Sunday, July 09, 2017

Donald Trump tweets about meeting with Putin and it is just as bad as you might imagine.

Yes he did, and that opinion was that the Russians "probably" hacked computers during the 2016 election, but that it might have been "other people in other countries" as well.
Wait, so that's it. He "strongly pressed," Putin denied it, and now it is time to just drop it?

Actually no, it gets worse than that.

Holy shit!

So not only is Trump dismissing the reports from American intelligence agencies about Russian hacking as "fake news," but he is literally inviting the Russians inside our cyber security systems to help them do a better job of hacking the elections the next time around.

(By the way since the DNI signed off on that intelligence report identifying Russia as the hackers, it was technically correct that all 17 agencies agreed on that since the DNI is an umbrella group which represents them, however it is true that only the FBI, CIA, NSA, the Justice Department, and the DNI were directly involved in the investigation.  Really not sure how pointing that out helps explain why Trump is not holding the Russians accountable.)

But wait, there's more.
Sure, why would Trump talk about sanctions when clearly does not believe there is any reason for them?

Okay well if you still entertained any doubts that Trump was a puppet of Vladimir Putin's I think you can put those doubts to rest. 


  1. Pat in MA8:22 AM

    What a goddamn chicken. Can't hold a press conference, just a continued series of inane tweets. Hurry up Mr. Mueller, please.

    1. Anonymous8:50 AM

      Robert Mueller is hiring prosecutors, not investigators, to take Donald Trump down

      ...Mueller’s job is not to prosecute Donald Trump. So his only reason to hire all these prosecutors is so they can prosecute Trump’s underlings and associates for their crimes in relation to Trump’s scandal. On paper this is because any guilty participants need to be punished. But in reality, you prosecute guilty underlings so they’ll flip on the boss. By the time Mueller’s team is done with all this prosecuting, enough underlings will be pointing the finger at Donald Trump that he’ll no longer be tenable in office.

    2. Anonymous9:23 AM

      "You better hurry up". Cough.

  2. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Is this too embarrassing to think about,or too funny for words? Trump doesn't believe Putin hacked the election, so he just comes right out and says we are joining with Putin on cyber security. He's already been dinged this morning by Lindsey Graham, Rubio and McCain and many others. Is Trump honestly that dumb, or is he just crazy? Just can't wrap my head around the sheer stupidity.

    1. Anonymous9:37 AM


    2. Anonymous10:29 AM

      He is doing what he always does, reacting to the last person who spoke to him. Give him time, he will reverse himself within the next few days like he always does.
      Oh and Hannibal Lecter called, he wants in on the anti serial killer/cannibal task force.
      Bon apetit!

    3. Anonymous11:43 AM

      Trump spews words as a tool to prove he is right makes my everyone else in the wrong.

      Lies that Obama did "nothing".

      I never read anything about DNC servers requested. Anyone else have knowledge of this?

  3. So why do we have to fear Russian retaliation?: Russia Threatens Retaliation If Pentagon Bans Kaspersky Software.........using software platforms developed by Kaspersky Lab due to reports that the Moscow-based company might be vulnerable to Russian government influence.” Kaspersky Lab said it doesn’t cooperate with...

    Our cybersecurity people need to not only put the kybosh on this pact but route out the subject software. I Spy, I Hack, I win!

  4. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Oh for crying and laughing out loud. This coming from the dooofus that states that he never admits guilt or lies, to the lifetime spy and mastermind manipulator. Listen? can ya hear the laughter around the world yet?

    1. Anonymous9:12 AM

      Angela Merkel was spot on with her eye rolls.

  5. "election hacking, & many other negative things, will be guarded...and safe.
    For the first time in his life trump tells the truth.

    I have no doubt that election hacking, voter suppression, and "many other negative things" will be very well guarded and kept safe for use ... by republicans.

    1. Anonymous9:10 AM

      That's how I interpreted it, Nefer, and he sees no problem with admitting so!

  6. Anonymous8:50 AM

    EXCLUSIVE: Trump/Russia Expands – GOP Senator & Congressmen Possibly Implicated

    ...Yesterday evening, was made aware of a complaint that has been filed by Massachusetts Attorney, J. Whitfield Larrabee against Republican U.S. Representatives Dana Rohrabacher (48th Congressional District of California) and Ed Royce (39th Congressional District of California) as well as Republican U.S. Senator James Risch of Idaho, in relation to contributions which appear to have been made through Paul Manafort and other lobbyists who were illegally acting as intermediaries for foreign entities — more specifically the Ukraine Party of Regions (a Vladimir Putin ally) and the European Centre For a Modern Ukraine (also a Putin ally).

    These are the words of a traitor.

  7. Anonymous8:50 AM

    An Australian Reporter Had the Best Trump Takedown Yet — and Twitter is Going Nuts

  8. Anonymous8:56 AM

  9. Here is the list of the US "17" intelligence agencies. As you can see, some of the agencies have intelligence missions that do not involve political hacking and other such activities in any way. This explains why some agencies were totally uninvolved with the Russia hacking probe. These tweets comport with many of Donald Trump's other tweets: VERY misleading.

    Air Force Intelligence,
    Army Intelligence,
    Central Intelligence Agency,
    Coast Guard Intelligence,
    Defense Intelligence Agency,
    Energy Department,
    Homeland Security Department,
    State Department,
    Treasury Department,
    Drug Enforcement Administration,
    Federal Bureau of Investigation,
    Marine Corps Intelligence,
    National Geospatial Intelligence Agency,
    National Reconnaissance Office,
    National Security Agency,
    Navy Intelligence and
    the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

    1. Anonymous9:25 AM

      Money, money, money.

