Thursday, December 01, 2016

Move aside Sarah Palin it looks like at least one prominent Democrat is pushing for former Senator Scott Brown to get the VA cabinet position.

Courtesy of HuffPo:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Thursday praised her onetime opponent Scott Brown, who President-elect Donald Trump is considering nominating to be secretary of veteran affairs. 

In an interview with Boston’s WGBH, Warren offered enthusiastic support for Brown, whom she unseated in the often-contentious 2012 Massachusetts Senate race. 

“If Scott Brown is the nominee for Veterans Affairs, I have no doubt that he would put his heart and soul into trying to help veterans,” she said. “And I would put my heart and soul into trying to help him do that. You bet I’d support that.” 

Warren has a personal stake in the Department of Veteran Affairs ― all three of her brothers served in the military.

Apparently Brown HAS met with Trump about the job and publicly thanked Warren for her endorsement.
While it would seem odd that Warren would endorse the man who she beat out for the job as Massachusetts Senator for a cabinet position, perhaps considering her families connection to the military she is just desperate to keep the VA out of the hands of Sarah Palin.

 I don't know much about Brown's qualifications, but at least he himself did serve in the military, and is not simply trying to get credit for raising a kid who joined the Guard to avoid jail time, or for marrying off one his daughters to a Medal of Honor winner.


  1. Carla2:07 PM

    I've never heard of anyone in politics having kids who joined the army to avoid jail time. I do know Sarah's son and his friend chose to after an injury took him out of pro hockey which his coaches were counting on when they begged him to play high level in MI, reserved for the best players as hockey parents know.

    And no one married off. Propaganda much?

    1. Anonymous2:42 PM

      Well here's the dealio - Track NEVER played pro hockey. He was shipped off to Michigan while in HS to keep him, as Sarah put it, from "fucking up" her chances of winning the governor's race. This is what Track told his friends. The team Track played on was not a top tier comp operation in any way, shape or form. He was considered an okay hockey player; better than some, but not even junior material.

      Track was not ordered into the army by a judge. He was forced to enlist by Sarah who told him she did not want him "fucking up" her chances at the VP nod.

      I feel bad for track. I feel bad for Bristol. I feel RILLY bad for the ultimate PROP, Trig.

      PROPaganda much? I'd say the Palins probably wrote the book on that.

    2. abbafan3:00 PM

      I do not feel any empathy for the entitled palin slackers. Their mother is a prime example of anti-intellectualism, which she screeches from her bully pulpit!

      It was documented in one of the books about her, that she forced trick-track to enlist, since his previous escapades would be quite embarrassing to the McCain campaign, and shred her credibility as a so-called "hockey mom".

      The State Trooper who drove them to the recruiting centre recalled a teary-eyed track glancing at $arah and the Pimp Toad, and vicious $arah, snarling through gritted teeth, "you OWE us"!!

    3. Anonymous3:22 PM

      Oh please we all know about tricktrake whatever, loser, and all in ak know it.

    4. Anonymous3:31 PM

      2:07 PM I'm in my late 70's and was brought up in Alaska.

      It was common when I was an older teenager that if a male classmate got into trouble - where he might end up w/jail time - the parents would give him a choice of enlisting or serving his time in jail.

      Joining the military was always the choice!

      Sarah Palin did the same thing. She wanted Track in the military because she did not want to have his crimes reflected on her political life!

      This mode of operation was not uncommon and I'll bet it's still occurring today.

      The military provides a great place for rules, obeying, learning respect, becoming physically fit, being challenged and meeting those challenges, loving and being loved, etc.

      Obviously, some male children do not learn any of that from their parents!
      And, we heard or read many things about living in the Palin household! It was not a happy, loving or peaceful place from the sounds of it!

    5. Anonymous3:50 PM

      The universe may know about TrickTrack but the Senate won't and doesn't care. The past is over, now it is about who does the rewrites. All the hearings would be is with and about those that rewrite history.

      Great for Trump to promote sexy women and treat them as accomplished public servants. See he is not a sexist. He is loyal to those who are loyal to his folly.

