Friday, December 16, 2016

Our long national nightmare is over as Sheriff Arpaio "proves" that President Obama's birth certificate is a fake.

Courtesy of AZ Central: 

At 4 p.m. sharp, Arpaio and a member of his Sheriff's Office's Cold Case Posse had a message for the 40-odd journalists in attendance: You were wrong. 

Arpaio and his aides announced that a five-year probe had proved that Obama’s birth certificate from Hawaii in 1961 was, in fact, a forgery. 

The news conference opened with a spokesman criticizing members of the media for critical coverage of the investigation. He then turned the stage over to Arpaio, who said he hoped to enlighten the public with information on this “fake, fake birth certificate.” 

Arpaio insisted that the investigation was not linked to his legal conflicts with the Obama administration; it was about the allegation of a forged document.

“Think of it. We were trying to clear the president,” he said, adding, “It didn’t work out that way.”

Oh the renowned racist who has been at war with the Obama Administration for years was only trying to "clear" the President.  And it has nothing to do with his legal battles.

Okay sure.

It should be noted that this makes the third press conference that Arpaio has called during whihc he claimed to have proof that President Obama was not born in this country.

Those were back in 2012, and Snopes made short work of those allegations.

I listened to the actual presentation, and have to admit I have virtually NO idea what in the hell they are talking about. Though that is certainly not stopping the conservative news sites from rubbing themselves raw over this "revelation."

However I will say this.

The Right Wing has been trying to delegitimize Obama's presidency since before he even took office, and they have attacked him and his administration from virtually every angle imaginable. So does ANYBODY really think that some podunk sheriff in some dusty corner of Arizona really found something that even the Republican party and Donald Trump with all of his billions could not find?


  1. Anonymous8:39 AM

    People like Arpaio and the folks he surrounds himself with are the very definition of evil.

  2. Anonymous8:41 AM

    The man is scum. Racist right wingers are.

  3. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Arpaio has cleaned out his desk. He is out the door. AZ finally kicked his fat drunken ass to the curb.
    The only thing we got right in the whole election in 2016

    1. Anonymous10:18 AM

      Arpaio sure is a crumpy old man. Way past time he retire which would provide the country some additonal peace and quiet!

  4. Leland8:45 AM

    "So does ANYBODY really think that some podunk sheriff in some dusty corner of Arizona really found something that even the Republicans party and Donald Trump with all of his billions could not find?"

    Naturally, once this too is torn to shreds, it won't matter. There will ALWAYS be those who refuse to acknowledge him in ANY way, let alone as qualified to be president. And they will use this as ammunition.

    Personally, I believe that even if JC himself came down and TOLD these fools President Obama WAS born here they wouldn't believe it.

    They don't like facts, remember?

    1. Anonymous9:09 AM

      "podunk sheriff in some dusty corner of Arizona"

      You really don't know much about this world or even this country do you? Every comment of yours sheds more light as to your foolish ignorance.

    2. Anonymous9:52 AM

      "podunk" can refer to attitude as well as demographics.

    3. Anonymous9:58 AM

      Foolish ignorance? Oh come on, couldn't you grant Gryphen at least a modicum of respect?

      How about "keeps up with the news, but occasionally expresses an opinion with which I do not happen to agree?"

      Oh wait, too many syllables.

    4. Anonymous10:05 AM

      At this point, the way the GOP voters are acting, they'd kill Jesus in a heartbeat.

    5. Anonymous10:46 AM

      I think everyone is forgetting how little evidence the right wing needs to be convinced. $5 says this is the good Sheriff's "proof"....
      "His last name is Obama! Which contains two A's. You know what else has two A's? AFRICA!!!!" (Drips mik)

    6. Anonymous1:02 PM

      The GOP already have killed Jesus.
      For years now.

    7. Leland1:56 PM


      Speaking of stupidity in comments, yours takes first prize. How far did you get in school anyway? If you will look again, the first paragraph I posted was a direct quote from Gryphen's posting. It was not I who said it. I was merely copying it to allow people to recognize from where I got the paragraph. I know you appear to understand the use of quotes since you SEEM to think I made the original with your copying it as well.

      I would suggest you begin to learn reading and reading comprehension before tackling comments beyond your obvious intelligence level.

      Perhaps you may come to realize that attacking someone - for something they didn't do - is not a good idea unless you are certain of the ground upon which you stand.

    8. Anonymous5:46 PM

      Bravo, Leland.

  5. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Its all a distraction for trump. Just like the clowns come on tv and say just wait until the NEW cabinet is in place, we will get to the bottom of it. Yes. because you are the bottom of it! Thanks but no thanks, America would like to know now what happened before anyone takes office. Mr Trump said the election was rigged and so it was and now we will find out why and how and who.

    1. Anonymous9:11 AM

      As we all saw during the campaign, if the thing said someone was doing something, it sure as shit was. Projection they name is Trump.

    2. Anonymous9:37 AM

      Dumbasses. When the new cabinet is in place, it's too late. How "ducking" stupid are people in this country to fall for this bullshit?

