Tuesday, July 25, 2017

One of Alaska's greatest politicians has passed away.

Courtesy of KTUU: 

Sad news to report from Talkeetna, Stubbs the cat has passed away. 

According to a release from Nagley's store, the unofficial Mayor of Talkeetna, Stubbs the cat passed away in his sleep Thursday night. 

The release states Stubbs was 20-years-old. 

As Stubbs grew older his public appearances at the store became less frequent. "The last time Stubbs was in the store; he got to snuggle with the employees and relax after a good long days’ work," the release reports. 

Stubbs served as the town’s unofficial mayor since 1997.

It should be noted that Stubbs was NEVER ONCE accused of any corruption, and this is Alaska!

What's more he was accessible to ALL citizens of his town, and did not only hang out with the big donors or those who had fresh fish for him to eat.

And he was by far the best mayoral mouser in the entire state.

Take that Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz!

Yep, it's always the great ones that leave this earth too early, while the likes of Don Young and Sarah Palin continue on leaving a trail of corruption and malfeasance in their wake.


  1. "One of Alaska's greatest politicians . . "

    I knew immediately you were not talking about Sarah.

    RIP, Stubbs.

  2. Anonymous4:51 AM

    20 years! He had a good life. RIP.

    Wasn't Mayor Stubbs the mayor when Todd Palin had that mysterious 'accident' on a snowmobile that never existed? Sarah orchestrated that magnificent fake news to deflect from what actually happened.
    Bristol had just posted about her favorite men and had to delete the picture of Track Palin when he screwed up.

    The fake news turned to Todd when he was dropped off and left to rot at a parking lot. Most everything was covered up and Sarah was the lone spokes person as she created the story she wanted to make up.

    There had been an annual celebration for Iron Dog at the cabin. Booze and crazy adults with kids.
    Bristol was posting happy family pictures until Todd was left in that dark parking lot alone.

    No one ever saw the alleged snowmobile since there was no damage. There were just some mystery 'angels' and Todd got all the press that Sarah wanted him to have. Iron Dog hero crap.

    It was good political PR for the family that was no longer politically relevant. Sarah, John McCain's legacy was about all that was left.

    March 2016 - Sympathies: Ted Cruz was the first presidential candidate to express sympathies on Twitter for injured Todd Palin. Thoughts from Arizona: Sen John McCain also tweeted a message of support for Todd Palin

    1. Anonymous7:05 AM

      The great paternal example

      Todd with Bristol's mysterious kids at the cabin before Todd's incident

      Todd heals with Trig by his side

  3. Anonymous5:12 AM

    Yes, we need to rehash the toothless Palin crime family! I know I miss laughing at that pack.

    1. Anonymous5:36 AM

      Yeah, she is such a political force. Ask John McCain. He has to work overtime just to shutter her from his great legacy.

  4. Wow, Mayor since 1997. He was mayor almost his entire life. Really says something that one elected so young continues to hold the support of the community and be re-elected for his entire life.

    I hope the town gives him a 'state' funeral and celebrates his life and accomplishments.

    Wonder who the next mayor will be? Stubbs will be a hard act to follow.

    1. Anonymous3:46 PM

      And he survived a terrible dog attack not too many years ago and rebounded to serve his mayoral duties once again.

      If you've ever been to Talkeetna you'd kind of understand why a cat was a better mayor than the people that actually live there :-)

    2. It wouldn't be out of line for them to erect a statue to Stubbs.

      I think it's already been done for one of the dog mayors in the lower 48.

    3. Oops. Yes, it has been done.

      Bosco Ramos, deceased mayor of Sunol, CA He was mayor for 13 years, which is pretty good given that the average lifespan of a black lab is 10 years.


      And a cat in Turkey.

      "‘Tombili’, a rotund cat beloved by Istanbul’s Ziverbey neighbourhood, has been commemorated by the city authorities after local demand for a tribute to his memory.

      Tombili - a Turkish word often used for chubby pets - was known by residents of Ziverbey, part of the district of Kadıköy, for his nonchalant demeanour towards people who wanted to play with him. The cat became world famous earlier this year after a photo of him reclining in one of his favourite spots on the pavement was shared thousands of times on social media."


      I think Talkeetna should go for it. Maybe start with a suitable Alaskan tribute of a statue of Stubbs made of salmon. See how that goes.

  5. yes There had been an annual celebration for Iron Dog at the cabin. Booze and crazy adults with kids. Bristol was posting happy family pictures until Todd was left in that dark parking lot alone...

  6. There had been an annual celebration for Iron Dog at the cabin. Booze and crazy adults with kids. Bristol was posting happy family pictures until Todd was left in that dark parking lot alone


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