      Whatever happens it will be a feather in Sarah's cap and TrickTrack will be vindicated, he may end up with his own medal or a great honor. Remember to thank him for his service, even if what people say about Alaskans is true. Alaskans gave the Palins power and no one has done anything to reveal the real Palins. (Not saying some exceptional Alaskans have not done a stellar job and really did try to get the truth out).
      Oh, they promise if Sarah runs for anything again, they will reveal the truth about the family. They rather remain complicit with the criminals and child abuse.

      The powers that be do not want the truth. You may as well enjoy the show. Too bad if the Vets get screwed over. It is really about promoting frauds and Trump has picked an infamous fraud to screw them.

    6. Anonymous5:19 PM

      Carla: nice try. But you might not be acquainted with reality as we know it on this planet.

  2. Anonymous2:09 PM

    No ones a bigger advocate for vets than Sarah. You don't get gifted veterans medals over several years and be indifferent to their plight.

    1. Anonymous2:43 PM

      No ones a bigger tool than Sarah. You don't get gifted medals and whatnot also too over the years and ringing those bells. Plight.

    2. Anonymous3:05 PM

      I guess you forgot tRump, who got 'gifted' one of those 'coveted' Purple Hearts medals (that you only get when being injured - so much for 'coveted'...)

    3. Anonymous3:20 PM

      Oh like that guy she ignored trying to get stationed closer to home because of his ailing family member? Surely you jest!

    4. Anonymous7:17 PM

      When will Trump start to drain the Dead Lake? That is the serious business he should attend to, now and not later.

  3. Anonymous2:09 PM

    No one listens to Warren except a few of the misguided.

    Stupid people forget who Sarah Palin was. They act like she has no experience. Her responsibilities were enormous.

    Commanding Alaska's Guard w/ 24/7 missile defense - BlackFive

    "What is Sarah Palin's Experience?"

    Alaska's Sarah Palin was briefed on highly classified issues, Homeland Security and counterterrorism. She was the commander in chief in Ak.

    I think it is great everyone is forgetting her work. They will be shocked when the truth comes out in the Senate.

    1. Anonymous2:45 PM

      Sarah remains a joke and a jerk in Alaska. She should leave. No one likes or respects her or her family. They live like recluses in their compound across the railroad tracks from the ugly strip mall. They are booed in public.

    2. Anonymous3:10 PM

      I LOVE it that they get booed. No one deserves it more than the Palin frauds.

    3. Anonymous3:14 PM

      It sounds like Sarah or another Palin wrote 2:09 PM. She quit as gov of Alaska and while she was 'in' and not 'present' Todd bore the responsibility of the job!

      The Alaska Legislature actually made it public as to "Where is Sarah?"

      She was a joke in Alaska and not responsible in ANY on her jobs she ever had - she quit them ALL. Check the facts and her history. She's fucking fraud!

    4. Anonymous3:18 PM

      Forgetting her work? Lmao!!!

    5. Anonymous3:20 PM

      Who cares if she is a joke in Alaska? DC is what matters. Will Alaska be at her Senate Hearing?

      Alaska is far away. Let them have their jokes. Trump is giving her a serious position where it counts.

      Those measly few Alaskans that have jokes will do nothing anyway.

    6. Anonymous6:11 PM

      Trump was an entertainer and a joke. I don't see how Ak's thinking Palin is a joke will help anything. Why can't someone in a position to know things do something?

    7. "Her responsibilities were enormous."
      You are correct. And she failed at every one of them.

  4. Anonymous2:19 PM


  5. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Yeah, he enrolled at a young age in the Guard and was in it for 35 years. Did a variety of things. So what if it wasn't actual combat--his service was still real service and a serious contribution and not about driving a general around base. He's a moderate and articulate and looks and acts like a statesman. He would work hard and not seek glory like Palin would. Just look at the differences between their tweets on the matter of being considered for the job. Palin's all about promoting herself. And, of course, she's an ass and has no business in any post at all, let alone the VA. Temperament is going to be important. How would Plain handle herself? She'd be a hyper harpy throwing out her embarrassing Palinisms and flashing that godawful flag bracelet she always wears. She'd be more of a national embarrassment than she already is. And, of course, she'd be buried by the end of her first week. She is such a complete dimwit and numbskull. Everyone knows it and word has been all over since her name was brought up for the VA.

