Thursday, December 01, 2016

Trevor Noah interviews conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren. Perhaps his best interview so far.

Courtesy of the Business Insider: 

Conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren appeared for an interview on Trevor Noah's "The Daily Show," and it immediately turned confrontational as Noah asked Lahren to explain her positions. 

"Why are you so angry?" Noah asked Lahren to start after showing a clip of the conservative host for TheBlaze railing against protesters of President-elect Donald Trump in the days after Trump won the election. 

After saying she wasn't actually angry, Lahren said, "Sometimes people just need to be called on their s---." 

The nearly 30-minute interview covered a lot of political and cultural ground including Lahren's conflicted response to Trump's lewd "Access Hollywood" tape, Colin Kaepernick, Black Lives Matter, and the "shake-up" Lahren has said Trump will bring to Washington, DC.

This bleached blonde bimbette is so ignorant and filled with conservative rage that it hurts my brain to listen to the garbage that falls out of her mouth.

However I thought that Noah did a very good job with this interview.

One of the things that I have missed the most since Jon Stewart left was his incredibly ability to interview people and get to the meat of their disagreements without denigrating them or attacking them personally.

This is the first time I have seen Noah demonstrate that skill set.

There was a point at the end of this interview that made me literally cringe.

In response to Noah's question about how black Americans should protest, she says this:

"I being a woman, I didn't have rights until after black people, until women got the right to vote. But because I feel I'm a woman, and I am marginalized in some way, I do not protest my country.....I don't protest, I'm not a victim."


This Lahren woman has NO idea how women, who she is very correct could not vote until 1920, got that right to vote.

They got the right because THEY PROTESTED THEIR COUNTRY!

In fact every fucking right this bleached barbie enjoys was earned on the backs of citizens who not only fought oppression and died during a war, but also protested in the streets against business, religious, and government powers who did not believe they deserved the same rights as the white Christian men who made the laws.

I think this entitled piece of conservative fluff, literally thinks that she has the job that she has solely based on her talent, and that she owes NOTHING to the woman who protested for her right to have a job in field that only thirty or forty years ago was a boys only club.

In reality she is nothing more than a younger, thinner version of a know nothing Sarah Palin, who spouts conservative talking points when you pull her string, and gets to be on television because men like to watch her rants with their hands down their pants.

She is an embarrassment to women every where, and she is too ignorant and self righteous to realize it.


  1. Anonymous11:44 AM

    OT: Don, Don, Don...That Carrier plant builds furnaces not air-conditioners. And, there are a thousand or so jobs that will be moved to Mexico. You looked and sounded like a doddering old fart in no way presidential.

    1. Anonymous12:37 PM

  2. Anonymous12:23 PM

    It's amazing to see how stupid women - like the above and Sarah Palin - get anywhere in life!

    They are down right embarrassing to watch or hear! Where is our god, if there is one, to protect America from these particular two waste of lives?

  3. Anonymous12:30 PM

    I can't listen to that bleached little bundle of hatred.

  4. Anonymous12:32 PM

    "President-elect was borderline incoherent!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Last week I read Trevor Noah's autobiography, 'Born a Crime'. It's astonishing, excellent value, would make a great gift for someone who enjoys biography.

    1. Anonymous1:57 PM

      Trevor's story is so telling, I heard him speak on his book and where WE ARE NOW. >UNCANNY.

  6. Anonymous12:38 PM

    1. Anonymous1:13 PM

      I really don't get why nothing's being done about Florida. There was something off there, especially given that 28% of GOP were not voting for Trump, and word spread but no one's taken up a recount there.

    2. Anonymous1:50 PM

      I find that odd too, 1.13

  7. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Saw this last night, right before bed. It gave me nightmares. This entitled brats attitude disgusted and made me sad. Next time I see her on tv, I'll shut it off. No need to invite such hate into my home. Trevor was very good, though. Toni kept trying to dance around his questions, and he calmly kept bringing it right back to his question. IMO, she sounded stupid. She's riding in on the hate the Republicans have stoked. Eventually people will get tired of this diet of outrage. I hope.

  8. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Trump’s pick to lead the Treasury tried to kick a 90-year-old woman out of her home over 27 cents

    1. Anonymous1:22 PM

      He's scum, and MSNBC covered his behavior so well a while back, so when he got the nod from Trump, all that info came flooding back and I couldn't believe he was even up for a position. It's mind-blowing how Trump's supporters aren't raising any voice of concern whatsoever. After all that has been going on with trump's choices and switches of mind these past couple weeks, there's nada from them.

