Monday, February 27, 2017

Let's not lose focus on what is the MOST important story.

Courtesy of the Guardian: 

Narrative switching. That is what the Trump administration is desperately trying to do around Russia right now. The White House reportedly interfered with the FBI in the middle of an active investigation involving counter-intelligence. This was not only foolhardy but also suspicious, as it directly undermined their apparent objective: distracting us. 

On 14 February, the New York Times reported that advisers and associates of Donald Trump may have been in direct and continuous contact with officers of the Russian intelligence agency, the FSB, during a tumultuous election campaign in which the American democracy itself was hacked. A major party – now in opposition – was the victim of an unprecedented cyber-attack. 

According to the Times, intercepted telephone calls and phone records indicated to American counter-intelligence officers direct contact with the Russians. 

The stakes are high. Most Democrats and more than a few Republicans believe this investigation could unearth details that could plunge the nation into a political and constitutional crisis not seen since the secession of the South in 1860 and 1861.


And every tweet from Donald Trump, or distraction shoved in front of us by the Republicans, is an attempt to obfuscate and shift attention away from perhaps the biggest scandal to ever happen in American political history.

And Trump knows it.
Already some Republicans are attempting to downplay the importance of the investigations into this hacking of our election, outright blocking them, or even using one of THEIR own past scandals to ridicule them.

Courtesy of Politico:  

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, responding to calls for an independent investigation into contacts between Trump associates and Russia, said Saturday that the House would not engage in a “witch hunt” and that “at this point, there’s nothing there.” 

“This is almost like McCarthyism revisited,” the California Republican told reporters at the California Republican Party’s spring convention in Sacramento. “We’re going to go on a witch hunt against, against innocent Americans …?”

“At this point, there’s nothing there,” Nunes said. “Once we begin to look at all the evidence, and if we find any American that had any contact with Russian agents or anybody affiliated with the Russian government, then we’ll be glad to, at that point, you know, subpoena those people before the House and let the legislative branch do its oversight and then we would recommend it over to, you know, the appropriate people.” 

He added, “But at this point … we can’t go on a witch hunt against the American people, any American people who have not had any contact, just because they appeared in a news story.” 

Interesting phrase, "witch hunt." I wonder if he spoke out as passionate against the Benghazi witch hunt, or the private server witch hunt?

Never mind, I already know the answer.

No this is no witch hunt.

This is an investigation to determine the fate of a nation.

Update: By the way it is now an investigation that even George W. Bush supports:  

Former President George W. Bush said Monday “we all need answers” on the extent of contact between President Donald Trump’s team and the Russian government, and didn’t rule out the idea that a special prosecutor could be necessary to lead an investigation. 

The Republican also defended the media’s role in keeping world leaders in check, noting that “power can be addictive,” and warned against immigration policies that could alienate Muslims. 

“I am for an immigration policy that’s welcoming and upholds the law,” Bush told NBC’s “Today” show.

Okay well that is certainly going to complicate the Republicans attempts to stonewall this thing. 

Former presidents do not typically endorse investigations of current presidents from their own party.


  1. Anonymous6:35 AM

    OT: Evangelicals are exposed for abuse.

