Tuesday, July 25, 2017

John McCain victoriously returns from fighting cancer to help steal healthcare away from millions of Americans.

I'll bet you thought I would do the right thing. Sucker!
Courtesy of CNN: 

Senate Republicans voted to advance to floor debate on their efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare. 

Vice President Mike Pence cast the tiebreaking vote. 

In a dramatic moment, Sen. John McCain returned from Arizona to applause from fellow senators. He cast a necessary Republican vote for the motion after two GOP senators -- Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski -- sided with all Democrats in opposition. 

As the vote began, protesters in the Senate gallery shouted "kill the bill" and "shame, shame, shame!" 

The vote came as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump dared their fellow Republicans to block their seven-year campaign promise to repeal and replace Obamacare.

You might have hoped that having this fresh new cancer diagnosis would have helped John McCain find his humanity, but apparently any ethics or morals he may once have possessed are now gone forever. 

John McCain has essentially been dead to me since he plucked that lunatic from the wilds of Wasilla, Alaska and inflicted her on the American people.

There is simply no coming back from a fuck up that bad. 

I will say I felt a little tinge of pride that my Senator Lisa Murkowski refused to help push this death sentence for millions of Americans forward. She has let me down time and time again, but at least this time, for whatever reason, she did the right thing.

It should be noted that this is not yet a done deal, it is only a vote to advance this to a floor debate so there is still plenty of time for opponents to make their case and for the American people to flood the phone lines of these Republican assholes and make them feel our rage over a bill that will cost 22 million more Americans there health care coverage.

If I were a betting man I would bet that this thing will die, but in a world where up is down, black is white, and facts no longer matter, it is hard to have confidence in much of anything. 


  1. Anonymous2:03 PM

    He's a jerk and has always been. He will die a very painful death with his cancer and I would not wish it on anyone, but God does have a way -

    1. Anonymous9:12 PM

      I don't wish what he's going through on anyone. It is ironic that a guy who has been covered by government health care from the day he was conceived til the day he dies, was a deciding vote in people losing their healthcare

  2. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Lisa Murkowski's vote was for her benefit and hers alone! She thinks it will help her be reelected. She's just like Trump in not caring for the Americans/Alaskans that actually supported her - of which I'm not amongst.

    1. Anonymous3:19 PM

      Okay, if you didn't buckle down and vote for her stupid ass who did you vote for in 2016?

      She was running against Joe Miller as the major competitor so your options were very light.

      Oh, were you a Margaret Stock or Ray Metcalfe voter? Then you almost saddled us with Miller, who is way worse than Lisa, BTW.

    2. Anonymous3:45 PM

      I didn't vote for any noted - left it blank when it came to their names! I've done that three times while voting and I always vote! Just couldn't bring myself to put an 'x' by any of their names! Especially Murkowski!

    3. Anonymous3:59 PM

      I hear ya 3:45pm.

      Did same with our last Gov race, and now it turns out I was right!

      I knew from the moment he announced that Bill Walker was a fake and a sham and a liar that was only running for his own ends.

      Too bad that so many were fooled and now he's sold our state down the pike and put us into another recession all while taking the PFD, not that the PFD matters to most people given that it is just "mad money" but it's the principle that matters, he broke the law, regardless of whether it's just pocket change it wasn't his to take.

      Voting is serious business and sometimes standing aside and casting no vote is the best option and I'm really happy that I didn't vote for anyone in this last Gov's race; they were each as bad as the other so I guess we had to get stuck with one of them regardless.

  3. Anonymous2:13 PM

    He has a chance to right his wrong of putting Sarah on his ticket, and then leaving her on it, and still saying he was proud to have her as a running mate. I believe that act lead to the mess we are in today.

    He should know that and accept his role in it and make good by letting people keep their health care.

    Can he not see how many people love it? How many states want to keep it? How many more want it than don't? If he voted against it that could very well be the vote to prevent the great disaster that is waiting for everyone. why not be a hero Senator McCain. You owe nothing to Trump or McConnell, but could really do a good act for the people of the country.

    1. Anonymous3:17 PM

      You think that was a wrong? You must be real young if you don't remember him standing over the sitting Mom of a Viet Nam war POW and screaming and swearing at the top of his lungs. He singlehandedly ended the search for POW's, he got home, screw everyone else.If you ever thought he had any integrity or honor you were sadly mistaken.

