Monday, February 27, 2017

Chuck Todd points out that right after the press reports on ties with Russia, Donald Trump increases his attacks on the media. Things that make you go, "Hmmm."

Courtesy of Mediaite: 

“One issue that doesn’t seem to hurt the president right now, at least in the eyes of his supporters, are the reported ties he and his aides may or may not have with Russia,” Todd said. 

He continued, “And whenever stories break on that subject, press bashing — which is always part of the president’s arsenal — seems to escalate.” 

Todd then played a prepared clip detailing numerous instances where Trump went on the attack against the media directly after mainstream press reports related to potential Russian ties. The MTP host pointed to tweets, news conferences, and speeches that were devoted almost entirely to media attacks following damning Trump-Russia stories.

You know subconsciously I think I noticed this, but having it laid out like this is very enlightening.

Clearly Trump is terrified of where this reporting will lead and is desperate to undermine the credibility of the press before it blows his presidency out of the water.


  1. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Mika Brzezinski Warns Trump to Drop the War Against the Press: ‘Fake News, Fake Presidency’

    After going around the table and offering closing thoughts to her panelists, Brzezinski noted firmly to camera, “I say stop the war on the media right now.” She quickly continued, “Fake news, fake presidency. That’s just what it’s going to come down to. Fake presidency.”

    1. Anonymous3:41 AM

      Poor pos cant handle the truth. He was taught in military school to lie cheat rape and steal. At whalens he was taught to lie cheat steal rape for profit from everyone else. And then he wrote the book "The Art of the Deal"

  2. Anonymous11:33 AM

    The goal of this budget is to gut the EPA. Make no mistake. Bannon and POTUS are bragging about how they'll "kill it off".

    1. Is it time to give Richard Milhous Nixon a little love? I ask this in all seriousness. More liberal than Obama, in some regards--according to President Obama, in an interview with Bill O'Reilly c.2014

  3. Anonymous11:35 AM

    POTUS still has no idea how to fix health care. Is at the point where he simply wants to throw anything together, then just say it's great.

    Half the time Spicer is just doing what is demanded of him. And usually those things are absurd. Even Spicer has used Confide.

    It occurs to us that we can't directly suggest our colleagues do this, without IDing ourselves. But maybe press should start taking "names."

    1. Anonymous3:03 PM

      I thought Mr. Know It All had all the solutions. Guess Not.

      Pressure on GOP to revamp health law grows, along with rifts.

      By ALAN FRAM and RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR - The Associated Press

      WASHINGTON (AP) President Donald Trump declared Monday that "Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated." Yet the opposite has long been painfully obvious for top congressional Republicans, who face mounting pressure to scrap the law even as problems grow longer and knottier.

      .... The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office made their job even dicier recently, giving House Republicans an informal analysis that their emerging plan would be more expensive than they hoped and cover fewer people than former President Barack Obama's statute. The analysis was described by lobbyists speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations with congressional aides......

    2. John Oliver did an excellent segment on the GOP's healthcare conundrum.

      Also a great bit on Gorsucks, Merrick Garland and voting on the new member of their dog supreme court.

  4. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Monday pro-Trump rallies a massive flop as event photos show tiny crowds

    ...However, although Trump predicted that pro-Trump rallies would be the “biggest of them all,” photos from around the country show sparsely attended events that at most show a couple hundred people in a given location.

    Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale posted some photos that he’s seen around Twitter that show tiny crowds at assorted Trump rallies. Dale notes that pro-Trump news website Breitbart predicted the events would be “massive.”

    1. Those Representatives (R) that are up for re-election in 2017 and 2018 better take note. They aren't going to be able to rely on Trump's coattails and he very well may be an anchor around their neck.

    2. Anonymous1:09 AM

      Tiny crowds for tRump. President Obama drew a MUCH larger crowd just by exiting a limo in NYC!!Talk about cheering crowds.

  5. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Pentagon reporter: I don’t know any military commander who thinks Trump’s plan is going to work

    On the heels of President Donald Trump’s declaration that the United States must “start winning wars again,” CNN’s Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr revealed military leaders have a different opinion.

    “There are a lot of questions about what the president means,” Starr told Wolf Blitzer. “He said he was taking this from watching the military during his days back in high school and college in his words when perhaps it was a much more clear time for military victories.”

    Trump was in high school in the early 1960’s, following World War II and the Korean War. After Trump turned 18, he was eligible to fight in the Vietnam War but received four draft deferments for bone spurs and one deferment for an unknown reason.

