Monday, April 17, 2017

Here is a breakdown of what it has cost the American taxpayers so far to have Donald Trump as our president.

Courtesy of Yahoo News:  

President Trump's trips to Mar-A-Lago 

Total cost for security in Palm Beach: $3.7 million 

Roundtrip flights from Joint Base Andrews, Mayland to West Palm, Florida: $700,000 

Overtime for local law enforcement during Trump’s trips: $60,000/day 

Total golf cart rentals ordered by the Secret Service "for POTUS visit": $35,185 

Loss to business due to airport closure: -$30,000/weekend 

Keeping the first family in Trump Towers 

Request for additional Secret Service funding to secure Trump Towers: $60 million 

New York Police Department security costs: $127,000-$146,000/day 

"Elevator services" ordered by the Secret Service: $64,000 

Air Force One flights to New York City: $180,000/hour 

The Trump children's trips around the world with Secret Service 

Eric Trump’s hotel costs in Uruguay: $97,830 

Eric Trump’s hotel costs in the U.K. this week: $11,261 

Eric Trump’s limousine services in Dublin: $4,029.85 

Rental ski equipment and clothing for secret service during Ivanka Trump's trip to Aspen: $12,208 

Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and Tiffany Trump’s hotel costs in Vancouver: $53,155 

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump’s hotel costs in $16,738 

The provided costs don't even include airfare rates for Secret Service agents taking each trek with the Trumps, nor does it include the data on those agents’ salaries and other expenditures taxpayers may be footing the bill for. The budget was expected to naturally increase based on the size of the Trump family as compared to the size of his predecessors, but critics are concerned the billionaire first family hasn’t acknowledged that it's not him paying for his trips, it's the American people.

It is estimated that Trump's trips to Mar-a-Lago alone will cost more than President Obama's entire yearly travel expenses before his first 100 days. 

So I guess this is what Trump was talking about when he said he wanted to Make America Great Again.

Apparently that just meant for him and his family.


  1. Anonymous4:26 AM

    So rich Trump works in the White House maybe 4 to 5 days a week and on the weekends rich Trump, rich Ivanka and rich Jared go on their separate vacations with the nation's number one Security team and their motorcade. That's okay, we will stick with the traditional president who does not take advantage of the American taxpayers. By the way, where's Trump's taxes?

    1. Considering how much Trump has squandered on personal, lavish lifestyle and vacations and weekends off, the Democrats can campaign on FISCAL CONSERVATISM and doing their jobs.

      Trump's excesses and time off will paint all of the GOP black. You'd think they'd realize this, get a clue and look at dumping him and cleaning up their image asap.

      I guess they'll have to wait until 2018 for it to really sink in.

      Kansas was a wake up call but some won't see beyond "we won." They just don't get it.

  2. Anonymous4:39 AM

    If we still have a country or a planet in 2020, the Democrats will only have to campaign on the concept of who can clean up Trump's mess the best and repair our tattered reputation in the world.

    1. Anonymous7:56 AM

      We do no have that long to wait.

    2. The Democrats will become the fiscal conservatives.

  3. Anonymous4:47 AM

    It has cost Americans a lot more than that. What a waste of money for a fake moot lousy president.
    Even pence wont do. He is no more qualified than the easter bunny.
    Watching him and his wife arriving in korea. Nope not presidential and wife? dresses like a weekend church outing.
    This group of useful idiots occupying our buildings on false, fraudulent terms is disgusting.

    1. Anonymous6:05 AM

      Who takes their wife along on diplomatic missions? Is he so horny, she can not let him out of her sight? Surely women do not throw themselves at that pinched face bible thumper?

    2. Anonymous7:09 AM


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    4. Anonymous8:35 AM

      Q- Tip Pence

  4. Anonymous5:01 AM

    I read somewhere yesterday that, due to increasing backlash, #notmyflotus and Barron are moving to DC early? I'll believe it when I see it.

    1. Anonymous6:06 AM

      They should hold off on that move. Hopefully the Orange Turd will be impeached SOON.

    2. Anonymous11:14 AM

    3. I'll bet they delay it until the last day of summer.

  5. Anonymous5:40 AM

    Oh please let this be true and be enough to impeach the whole criminal gang in the White House -
    Intel sources: Donald Trump and three advisers caught on tape committing Russian treason

    "The long running slow-drip of leaks in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal has become more of a steady stream of late, and this week it’s turning into a firehose. The latest revelation, from intel sources with a history of being proven right, is that Trump is caught on tape laying out the terms of the treasonous deal he cut with the Russian government to rig the election in his favor – and that three of his advisers are caught discussing it on a separate recording."

  6. I didn't see the price for "Lost American Prestige".

  7. Anonymous6:30 AM

    How The 1 Percent Live: Hobnobbing With The President For A $200,000 Fee
    Images posted on Twitter capture another exclusive presidential weekend for the special guests of Trump’s golf resort.

    President Donald Trump spent the weekend with his favorite people: the dues-paying members of his Mar-a-Lago Golf Club, which costs $200,000 to join, and their friends.

    Over the weekend, Trump was reportedly spotted golfing at the Trump International Golf Club and greeting Mar-a-Lago guests. He attended an Easter service on Sunday at the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea with his wife, Melania, son Barron and daughter Tiffany before returning to Mar-a-Lago to join his eldest sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, and their families for the club’s annual Easter brunch and egg hunt.

    Pictures of wealthy Mar-a-Lago guests, standing with or near the president, made the rounds on Twitter, sparking quite a bit of commentary:

  8. Anonymous6:47 AM

    ‘Just like any other damn president’: Trump supporters are angry they’re not ‘winning’

  9. Anonymous6:50 AM

    Don't you just love how the GOP remains silent on this incredible waste of money? How silent the party who claims to be the "fiscally conservative"/"fiscally responsible" party has become. Where is their outrage at this squandering of the people's tax money?