    1. Anonymous2:45 PM

      Brown has less going for him than the Commander In Chief[S900,900].jpg

      I can't wait for Trump and Bannon's next show and the movie,

    2. Anonymous3:17 PM

      Oh gos she will just say the same things as 9 years ago. She is stuck. So VA will never get better. No innovations. Nothing. If the old hag is in, blight in VA.

    3. Anonymous5:43 PM

      Ole skank went rogue on trump and I don't think anyone on his team likes it.
      Please note in the original article about her being considered to head the VA an anonymous source from the transition team acknowledged they had spoken to her. Fine-she called and they answered. Her FB post states she told them how much she could do with her 'megaphone"- not the other way around.
      Note please an anonymous aide to skank told abc news she is interested in the position and she let trump's team know it. Per the article written she contacted the transition team not trump and she initiated it not them.

      Skanky pants is trying to box trump into giving her a position and acknowledging her and EVERYONE sees it and knows it.
      Please also note that no one from trump team has gone on record to say she is seriously being considered.
      And trump sure hasn't tweeted about her so in his world she doesn't exist unless he tweets about her.
      Just sayin....

  6. Anonymous2:31 PM


  7. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Wow. The trolls have arrived en masse.

    1. Anonymous5:18 PM

      Desperately trying to rewrite history before our very eyes, it seems. Sarry must really have her heart set on this one.

    2. Anonymous7:21 PM

      I recall when Scarah was non-vetted by Mac. Instantly they were rewriting her wiki page. They altered the official governor pages also. All before our eyes. It is how they work. They know the public will forget. All that is left is the propaganda.

    3. Anonymous8:40 PM

      "Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it."

      National Enquirer: BAD APPLE
      Sarah Palin’s Lies As Her Druggie Son Lands In Trouble Again!
      She brazenly tried to blame the arrest on President

      Daily Mail: Sarah Palin's daughter-in-law 'fine with' divorce as she gets custody of 1-year-old daughter... and husband Track walks away with his guns

  8. a. j. billings2:36 PM

    One small bit of silver lining will be if the Wasilla Idiot doesn't get ANY JOB in Cheeto's administration

    The weeping and howling protests will spew forth from C4pee. I'd say that might be the final blow to those deplorables.

    For 8 years we heard all about Queen Esther, the prophecies of President Palin, and how she was the rightful true heir, and savior of rill 'murickans.

    To be "too far" from the convention and then not get any crumbs from the big kids table sounds just right for that despicable aging harpy.

    1. Anonymous5:46 PM

      Yes and considering they believe she has a direct line to trump and is advising him-she has set herself up for yet another humiliating public PASS! Pass on her for any roles all roles in his cabinet! You just keep leaking your wish list skank so we can watch you publicly fall again and again.

  9. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Trump would be smart to listen to people like Sanders & Warren. For example, read this piece by Sanders about the Carrier deal and you decide who's the smart negotiator -

    1. Anonymous3:27 PM

      Didn't you read about Sanders here? No one will listen to him.

  10. Anonymous2:39 PM

    2:07 and both 2:09's - Where have you been? Put in all the crap you want but remember she said she could see Russia from her house. Recall that her husband ran the state, that she couldn't handle positions she was given, that she spent huge amounts of money to re-decorate her office (50k) and left Wasilla in terrible financial straits due to the "hockey" stadium.

    Then her house "evolved" from using all the "left-overs" from the hockey stadium - same sinks, same windows, same railings, etc. Todd says he and friends built it in 3 days. Really?

    If you don't know about those joining the military to escape incarceration you haven't been exposed to much.

    Do you really think $carah can stay sober long enough to manage the VA? Just recently that the drunken brawl she and daughter and son and husband were involved in occurred while her grandson looked on as his uncle got decked.

    Get real and stop making excuses or acting like there is gray matter in that family. Remember the "Where's $arah?" buttons people wore because she never showed up for work? Remember how she said she wore her best "push-up" bra because she wanted to get her way that one day at work?

