Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sarah Palin uses the blog that nobody visits to bring attention to sex trafficking. Wait, what?

Sarah Palin, taking a stand against the selling of sex.
Courtesy of Palin's ghostwritten ghost town of a blog: 

Sex trafficking for profit is the fastest-growing criminal activity in America today. Instead of honoring and protecting women and children, exploitative predators force them into prostitution, pornography, and slavery. A significant percentage of these are very young girls. How can hearts not be grieved by this terrible injustice? Friends, we are not powerless to help victims! Research this timely topic. The more we know, the more effectively we can act. 

Today, pray for the victims of trafficking. Support faith-based organizations dedicated to abolishing it. Let’s not pretend it isn’t here.

"Let's not pretend it isn't here." Okay, you first.

If memory serves me Sarah Palin did not show much sympathy for those accusing her husband of trafficking in sex.

From the book:

To escape reality, I zoned out and forced myself to think about things like grocery shopping, errands I needed to run, and calls I had to return. I just mentally removed myself from being at that place, in that situation, and with that person. I occupied my mind with mundane thoughts of everyday life. Believe me, I got no pleasure from the sexual act I entered into with the governor’s husband. 

As soon as he finished Todd acted as if nothing had happened. He asked for a wet washcloth with which to clean himself. I got it for him. When he got through, he tied a knot in the used condom, wrapped it in the washcloth and stuffed everything in one of his coat pockets. As he was going out the door, he said he would be in touch with me. In hindsight, I believe he was formulating plans for my future even as he zipped himself up that day. If I had known then what I know now, I would have avoided further contact with him like the plague.Instead, I was drawn deeper and deeper into what I came to realize too late was a path leading to my own destruction. Todd Palin was not the soft - spoken nice guy, friend of Bonnie, client of Shailey Tripp that he presented to the world. The reality was on the other side of my massage room door, he was a predator, and I was in his crosshairs.

In fact I believe she came out forcefully to defend the accused, and to claim that his accuser was lying.

Hey look I realize this is a case of she said, she said. But Shailey Tripp DID pass five different lie detector tests.

How many has Sarah Palin ever passed?


  1. Anonymous2:06 PM



    "Trump currently has 31 million followers and, sure enough, if you browse through them you will find an unusal number of tweet-less, picture-less accounts that joined the service in May 2017. If you're still curious, you can enter Trump's handle, @realDonaldTrump, into Twitter Audit, a service that assesses the authenticity of one's followers, and find that only 51 percent of Trump's are real." is Trump actually buying new followers? We'll probably never know, but there seems to be nothing more important to Trump than how his fame relates to that of other public figures, and it can't sit well with the president that there are currently 31 accounts with more followers than his. One of those accounts is that of Barack Obama, which boasts a whopping 89 million followers"

    1. Anonymous2:26 PM

      10/90 ICEberg: Bought Bot$

    2. Anonymous3:38 PM

      Sarah Palin bought the majority of hers too! Damn, but she and Trump were made out of the same cloth! Idiots!

    3. No wonder he's blocking those that say mean things about him. He can just make up more fake accounts to pad his numbers.

    4. Anonymous12:33 AM

      People are saying over 1/2 of Trumps accounts are fake. Same with the Palins. Fakes.

  2. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Didn't Dumbkota also post about getting involved in stopping sex trafficking? I think that he had something on his Facebook page about it a few months ago. Maybe the 1/2-term Quitter Gov decided to team up with her son-in-law in her faux outrage, hypocritical statements re: sex trafficking. Wonder what Shailey thinks of SP's charade?!

    1. Anonymous2:34 PM

      Yes, Sarah doesn't need to pretend to be concerned about sex trafficking, not with Duhkota on the job. We all know what a very hard worker he is.

    2. Anonymous12:30 AM

      So duhs helping combat hooking now?Don't you mean recruiting whores? Whatever happened to old close as "peas and carrots" buddy and friend of the family,Martina the Exotic Russian Whore??????????????

  3. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Sorry, but I think Shailey Tripp is a nut. I don't care how many polygraph tests she passed. She's a liar like some other people who have been used as sources here whose claims weren't even necessary because the Palins stupidity and corruption speaks for itself.

    1. Anonymous2:35 PM

      You can't fake a polygraph test. She's telling the truth.

      Too bad for you, eh?

