Sunday, December 18, 2016

Was the FBI's interference in this election a bigger scandal than Watergate?

So the columnist whose tweet is posted above wrote a rather long and expansive examination into what exactly the FBI did to interfere in the 2016 election.

You can read the entire thing here, but for the purposes of this post I will concentrate on the twelve most important bullet points:

(1) Abedin told people after the discovery that “she [was] unsure how her emails could have ended up” on the computer the FBI found them on, suggesting that if she’d ever been contacted by the FBI in early October she could have helped them dialogue through the situation (as the idea that she had deliberately withheld these emails from the FBI never made any sense, given the Bureau’s unwavering insistence that Abedin had always been cooperative with them, and the pointlessness of Abedin risking federal Obstruction of Justice charges and federal prison time to hide emails that were—as we now know—not just without any evidentiary value but in fact duplicates of emails she had already turned over to FBI investigators); 

(2) consensus in the media and beyond, as summarized by The Washington Post, was that “an announcement from the FBI in early October, when the emails were discovered, might have been less politically damaging for Clinton than one coming less than two weeks before the Nov. 8 election,” a fact no one in the FBI could have failed to appreciate, given its obviousness (even notwithstanding the agents’ enormous, day-to-day professional investment in the situation); 

(3) a report in The New York Times indicated that, during the more than three weeks the Weiner investigators kept their discovery from Director Comey, they nevertheless shared their new information with the ”tremendously angry” (see #6, below) rank-and-file FBI investigators from the Clinton email-server case (the New York Times having reported on October 30th that the discovery of “new” Abedin emails in early October “prompted a renewed interest among agents who had investigated Mrs. Clinton for her use of a private email server as Secretary of State” [emphasis supplied]); 

(4) after the late-October revelation that the FBI had found new emails on Weiner’s computer on October 3rd, rank-and-file FBI agents told the media that “there was no chance the email review could be completed before Election Day” (thus ensuring it would disrupt the Clinton campaign through the casting of all ballots, early and in-person), only to be overruled by Director Comey within 24 hours, with Comey decreeing that the relevance of the new emails would be determined by Election Day (as it ultimately was, after many millions of Americans had voted early, and before many more millions could hear about the second, exculpatory Comey letter; nevertheless, the stark disparity between the rank-and-file’s comments to the media and Comey’s comments remains unexplained); 

(5) a member of Trump’s inner circle, Rudy Giuliani, confessed on the Lars Larson radio program that current FBI agents working on the Clinton investigation had illegally leaked information to him about the Abedin emails before it became public and before Director Comey had been told of the emails, and, moreover, were intending to leak this information—if they were unable to get Comey to do it via the implicit threat of a leak—as an (in Giuliani’s words) pro-Trump “October Surprise,” thereby establishing a political motive among a faction of the FBI in the timing and dissemination of information about the emails (”Darn right I heard about it,” said Giuliani, “[and] I can’t even repeat the language I heard,” referring with this latter remark to the agents’ anger at not being able to indict Hillary Clinton for multiple federal felonies in July of 2016; concurrently, Jim Kallstrom, who headed the New York field office of the FBI in the 1990s, also admitted to Fox News to receiving leaks about the Clinton investigation from current FBI agents working on the case); 

(6) Giuliani further disclosed that a faction of rank-and-file FBI agents within the New York field office felt “tremendous anger” toward both Director Comey, Hillary Clinton (the subject of their investigation, who they believed should have been indicted in July), and “a pretty corrupt Obama Justice Department” (many of whose officials might have retained their posts if Clinton were to win election to the presidency), and we know from The Chicago Tribune that Comey wrote “the Comey Letter” only because he believed these same rogue FBI agents in New York were planning to leak the “new” evidence in the Weiner case (which leak would have violated numerous federal criminal statutes, and which plan to leak would already be regarded as a criminal conspiracy by law); 