    Remember she had democrats that took care of the state while she fiddled around somewhere, but no one knows where she was most of the time. Charged the state for housing her in her own home.

    Sheesh - you people need to jog your memories before you destroy our country with insane statements.

    1. Anonymous 2:39 PM wrote: … she said she could see Russia from her house.

      No. Tina Fey did, while parodying Palin.

      Palin only stated that part of Russia (Big Diomede) can be seen from part of Alaska (Little Diomede).

      Although much of Fey's humour used Palin's words verbatim, in this case she was engaging in comic exaggeration—which you apparently fell for.

    2. Anonymous5:03 PM

      Memories do not matter. What matters is who can do the best rewrites. Better yet if they can get into the office of President or in his cabinet. Those are the people that can rearrange or blackout any and everyone's memories.

      You are living in Trump World now. It is only his, his team and cabinet's scripts that matter.

  11. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Wow, the Palin panty sniffers are out in force today.

    1. Anonymous11:35 AM

      The trolls are somewhat more articulate than the usual hairy beasts who frequent these parts. Some (relatively) serious people may be laboring under the illusion (delusion) that Palin has a real shot at a Cabinet post. Gotta try to make sure that their altered reality is front and center if anyone happens to stumble across this blog.
      If there's even a ghost of a chance of Sarry ending up with a position of influence, I'd say that puts the ball in your court, G, to keep actual reality front and center. (Please!)

  12. Anonymous3:02 PM

    "While it would seem odd that Warren would endorse the man who she beat out for the job as Massachusetts Senator for a cabinet position..."
    Ever considered that she might endorse him, because she actually thinks he might be qualified for that job, but not for the other one, Gryphen?

  13. Anonymous3:06 PM

    When is Brissy due with her next baby?

    1. Anonymous4:00 PM

      They found out with ultrasound the poor thing has no head, just a big brain sitting on a neck. She needs time for the Palin team to work on the how she chose life after a struggle with moral questions. She and Dakota love their creations and no way would they abort this beautiful blessing.

    2. Anonymous4:43 PM


      Your comment is very interesting because I talked to someone in Target Sunday who happened to mention that the Palin slut was knocked up again, she heard it in church last Sunday.

      Apparently it's about 10 weeks in and that's why lots of folks have been noticing her bigger face and tits.

      I guess maybe Duhkota wanted to stake his claim?

    3. Anonymous7:27 AM

      Oh goodie, now we will see what effects skinny tea has on fetal growth.

  14. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Another old fossil in cabinent. Gosh they could all die, they are all old.

  15. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Senator Warren is busy>

  16. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Warren is too slim.

  17. Anonymous3:32 PM

    "Foxx, who boasts she was “tea party before the tea party started,”"“I’m going to push to diminish the role of the federal government in everything it’s in that isn’t in the Constitution,” Foxx said in an interview in her district. “That’s education, health care. All the things that the federal government does that it should not be doing. I’m happy to diminish its role.” education out the door...

  18. Anonymous3:45 PM


  19. Anonymous3:56 PM

    "Too stupid and annoying"

  20. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Looks like the trolls have been getting their news from Macedonia :)

    Warren has experience and common sense, I would trust her choice over the ding bat from Wasilla, who had to hire an office manager to do her job as mayor of a town smaller than a battalion.

  21. Anonymous4:31 PM

    I just find it very strange that the power brokers in our country use things like Twitter and Facebook to communicate?

    Anyone else think that is strange?

    1. Anonymous5:07 PM

      Sad and strange. It won't be strange to millennials. Just old folk, like over 35 old.

    2. Anonymous7:28 AM

      Well at least us "old folks" will be able to survive when the power grid goes down.

  22. Anonymous4:59 PM

    IMHO... Scott Brown is an excellent choice. He's a Colonel in the National Guard.

    1. Anonymous6:25 PM

      Sarah Palin Might Get Scott Brown’s Job at the VA
      The Trump transition team is reportedly considering her for the White House post he wants.

      Sarah has a lot to say and she has Trump's ear.