    2. Anonymous3:22 PM

      Sorry, 2:35. You can fake a polygraph test. It happens more often than people know or realize.

    3. Anonymous3:36 PM

      I read the book when it was published and found it good reading. Plus, she provided numerous proof and facts as to her writings. Alaskans do NOT believe anything the Palins do or say - they are truly total frauds and liars!

    4. Anonymous3:48 PM

      Very hard to lie in multiple polygraph tests, I guess Todry was just a fucking liar.

    5. Anonymous4:44 PM

      I share your concerns. She doesn't seem stable. I've heard about these polygraph tests since the NE story came out years ago but the main source on them is Shailey herself. Has anyone ever seen them? I know Malia did a lot of work with Shailey. Did she ever see them?

    6. Anonymous9:01 AM

      She impresses me as a warm, genuine, and somewhat fragile person. Predators like Toad choose their victims carefully, with a deeply evil a sixth sense for the needy...the vulnerable...the victims whose stories will be so easy to discount.
      May he and his ilk rot in Hell.

    7. Anonymous11:20 PM

      Right on 901! Right on!

  4. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Throwing anything at the wall to see if it sticks these days, is she?

    It would be one thing If I believed for one nanosecond that she changed her life and truly means all this "faith" stuff she now boasts, but come ON. $arah is about $arah. PERIOD.

    1. Anonymous2:36 PM

      The sad part is that even her weird little cult isn't interested, beyond linking her on their website with her name on it.

      No, wait- that's the funny part.

    2. Anonymous3:30 PM

      Wasn't that her mode of operation while mayor and governor? Crucify some Sarah?
      Now what goes arou d comes around. Did Todd drop you in Mexico Sarah and your trapped?

    3. Anonymous3:34 PM

      She and Trump are two of a kind...profess to be Christians and don't act, exhibit or practice their Christian teachings. They just like to talk about them for the extreme right folks that follow them. Have to keep up the 'façade' you know!

    4. Anonymous7:44 AM

      I agree, 3:34. I would love to find Nicole Wallace's contact info and ask her if minding Sarah during the McCain campaign prepared her for covering Donald Trump. Her new show on MSNBC is surprisingly good for a former Republican Strategist.

  5. Anonymous2:31 PM

    I see the woman is trying ANYTHING to raise free money. And she doesn't care about any victims.

    1. Anonymous3:43 PM

      Her dad laughed about someone trying to kill his kids. What a guy!

  6. Lily Tomlin, you're right again:

    "No matter how cynical you try to become, it's never enough to keep up."

  7. Anonymous2:53 PM

    The woman is a heartless evil witch. She knows damn well what her husband did. She knows damn well what trump has done. She is evil to protect and condone their evil sex crimes against innocent victims. She is a lousy LIAR just like trump, A LOUSY PATHETIC LIAR about to be charged and convicted as well as her and her husband.

  8. Anonymous2:56 PM

    And another lie from the skanky ass liar.

  9. Anonymous2:57 PM

    How much money did todd and west make in the human trafficking business? Was it enough for sara to look the other way and lie for them?

    1. Anonymous3:30 PM

      Sarah was well aware of Todd's doings throughout his involvement w/prostitution and Shailey Tripp (note the last name being spelled exactly as Bristol's son!!!) Read the history as to this matter as well as Shailey's book - very interesting and truthful!

    2. Anonymous3:44 PM

      Don't forget Steve running drugs to Russia.

    3. Anonymous4:16 PM

      What about new oil deal in Willow? Sounds like an Ogliarch investment to me.

  10. Randall3:01 PM

    Having heard Sarah Palin's name mentioned on television, my high-school-age granddaughter asked me
    "...did Sarah Palin used to be somebody?"


    1. Anonymous3:20 PM

      "Only in her head, honey!"

  11. Anonymous3:09 PM

    OT Cla$$ified?


  12. Anonymous3:22 PM

    OT FYI-

  13. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Sarah is the type to be disgusted by human trafficking. She may not know how intricate it is, but most know the basics. Her sis in law is a huge advocate against it.

    1. Anonymous3:33 PM

      Wow what the fuck ever bitch. They LIVE to traffic humans. It's all illusion for money baby. Sex sex sex

    2. Anonymous3:51 PM

      Go away Alicia. You give yourself away every fucking time.

    3. Anonymous12:20 AM

      Alicia,there's absolutely nothing sarah wouldn't do for a $. Give it up,you don't even know these people.

