the way you get an honest word out.”

    “Get an honest word out?” There’s the real tipoff.

    Like his non-stop tweets, Trump’s purpose in holding these rallies is to connect directly with a large and enthusiastic base of followers who will believe what he says – and thereby reject facts from mainstream media, policy analysts, government agencies that collect data, and the scientific community.

    During his just-completed “thank-you tour,” Trump repeatedly claimed, for example, that the murder rate in the United States is the largest it’s been in 45 years. In fact, it’s near a 50-year low, according to the FBI.

    He also repeatedly said he won the election by a “landslide,” when in fact he lost the popular vote by 2.8 million votes – over five times Al Gore’s margin over George W. Bush in 2000.

    And he repeatedly asserted that the election was marred by “massive voting fraud,” when in fact there has been no evidence of voting fraud at all (unless you consider the possibility that Russia hacked into our voting systems – which Trump dismisses).

    A democracy depends on truth.

    1. Anonymous7:45 AM

      Trump Uses ‘Thank You’ Tour Finale to Remind America He is an Unhinged Liar

      Our collective Trump nightmare could be encapsulated in the last stop of his “Thank You” tour. All the elements, all the Trumpisms, came together in Mobile, Alabama as he attacked journalists, Michelle Obama, and reality itself, claiming “We won by a lot. It wasn’t even close.”

      Of course, he lost by a lot and it wasn’t even close. But reality is not something a Trump crowd would applaud.

      Donald Trump, who, along with Ivanka, has his line of clothes made in Mexico, China and elsewhere, used his visit to Mobile, Alabama yesterday, for an opportunity to tweet “Our goal is to bring back that wonderful phrase: #MadeInTheUSA!”

      Is it possible all those thousands of people who attend his rallies don’t know their hero pays foreign workers, not American, to make clothes in other countries? You would like to think so, but you should never, ever, bet on it.

      This is why:

    2. Anonymous10:55 AM

      A certain white supremacist German 85 years ago did rallies for the same exact reasons that the tiny fingered vulgarian does. To stroke his ego, and to yell lies to his supporters (tell a lie enough times, very loudly, and it seems to become truth to morons).

      We know where that ended...

    3. Isn't that what Hitler did?

  13. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Paul Krugman Warns the ‘1930s Show’ Has Returned With Trump’s Private Security Force

    "The erosion of democratic foundations has been underway for decades, and there’s no guarantee that we will ever be able to recover."

    Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman, fresh from being called “demented” by the unhinged Donald Trump, reacted to a Politico piece this morning with a tweet saying, “That 1930s show returns. And I’m not talking about macroeconomics.”

    Indeed, he is not. He is talking about Trump’s bully boys, his own personal bodyguards. And Krugman is not the only one who is concerned:

  14. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Leak Shows Trump’s Choice for Secretary of State Directs a Russian Oil Company

    Rex Tillerson not only runs ExxonMobil, he is also the director of a Russian oil company registered in the Bahamas, a secretive tax haven.

    ...However, now a leaked document containing 1.3 million files reveals that Trump’s choice for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, not only runs ExxonMobil, he is also the director of a Russian oil company registered in the Bahamas, a secretive tax haven.

    The Guardian revealed that the leaked document was given to a German newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung, by an anonymous source. The ExxonMobil chief executive has been a director of the oil company’s Russian subsidiary, Exxon Neftegas, since 1998 and his name appears with other corporate officers based in Moscow, and Sakhalin, in Russia’s far east. What that means is that Trump nominated an American-born, Russian businessman to be the nation’s top diplomat who will be looking out for Russia’s interests, not America’s. Of course it is troubling, but not surprising after learning that Trump’s path to the White House was made possible by Russian espionage under direction of oil-hungry Vladimir Putin.

  15. Anonymous8:07 AM

    The entire world is laughing at trump and US for allowing this idiotic lunatic to become president, this is a disgrace, he will be mocked all over the planet, every day, until we are rid of him.

  16. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Rex Tillerson (John Goodman) and Vladimir Putin join Donald and Melania Trump at their Christmas party.

    1. That was hilarious. I hope Goodman returns periodically with Baldwin. Maybe they can find a few more celebs to imitate the rest of the cabinet. Keep sticking it to the stubby gingered vulgarian.

  17. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Here trump admits he lied and says it didn't matter because he won, that was all that mattered; despicable, deplorable, detestable donny. Spread his shame. He is the most corrupt person to ever be elected to president. He has made a fool of every idiot who voted for him. We are left holding the bag of trash.

  18. Anonymous8:18 AM


    The plan was hatched (right before Trump announced candidacy) and how the election machinery was hacked (wirelessly). WHY? To neutralize the US as a barrier to restoration of the USSR.

