Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Look I know we give Trump shit all of the time for not being able to make good on any of his campaign promises, but you have to admit this IS pretty damn impressive.

And remember it has only been six months. Just imagine how many more title he might be able to steal from his predecessors.

Watch out William Howard Taft, you might be the next one to lose your title.


  1. Anonymous2:09 AM

    The speech that this braying jackass gave at the Boy Scout Jamboree was one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen. I'm no fan of the BSA and was particularly pissed to see them booing President Obama and cheering Chump.

    1. Hedgewytch7:11 AM

      It was a chilling reminder of what happened in the not so distant past with an authoritarian leader who used an organization of young men for political gain and power.

      The Boy Scouts of the USA should denounce this speech thoroughly and without hesitation. But I'm guessing they won't.

    2. Anonymous7:29 AM

      Agree. I only saw parts of the speech (on late night MSNBC) and I was also disgusted (and really shocked).

      Please, Pence (and I dislike you) and cabinet, use the 25th Amendment!

    3. Anonymous7:55 AM

      The BSA issued a very lukewarm statement, no condemnation of the actual text of the speech. He brought up that President Obama never came to the jamboree. I'm guessing he never came because he didn't want to show support for a blantanly homophobic organization

    4. Anonymous7:56 AM

      "Trump reassured the Boy Scouts that this Christmas, they will finally be able to say “Merry Christmas” again,"
      "By the way, you’re going to get the votes? He better get ’em. He better get ’em! Ahhhhhh! Otherwise I’ll say, “Tom, YOU’RE FIRED.” I’ll get somebody …OR"who worked hard and applied himself so much that he became a very successful man who bought a yacht and got to have constant FUCK orgies on his yacht. Pretty sure that’s not a BSA merit badge, but maybe in the Age of Trump, it can be: "As an American, I will do my best to: ... On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and


      Read more at https://wonkette.com/620671/pussy-grabbing-trump-preying-on-boy-scouts-now#AlKHCobb9iI0zilw.99

    5. Anonymous7:59 AM


    6. Anonymous8:01 AM

      The Boy Scouts of the USA should denounce this speech thoroughly and without hesitation.

      Absolutely. They gave him a crowd, his fix, and he is going to be Trump. They know what he is like.

      How can they ever make up to those boys?

      Trump has no care or respect for children. He also brought his 11 year old son, Barron, into his official messaging to American. Using the boy as a back ass joke.

      Trump has another fix tonight. He must be on a roll and I doubt he will hold back.

      He also will have reactions from his versions of how the day went. Health care do or die, Jared doing act 2.

    7. Anonymous8:01 AM


      "“I’m not making a defense of Donald Trump,” Swan replied. “I’m just saying we have seen, in his two years in public life now, no ability to moderate his rhetoric in front of any audience.”" WINNING!

    8. Anonymous9:37 AM

      OT? Orgy THIS!

  2. Leland2:48 AM

    Personally, I would prefer Humpty Trumpty not be given time to garner any more titles, thank you, unless it is "proven most guilty of treason".

  3. Anonymous2:57 AM

    Oh, he's tweeting out some real doozies this morning!

    1. Anonymous6:16 AM

      President Trump Tweets Attorney General Jeff Sessions Is ‘Very Weak’ on Hillary Clinton


      Attorney General Jeff Sessions has taken a VERY weak position on Hillary Clinton crimes

  4. Anonymous5:02 AM

    The old ugly Grinch that stole an election with his enablers is a sad sour so called prez of usa today. Every morning is toxic negative hateful chit coming out of this guys mouth, EVERY DAY. He must resign and get mental help and personal help asap. He is absolutely mentally incompetent to make any decisions beside what to eat. Our paid public servants, The Congress must immediately remove him from office and stop this nonsense.

  5. Anonymous5:05 AM

    Manafort to answer questions, share notes with Senate investigators


    Are Jared and FIL confident that the Jared spiel will be backed up?

    Kushner does more hot air today. Will he be impeached? No one under Trump has proved to be more inadequate and incompetent.

    Trump did say Jr. was just a boy and made excuses for him. He can't push the innocent boy vindication so much with Jared. Unless Trump wants to admit he hired a dopey guy because nepotism and Jared has no business with security clearance.

  6. Drumpf is already the favorite for most likely to polish Vlad's knob.

    The extra long ties are used as napkins.

  7. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Trump is unfit in every way possible. For someone so critical of others appearance, it is totally whack he can't notice his repulsive physical image. AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Bill Clinton did it, for his health and looks great now!

  8. Anonymous7:13 AM


    “But given the FACT that the president is being attacked unnecessarily and, certainly, for no reason on something he and, I think, most of America feel is a complete hoax and that the media has gotten so spun up on Russia fever, we’re looking to move on.” “and I think he is getting hit every single day on a ridiculous witch hunt that has proved nothing. People have been investigating for over a year and have found nothing. But there’s actually some real, I think, hard facts to look at when it comes to the Clintons, and I think that’s been completely ignored. The president’s looking for a fair playing field on that front.”

  9. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Stop the MonEy$$$ Flow:



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