    Starr said that those wars had “major tank battles” and “major air battles” that delivered “overwhelming firepower.”

    “That is not the way the world exists today,” Starr explained about the modern military. “The fight against ISIS, the fight against Al Qaeda is a fight against a spreading ideology that, indeed, has spread across many countries. The president has this new plan sitting on his desk today about options for defeating ISIS, and it includes diplomacy at the very time he is cutting the State Department. It includes financial options. It does include some military options, but you’re not going to bomb ISIS out of existence. I don’t know a single U.S. military commander that thinks that’s feasible.”

    Watch her full explanation below:

    1. Anonymous12:53 PM

      Actually he got four student defermentservices for being in college then after graduating he apparently miraculously developed bone spurs.

    2. Anonymous3:17 PM

      But, but, but dictator trump told us HE KNOWS MORE THAN THE GENERALS!!!!

    3. Anonymous1:11 AM

      I suspect that he failed the test for being admitted to the military. More suited for admittance to a mental facility.

  6. Anonymous11:42 AM

    I don't usually say this but "Go Mica".What's up with Morning Joe? Just last week Joe was on Colbert saying Proganda Barbie was such a liar they wouldn't have her on the show anymore. She lies so much it can be disproven immediately.

  7. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Sean Spicer and the White House’s latest embarrassing moment

    A week ago, CBS News's Major Garrett reported that President Trump's nominee for Navy secretary, Philip Bilden, was close to withdrawing.

    It was met with a full and almost instant denial from the White House, just eight minutes later.


    Bilden withdrew from consideration on Sunday, leaving Spicer's absolute denial just dangling out there as another example of the White House not shooting straight. As The Post's Missy Ryan reports:

    1. Anonymous1:12 AM

      Spicer really needs to check with President Bannon before he holds one of these press interviews.

  8. Anonymous11:46 AM

    White House sees defections on Russia

    ...If you need any proof of the GOP Congress’s inability to conduct a serious investigation, look no further than fellow Intelligence Committee member Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.). On “Meet the Press,” he first defended Priebus’s inappropriate contact with the FBI. (“The White House I think was trying to ensure that the media had more access to information.”) His conversation with Chuck Todd continued:

  9. Anonymous11:51 AM

    I noticed this pattern of attacking the media when the news about them isn't good, so it's not a surprise that they attack now as we put together the pieces about Russia, Trump is a bigger eejit than I though to wage a war with the intel services AND the media. And now his supporters are going to hold regular rallies. As long as they don't interrupt ours.

    1. Leland2:42 PM

      Nothing like being stupid enough to "fight a 2 front war"!

    2. Anonymous3:25 AM

      There has not been one thing good coming from this asshole since this asshole began his public spectacle and shame tour. The only good coming out of this is awareness. Awareness of vocal tone, rape, incest, hate, disgust, manners, morals, respect, right, wrong, education, constitution, government, agencies, hope, our future. Donald Trump has caused Americans to witness the total dysfunction of a selfish self center narcissist who has cheated, lied and stolen from innocent hard working Americans and continued by raising his kids to do the same. It is pathetic and lays out perfectly what we do not want America to stand for.

  10. Anonymous11:57 AM

    George W. Bush joins the Resistance, wants answers on Donald Trump’s Russia scandal

    George W. Bush has had just about enough of Donald Trump’s crap. That’s the message coming from the former president, who was supposed to be talking about his new paintings today but instead ended up slamming Trump from just about every angle possible. Bush thinks Trump is entirely wrong for attacking the media, he disagrees with his Muslim and immigrant policies, and perhaps most notably, W wants answers on Trump’s Russia scandal.

  11. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Totalitarian Trump White House Removes Democratic Governors From Joint Press Conference

    ...So the NGA meetings were tinged with partisanship even though they weren’t supposed to be. But never has a president – especially in their second month of office – completely dissed an entire party and shuttled them away from the press availability.

    Trump did this because he doesn’t want Democratic governors to be heard by the press. He knows they don’t agree with him on policy, and they have legitimate concerns about his ties to Russia.

    Instead of allowing a public fight, Trump did what a totalitarian would do, and tried to shut down the Democrats all together. No disagreements allowed. Power is centralized with Trump only, and complete subservience to President Trump is required.

    This is decidedly un-democratic, and in that sense, only feeds the Russian smoke billowing around Trump, for Putin’s main goal is to undermine western democracy.