(7) the Abedin emails turned out to have no evidentiary value, and indeed were in many instances duplicates of emails already held by the FBI, which fact Comey likely could have determined himself even from meta-data alone (had he been given the opportunity to do so during the first week of October); 

(8) Giuliani mysteriously took himself out of the running for any position within the Trump administration on the very same day (December 9th) that The Washington Post and The New York Times ran stories about Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election, thereby beginning a period of heavy scrutiny for both the FBI and CIA’s actions before and during the election, with the stated reason for Giuliani’s demurral from a once-certain Cabinet position being his potential conflicts of interest abroad (which conflicts are reportedly far fewer in number than those of either the President-elect or the President-elect’s nominee for Secretary of State, and occur in the context of an administration that has thus far expressed no concern at all about foreign business entanglements); 

(9) as reported by The Chicago Tribune, a Los Angeles attorney, E. Randol Schoenberg, is now asking a New York City judge to release, on Thursday, the search warrant the FBI sought for the Abedin emails on Weiner’s computer—with what probable cause to believe they contained evidence of criminal conduct one can, in view of the facts in this article, only begin to imagine—with Schoenberg’s stated purpose being to determine whether “someone in the Manhattan orbit of then-candidate Donald Trump may have provided a false lead to the FBI” regarding the Abedin emails (alternatively, as observed by The Gothamist, the search warrant could turn up “funny business by overly zealous conservative FBI agents”); 

(10) the lawsuit in New York was made necessary by the FBI’s inexplicable refusal to turn over its FOIA-eligible investigatory materials to Attorney Schoenberg in the 20-day window mandated by law, or even to respond to Schoenberg’s request at all, which refusal would have assured, absent Schoenberg’s lawsuit, that this information would remain under wraps prior to the Electoral College vote; 

(11) the judge in the New York lawsuit now says he may release the entirety of the search warrant prior to the meeting of the Electoral College on Monday, December 19th, acknowledging thereby the potential political relevance of the material; and 

(12) if the search warrant is in any way irregular, or the FBI’s redactions from it suspicious, this could confirm political collusion at the FBI and thereby increase the number of “Hamilton Electors” from their current reported 20 to the 38 needed to throw the 2016 presidential election to the House of Representatives—which temporary delay in Trump’s ascension to the presidency would allow ample time for investigations of both FBI collusion with the Trump campaign and multifaceted Russian interference with the presidential election.

There is actually a lot more in the post, but these points alone are more than enough to suggest, if not prove, that there was a definite conspiracy to deny Hillary Clinton the presidency.

Then add to that the Republican witch hunts over Benghazi and the private server, Russian hacking, and voting irregularities, and there simply is no longer any doubt.

In my opinion Watergate was child's play compared to this, and what is even more troubling is that it is about to be swept under the rug by a media that is desperate to maintain access to the new president at the expense of reporting the most egregious attack on our democracy perhaps in our entire 240 year history.


  1. Anonymous4:48 PM

  2. Anonymous5:04 PM

    I will never watch Trump be inaugurated.

    But I would watch something like this instead.

    Joe Conason
    4 hrs ·

    This is reportedly from a woman named Mary Davis, who posted it on her Facebook profile:
    "You may have heard that the Trump people are freaking out that the performers for the Inauguration will be limited to Kid Rock and Ted Nugent. You know what would be really smart? If there was a televised "freedom concert" with huge celebrities like: Beyoncé and Jay Z, Madonna, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, et al., that aired at the same time as the inauguration.
    "Imagine how mad 'Tiny Fingers' would be. He would totally lose all the ratings.
    "And what if all the proceeds of the concert went to: the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Lambda Legal, NAACP, CAIR, IRAP, SPLC, Environmental Defense Fund, Human Rights Campaign Fund, GLAD.
    "I would add that Alec Baldwin should MC the event playing Trump as he does on SNL."

    1. Anonymous5:23 PM

      Damn, what a great idea Joe Conason!

      Screw Donald Trump and his inauguration ceremony which won't be watched by me. Couldn't stomach it and I'll bet the media replays it in nausea afterwards!