    2. Anonymous3:21 PM

      Sarah was thrown out as a useful idiot to gauge just how dumbed down America was, and boy howdy, she proved that they were dumbed down way dumb and she paved the way for Trump, because majority idiots here in these previously united states.

    3. Anonymous4:50 PM

      And then remember the Keating Five - McCain was, is, and always will be - though thankfully not much longer - SCUM.

  4. Its so easy for him to screw veterans.

  5. Anonymous2:36 PM

    John McCain never had any morals.

    Don't confuse getting captured with being a good person. Sarah Palin was a true indication of the real John McCain, anything else is PR.

    There's no American that John McCain wouldn't sell out.

    1. Anonymous3:42 PM

      Thank God President Obama beat his ass to become our wonderful POTUS. McCain was never fit for the job!

  6. Anonymous2:39 PM

    He has Always voted against anything that would help veterans. You would think having received a death sentence he would consider the millions of people this would affect. I said last week he was a mean spirited POS and I was right.

  7. Anonymous2:40 PM

    McCain is no maverick - he's just a typical Republican. I've got mine so fuck everybody else!

  8. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Easy for him. He has taxpayer funded health insurance.


    1. Anonymous4:51 PM

      An millions beyond that the dirty money he got from Keating, and the milliosn his sugar mama Cindy has. Bet she's so glad to be rid of that smelly old man.

    2. Anonymous6:10 PM

      Cindy's money came from the mob. Jim Hensley was a henchman for the local Godfather. After he was older he did jail time for his boss. He was paid by setting him up with the beer deal that gave him the good life with money.

      McCain's early money to run for office came from mob money.

  9. Anonymous2:42 PM

    While McCain voted to allow the bill to be debated, he admitted that he would NOT vote for the bill as it's currently written. (There seems to be a lot of confusion - even among the senators - regarding what's actually in the bill. No surprise that the Orange Baboon doesn't understand the bill; all that he cares about is getting a "win".)

  10. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Trump Throws A Fit After Senate Vote Because Democrats Won’t Kill Healthcare

    Trump Is So Out Of It That He Thinks Senate Republicans Passed A Health Care Bill Today

    What Senate Democrats Did Was Brilliant As Republicans Vote To Move Forward On Healthcare Bill


  11. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Trump Just Screwed Up Big League And Admitted His Russia Crimes At Press Conference

    At a press conference, Trump admitted that he is upset with Attorney General Jeff Sessions because he recused himself from the Russia investigation. Trump made it clear that killing the Russia investigation was a prerequisite for picking his attorney general nominee.

    The President Of The United States admitted that his prerequisite for selecting an attorney general nominee was to choose someone who would kill the Russia investigation. This means that Trump knew before he ever took office that he was in legal jeopardy and that the Russia investigation had to go away.

    The real reason why Donald Trump is mad at Jeff Sessions is that Sessions didn’t fix Trump’s Russia problem.

    Trump’s answer about Jeff Sessions was revealing in all of the wrong ways. Trump knew he had a Russia problem before he set foot in the Oval Office. The President just admitted that he knows a lot more than what has been publicly disclosed about Russia.


  12. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Wait, What Is a “Motion to Proceed” Vote?


  13. Anonymous3:12 PM

    In the words of Cee Lo Green, "Ain't that some shhh*t?!"

    1. Anonymous3:40 PM

      Poor Cee-Lo, I'm sure he uttered those same words when he was convicted of rape.

  14. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Well Murkowski probably doesn't care about any person besides herself. Since Alaska has the highest percentage of people on subsidized Obamcare she is worried about votes for the next election.

    1. Anonymous3:36 PM

      Out of over 200,000 people on government subsidized medical here in AK 180,000 of them are enjoying the expanded Medicaid but only 22,000 are actually participating in the subsidized medical insurance through Blue Cross.

      That's the problem here, a lot of poverty, thus Medicaid but way too few people actually paying for policies, thus one carrier, with few options.

    2. Anonymous3:39 PM

      So true 3:15 PM. She needs her ass voted out of office this next go around in Alaska. Sincerely hope Alaskans have wised up to her....she's not very bright and hanging on the coat strings of Trump and McConnell which literally makes me want to barf!