      She has Steve Bannon’s back ing

      All the worst dim-witted far right goblins you thought you’d seen the last of are coming back onto the stage for the Trump administration. Today we learn that the Rage Cheeto is considering for secretary of Veteran Affairs… none other than failed reality star and (QUITTER) half-term Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

      SAY IT ISN'T SO.[S900,900].jpg

    2. Anonymous8:11 AM

      Scott Brown is an absolute moron but he is not Palin so what the hell.

  23. Pete Hegseth is a strong contender for VA Secretary. He was CEO of Concerned Veterans of America, and has a strong military and educational background. He's a retired infantry officer who earned the Combat Infantry Badge and the Bronze Star with oak leaf (for second award of the medal), along with multiple lesser commendations and ribbons. He served in Iraq and at Gitmo. Earned a BA from Princeton.

    Hegseth seems to be the favorite among veterans in my heavily-military neck of the woods (near JBLM in Washington State.) My husband is a retired infantry officer, who also earned the CIB and the Bronze Star twice (second time with V for valor). He has vascular dementia, Parkinsonism, and insulin-dependent diabetes from his exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam, but I expect he would approve of a man like Hegseth holding the reins of the VA.

    As an aside, I would like to put in a good word for the VA. Because my husband's disabilities are service-connected and catastrophic (total VA disability ratings add up to 160%), he gets Priority One care of the VA's eight levels. Everything is free and top-notch. I can take him to Olympia-area docs and dentists and the VA pays. VA also pays for the assistance of a caregiver in our home 20 hours per week, and a monthly visit from an RN. The VA pays for a minimum of four weeks per year of respite care for my husband in a local nursing home so that I can have a break, and he can have all the therapeutic tune-ups his docs prescribe.

    I recognize that many people get short-changed where VA care is concerned. There are eight levels of care, and I think the lowest is for indigent vets who have no other access to care. And regardless of the level of care a vet has earned, it's still necessary to have all your ducks in a row, to be sure the VA keeps all their ducks in a row, to go over the heads of surly gatekeepers if necessary, and to be pushy and contentious at times, which is not a problem for me.

    Also, I think that many people don't realize that the VA was never intended to provide lifetime care for every veteran who ever served a stint in uniform. Maybe someday that will be the case, but it isn't going to happen in the foreseeable future, given the cost of even basic care.

    Palin is lobbying for the job, but she hasn't even been interviewed by Trump and his transition team. Why would they waste their time on someone with no experience or qualifications? If Palin couldn't handle mayoral responsibilities in a tiny town, or the governorship of a state with a small population, no one could seriously believe that she would be equal to shouldering the job of leading the VA. Trump may be crazy, but he isn't stupid.

    1. Anonymous8:33 PM

      How many women have run the VA? Sarah Palin Would Be The First Non-Veteran To Run The VA.

      Non-veteran yet she was a commander and expert on Russia.

    2. Anonymous 8:33 PM

      Governors command the National Guard when they mobilize to assist with fighting forest fires, riots, and the like.

      The President (and military officers of the appropriate grade) would have been in command of the Guard during any overseas deployments which might have taken place during Palin's brief tenure as Governor.

      If Palin is an expert on Russia, please provide citations. Her vague utterance about Putin raising his head, and the visibility of Russian islands from Alaskan islands, is all she could come up with during her run for VP. Any National Guard briefings Palin attended didn't stick, or she could have come up with something halfway relevant.

      You know, there's no shortage of female general officers who could probably run the VA better than Shinseki did, without a doubt. There are also some lower-ranking but very capable female veterans who are intimately well-versed in VA issues. The heroic Tammy Duckworth comes immediately to mind.

      Sarah Palin isn't in the same league with any of these women. Just running a household and raising children is logistically way above her pay grade. Forget any kind of bureaucratic governance.

      Justice David Suter made some eerily prescienct comments years ago, which were replayed on TV during the recent campaign. Essentially, he pointed out that a simple ignorance of basic high-school civics could doom democracy. We saw examples in the comments of Trump supporters who were utterly clueless about the role and powers of the president. We also see it in your misconceptions about the role of Sarah Palin as Governor.

  24. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Col. Burt Thompson flying over Iraq.