      Fuck Donald Trump and may he be impeached as quickly as possible!

    2. That would be awesome. Especially if all of the networks decided to carry it and the inauguration was only on cable or Fox.

      But too short notice to get anything like that organized.

      That doesn't mean something won't happen. Plenty of people have cable and a subscription service like Netflix, HBO, HULU or Amazon Prime. That means they can tune in to something else and have no need to watch Trump's Loser show.

      I know I'll be watching anything but the Inauguration. I have AcornTV. I can watch a variety of British dramas, comedies and mysteries.

      I'll never watch any sort of Trump State of the Union Address, Turkey pardoning, or whatever he thinks is worthy of addressing the nation on national TV. I hope he sticks to Twitter and Facebook, as I have neither. If he decides to use YouTube, I need not go their to view his shit.

      I'm shunning him, as many should. He is a "non-president." As such he will be ignored. I don't need to watch the news either. I can get the weather from the internet.

    3. Anonymous5:35 PM

      As long as taxpayers don't have to pay for it, more power to them. Unfortunately so many of those biased organizations rely so much on funding from taxpayers, who have been under-represented and are angered their taxes are financing many of these anti-American groups.

      Hopefully thought, that will be changing soon and these so-called private organizations, will truly have to be private.

    4. Anonymous6:07 PM



    5. Anonymous6:40 PM

      Super idea! Celebs can throw together some serious star power for such a concert in the time before any 'inauguration', better known as a coupe.

    6. Anonymous9:03 PM

      I'm thinking I may post, "Not my President!" on my FB newsfeed every day until he is out of office. I don't use my Twitter account much but maybe I'll do the same there too. And I thought it would be great if people changed their profile pic to one that the Trumpster hates on Inauguration Day.

  3. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Exactly. It is bigger than Watergate and for how long have we we seen a witch hunt at every turn to deny Hillary Clinton the presidency? The right has been afraid of her beyond all reason since 1995.

  4. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Watergate is nothing compared to this.
    That the media is kissing his lily white fat rump is beyond disgusting. What pussies.

    1. Anonymous6:25 PM

      I hope everyone is writing their thoughts to the various news outlet leaders that offend us daily with the likes of the jerk that will never be my potus!

  5. Anonymous5:23 PM


    The FBI, the Russians, bigger than Watergate, oh my!!

    Thanks for the laughs crazy guy.

    1. Anonymous5:55 PM

      seems you're reveling in your fascism numbnutz ..

      .. go fuck your sorry ass self, eh ..

    2. Anonymous5:56 PM

      Enjoy your new 1st lady in the house of incest, 5:23PM.

      The Trumps are sooooo classy. Bwahahaha.

    3. Anonymous6:03 PM

      Choke on a dick, asshole.

    4. Anonymous6:04 PM

      No, thank you for the laughs,silly guy.

      Lap Dance for Daddy? Kinky.

      Daddy, can I sleep with you tonight?

      From incest to escorts to collusion with Putin.

  6. Yes. Much bigger and much more damaging than Watergate.

    It's basically FBI Sedition. Who they hell are they to decide that Hillary Clinton shouldn't be president and act to prevent exactly that? It's a fucking COUP.

    1. Anonymous1:59 AM

      Yes dear. The lousy loser alt cult of hateful Republicans plotting and planning down the road in 08 on that Historic night by signing the pledge to win at all cost. They sold their soul and live in limbo hate forever. Don't be fooled, don't trust a republican servant. They lie and cheat.

    2. Anonymous2:00 AM

      Russia is about to approve their gift.

    3. 1:59

      This has been in the planning for decades. Karl Rove did a lot to get them here. It was very slow and insidious.

      The Obstructionist Pledge was a big red flag.

      But there have been others down the line. They were reported but then the media and the public moved on to other distractions. No one connected the dots and put it all together, showing the target and the few remaining necessaries to get there. Even if someone had, they would have been dismissed.

