Sunday, April 30, 2017

Carl Bernstein on Donald Trump: " He has lied as no president of the United States in my lifetime has, day in and day out."

Courtesy of The Hill:  

CNN commentator and veteran reporter Carl Bernstein on Sunday accused President Trump of lying "day in and day out." 

“He deserves respect as the duly elected president of the United States," Bernstein said on CNN's "Reliable Sources." "That doesn’t mean he deserves not to be called on lies. He has lied as no president of the United States in my lifetime has, day in and day out." 

"It is our job to, as I said in that address to the correspondents' dinner last night: follow the money, yes, but follow the lies as well." 

Bernstein urged fellow reporters to find the "best obtainable version of the truth." 

"We are struggling to cover factually, contextually, with nuance, who this president is, who this individual is, who his family is, who his business relationships are with, what his policies are, and how those working with him are doing," he said. 

Lately I have been feeling mad respect for Carl Bernstein as he has not been at all shy about calling things as they are.

He has been calling Trump a liar since way back in June of last year, and he was one of the first to point out that there was a coverup going on in the White House.

What we need right now is a whole army of Carl Bernstein's who are not afraid to call a lie a lie, a coverup a coverup, and bullshit exactly what it smells like.


  1. Anonymous4:44 PM

    He doesn't deserve respect and he'll never get it from me!

    1. Once the man taints the office, he no longer deserves respect. Trump defiled the office from day one when he started profiting from it.

    2. Anonymous3:30 PM

      I do not believe for a nanosecond that Trump has any respect for the institution of the presidency, for the Constitution, for the people of this country. He is incapable of thinking about others. Nothing about Trump makes him a good choice for the office of the president.

  2. Anonymous4:50 PM

    We could have a smooth, sophisticated, politically astute Republican president who knows how to use the senate and Congress to push through the Republican agenda. Luckily, we have a vacuous clown who only wants attention and to build his brand. The republicans can only save themselves by removing trump. Reagan must be spinning in his grave.

    1. Reagan started all this. Or that people behind him pulling his Alzheimer's strings did. I'm sure none of them have regrets and are very pleased with themselves. After all, all of this benefits them personally.

  3. Anonymous5:12 PM

    His lies are already reality for the legions of his brain dead adherents. They don't even have the intellectual acuity to spot a blatant huckster.

  4. Anonymous6:28 PM

    It is shocking how dug in Trump’s base is and how outrageously stupid it is. Tonight on the news a man who sued to be payed for a paint job on one of Trump’s properties just won his case, yet admitted he voted for Trump. When will people see the immorality of giving Trump a pass? This man is complicit. The unfettered approval of Trump because he is a wealthy man is confounding. Some people are so stupid to believe wealth equals intelligence, and to many ignorant Americans, it is an unquestioned belief.

    1. Anonymous6:54 PM

      It's paid, not "payed". Jesus Christ!

    2. Anonymous8:32 PM

      The muther fucker of spell checkers strikes again.

    3. Anonymous10:47 PM

      "This man is complicit."

      Complicit in... exercising his right to vote, lol?!

    4. Anonymous10:49 PM

      And people like you 6:28, seem totally rational, and don't sound insane at all! lol.

    5. Anonymous1:14 AM

      8:32 LOL!!! I say FU to spell check too.

    6. Leland4:41 AM

      @ 10:49

      As far as I am concerned, 6:28 is quite sane and rational. The questions posed were quite astute and pointed.

      And her final statement is also rational and accurate. Many Americans ARE ignorant enough to equate wealth with intelligence.

      Your sarcasm - at least, to me - is WAY off base.

  5. Anonymous6:32 PM

    OT, but worth conversation:
    The US now does provide funding to countries that fund tax-payer abortions. How does Israel receive a pass? After all, doesn’t Israel receive $5 billion each year from the US? Just saying!

    1. But Israel doesn't use the U.S. funds for abortion.

      I'd like to know why we need to subsidize them at all. Can't they support themselves? You know. Like Republicans want U.S. citizens to do.

    2. Leland4:44 AM

      "But Israel doesn't use the U.S. funds for abortion."

      What I would like to know is what the heck does THAT have to do with the question? After all, Planned Parenthood doesn't use federal monies to pay for abortions, yet THEY are constantly slammed for doing them and threatened with funding cuts constantly.

      Why the difference? One word: Israel.

  6. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Gryph, here's a complete (and genuine!) list of all of Trump's legislative achievements from our good friends at Planet America

  7. Anonymous7:54 PM

  8. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Lies used to be easier to keep.


  9. Anonymous12:19 AM

    A toxic person from the swamp of billionaire liars and cheats. They fester in their own shit and expect 90% of America to clap. NOPE there is NO HOPE for these clowns, money has warped their brains. They deserve NO respect for their selfish agenda.

    1. Leland4:45 AM

      12:19, about whom are you speaking?

  10. Anonymous4:36 AM

    As time goes on and if Trump is not impeached and jailed for his multitude of crimes......well, I know myself. I'v marched and protested and will continue to do so.....if I could leave tomorrow for a Scandinavian country, I would.....but, I know myself and there will be schadenfreude for all the suckers who voted for him who are screwed.
    I have excellent healthcare with no preexisting conditions. I'll save 15k in the AMT. My oldest got a full academic ride to university even though we saved for college since he was born! So now he has that money for graduate school and undergrad room and board with NO DEBT. Pretty fuckin' cool!
    My friends/family who voted for Trump keep telling me to get over it. OK I will, all the way to the bank.
    See ya suckers.I can afford to wait this out, if there is a waiting out and we are not nuked outta the universe.
    And don't forget kids, education is GOOD!.
    (none of my family who voted for T-Rump have kids in college)

  11. Anonymous6:21 AM

    god everyone is so stupid. Everyone in DC thinks that the fat orange turd is working.
    He is not, he can't. He is medicated. His mind is gone. He is not doing one damn thing for our country. Hell, he can't even talk about it.
    He needs to be IMPEACHED NOW!!!

    He is a shell of a man. That is why his porno wife won't go with him, it would mean she has to medicate him and everything to keep secrets. He has a butler who does everything and j and ivanka assist.

    Wake up America, demand a person as president with a whole working agile intelligent MIND!!!

    USA is gonna fall. We had, have everything to impeach this imbecile.


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