    Stage 1 - stealing sensitive information and disseminated via Wikileaks to make it appear the work of whistle blowers and not a state-sponsored act of aggression.

    Stage 2 - Massive creation of hundreds of fake news sites in multiple countries to spread mis-information to poison the well of democracy, the well informed constituent.
    Stage 3 - connect with Trump directly and via surrogates such as advisor Manafort and son-in-law Kushner, Leverage was obtained to compel Trump to do as he is told lest he lose his fortune.

    Stage 4 - Place Russian advocates into the Trump administration and the executive agencies to retard interference.

  19. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Garth Brooks put America first when he turned down Donald Trump’s inauguration

    ...Ordinarily, performing at a Presidential inauguration brings the kind of career boosting public exposure that a musician salivates over. And if you’re someone like Garth Brooks, who is still popular but whose commercial peak came twenty years ago, it’s a golden opportunity for boosting album and concert sales. And it appears that for a moment, Brooks was tempted to say yes to the invitation to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration. But to his immense credit, he’s turning it down.

    The temptation for Garth Brooks must have been tremendous.

    1. Anonymous8:33 AM

      Last I heard, Kid Rock and Nugent?
      Surprised Lynyrd Skynrd haven't signed on.

    2. I called Ted Nugent before Trump won.

      When he couldn't get any marching bands and the runner up to America's Got Talent from 2010 was the only one they could get to sing the National Anthem and he couldn't get Elton John or Andrea Bocelli, I called Ted Nugent.

      I'll even bet that Nugent called them and offered and they said yes because they were desperate.

      This is going to be the RNC all over again. Two bit has been D listers looking for a last moment of glory.

      Too bad Chachi doesn't sing. Maybe he'll come back and do another speech.

      Garth Brooks is smart to Put America First. That should be the theme of the resistance.

      I think doing Trump's inaugural is going to be a career killer, not a career booster.

  20. Anonymous8:47 AM

    From Robert Reich, last weekend:

    So far this weekend, I've received phone calls from three electors who say they have doubts that Donald Trump should be chosen by the Electoral College next week (December 19). They tell me they've been in contact with other electors who feel the same way.

    I don't want to get your hopes up about this. Chances are, the Electoral College will still give Trump the 270 votes he needs to become President of the United States. But I find it interesting that several electors are at least raising this question.

    In my view, electors have a constitutional duty not to vote for Donald Trump. The framers of the Constitution established the Electoral College to guard against two possibilities: either that a demagogue might be elected, or that a foreign power might influence the outcome of a presidential election. Trump epitomizes both of these concerns.

    What do you think?

    1. I think Trump will get his 270. But he won't get 306.

      We already know he's only getting 305 because of Suprun in Texas. If he loses more that will only wound his pride more and further support that he has NO MANDATE. He lost the popular vote by 2.875 MILLION votes and didn't even get all of the electoral votes he won. The absolute worst president ever. Biggest LOSER to still be inaugurated. That is how his administration will be seen. One term. (hopefully)

      He is never going to get over losing those electoral votes. He is going to be tweeting a rage-storm.

  21. Anonymous8:52 AM

    According to Morning Consult, “A new Morning Consult/POLITICO survey shows that a plurality of voters, 45 percent, said the Constitution should be amended to shelve the Electoral College in favor of the popular vote, compared with 40 percent who said the system should remain as is. Partisan leanings were the top factor in how registered voters viewed the process. Americans who identify with the Democratic Party were most likely to back a constitutional amendment, with almost 7 in 10 Democrats saying the popular vote should determine who takes the White House. Meanwhile, most Republicans (62 percent) said the Electoral College, which Trump won 306 to 232, should remain in place. Almost half of independents (47 percent) were in favor of replacing the Electoral College with the popular vote, compared with 32 percent who disagreed.”

  22. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Bill Clinton Blames FBI Director James Comey For Trump Winning The White House

    ...It wasn’t Comey’s letter by itself that cost Clinton the election. The problem was that the media chose to use Comey’s letter to elevate Clinton’s emails and place them on a level the same or above that of the real scandals that surrounded Donald Trump. Comey’s letter received more mainstream media attention than Russia’s interference in the election, Trump’s refusal to disclose his conflicts of interests, the allegations of sexual assault against Trump, Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns, and the Republican candidate’s lack of disclosure of his health records.

    Instead of these very real issues, the media chose to obsess and elevate a non-scandal related to Hillary Clinton’s emails. If one wants to understand how much of a non-scandal the emails were, consider that after Trump had won the election, Republicans dropped all talk of investigating or prosecuting Hillary Clinton.