    Top Intel Democrat Drops A Bombshell On Trump: Russia Collusion Will Be Investigated

    The top-ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) had some bad news for President Trump. The committee will be investigating potential Trump campaign collusion with Russia during the 2016 election.

    It is clear that Trump allies in Congress are trying to prevent an examination of the campaign’s conduct during the 2016 election. Democrats are pushing hard and one way or another, they are going to investigation potential Trump campaign collusion with Russia during the 2016 election.
    The story isn’t going away, and every time the White House tries to bury the Russia scandal, it comes back to haunt them with more unanswered questions.

    Sean Spicer Pretends Like The Russia Scandal Doesn’t Exist In Arrogant Press Conference

    Sean Spicer tried to put an end to questions about the need for a special prosecutor to investigate President Trump's Russian connections with nothing but arrogant outrage. Spicer demanded, “I guess my question would be, 'A Special Prosecutor for what?'"

    Misconduct Complaint Filed Against Reince Priebus For Interfering With FBI Russia Investigation

    ...The complaint filed by attorney J. Whitfield Larrabee states:

    There is probable cause to charge attorney Reince Priebus (“Priebus”) with violations of Wisconsin’s Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys, Supreme Court Rules, Chapter 20. The violations of these rules relate to Priebus’ corrupt attempt to influence investigations by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) into criminal activity involving associates of Donald J. Trump (“Trump”) and Russian government officials.

    Trump’s Budget Director Admits The Trump Budget Makes No Sense

    Trump Budget Director Mick Mulvaney was challenged by reporters about the Trump budget's numbers not adding up. Mulvaney's answer was that this was what Trump promised to do, which is an admission that Trump's numbers make no sense.

    1. Anonymous3:16 PM

      the Trump budget's numbers not adding up
      HA HA they are just figuring out Mr. Art of Deal is a con man, his numbers never add up.

    2. The lawyers are going after Conjob and Priebus. They're out to get them disbared. May not get them out of the government but will certainly impact their post White House career.

  12. Anonymous1:01 PM

    White House: ‘There Is Nothing Further To Investigate’ About Trump’s Russia Ties
    Press Secretary Sean Spicer insisted that Russia’s meddling in elections “has been investigated up and down.”

    1. Anonymous3:19 PM

      Spicy boy can lie and deny all he wants, but the investigations haven't even begun to dig into the dirt on trump and company.

    2. If Spicey says it you know it's a lie.

      Now watch Kellyanus jump in and deny any Russian interference.

  13. Anonymous1:07 PM

    What happened to REPEAL AND REPLACE on day one?

    Pussy grabber was getting rid of it on day one!



    The Hill:
    February 27, 2017 - 10:54 AM EST

    Trump: 'Nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated'

    President Trump said Monday that "nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated," as Republicans have been slow to unite around a replacement plan for ObamaCare.

    "I have to tell you, it's an unbelievably complex subject," Trump said after a meeting with conservative governors at the White House. 

    The GOP governors were in town this weekend for their annual conference and met with Trump to talk about a variety of things, but it's likely the conversation largely focused on healthcare....

    1. Anonymous1:58 PM


      "I have to tell you, it's an unbelievably complex subject,"

      No shit Sherlock!

      Yes it's complex but the foreign African-American president did it

    2. Anonymous3:20 PM

      Well what in the hell does he expect us to do between now and 2020?

      It was stated on CBS evening news that they are going to implement their "plan" in 2020

    3. Anonymous3:44 AM

      He is such a public idiot. But healthcare has made progress. Anal trump has completely made an ass out of himself for years and needs a rump check

  14. Anonymous1:22 PM

    What did he know and when did he know it?
    It is the same question that will also be the dumpster's undoing.

    1. Anonymous4:14 PM

      Just like Morning Joke and Mika, Todd was all for tRump before he was against him. His opinion NOW holds no merit; they are complacent in how we got here.

    2. Anonymous1:20 AM

      Exactly. tRump could phone into to their show, getting free publicity and lots of fawning. Were they REALLY too dumb to know the man is a con artist?

    3. Anonymous3:50 AM

      Why yes I do remember the giddy days of summer, when "certain" media was giddy and shitty for rump. They giggled and smiled and thought well? that is trump, and we know him well. And it is amazing his bowel movements and his tiny fingers are magic. Really. And now? salvage their jobs and face of shame segments. Advice to Americans "Don't forget who and how we got to this day" People that helped trump rig the election and create hardship and shame to America.

