Sunday, April 30, 2017

In case you missed it here, is Hasan Minhaj's performance from last night's White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Certainly did not pull any punches did he?

I also saw some of Trump's pathetic rally last night, which should be described as a public therapy session for the tragically insecure.

The entire bitch fest was overflowing with lies that Trump gleefully shared with the crowd, secure in the knowledge that most of them are functionally illiterate.

Not only did Trump tell the unwashed dipshits that his presidency was the greatest presidency since the dawn of presidencies, but that he had completed a long list of amazing achievements.

Why have we not heard of these achievements? Simple.
Yeah, that's it.

Trump also claimed during his own version of the Nuremburg rallies that the crowd was "the largest every" in that venue and that people were left standing outside.

Unfortunately for Trump, there is a thing called Twitter.

All in all Trump's rally appeared to be a desperate cry for affirmation.

Perhaps the best ticket for entertainment last night would have been one for Samantha Bee's "Not the Correspondents' Dinner," which know....pretty much everybody.

Here was my favorite part.  There was almost too much going on yesterday to keep up.

However if you had to miss anything, clearly the best event to skip was Trump's desperate cry for attention. 


  1. The main dish was Cock L'Orange AKA Orange Chicken!

  2. Anonymous9:42 AM

  3. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Saturday night, yet those folks had no other place to go. Sad.

    1. Anonymous10:44 AM

      I wouldn't cross the street to see that POS.

  4. Anonymous11:02 AM


    Trump's legacy is not promoting world peace or lifting America's hearts, Trump's legacy is how much taxpayers money was spent sending Trump to play golf at Mar A Lago and the times he spent signing Executive Orders reversing President Obama's Executive Orders making the United States of America a safer for place all.

    As much as he wants to, Trump will not sign an Executive Order reversing this award presented by President Obama.

  5. Anonymous11:10 AM

    I assuredly did NOT watch the fat tub of lard, Donald Trump's speech! I selected The Correspondence Dinner and thoroughly enjoyed it! The immigrant comedian was outstanding and I'll follow him and his career into the future.

    I was glad Trump wasn't there! The room was filled to capacity which I'm sure irritated the Hell out of Trump. He does not need to be in a room to draw a crowd!

    Russians are currently trying to silence Putin and America needs to do the same thing w/Trump. Trump needs to be kept off the airwaves - that is what he thrives on! He is a dictator and does not rule me

    The media needs to stop following the asshole every minute of the day! I don't watch cable anymore...CNN or MSNBC and assuredly not FOX!

  6. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Reagan Adviser Slams Trump Rally Speech As ‘Most Divisive Ever’ From A President

    He “played to his base,” Gergen added. “He treated his other listeners — the rest of the people who have been disturbed about him or oppose him — he treated them basically as, ‘I don’t care, I don’t give a damn what you think because you’re, frankly, the enemy.’”

    Gergen added: “I thought it was a deeply disturbing speech.”

    1. Anonymous1:09 PM

      Gergen is a Republican but Trump might well have him voting for a Democrat in 2020. Let's hope so.

  7. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Nobody had the guts to tell tRump that the "crowds standing outside" were PROTESTERS? He is delusional. He had Nazi sympathizrs in record numbers. They feel free to show up at his rallys, since he is one of them. He seems to have had himself freshly bronzed for the occasion.

    1. If only they would start wearing their swastikas openly for a nice photo op background for this seeping pustule.

  8. Anonymous12:11 PM

    WATCH: Will Ferrell Skewers Trump As He Reprises His George W. Bush Impression

  9. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Trump Goes BALLISTIC As White House Correspondents Dinner Continues Without Him (VIDEO)

    Donald Trump may be one of the most bitter, petty people on the planet. Several weeks ago, Trump announced that he would not be attending the White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington because he couldn’t handle the media’s criticism. As the WH Correspondents Dinner finally took place last night without Trump, he basically threw a fit during a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania because the event was held “without the president.”

    If Trump expected the annual event to be canceled because the country’s commander-in-chief decided to be a temperamental man-baby, he was proven wrong last night – and obviously couldn’t handle the fact that the media and several celebrities still wanted to go. In an unhinged, unpresidential rant, Trump blasted the media and all in attendance of the WH Correspondents Dinner.

    If there was ever a speech that displayed just how insecure and small-minded Trump is, it was this one.

  10. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Here's all parts.

  11. I was underwhelmed.

    It was like a string of one liners. Some of which were in bad taste or just not funny.

    It's like the ONLY reason they picked him was because he was muslim.

    Or maybe he was right. No one else would take the job.

    All in all Samantha Bee's special rocked and this year's WHCD sucked. I did like Carl Bernstein's speech.

  12. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Yep. Sick of fat orange turd. Sivk of the pos. Watching more hgtv than ever. Some news, but as soon as sheet is shown turn it. Disgusting pos. IMPEACH!

  13. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Trump is even losing to Obama at Twitter

    ...The analysis found that not only has Trump’s overall number of likes and retweets been steadily declining since the election, but that even at Trump’s best, he received a tiny fraction of the engagement that Obama did when he took to Twitter:

    Trump’s most retweeted post as president does not come close to matching Barack Obama’s. On Jan. 22, amid broad post-inauguration protests, Trump tweeted, “Peaceful protests are a hallmark of our democracy. Even if I don’t always agree, I recognize the rights of people to express their views.” It was retweeted more than 82,000 times. Obama’s 2012 election night post of “Four More Years” was retweeted 940,000 times.

    Every day, it becomes apparent Trump can never live up to his own hype. Trump has not been able to get out of Obama’s shadow, with most of his signature campaign promises failed or stalled. Now it turns out that even the most famous and identifying feature of Trump’s presidency is a tiny fraction of what his predecessor enjoyed.

    Analysis Finds Impact Of Trump’s Tweets Fading In First 100 Days

  14. Anonymous12:41 PM

    10 memorable lines from comedian Hasan Minhaj at the WHCA dinner

  15. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Fox News is engulfed by criminal investigations, Hannity laments “the end of FNC as we know it”

    Following the recent eight-figure sexual harassment settlement and the firing of their top primetime pundit, Fox News is now facing multiple criminal investigations, and Rupert Murdoch is threatening to fire some of the top management.

    ...And as if all that were not enough, Fox may be facing a management purge. Rupert Murdoch, the Australian-born billionaire who owns the network’s parent company, reportedly met in private with Fox News co-presidents Bill Shine and Jack Abernathy, during which Shine asked Murdoch to issue a public statement of support for him and Murdoch refused.

    The threat of Shine being ousted caused Fox personality Sean Hannity to issue this fearful statement:

  16. Anonymous2:55 PM

    He hasn’t signed any legislation; poor little, moronic donnie doesn’t know that executive orders are NOT bills.

    I heard on the news there was a section, near tv cameras, waving russian flags at his ego trip rally!!! Did they get kicked out?

  17. Anonymous2:58 PM

    He hasn’t signed any legislation; poor little, moronic donnie doesn’t know that executive orders are NOT bills.

    I heard on the news there was a section, near tv cameras, waving russian flags at his ego trip rally!!! Did they get kicked out?

  18. Anonymous7:52 PM

    I'm ashamed of these people from my home State of PA.



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