    1. Anonymous7:15 AM

      "Victims of the violence included pre-teens and toddlers — even crying babies, who were vigorously shaken, screamed at and sometimes smacked to banish demons"he former members said they were speaking out now due to guilt for not doing more to stop the abuse and because they fear for the safety of the children still in the church, believed to number about 100." Whaley admits to being aware of the sexual assault of three boys but not reporting it to authorities.
      In the past, Whaley has strongly denied that SHE or other church leaders have ever abused Word of Faith members and contended that any discipline would be protected by the First Amendment's freedom of religion tenets.""It wasn't enough to yell and scream at the devils. You literally had to beat the devils out of people," said Rick Cooper, 61, a U.S. Navy veteran who spent more than 20 years as a congregant and raised nine/9 children in the church."
      "Word of Faith was founded in 1979 by Whaley, a petite former math teacher with a thick Southern accent, and her husband, Sam, a former used car salesman."The group also has nearly 2,000 members in churches in Brazil and Ghana, and affiliations with branches in other countries."
      Can YOU say Jim Jones Bullshit.
      "The church's obsession with controlling SEXual thoughts and "ungodly" carnal pleasure — especially lengthy interrogations of pre-teens and teens about masturbation — spilled into every aspect of congregants' lives, the former members say."According to court records, a church leader was convicted in 1995 of molesting a 13-year-old girl placed in his home. Of that victim, Whaley said on the 2012 recording, "She was 13, but she LOOKed 20.Whaley recounted telling the local district attorney that the girl was partially responsible for the abuse because she previously had been sexually assaulted by a family member and OTHERS."Ministers dole out condoms because couples are not allowed to have children without Whaley's authorization." "The baby isn't hungry or needs to be changed. The baby is crying because they're possessed by a devil."
      "Several church members who work in local government offered insider advice on how to sidestep pointed inquiries"
      "The children are in danger."

    2. Anonymous7:39 AM

      EVERYTHING is about>
      $eXxx, BULLying & MonEy.

    3. Anonymous8:03 AM


    4. Anonymous8:16 AM

      "If heaven has a gate, a wall, and extreme vetting, why can't America?" - "Make Heaven Great Again!"

    5. NPR had a long report on a child care place in Alabama run by a woman that has had a history of child abuse, evictions for non payment of rent and stiffing her staff. But she can't be denied a license or shut down. Why? Because she's a "church." That's right. She's a church with a congregation of ONE, herself. Under Alabama law they can't do anything. She's been at it for 20 years. She just changes locations every few months.

  2. Anonymous6:47 AM

    {RT} ed Schultz and his buddy The Bern BURNED the USA!

    1. There is NOTHING in that article about Bernie Sanders.

      Why don't you post your real name you fucking coward instead of hiding behind "Anonymous" to fling your shit?

    2. Anonymous5:34 PM

      @12:08" The Eclectic Progressive was a once non-partisan, now strongly Democratic liberal turned progressive who works for a living. I've been a music teacher, sixth grade classroom teacher and am now a teacher librarian. I've been a member of my Union for 30 years. I hold two master's degrees and know how to use them. Don't mess with me. You really don't know who you're dealing with. Trust me on this. Have I ever lied to you? I never used to care about politics. I was registered non-partisan for years. When Reagan was elected I changed to Democrat. In 2000 I became rabidly Democratic and started following politics on the internet. In 2008 I started subscribing to political blogs. (The Mudflats is my favorite). I also subscribe to some nice food blogs and am a member of several Yahoo Groups including Singer Sewing Machines, Academic Regalia (I made my own graduation hood and robe for my second master's) and the Tunisian Crochet group. I quilt, needlepoint, have canned preserves and I can sweat a copper pipe. I have learned to do many things because I cannot afford to pay others to fix and repair. Besides, I am generally more careful and meticulous. I just take forever."

  3. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Hey be careful. If I am not mistaken I read something with bushes name attached to the Russians oil gig also. Search the republican Texans out along with old tx rex. We know the whole greedy game plan is about $$$$$$ and oil. And leave it to a republican? The party of liars? no way. check it out!!!!

  4. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Never trust a liar.

  5. Anonymous6:58 AM

    How presidential of him to stand in the White House today trashing his predecessor.

    And I loved the bit about how we used to win wars back when, he said, he was in high school and college. Another reminder that he never served and did all he could to get out of serving.

    1. Anonymous7:59 AM

      The only war that was going on when he was in high school and college was Vietnam, which we didn't "win."
      And, yes, he was a draft dodger, so STFU, Trump.