  15. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Trump Throws Himself A Monday Rally Only To Find That No One Cares (PHOTOS)

    1. Anonymous3:21 PM

      Yes, there were millions attending, millions all in his head.

    2. Anonymous5:10 PM

      Millions of KockRoaches maybe....

    3. Anonymous6:23 PM

  16. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Check out these 'massive' pro-Trump rallies around the country today. Sad!

  17. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Trump, Archenemy of Truth

    ...So Trump and Bannon spin their folksy tale of media corruption to give Trump a needed enemy in his perpetual campaign and a needed diversion from the enormity of his disasters. This fits Trump perfectly because not only does he have a gnawing insecurity, he also views the confrontational nature of news as maleficently targeted.

    ...Trump doesn’t seem to register that lying — all the time! — is not allowed. He doesn’t seem to understand that news, by its very nature, is the publishing of that which those in power would prefer to conceal. He doesn’t seem to realize that fawning promotion of politicians’ positions is not the exercise of journalism but the promotion of propaganda. Or maybe he does and is enraged at the absence of propaganda.

    So Trump lashes out with mindless twaddle, insinuating that the media has fully abandoned the pillars and principles of journalism to join the opposition.

    The fact is that Trump simply wants the truth not to be true, so he assaults its quality. He wants the purveyors of truth not to pursue it, so he questions their motives.

    And yet, truth stands, rigid and sharp, unforgiving and unafraid. It is our only guard against tyranny and the brave men and women who labor away in its service are nothing short of patriots and heroes.

    The press won’t pat Trump on his head and give him a gold star for the few things he gets right, and then turn a blind eye to the overwhelming majority of things he gets wrong.

    That’s not how it works. That’s not how it has ever worked. Trump wants to brand the press as the enemy of the American people when the exact opposite is true: A free, fearless, adversarial, in-your-face press is the best friend a democracy can have.

    The press is the light that makes the roaches scatter.

  18. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Rep Jim Jordan Says No To Special Prosecutor Because He Couldn't Have One For Obama

    Who cares if the IRS scandal was entirely made up? Jordan wanted a special prosecutor and was denied one, so now he's going to take his ball and go home.

    The Republican majority isn't even trying to disguise the fact that their collective emotional intelligence hovers around third grade. You can all but hear the "neener neener" coming out of Rep. Jim Jordan's mouth when This Week host George Stephanopoulos asks him about the growing calls for a special prosecutor to investigate the Trump campaign/White House cozy relationship with Russia.

    The Ohio Republican doesn't see any need for a special prosecutor, since he was denied one for the IRS scandal during the Obama administration. You remember that one, don't you? The one where they accused the IRS of going after conservative groups for violating their 501(c)(4) tax-exempt status.

    Only problem with that? That IRS scandal, just like every other bit of mud that the Republican congressional majority tried to throw at the Obama administration, was a big fat nothingburger. Nada. Nil. Bupkis.

    And the Republican majority quickly figured that out and moved on to the endless Benghazi investigations that ended up with yet another big, fat nothingburger. Nada. Nil. Bupkis.

    Sensing a trend, yet?

    Sadly, George Stephanopoulos doesn't have the wherewithal or level of acumen to point out that Jordan--who faced hostile, angry constituents at a town hall this week--is literally putting a jovial face on pouty tantrum behavior for not being able to hold fact free witch hunts on the taxpayer's dime.

  19. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Who even knows what to think anymore, but it seems like he's entrenched himself and his advisors into a position where Congress is happy to see him there, happy to increase the military budget, build the wall, kill healthcare and turn a blind eye to the fact that he still has over 500 appointments to fill.

    Looks as if we are in this for the long haul, unfortunately.

  20. Anonymous5:23 PM


  21. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Both Knees

  22. Anonymous1:05 AM

    It is not so much his presidency that he worries about. Without it, his standing plummets. He is making $$$ with this position, his family too. He was in debt up to his eyebrows before, now the money is rolling in. Mar-A-Lago dues have doubled to $200,000 a year. His hotels are hosting foreign dignitaries. Ka-ching. Once the whole TRUTH about Russia and Agent Orange's dirty dealings are exposed, his wealth will be depleted. I can hardly wait. He is NUTS, and getting by with screwing over the taxpayers of this country.

  23. Anonymous3:51 AM

    Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock.

  24. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Gee why isn't Sarah ranting on her shouty page about all this? Oh right she's cracked out up all night stalking folks like the weirdo she is. my bad.


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