    3. Anonymous3:47 PM


    4. Anonymous3:53 PM


      If there is a strong Democratic candidate in AK in 2022 I'll vote for them over Lisa, however, there have been no strong contenders lately, and in a matchup between her and Miller, Hello, I'll pick Murki everytime.

    5. Anonymous4:12 PM


    6. Anonymous5:52 PM

      You don't realize that the expanded medicaid IS being funded by Obamacare? Well it is.

  15. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Old Arizona Gopher-Face knows he has less than 6 months to wander this earth so he's just making his final mark. He's done.

    Another shitty mark for him, add it to the wrecking a bunch of planes, being an idiot and getting captured by the Viet Cong and then singing like a birdie to finally get free, and then being persuaded to pick Snowdrift Snookie as his running mate.

    He knows that history won't favor him and he had one last chance to make it right, but did he, no. Then again, he's 80, mostly senile with a virulent brain tumor on top of it. Dead man walking, still making terrible decisions.

    I wish him only the worst. I hope it hurts.

  16. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Why did almost all of Obama's legislation require 60 votes to pass the Senate, but now a mere majority of 51 is all that's needed ?

    1. Anonymous3:52 PM

      You can open up the "debate" on a bill in the Senate with a plain majority of 51 votes, however, 60 votes are required to end the debate and actually vote on a measure.

    2. Anonymous4:03 PM

      They wanted to make it harder for the black guy remember? Republicans were as horrible back then as they are today - perhaps they are even worse today - more evil minded due to being led (sheep followers in Congress) by Trump!

    3. Anonymous5:03 PM

      3:52 So if they barely got 51 votes for debate how will they get 60 to bring it to a vote?

      Does this mean they won't be able to vote on it and it'll just die?

      I have heard no one say that.

    4. Anonymous5:48 PM

      No 3:52 that's incorrect. ACA Repeal is being considered under rules for budget reconciliation which requires only 51 votes for both consideration and passage. Bills that come up under regular order generally require 60 votes to be considered and to pass. It depends on the bill, not whether it's a motion to proceed or final passage. They will only need 51 votes to pass repeal. Now you know way more than Trump. He thinks they passed repeal today.

    5. Anonymous7:55 PM


      Thank You!

  17. Anonymous3:36 PM

    He will hurt although he'll be given a lot of drugs for the pain he is going to experience. He'll be 'out of it' mainly as he edges closer to death...have had two family members die of cancer and it's not fun to watch!

    I hope Snookie is sending him her heartfelt condolences...I wonder if his wife would even take her call for McCain? I know, Snookie doesn't have much of a heart!!!

  18. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Fuck you McCain, you pos!

    1. Anonymous4:25 PM


  19. Anonymous4:01 PM

    O/T Trump / Sessions by David French.

    Once again, I am surprised to see that French and I mostly agree on what he says in his editorial at National Review.

    He says Sessions should make Trump fire him. Says that Trump might settle down and not fire him if he can just hang on for a while.

    The priority for him is to keep the investigation going smoothly until the end.

    Good to see such a staunch conservative speaking out against Trump in such a staunchly conservative publication.

    Sorry for long link, can't do bitly from here.


  20. John McCain is alive today because of his gold-plated Congressional medical insurance.

    Today he voted to take away health insurance from 22 million people.

    Fuck him and the horse he rode in on. Maybe he should just die already.

    1. Anonymous4:54 PM

      Well, that's teh ReTHUG plan for everyone else - Grayson was right - Die faster.

  21. In McCain's defense: had he not risen from his deathbed to cast this stunning vote, his legacy would have been Sarah Palin. Way to dodge a bullet John!

  22. The stupidity of the Death Party revealed. (Like we didn't already know.)

    They are voting to repeal Obamacare because:

    The promised to do it during a campaign. It has nothing to do with if the law is bad or can't be fixed doesn't work. They promised. That's the reason.

    Their party told them to. This has nothing to do with critical thinking or free will or doing what is best for their constituents or the citizens of this country. Their party, I.E. Bitch McConnell, and Dullard Judas Drumpf ordered them to vote that way and so they do.

    They don't even know what is in the fucking bill or which fucking bill they are voting on. They are told to vote, which way to vote and they did.

    That in a nut (emphasis on nut) shell is the Death Party.

    Mindless, brainless, heartless, spineless, gutless. But filled with hate and bigotry.

    The Death Party.