      This goes back from even pre-Bush.

      Some of it goes back to Reagan. Anyone remember "A Nation at Risk"? Totally debunked almost as soon as it came out but didn't matter. Also totally made up at Reagan's request. But he ruled as if it were the truth and Congress voted accordingly. The public stills believes that crap. They spent 40 years cutting the fat from the education budgets at the local and state level until even the little bit the Federal Govt. gives couldn't make up the shortfall. Now they'll destroy the Dept. of Ed. You can't maintain a coup without stupid people. So you start at the bottom with children and make sure they don't get the education they need.

  7. Anonymous5:34 PM

    It's like there's a faction that wants the US to really be a one party system aka a dictatorship with rigged elections through whatever it takes - gerrymandering, voter suppression, fake news, hacking, never-ending investigations and on and on to ensure that any other political party doesn't stand a chance. Geez, for all the grousing about Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, etc. who hold faux elections, the US is now exactly that. 2016 was exactly that - a rigged and faux election to put Trump into office using any means necessary. What will happen to dissenters and political agitators (like the aforementioned countries) is very concerning.

    1. Anonymous6:53 PM

      Agree...great comment.

    2. Anonymous7:35 PM

      I think that faction might be the 1% -- or maybe the 0.01%. Or maybe the 0.001%.

      They have done so well for themselves in the last 30 yrs while the rest of us were asleep at the switch.

      We will soon see less of the dissenters and agitators as the IRS gets after them, or other ways to tighten the screws are put into place. Soon.

    3. Anonymous8:16 PM

      Yeah, I was going to say great comment, too.

      My mind goes back to Tom Delay and his BS, and of course to all that happened with Bush/Gore in 2000 and then after. Each election, it's gotten worse. Even with Obama winning, the tactics were far worse, and this time just appalling.

      And it's disgusting that with every election there are so many ways by which voting is prevented. When there's a recount and all that's done is another running of the questionable machines that counted the votes the first time and little to nothing is done about issues related to the machines and the shutting of polls early and permanently and ID laws asking for too much and so on, where is all the outrage from leaders who have the power to make themselves heard and heard and to do something with their voices on the media and through their many connections? It's like anyone who speaks up just goes on TV once for a few minutes and it comes across as obligatory. They disappear afterward.

      There are some great Dems left who are still loud, and some are there still but seem much quieter now, and there are a few new ones, like Warren, who carries on the tradition of the righteous fury of the former Dems, but overall there is not the same energy coming from the Dems. Of course, if they don't get on TV then we lose our main chance of hearing them. Don't they try getting on to speak? Do they just wait to be invited? Why aren't they raising hell on the Senate floor and Congressional floor and these moments making it onto the evening news more often? Where are their writings that I used to see published much more frequently? What are they doing when they are on break?

    4. That faction would be the Republicans.

      And they've finally succeeded.

      Now they are going to OWN all of the fallout that entails. They will be responsible for tanking out economy and destroying our air, water, land and wildlife; all of our natural resources. They can't blame it on the Democrats this time. They'll own it all.

  8. Thank you, Jesse, for posting this article.
    There will be a lot of people having read and will run with it (I hope!)

  9. Anonymous5:59 PM

    And then again, what goes around comes around -

  10. Anonymous6:17 PM



  11. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Time to scrub the FBI clean. A too the bones investigation by all DOJ entities (other than FBI), and select committees in Congress.

    Then fire all the assholes who thought they were above the laws they were supposed to uphold. Try them, and sentence for TREASON. And house their sorry asses at GITMO!

    1. In 30 days?

      The Trump administration and the Republicans won't. They *OWN* the DoJ now. They're not going to do anything that not only doesn't benefit them but exposes their criminal take over of this country.

  12. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Last week when things were being talked about very seriously and the focus wasn't yet on Trump and his camp's defensiveness, we heard respected journalists talking about a Watergate comparison, and they were saying it was as bad and worse than Watergate. And who was one who said it was far worse? Carl Bernstein. I saw and heard him, I think on CNN, say this.