    1. And absolutely Comey should be blamed for all this and more.

      But....I seem to recall during the primaries someone saying that those e-mails were insignificant and wouldn't be a big deal at all. That Clinton had been vetted for 30 years and there wasn't any baggage to speak of that would hurt her. She was a sure thing no matter who the Republicans chose from the clown car.

      Who's sorry now?

  23. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Trump Has DELUSIONAL Sunday Night Twitter Freak Out, He’s Completely Lost It (TWEET)

    The president-elect fired off a wild tweet Sunday evening, claiming that his supporters are the peaceful ones and Clinton supporters — who Trump calls “those who lost the election” — are the violent ones.

    Twitter Just Ripped Trump To Shreds Over His Insane Sunday Evening Meltdown (TWEETS)

    And oh boy did Twitter rip the president-elect over this wild claim.

    David G. McAfee’s rant in response to Trump’s tweet is definitely worth reading in full.

    McAfee is an activist dedicated to “promoting reason, the scientific method, & empirically sound decision-making in modern politics” according to the Twitter bio of an organization he founded.

    McAfee said in part, in a rant sitting among the top comments on Trump’s Sunday evening tweet:

    1. Anonymous9:55 AM

      i couldn't believed it when i saw that trump tweet. his victory rallies got more and more jacked up with comments critical of anyone who didn't vote for him and about denying the hacking and pretending that michelle obama didn't mean what she said and pretending that he doesn't get that more than half the country is in despair now. he lied so much at those rallies about so many things and on twitter he's just kept acting like nothing is wrong except for the behavior of people in the dem camp. and then he goes off yet again last night. he has done absolutely nothing to bring the country together. he just keeps enjoying causing more outrage and division. if this were a movie it'd star charles bronson, and trump would not be the one left standing at the end.

    2. He better get used to it. He is going to be dealing with pushback, criticism, ridicule and humiliation after every tweet, every speech, every announcement, every rally, whatever.

      He's go the thinnest skin and he's fought for a job that requires the thickest one. He can't control the media, no matter how much he bribes or threatens them.

      He certainly can't control the public. He can't even control his own Deplorables.

  24. Anonymous9:01 AM

    The Head Of Israel’s Mossad National Intelligence Agency Just Briefed Trump In A ‘Secret Meeting’

    Ynetnews has reported that President-elect Donald Trump’s team met with the head of Israel’s intelligence agency, Mossad.

    Yosef “Yossi” Cohen, the leader of Mossad, secretly traveled to the U.S. in order to meet with Trump and discuss issues such as the Iran nuclear deal and the ongoing civil war in Syria. They also discussed an upcoming conference in Egypt and a pending U.N. resolution submitted by New Zealand and the people of Palestine.

    Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has said that the President-elect intends to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

    It was also reported that Israeli officials have asked the President-elect to speak out against President Obama and to veto a U.N. proposal that would label Israeli settlements in Palestine illegal and encourage other nations to boycott Israel until the occupation is addressed.

    The meeting was reportedly organized by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Ron Dermer, who serves as Israel’s ambassador to the United States, was also present at the meeting.

    1. Anonymous9:59 AM

      And this is exactly why many people are called anti-Jewish when in fact they are not. There were some great guests on the news Friday night talking about the ambassador pick to Israel and how it and Trump's statements have outraged the vast majority of Jews here in the States. Most see Trump's choice and statements about his plans for Israel as extreme, as "radical"--that is the word being used by Jews.

    2. They're treating Trump like the child he is. It's so depressing. Foreign nations trying desperately to instruct this poor excuse for an adult on the realities of the grown up world. They're hoping to succeed where U.S. Intelligence has failed. Trying to drive FACTS into his think stupid skull.

      So he'll believe what Israeli Intelligence tells him but not U.S. Intelligence? Let us hope so.

      The Deplorables have elected a MORON.

  25. Anonymous9:05 AM

    The Anti-Trump Electoral College Effort Is Only The Beginning

    ...In short, Monday could be the opening salvo of a new campaign against a president’s legitimacy — a fact-based version of the racist, fact-free birther conspiracy. This time around, the questions raised appear to be legitimate — Trump’s international conflicts of interest are real and, according to the unanimous view of US intelligence agencies, Russian attempts to influence the election are likewise real. The problem this time, however, is that — for the most part — these are uncharted waters and there are no established solutions.

    1. Anonymous10:01 AM

      He'll get the vote but I love that it's being done in a vivid way. All this needs to be in the historical record. The electoral vote day is usual barely paid attention to. Trump has turned our country into something shameful and ugly.

  26. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Not Funny...

  27. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I was just watching a brief segment on CNN about, among other things, the future of the Democratic party. The Daily Beast's Patricia Murphy was one of the two panelists. And it was, frankly, embarrassing.

    1. And *that* is why I am no longer a Democrat.


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