    Start referring to them that way.

  23. Anonymous4:24 PM


  24. Anonymous4:30 PM


    "helping to advance a bill that has been crafted without public hearings, that lacks an up-to-date score on its impact from the Congressional Budget Office, and whose current text has yet to be released to the very senators voting to hurry it along, let alone the American people." an insatiable hunger for American military intervention (which began falling out of fashion in the Republican Party somewhere between the 3,000th and 4,000th American military casualty in Iraq), and selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate for his 2008 presidential run (a move that kicked open the doors to the gaping political hell in which we now live). "

  25. Anonymous4:32 PM

    John McCain has never done anything for anybody, his whole life it's people doing things for him.

    He slid into college on his grandpappy's reputation, achieved zip, crashed repeatedly until he was stopped, found a rich wife then spent 40 years hanging around the senate where the only thing he did was make himself notorious for refusing to apologize for trying to ride Sarah Palin's dowager's hump to glory.

    He's the exact person to rush directly by private jet from the world's best medical treatment, to make sure that "the takers" can never get it.

    1. Anonymous7:20 PM

      Well aren't you a ball of sunshine. Haha. Yikes.

  26. Anonymous4:48 PM

    hey, John, I heard a few days ago about your cancer. said to my family, well, for him as a human, a father and husband, I feel sorry for him his wife and kids. Even though I disagree and despise much of what you've done as a politician.

    Then, today, you voted to take healthcare, the kind of care that will make your end so much easier - healthcare which you have courtesy of US taxpayers even though you have millions. And my one thought is that you should have Republican (lack of) healthcare - die faster John, and let me add, die miserably, you miserable old coot, and may your family watch you suffer. and since you'r eone of those purportedly religious types, die in the certainty that you'll be suffering more for eternity. Even if hell doesn't exist, be afraid John, be very afraid of what that eternity you believe in will bring.

    1. Anonymous5:53 PM

      Ted Kennedy returned to the Senate from his brain tumor treatment to vote for Obamacare so Americans could have health insurance. McShame returns from his treatment to take insurance away from those people. Yep same POS that foisted Palin on us.

  27. The gloves are off.


    "A leading psychiatry group has told its members they should not feel bound by a longstanding rule against commenting publicly on the mental state of public figures — even the president.

    The statement, an email this month from the executive committee of the American Psychoanalytic Association to its 3,500 members, represents the first significant crack in the profession’s decades-old united front aimed at preventing experts from discussing the psychiatric aspects of politicians’ behavior. It will likely make many of its members feel more comfortable speaking openly about President Trump’s mental health.

    The impetus for the email was “belief in the value of psychoanalytic knowledge in explaining human behavior,” said psychoanalytic association past president Dr. Prudence Gourguechon, a psychiatrist in Chicago. “We don’t want to prohibit our members from using their knowledge responsibly.”

    That responsibility is especially great today, she told STAT, “since Trump’s behavior is so different from anything we’ve seen before” in a commander in chief.

    An increasing number of psychologists and psychiatrists have denounced the restriction as a “gag rule” and flouted it, with some arguing they have a “duty to warn” the public about what they see as Trump’s narcissism, impulsivity, poor attention span, paranoia, and other traits that, they believe, impair his ability to lead."

    No more Goldwater rule.

    Look for a lot of the profession using words like narcissist and sociopath.

    1. Anonymous7:21 PM

      Exam Sarah Palin while your at it.

  28. Just my thought...or wishful Thinking? McCain knows he doesn't have much time. He didn't approve new Healthcare, or repeal ACA. HE AGREED to proceed. He hates trump. He's the one that personally walked the Steele Dossier to FBI. I think he wants this hashed out, publicly. They each either yes or no whatever the final bill is. Then it's all Trump's. He owns it, whatever the outcome.

    Since this is likely McCain's last major fight, he goes out with a bang, and takes trump and a few others out in the process.

    That's my hope, anyway.

    1. The self-centered old coot will vote FOR whatever the Death Party puts in front of him. He has every time up until now. I doubt he is going to change his spots.

      What does he do after Trump disrespects him and his military service? He rolls over and endorsed and votes for the orange asshole. And now he'll tow the party line and vote whatever way Bitch Mitch tells him to.

      Fucking asshole. He should just die already so they don't have a majority any more.

