Sunday, April 30, 2017

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus suggests that they might change libel laws so that Trump can sue the press.

Courtesy of Mediaite:  

While he was still a presidential candidate, Donald Trump floated out the idea of changing the libel laws to make it easier to sue media outlets over their reporting. Now that he’s president, it appears that this is potentially one promise that he’s looking to keep, commenting last month about changing the laws to go after the New York Times. 

Appearing on ABC’s This Week, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus was pressed on this and he let it be known that the administration is considering going down that path. (Of course, it isn’t clear what they can do as libel laws are different in every state.) 

“I think it’s something that we’ve looked at,” Priebus told host Jonathan Karl. “And how that gets executed or whether that goes anywhere is a different story.”

“So you think the president should be able to sue the New York Times for stories he doesn’t like?” Karl asked. 

After Priebus said news agencies “need to be more responsible” with their reporting and Karl pushed back that the real issue here is whether Trump should “have a right to sue them,” the Trump advisor merely said he answered Karl’s question and that they are looking into it.

Okay personally I think that on the New York Times Christmas wish list is that Trump try to sue them over one of their stories about possible Russian collusion.

Could you even imagine what they would do for their journalistic credibility?

Through the roof my friends, through the roof.

By the way it took Adolph Hitler almost a full year to take over the press and bend it to his will.

So if Trump wants to outdo his idol he has a little time to work on this. 


  1. These assholes didn't know how to turn the lights on in the White House. Constitutional amendment my hind foot. Trump probably thought he could do a signing statement.

  2. Anonymous2:24 PM

    The poor baby boy/man cannot stand that the press/media is telling the truth about him and his family members that serve in his administration!

    The 'dictator in chief' is fighting America's free press. May they bring him down soon and I mean soon. He's a horrid potus - absolutely the worst!

    He realizes too that he was not missed one tad bit at The Correspondence Dinner last night.

    1. Anonymous10:41 PM

      lol. Your little brainwashed cult is reaching a frenzied state of mind Gryphen.

  3. Anonymous2:42 PM

    What a weak little stubby fingered liar. He should be arrested for fake news and rigging elections.

  4. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Does he understand that it would work both ways? Does he really want to have depositions taken?

    Archie Butt

    1. Anonymous3:52 PM

      He is always threatening to sue -- he never follows through, just a bully tactic. Ooooh, the press is scared... not.

  5. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Bloggers need to be sued the most but the press is almost as bad.

    1. In your dreams, troll.

    2. Anonymous3:31 PM

      LOL....those mean o bloggers. Especially fox no news rapist and con ways. Yeah those hacking bloggers for trump really did a job. The liars and treason bullies for trump. What a bunch of loser bloggers. The only bad media is briefart and fox no news channel. All liars.

    3. Anonymous3:54 PM

      Did I say I liked Brietbart or Fox? They're as bad as the other press and almost as bad as bloggers. Only difference is, bloggers aren't held accountable for lies since they're opinion-based.

    4. Anonymous4:04 PM

      OH the butt hurt, 2:54 PM!
      It's called free speech, or does that only apply to you?

  6. Anonymous3:23 PM

    What does that mean 2:54

  7. Anonymous3:24 PM

    The trump clown train has been busy today! Coming up with some real whoopers. The shithouse is on fire and they are desperado. Yep. A losing lousy bunch of actors going to jail for a long long time. Gee Missy the lies, the bar flies, the cheap ass weak little suckers. Not one with honor or brains. Just a bunch of low life criminal actors playing political chess. And then the article, Dems know exactly what happen? LOL ok. That uk data corp really did a job on both parties. What is the name again axiom or ? Both parties used it. Both parties got screwed. Independents got invaded by asinine republicans and Bernie fled. What a mess.

  8. Anonymous3:32 PM

    His dick must be the size of his stubby fingers and tiny balls.

  9. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Reynolds88 • an hour ago
    The Buzz feed camera showed some empty seats as if that was another Trump lie. DISHONEST lying media. It is a war.

    say what? these people must have lead in their water.......

    1. Anonymous4:39 PM

      I used to visit there for grins and giggles. The stupid BURNS. How many regular posters are they down to now? Everyone has their haven....

  10. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Ailes and MCGinniss sitting in the tree...

    Associations matter?

  11. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Let him try. How many times did Queen Heifer threaten to sue? She couldn't...because it was TRUE.

  12. These fuckers in his shitpile administration are so far up his ass they don't give a rats ass about the free press, constitutional rights or the insanity they willingly support with little Dick and his retarded family.

  13. Anonymous4:19 PM

    I watched Meet The Press this morning and when Trump was on stage in Pennsylvania at his campaign style like rally, the camera did show on tv that there was does of empty seats.

    How can he say that he is so popular there was people standing outside?


    Jonathan Tamari 

    Trump says "we have a lot of ppl standing outside" and he "broke the all time record" in this arena. There are rows of empty seats here

    5:11 PM - 29 Apr 2017

  14. Anonymous5:02 PM

    President Teddy Roosevelt (R):
    "To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, right or wrong - is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public."

  15. Anonymous5:57 PM

    He is simply playing his cretinous base with repeated 'trust only me' messaging. It is in his 'Despots for Dummies' toolkit. Trump would flee a deposition like he fled the Correspondence Dinner.

  16. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Reese Pubic hair has always been a liar for the GoPee rNc cult. These clowns are without soul or brains. They are the bullies that never play an honest game. They lie cheat steal and harm America everyday. Republicans can thank their fake news nation "Fox News" this cult stole our friends, family, associates and strangers from Real World and National News. There should be a lawsuit and it should be against all FAKE News stations. Easily swayed were their victims, They mentally harmed them. All of us know at least one only fox news victim that faithfully got their only news from that fraudulent garbage channel.

    1. Anonymous10:36 PM

      You sound suspiciously similar to the poster below lol.

  17. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Useful Idiot to Russia, idiot trump, the so called business asshole, continues to create debt, destroy history and steal from Americans today. He goes to his rally on our dime. If I thought a business/salesman would be good as president I would have possibly voted for Michael Bloomberg. He is much more ethical and honest.
    Trump is the 12 yr old little boy sent to military school. There he learned to mentally harm people and lie with straight ugly frown. His history from birth was bully. Now as an adult he bullies the world.
    The Election was rigged, putin did not want bern, hill, or jill. They wanted Cruz or Trump, 2 useful idiots for Russia. Corrupt and lacking morals. The juicy files that Russia have on them could rig elections and lift sanctions.

    1. Anonymous10:35 PM


      btw Bloomberg did not run.

  18. Anonymous8:24 PM


  19. Amendment? Try getting enough states to sign off on that crap.

    Even with GorSUCKS on the Supreme Court, I think even some of the Republican right wing fascists would have problems with this. Not even sure Scalia would agree with destroying the first amendment. Aside from Thomas and GorSUCKS not sure anyone else would sign on to dismantle the First Amendment.

    Oh, how I wish Thomas would just drop dead. Yeah, even with Trump farming out the nomination of another justice. I can't think of anyone worse than Thomas.

  20. Will never happen. Discovery phase is the last thing he'd ever want.


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