    2. That would have been Eisenhower, who is probably spinning in his grave.

      If Eisenhower were alive, he would take Trump down for the piece of cowardly fascist shit that he is. And that would be the end of Trump. People respected Eisenhower.

  6. How much more addictive can The News be these days? Every day, every hour just about, throws up red meat, raw and dripping with intrigue and promise.

  7. Anonymous7:46 AM

    "“We never win wars anymore. We never fight to win. We have to start winning WARS again.’" YOU DIE!

    1. Anonymous4:40 PM

      How about Grenada or The Falkland Islands,just for practice?

  8. Congress votes tomorrow whether to allow an independent inquiry. How will Republicans vote? will any of them grow a spine?

  9. Anonymous7:52 AM

    OT:"will seek to boost Pentagon spending by $54 Billion in his first budget proposal and slash the same amount from non-defense spending, including a large reduction in foreign aid, a White House budget official said."

    FUCK YOU!> motherfucker little dick cheney

    1. Anonymous8:24 AM

      Someone on TV just said that the foreign aid is about 1% of the budget. It's small potatoes for Trump's needs, but that 1% is so needed by those who work with that budgeted amount. Yet Trump will slash it. There's going to be a need to find lots of military money and the reporter said that is going to be impossible to do without touching Medicaid and SS. Looks like every other area will be gutted. Trump would take a meal away from a starving child to give those pennies to the military. Typical GOP asshole move.

    2. He's cutting State Department and EPA to start.

  10. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Meet the 32 people who have already controversially exited the Donald Trump administration

    The Trump administration is the swamp

    Reince Priebus and the long list of political allies Donald Trump has left for dead

    ...During his relatively brief time in politics, Donald Trump has demonstrated a remarkably consistent habit of leaving his own political allies for dead the minute they become too controversial – even if doing Trump’s bidding was what got them into trouble. Does anyone believe Michael Flynn was doing anything with Russia that he didn’t have Trump’s blessing for? And yet, four days after Flynn was publicly outed for it, he was gone. And he’s one of an increasingly long trail of political carcasses which Trump has left behind him.

  11. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Gryphen, dont be snug. When the FULL Email Server/Benghazi!!/Whitewater/Vince Foster/Bay of Pigs/Teapot Dome scandal investigation is completed later this year or early in 2047, you will see that Crookrd Hillary is LITERALLY guilty of the complete but also total deliberate destruction of the entire United States killing hundreds of millions of Americans and costing more than ONE HUNDRED BILLION TRILLION DOLLARS!!!

    Even YOU and your little libtard blog buddies have to admit that is just not right. No sir, not right at all.

    Thank you Lord Jeebus for Emperor Drumpf!!!

  12. Anonymous8:10 AM

    George W. Bush Throws Shade At Donald Trump

    ...“I consider the media to be indispensable to democracy,” Bush told Lauer. “We need an independent media to hold people like me to account. Power can be very addictive, and it can be corrosive.”

    Bush recalled spending time during his presidency attempting to convince other world leaders, specifically Russian President Vladimir Putin, to “accept the notion of a free press.”

    “It’s kind of hard to tell others to have an independent free press if we’re not willing to have one ourselves,” Bush said.

    ...Bush also called the right to worship freely a “bedrock of our freedom” and took a dig at Trump’s January executive order on immigration, which sought to indefinitely ban Syrian refugees and temporarily block visitors from seven Muslim-majority countries.

    “I understood right off the bat ... that [the executive order] was an ideological conflict,” Bush told Lauer. “I am for an immigration policy that is welcoming and upholds the law.”

    1. Once again, I am amazed that George W. Bush is showing to be he isn't the worst president the U.S. has ever had.

      Not that there was any doubt once Drumpf took the electoral college. I mean, before he even set foot in the White House we knew he would be the absolute worst president ever.

      But G.W. is really surprising me in his outspoken comments on Drumpf. Not that they'll make any difference. He's hardly very influential.

