Sunday, December 18, 2016

SNL does it again with cold open that skewers Donald Trump's relationship with Vladimir Putin.

So far Trump has not thrown a tantrum on Twitter about this segment, even though Alec Baldwin gave him a warning ahead of time.
Actually as much as I like this opening, I enjoyed Kate McKinnon's parody of "Love Actually" even more. I swear that every week McKinnon proves herself to be the most talented cast member the show has to offer this season.


  1. Anonymous2:04 PM

    To put it bluntly, there is something about this man that keeps driving him to prove, on an ever-increasing scale, that he can get away with breaking any rule that he chooses to break and to do it with an in-your-face belligerence that comes from deep down. And in the process, he whips himself into an extraordinary frenzy that his round-the-clock “tweets” are recording for the ages.

    Could it be that Donald Trump feels an uncontrollable urge to defile the things he touches? Why else does he do the sorts of horrible things that he routinely does: make fun of the handicapped, question the proven heroism of his own party’s 2008 presidential nominee, brag (both off the record and on) that conventional standards of decency are targets for him to defy?

    Questions about his mental condition have been raised and such concerns are valid. It is all very well to just blurt out whatever comes into your head, make outlandish claims unsupported by facts, then deny that you said those very things or just shrug it all away as the product of a “system” that is “rigged.” Trump did these sorts of things again and again in the 2016 campaign. And it might have been a calculated strategy, a strategy of ruthlessness and effrontery, concocted by a bold and daring cynic.

    But if Trump really came to believe that the things he said were all true, he might very well be delusional. And that opens up other possibilities.

    1. Anonymous2:10 PM

      And WHY is he allowed to?
      That's the question.

    2. Anonymous2:47 PM

      Yes, WHY?

    3. At times I wonder if he's pushing the envelope so hard over his outrageous cabinet picks because he is daring the Electoral College to disqualify him and choose someone who is "fit." In other words, he's doing it on purpose to try to get disqualified.

      It all goes back to him wanting to win the popular vote but lose the Electoral College because he really doesn't want to be president. ("It's a bigger job than I thought.")

      He's sabotaging himself.

      Or he is a truly stupid and horrendous person who wants to destroy the United States; it's people, it's resources, our Constitution and the government.

    4. Anonymous7:49 PM

      I agree with you 100%

  2. Anonymous2:16 PM

    I love the Kate McKinnon skit. It is brilliant.

  3. Watch Kate on The Big Gay Sketch Show. Her character FitzWilliam is to die for. Check Amazon, Hulu, etc as the show is no longer on Cable. The whole show has actors you will recognize.

  4. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Baldwin plays Trump beautifully! He's going to be busy the next year or so before Trump is impeached!!

    1. I hope he is nominated and wins an Emmy for his performance. That would be the ultimate "fuck you" to Trump.

    2. Anonymous6:58 PM


  5. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Taran Killiam plays Trump SNL and no comment. Alec takes over and @realdonaldtrump goes ballistic.

    Problem, Donnie? You're as thin skinned as the Alaskan tranny quitter.

    1. Anonymous5:42 PM

      And that's the problem. We have a spioled brat with spoiled kids who have never, ever fought in a war and this idiot wants to "fix" the VA.

      I want to see that ass spend some time with real veterans all the stupid flag pins he wears don't mean shit.I want to see that piece of shit spend some time on the front lines or maybe he can send Ivanka before he bloviates about how tough he is.

  6. Anonymous3:47 PM

    SNL was super funny. Love the opening skit.

  7. Anonymous4:23 PM

    I spent the morning learning about obama's Russian sanctions that were working. Diplomacy at its best, but takes longer and deeper thinking than nuking. So many loose ends fixed

  8. Anonymous4:28 PM


  9. Anonymous4:47 PM

    I would like to say that this is funny but we have an idiot who literally holds the power to destroy us in his hands.

    We can only hope he is impeached and the stop gaps of letting an unqualified piece of shit like Trump are in place.

    This idiot reality tv show host is now going to be in charge of the greatest country with the most power on earth.He is Palin in male form.

    We never thought we would see it. We were so secure in the knowledge

    that most of America still had class and brains. We were left stunned.

