Tuesday, May 30, 2017

British Prime Minister accused of being mole for Donald Trump.

Courtesy of The Independent:

Theresa May has been accused of being Donald Trump’s “mole” in Europe after leaked documents showed the UK attempted to water down EU policies designed to tackle climate change. 

While other European politicians have made clear to the Republican billionaire that his denial of climate science is a problem, the Prime Minister has remained resolutely silent on the issue. 

Her visit to Washington – when the two leaders were pictured holding hands – was widely regarded as an attempt to build a strong relationship with Mr Trump, despite concerns about his attitudes towards women, migrants, Islam, Vladimir Putin’s Russia and other issues. 

The leaked documents, obtained by Greenpeace’s Energydesk, show the UK tried to make a policy designed to improve energy efficiency – reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making goods cheaper to run for consumers – voluntary rather than mandatory.

It also essentially argued EU member states should be allowed to make no progress at all towards a 2030 target on renewable energy until the last moment.

I actually have very little difficulty in believing that Theresa May is a mole, I have not trusted that woman from day one.

But she is certainly NOT Donald Trump's mole, because Trump himself is also a mole.

No if she is a mole, she is Vladimir Putin's mole, just like Donald Trump.

The leader of Britain and the leader of the United States of America secretly working for Vladimir Putin, if that doesn't keep you up at night then I don't know what will. 


  1. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Merkel also mentioned that Europe can no longer depend on Britain in her speech. I think the rest of Europe has caught on to May.

    Probable jumped ship before his reputation is ruined forever.

    Looks like they unblocked little donnie’s his twitter account

    The russians are laughing alright, at how easy it was to manipulate trump.

    White House communications director resigns amid tensions

    By VIVIAN SALAMA - The Associated Press

    WASHINGTON (AP) A top White House communications staffer has resigned as President Donald Trump considers a major staff overhaul.

    The departure of Michael Dubke, Trump's communications director, comes as aides say Trump has grown increasingly frustrated by allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 election and revelations of possible ties between his campaign and Moscow.

    Trump tweeted Tuesday: "Russian officials must be laughing at the U.S. & how a lame excuse for why the Dems lost the election has taken over the Fake News."

    ....... Trump also has renewed his criticism of Germany following Chancellor Angela Merkel's suggestion that her country needs to adopt a more independent stance in world affairs.

    Trump posted a tweet Tuesday saying "we have a MASSIVE trade deficit with Germany, plus they pay FAR LESS than they should on NATO & military. Very bad for U.S. This will change."

    1. Anonymous8:02 AM

      Trump is as dumb as his supporters. He would do well to stop tweeting. His tweets advertise his ignorance.

    2. Leland10:05 AM

      Sorry, Beaglemom, but in my opinion, Humpty Trumpty is too stupid to know he is ignorant.

    3. Anonymous1:44 PM


  2. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Those who hold the answer should stop asking the question. Shrug.

  3. Anonymous7:38 AM

    "If true, this would suggest why Trump and those closest to him have refused to release tax returns and other financial information."


  4. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Want to bet $hitgibbon drumpf and Vlad pooty $howed her
    'what Bigly boy$ they really are?'
    Double down>
    Bet $he ha$ the be$t whipp$ and Chain$ 'T'OO!

    1. Anonymous8:15 AM

      Don'T' Leather tOO.

  5. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Do ya think?

  6. Anonymous7:56 AM

    I don't think drumpf can READ a PICTURE BOOK & understand.


  7. Anonymous7:57 AM

    "Kushner Following Trump’s Orders On Secret Link With Russia, Ex-CIA Official Suggests
    “I’m going to presume he did this at the behest of [Trump],”


  8. Having Dolt45* in the White House has increased insomnia, elevated blood pressure, caused heart palpitations, and resulted in acrimony between family and friends. In my 60+ years, I have seen defendants convicted of serious felonies on less evidence that has been amassed against Donald Trump. He & May, along with their bought and bossed cohorts, will rue the day they got tangled up with Vladimir Putin, a thuggish murderer, a vindictive despot, and an insecure little man who like Trump knows nothing about negotiations and collegiality. I am horrified that trashy trailer park thieves like Trump, Kushner, Ivanka, Bannon are running amok in the White House. We gave truly gone back to the Dark Ages.

    1. Anonymous8:41 AM

      Trump has a longer criminal record (that is easily found and factual) from throughout his miserable life than do many of the minority folks currently serving years in jail on various drug charges (that should not be there!).

      Trump has also committed treason and should be arrested, put on trail and end up in jail for life or executed (as was the punishment years ago!).

  9. Anonymous8:27 AM

    May's bodyguards told her the only way to stop Donald from grabbing her pussy is to hold his hand.

  10. Anonymous8:33 AM

    At least this CEO spelled it out; he had to raise premiums because trump is purposely screwing with our health insurance

    Insurance CEO: I’m raising Obamacare premiums because of Trump


  11. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Both dRUMPf and May need to go DOWN. No matter how it is done.