  13. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Turns Out Trump And Every Republican Lied For Years About Obamacare Replacement Plan

    A picture is emerging of the chaos surrounding the Republican plan to replace Obamacare. It turns that there never was a Republican plan to replace the ACA and Trump his party lied to the country for years about having a health care plan of their own.

    Trump Plans To Take Health Care Away From 20 Million Americans And Blame Obama

    The President said, “I say to the Republicans if you really want to do something politically something good, don’t do anything. Sit back for a period of two years because seventeen is going to be a disaster, a disaster for Obamacare if we don’t do something. Let it be a disaster because we can blame that on the Dems that are in our room, and we can blame that on the Democrats and President Obama. Let it implode, and then let it implode in eighteen even worse, don’t do anything, and they will come begging for us to do something...'

  14. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Bannon-Trump Are Taking America From the People

    Bannon is a "dangerous person driven by an authoritarian ideology. This is a mean, vicious, intolerant group. I’ve never seen anything like this."

    ...It really is a shame, a travesty, a disaster that so many Americans are fundamentally stupid. Because if they were just a little more aware of anything other than their religion, their guns and their ignorant racism and bigotry, America may not be facing the serious threat in the White House. Actually, that threat includes Republicans in Congress and state legislatures, but without that angry fascist in the Oval, the terrifying assault on America may not deliver the results the Trump and his administration are planning.

    One of the things too many Americans don’t understand is that without a functioning government, their lives would be very similar, if not identical, to people living in third world places like Somalia and Yemen. Republicans have intimated their intent to completely dismantle the government to give the rich, corporations and religion free rein to trample the people underfoot, but they have never openly called for destroying the government like the Trump and his ultimate superior Steve Bannon. And make no mistake, when Bannon calls for “dismantling the administrative state,” he means completely destroying the government that fundamentally protects Americans from a dictatorship. A dictatorship, by the way, that Sean Spicer accidentally admitted is what the Trump and his administration really is. More on that later.

    If Americans weren’t inherently stupid, they would know that the “administrative state” is not a terrorist cabal out to kill off white people, steal their bibles and guns, or drive them into poverty. What the “administrative state” entails is fundamentally laid out in the Constitution and is precisely what keeps Americans from being ruled by a dictator and enslaved by oligarchs. The administrative state includes things like the separation of powers, regulatory oversight of predatory corporations and financial institutions, agency rules that keep Americans’ food, medicine, and water safe, and a variety of domestic social programs affecting every American alive; all of the things that Trump, Bannon, the Kochs and no small number of Republicans want or have wanted eliminated.

    This week at the CPAC meeting, Trump’s chief strategist Bannon explained that Trump’s agenda and ultimate goal is really taking apart every aspect of the government; save its ability to wage war on anyone or any nation that fails to abide Trump’s tyranny. He said, that “deconstruction of the administrative state” means eliminating the system of taxes, regulations and trade pacts that infringe upon one’s sovereignty. If you look at these [Trump] Cabinet nominees, they were selected for a reason, and that is deconstruction.”

  15. Anonymous8:20 AM

    The Wall Street Journal reports that repeal-and-delay is back:

  16. Anonymous8:23 AM

    OT? "The Rhode Island School of Design confirmed to NBC 10 News Thursday that anti-Semitic graffiti was found in a dormitory bathroom during the weekend."

  17. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Exclusive: Spicer arranged CIA, GOP intelligence push-back

    White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer personally picked up the phone and connected outside officials with reporters to try to discredit a New York Times article about Trump campaign aides' contact with Russia, then remained on the line for the brief conversations, Axios has learned. Ten key points:

    ...Who was involved: The officials reached by Spicer were CIA Director Mike Pompeo and Senate Select Intelligence Committee Chair Richard Burr (R-N.C), according to a senior administration official. The reporters were from The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, the official said. Spicer provided reporters' phone numbers to House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), who offered to make the calls himself, according to the official: "He was in and out of an event."