    And, while at it, there will be more economic losses. His willy-nilly cuts in funding for so many of our protections and human rights will lead to massive layoffs of government workers and the economic losses as they have no money to put into our economy. And, we can't forget how those same cuts will lead to more illness and suffering among the populace. He may have a full blown revolution on his hands once all the people who somehow still love him realize what harm he has done to them in oh so many ways.

    There is not a nasty trick that this clan has not thrust upon the population. Despicable is what they are -- through and through.

    1. Anonymous8:00 AM

      I still can't comprehend how the GOPers don't say anything about Melanomias nude pictures of her touching her pussy...yet they went balistic over MO bare arms sundress.

  10. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Trump Wants Churches To Be Taxpayer-Funded Republican Super PACs

    ...Trump had pledged to abolish the Johnson Amendment that bans churches from campaigning for Republicans from the pulpit while enjoying tax exemptions costing taxpayers well over tens-of-billions of dollars every year. Since it is probably too difficult for Trump to figure out how to unilaterally repeal the Johnson Amendment, reports are that he will conspire with Republicans in Congress to insert the “repeal” in a storied tax reform plan. It is an atrocity that while cutting taxes for the wealthy elite and corporations, Trump will give the religious right free reign to continue robbing billions more from taxpayers to campaign for Republicans who perpetually complain about other Americans getting “free stuff” as justification to cut social programs to save money.

    The Washington Post and The Hill reported that Republicans are adding a “provision to end the six-decade-old ban on churches supporting political candidates.” As remuneration to the religious right for helping Russia elect him, Trump will fulfill his vow to totally destroy the Johnson Amendment; a move opponents and this author know will “effectively turn churches into Republican super PACs.” Trump and Republicans veritably have to sneak the “church super PAC” provision into the broader tax reform legislation because a standalone repeal effort would “certainly face a filibuster in the Senate;” not that Republicans would allow a filibuster on a religious bill to stand any more than a filibuster on a religious Supreme Court nominee.

    The move was applauded by evangelicals, particularly chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, Ralph Reed, who claims abolishing the Johnson Amendment was every evangelical’s highest priority in helping elect Trump. Reed also said he could not care less how the amendment is repealed, just so it happens quickly to show that “Trump and other Republican leaders keep their [theocratic] promise.” Reed said:

    “That would be fine with us, if it were to become law as part of a tax package. We’d like to have and up-or-down vote, but this might make it easier to pass.”

    1. If they use their "no backsies" rule to do it, it can NEVER BE PUT BACK.

  11. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Picture This:"“A great book for your reading enjoyment: “REASONS TO VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS” by Michael J. Knowles,” the president tweeted."
    "consists of about 260 blank WHITE pages. "

  12. Anonymous7:13 AM

    The Majority of Americans No Longer Believe Trump Keeps His Promises

    According to Gallup, most Americans no longer believes Donald Trump keeps his promises. Yes, it took awhile, but Americans have finally woken up to the reality of their liar-in-chief.

    1. Anonymous8:02 AM

      "Trump abomination reveals why he and his administration hold a criminal mindset; they are above the law and because Trump won the election."

  13. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Many Americans believe they are witnessing the most corrupt and criminal administration in the nation’s 239 year history and they are undoubtedly correct. The Trump administration, like Trump himself, is corrupt and criminal, and it is highly likely that they will continue behaving like the authoritarian criminals they really are because they cannot accept the fact that they are beholden to follow the laws of the land like every other American.

    The true travesty is that with Republicans running the government, it is likely that no-one in the criminal organization known as the Trump administration will ever be held to account for violating long-established laws; and why should they? The lawless authoritarian in the White House claims he is “immune from prosecution” because he won an election. It is something no other president has ever proffered as a defense, but then again, no other president was remotely as corrupt and criminal as Donald Trump, his children, and his administration.

    1. Anonymous7:45 AM

      Want to Bety?

  14. Anonymous7:22 AM


  15. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Did we have to pay for hotel rooms from the Trump sons? Were they on some kind of official US government business or just making more bucks for their father?

    1. Anonymous7:47 AM

      The sons are just in the business of making deals and making more money - no official government business (that is left up to the son in law) - but because they are #45's son they get security where ever they go

    2. Anonymous7:00 PM

      Secret service for the adult children is optional; they just love screwing the taxpayers in order to make themselves feel important by having the guys in sunglasses hanging out.

      It is a blatant conflict of interest to have the taxpayers foot the bill for their business trip security. They should be forced to reimburse the treasury and the IRS should check their tax returns to see if they are also taking it as deduction for business expenses

      Little donnie ignores Tiffany for years and now we get stuck paying for her security.

  16. Anonymous7:41 AM


  17. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Surreal and beyond ridiculous.
    This country is stoopid beyond belief.

  18. Anonymous7:59 AM

  19. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Wonder what Barron really thinks>


  20. Anonymous11:03 AM

  21. Anonymous6:45 PM

    At 3million a weekend, he has already “beat” Obama by spending more than the $12million it cost to protect Obama for a year.

    Wait a minute, the SOB is charging the secret service to use golf carts at his own golf courses—PROFITING from his office !!!

    Why do they need to ride in golf carts, they should be able to walk faster than that.

    $180,000/hour to fly from NYC to DC, let her fly commercial !!! I heard United is a good airlines.

    They are charging the taxpayers to use the elevators in trump tower ?

  22. Hell with the money. He cost us our dignity.


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