    We did not realize just how much prejudice was still out there and how much President Obama was hated for being half black with a black wife.The assholes came out in droves and want to set women back to the fifties because life was easier when there were jobs so easy to obtain.

    Those days are gone but some asshole comes along to tell them he will get them a job and they fell for it. He blamed the illegals, he promised to make America great again. That should have been the first clue of a traitor and a liar.

    Running down America was his platform and the stupid right wing were fine with that.The Republican party is stuck with this ass and unfortunately so are we.

  10. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Trump will be tested by all of our enemeys and he we have a bloviated jack ass with a hair trigger.

    They tested Kennedy and he had the smarts to realize the chess game.

    Trump has no such stop gap. he would have started a war for his own ego.

  11. Anonymous6:47 PM

    No twitstorm today, so we can only assume The Triumvirate wrestled him in to a straitjacket until tomorrow is over. Or, he had a heart attack; is heavily sedated; brain aneurysm; overdose; any or all of the above.

    1. Anonymous9:00 PM

      He's in Florida and could care less. KA is w him; wonder if her husband and kids are there?

  12. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Can the Trump cabinet stop sanctions and do other things behind our backs that benefits their pockets and purses?

    1. Yes. Yes they can. And Congress will help if necessary.

  13. Anonymous7:09 PM

    We should start a pool when Sarah Palin will visit the White House.

    Sorry, Jan 20th, 21st & 22nd have been taken.

    1. I'm sure there are plenty of tours. She would have to pay of course.

  14. Anonymous7:15 PM

    "Obama this is President Trump, what would you do if our economy is about to fall?"

    President Obama: For one thing, stop loading those black trucks with the people's gold at Fort Knox! No the gold does not belong to you, Ivanka and Eric.

  15. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Three Professors Question Trump’s Possible Mental Instability

    Trump has been known to exhibit signs of mental instability, including grandiosity, impulsivity, hypersensitivity to slights or criticism, and an apparent inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Three professors of psychiatry, including one from Harvard Medical School, have written a letter to President Obama. These professors express “grave concern” about the mental stability of the Donald.


  16. Anonymous8:16 PM

    It's time to face it.We have a President who has holds business interests above his Country, the same Country he was not willing to fight for with his bone spurs crap excuse.

    If that pansy was not rich his butt would have served. We have a nude model First Lady and all the whining so called religous nuts are fine with it.

    I'm calling you out Sarah Palin. Can you imqagine if Michelle Obama had nude photos out there for all to see! Why you would not shut up about it nor would your buddy Franklin Graham.

    Hypocrites. A bunch of phony's that will not give credit to a First Lady who actually lived in the White House which Melanoma is not willing to do.Barron is her excuse. Melanoma never wanted this job and will never take it on.

    Idiot never thought he would win and now he is stuck and so is she. Bitch can't even speak English! but lets kick all the illegals out if here. This is so beyond her pay grade all she will be is a fashion model we will be bombarded by photos of her in her latest gown.

    Uneducated. No First Lady has ever been a former nude model as her claim to fame.

    Whether she realizes it or not she represents America so she she better get off her ass and quit hiding in Trump Tower we expect more.

    1. Anonymous8:45 PM

      I think she doesn't want to be seen with her husband because she knows he will be booed and Barron would hear it. So she locks herself up in Trump Tower high above everybody where she can't hear or see anybody. She probably imagined being First Lady would be like doing her fancing runway walking and everybody clapping and taking pictures. Sweetheart woke and knows she will be booed.

    2. Anonymous8:46 PM

      No she represent Slovenia where she got her architect degree.

    3. Anonymous8:59 PM

      than she better get a tough skin and Barron better get one too.

      At least she wont be called a Wookie or an ape or a transvestite like Michelle Obama was.All she has to do is defend her Husband clothes and ties made in China show some boob and the riff raff will cheer.

      Let's put out her nude photos for all the right wing nuts to ogle over. Don't let them forget it so the next time they preach value systems they can shove it.

    4. Anonymous9:10 PM

      She may represent strippers in Vegas but not me.

      Where is she anyway? A soon to be First Lady hiding like an after thought.