      Nothing he does is going to wash the stink of Sarah Palin off him.

  29. Anonymous8:01 PM

    I had hoped that McCain would find in his heart some compassion for those less well off than he. Apparently, like Cheney, he only has a place holder for a heart.

  30. Maverick no more.


    "Actually the technical term for a cancer patient who leaves their hospital bed to steal health care from fellow cancer patients is “asshole”"

    "Thanks to John McCain, the word "maverick" now means "gutless conformist.""

    "McCain is a maverick because he will always tell you why he doesn't agree with the thing he just did."

    "McCain isn't a maverick, he just plays one on TV."

  31. And now that Fucker McCain has allowed the bill to proceed to debate, Bitch McConnell is a lot closer to getting a bill passed. Skinny bill, mystery bill, whatever bill, he's close.

    And you better believe that fucker McCain will roll over and vote for it no matter who it hurts.

    Our only hope is for that cowardly kiss ass to DIE before the next vote.


    "But the GOP’s hopes of passing some bill ― any bill ― were alive and well Tuesday night, with a scaled-down version of repeal looking increasingly in good shape after leadership revealed their plan earlier in the day of passing a “skinny repeal” if lawmakers agreed to open debate.

    At this point, the idea is for Republicans to just pass this smaller repeal ― which will likely get rid of the individual and employer mandates, as well as a medical devices tax ― and enter into a conference with the House so that Republicans can come up with some larger repeal-and-replace measure later."

    "There’s an incredible amount of uncertainty over the legislation, which hasn’t technically even been written, and there’s a fair amount of bad faith. Senate Republican leaders kept their members, Senate Democrats, and the public in the dark about their plan to vote on a smaller version of repeal for weeks. There’s little reason to believe Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) isn’t working on alternative legislation now in case the skinny repeal runs into trouble ― or, conversely, if he sensed that a bigger deal were within reach."

    "But the smaller repeal looks like it’s in decent shape. Fifty Republicans voted to open debate Tuesday, with only Collins and Murkowski voting no. And even though there are a number of Republicans who could potentially vote against the skinny repeal ― Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) among the most likely ― lawmakers have largely tipped their hand. They have shown willingness to cave to leadership. They don’t seem that troubled by the process or the legislation that leadership is using to strike at the Affordable Care Act. And their complaints of a bad process or a bad bill are just that: complaints.

    Among the senators who voted for BCRA was Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who spent part of his day delivering an impassioned floor speech decrying the process and the legislation that he voted for later in the evening."

    So that asshole already voted for it once and despite his grandstanding today he is going to vote for whatever piece of crap they shove under his nose.

    Maverick? Nope. Now he's Hypocrite McCain.

  32. Anonymous4:01 AM

    I read his much-touted speech before the Senate. And it annoyed me. His complaints about Senate behavior were true enough but he was really whining about the Democrats not playing along with the Republicans, not about how his fellow Republicans were about to shatter health care for the American people. Then, because Republicans always have to say that the Democrats are worse than they are, he went on to complain about how President Obama had pushed the ACA through without any input from the GOP and we all know THAT IS A LIE, an outright lie. There were almost endless committee hearings and then floor debates. The president traveled around the country talking to all kinds of groups answering questions, explaining how the law would be implemented. Gee, the Republicans even invented the scary "death panels" that McCain's pal Sarah Palin touted for years afterward. The GOP phrase has even been invoked in the latest media kerfuffle about baby Charlie Gard . McCain did his damage yesterday.

    I can't wait to see how he'll vote. Will he throw millions of Americans under the bus or will he continue the ACA and undo a little bit at a time? Either way, he'll vote against the best interests of the American people. I feel sure that he'll not want to introduce a meaningful and helpful road to universal healthcare in this country.

    1. He'll vote for whatever Bitch McConnell shoves under his nose. Not once has he voted against any of the atrocious bills the Death Party has proposed.

      He puts on a show for the cameras. Like the speech he gave. The sacrificial return to Washington from his death bed to vote.

      He's still trying to wash his legacy of the taint of Sarah Palin.

  33. Anonymous8:43 AM

    They voted to open the bill up for debate, how in the hell are they going to debate a bill they have never read!!

    As for McCain, we the taxpayers are paying for his gold star, Mayo Clinic health care. but he is all for taking away our healthcare.

    May the brain cancer get him for his hypocrisy.


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