      A complacent media that goes right along with it. Holy mother of God.

  6. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Arpario seems like he has a chip on his shoulder, He should be happy to retire after all these years of dedicated work.

    1. Anonymous5:37 PM

      May be someone else's BC is fake and they are all pissy about it? Why bring up Obama now?

  7. Anonymous9:03 AM

    What did he do make a fake birth certificate and prove it was fake?

  8. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Y'all don't understand...Sheriff Joe was only trying to do President Obama a big favor with his investigation! It's so typical for a black, gay, Kenyan born Mooslim to not appreciate what Arpaio is doing for him. What an ingrate Obama is!

    1. Anonymous5:45 PM

      9:15 AM Stick your weak attempt at snark up your trolling stinky ass.

    2. Leland2:45 PM

      Personally, 5:45, I find you response to be gross and uncalled for. Not everyone has the great wit your comment says you feel you have.

  9. Anonymous9:17 AM

    "Undefeated" like $arah.
    Lost like $arah.
    Ridiculed like $arah.
    "Whatever" like $arah.

    Perhaps they could trade in their pink panties for Ellen Underwear? Nah.......silly me.

    1. Anonymous10:05 AM

      For all her talk of family, faith, and freedom, I'll bet it burned $arah's butt when Ellen was awarded the Medal Of Freedom by President Obama.

      Freedom is only good for her to spread her shit, others be damned. Likewise MOH with his crap after being honored.

      Scum of the scum.

  10. Why bother now?

    1. Anonymous9:54 AM

      a) distraction
      b) make claims that all Obama's EOs etc, were not legit.

    2. Anonymous12:01 PM

      Needs a job with Trump.

    3. Anonymous5:38 PM

      Something big must be coming down the pike?

  11. Anonymous9:40 AM

    What proof did he offer???

    1. Anonymous9:53 AM

      I think Sarah Palin was his proof.
      Good enough for him, should be goodnuff for y'all

  12. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Finally, good job Sheriff

    1. Anonymous10:02 AM

      9:42 - I have to tell you this.. because you are likely too idiotic to know you're an idiot.

    2. Anonymous10:33 AM

      Finally? He has always spewed ignorant BS. It is what he does. There is no 'finally' about it. It's his legacy. He's a cretin like you.

    3. Anonymous10:39 AM

      He has the same type of 'proof' Trump has. Just think of the brain dead Trump voting dollops of shit that believe this crap... people like Palin.

    4. Sarah, go find a job. Or all your illegitimate grandkids

    5. 9:42, does it bother you that you are so stupid and gullible? And illiterate?

    6. Anonymous5:39 PM

      at what? wait don't bother to answer...

    7. Anonymous5:43 PM

      9:42 AM Even Hannity will laugh at the senile old sheriff.

  13. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Sarah Palin must be scrambling to tweet this news out about the Arizona Sheriff to her 234 followers?

    She just have to get Piper Diaper to spellcheck it and make sure it makes sense.

    1. Anonymous10:08 AM

      A couple times recently when I've checked Scarah's twitter, there have been 137 real-time followers. Almost half of the Stool's real-time ones. I checked Hillary's and MO's real-time followers, and they blew Scarah's away.

  14. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Except that T.Rump likely does not have billions unless you mean "billions in debt."

  15. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Of course Arpaio's news conference will override outgoing Obama's news conference

  16. Anonymous9:52 AM

    He is feeding the poor senior citizens in sun city Arizona some raw meat to chew on. Fox news is the only channel and the good sheriff provides the only law enforcement.

  17. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Isn't a “fake fake birth certificate” a real birth certificate? Won't argue with that!

    1. Anonymous5:39 PM

      Ask Barstool since she's so familiar with it!

  18. Anonymous10:04 AM

    They are so damn jealous that President Obama has such a high approval rating and has done such an outstanding job!! His success has driven the Republican party and their idiotic white males fucking nuts!

    Screw you, Arpaio!!!

  19. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Targeted harassment, personal intimidation, media censoring their own -- these are weapons of silence and control in the Age of Trump. Right now, these tactics are being aimed at electors and journalists to keep them from asking questions.

    ...“In Russia, the Kremlin rarely has to make the call to media organizations. The media bosses anticipate and do the censoring themselves.”

    The media bosses anticipate the censoring and do it themselves so the Kremlin doesn’t have to. This can’t be emphasized enough, and the people must not stand for it.

    Not only will media bosses suddenly decided that rudeness toward the President won’t be tolerated, but if that fails deploying supporters to harass and intimidate journalists and their children, electors and their families, will serve to silence those bold enough to speak out.

    Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway suggested during an interview on Fox News that if President Obama loved his country more, he wouldn't be investigating potential Russian election interference.

    ...Conway made an extremely dubious connection between patriotism and those who want an investigation into the potential role that Russian interference played in the presidential election. Suggesting that Donald Trump knew about the hacks before election day is not the same as to claim that Trump collaborated with the Russians to win the election.