    1. Anonymous7:43 PM

      Heard him say that Trump is worse than Nixon, a much bigger liar than Nixon ever was. Several others said this hacking is worse than Watergate. And interestingly, when Trump tried saying in Oct. that Hillary's email issue was a Watergate and worse, Bernstein said absolutely not

  13. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Yes it was bigger than Watergate. Watergate was big because it TRIED to get info that would change an election.

    The FBI-Putin effort DID change an election.

    Wish someone would set up the alternative to the inauguration that we could all tune in to, to make those alt-ratings count. Where are the Dem leaders? Are there any? How about some Dem effort to demonstrate that disaffected voters were HEARD? Or do we blame it all on FBI-Putin?

    The people who should read this HuffPo piece are almost certainly never going to read it. How about someone paying to reprint it in The National Enquirer?

    I'm so discouraged.

    1. Anonymous8:00 PM

      A few Dems spoke up on TV but did nothing of real action but call for hearings that will only take place after that fat freak is in the WH.

      I'm so ticked at many Dems for this and also--much as I love him--Obama for being so jawdroppingly low-key and not speaking more forcefully and just playing it by the traditional book and making Trump's move into the president's position so easy.

      I am also so pissed at how there has been no outrage from Obama re Aleppo and Putin's involvement. I've only heard Kerry speak lately, and it was not that impressive. I know it's hard negotiating deals, but man, these guys just seem unable to get these big things done lately. You can only remind people about having killed bin Laden so many times. Over the past years, what's really been accomplished? I hate having to say this.

  14. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Very good short piece at HuffPo on how the media, as articulate and smart as they can be, lack the language to really talk about everything that Trump is doing to this country. Without finding the words to really speak to all the different ways he's destroying the country, he just gets away with doing it:

  15. Anonymous7:52 PM

    My worry is that if Comey leaves, then what? He has a five-year deal. Was confirmed in, I think, July of his first year and started work early Sept., so I'd guess he still has a year-and-a-half left. If he leaves, will someone next in line at the FBI step into his shoes, or will orange Lardass nominate a new director that the Crooked GOP Senate will confirm? well, at least we can be glad it wouldn't be Giuliani....then again, it might be. Whatever the case, with a director chosen by Lardass, no way would any investigation afterward be reliable.

  16. Cracklin Charlie8:24 PM

    Excellent summary, Gryphen...I think I will go and read the entire article.

    I have also noticed that old Rudy 911 has been remarkably quiet, for someone that displayed such a BIG mouth during the election.

    I have a feeling there are going to be some investigations. If that turns out to be the case, there's just one thing that kind of bothers me about the whole "Hillary's email scandal". I was wondering, Gryphen*, in your current, and any future, reporting on this incident, could you please remind people that these emails that were getting hacked, and leaked, and passed around were not just "Hillary's emails"...these were potentially official documents produced in Secretary Clinton's esteemed official capacity as Secretary of State of the United States.

    Donald Trump repeatedly invited Russian operatives to hack potentially very serious, sensitive communications of an official nature!

    *Not picking at you, and I haven't noticed you downplaying the serious nature of Trump's offense at all. Just drives me crazy to hear this incident downplayed as "Hillary's emails", like it's her grocery list, or something.

    And just one other thing...looking back at the craziness of this election, and knowing what we now know...does anybody feel a little curious about that incident, on 9/11, where candidate Clinton was seemingly suddenly struck by a very mysterious illness? Any chance a toxicology screening was done?

    1. Anonymous3:15 AM

      Excellent point, thank you.

      It wouldn't have been "John Kerry's emails" or "Colin Powell's emails" it would have been the Secretary of State's emails.

    2. Anonymous7:25 AM

      I think that Rudy Julie Annie is the "missing link" (in more ways than one) in the FBI ummmm revelations.