      She is pissed and we all know it. Is The Trumpster only going to bring her out when he absolutely has to? That women needs some major help dealing with smart people. What the hell would she talk about? how to pose nude?

      Or maybe she could be admit her kids autism, now that would be a worthy cause.

  17. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Trump is our Queen Elizabeth

    Really doesn't do crap.

    Pence will be the one running internal and foreign policies, i.e running the country while King Trump will be responsible for Making America Great Again i.e. visiting the states that voted for him and performing his Love Me Rallies and look what I did tweets.

  18. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Must see, funny cartoon

    Rumor: Doctor Prescribes Donald Trump "Cheap Speed"

    1. Anonymous8:58 PM

      The New York Times. Side effects of phentermine include:

      • Trouble with thinking, speaking, or walking
      (Could explain why all those lies)

      • Decreased ability to exercise
      (Could explain his size)

      • False or unusual sense of well-being

      • Insomnia
      (Could explain all those tweets, one after the other at 3am)

      • Nervousness

      • Increase in sexual ability, desire, drive, or performance
      (Could explain fixation with beauty pageants, carrying TicTacs and urges to kiss women and grabbing hoohahs)

      • Confusion
      (Could explain his need for his daughter's and son's help)

      Readers can determine for themselves if these symptoms remind them of anyone.

  19. Anonymous8:49 PM

    This is our First Lady.

  20. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Regarding bad mouthing Air Force One, does Trump want Boeing to go under or want to sheep us over (didn't want to say fuc_ us over) so he can give the contract to Russia since America is now buddies with Russia?

    Russia Says Its New Commercial Airliner Is as Good as Any Boeing or Airbus
    By David Grossman
    Jun 9, 2016

    The Russian government is getting into the business of commercial planes. The Russian United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), which is majority owned by the government, has just unveiled the MC-21 300, which it boasts will be a rival to the best planes coming out of commercial aerospace, like the Airbus A320neo and the Boeing 737Max.

    Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev praised the plane, which will complete certification in 2017, at a fancy reception in Siberia. He called the plane "cool," and urged that Russia become an elite player in aerospace.

    "I only want to say that I am absolutely certain that the airliner will be the pride of Russian civil aviation, and that our citizens and foreign people will take pleasure in flights on MC-21," he said. We'll see!


    Maybe Russia will give Trump one of those new planes and paint "Trump" on the sides?

  21. Anonymous9:32 PM

    No Victory rallies for Los Angeles

    Los Angeles Times:
    Activists take to the streets to protest Donald Trump ahead of electoral college vote

    A coalition of activist groups on Sunday took to the streets of downtown Los Angeles to protest against some of the labor and immigration policies proposed by President-elect Donald Trump, a day before he is expected to officially claim victory in the nation’s presidential contest.

    On Monday, 538 presidential electors from across the country will convene in their respective states to cast their votes and finalize the results of the Nov. 8 election. Trump, who only needs 270 electoral votes, is expected to collect 306 votes as pledged by members of the electoral college of activist groups on Sunday took to the streets of downtown Los Angeles to protest against some of the labor and immigration policies proposed by President-elect Donald Trump, a day before he is expected to officially claim victory in the nation’s presidential contest.

    On Monday, 538 presidential electors from across the country will convene in their respective states to cast their votes and finalize the results of the Nov. 8 election. Trump, who only needs 270 electoral votes, is expected to collect 306 votes as pledged by members of the electoral college...

  22. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Clinton campaign chief: Did Trump, Russians collude?

    Richard Wolf | USA TODAY
    Updated 12 hours ago

    WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign chairman said Sunday that President-elect Donald Trump's campaign may have colluded with the Russian government over hacked e-mails in an effort to swing the election.....

    Podesta cited examples of direct contacts: Russian diplomats' statements that they were speaking to the Trump campaign; Trump adviser Roger Stone's comments in August that Wikileaks had Podesta's e-mails before they were released; and meetings in Russia before the Republican National Convention between a Trump foreign policy adviser and Russian intelligence officials....

  23. Anonymous6:23 AM

    It is difficult to laugh at the SNL cold opener. The truth of the Trump presidency is exactly as the skit depicts.


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