  14. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Wonkette was not a fan on Shailey Tripp. Kinda dumb to link that.

    1. Anonymous4:44 PM

      Who cares what Wonkette thinks?

    2. Anonymous5:20 PM

      Wonkette, Joe McGinnis, most media outlets ... New age fraud and plastic shamans, lots of people are not fans of Shailey Tripp. She herself complains in her book that she can't get anyone to believe her story. I remember Shailey making factual claims but it seemed like every one of them was either a dead end or not verified. If a husband of a sitting governor from a small town in Alaska was a pimp one would think there would at least more than one person who was willing to tell what they knew.

    3. Anonymous10:31 PM

      Wonkette is awesome! My favorite liberal political site without question!

    4. Anonymous12:18 AM

      I found her book to be revealing and factual about a small town pimp and the hillbilly stupid woman he was married to.

    5. Anonymous10:37 PM

      "I found her book to be revealing and factual about a small town pimp and the hillbilly stupid woman he was married to."

      lol. of course a dipshit like yourself would. and what exactly is your definition of 'factual'?

  15. Anonymous3:27 PM

    I bought and read the book when it was published and believe every word that Shailey Tripp said about her experiences w/Todd Palin. Sarah was well aware and Shailey actually provided her a massage at one time.

    Little Sarah isn't the innocent little wife in this situation at all.

    Don't forget that Shailey provided proof sources in her book that backed up her disclosures. There were many of them!!!

  16. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Dear Sarah,
    I know a couple of yrs ago you thought you had a future. Well, you don't. No one fucking cares.
    I heard WalMar in Wasilla is hiring....good luck.

    .......BTW I heard Wa

  17. Anonymous4:28 PM

    OK Sarah, you just lifted your sex trafficking info. Per your usual MO. Trying the grift in Austin ? Check.
    Using exploited victims to grift. check.
    Let's fucking pray? Wtf!

    Still a hypocrite. Check.
    You know nothing about this evil problem .check.
    How much money are you donating to a faith based organization? Wink wink?
    See you still have the Belmont's you evil bitch!

    1. Anonymous5:21 PM

      Just a fart in the wind.

    2. Anonymous5:42 PM

      Yeah, grifting in Texas because her new cash cow heifer daughter and steer-with-tits SIL can't make a go of it on their own, let alone not be laughed out of their home states. Let's go to TexASS where they're as stupid as we are!

    3. Anonymous7:13 PM

      May be she is being investigated? About time!

    4. Anonymous12:13 AM

      5:21. How about a Tart in the wind? ;o)

  18. Poor Queen Esther. Is she trying to be relevant or just providing a distraction and misdirection from something?

    1. Anonymous7:15 PM

      How's that Russia deal working out for You Sarah?
      Why did you resign Sarah?

    2. Anonymous9:25 PM

      Someone has a cold. Snark. ;)

    3. Anonymous7:30 AM

      Sarah is Russia's greatest spy! May she fall with Dumpster and that KKKrew.

  19. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Kentucky GOP claims accused sex-trafficking Trump campaign chair was only an ‘enthusiastic volunteer’

    The campaign of Donald Trump is attempting to distance the organization from Tim Nolan, a former Northern Kentucky Judge facing over 100 years in prison for an 11-count indictment of child sex trafficking, rape, human trafficking and prostitution.

    The question is over the extent of the involvement Judge Nolan had with Donald Trump’s campaign, during the same period in which his offenses were alleged to have been committed, according to Cincinnati Enquirer columnist Scott Wartman.

    “Tim Nolan adorned in his ‘Make America Great’ hat and clutching Trump signs became a common sight at political events in 2016,” Wartman explained. “So no one publicly questioned the former district judge when he said he was Donald Trump’s campaign chairman for Campbell County.”

    With the Tea Party leader now facing toxic charges, some local Republicans are trying to disavow Nolan’s role.


    1. Anonymous3:33 AM

      I'm not surprised. In the middle of impeaching Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich got caught cheating on his second wife. His excuse was that political stress made him do it. He got away with that excuse. David Vitter, caught in a tangle with D.C. prostitutes, got his wife's public support and won re-election. Republicans can get away with anything, as we see with Trump. Their party never holds any of their elected brethren personally responsible for their behavior.

