Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Does Eric Trump's new haircut indicate an open display of his fascist beliefs? Or is it just a really crappy haircut?

As the Washington Post pointed out back in November, this haircut is extremely popular with those of a certain alt-right sensibility:

Young white-nationalism enthusiasts leaving a recent conference in Washington, D.C., where several of them performed a Nazi salute. 

The same haircut. The exact same haircut. 

It is the same haircut sported by white supremacist Richard Spencer.

As well as the Hitler Youth of the 40's.

Yeah but that's just silly.

After all both Brad Pitt and David Beckham have sported this style, and THEY are certainly not members of the Alt-Right.

Of course they seem to have sported this haircut BEFORE it became the unofficial haircut of the new white supremacist movement. I'm just saying.

All I know is that I am going to keep an eye on this Trump presidency for any other signs of blatant racism, you know like appointing a black man as the head of HUD simply because he's black, appointing a man who ran an alt-right news site on the internet as an adviser, or suggesting that the first black president was born in Africa and is therefore illegitimate.

Yep as soon as I see anything like that I will know for sure that the Nazis have taken over America.


  1. Anonymous2:09 AM

    Maybe this haircut makes it easier for him to sneak up on innocent animals, to shoot them? He is an ugly, dumb rich(??) "kid" That tRump mouth is SO ugly, and they all have it. Ivanka has had extensive plastic surgery, but that ugly mouth is still prominent. Eeeeric is reproducig, his wife is pregnant. For her sake I hope the baby takes after her side of the family. This is the prick who said democrats are "not people".

  2. Anonymous2:21 AM

    The Trump family publically shows clear signs of racist and fascist sympathies. At best, this isn't clear cut (no pun intended) and it just looks foolish to go down that rabbit hole especially when there is so much else to call attention to. If you insist though, this blog will continue to lose respect. You could've maintained high readership after the bloom left the Sarar Palin rose but you repeatedly attacked a child (Sailor), promoted idiots tangentially related to them (Johnstons) and now youre talking about Eric Trump who doesn't even have an official role. Focus on Jared & Ivanka, who actually have the power to change lives.

    1. Anonymous5:33 AM

      Someone peed in your Cheerios this morning?

    2. Anonymous5:56 AM

      Sources close to the White House have said repeatedly that, as opposition to him increases, the circle of people that Trump trusts continues to shrink, and includes few people outside of his family.

      While his sons may not have an official role in the administration, they are certainly very much a part of that tiny circle of trusted advisers. As long as Trump is listening to them and the media continues to interview them, their political beliefs are important to discuss.

      Perhaps an in-depth analysis of their haircuts is frivolous, but to ignore what they are saying in public and doing with the Trump empire could very well be dangerous.

    3. Anonymous6:05 AM

      Levi was a minor when Bristol was climbing in through his bedroom window and when he was openly staying the night in the Palin house.

      While fornicating with Bristol is an idiotic thing to do, it was condoned by the Palins. Over and over again Bristol's trial husbands came and went. Even on a nationally televised reality show. It was shoved in our faces.

    4. Anonymous7:29 AM

      Ohh,no picking on those that pick for a living. Sailor is a cute little girl. She looks just like her daddy Joey.

    5. Anonymous8:24 AM

      How dare anyone criticize a Johnston. Levi was a perfect saint during his relationship with Bristol and we can't speak ill of Sunny because she hates Bristol and besides, she's purdy.

    6. Anonymous8:43 AM

      Levi was young, dumb and full of cum. You happy now 8:24? I hope you never care about a stupid kid who fathers a child with anything like a Palin.

    7. That you, Willow? Or is it Piper now?

    8. Anonymous11:30 AM

      What has changed, 8:43? So sorry to question your hero! Fuck off!

    9. Anonymous11:34 AM

      Piper should be home practicing her flashcards. That family is mentally challenged and s l o w.

    10. Anonymous12:41 PM

      11:30 is jealous that people have sex and enjoy it. Where do you think all these kids come from?

    11. Anonymous12:49 PM

      The Sarar Palin rose, as it was, is long over, yes. But it is enjoyable to share a few laughs over the continuing Palin Klan stupidity. Uncle Griff tried to take the high road and adhere to his blog's stated goal of watching politics blah blah. Yeah, we can find that almost everywhere especially now with the horror show in office. But life is frustrating and the freedom to mock those who are so transparently evil in God's name, well, there is a need in this country now more than ever!

  3. Anonymous3:21 AM

    I hate that sniveling, ferret-faced, lazy-asses, snot-nosed privileged pantied, son of the shitgibbon as much as the rest of sane America, but really, it's summer, it's a cool off the neck short haircut lots of teens and men are wearing, including my very liberal kid, who until March sported a really decent hockey flow. Give it up.

  4. Anonymous3:24 AM

    I've noticed it a lot with young soccer playing teen boys. Not the best but better than a comb over.

    1. Anonymous5:04 AM

      I've noticed this type cut is popular with millenials and even people in their early forties. I don't like it but that's just my taste. In the meantime, Twitler is screeching about fake news and slamming CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT and WaPo. The Crybaby in Chief seems to just be getting more unhinged.

  5. Anonymous4:00 AM

    Gryphen, didn't the founding fathers put checks & balances in place to make sure the country would forever remain a Democratic Republic? Are you saying it is possible that a duly elected President could become a dictator and take complete control by seizing power from the other two branches of the government?

    1. Checks and balances work only when they are used.

      The Electoral College was supposed to prevent a foreign power installing their candidate in the Oval Office. The Electoral College was supposed to prevent an unqualified or unfit person from becoming president. Instead they simply rubberstamped a questionable election because their side won. Their side that gerrymandered districts and suppressed more votes in those four states than the margin of victory.

      Trump and the Death Party are busy stocking the Supreme Court with their own brand of Fascists. If Kennedy, Breyer or Ginsberg either die of retire, our Democratic Republic is through. They'll have a 5-4, then 6-3 maybe even 7-2 majority for decades. That will rubber stamp their other Fascist policies and we will be a Democratic Republic in name only.

      The founding fathers did their best, but the Republican Party has been working to undo them for decades. Soon they will succeed. They want to be the single party ruling this country with an authoritarian if not theocratic hand.

      Yes, it is possible for a president to become a dictator but first it will be his party that seizes power from all branches of the government. They have almost succeeded. One more Justice and it's done.

  6. Anonymous4:49 AM

    Maybe like trumputin's have attempted to invade America but failed. And so ...Aint gonna be a take over of America without a war and fight first. That good old American attitude is alive and awake.

  7. Anonymous4:52 AM

    There are photos of eric hangin with radicals.

  8. Anonymous5:57 AM

    They are ugly ass people. Who would marry Herr Eric Von Trump? Is it because of his looks? Or does have something to do with his bank account or what he is going to inherit?

    1. Anonymous7:41 AM

      Could it be because of his bank account and what he is going to inherit. Who would that face grunting on top of her while having to look at those teeth slobbering on her for 45 seconds?

  9. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Ugly-as-sin over-priviledged useless whiny little shit.

  10. Anonymous9:02 AM

    All ARE little PRICKS:
    'North Korea Compares President Trump to Adolf Hitler'


    1. You're in trouble when even authoritarian dictators compare you to Hitler.

  11. When is he going to grow a "toothbrush" mustache?

    *If* he can grow a mustache at all.

    Personally, I think we should photoshop one in on every photo of this little turd.


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