      M O N E Y!

    2. Anonymous1:41 PM

      I'm willing to bet that those investigating the collusion have heard from many, if not all, of the groups listed above.

  10. Anonymous8:59 AM

  11. Anonymous9:09 AM

    President Donald Trump skewered as ‘friendless’ and ‘awkward’ in viral take-down

    ...“It’s the unscripted Trump that’s real: a man who barks out bile in 140 characters, who wastes his precious days as President at war with the West’s institutions like the judiciary, independent government agencies, and the free press.”

    The reporter added: “Mr Trump is a man who craves power because it burnishes his celebrity. To be constantly talking and talked about is all that really matters... and there is no value placed on the meaning of words, so what is said one day can be discarded the next.”

    1. Anonymous1:40 PM

      That Australian report on Trump at the G-20 should be shown on every US newscast. No American news programs will be as direct and honest about Trump's bizarre behavior. He is a total embarrassment.

  12. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Special Counsel Mueller Lets His Actions Do The Talking: 15 Hires, More to Come

  13. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Republican Party has ‘flat out lost its mind’

    Dear Colleagues:

    We’re doing it again.

    Remember last year’s campaign? Remember how dogged and relentless we were in covering Hillary Clinton’s sloppy handling of her emails? Remember the comparatively free ride we gave Donald Trump despite his repeated demonstrations that he was unserious, unsound and unfit? Remember all the hand wringing afterward about how we had embraced a false equivalence?

    Apparently, we learned no lesson from that...

    Read more here:

  14. Anonymous9:28 AM

    My sincere apologies to all the fence posts in the entire world!
    All along I have been outspoken and saying trump is dumb as a post!
    I admit , in comparison and in hindsight, posts are quite intelligent compared to trump ,family and administration!
    Whoa,are we in trouble .lock him up and pencil as well! Now!!!

  15. Anonymous9:37 AM

    OMG!Why are we not throwing trump a ticket tape parade. With tanks,kkk,military,militants,confefe yea!
    What a novel idea !Oops don't forget to invite the Fox I mean putin. After all he will be guarding the chickens,I mean cyber security.

  16. Marthe10:12 AM

    Yes Stupid, get the fox to guard the henhouse.

  17. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Donald Trump invites the wolf to guard the chicken coop. Good freaking god.

  18. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Dear Donald,

    Fuck you and the gilded horse you rode in on! Russia violated our sovereignty, and not only are you turning your back on the invasion you'll reward them for it. Traitor is too good of a term to describe you. Russia committed an act of war on us you useless piece of shit.

  19. Anonymous10:47 AM

    The only Ukrainian problem is Putin invading the country, I guess the USA will no longer be defending our allies in the Ukraine.

  20. Anonymous10:57 AM

    So it's no longer collusion because it's out in the open? Alrighty then.

  21. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Of coarse he could be patriotic and let the chips fall where they may and start acting like he's got out best interest at hand.
    But for the "Golden Showers" threat, and his need and greed for more mafia money and support he won't. Putin won and his is filled with Dr. Evil glee.
    Now, if only we had other leaders in this country who could block Trump and Co. from getting rich from Russia. But sadly for us, we don't. Maybe Elizabeth Warren. But she can't fight all our fights by herself. Plus Donald keeps calling her names.

  22. Anonymous11:17 AM

    If I were a male trump voter and had any sense or pride at all . I would voluntarily get a vasectomy and do it now! Do not reproduce! I repeat do not reproduce defective genes bigly a sad thing.Savvy? "We will get tired of winning"
    The Orange one is zombie!!!

  23. Anonymous11:19 AM

    “It’s the unscripted Trump’s who’s real. A man who barks out bile in 140 characters, who wastes his precious days as president at war with the West’s institutions like the judiciary, independence government agencies and the free press.”

    Chris Uhlmann

  24. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Hello 2018! Every Republicon up for a vote needs to be gone, if they don't clip Donnie's treasonous wings. Everyone loves a good farce, if it's comical. But there is nothing funny about Dolt45 and the people around him.

  25. Anonymous1:37 PM

    I sure hope that some GOP senators have watched Trump's bizarre behavior at the G-20 and are alarmed about what is happening. Trump's love fest with Putin and his blind disregard of everyone and everything else puts the US at extreme risk. Even Republicans must be frightened.

    1. Anonymous7:37 PM

      The GOP is looking the other way for their convenience.

    2. Anonymous9:33 PM

      737, oh yeah, they are making great strides with all they are accomplishing now that the Trump family rules the world, second only to The Vlad. GOP is genius and it shows with their policies and getting so much done!

  26. I suppose the world has seen a bigger idiot but I'm hard pressed to remember when.

    1. Anonymous8:36 PM

      Palin.The catalyst for all future idiots.

  27. Anonymous7:40 PM

    I think at this point we the people need to start getting rid of all our representation in government for lack of faith.
    Let's start now.

  28. Anonymous10:15 PM

    In A Lucid Moment, John McCain Burns Trump To The Ground On Russia Hacking

    Wait, Trump Jr. Wasn't Talking About Adopting Russian Babies With That Kremlin Lawyer? SHOCKER.
    ‘This isn’t quite the truth yet’: Ex-US attorney says Trump Jr. is still lying about Russian lawyer


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