    "Pfc.Track Palin has been promoted from driver to an "air guard" position in one of the rear hatches of the Stryker vehicle. He stands in the hatch with a rifle and watches out for danger to the vehicle, be it airborne or on the ground. His unit also provides security for the brigade's commander and deputy commander. From there, the next promotion is to be a dismounted soldier, one that leaves the 20-ton, eight-wheeled armored combat vehicle."

    I hope they ask Brigadier General (1-star) Thompson how true that statement is now. At one time he walked it back. Grunts don't do those jobs. Now that (1-star) Brigadier General Thompson has been promoted, would he tell the same lie again at the Senate hearing?

    I hear he was one of the best at pushing Palin propaganda for the frauds. That bs is on the internet, Senators don't need the Way Back Machine to learn about what happened with Sarah Palin during her quest to gain.

    Is there even any facts or proof that Track Palin did much if he did go to Iraq or Afghanistan?

    How much of his propaganda was just a lie to serve McCain/Palin ticket for their coveted Presidential quest? Sorry but the frauds are all just criminals that need to be outed.

    Why won't the media do anything?
    Vets are powerless to purge these crooks and the military is anti-Vet when they do these things. The military worked to rig that election for McCain/Palin. That is America? And add salt to the wounds by protecting the liars.

  25. Anonymous3:19 AM

    Don't get too happy, Brown may just be the Cover boy face of tearing the VA apart:

  26. Anonymous4:38 AM

    Oh yes. Another deplorable. Brown and his centerfold photo shoot. He fits right in.

  27. Anonymous7:37 AM

    OT: IF TODD PALIN may have been involved in sex trafficking (as reported by former prostitute Shailey Tripp author of Boys Will Be Boys, her story of her relationship with her pimp Todd Palin) or know of interstate sex traffickers and their modus operandi, can Todd help help by giving his opinion?

    Are these signs of sex trafficking?

    A blonde woman was taken against her will and was branded. It has been the opinion of sex trafficking experts that because her kidnapping became so visible, that her captors released her.

    New York Post:
    Kidnapped jogger was branded, starved nearly to death

    ... “Her now-emaciated body of 87 pounds was covered in multicolored bruises, severe burns, red rashes and chain markings,’’ the husband wrote in a lengthy statement to ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

    Papani said the 34-year-old mother of two had just been “thrown from a vehicle with a chain around her waist, attached to her wrists and a bag over her head....

    The California mom who vanished while jogging was horribly beaten and branded by her abductors, her husband revealed on Tuesday.

    Keith Papini admitted that he “was filled with so much relief and revulsion at once’’ when he first saw his battered and emaciated wife, Sherri, again.

    “The officers warned me to brace myself. My first sight was my wife in a hospital bed, her face covered in bruises ranging from yellow to black because of repeated beatings, the bridge of her nose broken,’’ Papini recalled....

    1. Anonymous8:34 AM

      Other women went on TV stating when they were put into sex trafficking, they too were branded like cattle.

    2. Anonymous9:40 AM

      Was Shailey Tripp branded or because she was local there was no need to brand?

  28. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Altho stain isn't qualified to scrub the Obama White House toilets,she's more that qualified to muck out Trumps shitters and that's about it. Assume the position, sarah! You've always operated best on your knees.

  29. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Looks like palin didn't get the VA appointment. She's all over the news criticizing Dirty Don's Carrier deal. Screech rilly "stepped in it" this time.

    1. I think it's more than that.

      I think she's been given the word she isn't getting ANY sort of appointment whatsoever. Otherwise she'd still be praising him and switching to some other available opening she still isn't qualified for.

      So I guess she's not getting VA or Interior or Sec. of State or whatever is still available.

      She must have been cut off cold turkey.

      Like Trump, she is all about payback and being vindictive.

    2. Anonymous12:26 AM

      Sarah's dreams are fading fast . No job for her,or the MOH. Looks like their grande scheme of "being somebody" is DOA. Sarah's Frankenstein has brushed her off. Walmart is hiring. The Pac is running dry. Drip,drip,drip...

  30. If he gets it, Brown would be one of a very few actually qualified for the position Trump appoints him to.

    That said, I doubt Brown or his family has donated enough money to Trump to warrant a nomination. He is all about PAY to PLAY after all.


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