  20. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Sarah palin could care less about exploited women and children. How many times has she made derogatory statements about other women?

    All she cares about is using “sex” to get her way with men. I image that is getting harder and harder to do; however I am sure there are some losers out there that would be interested.

    If Trig isn’t Bristol’s child, did they get him from some trafficking ring?

    1. Anonymous7:16 PM

      Old old man. He musta died.
      Now all he'll will break loose.

    2. Anonymous8:10 PM

      She called her grandkid Trig a "retard".

      She cares about no one but her old scrawny self.

    3. Anonymous12:03 AM

      She NAMED her grandson retard, Tri g. Pretty cold hearted,granny.

    4. Anonymous12:06 AM

      Barstool was pregnant,and nursing a baby at RNC. Momma doesn't have milk unless there's a baby nursing.

    5. Anonymous7:31 AM

      Then whose the daddy 1206?

  21. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Donald Trump is now moving to take away birth control coverage from up to 55 million American women by eliminating a federal rule that mandates most employers to provide free birth control coverage to women under their insurance plans.


    1. Anonymous3:17 PM

      Don't panic Americans. You can obtain birth control from over the borders. I did it for years (when I had the need) because the pills were much cheaper than what was available in the USA.

      They worked perfectly too - never had a kid - which was my objective.

  22. I can see a polygraph machine screaming, vomiting, and running for the door when she walks into the room.

    Finally cornered, the poor creature, gasping, spewing smoke and sparks, scrawls out on the roll of paper: "have mercy, please kill me"

  23. Anonymous9:33 PM

    How about you tell Barstool to quit posting pics of her kids for public consumption.

    They have no choice in the matter. They are subjected to ridicule and or praise.

    It's explotation Simple Sarah for pure gain. Whether your daughter is selling her dumb tea shakes or posing by her soon to be built pool.What did you expect when you sold Barstool out for your own gain? A mother who respects the dignity of her kids?

    Nobody exploits their kids like the Palin's. Hows Trig doing Sarah? Your little pro life prop still messing his pants because you are to lazy to care?

    You are the problem, not Trig, you. When are you ever going to take responsibility for him.When are you ever going to admit that people who are not millionaires don't do whatever they want whenever they want and somehow it's not a blessing.

    Yet these people who worry about what will happen to their downs syndrome kid when they are gone have sacrificed and suffered much more than you.You had a choice and you never addressed the real issues it was all cute and happy while you traveled around like an air headed diva.

    Your daughter is exploiting your grandkids right now for a buck and your fine with it so shut up.

  24. Anonymous10:05 PM

    I don't have to pretend its not there dear Sarah when i see your daughter at bsmp2 exploiting her kids to make a dime.Her claim to fame is pooping out a kid and posting their photos for money like her kids are a commodity.

    You tell me about that fine line you so called Christian. You tell me how making money from your kids in any form is not infringing on that kids rights as an individual. You tell me that proffiting from your kids just because they are dressed is acceptable.

    No one would look at your daughters instagram if she did not post her kids pics to sell her shit shakes. She exposes them to the world and that's ok with you. Hypocrite. It's just another form of child exploitation.

    1. Anonymous10:31 PM

      Thumbs up!

  25. Anonymous1:06 AM

    Trump and palin go together like flies on shit.

  26. Anonymous4:32 AM

    It's a shame no journalist has ever followed up on the Alaska National Guard/Anchorage Police Department scandal.

    Reports of opium and arms smuggling, rape and quite possibly murder were swept under the rug in order to save a few reputations.

    Do you remember the role APD that played in Ms Tripps story ?


    Oh yeah, APD worked overtime, hand in hand with the National Guard to keep this stuff quiet. Dig into the over 20 year veteran of APD who was fired shortly before EB took office as Mayor. Look into just how much the Muni has shelled out defending itself from TH's lawsuit.

    Dig baby dig, because there's a huge story there and it needs to be told.

  27. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Maybe Bristol will testify on her Russian Girlfriend and their RV honeymoon trip together.

    1. Anonymous10:39 AM

      Oh now that Gap is dying what will Sarah Palin do?

  28. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Where is Marina?

    1. Anonymous7:35 AM

      Dead. In a remote location where no one could hear her scream. Sarah won't ride in small planes cuz of this "regular" crime organization tactics.

  29. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Mexico number 528441394761

    Sarah must in S.O.L. mode

    Block number.


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