    2. Anonymous1:54 PM

      drumpf,s old man made the butler pick up a penny in the driveway of Mar-a-Lago.
      bend over....

  9. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Whaaaaa whaaaaa!

    What protests? Is he talking about the violent riots and looting by anarchists groups posing as protesters? What a joke.

  10. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Speaking of the ignorant, Huffpo has something there that I saw on TV earlier today. It was so f'ing maddening and sad listening to Trump supporters who still support him and are idiots:

  11. Anonymous1:17 PM

    What an effing moron! May she be Limbaugh's fifth or sixth wife and sail away on a boat with Palin to Russia, never to reurn.

  12. Anonymous1:23 PM

    What's with the long, bleached blond tresses on conservative women? They look as bogus as their beliefs.

    1. Anonymous1:48 PM

      Half of that hair is fake, it's extensions that grew on another woman's head in a poor country. Wingnuts love them, it took Megyn Kelly years to let go of hers. Sarah Palin wears them (very badly) and has done since 2009. You see them on a lot of skinny wingnut women addicted to diet pills.

  13. Anonymous1:29 PM

    The first public remarks of Donald J. Trump as president-elect were a total disaster.

    ...Trump used his remarks to praise himself for picking Mike Pence. He complained about Republicans opposing him in the Indiana primary. Trump noticed somebody’s hat in the crowd. He also admitted that he had no intention of actually saving any jobs at Carrier.

    It is easy to understand now why the Trump team has been hiding the president-elect from the public. Trump is in way, way, way over his head.

    Other journalists noticed that Trump was rambling:

  14. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Let's not forget, of course, that this is a lovely example of white feminism. After all, only white women got the right to vote in 1920. The rest of us didn't get it until much later. But those added layers to issues don't really register with people like her.

  15. Anonymous1:51 PM

    To many gone to young:

  16. "I didn't have rights until after black people, until women got the right to vote."
    Really? Women were being murdered well into the 60s for trying to vote?

  17. Anonymous2:05 PM

  18. Anonymous2:50 PM

    A black syndicated radio host said Tomi Lahren abruptly canceled a scheduled appearance on his show after her disastrous appearance “The Daily Show.”

    Charlemagne Tha God, who co-hosts the nationally syndicated program “The Breakfast Club,” said he was looking forward to interviewing Lahren, a social media star and host of her own program on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze network — which he said called off her appearance.

    He told TMZ that The Blaze was unhappy with how Lahren fared Wednesday night against Trevor Noah, who patiently challenged the conservative commentator’s arguments.

    “Maybe they’re trying to stop what they perceive as bleeding, maybe, because, you know, she’s trending all over social media,” Charlemagne said, noting that most of the online reaction has not been favorable to her.

    ...He then admitted a more puerile interest in interviewing Lahren.

    “I want to know whether she ever had any black penis,” he said. “That right there will dispel any racist bigot allegation, if she can say she’s had some black penis. I want to know how she feels about black penis. Do black penises matter?”

  19. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Trump booster Scottie Nell Hughes gets blasted on NPR after saying ‘there’s no such thing as facts’

    Fox News host admits ‘If Obama did a victory lap’ like Trump they’d be ‘frothing’ with ‘pitchforks’

    ...“If Obama did a victory lap, this network would explode. We would be frothing. We’d have pitchforks running down Pennsylvania Avenue!” Greg Gutfeld exclaimed.

    Check out the exchange below:

  20. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Teen becomes seventh ‘faithless elector’ to stop Trump

  21. What is it about these conservative Christian women with bleached blond hair, and slinky, clingy revealing outfits in high heels?

    1. Anonymous5:17 PM

      Distracts from the fact they are brain-dead.

  22. Anonymous4:33 PM

    "The intention of the panel, moderated by journalists including BuzzFeed’s Katherine Miller and MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell""“Are you gonna look me in the face and say I ran a campaign that was a platform for white supremacists?” Conway angrily responded.
    Palmieri told her, plainly, yes." the two sides could barely contain their disdain for each other. "

  23. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Best sound bite: "As a 'millennial' I hate being labelled" And the irony went completely over her head.


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