    1. Anonymous9:17 AM

      On each other.....

  12. Anonymous9:52 AM

    OT_Mean Bad Girls:
    "Trilogy was born in 2009, out of the ashes of Penn State’s Delta Delta Delta sorority, which had been shuttered by the national executive board due to “alleged hazing and risk-management violations,” according to a press release from the national sorority at the time. Risk-management violations deal with the unauthorized use of drugs and alcohol.
    While sororities are often closed for low enrollment numbers, all-women organizations rarely have had their charters revoked for hazing or alcohol abuse. The details of the month-long investigation that led to the closure of Tri Delta at Penn State have remained private."“Tri Delta withdrew the charter of our Alpha Phi Chapter at Penn State in 2009 for behaviors that do not align with our purpose and standards. There is no Tri Delta chapter at Penn State. We do not support nor do we have any connection with the Trilogy organization.”the last eight years, despite the national chapter refusing Penn State’s efforts to bring the Tri Delta sorority back to campus, the women of Trilogy have continued to recruit members, party with fraternities, and participate in campus-wide events usually reserved for Greek organizations. The only thing missing seems to be the oversight."
    “Trilogy is not held to the same rules as other sororities, and does not face the same repercussions,” “Dues for a national sorority are about $700. Trilogy’s are $80. These girls say, ‘We party with the frats, can party as many nights as we want, participate in THON, and we don’t have any advisers or old ladies telling us what we can do. How can you lose?’
    " over 50 former members, few of whom were willing to comment on the allegations. “Obviously, no one died,” said one alumni,"

    So far...But>THAT is how you LOSE.

  13. Anonymous10:07 AM

    FIRE! :“We improve and learn from each test, regardless of the outcome. That’s the reason we conduct them,” he said. “We look forward to understanding the results so we can continue to mature the system and stay ahead of the threat.”
    North Korea says its nuclear and missile programs are a defense against perceived U.S. military threats. Its accelerating missile development has complicated Pentagon calculations, most recently by incorporating solid-fuel technology into its rockets."the Ground-based Midcourse Defense system, the Pentagon likens the defensive tactic to hitting a bullet with a bullet. "With congressional support, the Pentagon is increasing by the end of this year the number of deployed interceptors, based in California and Alaska, to 44 from the current total of 36."The interceptors are, in essence, the last line of U.S. defense against an attack by an intercontinental-range missile."


    1. Anonymous1:39 PM


    2. Anonymous2:55 PM


    3. Anonymous3:18 PM


  14. Anonymous10:44 AM

    This weekend in Manchester> EmPOWERing.

  15. Anonymous11:09 AM

    In Canada:"Harm reduction is a public health approach to drug use premised on the idea that the aim of policy should be to maximize health and minimize damage. The harm reduction movement is made up of academics, health professionals, and activists—including active drug users—who for decades have used science and research to guide their activism and policy proposals, such as the introduction of clean needle exchanges and the rollout of naloxone, a drug that reverses opioid overdoses."



    1. Anonymous12:15 PM


      "The story that Pfaff carefully describes is different from the standard narrative: It’s not drug offenses that are driving mass incarceration, but violent ones. It’s not the federal government that’s behind mass incarceration, but a whole host of prison systems down to the local and state level. It’s not solely police and lawmakers leading to more incarceration and lengthy prison sentences, but prosecutors who are by and large out of the political spotlight."more than half of all people in state prisons have been convicted of a violent crime.”US Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that in state prisons, where about 87 percent of US inmates are held, nearly 53 percent are in for violent offenses (such as murder, manslaughter, robbery, assault, and rape), while only about 16 percent, as Pfaff said, are in for drug offenses."Pfaff has even found evidence that prosecutors have been the key drivers of mass incarceration in the past couple of decades."

  16. I don't think she's a mole so much as stupid and gullible just like he is.

  17. Anonymous11:50 AM

    "“Every time we talk about a country, he remembered the things he had done. Scotland? He said he had opened a club. Ireland? He said it took him two and a half years to get a license and that did not give him a very good image of the European Union.,” another source added. “One feels that he wants a system where everything can be realized very quickly and without formalities.”
    "Shortly after the election, Trump met with British politician and Brexit architect Nigel Farage and took the opportunity to rail against wind farms off the coast of his Scotland golf course, even encouraging the British politician to campaign against them."because he said they would spoil the views from his golf course."
    "engages in diplomacy by “public abuse.”


    1. He's just pissed because they wouldn't let him use his stolen coat of arms.

  18. Anonymous12:07 PM

    What exactly is there to be a mole about with England anyways?

    Oh my bad. Ogliarchs hiding $$$.

  19. Anonymous3:00 PM

    fat fuck dRUMPf NOW with Cackles drowning in the $wamp?



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