      RJ in Brownbskistan

  17. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Donald Trump Made Millions of Dollars Running For President

    Trump did project his real intent to run for president saying, "I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it."

    ...Donald Trump is a scam artist and it was too bad he swindled the RNC into giving him access to donor money to transfer directly to his businesses, but that was their problem and gross underestimation of the man’s greed. That he conned taxpayers into paying him for flying secret service protection is all the more telling. Remember, this cretin, Donald Trump, said he would be the first “presidential candidate to run and make money on it” and after experiencing the realization of that prophecy, Americans should brace for how much money he is going to make off of taxpayers as president with no-one to stop him.

  18. Anonymous9:13 PM

    The Clinton 9/11 illness was pneumonia, the kind called "walking pneumonia," where you feel awful and take antibiotics. Which she did. Not a big deal. Amazing that she went to the ceremony. Took guts.

    1. Anonymous3:25 AM

      And she stayed at the ceremony longer than Trump did; he was only there for about ten minutes.

  19. Good grief. Earlier it was the third party voters. Earlier than that it was the electoral college. Now it's the Russians. How out of touch are you?

    First off, if the Russians influenced the election, or somehow infiltrated voting machines as some are saying, then how did Hillary win this big majority of the popular vote that you're all twisted up about? They did a pretty poor job of influencing voters for her to win the popular vote by almost three million.

    But what that shows is the flaw in Hillary's strategy. She concentrated on the big population centers and that was where she won. She ignored the more rural areas, and that was where she lost.

    Russians, Smushians.

    Let me see the same outrage from you that the Democrat party rigged the primary election for Hillary, and did everything in their power to in sure that Trump was the candidate Hillary would be running against. How'd that work out for you?

    1. Anonymous10:13 PM

      twofux Blow it out of your ass, troll.

    2. Anonymous10:22 PM

      It's the Democratic Party not the Democrat Party

    3. Anonymous1:42 AM

      Team azz continues to be liars and cheaters. They spin and twist like an exorcism in progress. And it is in progress. Good vs Evil. The evidence is clear "you people" f**ked up and we the people caught you. GO USA GO USA GO USA.

    4. Anonymous1:45 AM

      Is morning giddy and chitty vacationing with the trumps and putins in mars dingo? Did they drive that big riggin truck to the dump?

    5. Anonymous3:24 AM

      Any "rigging" was done strategically, where the electoral votes were most numerous. The GOP did it before in Ohio and Florida, why not add Michigan and Pennsylvania too? Both Michigan and Pennsylvania were thought to be in the Democratic camp until section day. It seems unlikely, to me, that Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania all went to Trump "on their own."

    6. Anonymous11:06 AM

      @twodux 9:49- we don't give two fux about your stupid opinion. Shouldn't you be celebrating? Why aren't you happy? You got your wish, doofus. We know who to blame for what's going to happen in 2017....dumb folks who voted like you.

  20. I've heard several people who have inside information, describe what happened as a rightwing COUP of the U.S. government.

    I've read hundreds of other opinions, but have yet to see anything that truly refutes that statement.

    1. Anonymous5:06 AM

      When they look in the mirror, take off the blinders, and remove earplugs they can read or allow someone to read it to them.

  21. Anonymous1:05 AM

    Republicans are LIARS AND CHEATERS.

  22. Anonymous1:08 AM

    REPUBLICANS ARE DISGUSTING LIARS. They signed pledges against America. They are weak little party liars. Can only win by cheating and lying.

    1. Anonymous4:04 AM

      Yeah, nc and the gov. Activities are what will happen now.

    2. Anonymous5:55 AM

      The weak-ass Dem's here in NC are allowing all these GOP takeover attempts: They are flip sides of the same coin.

      (Snark)Just listen to Roy Cooper! Just hear all that righteous anger at having the outgoing GOP strip the governor's office of it's power during a secret meeting (snark), and subjugate the public's trust. I voted for that milquetoast, believing he would protect public school teachers in this state(more fool, me), and send the GOP packing.