  18. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Love that the guy picked to be Sec. of Navy bowed out. Like the guy for Sec. of Army did.

  19. Anonymous8:44 AM

    COVER UP: Sean Spicer Asked CIA And Top Republicans To Bury Russia Reports For Trump

    ...This looks like a direct effort by Trump’s White House to kill a report he doesn’t like, which begs the question: Why is Trump so desperate to kill the reports about his ties to Russia?

    Trump’s repeated attempts to do so smacks of a cover-up and he is using his partisan CIA Director and top Republicans to do it, the very Republicans who lead the committees that would be responsible for investigating Trump and his Russia ties.

    Now it’s clear that Republicans in Congress can’t be trusted to run such an investigation, and former CIA and Pentagon official George Little agrees.

    “It’s doubtful that Congress can conduct an objective and independent investigation into ties between this White House and the Russian government if it is collaborating so closely on media pushback with the White House press secretary,” he said.

    And that means an independent commission needs to be tasked with investigating Trump’s ties to Russia and a special prosecutor should be appointed to oversee it.

  20. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Trump PANICKING As Father Of Slain SEAL Demands Investigation Into His Botched Yemen Raid

    ...“I’d like some answers about all the things that happened in the timeline that led up to it. I know what the timeline is, and it bothers me a lot,” Owens says. One aspect in particular is that Donald Trump signed his Muslim ban the day before the raid. As Yemen was one of the affected countries, he wonders if it may have affected friendly forces who were assisting with the raid:

    “It just doesn’t make any sense to do something to antagonize an ally when you’re going to conduct a mission in that country. Did we alienate some of the people working with them, translators or support people. Maybe they decided to release information to jeopardize the mission.”

    Owens says he has no political agenda; he just wants the truth — as do the rest of us.

  21. Anonymous8:53 AM

    White House planted fake story to smear Politico reporter who wrote about leaks: reports

    Sean Spicer is losing his grip

    Never let it be said that President Trump and his underlings don’t work hard, especially when it comes to initiatives aimed at smearing and stymieing the White House press corps. Let’s look at this crew’s throughput over just the past three days.

  22. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Forget "putting out fires", WH boys, it's now bombs you need to duck. How long before Spicy is toast? 'cause he's not covering Drumpf's massive... incompetence... enough.

  23. does juicy still heart toad9:41 AM


  24. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Elected Repubicon scammers are a bunch of weak expletive deleted liars. We get it that Donnie voters are dumber than the holes in their T-shirts. We're not asking or expecting the Donnie supporters begin to carry their own weight and actually work. But, it would be nice if they'd either quit smoking, snuffing or whatever they do with their meth, get a job & contribute, or at a minimum STFU and stop voting against their own interests.

  25. Anonymous11:20 AM

    The elderly toddler-in-chief is still trying to claim a landslide win. SAD.

    But more and more people that voted for him are quietly realizing what they've done- and when you consider that only a quarter of eligible voters got him into office you understand his real level of support. I'm sure that's what preys on what passes for his mind 24 hours a day.

  26. So when are they going to subpoena Michael Flynn. We KNOW he had contact with the Russians.

    Sauce for the Gander!

    They put Hillary Clinton through investigation hell. Let Donald Trump and his bootlickers go through the same thing. See how he holds up under questioning.

    This whole thing has gone from smelling to stinking to high heaven. No one can convince me there isn't a fire under all that smoke.

  27. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Just read that Sessions said that the WH is now dropping Obama's opposition to a Texas voter ID law. Of course. When it comes to everything that has opposition, the Trump WH is just leaving things to the states. We know how that goes.

    At this point I wish Air force One would crash with Trump, Sessions, and the rest of the GOP scumbags in it.

    1. Anonymous1:55 PM

      ALL of them...

  28. Russian UN Ambassador....was he poisoned?
    I read the other day of autopsy test results
    Can anyone verify this article.....since we have to be careful of fake news.


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