  20. Anonymous10:35 AM

    FBI backs CIA view that Russia intervened to help Trump win election

    Comey’s support for the CIA’s conclusion suggests that the leaders of the three agencies are in agreement on Russian intentions, contrary to suggestions by some lawmakers that the FBI disagreed with the CIA.

  21. Anonymous10:36 AM

    An Open Letter To ‘Mr.’ Trump: WTF Is Wrong With You!?

    Dear Mr. Trump:

    I refer to you as “Mr” because I do not recognize you as my president. Or anyone’s president for that matter. You lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes, more than any president in United States history. And with the likely help of Russian hacks, oppressive voter ID laws, other acts of voter suppression and election fraud, and an embarrassingly neutered media, you squeaked out a measly 306 electoral votes, placing you in the bottom fifth of all presidents ever.

    But in true Trumpian fashion, you’ve boasted of a “massive landslide victory.” Sorry, pal. The only “landslide” was Hillary Clinton’s, as she received more votes than any president in history except for Barack Obama in 2008. One thing’s for sure though: you were right about the election being “rigged.” For you.

    Now that we’ve gotten the niceties out of the way, let me ask the most obvious question: what the fuck is wrong with you!? Seriously, do you not give a shit about your legacy, if not for yourself, at least for your kids, grandkids and future generations of Trumps? If your goal is to beat James Buchanan as the worst president in history, well then Mazel Tov, as you’re halfway there and you’ve still got five weeks till inauguration day!

    Let’s start with your cabinet picks. You were supposed to drain the swamp, not restock it with self-serving corporate billionaires and other uber-rich insiders and cronies. You’ve appointed a banana-republic-worthy gaggle of unqualified, inexperienced, intellectually un-curious sexists/misogynists, racists, stabbers (ok, just one knifer, Ben Carson), fake-news-spreaders and Russian sympathizers. And your alt-right white nationalist advisor Steve Bannon sits atop this basket of deplorables. This is your idea of populism!?

    And what’s with all the generals? You know, those guys you claim to be smarter than. Are you planning some kind of military coup? Besides, hanging around with generals doesn’t make you any tougher. You could hang around real-men in uniform all you want and you’re still a draft-dodging coward.

    Now about that Russian hack.

  22. Anonymous10:41 AM

    The U.S. agency charged with ensuring that voting machines meet security standards was itself penetrated by a hacker after the November elections, according to a security firm.


      "The security firm, Recorded Future, was monitoring underground electronic markets where hackers buy and sell wares and discovered someone offering log-on credentials for access to computers at the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, company executives said.

      Posing as a potential buyer, the researchers engaged in a conversation with the hacker, said Levi Gundert, vice president of intelligence at the company, and Andrei Barysevich, director of advanced collection.

      Eventually they discovered that the Russian-speaking hacker had obtained the credentials of more than 100 people at the election commission after exploiting a common database vulnerability, the researchers said.

      The hacker was trying to sell information about the vulnerability to a Middle Eastern government for several thousand dollars, but the researchers alerted law enforcement and said Thursday that the hole had been patched.

      The Election Assistance Commission said in a statement late Thursday that it had become aware of a "potential intrusion" and was "working with federal law enforcement agencies to investigate the potential breach and its effects."

      "The FBI is currently conducting an ongoing criminal investigation," the statement added."

  23. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Our President Obama is the son of a woman from Kansas, USA. Case closed. The alt right sheriff follows the heritage constitution, not the us constitution. The Mother of President Obama is/was a US of A citizen. period. goodbye.

    1. You can't fix stupid and you can't reason with Deplorables.

      Maybe Sheriff Joe is bucking for an insanity plea?

  24. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Obama Wrote the Year’s Most Talked-About Science Paper

  25. Yes, well, until he comes up with a plausible explanation and documentation as to how and why so many high-ranking republicans allegedly engaged in such chicanery, he is just spewing bullshit. As always.

  26. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Oh, you do not want to watch a smelly, sad, failed racist for one whole hour? You betcha. Here is a shorter news report, that shows THE SMOKING GUN part, haha just kidding no it doesn’t. Arpaio says, “I believe you will be shocked by what you hear and see today.” SPOILER, you will not be:

  27. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Imagine wasting the last years of your life actively and bitterly hating one black man- for no good reason.

    Maybe Sarah could teach him about living vibrantly... oh, wait....

  28. Anonymous1:29 PM

    The truly shitty part of this story.....40 journalists showed up. Ignore this turd like the Tundra turd.




  31. Well, if Sheriff Joe says it's so . . .

  32. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Isn't the sheriff up on some kind of criminal charges?

  33. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Shiny object, keep eye on frsud ttump.

  34. Is he bucking to allude his current legal troubles with a mental incapacity plea? Because this guy is delusional. A true nutjob.

  35. Anonymous3:27 AM

    I thought that Arpaio was in prison or headed there? Maybe he's hoping that Trump will give him a job? He could replace Comey now that the FBI has agreed that Russia meddled big time in our election.
    Beagle mom


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