      The donor class, who really run this country, choose strong Republican candidates and weak Democratic candidates to put up as "choices" for the American voter.
      The party affiliation label is a mere distraction, and it works like a charm.

      The Dem's in NC allowed HB2 to happen, and that bill takes away everyone's right to fight job discrimination(it's not just a slam against transgendered people & toilets).
      The Dem's are allowing the rest of this latest takeover, and if they play along they will find themselves remaining in office(not voted out)and with ever increasing bank accounts, just like Joe Sam Queen. Everybody loves him because he will make the odd trip to his home county to call a square dance, and hang out amongst us unwashed commoners. Big deal! He has never worried where his next meal would come from, or how to pay for utilities OR medicine. No matter any election results, these guys will always do just fine.

  23. Anonymous1:22 AM

    How about fame and unfame have an impeachment fundraising party on 20th. Dump the junk on trump rock and roll spectacular world event. One hit wonders.. kid idiot and ed stooge will be down the road with losers playing stupid songs over and over and over again.

  24. Anonymous1:36 AM

    The entire country has been divided by nasty team trump liars and Russian actors. If you have noticed in last year that "certain" military, law enforcement, and the 16 agencies have scabs. They have defectos and bozos aligning with liars and cheats against America.

  25. Anonymous2:38 AM

    I woke up but it still has not changed.
    I guess tomorrow will be the same.
    I predict a false flag attack soon and escalation to ww 3.

    1. Anonymous4:03 AM

      I know what you mean. Ugh we may have fugly.

  26. Anonymous3:21 AM

    It looks like Trump's baiting of the press for the year (at least) has finally paid off. The media will do his bidding simply because their head offices are afraid of being shut out of access to the administration. This does not bode well for a "free press," does it? But it does fit a pattern that will create a servile press for an administration that will want to do as much damage as possible.

    1. Anonymous6:01 AM

      Back in the early 2000's I watched Olberman Every Single Night. Then one night in '07, I was aghast to hear the announcement of Supreme Court's passage of Citizen's United. This was the first mention Keith gave it. Something as important as that, and he breaks it like it's news to him, too.

      He does whatever his paymasters tell him to do.

  27. Anonymous4:55 AM

    It wasn't the Russians hack fest only. It was many deplorable type....many sitting in objective science, sitting in state, county, city governments and behaving badly for trump bs movement. It was those that get giddy when iddy trump walks in the room. It was the bribes and extortion. It was threats to professionals and the action not taken. It was team bundy in magic undies. Yep. It was a network of liars, con artist, bullies and corporations whom aided and abided criminals to advance a global bully network of disgusting little men with tiny little gonads and Johnson's not hamiltons but tiny johnsons and sir judge allowed it for now. What will the hand picked electoral republican plants decide?

    1. Anonymous5:23 AM


      Losing your mind lib?

    2. Anonymous6:07 AM

      I don't believe that would be a lib. but tweeter is.

    3. Anonymous6:16 AM

      No not at all and you? I hear your nose is stuck up trump.

  28. Anonymous5:04 AM

    Obviously trump used his only and best talent and scared the bully hell out of most media corporation ceo's either by threats or dirt. And so media brought hell full of deplorable liars and russia to the usa. They can finally say Merry Christmas in America again, They have hope again.

  29. Anonymous5:11 AM

    According to trump owned national enquirer turned dirty rag mag, he is the greatest thing to walk on water.

  30. Anonymous7:23 AM

    All of the buzz recently about how Russia is trying to destroy democracy just kills me. The Republicans have been busy doing just that for a very long time - gerrymandering districts and voter suppression to name a few recent efforts.

    Wake up America. The enemy is not only external.

  31. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Very powerful article. It may take forever for all of this to become common knowledge.
    I recall when Giuliani originally made his comments about what he knew and was amazed he would be so stupid as to admit it on a news show. Unfortunately, like so much else little has been made of it.

    Pat Padrnos


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